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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  January 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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the northern counties. january 25. wow. that was quick. where did january go? "good day orlando." welcome back. i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. to happy you're with us. in case you have not heard,
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a winter chill has descended upon central florida. we have temperatures in the 30s and even in the 20s in some places. when you can officially put away the winter coats, at least for a couple of days. >> john: not for a while. nearly two feet of snow impacting everything from government offices to flights around the nation. >> amy: why homeless people are camping out in front of a government building in daytona beach this morning. we'll have a live report on that. 7:00 a.m. report. let's talk with jayme king on what is happening outside this morning. and how you want to dress to stay remotely warm. >> jayme: it's cold. and in layers. it's a chilly start. 20s at gainesville and ocala. widespread 30s and if not 40. everyone in the area around northern brevard has a frost advisory. northern brevard is not covered in white, my graphic shows the
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i see scottsmore, mims, and titusville, in the northern end of the county, with frost going on. we'll keep tabs on it for you. but bottom line, a cold start. and 60s this afternoon. changes through here. anot and low pressure combo giving us a look like this. wetter times coming up. >> gina: i'm told there's debris in the area. sky fox is on the way. and we'll bring you that in the next hit. and at conway, and lake margaret, it's not causing as many delays. but use caution. i-4 eastbound is up to speed and so is the 408. >> john: right now millions of
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digging out from a powerful people. >> new video out of philly. people are bracing for the storm's aftermath. major flooding being reported along the eastern seaboard from maryland to new jersey. there are widespread power outages. fox's joel waldman is joining us. he's live in washington. how are you? >> reporter: doing well. i understand you have pretty frigid temperatures but we can't feel too sorry for you down there in orlando. it's going to be warm up. the schools are shut down and the federal government. there's simply too much snow on the ground to move around safely. transportation crews working around the clock trying to make
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a herculean efts required after 17.8 inches of snow officially dumped down on washington, tying the record for the fourth biggest snowfall in history. in a strange twist, the snow measuring equipment at reagan national airport was buried. giving no way to show the true amount of snow for hours on end. still, getting it off the streets is priority number one. >> we have made a lot of progress but there's more to do. >> reporter: new york city just missed the all time toalt by 0.1 of one inch. 26.8 inches of snow filling central park. all of the white stuff couldn't keep new yorkers down. the governor lifted a travel ban and broadway shows and businesses opening up for business. >> it was great to see how new yorkers come together in the beautiful spirit of community.
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coast to new england. 30 people were killed from a combination of car accidents, heart attacks from shoveling and carbon monoxide poisoning. ground travel is not the only problem. nearly 12,000 weekend flights canceled. >> amy: wow. joel live from washington this morning. you look nice and cozy in your puffy coat. >> john: with a nice puffy coat. a live look here at oia. on the big board, several flights have been canceled so far. thousands of planes grounded because of the blizzard. airports in new york and washington, d.c., philly, along the northeast, slowly starting to reopen. as you can imagine, there will be many more delays and cancelations throughout the day. you definitely want to check before you head out to the airport today. here in orlando, more than two dozen flights are canceled.
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source of the temperatures and snow. head to or download the app for android and apple devices. tom johnson has a story from daytona beach. >> reporter: we're on north beach street. north of international speedway boulevard. across from the news journal center. right across the street from manatee island park. keep that in mind. we'll tell you more about the park in a minute. first, stepping out of the camera shot, we'll let allen zoom in and show you what's happening on it's sidewalks. all of those people sleeping center. we're estimating maybe 100 of them on three of the four sides of the building. on all of the sidewalks, basically. the only place we have not found them is in the parking lot out back.
