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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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harassed by >> andrea: a top county officials shutdown his own office after one of his employees was harassed by a homeless person. >> bob: this is just the latest part of a debate on where the homeless should go in orange county. kirstin delgado has more.
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and andrea. this is the volusia count a administration center. a homeless man was aggressive to a woman working in the office, he attacked her and she screamed and he wants everyone out of the worker. the county appraiser is calling this a physical act of intimidation and his employees are afraid to walk in and out of the building since over a hundred homeless people have taken shelter outside. this started after a fight between daytona beach and volusia county on where the homeless should go. a few hours later the city closed the park and they say it will remain closed until further notice. they are not taking chances at the office until they figure something out. >> employees shouldn't be a
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i am taking my people out of any potential of harms way. we could have had an incident where someone got hurt. i will remove them from a situation that might be risky. >> reporter: now we did see those employees leaving at 5 o'clock with boxes in their hands prepared to be gone for a while. gillroy told the employee to take a week's worth of work with them and he will reassess the situation come next week. reporting live from daytona beach, kirstin delgado, fox35 news. >> andrea: thank you. a weather alert with strong storms moving out of central florida finally. this was the scene just about everywhere you looked this morning. heavy rain hitting every count a y in the viewing area. blizzard conditions are coming to the north with cool temperatures in the area.
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glenn richards is in the house tracking this. >> glenn: a line of nasty showers and a few gusty thunderstorms earlier. impressive what is going on. a massive storm stretching from philadelphia all the way out to memphis, tennessee with eight inches of snow on the ground and they have 24 more hours of snow coming down tonight and all day tomorrow. we have a line of showers and storms blow through and one tornado warning hitting volusia county. not a confirmed tornado. everything turned out fine and the storms are long gone. we have a freeze watch for tomorrow night across ocala-gainesville, flagler county. could be extended further to the south but a freeze watch for those zones. 63 in tampa, 68 in miami. look at pensacola. it is 39 degrees there in the panhandle. looks like 62 in leesburg. 66 in melbourne. the cold air will slowly get here. the winds picked up.
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here are the forecast lows. 50 in melbourne and 49 in kissimmee. more on the weekend forecast coming up. >> bob: more than 6,000 flights have been canceled tonight as the blizzard moves through the northeast. this is the white house that is even whiter today. 3600 cancelations for saturday in washington, d.c., philadelphia, and new york. the snow slamming tennessee. this is nashville. this is heavy snow fall there. that is thick. nashville's warning remaining in effect through saturday. continues. we have keith landry live at orlando international airport tracking delays and cancelations. we are feeling the ripple effects down here, keith. >> reporter: yeah, bob. goes. we are starting to see the
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up on the big board behind me. lots of red letters with the word canceled and delays starting to appear more and more. airport manager sent us an update and so far today oia has scene a total of 77 flights canceled and a hundred delays. we are seeing arrivals to oia canceled from milwaukee, charlotte, raleigh, memphis, new york, newark and more. departures to philly, charlotte, new york city, baltimore, boston and more. we caught up with samantha's whose flight to charlotte was canceled a while ago. >> reporter: you thought you were flying out of orlando today.
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, i did. but it got canceled. we were going to charlotte, north carolina. the flight was on until we got through security and then canceled after that. >> reporter: what happens now? >> we will have to return on sunday and we will get a flight back to charlotte. >> reporter: so you get two more days in orlando. >> yes, we do. at least we will be with family. >> reporter: yeah, an extra two days in orlando is better than anything they will see up north come this weekend as this builds up over the next day and a half. airport officials here gave us those numbers. these numbers expected to go up as the system just builds in and continues to shut things down up in the northeast. airport officials say if you are picking someone up or checking on a flight call the airport directly. that is the best way to get the information. i'm sorry, call the airline i mean. call the airline directly.
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tonight at 10:00. live in orlando, keith landry, fox35 news. >> bob: you can check the blizzard up north and our temperatures with our fox35 weather app. you can get it in the app store and at google play. >> andrea: police and a central florida family marking the anniversary of jennifer kesse disappearing in orlando. holly bristow spoke with family who is still holding out help. a decade later this family is still struggling to find answers. >> reporter: one tip is all had parents say it will take and all the police say it will take. one tip from somebody who knows something about the day that jennifer kesse disappeared >> we honestly need your help so bad. she needs your help so bad. >> reporter: drew and joyce say it is hard to believe that
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since their daughter jennifer disappeared. >> someone saw something and it is just so past time to have closure. >> reporter: the 24 year old was living at the mosaic condos and was getting ready for work but never made it. her car was found at hunting on the green apartments not far from where she lived. detectives say this surveillance video is one of the few clues. >> identifying the person of interest walking away from jennifer's car is paramount in the case. >> reporter: joyce is asking people who lived in the hunting on the green apartments at the time to talk to their children to see if they saw something that might make sense now they are older.
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child at that young age have seen or heard through playing out in the streets, if you will, that became a clue. >> reporter: over the past decade police have received more than a 1,000 tips and detectives are tracking down now tips and have evidence relooked into. >> we are focused on her vehicle. we think the answers lie there. some of the things we tested we want to resubmit based on evolving technology. >> reporter: jennifer would be 34. last year police released this age progression picture. drew admits there is a slim chance she is alive and he accepts that. >> if someone knows what happened to jennifer and it isn't for the good it is okay. tell us. we need to know. >> reporter: one small piece of information could be the key to this case.
