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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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okay birth plan. top of the brown box. alright got it! aromatherapy. lotion. woo. grey basket bottom right. you are so organized. and the selfie stick. yeah don' t give me that look... life is packing for an early delivery, and an ikea closet that' s always ready. . it's tuesday, january 26. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us this morning. we start with breaking news. two people have died after a nasty crash on i-4. dramatic video capturing the
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officer opened fire on a stolen car. new details on what led up to the shooting and how this all went down. parents waiting to find out if their kids will be required to wear school uniforms next year. the proposed rules that are up for a final vote today. right now though, what a difference a day makes. so much better this morning. >> jayme: temperatures, 40s and 50s. 50s are starting to take over. but the day ahead featuring a lot of transition. clouds increasing. an isolated risk of a coastal rain shower, about 10%, and that's about it. clouds are looming large. you can see the increase. here's the front. the clouds continuing to increase. the rain chance really starting to rise. late tonight to until about dawn
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chance. and so a good day. beneficial rain. we may see a couple storms. live drive traffic time. we take you to the highways and baye byways. an accident at colonial and chickasaw. avoid that outside of union park. an accident right there a the sandlake road. that probably will be sticking around for a while. so you may want to find alternates in regard to that. head to for now. >> john: all lanes of i-4 reopened now after a deadly
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>> amy: two people were killed. dana jay has the latest. >> reporter: traffic is flowing near the st. john's river bridge. originally all lanes were blocked by mile marker 106. take a look at video we shot before they cleared the scene. the eastbound lanes. the westbound lanes at that point were open. according to the florida highway patrol around 10:00 p.m. a mustang rear ended a pickup truck in the eastbound lanes. the truck had three people in it. it smashed in the guardrail and ended up in the westbound lane. two men thrown from the truck and killed. a woman trapped and had to be airlifted and she was in critical condition. the man driving the mustang is expected to be okay. all lanes driving eastbound and westbound are now clear.
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>> amy: the volusia county school board will decide whether or not students will have to wear uniforms next year to school. luanne has more on the plan. >> reporter: good morning. after months of meetings and protest, the board is casting its final vote on the policy. tonight. it would include matching polo shirt, khaki pants and closed toe shoes. supporters argue it would cut down on peer pressure because every student would be dressed the exact same way. they also claim that the policy would make each campus safe displr it's probably not a big deal for the kids but the security point is probably the biggest deal to me. >> reporter: but opponents like the protesters staging walk-ins at volusia county schools argue that the board should be focusing on improving education and cracking down on excessive
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there will be a meeting tonight at 5:30 at the administrative building in deland. saint simone had been living with the 16-year-old and her mother when he killed her last july. her body was found in the wooded area. right now st. simone is in jail with no bond. crashing into 18 cars and driving under the influence. prosecutors say that cory steiner was off duty when he started to hit cars in the garage last september. when they went to speak to him, his eyes were bloodshot, officers said. they could not prove he was driving drunk so they did not give him a sobriety test. >> amy: opening fire on a stolen car.
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in orlando. 17-year-old man was behind the wheel of the car. when he refused to stop, officer mills. >> john: warning in one area of seminole after several cars and garages were broken into. this is surveillance video from chuluoto. the man rifles through the car until he found the garage door opener and then went into the garage. cars are broken into and garage door openers taken from each and every one. at least one expensive bike was stolen from one garage. if you have any information, contact the seminole sheriff's department. >> amy: a plan to boost
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joining us now is the lovely lauren simonetti. good to see you. >> reporter: hey there. good tuesday morning. nice to see you as well. >> amy: what does the white house want to do? >> reporter: these are plans that be unveiled february 9. they want to make retirement savings easier for 30 million americans. those of us saving for our golden year, one in three americans don't have the opportunity. so the white house is trying to expand that. first of all, helping small companies start to offer retirement plans for their workers, extending retirement plans for part timers or self-employed folks who don't always have these opportunities and making the benefits portable. we'll know more on february 9. this is one of the initiatives that president obama wants to leave as part of his legacy. >> amy: this is interesting, jet blue make i can changes.
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>> reporter: jet blue takes and they give. they celebrate their 16th year. they are taking their older plans and trying to make them look newer by give youing more leg room. 12 additional seats. will you lose leg room but you will get this really amazing screen in front of your street street -- your seat so you watch the 100 movies that jet blue offers in the entertainment system. you can use wi-fi when grounded. it'll be more fun for the tech savvy and less comfortable with folks with lock long leg. >> amy: maybe the movie will make you forget how cramped up you. you can catch lauren on the fox business network at 5:00 a.m.
