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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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helicopter to melbourne homes regional hospital for treatment there. this female not as bad. suffering a head injury and taken to nearby paris hospital in titusville and both deputies responding on pineapple avenue in mims to break up a domestic disturbance, between a boyfriend and girlfriend on pineapple avenue. the call came into the sheriffs office 11:25 this morning from a neighbor who heard the couple yelling at each other in the backyard and when deputies arrived and tried to separate the two the boyfriend temporarily backed off and produced a small, collapsable baton and used it to strike this male deputy repeatedly in the head. the female deputy we're told rushed to her partner's aid, and they were able to get the boyfriend into custody and called backup as well. the girlfriend, i'm told was also combative with deputies and sheriff ivy said it frustrated their attempt to bring order to the situation. >> it absolutely angers me and
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our team that is hurt. and, knowing that they went there to try and help somebody and in that person turns on them, too. >> you can see there is about a half dozen or more detectives standing right now in the street in front of the home which is still surrounded and encircled by crime scene tape. they'll give us more information but at the moment we know both suspects, the boyfriend and girlfriend, we're told are both 22 years of age. and face serious charges including battery on a law enforcement officer among others and the mail deputy will recover and his family is there as well as other staff from the sheriffs office. we'll bring you updates, we're expected to find out the identities of the deputies and have that hopefully later to the 6:00. now, live in mims, fox 35 news. >> thank you, a news alitter. two jewish community centers evacuated after bomb threats,
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palm beach gardens and we are live with the latest. scary moments today. >> yes, scary, andrea. right now, maitland police are guarding the jewish community center, you can see the car right by the entrance over there. they say it is something they usually patrol but they say today's bomb threat -- with the threat they are not taking any chances. >> make sure there is no vehicles or people around this areas or anything like that. >> maitland police officers are keeping a close eye on the jewish community center after someone called in with a bomb threat at the jewish academy. located on property. >> they evacuated all the staff and students and contacted all the other portions over the facility including h the community center and the preschool and other sections. and advised them of the bomb threat and they evacuated. >> one employee came back to turn off ovens in the building. >> and officers and bomb sniffing dogs searched the area and found @ nothing.
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palm beach gardens received a similar bomb threat at a jewish community center. >> they reached out to us to see if it might be the same thing, and there are some today. >> determining whether it was a serious threat or just a prank, is >> it could be someone actually trying to make the threat and scare people and it could be a student, from somewhere that sometimes, don't want to go to school, the big thing, to call in bomb threats. >> and, anyone with information on the bomb threat should call the maitland police department. live in maitland, fox 35 news. >> thank you much. another round of rain, tomorrow. >> and a few sprinkles today and possibly heavy rain in the morning tomorrow. chief meteorologist glenn richard joins us with all the details. >> that's right, we are moistening up the atmosphere and had sprinkles earlier today and the showers are offshore. no big deal this evening and later on tonight, clouds will thicken further.
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storm center in the gulf of mexico and the cold front is getting a little closer. tons of moisture, going to the north and will take some time but by late tonight and first thing tomorrow this morning we'll see waves of showers build in the gulf of mexico and move in our direction. this is 7:00 a.m. and notice the showers begin earlier than what we talked about yesterday and the computer models are bumping things up and as we get towards the morning and early afternoon could be areas of heavy rain, the big question still is, could we get severe weather out of the system? we'll talk about that and the rainfall totals, how heavy will the rain be tomorrow and thursday? much more in my complete forecast in a few minutes. >> developing in datona beach tonight, the homeless, refuse to leave, a large camp that is set up outside of the county administration building, and, this group shows us no -- no signs of becoming, kelly joyce is out there live to show us what is going on. i see you them all behind you, kelly. >> yep, they tell us that they
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county manager was going to shut down the administration center here by the end of the week because it became a problem, they said, for employees here, but we learned this afternoon he's not going to shut it down, he said he got a letter from the mayor of datona beach, and they are going to meet next week and he will wait until at least then before closing the building and for now the homeless are staying put. >> today, about 80 homeless in datona beach went out in their tents in front of the volusia county administration center on beach street. many have been here more than a month and the salvation army yesterday offered up 46 beds for them. only 20 of the homeless took them up on their offer. >> why give up your space and your beds if you have one. it is not that doled cold out. >> reporter: the salvation army has strict rules, anyone who shows up for the night has to be up at 5:00 a.m. and out by 6:00. one deterrent and the salvation army doesn't allow alcohol or drugs. and men and women are separated for bedtime. >> a number of people have, you
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are fond of and a few people have pets that are here and the people in wheelchairs, that the salvation army can't, you know, accept. >> he has been an advocate for the homeless for years and says one solution is simple, open up manatee island park. >> i believe the homeless need to be in walking distance to services, and people want to run the bums out of town, you know, and sweep the streets of the homeless, and hide them out of sight, and, okay, . >> manatee island was closed after the bathrooms were vandalized and the park is now open by the city for special events and we tried to talk to city leaders today but were told they are out of the office and no one returned our messages. >> now, we are told county and city leaders are expected to meet at 4:00, next friday.
