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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  January 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> john: it is 9:00 on your chilly monday morning. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here is a look at some of what you can expect in our 9:00 hour today. bundle up, even here in orlando. it is cold out there. temperatures dipping below freezing in some spots this morning. and a lot of us are actually waking up to ice on our cars. look at that, fox 35 inscribed on the top of that. jayme will have the details when we could see warmer weather coming up in a minute. >> you ready? >> john: super bowl ads already rolling out. you saw that one last night.
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this year's big game. >> amy: also, movies, could it be worse for you than a cheese burger? oh, no, which foods have the highest calories and how you can actually make a healthy smoothie so you don't overindulge. plus david martin is out and about this morning. >> reporter: we're telling stories this morning on the 9:00 hour of "good day orlando." could you stand on a stage and tell a story in under five minutes? and then face an audience while doing it and get judged while doing it? if so, we got the place for you here at the abby. we'll talk about it on the 9:00 hour of "good day orlando" ." >> amy: we made you go outside? >> jayme: they just want me to tell you it's cold. here are the live local temperatures as always. i'm going to come back into the
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ridiculous with a capital r. here we are on the other side. we're broadcasting live on facebook, so join the conversation. come over to the weather wall and show you what's going on. it's all about the 30s and 40s at this time, and yes, the freeze warning and the advisories for frost having dropped. so we're looking good. a cold start giving way to a pretty pleasant day overall. we got the sun. we'll have the warmer temperatures by the afternoon, mid to upper 60s. then by tonight we're going to watch and wait on the clouds increasing over the gulf, and looks like the wheels of transition spinning rapidly as we welcome in another big burst of heavy rain fall wednesday into thursday. the bottom line is we're looking at warmer overall for the upcoming days and the upcoming overnights. that's your forecast. over to you. >> john: close the door, would you? a big draft coming in there. right now millions of people in the northeast still digging out from that blizzard that killed
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they know of. >> amy: this is new video that you're seeing there in times square where the storm actually dumped more than two feet of snow. times square is looking decent right now. people are bracing for the storm's after math this morning. major flooding is being reported right now along the eastern seaboard from may maryland toker in i didn'tcy, cities being pounded by the rising water and high winds. there is widespread power outages people are dealing with. joel waldman has been out and about in the thick of things. you got that going for you. >> reporter: i do have that going for me. the weatherman there cannot hack it outside, but others can. and we are out here. the federal government cannot hack it. they are closed for the day. schools are shut down. i'm not going to make fun of kids. schools are also shut down because there is simply too much snow to move around safely. >> everyone says this is
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that so people can have a clear understanding that this is not business as usual. >> reporter: much of the east coast is now digging themselves out from record snowfall. many new yorkers weren't expecting to get so much snow, but parts of the region got more than two feet, and some areas the snowplows haven't even come down their street yet. >> we just learn how to deal with this. >> reporter: washington, d.c. saw a good amount of accumulation, but it didn't live up to expectations. but lower snow totals than originally forecasted. that didn't stop many from getting out and having a good old-fashioned snow fight in dupont circle. and others along the east coast were also taking advantage of the weather. >> i love it. but it's inconvenience for everybody trying to get around and dig their car and stuff out. other than that i'm enjoying it. >> reporter: all the snow was too much for some people to handle in kentucky. a good samaritan went around a neighborhood helping the elderly
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>> there were elderly people that lived in the condos around the corner, and they couldn't even get -- they were trying to shovel. they couldn't make it. >> reporter: it was complicated for one new family in maryland. a pregnant mother couldn't make it to the hospital with their car buried in the hospital. >> my wife could possibly be delivering right now. >> reporter: the winter landscape winter isn't expected to last with temperatures warming up along the east coast into the 40s. kelly wright, fox news. you tried to fake me out. i thought that was me about 3/4 of the way, i realized it was not me. i've been up for a while. >> amy: we don't know what's happening behind the scenes. we're the front of the scenes people, you know what i'm saying? >> reporter: unless i came kelly after this blizzard, i don't know. but that was not me. >> amy: anything could happen. >> reporter: a great report nonetheless. but we should mention that there