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developments in the controversy surrounding the planned parenthood videos. >> why the people behind the videos are now facing charges. democratic presidential candidates hitting the stage last night. the big issue they tried to tackle as they now fight for the nomination. 6:08. let's check in with mr. king. >> jayme: uv index down a notch to a a 4. impactful weather event taking shape. talking a two solid days of rain.
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most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. many find low premium plans for less than $75 dollars a month. if you don't sign up, you have to pay a penalty of $695 or more. your last chance to enroll is
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>> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." here's a live view of the city beautiful this morning on this tuesday. wow, what an improvement temperature-wise from where we were yesterday. we were in the 30s and even in am. the 20s in some parts of florida. those behind the under cover videos in planned parenthood. >> a series of videos in which
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medical progress posed as prospective buyers. planned parenthood claims that selective editing was used to deceive the public. >> amy: planning more attacks on a larger scale. the police agency said the extremists are focusing on using special forces style of militants. the groups are more capable of carrying out terror attacks on a global stage. and evidence suggests that isis will focus the majority of its attacks on france. >> john: you decide, the 2016 democratic presidential candidates get together for a final debate. >> reporter: they didn't guest together on the stage together but then all in the same building. hillary clinton bernie sanders, and martin o'malley. the final appearance before the caucus. clinton is up 52/38.
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the economy was an important topic last night. clinton was pressed for her support of fixing income equality. that's a major platform issue for sanders. >> i called on a man who said we never had it so good, except when your husband was president, because we tackled income in-equality. >> reporter: she was asked about losing her lead to sanders, and she said it's the toughest job. >> what it means to me is the economic right, the rights to economic security should exist in the united states of america. >> reporter: sanders also defended tax increases for his social programs and said you're going to get tax increases if i come in, but you won't pay health insurance. the democrats don't have debates before the iowa caucus. it'll be six days away, next monday.
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presidential candidates are gearing up for the final debate for the iowa caucuses. set for thursday night. marco rubio opened up a new line of attack on ted cruz. he slammed him for representing private attorney. they hired him -- >> it's another example of ted cruz saying one thing and doing something different. he talks about how tough he is going to be on china but china is stealing american secrets. >> this was atan, a false attack, a bogus attack. it didn't work then. i sught if other candidates are going that direction that they're very frustrated by the dynamic that is playing out on the ground. >> amy: donald trump said it's time for cruz to settle the
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in canada and a citizen for canada and get out of the race. let's find out why things are turning so warm and balmy this morning. >> jayme: it's all about the shifting of winds, amy. right now our atmosphere, locally speaking, is one that it is speaking quite a bit of transition. clouds increase and rain chances sky rocketing. tonight and tomorrow. 90% chance of rain tomorrow. and 50 now in ocala and the villages. and a blend of low to mid-50s south. and isolated coastal shower threat today. 10%. and it's small. i don't want to sell you short so with the transitional state of the atmospheric bringing in
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sea shore, or west out towards i-95, the vast majority of us staying dry. clouds ramping up. and it's all tied to this. and low pressure back here. another cold front lining up. and the thing with this system is that its trending a little wetter than it is colder. some drop in temperature but nothing like we have seen of late. the timeline on this, low pressure approaching for wednesday morning. a sharp rise in rain chances, showery activity and a few stronger storms wouldn't shock me. again, i have a question mark here. do we open up the rain window big and broad for two days straight? it's possible. we have clouds and moisture, the general approach of rain and showers guesting into tomorrow morning and the afternoon hours. that's stout stuff.
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if we see the atmosphere explode like the models show us. the big thrust of accumulation down and south of orlando. down towards the theme parks and far south florida. from 2 to 4-inch amounts. up wards of 2 inches. almost nonexistence, rain chance, or accumulations for ocala and gainesville. it's interesting that it's like that line of demarcation, the haves and the have nots for how this plays out. taking in all of the model, and we'll try to adjust our forecast for today and tomorrow. orange county, solid 70 from winter garden to the east end around christmas. and brevard county, the beaches of, looking good today. melbourne, palm bay, 73 or
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rockledge, lower 70s. ocala 72, 73 at leesburg, areas south of that point, mid-70s. likely down in indian river county. a warmer day overall. it's about time. 62 at titusville. 63 for melbourne. winter haven, down to the low 60s. our seven-day forecast shows rainy skies for wednesday and thursday after that. after that the weekend looks spectacular. ample sunshine and highs close to 70 by saturday. wake-up temps in the 40s. and back to the 50s in the morning by next monday. live drive traffic. a few moments where it's getting a little dicey. right now no traffic snarls. eastbound and westbound under 15 minutes. here to pump you up.
