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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@p@p``@`pp`4$4$@pd@p|0dd|0 @ . monday morning. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us this morning. grab your coat before you head out this morning, and a hot cup of coffee too. the 20s. look at that. the 20s! jayme king will have details. >> deadly blizzard now over.
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details on the flooding that's to come. re-seasing a homeless situation. we're live with the details on that. right now back over to jayme king. man alive, it is chilly out there. >> she had a beach weekend, jayme. >> i did. >> it didn't work out so well. >> right. it was chilly. >> jayme: can we all agree that saturday was just silly? we had wind chill all day long which is rarity in these parts. it's a cold morning. 39 in orlando. closer to 40 running the spine of coastal brevard. no advisories for brevard, but a frost advisory for orlando metro and surrounding communities.
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marion county, a freeze warning. hopeful this will peel off and then we can start the warm up. a cold frosty morning giving way to a sun filled afternoon. we should make it into the mid-to-upper 60s. things change. transitional times ahead. clouds increase. low pressure may develop in the gulf. this will set the stage for a very, very soggy mid-week. temperatures upping up to 73 on tuesday afternoon. >> gina: happy monday. good news. the roads look really good this morning. most of the earlier crashed have cleared up. this one here on lake under-hill is partially blocked at woodberry. use caution in the area. crashes have cleared up.
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i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown will take you about 12 minutes right now. the 408 is pretty much up to speed right now. >> john: millions of americans blizzard. at least 29 people are now dead. >> amy: this is new video from times square. the storm dumped more than two feet of snow. it looks fine now, thank goodness. however now major flooding is occurring insome areas. rising water and high winds. we're live in washington, d.c. this morning where life is certainly not back to normal. and you are bundled up, sir. >> reporter: apey, i am sure -- amy, i am sure bundled up. if my ears are working right, i
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39 there, imagine how cold it is up there. we are feeling the brunt of it. as a result, the federal government will not open, and school also close also. there's too much snow on the ground to move around safely. transportation crews working around the clock trying to make dc roads passable. after 17.8 inches of snow officially dumped down on washington. tying the record for the fourth biggest snowfall in dc history. in a a strange twist, the snow recording equipment was buried in snow, . >> we have made some progress but there is still a lot more to do. >> reporter: forecasters never expected new york city to miss the all time snow total by 1 inch.
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all of the white stuff couldn't keep new yorkers down. the governor lifted the ban and the broadway shows and other areas open for business. >> it was great to see how new yorkers come together in a beautiful spirit of community. >> reporter: the storm from gulf coast to new england. at least 30 people were killed from car accident, heart attacks from shoveling. nearly 12,000 weekend flights were canceled. >> amy: what a mess. hopefully, it gets cleaned up soon. joel, good to see you. thank you. >> john: a live view from the airport. this is down at oia. nationwide thousands of planes remain grounded because of the blizzard. airports in new york and washington, d.c. are slowly reopening but as you can
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here in orlando, more than two dozen flights are canceled out of oia. fox 35 is your source. keep up to speed at and download the fox 35 weather app. >> amy: seven people are now in the hospital after an american airlines plane from orlando to milan had to make an emergency landing in canada. it was carrying more than 200 people when it ran into heavy turbulence. this is video of the plane after it landed safely in new newfoundland. three flight attendants and four passengers needed to be taken to the hospital. the spokesperson said he didn't think any of the injuries were life threatening. >> amy: county workers are headed back to work after an incident with a homeless man
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>> john: right now homeless are camped outside of the office. >> reporter: the office is closed down. let me show you what's going on behind us. as our photographer allen roscoe zooms in. we estimate maybe 100 people are camped on three sides of the building, shoulder to shoulder. they've been here all night. they've been sleeping. here's how we got to this point. we're on beat street. where this administration center is. right across the street is manatee island plot of these people you see behind me used to hang out around the park and used to sleep there. a few weeks ago the city shut down and they said it was because of maintenance. some of the businesses complained when they came across the street.
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county building. an employee of the appraisers office said she was coming in, fusmabling with her key card and someone accosted her from this group. and only stopped when @{ a coworker saw what was going @{@{ on and yelled out. >> he was so close at the time he heard her screaming that he turned around. when he turned around, he bumped her here. so there was contact. that's not a circumstance that people need to have it work. >> reporter: that is why the property appraiser's office that normally operates out of the building is shut down for now. the property appraiser moved the employees to other county offices and told them to take about a week's worth of work and he will reassess the situation later this week.