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cancellations, so not just wreaking havoc on the ground this blessard but also up there in the skies as they're trying to sort out flights as we speak. >> amy: all right. sorry about that. we're going to go behind the scenes. >> john: we can't toss to kelly wright, we have to toss to joel. >> amy: yeah. it's a union thing. >> reporter: honest mirs take. >> john: talking about the flight delays the storm causing flight delays at oia. you can see quite a few cancellations out there. more than two dozen flights canceled at oia. if you have a flight today, check the flight status before you go to the airport. we are your source for continuing coverage of the cold. just check out the website you can download the fox 35 weather app for the very latest. >> amy: new this morning seven people are in the hospital after
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miami to milan had to make an emergency landing in canada. the plane was carrying more than 200 passengers, and ran into heavy turbulence. that is video of the plane after it landed in newfoundland. an american airlines spokesperson says three flight attendants and four passengers had to be taken to the hospital but they do not believe the injuries are life-threatening. >> amy: teachers are parents are sending a message to the school board. >> john: they are calling to for improvements. tom johnson has the details from holly hill elementary. >> reporter: good morning. actually holly hill school is pre-k through eighth grade, so combined elementary and middle. you can see the group that we have behind me. they are just about to go walking into school. they have to be in there at 7:40. there are groups of teachers and parents at every school in volucia county this morning. they're going to be out there every day this week doing this. staging the walk ins. andrew spar is the president. why are you guys doing this? what's the message you want to
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>> we want our school board to reorganize their priorities. they're not focused oning the things that matter most, which are kids and making sure we have teachers in the classrooms. >> reporter: every day at almost every school in the district? >> yes. we're going to have teachers and parents and support staff showing support for public education and walking in in unity for public education. >> reporter: these are quick. bling and you mess them, ten minutes and they're inside. >> yes, just to rare aware nose, because we need to make sure our schools have and our teachers kids. >> reporter: i'll let you catch up with the group. again. almost every school in volucia county school district, every day this week. they'll be doing this same thing. tom johnson, fox 35 news. >> john: in daytona beach, the volucia county administration center is closed because the homeless have camped outside the building. luanne is in the newsroom i believe, with more on that story. good morning.
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it started when the city shut down manitee island park for maintenance, which is where most of the homeless people sleep. now, that is when many of them set up camp right outside the volucia county administration building, but friday morning the volucia county property appraiser said a homeless man was aggressive towards a woman who works in his office. that woman was scrambling to find her key card to get inside the building. as a homeless man rushed up to her. another employee saw what was going on and shouted out. >> he was so close at the time he heard her screaming that he turned around and he bummed her hair, so there was contact. so that's not a circumstance that people need to have at work. >> reporter: now, the property appraiser has given his employees the week off until he figures out if he's even going to reopen his office there. both the city and county of volucia have been at odds about exactly how to handle the
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city officials in daytona say they are now working with the salvation army to find more beds for the homeless. and that is the latest from the fox 35 newsroom, amy back to you in the studio. >> amy: all right. thank you. it's a crime alert we an expecting to learn the name of the woman shot and killed inside a bar in sanford. this happened just before midnight saturday at the cool breeze bar on sikes avenue. just last night james pritchard was arrested. he is facing a charge of second-degree murder and shooting into a public building. he will face a judge later this afternoon incidentally friends and family held a small vigil to remember the woman who was killed. balloons and a teddy bear with placed outside the bar to honor her. >> john: super bowl 50 is now set. some of the commercials are >> amy: that's right. getting leaked out. ryan is here with more on that. >> reporter: it's interesting some people will keep these secret, others want them out there for the publicity.
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they both earned their places in the super bowl with great performances. the panthers dominant, forcing arizona into seven turnovers and crushed the cardinals 49-15. peyton manning who many thought might not play again eight weeks ago is now back in the super bowl after beating tom brady for a final -- possibly the final time ever 20-18. for those who could only watch the super bowl for the commercials, a teaser for bud light commercial going viral. here is a look. back? >> there is no middle. >> you ready? >> you know it. you ready?