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here, they say they are going to stay here. for as long as it takes and a lot of them telling us tonight they really want manatee island park opened up. live in datona beach, kelly joyce, fox 35 news. >> kelly, thank you, a statewide alert is issued for two children, four-year-old edward gomez and his 10-month-old sister, the siblings are missing from indian river county and police believe they are with his father wanted tor murder and were last seen located along the treasure coast south of brevard county and the florida department of law enforcement related information indicating the kids are with their father edward gomez and his girlfriend, maria lopez and investigators believe he shot at two people in a pickup truck in vero beach last thursday leaving one person dead and police say he's likely armed and if you see him or know where the children are please call police immediately. bob? >> thank you, hauled into court this afternoon, accused of
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daughter and dumping her body. and, the 16-year-old alexandria sherry was found in the woods near the osceola-polk county line. he is held on no bond and attorneys today talked about future hearings and court dates. no bond for 37-year-old rene burgose hopped into bus driver's seat and took off. on monday in altamonte springs. deputies say that he drove recklessly and his disabled passenger had a head injury. tonight we're hearing the call for help after a disabled man was shot in the head in deland. now, at first his friend thought a firecracker went off and tonight, doctors say the victim's hat most likely saved his life. >> a firecracker, it irritated his head and, he's not blood everywhere and it is seriously, still going.
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doctors say they believe the plastic or the metal clip on the back of the hat slowed the bullet down, just enough and saved the 24-year-old's life. police are still looking for the shooter right now. >> after all the losses last week the dow up 282 points and the nasdaq and s&p also up. joining us now to talk more about the stock market, is our fox business contributor. >> good evening. >> a bit of a wild ride. last week did not look good and today the stock market showed signs of improvement, shall we say? >> yea! look, the best thing i can tell you, the reason why the market is going oup -- up is because the dow was down 2250 points in 14 days and nothing goes straight down ever, and my worry is in a few weeks i think we'll head down again and have a little more nausea, unfortunately. >> are we looking at oil and the
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main contributors to the rocky road now. >> for me, first up we haven't had a big bear market in 7 years, and i think the game is up and, number 2, you are correct. the market is definitely forecasting or telegraphing a slowdown in the economy, if not an outright recession. there is some recessions going on around the globe, china is affecting things also, so, again, i think we are in a soft period right now, not sure how long it lasts but i think there is more to go. >> and, one more question, before we let you know for people scratching their heads and looking at the 401(k), what is your advice. >> if you held it, do nothing, the great things about -- great thing about bad marketsics they always become good again. >> gary, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. >> no doubt, fast troubles in orange county. stink. >> to say the least. new hope and an apology from the mayor. >> i apologize for the inconvenience. >> county commissioners debate a
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joel? >> six days until the iowa caucuses and the leading g.o.p. candidates step up the attacks against each other, i'm joel waldman in washington, and we'll have t introducing longhorn' s steaks that sizzle for $12.99. like the new smoky bacon sirloin. and the parmesan
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only at longhorn steakhouse.