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parking the city shut it down. they needed maintenance. and a lot of people hung out and even slept there. when it shut down, they were pushed on to beach street. and all of these people ended up sleeping around the administrative center. the county property appraiser said one of the female workers, who works in an office here in the building, had one of the homeless people, she says, rush up to her in a aggressive manner and only stopped when a core worker shouted out. >> he heard her screaming and he turned around and bumped her here. and there was contact. that's not a circumstance that people need to have at work. >> reporter: as a result, gillreeght shut down the office
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his employees were told to take about a week's worth of work. he will re-evaluate if he will reopen this office. meantime, the city of daytona beach is working with the salvation army to possibly get 40 or so new beds in the salvation army to get these people a new place to stay. we'll let you know what happens. in daytona beach, tom johnson, fox 35 news. >> amy: tom, thank you. new this morning, seven people in the hospital after an american airlines plane from orlando to milan needed to take an an emergency landing in canada. it ran into heavy turbulence. this is video of the plane after it landed safely in newfoundland. three flight attendants and four passengers needed to be taken to the hospital. they do note think they any of
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lake county deputies say that the 45-year-old woman attacked her twin sister during an argument earlier in the month. reportedly used an oscillating fan and fraternity paddle in the attack. sharon wolf has been arrested five times in tiesk years according to the daily commercial. denver broncos and the carolina panthers. >> john: we have two weeks to wait. the panthers were dominant. and cam newton had a huge day. crushing the cardinals 49-15. ` the afc, tom brady and peyton manning facing off for perhaps the last time ever.
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you won't believe how much it'll cost this year. >> reporter: san francisco, silicon valley, a lot of money, and peyton manning, probably will be his final game, and driving up the ticket prices. how high? the ticket exchange, $4,000. described as the nosebleed seats. down here, are $5,000. and i found tickets down here $12,978. if you want to sit right there. that better come with meet and greet with peyton manning afterwards. it'll likely set the record with the average ticket price going beyond $5,000. i have been to a number of super bowls, and it's an amazing experience. if you take four people, taking two kids with you, that's $20,000. that's not including the hotel, and air fare, because everything is more expensive. >> amy: when you went to the super bowls, were you covering the game? >> reporter: yes.
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the games. i have never paid for the super bowl ticket. >> amy: that's way better. >> reporter: those are the best. >> john: you can go to college, kids, or one super bowl. make your choice right now, and we'll live with it. >> reporter: most people don't even go to the game. when 2k3w40e to the super bowl city, they don't pay this kind of money. >> amy: that makes sense. you can watch it free and snacks free at the house. >> reporter: a a girl who has two tickets. >> john: i was looking to sell if i was her. >> amy: is your fitness tracker enough. >> john: what you need to be doing rather than just counting all of the steps. >> jayme: it's cold out there, jb. 20s up north. 30s and 40s down south. ongoing frost advisory. have you checked your car yet? are you parked outside? well, a nice little surprise for
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and se >> john: fitness trackers are all the rage. people across the world tracking
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>> 10,000. >> i try to get 10,000, but usually closer to 6,000. >> usually 10,000 steps. by walking like i do now. >> john: but some say that the steps are all well and good but it's not doing much when it comes to losing weight. the american heart association said that walking is not very strenuous until you go up hill. tracking your heart rate is the real way to go. >> you have to get the heart going and get some cardio. basically, the heart needs a lot of exercise, not just my legs. >> i like to look the the steps. i am. moving, doing something. i go to the gym and work out on the app, it shows the intensity. i can see that i was in my target heart rate for a certain amount of time, not slacking off when i am in there. >> john: should you be ditching the step counting gadgets? no. health experts said getting sedentary people moving is a
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>> just anything, exercise is good for you. it's doing better than any just acid -- than me just sitting on a chair. >> gives me an idea of how many steps or how far we walk. >> john: joining us is doctor bob dug-in. a physician and surgeon with orlando health. seems everybody got one of these and now we're seeing them on ebay. people are tracking steps. does that matter? how many steps you get per day? >> it does. part of the equation of exercise. distance. intensity we have not heard a lot talked about. they talked about going up hill when you walk or speed at which you go. that's the intensity. and that's part of the equation. so it's distance and the intensity of the distance. >> john: 10,000 steps. i run a lot of races. that barely gets my heart rate up.
