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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  January 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. there is a lot of news to get to this eing. here is a look at our top stories. first -- breaking news -- a teenager is shot overnight at an apartment complex in orange county. details on how it happened-- just feet-- from u-c-f. new from overnight -- a florida highway patrol trooper is involved in a crash. details on how the crash... shut down part of a major road overnight. breaking news -- i-95 ]*7 county has just reopened -- after a dump truck causes major damage to an overpass. details coming up... plus -- a massive blizzard is setting
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northeast.. bring several feet of snow. details on how people are preparing for the storm. plus -- how the wicked weather is stranding travelers here in orlando. but first-- let's get right over to jayme king-- with more on today's changing weather. good morning jayme. developing right
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snowstorm is heading toward the east coast. parts of the mid- atlantic could get as much as two feet of snow. ral government will close its offices in washington, d-c, at noon. states of emergency have been declared in five states and the district of columbia. schools and government offices are closing early. food and supplies are disappearing from grocery and hardware stores. the blizzard are
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brutally high winds, dangerous inland flooding, and white-out the snowfall is from late today into thousands of flights are canceled... right here in central florida. fox 35's dana jay joins us live from o- i-a -- where flights have been impacted by the storm. dana? that really
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the n-h-l is shifting the start time of the washington capital's game . to two hours earlier. the league is also in talks to change washington's home game against pittsburgh on sunday. in college sports... 8sketball games... including number 13 virginia's... snow that's expected. keep it here to fox 35-- for coverage on the big winter storm all weekend long. plus -- we'll have the very latest on the rain that is headed
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and remember-- you can get instant updates-- on "fox 35 orlando dot com." breaking news -- the florida highway patrol is investigating a crash... involving one of their own. the crash happened around 2-30 this morning.. on sandlake road, near i-4 in orange county. this is new video from the scene. tqp*: car slammed into the back of the trooper's s-u-v. no word on injuries. deputies are investigating a shooting near u-c-f. it happened last night at the marquee "sterling university lane." that is across the street from u-c-f's campus. deputies say a 19- year-old was hurt. investigators say he will survive. no arrests have been made. fox 35 has learned a maitland man has disappeared during a hiking trip in colorado officials are desperately searching for 58- webber. he has been missing since tuesday, when he went hiking in the rocky mountain the area has winds and cold temperatures since then.
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we expect to get an update on the search for jennifer kesse. e is the orlando woman who has been missing for nearly a decade. orlando police will join her parents-- to ulk about the case. kesse vanished nearly on january 24th 2006. police believe she was kidnapped. they found her car near her home-- but there was no sign of her. since then--more than 1-thousand tips have come in-- but no strong leads. today's news conference is at 11- 45 this morning. we will bring you any major developments. jjorning-- a woman -- convicted of running over a 12-year-old boy-- will find out how long she will live behind bars. a brevard county jury found michelle simkins guilty-- in december. she faces a maximum of 15 years in prison-- for running over thomas gregory--on new year's eve-- as he played outside in cocoa beach. she then drove off-- leaving the boy with two broken legs. new this morning-- more staff members --with the brevard county school
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raises this year. =i%a today" reports--the new contract is with bus drivers.. secretaries.. bookkeepers ..and other school-based workers. they will get a 5- point-1 percent raise. that is the same jump in pay--teachers received this year. a health alert... water at a local hospital has tested positive for the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease. coming up -- what the hospital is doing to make sure... its water is safe. but first -- bernie sanders... taking the lead in iowa. what it means for hillary clinton's
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a health alert-- water at "florida hospital orlando" tested positive for the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease. the bacteria causes the disease-- when it .led-- through mist or steam. people with a compromised immune system are at greatest risk. "florida hospital" says it is taking
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to protect high-risk patients. the hospital says the water is safe to drink. according to the c- d-c -- the disease is not spread person- to-person you decide... a new poll shows bernie sanders and donald trump-- both hold gbds in iowa! according to that cnn/orc poll, donald trump leads in iowa with 37-percent, with ted cruz trailing behind at 26-percent. on the democratic side-- sanders leads with 54-percent... with hillary clinton at only 43-percent. sanders' lead is partially built on his economic policies, with voters saying they trust him over clinton. on the g-o-p side-- voters were more divided when it
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best handle foreign policy. in that category... trump led with 27- percent...with marco rubio behind him at 26-percent. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud, it appears... sanders may off..