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>> break, news, "sky fox" is over this, orange county and a wrong-way crash, and this is eastbound, 528 and obviously tying up traffic though they are getting by on one lane in an area by the 417. >> we know what off duty -- a driver went the wrong way and managed to pull the person over and we are working to get details and we'll bring you this latest as the details come in. trash talk is orange county city council, and, homeowners have a
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>> they say the pickup is not what it used to be. fox 35's mike simon shows us. >> reporter: let's say the once a week trash collection pickup with the larger cans has been a bit messy around they vow to fix the problems but many say not fast enough. it start in january and since sent the trash pickup is riddled with problems. >> i apologize for the inconvenience. >> the automated trucks need the trash cans spaced a certain way and facing a certain way to work and the bigger problem is making sure all homes are on the map. >> i didn't think 3-4 weeks done the road i'll have residential neighborhoods still sitting with recyclables piled up outside the drives ways. >> reporter: he got promises from orange county solid waste, trash pickup will go more smoothly. >> i would like to see it a little bit quicker response on it, for sure. i knew there would be issues from a 2 to a one day a week. >> reporter: we surveyed areas
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and some picked up and some left there. >> we cannot get it working right if you don't tell us when we are getting it wrong. >> reporter: orange county has a trash hotline and web site and instructions on trash problems at mike simon, fox 35 news. a fox alert tonight. the new warning about terrorists, sneaking into america. european authorities say isis created a whole industry producing make passports, the terrorist group is suspected of having thousands of blank passports and at one passport making machines. >> planned parenthood is cleared and activists are indicted. they made videos to show planned parenthood krart discussing the sale of fetal tissue and planned parenthood claimed selective editing was used to deceive the public and those activists who help to make those videos have
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tampering with government records. a seaside apartment building in california is condemned at el nino storms threaten to send it plunging off of a cliff down into' ocean. pacifica, california is now under a state of emergency. and, sadly, we have to tell you this: abe vigoda has died. he was in the godfather movies, can you help me out? sorry, can't do it and tv, of course, you remember he was bill fisch i know barn e miller. he was 94, in hospice care and is survived by his daughter, and his wife, who passed away in 1992. >> six days to go to the republican iowa caucus in the new quinnipiac poll, it shows a two-man race, donald trump, 31%, senator ted cruz, 29%, and marco rubio, the only other candidate with double-digit support at 13%. and the presidential hopefuls are out in full force and both sides continuing to campaign
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fox's joel waldman has more from washington. >> a new quinnipiac university poll shows it is very much a two-man race in iowa between g.o.p. rivals, donald trump and ted cruz. separate by 2 percentage points. but being atop the polls comes with challenges. ted cruz taking heavy fire from his opponent. >> he recommended a chinese company that had stolen secrets from an american inventor -- >> part of a broader problem, ted says one thing and his record is something different. >> cruz hitting back with so much at stake in iowa. >> a false attack, a bogus attack and it didn't work then, and, i would suggest that if other candidates are going that direction, that they are very frustrate by the dynamic that is playing out on the ground. >> when it comes to democratic likely caucus-goers in iowa, bernie sanders appears to be closing the gap with hillary
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the latest fox news poll shows clinton's 14 point lead has been slashed to just 6 points. with each making their final pitch in the iowa before the caucuses. >> i believe that i am the better person to be the democratic nominee and to be the president and commander-in-chief of the country. [applause]. >> secretary clinton was secretary of state of the country for four years. and has a lot of experience. but experience is important but judgment is also important. >> republicans will have one last chance to exchange jabs before next week's caucus. as that he candidates go head-to-head at the fox news g.o.p. debate thursday night in des moines. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> parts of new york digging out after the weekend's blizzard. mayor de blasio issuing a travel advisory through friday night and much of the snow turning to black ice. the blizzard was the second biggest in the city's history
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>> a tight fit, huh. >> goodness. no snow here, in central florida. >> right. >> snow flurries in the panhandle? yeah. >> flurries. >> but a big change in the weather. >> rain is on the way and it will be on the heavy side as we get into the day tomorrow. first thing in the morning, heads up for rain showers, around right now little sprinkles, and showers sitting offshore and they are northbound, and they are not moving ashore. we had light showers over land earlier, brevard county and for the most part most of the showers are offshore and can't rule out a sprinkle for this evening in brevard and volusia county, but that should be about it. temperatures right now are pretty warm. mainly in the 70s, across the areas in response to the increase in the humidity. and also, of course, the approaching storm system. temperatures right now, about 5 to 6 degrees warmer, currently compared to yesterday at this same hour and winds now are mainly coming in out of the east and southeast and it will continue to be the case hear as we go through this -- here as we go through the evening and winds turn southerly and the front