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need to be running the 10,000 steps. >> we accommodate to the level of activity we do throughout the day. if all i do at 10e thousand step, at some point i don't get the cardiovascular conditioning level. you want a level of intensity for the heart to condition, get healthier, and stronger. >> do you like these things? >> they're okay. they're good. but the athletes that understand that go fors these because they understand all of the information that comes out. for the average person, they may not understand that i actually need to do a level of heart rate that's at a higher level. >> because you see 10,000 steps and maybe think, i can eat a little extra today. but it's not that simple. is it good for losing weight? it's obviously a combination of things. >> it is. it's giving an indicator of what we do throughout the day. from that point, you take it to a conditioning level. for example, you want to get to
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percent of your maximum heart rate. those things can be calculated. >> john: you worried about them not as accurate? we have seen stories where the heart rate isn't what you think it is. this is amies. i tested mine the other day. it had me at 92. my resting heart rate is 50. if it's that inaccurate, is it that good? >> it's moment by moment. if you take mine. this used to be big boxes and now they're down to this. in the clinic we have this. right now it says mine is 8ed. maybe just because we're on television. could be because i ran from the parking lot. >> john: could be that too bottom line is you need to see your doctor and make sure you are on the track. good thing on the side but it's not the total. >> you want to get a fm before flaying. talk to them about the training heart rate. you want to get a physical before anything.
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rate. physician associates orlando health. >> john: thank you. heading over to jayme king. >> jayme: downtown looking pretty good oval. clear and cold though. if you have not been outside yet, here's what it looks like across the fine state. 37 pensacola. into the 20s in tallahassee. 30 degrees duval county, jacksonville, and widespread 20s over gainesville and ocala. orlandoality about 40. and key west getting in on the act, 56. that's certainly a chill down there in the lower keys. 20s over the northern tier. and 20s and 30s with the remainder of us. the frost advisory goes until about 8:00 p.m. you have another 40 minutes or so on this. the freeze warning continues for
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marion and alash waugh counties going -- alachua counties. we hope you with a good weekend. it was a chiller. saturday was just plain nuts, it was like stupid cold, wind chill all day. a different bird today with mid-to-upper 60s moving back into place. average sunshine. changes coming in the form of this. a cold front is buried in here. a lot of mess. and low pressure moving in from the gulf of mexico. through mid-week. and capturing the notion on the model. we stop here at 11:30 in the morning, tomorrow morning, tuesday, clouds amassing and shifting winds. a little wave of low pressure developing right there. doing a boot scoot on top of the area. enhancing the rain chance by wednesday. keeping it longer lasting into thursday. the chance is in the 60 to 70 maybe 80% going south of
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temperatures 29 omaha, and 33 at denver, and 50s in new orleans. and wid spread teens, 20s and 30s in the atlantic area where there's a big mess of snow. we're with you live until 10:00 a.m. that's your forecast. here's gina. >> gina: hi there, happy monday, everyone. we have a new crash at the 1792. partially blocked at prairie lake drive, causing significant delays in both directions. be aware in the area. and we want to take you back to the crash on i-4 westbound, near saxon. we're told there's debris in the roadway, causing delays. it wills to be clearing up but use caution. i-4 eastbound to john young, 14 minutes. and the 408 is looking good,er it's up to speed. time now for your fox 35 pump
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saving you money. regular gas is $1.65 at the speedway on turkey lake road and
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you can always check out gas >> amy: oh, my gosh. how cute are they? president obama's dogs. out enjoying a romp in the snow. nearly two feet fell in washington, d.c. how come one is on the leash, and the other one is like freedom? nearly two feet fell in dc. the dog were loving it. they were happy about it. very cute. >> amy: gas prices on a steady plunge. >> john: a new record low at the pump, at least for recent history. the average price of gas went down $0.14 in the last two weeks. $1.90 a gal for the national price. the lowest in seven years. gas was $0.16 more expensive last year. >> amy: a shake up in twitter management. four senior executives are
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the heads of engineering, media, human resources and product. in that post, dorothy praised each of their contributions to twitter saying they helped make it the success it is today. >> john: hilton world wide is introducing a new affordable brand to target young travelers. tru hotels will be the 13th brand. and this could grow to be the most popular group with millennials. $140 a night starting at. >> amy: teachers and staff walking in solidarity.
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>> john: it is just about 7:30 here on "good day orlando." welcome back. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. we're so glad you're waking up with us. it's a chilly monday morning. temperatures in the 30s and even in the 20s for some of us. >> jayme: good to see you on this monday. back at it for you.