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president joe biden can still play a roll in this election?
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bud --on his show
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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you can also check out gas saving tips any time. st go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. a gainesville police
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this morning. he responded to a a gainesville police officer is trending this morning. he responded to a noise complaint. a caller said-- some kids were being too loud-- while playing basketball. but what he did-- when he got there --that made him a lot of fans. we'll tell you about it --next. but first-- it is time to take a look at your job of the day. it is brought to you by "career source central florida." today's opening is
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when we go to the store, of oats and i' see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me. responded to a call basketball too streets. instead of busting
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playing with them. he played with them for more than ten minutes. then he had to go back to work. he told them to be respectful of their neighbors -- but it is okay if they keep playing. on the business watch-- stocks are suddenly soaring-- as oil prices rally. this comes-- after a bumpy start to the new year. the dow closed-- up more than 115 points yesterday. "dow futures" are up more than 190 points. global stocks rallied overall-- as oil prices recovered from its steep drop-- to over 30-dollars a barrel. the asian markets--
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lows... had their best day in three months. ride-sharing is a now-- but general motors is trying out "car-sharing." g-m is launching a service called "maven." rent cars by the hour. g-m is now testing in ann arbor, michigan... before taking it national. day. rain, then cold the weekend. and we are watching a major snow storm -- heading for the east coast. plus-- a temporary solution for the homeless problem in daytona beach. find out what is happening today-- that is meant to help
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i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. storms are on the way. here is a live look at radar. r chance for severe weather later today. jayme is tracking the storms-- then a big cool-down. plus: winter storm ople in the mid- atlantic and northeast are expecting as much as two feet of snow. we have from washington, d-c. and--only in florida. a lot of people are ing about this. a homeowner found a crocodile in the pool. we have the story surprising discovery. but first, let's get over to jayme king.
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investigating what led to the drowning of a 3-year-old boy. that story kicks off the morning rush. it happened just before 2 o'clock day afternoon-- at a home on elderwood court in pine hills. according to the sheriff's office-- wandered into the backyard, and fell into the pool. when deputies arrrived, the boy's mother was him. he was rushed to he later died. a medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death. deputies need your help finding a man-- into a chevron gas station. the incident happened back on december 27th -- and was caught on surveillance video. deputies say the man using a fire extinguisher to try and smash his way
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along highway 46 in mims. he was eventually took off. information should call crimeline. a follow-up on a wild shooting at a station-- that left a =ch injured. ade his first appearance yesterday. deputies say he shot the victim at a citgo jine hills road-- after the coach asked a group of teens why they were not in school. 18-year-old donta illey was also arrested for pulling his own gun and returning fire. the coach who was shot is still recovering. a winter weather iq9 millions of people along the east coast are bracing for a major snowstorm. h.mid- atlantic could get as much as two feet of snow. thousands of flights are already
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and the federal government will close its offices in washington, d-c, at jjn j doug luzader is live in washington d-c. ------------------- doug, do you think the area is prepared for this? ------------------- did wednesday night's snowfall help get people for this? ------------------- did wednesday night's snowfall help get people prepared for the big one? ------------------- what is the mood
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are people panicking? doug luzader,
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us. help is on the way for homeless people in daytona beach. today --we expect them to start moving into "manatee island park." yesterday, the volusia county council demanded the city of daytona beach re-open that park. the city recently closed access to it-- as well as access to bathrooms near "city island park." the move prompted about 100 homeless people to camp out at the "county administration building" across the street. the orlando magic have slid all the way to 11th place in the east-- following a brutal start to the new year. now the team's g-m is speaking out... r*btest struggles. g-m rob hennigan says if you look at this season "big picture"... the magic have made considerable improvements. speaking with our
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orlando sentinel.... hennigan points out that the team has played more games decided by three points or less... than any other team in n- b-a. and that's exactly what he says needs to be fixed. hennigan believes that those losses will turn into wins as this team continues to mature. but he's also not ruling out making changes to this roster... saying the team will be quote "very active" as they approach the upcoming trade deadline. orlando's next game is at seven tonight at home... against the hornets. rams fans with "personal seat licenses" are now suing the team... arguing they should retain their licenses... and the season tickets that come with them. according to agreements those fans signed... they've been granted the right to purchase tickets for those assigned seats through the year 20-25. and nowhere in those agreements is it specified that the games have to be played in saint louis. the suit is seeking class-action status for more than 30- thousand license holders.