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turkey lake road and production plaza in orlando. head to for more. >> john: a fire at a former ymca was allegedly set. p, >> amy: who targeted. building because it's being turned into a mosque. today's job is for a medical assistant. for the requirements for this job or any job head to
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a live view down orange avenue. >> john: 6:22. all new this morning, investigators are saying that a fire at a ymca was intentionally set. >> amy: the building was set to become a mosque. it happened at the daytona beach ymca on sunday. the council for islamic relations tells fox 35 that the fire was set intentionally. books had been set on fire. police believe homeless were perhaps living inside and trying to stay warm. the building sustained $5,000 in damage. >> john: sanford police identified the woman who was severely injured in a pit bull attack last week. 50-year-old virginia farley is
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the hospital. farley and four others were hurt after the pit bulls attacked them in in an apartment. all pit bulls were killed. they found a woman dead in the house. and her cause of death has not been released. >> john: a man was shot in the head by a stray bullet. >> amy: why doctors say his lucky hat may have saved his life.
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down on international drive. just about 6:30 here on "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. here are some of the stories we're working on for you right now. authorities have issued a statewide alert for two missing children. we'll have details on how police believe they may be with a man wanted for a deadly shooting. washington, d.c. remains
6:23 am
massive blizzard dumps snow on the east coast. we're live from the nation's capital where they're still struggling to dig out. a former football player accused of assault. what led to his arrest after signing with the new england patriots. jayme king i like the looks of that map better than yesterday. >> jayme: i do too. a lot warmer overall. welcome to the show. we're live with you until 10:00 a.m. keeping you up-to-date and informed. 52 at oasmghts. 47 deland. good morning, melbourne and palm bay. sticking and staying at 52. we should see a good amount of warming today. winds veers east, southeast. i'm allowing a little bit of a rain chance back in the forecast. 10% along the beach front. the veering winds and the increase in overall moisture
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you never want to discount a rogue shower developing in the coastal zones where we have a little bit of convergence, the butting of air masses. and you can see what is happening as the clouds increase. low pressure and a cold front is going to streak west. a tremendous surge in rain chance tomorrow and thursday. in the rage of 70% to 90%. and after that system kicks through look look at the numbers. and 70s back in place by late weekend and ample florida sunshine. that's your forecast. live drive traffic time. it's a busy morning. anything happening on easy avenue is certainly not that easy right now as we see a accident at carter street. if your travels take you there, there's a snarl. and a accident at sand lake.
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shoaled ever at this time but a lot of slow and go. and as you drive by, things really slow down. westbound and eastbound i-4. under 15 minutes. 417 to downtown orlando will put you back about 11 minutes. >> john: we have breaking news. police need your help finding two missing children. >> amy: they may be with a man who is vfed in a deadly shooting. the two were last seen south of brevard county. the police believe they are with gamez. a fatal shooting which happened on january 21. if you see them, you are asked to contact the police right away. >> amy: the nation's capital is still closed after the record snowfall.
6:26 am
back to normal, just a little bit. fox's doug luzader is in washington, d.c. day two, three, i don't know how you are keeping track. >> reporter: we're losing track. you see the snow plows here. this is a massive operation to try to get the city back on its feet. but the federal government is shut down again today. [plows moving]. >> reporter: this is one way to clear out the snow. president obama making a short hop to walter reed. moments after jokingly taking credit for shoveling at the white house driveway. >> we will get back to the business of all of our agencies serving dc residents. our visitors and people who do business in the district of
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>> reporter: the federal government though not so much. nearly all federal employees have been off work since friday at noon. the feds making a call for yet another snow day. that's despite the fact that public transportation, including the subway system, will be largely operational. it's hard not to compare washington, d.c. with new york. the department manager bristled at the question. they're getting back on track even if it's taking time and patience. >> my appointments canceled four times over the weekend. i am leaving in about three hours. >> that makes you you pretty happy in. >> yeah. finally get going. >> reporter: it sounds lake the airports are catching up. a lot of the roads are really clear and a lot of roads are not.