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putting on the bud light party pens, making light of the political drama lately. bud light says the commercial celebrates bringing people together over beer despite the differences. i give it a c plus. >> john: that's about right. we'll make predictions very soon. okay. maybe after the break, because we don't see ryan there now. >> amy: still to come there is a new health care option in town. it is aimed at taking care of ladies. >> john: we'll have more on the new facility coming up on "good day orlando." good morning, david martin. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're live at the abby promoting the orlando story club. could you tell a story in under five minutes? and make it judged by a random stranger or three? robin runs the project, what are three things the winner must have? >> true stories, according to the teller. or five minutes or less, right? and come from the heart. and just has to be from your life. just a moment from your life.
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you like being you should want your stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. >> amy: welcome back. a brand-new division for women, and in are today's healthy living, dr. humphrey is here to
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great to see you. okay. so you're the director of the maternal fetal program at the new hospital. >> that's correct. >> amy: you delivered your -- the first baby yesterday. >> absolutely right. it was a baby boy. >> amy: how exciting. tell us what is special or new or different that the folks at home need to know about. >> this ushers in an entirely new era of health care for women of central florida. most women want a low risk delivery like we have with our first delivery. it was a midwife delivery. but occasionally surprises come up and you want a center that caters to things like laboring in a bathtub, different pain options for mom, midwives, but you want a center that is poised the minute something unexpected happens to everything turns out okay. >> amy: you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. >> yes, you do. >> amy: what other kinds of things are you going to find there that maybe you wouldn't find in a traditional hospital?
9:16 am
princeton campus. >> it sure is. from a high risk standpoint i can tell you we're at the highest level of care, and from every other standpoint, for women, even for the babies, the highest level of care in one place in princeton. we have amazing breast specialists, cancer surgeons, heart specialists for all aspects of women's lives. we have a level 3 nicu, the highest level nicu that you can have. >> amy: when you talk about all these -- basically it's all women's issues, whether it's ovarian, cervical, even heart issues. >> yes, absolutely. >> amy: okay. so it's all covered. and the other thing i think a lot of people don't think about is when you talk about the complicated deliveries, you're going to have the best staff there, as well, for all of that. >> that's absolutely right. i can tell you when i had my daughter julia 12 years ago, in st. louis she didn't breath. her heart stopped beating in
9:17 am
you never know. that was a term regular delivery. you never know when low risk will become high risk. so literally we have all the high risk specialists there, the -- 24-7 high risk hospitallists and specialists like me there to help when things don't turn out as expected. >> amy: and i imagine you can schedule a tour if you're interested, right? >> absolutely. there is tours and you can go on her to learn more. >> amy: okay. great. thank you so much. appreciate your time. she is going to stick around and answer questions you might have, if you're pregnant or you're having women's issues and you have questions, i think that dr. humphrey can help, she is going to be here. all you have to do is go to and we're going to check in with dr. humphrey and see what kind of questions you have been asking. thank you again. 9:19. let's check in with jayme. >> jayme: good stuff. accuweather forecast update time, here we go. and you can see a cool scene for
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clear, quite cold this morning with lows working down well into the 30s. 50 orlando, 40 gainesville, 36 at ocala, but a cold start should yield a rather nice afternoon. a lot warmer, ample sunshine. taking a bit of a different form and shape than we've seen over the weekend because saturday in my book was plain old silly cold, wasn't it? wind-chill factor all day long, a rare bird along here to have the wind chill carry past 11:00 a.m. it was all day with this event, gusty wind. winds are lighter and out of a differing direction. so this will help warm things up and change our weather world just a little bit today. by noon on the gulf scene about 60, 68 by 3:00 lot warmer east-southeast wind flow at five to ten during that time. looking at the water vapor, suggesting pretty much a very benign pattern on top of the region today and tomorrow, by
9:19 am
of transition spinning rapidly as the next front enters the scene. check your time stamp. late tuesday into wednesday clouds increase and low pressure moving across the state yet again. i advice you to keep it tunes to fox 35 and we'll do our best to keep you posted and up to date on the latest happening with the weekend weather, or the midweek weather turn around and we trend wetter. breezy and stormy at times come wednesday and thursday. stay tuned for details. across the nation, icebox over the eastern third. that is where the heaviest snowflakes fell around the d.c. area. had a few reports of florida snow in marion county. melting before it hit the ground but neat to see. 66 in gainesville on the day today. everybody a lot warmer. tonight everyone still a lot warmer.