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beach is working to try to open up 40 more beds to help aid leavate the -- to help help alleviate the crowd. >> reporter: good morning. they are planning to have walk-ins every morning this week. they're demanding an improvement to the quality of education in volusia county. this morning people will hold up signs calling for improvements on various issues before school starts. the demonstration also not take place on school grounds. but the group will then walk into the schools as unified groups right before the teachers work day starts. >> what it's really about is making sure we have the best teachers in the classroom. that our schools are cleaned. that we stop the fixation on testing and that we truly focus on learning and making sure that our students have the education they deserve. >> reporter: now the
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in the district's 70 schools this week. the first one happening this morning at 7:00 a.m. in the high schools in the district. >> amy: super x9* bowl 50 is now set. the denver broncos and the carolina panthers will face off in california. >> we'll @ have to wait two weeks to see peyton manning and cam newton go head p to head. in the afc rch what a game. tom brady and peyton manning facing off, maybe for the last time ever. denver z| won this one. it came down to the final possession. >> amy: it was a fun one to watch. we now know how much it'll cost you to attend. joining us is lauren simonetti. nice to see you. >> reporter: good morning, nice to see you. >> amy: just how expensive will it be?
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is going up by an hour. seek good evening says on the -- seek geek says at least $5,300. other sources have started at $6,800. it's going to be expensive. here's the good news. if you look at history between championship sunday and the big game, tickets generally come down a little bit as you go closer to. but if you have to fly in, get a hotel, air fare, those things keep going up. it's a catch-22. last year's super bowl, patriots and the seahawks, $4,300. and the most expensive ever was 2011, packers versus steelers, almost $3,600. we could have a record per ticket. wow. fascinating stuff. thank you, lauren. >> amy: you can catch lauren on the fox business network
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go to fox finder. >> i could stand in the middle of manhattan and shoot someone and not h lose any voters, it's incredible. >> amy: donald trump getting more and more confident in supporters. a new poll shows he is ahead in iowa. we'll look at that straight ahead. >> jayme: still cold. and frost advisory until 8:00 a.m. this morning. 20s up north. widespread 30s and 40s down south.
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orlando metro until >> john: it's just cold. bottom line. 38 degrees here in central florida. not as cold as up north, but, heck, we are not used to it and we don't have good coats. that's what i discovered on saturday. i got rid of all of the coats and was not ready. welcome back. >> amy: a week to go before the iowa caucuses and donald trump has still got the lead. >> john: the latest polls show trump getting 34% of the support. ryan elijah has the latest. >> reporter: interesting
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just one week ago now. two weeks ago trump was at 23%. ted cruz has fallen out of the top spot. 11 points behind. and marco rubio at 12%. those are @ the only three people getting double digit support. this follows the latest controversial comments by trump. speaking to a crowd on saturday, the republican front runner said his supporters are so devoted that they would continue to support him even if he shot someone in new york. >> my people are so smart. they said i have the most loyal people. where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, it's like incredible. >> reporter: than comment making the national headline. in iowa little movement in the new hampshire polls.
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support. with 31% compared to ted cruz. marco rubio has been supported by the dominating paper in iowa. with his message of restoring the american dream. on the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a dead heat. she was supported by the register. in new hampshire it's not even close. sandsers has a 19 point lead over the former secretary of state which is almost as big as the 22 point lead which clinton maintained in south carolina. down on a white house run by former mayor michael bloomberg. they said it's like adding
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moving into a contest of billionaires. they said that it would siphon off democratic votes. we'll see if he follows through on that or not. >> jayme: good morning. we have live pictures this morning. i believe we'll take a look at philadelphia. do we have them? and we do. crews crews are doing a great job get clearing off the streets. there are feet of snow in the dc metro and into new york city. what a mess. a blizzard of historical proportions. i showed you this friday morning. we had t)u rain down here, and the snow commencing. and the bull's-eye was on top of the area of the dc metro and surrounding states and counties
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at one poicht the device measuring the snowfall was covered and smothered. they lost traffic how much fell at a certain point in time. in gainesville and what youthon, reports out of ocala before melting. what you see is what you get now in the wake of the progressive system. 20s up north and 30s and 40s down south. a orlando included in a frost advisory. we hope you covered up the tender vegetation. anything that could be burned to a crisp. as the frost is beginning to settle on just about everything out doors. a cold start and a warmer afternoon. ed m.i.t. to upper -- mid-to-upper 60s today. chilly sunshine bip 9:00. better at noon. cool sun. and 3:00 p.m., closer to the
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a lot going on here. soon a lot going on around the gulf again. another area. low pressure is spinning up and moving through the state by wednesday. the rain chance at a good solid 70%. and today and tuesday not much going on. no chance of rain. transitional skies. the system will move through. low pressure spinning up and another round of showers and isolated stronger storms not out of the question by about wednesday and again on thursday. keep it here. we'll keep you up-to-date. not as cold behind the next one. lows by friday down to 45. here's ms. gina with traffic >> gina: happy monday. roads looking really good this morning. we have a new crash that i want to tell you about at conway and
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not causing too many significant delays but there's a roadblock in the area. be careful. at your drive times right now, everything is looking really nice at i-4. from lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes. the 408 is pretty much up to speed as well. as always, saving you money. $1.65 at the citgo at south kirkman in orlando. head to and click on traffic. >> john: it is cold. inside and outside. >> amy: try to stay warm out there. >> john: a major break in the search for the missing malaysian airline turns out to be a mistake. >> amy: what the fisherman found.