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northeast wind. northeast wind now at 8 miles per hour, haziness across the atmosphere, 73 degrees and 64 at 8:00 and temperatures late tonight, staying around 60 to 62 and we'll have a chance for a shower overnight and best chance of rain will not be until 7:00, 8:00 a.m. when the first wave begins to move through and rain developing by sunrise and heavy downpours for the first half of the day tomorrow. we have kind of pushed everything up by about 5 to 6 hours and more light showers redevelop as we get into the day on thursday. as the actual front and cooler air begins to filter in. 76 degrees, currently in west palm. 65 jacksonville and 65 pensacola, here's the computer model with the timing of the showers, this is about 5 to 6 a.m. tomorrow, and gainesville, rain showers developing, also through metro orlando, and scattered showers in osceola county and the heavier stuff out to the west in the gulf of mexico, and the good news here, computer model indicates with all of it coming early in the day, of course we will not have
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and temperatures will be in the 60s and keep or threat of any kind of bad weather, severe weather down, extremely low, and very low risk of severe weather. this is 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and rain continues across gainesville, ocala, lake county, and metro orlando, also, brevard county, and melbourne, you'll get rain and cocoa beach, continues so to 10: 30 in the a.m. and, the first front moves through and again the reason for o the afternoon, rain 1:00 p.m., heavy along the coastline and pretty much over in metro orlando and basically, sun up to 1:00 p.m., the best chance of rain and chance for lingering hours late afternoon along the coastline and the evening hours expect again to see a chance for a little shower. again the best chance of rain, early in the day. 63 degrees, the low temperature tonight and again showers developing by dawn, here's my 7-day forecast.
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never say 100%, and 80% thursday and, yes. the ski is clear and we'll cool things down and looks good approaching the weekend. >> thank you, sir. too much testing? >> a push tonight to make sure teachers give your kids a break. >> we didn't necessarily get a chance to be who we were in the classroom. but when we got out there, we were able to run and be free. >> new at 5:30, the fight for mandatory recess all across florida. >> and no debit card needed. the atm of the future uses your smartphone.
5:23 pm
>> fox business, the next time you hit up the atm you won't need your wallet. you will need your phone, though. jp morgan chase testing e-atms. >> let's check in with laurie from the fox business network. i applaud the changes to the stm, because they've increased the amount you can take tout to $3,000 -- take out to $3,000 and i don't know how people got by with only able to take out a thousand for the weekend. how do you make it through -- crazy talk! >> and chase bank increasing the maximum withdrawal and they are increasing the type of bills you can get. so you can actually get one, 5,
5:24 pm
they are $20 bills and $100 bills, different increments. so, let's say you want to take out $52, you can actually out exactly $52. and, this is how it works. jpmorgan chase bank is testing what they are call e-atms, 165 branches right now and the plan is to expand them and what you do is take your mobile phone and you get the jpmorgan chase bank app and on your phone you plug in this amount of money you want to take out of the atm and go to the atms and have to be upgraded and rebuilt as the plan gets traction and takes off, and you hold it up, i don't know if you saw square, the company or starbucks they have the app and you hold your phone up and that is how it will work. hold it up to the atm and it dispenses the cash, maximum withdrawal, $3,000 as you said, in incremental bills. >> they are slowly trying to get rid of the card system. because, now they say the magnetic stripe is no good and
5:25 pm
machine and it is -- wait 20 seconds or whatever and you go, why -- what does it matter? and they are slowly making them obsolete and pushing everything towards the phone. but, i say, what if you don't have a phone, people who don't have a phone, i don't know how people will get by. >> do you know anyone who does not have a smartphone, over the age of 16? sign of the times. you can totally cut up your atm card with this and probably start cutting up credit cards. >> great to talk to you, as always. >> thanks, you, too. >> ford recalling 400,000 pickup trucks to replace defective airbags involved in the takata scandal. fared rangers, '04 through '06 and ford fears the airbags will explode with too much force and hurt you, if your truck is affected you will get' letter in the mail. go pro and periscope, auzers blood cast through the live
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connect to the go pro's wifi and open up periscope on the iphone and you hit the broadcast button. that easy. new at 5:30, reading writing and recess. >> some parents say your kids need the break and in tallahassee, making sure it happens. >> these are children. not little learning robots. >> the latest in that fight, to get mandatory play time. >> and murder mystery in ocala, neighbors stunned after aal
5:27 pm
and wh >> and we are following breaking news as we have been in orange county, the wrong way crash, eastbound 5:28. tying up traffic as they try to get it cleaned up and