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and tos and lower end 40s. until 8:00 a.m. a frost advisory. for orlando and surrounding communities and counties. and gainesville, ocala, and bushnell. a full on freeze warning in progress. and temperatures especially cold this morning as we continue the trend from over the weekend. a nicer day evolving. highs should be into the mid-to-upper 60s. trending better but wetter by mid-week. a big disturbance over the high plains moves over the area and sends a low twisting and turning our way. stormier times ahead and wetter weather wednesday into thursday. at least next weekend is looking okay. saturday, closer to 70. and lower around 45. and as of here's gina
7:26 am
this morning. 1792 at prairie lake drive. still partially blocked and causing significant delays. use caution in the area. back to i4 westbound near saxon. that crash looks to be clearing up. there's still some debris in the roadway causing delays. taking a look at drive times. everything is slowing. 22 minutes on i-4 westbound. and back to you. >> john: people digging out from mounds of snow. >> amy: thousands of flights are canceled along the east coast. the storm was historic, as you probably know by now. almost 28 inches in manhattan. 27 inches. the second biggest storm since record keeping began back in 1869.
7:27 am
official total nearly 18 inches. the exact number is likely more than that. according to the washington post, the snow measuring device at reagan airport was buried in the blizzard and they couldn't get an accurate reading. 29 fell at dulles airport. that gives you much they got. >> john: fox's doug luzader is probably not very happy. and that's one heck of a snow pile behind you. >> reporter: it is. hey, what's not to be happy about? especially as a federal employee, you don't have to work today, and may not have to work tomorrow either given all of the snow. they are plowing. this is obviously more than 18-inch, this is where the plows converged but this city will be shut down while the cleanup continues. [crunching through the snow]. this was my walk this morning.
7:28 am
where i am having to walk in the middle of the street where it's relatively clear. digging out and driving my car, you see was not much of an option. what gets you as you walk through the streets, is how quiet it is. it's not going to change much throughout the day as far as work travel is concerned. the dig-out will take days and the federal government is shuft down and nearly all area schools. >> we will continue to see dangerous slick roadways. continue to stay off of the road. >> with huge snow plows clearing runway, air travel is expected to resume but on a limited basic. this storm left a mess as you head north too. into the philly and new york. along the jersey shore, coastal flooding.
7:29 am
blamed on the storm. there was a lighter side too. a highly coordinated snowball flight. new relaxed rules allowing thrill seekers to take advantage of capitol hill. and they will probably be back out there today as well. today. maybe tomorrow as well. we'll see how long this goes, how long the clean up goes. as the snow begins to melt, temperatures will be above freezing in coming day, and it'll melt a little bit during the day and freeze up at night and make for nasty morning commutes. back to you. >> john: it probably makes you mad when we say it's cold. it's a frigid 39. we complain a little bit too much, don't we? >> reporter: 39 we would
7:30 am
>> john: all right, doug. thanks, much. we'll talk to you soon. >> john: thousands of flights are delayed or canceled. luanne has more. >> reporter: good morning. i have been keeping a close eye on the website throughout the morning. right now there are 32 canceled flights going in and out of oia. to places like new jersey, new york, washington, d.c., philadelphia, raleigh durham, and that's just to name a few. if you have plans to fly out today, or expecting someone to fly in, i would really suggest you check the flight status on the airline's website before you head to the airport. guys, back to you. >> john: thank you, lu. fox 35 is your source for the continuing coverage of the cold temperatures here and all of the snow up north. and go to or download the fox 35 weather app. >> amy: teachers supporting staff and parents sending a
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they're walking into class together this morning. they're calling for improvements. tom johnson is live at holly hill elementary with more on their efforts. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning. holly hills school is pre-k through 8th grade. combined elementary and middle. you can see the group behind me. they are just about to go walking into school. they have to be in there at 7:40. there are groups of teachers and parents at every school in volusia county this morning. they'll be out there every day this week doing this, staging these. and why are you doing this? what is the snej. >> question want our school board to reorganize their priorities. they're not focused on things that matter most. our kids and making sure we have teachers in the classrooms. >> reporter: at every day, almost every school? >> yes. every day, almost every school. teachers and parents and support staff all over the district
7:32 am
education and walking in it in unity for public education. >> reporter: these are quick. blank and you miss them. 0 minutes? >> yes, 10 minutes to raise awareness and everyone understands what's going on. we need to make sure that teachers have what they need to teach our kids. >> reporter: almost every school in volusia county school district. every day they'll be doing this very same thing. >> john: 7:37 here on good day. the state fire marshals office is vegging after a vacant ymca was set to become a mosque. >> the islamic center of daytona beach said that the group purchased the building seven years ago. they had just gotten city approval in october to convert to a mosque and community center. now their plans have been set back. the damage was mostly confined to one room.