9:20 am
evening, but beads the south, as warmer times are ahead. we'll talk more about that. we are with you until 10:00 a.m. wednesday and thursday rain chances are up and up. guys? >> john: still to come it is story time, but for adults. >> amy: david martin is joining us live at the abby this morning to tell us more about this. hi, david. >> reporter: hundreds of people come down to the abey, put their name in the hat and ten people are chosen from that hat to tell a story in five minutes or less. my friend here robin will do it hopefully if her name is picked out next wednesday. what do you do in real life? >> i am a professional story teller. we go into the school and do story telling programs.
9:21 am
we're going to >> john: kids love story time. >> amy: they sure do. now there is a new spin on this childhood pastime, adults are getting into it. david martin is joining us live at the abby with a closer look at that. hello, david. >> reporter: hi, it's the brainchild of robin, who is the producer. he has done several films in his stage. >> i am doing fantastic. >> reporter: i'm so intrigued by the concept. they compete for the first, second and third prizes by telling stories in five minutes or less. >> all proceeds go to charity. every month we have a different charity. >> reporter: the audience of hundreds will be drinking alcohol. >> yes. there will be laughter and food and it's a beautiful place here at the abby. month. >> once a month first wednesday of every month. >> reporter: let's talk to one
9:22 am
how are you? you are a national champion here of what exactly? >> well, the national story telling festival holds a competition every year, and couple years ago i won. >> reporter: you are good at what you do. yu a professional story teller. let's give our audience a sample of what you'll do if you get picked. good luck. >> we're at the beach and my light year. it's a happy meal toy with a button in the front. he bends down to rinse that toy off and the rogue wave comes out of nowhere. and buzz is gone. jack is heartbroken. so weak he says to me, i miss my
9:23 am
for months my husband scoured every tour toy store. none of them are jack's buzz. and then years later, when jack is 12, i and ebay is a thing and i find that the very same replica of jack's bud light beer it comes and i hand it to jack and he holds it in his now man sized hands. he turns it over. he pushes the but none on the front, and these little purple wings flap out in the back. jack smiles. i can see this wave of recognition and nostalgia wash over him. and then he takes that toy and he sets it on his bookshelf in his room. and that's where it sits to this very day. >> reporter: bravo. that is a story right there. how does it feel doing that? >> great. >> reporter: is that your entire
9:24 am
or is that a portion of it? >> it's the entire story condensed. if i were toll it in five minutes it would have detail and be more developed. >> reporter: catch her and many others next wednesday. back to you guys in the studio. >> john: thanks. >> amy: new show heating up here on fox 35. >> john: coming up on "good day orlando," we're sitting down with actor tom ellis the head of to have night's big premier. we dance with the devil every day. >> amy: answering your questions about the new florida hospital for women, and all the services they offer.
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>> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." it is 9:31. >> john: i'm john brown. let's get you caught up on the headlines in the news. we start with this. we have been following winter weather all morning long. it's cold here in central florida, nothing like that in places up north like new york city, d.c. they had the record breaking snowfall on the ground. clearing the streets they say could take days as doug luzader told us earlier the federal government shut down for a second day in a row. in many cases they said take the whole week. most of the schools all throughout the northeast. in new jersey they have a coastal flood advisory along the shore. 30 deaths have been blamed on the storm. the storm is causing flight delays at oia. if you have a flight scheduled today you might want to check the flight status before you go down there because as you can see on the big board there a lot of them canceled and a lot delayed. >> amy: i don't know why you would want to go back right now. stay here. the state fire marshal is
9:27 am
out inside a vacant ymca that is set to become a mosque. that fire happened at the former y on derby road in daytona. the islamic center said the group purchased that building seven years ago. they had just gotten city approval to convert it to a mosque and community center. now they say they're going to have to push plans back a bit. the damage was mostly confined to just one room. they say they hope they were not being targeted. time for mourning business headlines. joining us live from the fox business network studios is lauren simonetti. you look nice and warm. >> reporter: it's a warm sweater. >> amy: it's cold. we like to complain. we don't even have heat in our building. >> reporter: oh, well -- >> amy: did you even have trouble getting to work this morning?