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really have to open today, so they won't. >> john: thanks, doug luzader in dc. >> amy: a man from de-sleand lucky to be alive after getting shot in the head with a stray bullet. his dr.ed said his hat saved him. he thought he heard firecrackers. and he felt a pain in the back of his head. doctors believe that the plastic clip on the back of his hat slowed the bullet. the fact that he is alive is nothing short of a miracle, doctors say. police are searching for the shooter. if you have any information, you are asked to call deland police. >> john: jj warden playing for the new england patriots
6:29 am
he recordly got into a fight in massachusetts. he was arrested here in orange county after alleged punching a deputy at a block party in 2012. settling with a former student who accused jameis winston with rape. fsu will pay kinsman $250,000. her attorneys get $700,000. she gets $250,000. they get $700,000. as part of the settlement, fsu is making a commitment to sexual assault prevention. and winston has countersued. >> reporter: first time that they are going to the pro-bowl. there's been a lot of injuries. the latest is tom brady.
6:30 am
the game. jameis winston is elected to go to the game. brady hurt himself in the afc championship. and carson palmer is not playing. the most pro-bowlers the bucks have had since back to the super bowl season in 2002. the magic lost their second straight game in overtime. they led by 4 with 18 seconds to go. another blown loss. and the magic taking a 4 point lead with 17 17 seconds to go. the grizzlies ended up winning heading to milwaukee tonight to take on the bucks. tipoff at 8:00 p.m. they're it's getting a little desperate for the magic. lions had their first day of
6:31 am
39 degrees when they started. and joe bed nick is working out with the lions. and they will head to melbourne preparing for the home opener march 6 against salt lake. a long preseason, which is what they do in soccer. >> john: responsible for spreading one mosquito byte at a time. >> where pregnant women should avoid traveling if they can. >> another live view looking downtown. traffic is building. but the temperatures are much
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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that's where i was last plaza? >> john: i was all over town yesterday. a live look at i-drive. great to have you here this morning. much better, 54 degrees as we head out today. >> amy: public health officials said that the zika virus is spreading. >> john: the virus is in many countries in central and south america as well as in the caribbean. health officials are warning
6:34 am
those countries, including destinations like brazil, and puerto rico. they're working on a vaccine to try to stop the outbreak. >> amy: banning solitary confinement for juveniles and low-level offenders. the potential for devastating and long lasting psychological consequences is just too high. and he is looking at studies that it can worsen existing mental illnesses and triggering new ones. >> john: expanding retirement saving accounts. nearly a third of the country doesn't have savings or pension available once they retire. one of the proposals would credit employers. a live look inside the control room.
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ben & jerry's is feeling the freezer burn. they introduced a special ice cream in honor the bernie
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a plain mint ice cream with a disk of chocolate on top. the chocolate represents the top 1% in the economy and the mint at the bottom is the rest of us. only 40 pints exists. and all signed by bernie sanders. they will be given away away by his campaign. on the business watch. how much your home is worth is depending on where you get your groceries. >> john: homes near nicer grocery stores are worth more overall. homes near trader swroas or whole food stores are consistently worth more than the median u.s. home. homes within a mile of either store were worth more than twice of the median home, they say. and for the same reason that local parks and schools have a
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people will pay more to live in a nicer neighborhood. or they open expensive stores near nicer neighborhoods. >> amy: if you build it. they would come. the best and worst states for financial security. rankings are by corporation for enterprise development. florida is 40th overall. vermont at the top. mississippi was by far the worst. and the report gave florida low marks on healthcare. the sunshine state got an f for having the second worst uninsured rate in the entire country. >> john: olive garden will come to you now. catering delivery at all of its u.s. locations. the service available for a minimum of $125 and a 15% delivery fee. four new items and a create your own tour of italy.
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and a new fried moz -- mozzarella. i'm in at this time of day. >> jayme: pence pensacola is 61. veering winds and substantial uptick in cloud cover. warm across the far southern edge of the peninsula. everybody seeing the wheels of transition spinning rapidly and rain chances start to go way high late, late tonight and into tomorrow. a broad spectrum of 50s in place. 40s going by the wayside. we say good-bye to the 40s and hello to the increase in clouds. isolated coastal rain threat, at 10%. we want to cover all bases. the shifting of wind are the main culprits. better tomorrow as the front begins to get through houston. lower pressure developing over the northern gulf.