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welcome back. 6:24. at this hour, france's foreign ministry is setting a new isis video showing extremist killed
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>> it shows bound captives beheaded or shot. investigators believe that the video was shot before the extremist snuck into france, likely somewhere in syria. despite reports that the missing malaysian aircraft was found. mitts they said that it was likely part of a rocket. no injuries reported for the 7.1 magnitude quake that jolted central alaska early yesterday morning. two homes destroyed by explosions caused by a gas leak. >> oh, my god. okay. hey. >> more than 4,000 people lost power when the quake hit. coming up on "good day
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the clean up continues this morning in several states up and down the east coast. >> this after a huge snowstorm dropped near record snowfall to some of those folks. we'll take you to one of the hardest hit areas for a live report coming up here on "good
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just about 6:00 30e on your chilly monday morning. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> it's chilly out there. bundle up before you head out. grab your coats and your cup of coffee. you will need it today. look the a the temperatures on the map. isn't that unbelievable? in the 20s in ocala and up in gainesville. jayme has what you need to know this morning. a massive cleanup after the deadly blizzard hit the east coast. we'll look at what people are dealing with this morning.
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you go, shaq. playing ball with police officers and then gets to meet shaq. what he did at the end of the video had my jaw on the floor. i tweeted out that this is why shaq will always be the best. >> such a big heart. love him. wind chills you said all day on saturday? >> jayme: it was. a very rare bird of a day on saturday for central florida. a little better yesterday and more so today. but a cold start. 20s up north. and we're getting glazed over. widespread frosting until 8:00 a.m. in the white shaded communities and counties exempt from brevard but then i say that and i get a picture from steve vaughn in titusville, his cars are covered up with layered up frost.
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gainesville and ocala. goes for sumter until 8:00 a.m. as well. a nice, somewhat warmer afternoon. mid-to-upper 60s until 8:00. down to 60. increasing clouds and we see transitional effect over the connected states and across the gulf. eventual low pressure moves our way by mid-week. we trend warmer yet soggier during that time. wednesday, 72. and rain chance up and up. same on thursday. through. >> gina: happy monday, everyone. sky fox is over the crash at conway and lake margaret. a partial roadblock causing quite a bit of delays. use caution if you are out there this morning. another crash, this one at obt and landstreet. not causing too many significant delays but be aware and
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out there this morning. everything looking good on i-4. from lake mary to colonial, 14 minutes. i-4 eastbound from the attractions to downtown, about 12 minutes. the 408 is, looking good as well. >> amy: much of the east coast is trying to dig out after a huge blizzard over the weekend. >> john: fox's doug luzader joins us from washington, d.c. the snow may have stopped and he is not happy about it, i can guarantee you about that. it'll take a while for things to get back to normal? >> reporter: it'll be a while. school is closed. federal work force is out yet. the work week is beginning with a whimper. this was my walk to work this morning. not that unusual until you see where i am having to walk, in the middle of the street, where it's at least relatively clear.