9:28 am
i'm pretty close to the studio. coming from the suburbs coming in that was tough for the trains, and, of course, you know a lot of cars are buried in snow. >> amy: yeah, that's a good excuse. that's the excuse i would use. let's talk about the markets. >> reporter: that's not the reason that they're down. do you is down 39 points. they can get to work no matter what. they get a hotel room a couple days before, they figure it out, trust me, they do. >> amy: major management shakeup at twitter. what's going on? >> reporter: twitter makes all the changes and their stock price is down another 6%. it has taken a beating since the old ceo became the new ceo in the fall. now twitter is trading below the ipo price. four executives gone. jack dorsey tweeting about it, saying we're not -- this isn't -- we're not leaving on bad terms. they're just seeking new
9:29 am
well needed time off. this includes the hr head, the product head, the engineering head. it's a big deal. they say look, i don't see how management shake up when the stock is already plummeting could be spun as a good thing. this is too much change at once for that company. >> amy: all right. i'll still be tweeting. and i know you will, too. >> reporter: we can still expect to see changes on twitter because they're making all of these changes in the offices. there has to be something happening to the service. >> amy: mix you wonder, doesn't it? i wish they would get an edit feature. >> reporter: i know. because you mess up -- >> amy: you just want to fix it instead of deleting and starting over again. it's a pain. we love you. we'll see you. stay warmup there. 9:35. by the way, you can catch lauren
9:30 am
you can catch her every day. just go to fox business almost/channel finder. let's check in with jayme. >> jayme: hello. good to see you. i just wanted to let everyone know we're out on the weather deck, and still chilly but you can see our plush and very luscious tropical landscape out here in the weather deck did mighty fine last night with the widespread frost and the hawaiian palm, they typically get fried pretty good in the cold weather. but we shall survive. here is your temperatures for you. and still pretty cold out there overall. widespread 40s in place. and as we go through the day today, it appears that we will reach high temp potential of somewhere in the low or -- make that mid and upper 60s. we're on our way. 50 in orlando right now. 51 at titusville.
9:31 am
warmer afternoon in store. 64 as we take you towards about 2:00. here is the deal, guys. again, showing you that the airflow pattern is rather benign, not much going on. as we get into midweek we're looking for rainier times ahead. 63 on thursday, with rain chance there at about 60%. there you have it, central florida. over to you now. >> the return to the underworld has been requested. the seventh of never through to the 15th of ain't going to happen. how does that work for you guys? >> try it. >> john: tonight lucifer is looking for a more exciting life here on fox 35. the new tv series stars tom ellis as the prince of darkness. guess what. he's joining us this morning with more. i am so intrigued by this show. okay, so give us the back story on this.
9:32 am
what are you doing here on earth? >> well, we've taken the notion that lucifer has become bored and tired of his role at punishing people in hell and just wants to do things for himself really. so he decides to come to los angeles with his trustee demon in tow, and opens up a nightclub called lux, and sort of lives a playboy lifestyle in l.a. but the more time he spends there, the more human he seems to be becoming, and the more new experiences he seems to be having with like feelings and emotions. >> john: the fact that lucifer blends in in l.a. is kind of telling, isn't it? >> well, we didn't -- the notion that he escapes actual health to go to hell on earth. >> john: you show up on boise everybody knows who you are.
9:33 am
guy at the club. >> exactly. exactly. no, i think we love the notion that, you know, where else the city of temptation and partying and people come to reinvent themselves, that is why it was the perfect place to go to. >> john: i'm curious, a lot of people may not know you at this point. what about previous work? what have you done to get ready to play the devil? >> it's weird. i've been working a lot in the ask in theuk. i guess i'm known more for playing whole some characters. and you know, i played wholesome love interest in it. and that -- i had to come to america for people to believe i'm a bad boy. >> john: let's get the back story here. you have three kids, i believe. >> i do, yes.