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effort to get rid of red light cameras in florida. we will tell you about the progress of the controversial bill, in tallahassee. plus: new this morning. americans are expected to drink less wine this year. something we have not seen in two straight decades. we have the reasons
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with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. florida. republican representative, frank artiles, from miami, says the cameras prey on drivers. uq:"!e programs are there
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safer. a lobbyist for the "florida league of cities" disagrees. the bill needs to pass another committee, before it goes before the house. we will let you know what happens. jose-- orlando toss to john at the
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your first headline "bloomberg." it reads.. "google paid apple one billion dollars... to keep search bar on iphone." apple and google are rivals... but they have found ways to work together in the past.. especially if it makes both products better. court documents from a lawsuit between google and "oracle" revealed how much that deal was really worth... to make google a primary search engine on iphone. apple got 1-billion dollars from its rival in 20-14... so a "google" search bar would appear on i- phones. the tech giants have not publicly commented on the huge number. your final headline comes from "the new york post." it reads.. "millennials are ruining the american wine industry." e silicon valley bank" predicts that consumption of u-s wine will soon drop for the first time since 19-93. one of the main reasons is that millennials are known for leaning towards fine... foreign wines... instead of american-made wines.
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boomers start phasing out of the market... u-s wine could see an across-the-board decline. experts say--- u-s wineries that create luxury wines... will do alright. but many low-cost wine-sellers in the u-s will either have to capture the millennial market... or start downsizing. two florida brothers are accused of pointing lasers at a sheriff's office helicopter. find out why it was not hard for deputies to catch them. j*j9 florida. a homeowner found a crocodile in their ) pool. we have the story
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at the stories making headlines around florida. in sarasota county-- two brothers are busted... for allegedly shining a laser pointer at a sheriff's helicopter. it happened wednesday night-- while two deputy j5:ion patrol near i-75. deputies say the pair -- seen in this chopper video-- shined the light in the cockpit-- causing the pilots to be temporarily blinded! it is both a state and federal crime to shine lasers at aircrafts... because it could potentially cause a pilot to crash. deputies tracked down gary and matthew bennington-- charging them with felony "misuse of laser device." a south florida doctor is suspended... after she's allegedly caught assaulting an uber driver on video! anjali ramkissoon is a resident with jackson health
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youtube video can be seen attacking the driver.. slapping and kicking him. ramkissoon has not been charged with a crime. lth says she has been placed on administrative leave, and removed off all clinical duties. check out these images from isla- morada, florida-- down in the keys. a homeowner found an 8-foot crocodile in his pool yesterday morning. the reptile took up most of the shallow end. the homeowner says the croc hung-out for a while, but eventually left on his own. taking a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. severe storms are on the way nationwide... including here in florida. jayme is tracking the weather... and he will breaks down what you need to know-- as we head into the weekend. plus-- these storms have already caused thousands of flight
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across the country. we're live from o-i- a... with how this weather is impacting flights in orlando. then all new-- g-m is launching a car-sharing service of its own. we will show you what the auto-maker is doing-- to win over customers of already established services. plus your weather and traffic updates.
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