6:29 am
see was not much of an option this morning. what gets you as you walk through the streets is just how quiet it is. nobody is out. and that's really not going to change much during the course of the day, at least as far as work travel is concerned. despite hitting on the weekend, the dig-out will take days. the federal government is shut down again, and so are nearly all area schools. >> we will see continued slick and dangerous roadways. so continue to stay off of the road. >> reporter: with huge snow plows clearing roadways -- runways, air travel is expected to resume. the train travel. and along the jersey shore, coastal flooding. at least 30 deaths are blamed on the storm. >> reporter: there was a lighter
6:30 am
a high liqueurednated -- a highly coordinated snowball flight in dc. and sledding with families taking advantage of the new, relaxed rules allowing thrill seekers to take full advantage of capitol hill. they will probably be back out there today as well. the federalwork force, i don't think anyone will be surprised if they call it a day tomorrow as well, have another 3now day. it'll take a while to get all of this stuff cleared out. >> john: but yet, doug luzader makes it. the work force can't, but doug does. he's a trooper. a lot of planes remaining grounded because of the blizzard. airports in new york and dc are slowly starting to reopen. two dozen flights here are canceled at oia.
6:31 am
canceled you see there. just be aware if you are heading out today, you may not make it. you can check out the latest on the snow up north and the cold temperatures at you can download the fox 35 app. a fire at a location that was set to be a mosque. >> the islamic center of daytona beach said that the group purchased the building about seven years ago and had just gotten city approval to convert to a mosque and community center. now they said that the plans are put off. the damage was mostly confined to one room. they believe that they were being targeted. >> our hope is that someone was trying to keep out of the cold and stay warm.
6:32 am
the community for many decades and we have enjoyed good relationships. >> amy: officials say they are not investigating as a hate crime just now. with the heightened islamic anti-rhetoric. hate crimes are on the rise and care florida is taking this seriously. >> john: super bowl 50 is now set after a close game in denver and a blow out in charlotte. that first game was, wow. exciting. >> reporter: it was. the second game was not closer. a hall of famer and young quarterback dominating the support. starting quarterbacks who have been drafted no. one in the respected drafts. peyton maning in 1998. and now cam newton. manning has one of the most
6:33 am
and they have not met, these two teams, since 2012. manning had beat the panthers men. carolina is favored by 5 to beat the broncos. up 18 points but it slipped away in overtime. charlotte won it. hot on the heels of the tennis match scandal. a major sports gambling site. the australiaen open. raising suspicions that one of the most prestigious championships. money was pouring in. nearly all of the money favored one side. you wouldn't think with all of the publicity that they would say they go out and do that. they think someone close to the
6:34 am
splip. one had unreported injury. that's the thing, the little details get to the betters and they roll in the big money. >> it's amazing how deep that's going. >> bigger than we thought. >> a deadly fire broke out of at an assisted living facility. >> what evidence they are looking at. and gross negligence after restoring an egyptian artifact. what they have done that they stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam
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>> amy: producer josh is walking around with the live camera this morning and checking out behind the scenes in the studio. >> john: there's a delay. look at that. i waved and then it takes a couple seconds. if you want to see behind the scenes stuff, check out our facebook page. you can see what's going on during the break. >> amy: that's right. josh is always doing something. 6:41. polk, county officials are trying to determine what caused a fire to break out at an assisted living facility. >> john: the blaze spread quickly because the fire sprinklers were old and didn't
6:38 am
one person died and 40 elderly residents were helped to evacuate. a fire broke out after midnight along hill side drive and twilight trail. firefighters say that no one was home except for a dog and the dog made it out safely. >> two people dead after running from cokee police during a traffic stop. east of 501. the driver refused to refused to pull over and ran into a light. miller and his passenger were both killed in the crash. coming up, the tsa announced that they confiscated a shocking number of gun, even loaded dpns this year.
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discovered amongst people's okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that'
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okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that' s always ready. >> amy: welcome back. a group of kids from gainesville got the surprise of a lifetime when shaq showed up to play basketball with them. >> this all started with a viral video we showed you last week. there was a complaint that the
6:41 am
and the officer came through and said to be courteous and played basketball. and then shaq saw the video. and they surprised the kids. the kids said they're in awe. >> what it's like plying basketball with a former nba star? >> hard. he's like really tall. >> i was just shocked. >> it was like a dream come true. that's my idol. >> he left the kids with autographs. and it's now been seen by a $15 million. >> shaq said if you make this shot, i will give you $100. >> eight kids he made stand on the line. he said, if you can make the shot, i will give you $100. and all eight made the shot.