7:33 am
>> our hope is that someone was trying to keep out of the cold, trying to stay warm. i can tell you we've been in this community for many decades. we've enjoyed good relationships. >> amy: officials say they are not investigating this as a hate crime. the florida council on american islamic relations released a statement. with the heightened anti-islamic rhetoric, and hate crime on the rise, care florida is taking this very seriously. >> amy: donald trump is looking pretty confident. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. >> john: that was getting a lot of attention this weekend.
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>> amy: oh, yes. take a look at that. this is outside in our parking lot this morning. producer josh who apparently is feeling the need to help somebody with ice on their car. i don't know. he's out there showing us just how chilly it is. i keep the car in the garage. it's worth it, if the car is a mess, do i really want to clean it out? yes. otherwise you need to buy a ice scraper. >> john: that's one of the things i hated so much about living up north. scraping the car. it's only one week to go before the iowa caucuses and donald trump is still in the lead. >> john: the latest poll shows
7:36 am
republican caucusgoers there. ted cruz has fallen out of the top spot, down 4 points to 23%. and marco rubio has dropped a bit, down to 12%. he was at 15% two weeks ago. no other candidate has double digit support. this comes following controversial comments that donald trump made over the weekend. he was speaking for a group in -- to a group in iowa. and claimed his supporters are so devoted that they would vote for him no matter what he does at this point. >> my people are so smart. you know what else they say, the polls. they say i have the most loyal people. and that i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and still not lose voters. trump at 31% compared to ted
7:37 am
>> amy: on the democratic side of things, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are effectively in a dead heat. sanders only holding a 1 point lead over hillary clinton. according to a new poll conducted, and in new hampshire it's not even close. sanders has a 19 point lead over the former secretary of state. that's almost as big as the 22 point lead that clinton now maintains. a potential independent run by former mayor michael bloomberg. luanne has a guest here to talk about the presidential race. >> reporter: joining us is political analyst carl jackson. good good to see you. we're one week away. what do the candidates need to do this week. >> obviously, donald trump doesn't have to do a thing but
7:38 am
he says that he can shoot someone and get away with, that's just hyperbole. and ted cruz went on the attack. think he went on attack a little bit early. he has to go back to giving people solutions and constitutional hope if you will. and let's face it, donald trump had an excellent week last week. he got the establishment and the governor of iowa behind him. he didn't fully endorse him but he bashed cruz. he got sara pill-in behind him. trump. >> what does marco rubio and jeb bush need to do to get the vote? for bush. pp but if others get out of the race, i think rubio would soar. >> on the democratic side of
7:39 am
basically in a virtual dead heat. does that surprised you at all? >> no. people are so exited about bernie sanders because he's quote unquote real. hillary clinton is a horrible candidate-she has the name. i don't think they think say she's a great x candidate. she's got some experience. i don't think she's done a good job. i am bias because i am a conservative. she's just not a great candidate. bernie sanders inspires people. he speaks a lot of fluff. i think you will see numbers decrease when he hits the souther but who knows at this point. it's been a crazy year. >> and talk about the mayor, former mayor bloomberg. he is threatening to run. who would it hurt more, the democrats or the republicans? >> listen, he's a liberal. it would destroy democrats if he runs. he's banking that hillary
7:40 am
down. then probably a trump and sanders race. he thinks they're so far on the fringes that he can come in and coalesce all of the independents and those that are more pragmatics. and he might be right, if it ends up being a trump and sanders race. but in order to win the presidency, it's highly doubtful. he's looking at tedly voaz roosevelt that government 20%, and ross pero with 12%. it may be possible. race? >> it all depends on what happens with hillary. if she's indicted, he will get in. if she's not, he will not. it's just a wait and see. go for karl jackson radio and
7:41 am