6:39 am
begin to race our way through the course of the morning tomorrow. we break things down with the time line. yes, another storm brewing. shower, rain chances, and storm chances increasing. do we open this up to a two-day window of decent rain opportunity? i've accounted for that. rain looking likely for wednesday and thursday, and we're talking high-end chances. a good 80% chance. a slim hope of rain across the coast today. we're mainly dry. look at the rain setup for tomorrow morning. for some reason or other, the modeling is taking the low further to the south and taking the super heavy stuff, the stuff that may produce severe weather, isolated wind gusts and isolated tornado, south of orlando.
6:40 am
for the southern end of the state. we'll bring you the latest as it nears. the booys are up. we had a good 12 to 14 second interval. the waist to shoulder high range today. the winds are super duper light. excellent clean conditions early. i would like to say a full on west wind, it would be classic conditions but hardly ever works out that way. tide times. here's your forecast for today. and a veil of clouds increasing. the rain chance slim, slim, slim today, 10%. by to be the, clouds increase, and rain chances towards down, up wards of 50%.
6:41 am
reflective of the clouds. lows around 60 and guarantee at 56. gainesville at 56. an accident at carter street. just outside of the confines of downtown orlando. as we look down south, i-4 westbound, an accident at sandlake road. at this time of the morning, things always get a little dicey. eastbound and westbound i-4 looking good. for more head to >> john: time to look at your trending online headlines. >> amy: for that, let's get over to luanne sorrell. >> reporter: good morning to you both. your first headline from fox news. it reads, repair man fixes military wife avenues broken furnace for 1 dollar. when bridget stevens furnace
6:42 am
would pay to fix it. her husband is serving in the military and chef lives in pennsylvania with her two boys. and the bill which would have about $150 was only 1 dollar. the repair man called it the deployment discount. he said that the dollar was just a joke. asked bridget to thank her husband for his service. isn't that what great story? >> amy: i love that one. >> reporter: and this url will crash your iphone. the lesson is watch what you tap. people have been sending around this link. telling people to click on it as a prank. it's not fun. it crashes your phone. the website is called crash people with iphone five or six are at risk. causing you to lose data temporarily but nothing serious will happen. it's not funny. no. the final headline from tech
6:43 am
tegg tech insiders.$200 a night. a man constructed a huge igloo outside of his apartment in brooklyn, new york. he posted the listing on air b and b. a website where people can rent out a room or a home. he called it a boutique winter igloo for two. that's the price tag of $200 a night. the post quickly went viral. and five people offered to rent it. >> john: oh, no. >> reporter: the air b and b removed it from their website because the igloo didn't have running water or electricity. >> john: goods for that guy. you see those ice caves. i have no interest whatsoever. >> reporter: a warm hotel for me. >> amy: i am with you, girl. >> john: that works.
6:44 am
law, but the deputies in training were caught dheeting ttion -- caught cheating. >> amy: what they did that has them off the job. tearing down the home of a notorious drug lord. what they found buried in the location. it's going to be a pretty
6:45 am
quite a few clouds this morning. you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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this is fun to look at. a view of daytona international speedway being built. the video shows the construction of the daytona rising project. all the great changes they have made out there. this was shot over a 28 month period. eight different cameras and over 1 million images to create this. isn't that amazing? fans get to finally enjoy the brand new stadium, brand new seat, and the new cup holders, 1 hey. >> amy: . the rolex race will be later this week. >> john: the daytona 500 just a few weeks away. >> amy: we're looking at some of the stories making headlines. >> john: miami beach.
6:47 am
of pablo escobar's mansion. they found a safe buried at the mansion. demolition started on the pink water front mansion. ones owned by the drug lord. they seized the property along with $20 million he hid all across the state. for now, the authorities said that it will be kept in a bank vault -- wouldn't you love to know what's in there -- and it'll be demolished to make way for a new home, the property. >> amy: call geraldo. >> amy: caught sharing answers on exams. the sheriff said that deputy training was up to exam phase. one of the trainees turned to a current deputy and asked for study material. soon after the deputy gave the trainees a copy of an actual exam. and they said that that deputy
6:48 am
>> john: citrus greening disease has wiped out acres of citrus in revenue. there's a new method to stop the disease. researchers at the university of florida are developing a machine that uses lasers to treat infected trees. nelson believes that the technology could restore the citrus industry. >> that is going to kill our citrus industry, unless we are successful. we are going to be successful. >> john: researchers could not give an 12eu789 of how long -- could not give an estimate of how long it would take to treat the trees. that would be great news for the local industry. >> john: breaking news. authorities are looking for two missing kids right now. >> amy: the children may be with a man who was wanted for a deadly shooting. a woman may be with them as
6:49 am
coming up we'll share the
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