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>> it is this time of day and an off-duty deputy saw a driver going the wrong way manageded to pull the person over and we are working to get details and we'll bring you this latest as they come in. >> a crime alert. a hunt for a killer in marion count after a woman is found dead inside her home. >> the victim's neighbors in ocala are stunned. and fox 35's david williams, he is there and has the story. >> a very active scene on what is a homicide investigation. a woman was found dead here inside her home and, her search is on for her killer. today forensic investigators marked evidence inside the home of the 57-year-old. >> it is about trying to figure out who she was and follow her tracks to see, you know, what might have happened. that yesterday afternoon. >> monday afternoon, her husband of 30 years found her dead inside of her home then called 911. detectives believed that she
5:29 pm
morning but haven't said how she died. evidence points to a homicide and investigators are trying to find who killed her. >> as of right now, detectives are looking for a suspect in the case. we're looking through all of the deepest parts of her life that may come to light. >> very upsetting. >> reporter: the next-door neighbor, douglas miller doesn't want his face shown and is shocked to see a homicide investigation unfold next-door and his neighbor is gone. >> she was driving and out and i was in the yard and she'd be waving. and, i would wave back at her. bad. >> investigators think she and her husband were separated and her husband had not seen her since thursday evening, detectives talked to him and other family members. talkings to everyone she's associated with. investigators are not naming potential suspects. >> i hope they find the person
5:30 pm
>> if you know anything about her death you are asked to call the sheriffs office. reporting in ocala, david williams, fox 35 news. >> thank you, breaking news now, the three-year-old boy whose mother is accused of helping her boyfriend escape from police is now considered missing and in danger. he was last seen friday when volusia county deputies say his mother, natasia quigley, picked up her boyfriend at his job and took off and the couple is believed to be armed. if you know where they are call 911. >> the coast guard rescued 13 people from a sinking yacht. right off of the south florida coast. the serena free started taking on water 13 miles offshore around 6:30 last night. and sailors battled choppy seas out there and high winds, but they were able to save everybody, 25 minutes later, that yacht as you can see, went down. it was on its way from fort lauderdale to freeport, bahamas. more prescribing powers for nurse practitioners and physicians assistants in
5:31 pm
maybe, a committee approved a bill to allow them to prescribe heavy duty painkillers like vicadin and oxycontin, however there would be restrictions, like the nurses and the pas could prescribe a 7-day supply and the bill goes before the full house. >> moms on a mission hoping florida lawmakers make it mandatory for kids to have at least 20 minutes of recess each day. talking kindergarten through 5th grade and the bill moving forward in the legislature. >> recess if we think back when we were children on the elementary school playground, that was kind of who we were. we didn't necessarily get a chance to be who we were in the classroom. but, when we got out there, we were able to run, be free. >> these children. they are not little learning robots. and, i just think it is with all of the important stuff that we
5:32 pm
taught and have to learn, we have to let our kids be kids. >> joining us to talk more about that possible mandatory recess for elementary students, is fox political editor, craig patrick. good evening to you. i'm surprised recess isn't already mandatory here in florida. >> it certainly was many years ago but circumstances changed and as florida placed a growing emphasis on student achievement, in the classroom, not in all but in some school districts, recess no longer was mandatory, students were not getting it every day as they did in many of our childhoods and, with this we are seeing a movement in another direction. parents, teachers and, yes, lawmakers, feel there a is now too much emphasis on testing and student achievement in an academic setting and with it we see the push, led largely by parents and education activists on a grassroots level to make sure that elementary school students at least through 5th in
5:33 pm
least 20 minutes of recess, every single school day of the week. >> currently, craig, if i understand it correctly there is no mandatory recess for elementary students, is that right here in florida? >> not on a statewide level. it will depend, district to district. and, because some districts including some in tampa bay and a couple in the orlando area as well, were not providing recess to the extent that parents and activists had wanted, they say, okay. we need to, a approach this on a state level. and, with this they are getting traction at least in one of the chambers and the house, because this is a measure that was approved unanimously earlier this afternoon, and, now continues to advance. >> so, what is this next step? will we see it the upcoming school year? another year or two before it is finalized? >> yes. it would be the next calendar year, if it passes, and we are seeing movement in the house, not in the senate, yes, there is companion legislation but it doesn't appear to be a priority of senate leadership and there are only so many days in regular
5:34 pm
that occurred last year and obligations did not get passed in time. so, this is something that could well stall but if parent and teachers continue to exert pressure, particularly in an election year, it is also something that has a decent chance of passing. >> red rollover ver, send recess back over! thank you so much! >> thank you. >> shock to the heart, maybe not. >> your caffeine addiction and too many heartbeats? first, amy. >> the leader of the catholic world meets the leader of 80 million muslims, i'm amy kellogg in rome with the details of the story coming up. >> rain starting early tomorrow morning. how much rain will we get? could be heavy.