it's a chilly monday morning. >> jayme: yes, it is. downtown, cool, crisp and bright. the cool skies and the numbers are low. ocala, and gainesville. we find ourselves in the 20s boat. you can see 30s and 40s for the rest of us. some residual moisture. the humidity is up. contributing to a frosty scene with a lot of areas. enough moisture to bring about a layer of frost. and locations outlined in all of the white. that's a frost advisory going strong for about another 12 minutes. we'll see if the weather service lifts up the advisory. and we are in the 20s in gainesville, ocala, and bushnell. we're in the 60s for highs today. and winds out of the south, southeast helps to warm thing
7:42 am
a storm develops in the gulf of mexico that begins to spread the clouds and make for more of a transitional weather environment or atmosphere through late tuesday, tomorrow, and late wednesday. watch the modeling. tuesday we start on a fine note. and accumulating extra cloud cover and spotty showers developing throughout the course of the day. modeling brings in showers throughout by wednesday. and wednesday morning. the approach of low pressure and a cold front. bringing wet weather wednesday and thursday. if you are doing boating today, seas are comprised of very distant and extremely long period. the waves are really spread out. northeast groundswell developing over the distant atlantic. huge sea, in seconds excess of 30 feet. a lot of the energy is aimed at the beach. wax them up, guys.
7:43 am
light offshore wind and increase in appreciable groundswell. 1 to 3 feet. and 3 feet on the back end. get a wide cam. but hold off until maybe tomorrow morning. i know it's cold, and you will be doning the full suit for sure, weather temperatures in the 50s, and low to mid-60s at cokee and melbeach. we have a low at 22:29 at port canaveral and high tide at both locales just after dark. dry, sunny, and 60s for highs. we take you out to lake county, more of the same is in place with 60s. you'va and oak hill we're in the 60s. pearson, deland, deltona, and the i-4 corridor. looking good, cool, and at least
7:44 am
wednesday and thursday we'll be talking about rainy times. we have a weather baby for you right now. alyssa. looking good, kiddo. gorgeous girl you have there, mom and dad. look for more on the weather babies at >> gina: happy monday. a live look at i-4 and kaley. we have a broken-down vehicle in the center median. not causing too many significant delays in either direction, but just b e aware if ` you are traveling down i-4 this morning. back to the crash we had earlier at 1792. partially blocked at prairie lake drive. looks to be clearing. taking a look at drive times, everything looking good on fawrchlts. i-4. i-4 eastbound, attractions to downtown, 23 minutes. the 408, 17 minute right now to
7:45 am
>> amy: coming up. shaq playing basketball with neighborhood kids here in florida.
7:46 am
letiond got into their welcome back to "good day orlando." all right. i am curious to hear. what is your response about this movie? i want to know what peoeople think. >> john: i don't know what it's about. i heard graphic things. i don't know that i want to see it. >> amy: graphic is what i heard. leo decaprio doing very well with "rev
7:47 am
and ride along two, dirty grandpa and the boy. a group of kids from gainesville do got the surprise of a lifetime when shaq showed up to play basketball. >> it started with another viral video and another ryan has more. >> reporter: it's a fun story. it started with a noise complaint in gainesville last week. the officer asked the kids to keep it down but then played basketball. he vowed to come withback up. who knew it was going to be 7'1" shaquille o'neal. he surprised the kids. they played a pickup game with the super star. shaq told the kids to follow their dreams. the kids were still very much in awe. >> what was it like playing basketball with him. >> hard. he's like really tall. >> that's like a dream come true. that's my idol. >> reporter: such a great role
7:48 am
and the experience of a lifetime. that video has been seen nearly that's just shaq. if you met him, he just has a big heart. get involved. >> john: i love the part where he said, if you make the shot, i will give you $100. he gave out $800. >> amy: at the end, he said, wait a second, what about you? he made him step on the line. he missed the first time, and then the second time he made it. >> john: one thing i didn't know. he had to have been in town. he probably saw it on our show and got up there. otherwise, how would he get it there that quick. >> amy: he's superman. >> reporter: right. he can do what he wants.
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