9:34 am
kids daddy has a new role. what is it? i'm lucifer. how does that whole conversation come about? >> i know. i think they think it's quite fun. i mean, my -- my kids more than anybody are the heats impressed about my career. i would say to them, there is dad on the tele and they will give a glance and carry on doing what they're doing. it's very sort of underwhelming for them. but yeah, i mean more than anything they don't really like me bringing any of my characters home or talking in the voice that might be doing my character. >> john: the kids are unimpressed and your mother says i always knew you were the devil. now you got a role at lucifer. i'm looking forward to this. this is going to be good stuff. lucifer debuts at 9:00 on fox 35. tom ellis, been a pleasure, nice to meet you. we'll talk to you.
9:35 am
still to come, people think smoothies are healthy because they're packed with fruits and vitamins. >> amy: sure. turns out they're also packed with a lot of sugar and calories. just how unhealthy are smoothies and what should you be eating instead? we're going to talk about it with our experts. that's coming up next. >> john: don't forget to join our house call web calls right now. she is right there for all the
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just go to our website inin t thihis s lilinene o of f woworkrk ononlyly t thehe f frereshshesest t iningrgrededieientntss mamakeke t thehe c cutut itit's's i impmporortatantnt t to o meme t to o knknowow eveverery y didishsh i i s sererveve isis t thehe b besest t itit c canan b be.e. esespepecicialallyly f foror t thihis s fofoodod c crirititic.c. pupublblixix b bakakerery y scscraratctchh mamadede b brereadad wewe b bakake e itit i in n ststorore e evevereryy daday y wiwithth p priridede soso y youou c canan s sererveve i itt wiwithth s somomee pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng
9:37 am
>> john: start of the new year, a lot of people trying to eat healthy and reach for smoothies. a lot of those smoothies have a lot of people fooled. some can have 16 to 31 teaspoons of sugar in one drink. not to mention all the calories. >> amy: oh, boy. joining us to talk about it is -- so this is nerve wracking
9:38 am
smoothie healthy ingredients are going in. not like they're throwing in a tablespoon of sugar. and it can be healthy. there can be healthy smoothies out there for is your. but what i did is i brought a bunch of different foods today for you guys. i have a challenge for you to try to put them in order. smallest to highest with the smoothie thrown in there. >> john: i'm going to go with this for least. >> all right. >> john: what's next? >> amy: i'm going to say this looks like it has a lot of calories. i'm going to say this probably has more than even the cheeseburger, right? >> john: we're going smallest here. >> that is a ham and swiss and chicken -- >> amy: looks like it has a lot of calories. >> john: i think the soup over here. >> that's good. >> amy: it has a ton -- look at the croutons.
9:39 am
>> you're leaving the smoothie there? >> john: i would put it between these two. >> amy: no, no. >> so, what -- you did really well. the fruit parfait, so it can have 23 grams of sugar. let's point that out. >> amy: wow. that tiny thing? >> yes, because they have sugar in the fruit and the yogurt. this is a creamy tomato soup, 310 calories just in that bowl. plus a lot of other things that can add up. then actually the smoothie is -- >> john: oh, it's healthier. >> 430 calories, and the muffin -- >> amy: that's what i wanted. >> is 460 calories. we got 40 grams of sugar. >> amy: oh, my gosh.
9:40 am
>> 87. >> john: this had twice as much sugar? >> yes. >> amy: would you be better off eating the muffin? because i feel like at least you have fruit in here. >> yes, exactly. that's what i was going to say. it's about the same amount of calories. this is going to fill you up more. what i would do is make over your smoothie so it's not quite as hue high sugar. we got the quarter pound cheese burger and the salad is a little bit less. >> amy: okay. >> so this is 600 calories. for the whole sandwich that is 710. >> john: wow. i guess bottom line you see people who get these thinking do something good, but they get that with that. what's the bottom line? >> the take home is it can be a meal replacer. so 430 calories, you're talking like that can be as much as a meal, compared to some of the other things.
9:41 am
pound cheese burger 540. 100 calories more for a big old cheese burger that will fill you up. >> amy: they think it's just a smoothie. so you are going to do this and want to do a meal replacement should you add protein to it? >> yes. you can add greek yogurt and you can make a smoothie at home for healthy, as well. yous frozen fruit. use coconut water, because that's not very many calories, lots of potassium. you can put milk in. as the base. and limit how much sugar you're adding. you can use sweeteners if you want to, but smoothies are not very sweet if you don't add sugar. you do need a little sugar in there. >> john: so people can follow you, she is a big deal, guys. all the pro athletes in town use her.