6:42 am
he went back to the truck and started to pass out the 100-dollar bills. you can check out our site. i think it's on our main site. >> amy: it's about 4 minutes. >> john: it's worth your time. >> jayme: let's take a look. 20s in north central florida. ocala, and gainesville, and widespread 30s and widespread frost going on. brevard county is not tangled up into the whole frost advisory but i have seen pictures out of the mims area and they definitely have frost on them. and alatch you alachua, marion -- 64 by 2:00 p.m. and mid-60s, solid by 5:00 p.m.
6:43 am
mostly sunny skies. peak sun time around 12:09. burn time is a mere 15 minutes despite the lower sun angle. pollen count from a medium to the lower range by midweek. juniper and elm are the chief contributors. do what you do to combat that and keep warm. this pattern is rather chilly for this time. high pressure coming this way off the atlantic coast later today. spinning of winds and another area of cold front with a low pressure attached to it looking to raise the rain stakes by mid-week. rainy weather and storms moving through. we trend from better to ultimately wetter. as this front draws closer we
6:44 am
the east, northeast. boosts up the temperatures. the effect of any severe weather likely playing across the far sown edge of the state. not to say we won't get ours here in central florida, but now it looks more like a storm area scene to the south, and more beneficial rain, but it needs to be monitored. front. it'll gain intensity and move in here with extra power and clout. across the nation, 17 nation in the ice box that is dc. bismarck, 26, and denver, colorado, 32. we warm things up and moisten things up. next chance of rain wednesday >> gina: roads for the most part
6:45 am
we have a couple crashes. this first one as landstreet. near the 528 causing significant delayses in the area. be aware, and use caution. right down the road we have a crash at conway and lake margaret. it looks to be clearing and not causing delays. be aware if you are in the area. i-4 looking good. i-4 westbound from lake mary to colonial, 15 minutes. i-4 eastbound, from the attractions downtown, 13 minutes. on the 408, 417 to downtown, that is going to take you about 12 minutes. >> john: 6:50 here on good day. time to look at the trending headlines. >> amy: let's get right over to luanne. >> reporter: the first headline from aol. it reads tsa confiscated an average of six loaded guns per day last year. they uploaded this picture. the caption said in 2015 alone
6:46 am
bags. even scarier here, most of the guns were loaded. a graph pointed out that this years numbers are higher than ever. the next headline from usa today. egypt sends eight to trial after botched repair of king tut mask. the eight employees were working around the same king tut mask beard off. instead of reporting it, the workers used sharp tools and epoxy glue trying to fix it making the damage even worse. here's a couple of pictures. eventually, the 3300-year-old mask was fixed properly using bees wax, of all things. and from fox news in minneapolis.
6:47 am
the minnesota girls bng team forced to the side lines by their own basketball league because the team is 3-0. that's it. they only won three games. they received a letter saying that the youth team, quote, doesn't fit into the league. one day before a hung huge tournament. other teams threatened to forfeit or quit because they didn't want to play with the girls. >> amy: what? >> reporter: they are meeting with the board. i am a little confused. they only won three games. >> john: here's where i get it. if they stacked one team, put all of the really good girls on one team. but on the flip side doesn't that motivate you to get better? >> reporter: they have different leagues for different, i guess, quality of team, but maybe they need to move to a better league. maybe they are blowing them out 100-5.
6:48 am
last night. >> john: and on a related note, arizona is asking for carolina to. >> amy: they're too good. >> john: thanks, lu. miami area man facing charges after they said he pledged allegiance to isis and threatened to kill his boss. >> amy: we have more on the bizarre details. a local group is meeting in orlando to protest a new bill that would regulate planned
6:49 am
they are looking for the >> john: have you seen this movie yet? >> amy: no. after i talked with a few friends, i will pass. everyone says he deserves an oscar, but i will pass. the revenant on the top. i think it may be too graphic. star wars, no. two. and then dirty grandpa and the boy. >> john: i get the two, but rev nabt, i don't know that i
6:50 am
>> it's intense. a man from miami is behind bars accused of pledging allegiance to isis. according to the miami herald he alleged told a coworker that he was pledging allegiance to allah. and threatening to dress up and go to his work and kill his supervisor. stopping legislation planned against planned parent hood. in tallahassee, the florida house and senate will vote on a new bill that would put strict regulations on physicians and clinics that perform abortions. officials from planned parent hood said they'll meet outside of the representative's office. the protest kicks off at 10:30.
6:51 am
cold temperatures. >> it's down right frigid. team coverage from our nation's capital all the way here to central florida, is coming up. here's a live view. we're looking down on international drive. just 39 degrees.
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