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afternoon and be solved. that is our growth greatest hope and what we strive to every day; to be the best advocates we can for jennifer. >> reporter: the last ten years have been a nightmare for jennifer kesse's family and friends. if you have any idea what happened that day and who might have something to do jennifer's disappearance you are asked to call crime line. >> bob: a series of hotel break-ins in flagler and brevard county has deputies scrambling to find out who is behind them. >> the latest happened at a holiday inn and hampton inn in flagler county with 18 cars broken into. yesterday we told you about a
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three hotels along i-95 in melbourne. deputies dusted for finger prints but no one has been arrested. >> bob: two men suspected of burglarizing the home of an elderly woman after beating her up and looking her into bathroom. those men are linked to another burglar in the area. kissimmee police say they hit a home on patrick street the night before they burglarized and locked up the elderly woman. and new details about a shooting near ucf. a 19 year old man was shot in an apartment parking garage. it happened at the marquee apartments around 11 o'clock. he is not a ucf and he is in stable condition. no arrest and no word of a motive.
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>> andrea: new at 6:00, supporters of legalizing medical marijuana are close to getting enough signatures to getting on the november ballot. they submitted more than 63,000 signatures. the campaign manager for united for care is here. where are you with number of signatures for the petition? >> as of today we have 633,000 verified on the web side so we need about 50,000 more. >> andrea: how will this one be
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>> we changed stuff in the constitutional language. we got a 7-0 decision in the florida supreme court to be on the ballot so i think we strengthened the language and there is a couple new million different voters than 2014. i think we will get the 60% we need to pass this. >> andrea: what do you think is your biggest strength going into this? >> the people of florida support medical marijuana. we saw in 2014 that even in the face of low voter turnout and tremendous opposition spending against us we received 58% of the vote. we got half a million more votes than rick scott was elected with and more votes than any candidate on the ballot. >> andrea: this is a highly critics. what do you say to the critics
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beginning of the end and leading to more drug abuse and crime. what do you say to the critics? >> i would say the facts don't support that. this is about medical marijuana and helping sick and suffering florida residents. 23 states but washington, d.c. have legalized medical marijuana. what is happening is people get relief. people feel better. they get the medicine their doctors say they should be getting. this is not something new. all of the things you sight stated didn't happen. >> andrea: it will be an interesting ballot nonetheless once it gets to voters. >> bob: a south florida police officer is recovering after being ambushed by gunfire. officer david startling was completing a record at a miami gardens intersection whether a man approached his vehicle and
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the officer managed to take action after suffering one got gunshot wound. he called for backup and chased after the suspect. the suspect was caught and is arrested. a flock of sheep stopped a group of suspects on the run. the sheep were being moved across the road by a farmer forcing a stolen car to come to a halt. three men and a woman were arrested and no sheep were injured in the incident. >> glenn: chilly out there. colder temperatures are on the way. and our next act -- i am a juggler. let's look at the rain right now and the snow. this is coming down not here but up to the north. we are looking good.
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philadelphia, washington, d.c., little bit of a break flight. you look at this and think it will end and it is thinning out. wrong! area of low pressure sitting toward orlando. it is going to turn into a low here later tonight so all of this moisture goes straight back in. that is going to be the difference. right now this is coming north. later tonight it is like this. tomorrow during the day it is like that. so they will get pumbled out through virginia, washington, d.c., philadelphia zone. new york city is on the northern edge of it but it will be a mess. we have gusty storms for a while. but the good news is the clouds thicken up and we were able to avoid a big outbreak of weather. we picked up an half an inch to an inch in a few spots. everything weekend by the time it hit brevard county.
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50 in melbourne, 49 downtown. 43 in ocala. 40 towards gainesville. the winds will make it feel colder. 43 in apopka. at 8 o'clock in the villages you wind chills tomorrow morning will still be in the 30s. 43 up around the paisley area. temperatures are 62 in daytona right now, 59 been bushnel, temperatures along the coast show the colder air moving in. the wind direction is from the due west coming in from the gulf of mexico. but later tomorrow and tomorrow night it is comes more from the north and that will be a drier air mass and it is coming from an area where it has been snowing so it will be colder. 63, west wind currently at 14 miles per hour in the metro. we hit a high of 70. temperatures dropped off through the morning.
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and sunny and colder and back into the 70s for next week. 63 in orlando. only 39 in pensacola. wind chill by sunday morning is in the 20s with temperatures in the 30s and warming up quickly for next week. >> are you sure that is florida? wind chill in the 20s. mariah carry is moving on. >> the big change for her and her billionaire boyfriend. we are getting to scoop from tmz next. >> first saving you money with
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>> bob: singer mariah carry is supporting new jewelry. she is tying the knot with her billionaire boyfriend. casey carver is live out in holiday. that is good news for that billionaire because i find they a hard time dating, you know? >> reporter: it is really hard to meet people. james packer, the fourth richest billionaire. he and mariah have been dating
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this past summer. it has moved quickly. they were hot and levy from the beginning going on a two-week cruise. well it was on his yacht. they vacationed for two weeks. now last night in new york city he had some of her closest friends out to a restaurant and popped the question with a 35 carrot -- carat -- ring. the rock will blind you. >> bob: if she falls in deep water with that on her hand that is straight to the bottom. i hope she can swim. >> reporter: exactly. i hope she doesn't fall off that yacht. >> bob: great talking to you and congrats to the new couple. i wonder where they can register.
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feel like a lot of weight. just kidding. hope my wife isn't watching. we are looking good. look at the snow. philadelphia, and washington, d.c., and extending out toward cincinnati, ohio. updates tonight at 10:00. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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