9:42 am
how can people follow you? >> diet diva daytona net. >> john: jayme has a look at your accuweather forecast. >> jayme: let's talk 30s, 40s, 50s, little taste of everything out there right now. and you can see our skies just a few little scraps of cloud cover flowing throughout side of that ample sunshine and a nice warmup is underway, believe it or not. we are up and out of the 20s and 30s where we started the morning, and you got the nice big spread of temperatures on the tv screen there. 50 out at the villages. everyone playing catch up. cold start nice afternoon. we are warmer i'm happy to tell you. east central florida seeing 60s return for daytime highs. looking good out there. enjoy the sunshine, plenty of it. that will put the uv index forecast at a five-day with peek sunshine just after the noon
9:43 am
we look at the water vapor, that would be a high pressure, but shifting winds helping to warm things up. it's the front here that by tomorrow it begins to import clouds and begins to spin those wheels of transition pretty darn fast. i think we'll fine rainfall setting up by wednesday as low continues pressing up and out of the gulf. might we see severe weather? it's up for debate right now. the storm prediction center out lines central florida with marginal risk of severe storms, meaning we will probably see thunderstorm activity develop on top of the rainfall. estimating well over an inch at a lot of areas for two-day, almost a multi-day rain event taking shape. across the nation the icebox in d.c. 21, a lot of snow. here is the snow accumulation map showing that yeah, this has been socked in pretty good all season long. we got big snow amounts over the midwest.
9:44 am
accumulating i think once storm number two moves through here by wednesday. it will be interesting to see how tightly that will hug the eastern seaboard coastline, might contribute to even more snow amounts and more rocky weather for portions of the deep south when it's all said and done. our forecast for the next seven showing wetter times ahead although we're warmer and wetter by about midweek. we find the rain chance of 60%. 63 on thursday, lot of clouds and rain. next weekend looking good, no chance of rain, i'm happy to report to you. now the forecast, this is weather baby time. and we got benjamin, looking good kiddo. got christmas hold overs here, so again little seasonal flare to be fixed. benjamin was one of our weather babies this morning. had another one. will we see the other baby? we will not. you will see visit our website, pump patrol pricing and gorgeous weather babies. send the photos in like now. over to you. >> john: time is almost up to
9:45 am
>> amy: we're going to check back in with dr. humphrey to
9:46 am
been asking her about the new >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." nine 9:54. >> john: spring training is less than a month away. >> amy: i can't believe it. >> john: a few weeks away. >> amy: i would be a great batboy. let's check in with dr. humphrey. she is answering your questions about the new florida hospital for women. >> donees of great questions. >> amy: so what kinds of questions are viewers asking you? >> i've gotten a lot of questions about the people services for people with breast lump almost muchs. i urge them do not delay, go on the website for florida women and go under mobile wellness.
9:47 am
they can get their mammogram. they don't even need to see a doctor and they can actually schedule a mammogram on that site so they don't have to worry about what might be going on. >> amy: okay. you guys are open for business now. so it's time to come down, get a tour, check out the facility, right? >> absolutely. a lot of questions about what makes it different. i got to tell you it's hi-tech and high touch. you can take your mobile device, plug it in to all the media centers in the room. we got services. a lot of questions about that, too. >> amy: okay. and -- john wants a pizza. we're working on all these things. always a pleasure. thank you so much for coming in. we certainly appreciate your expertise today as always. >> thank you. >> amy: a pizza? >> john: those are important things. >> amy: yes, they are. i can use a foot rub right about now, too.
9:48 am
seven-day. get your hands off. thursday. >> john: what is this? >> jayme: it takes a lot to throw me off. that did it right there. >> amy: oh, man. he didn't touch my feet. don't worry. we'll see you tomorrow everybody. >> john: a lot of parts my job. that's one of them. have a great day. >> amy: bye everybody. we'll see you tomorrow. captioning provided by captions solutions, llc.
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