5:35 pm
>> all right, fox 35 pump >> iran's president is in italy tonight and to make him feel more comfortable, on this historic visit, they covered up the new statues of sculptures in the museum in rome. the first time an iranian leader set foot in europe in almost 20 years. >> and the trip follows the lifting of sanctions as part of the nuclear deal.
5:36 pm
rome. >> a state visit with huge international implications. iranian president hasan rohani is here in rome, the first major stop on a tour designed to drum up trade and investment following years of economic sanctions, recently lifted as part of the nuclear agreement and officials say deals worth $18 billion have already been signed. >> interpreter: the most stable country and iran has no intention of attacking or innovating a country and does not intend to interfere in the affairs of anticipate other country. >> reporter: also meeting with pope francis, the two leaders talking privately for 40 minutes. and the pope asking him to help stop the spread of violence in the middle east underlining the importance of diplomacy in the fight against extremism. >> the nuclear accord and the certification and imp implementation which followed between iran and the international community.
5:37 pm
been critical of the nuclear deal and the obama administration still insisting engagement is the best way to contain potential threats from iran. >> iran's path to building a bomb has been closed off and an additional source of danger in the middle east is refused. >> next up a trip to paris and no state dinner. the idea was cancelled, after an iranian request that no wine, served at the palace, and a protocol conundrum the french decided to avoid. in rome, amy coal log, fox 35 news. >> thank you, firefighters joined forces after a terrible car accident. >> talking about twin boys who were hurt here, their father is now needing support. >> written down and not any insurance out there to cover what we'll do. we are stepping up, the community is stepping up.
5:38 pm
extended family, peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house of hungry users. bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... premier tv, 15 megabit internet and hd-dvr service... only $92 a month
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>> i want to update you here, we did get new information regarding the wrong way crash, we have been telling you about. traffic. all lanes are blocked right now, and they are getting it out of there and they say the driver,
5:40 pm
apparently didn't have any idea what was going on or what had happened and it happened just eastbound lanes, 528. near the 417. >> and the man went the wrong way for about 8 miles. and hit another vehicle and a deputy pulled him over and luckily there were only minor injuries. >> new tonight, a deputy goes above and behind, to comfort a little boy. >> after both his twin brother and mom were hurt in a car crash. we have the story from sarasota. >> the rescue team is more like a family and two members are missing. >> it happened to them, heartbreaking. >> firefighter brian hos is now on shift watching over his son, river who remains in a coma at all children's hospital. >> he's running around and playing on the fire truck. >> river is six and is a twin. last week his mother last control of their car in sarasota and hit a tree and river fractured his skull. >> active little boy, hard to
5:41 pm
>> the family heard what happened and knew heyed to to do something. >> we spend a third of our lives with each other and it is like, you know, close family. >> the firefighter used facebook to spread the word about what happened. >> when something happens to one person's kid, i see the picture of riff and i think of my kids. >> he raised money on-line to help the family. so far, raising $18,000. >> facebook and social media there is no borders. >> the support system is within the chief says every firefighter can count on. >> doesn't matter the circumstances, we'll be here and there is not any insurance that will be out there to core what we do and we're stepping up. >> and they'll wait for river and his bad to bring their energy and laughter back to the station. >> the young boy, 7 years old, he'll bounce right back and bounce out of this and, a chapter in his life.
5:42 pm
news. >> river is at all children's hospital, tomorrow surgeons will operate on his fractured skull. all right, for us in central and north central florida, changes on the way. another volley of clouds and rain and some will be heavy. we don't expect any severe weather and scattered showers offshore, and going from south to north, in response to the developing cold front out to the west and the storm system, look at the rainfall project, the next couple of days, wednesday and thursday and calling for anywhere, from 1:00 to upwards of over 3 inches of rain, where you see the yellow. trying to pick out where that he heavy bands will set up. a fool's errand now and we won't do that and generally call for 1-3 inches of rain, and the model flip-flopped, last night
5:43 pm
this morning, serve -- 1-3 inches, in the latter part of afternoon on thursday. temperatures, maim low to mid 0s and 71 sanford and 73 in ocala and still the upper 106s in palm coast and dubais back into the 50s to mid 60s, and a lot more moisture in the atmosphere and we have the clouds today. 73 degrees an east wind at 8, a great afternoon, and again considering what is still up to the north, digging out from the big snowstorm over the weekend. 63 for tomorrow morning with rain and 11:00 a.m., rain, 2:00 p.m., rain, and 5:00 p.m., clouds and a chance for a little shower as we get into the evening and the best chance for rain tomorrow early in the day. our 7-day forecast for the metro area. tomorrow, 72, 90% chance of rain and 80% chance for showers, thursday, and skies clear out, overnight thursday night and
5:44 pm
through the weekend, the extended forecast, mid to upper p 70s, lots of sunshine next week and one last stop along the thursday and chance of rain, 100%. sunshine and warmer weather next week. big chance for rain tomorrow and severe weather risk low and heavy rain threat high. expect 1-3 inches of rain. >> all right, the weekend looks like the pay off. though, the health watch now, hooked on caffeine? who isn't. the good news, it might not jolt your heart and researchers studied 1400 people for a year and more than 60% consumed either coffee, tea or chocolate daily and those who consumed higher amounts of the products did not have extra heartbeats. >> salt. it is what the doctor ordered. >> at least for kids. >> the nebulizer on a daily basis and on it may be once a month.
5:45 pm
fl >> days of shoveling snow could be numbered. concrete that can melt snow. melt it! the designer says it conducts enough electricity to melt ice and snow during winter storms. while remaining safe to touch. the faa it is looking to use the technology on airport tarmacs.
5:46 pm
a sloth tried to cross the road, trending tonight, a sloth in ecuador, holding on to the traffic sign in the middle of the street and authorities rescued the animal before it was hurt and returned it to the wild. >> i love you, stop sign! check it out. a white giraffe in tanzania. it was born with a rare genetic disorder in which her pigments never developed. and experts fear she could become a target of course for poachers. she stands out. >> yes. >> not the sun. these kids are actually soaking up the salt. >> it is helping fix health problems. >> i was looking for a natural remedy instead of living in the chemical world we live in, i needed natural fixes for my daughter's asthma.
5:47 pm
it c
5:48 pm
>> and a place in town, is a salt snob. david martin is a little salty himself at the salt scene to show us how it works. >> in case you missed me on good day, we're live in windemere featuring salt scene. halo therapy. >> thanks for being here. >> you started it. >> because of my daughter. she says an infant, she was suffering from allergies and asthma, eczema and i was tired of putting on the medication and a friend said, have you heard of salt therapy and i thought no and started doing it with her religiously for three months and saw a massive change, 6 months, off all of the medication. >> you bring them in why. >> i looked for a natural remedy and instead of living in the chemical world i needed a natural fix for my daughter's >> are you seeing results.
5:49 pm
now is no longer on the nebulizer, on a daily basis and now on it may be once a month. >> how often do you come? i try and come once to three times a week. >> what is she doing. >> what she's doing, we have two options, the salt room. which is a 45 minute session, however this is a 25 minute session. >> what are we standing in. >> the ocean room, one of my rooms, and, my popular room. >> i've been doing it a month and i'm off the nebulizer. >> $25 for the first special and we have packages that range, and it is cost-effective for a lot of people. >> they are open every day except... >> sundays. >> reporter: i'll see you tomorrow morning on "good day orlando." >> coming up, at 6:00, orange county leaders reject a plan that would put the homeless people in the tiny houses.
5:50 pm
alternatives are being considered instead. >> and two private christian schools upset after their request to pray before a
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