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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what the schools p >> continuing to follow breaking news in brevard county, two deputies are attacked after responding to a domestic violence call. >> at least one deputy was seriously injured, and, we are
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latest information. >> just got the names and photos of the deputies injured in this attack. and, the two subjects as they were trying to arrest, you a boyfriend friend and girlfriend. the deputy and his partner, marie skinner on the left, both deputies 17 years with the department and were trying to break up a domestic argument between schyler francis and courtney johnson, both 22 from mims and -- it started on pine apple avenue and the two partners got a call to respond to a domestic violence argument in the backyard here on pineapple avenue. when they arrived they observed a male and female and boyfriend and girlfriend in a heat argument and as they began separating the parties according to the sheriffs office the male broke away, and, the deputy
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produced a metal collapsable baton, and start striking the deputy in the back of the head. according to sheriffs office, he fell to the ground, and, his partner, deputy skinner went to the aid of her downed partner at which time she was struck in the head as well. despite the juniors the sheriffs office says they were able to subdue the male subject. no shots fired and an additional deputies arrived on the scene. we spoke to a neighbor of the two young people arrested and here's what he had to say about them. >> i've seen them and talked to them a couple of times, pretty much about petitions, and policies and et cetera like that. but, it didn't seem like, you know, any type of tookal of people, but, you never know, but it came from something domestic. >> what our deputies face every day. you go from being at a call that
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where somebody is trying to take their life and this is one of those incident. -- incidents. >> and so there are charges with both arrested and skyler francis faces two counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer and his girlfriend, courtney johnson facing a charge of resisting arrest. without violence. both are from mims and don't have any permanent residence here. as far that's deputies, one, deputy is at holmes regional with head trauma and, head lacerations and his partner, marie skinner at parrish hospital and is being treated for the one hit that she took to the head. and looks like she is going to be okay. by the way, the other deputy served in navy and received a medal of valor award. his partner, deputy skinner has been decorated numerous times by the sheriffs office, live in mima, fox 35 news.
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a wrong way crash we have been following, state read 528, east of of ia and the crash happened in the eastbound lanes near state road 417. and, highway patrol says an elderly driver was going approximately 8 miles in the wrong direction. eventually he wound up hitting a truck and injured one person in the truck before a deputy pulled him over. and charges are pending against the elderly driver. >> also, the breaking tonight, a three-year-old is believed to be in the custody of his mother, and an escaped prisoner is now officially listed as missing and endangered. >> look at the photos. officials are searching for him, last seen friday and gar bullock was on a work release program and cut out the gps and was picked up by his girlfriend, who is his mother, if you see the three call 911 immediately. >> developing tonight, the two jewish centers in florida including one in orlando had to be evacuated after they got bomb
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and we are joined live at the jewish community center of greater orlando with the latest from police, good evening, valerie! >> reporter: [no audio] at the jewish community center and the academy... >> it can be someone trying to make the threat and, trying to scare people and it could be a student. from somewhere, sometimes when they don't want to go to school, what the big thing was to call in the bomb threat. >> anyone with information on the bomb threat, should call the
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>> thank you, and happening now, dozens of people refusing to leave county property, they have been camped outside and administrative building for weeks. >> the salvation army offered them an alternative, but hardly anyone accepted it. kelly joyce is out there live in datona beach, and has details for us. hey, kelly. >> reporter: out here in front of the administration center in datona beach. and even more than last night. now, they were offered a place to stay by the salvation army. 20 took them up on it and there are 46 beds, apparently open, and 20 last night and we have -- asked why they didn't take them up on the offer and a lot of people had different reasons and many said they didn't want to be tied down and didn't want to go there and have to follow the rules and log all of their stuff there and don't allow any alcohol there. and also have to get up at 5:00 a.m. and feed them and they have to be out the door at 6:00 a.m also, according to pastor mike pistori, an advocate for the homeless said they were happy at
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down. >> i believe the homeless need to be in walking distance to services. people want to run the bums out of town and sweep the streets of the homeless, and hide them out of sight. and okay. then that is not being used. >> kelly joyce reporting from volusia county. orange county looking for solutions for this homeless. could tiny houses be the answer? mike simon says, no. >> reporter: orange county is not ready, they put the idea on hold and are looking at other solutions. >> they were shown tiny houses today but you can't put them anywhere in orange county.
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is a new type of housing, it might fit. >> reporter: the study was done to see if tiny house might be right for an area without much transit and much infrastructure to support the tiny houses. >> one of the challenges is, most people have one, two cars, where will you park a car on ay house lot, where transit is really important, being conveniently located. >> and the homeless, perhaps we could buy houses for them. >> my sense is it will not be a costing affordable solution. >> and the average house costs less than 30 grand to build but they need social services and should be in urban areas with older apartment complexes. >> in your evening rush tonight, volusia county school board members meeting to once and for all determine if students will be required to wear uniforms. the uniforms would include matching polo shirts and khakis, closed toe shoes and supporters say it would cut down on peer
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be dressed the same way and opponents including teachers who staged a walk-in say they should focus on other issues like improving education and heading back on excessive testing. for the third time in as many days, someone has been killed in marion county. this sheriffs office was culled to a home and found richard hutchinson dead. at the scene. witnesses say he was in some kind of a fight before the shooting. and deputies say no arrests were made but they found a gun at the scene and the coast guard called into action here, and, wound up rescuing 13 people, off of that sinking yacht. around 6:30 last night. the coast guard got that report of a about it going down, off the coast of fort lauderdale and rescuers deployed one of the boats, a cutter and a helicopter to save everyone on board, good thing they did, too and the bet went down and no one was reported injured. when a private christian school played against another private christian school again christian
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football game they wanted to pray over the speakers before the game. >> and the request denied. yep. >> frankly, it was frustrating and hurt and we were upset about it. >> company the legal action one school is considering, plus... >> rain from god coming up the next couple of days and it will blow through and how heavy will it be? we'll talk about the totals and the threat for severe weather, coming up. >> glenn richards,ary ary ary where everything gets a segue. >> orlando city was at full speed and you'll hear from one of the longest tenured players as he prepares for the season. >> and the dow rising more than
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>> controversy over a high school championship game played at the citrus bowl last fall. it was two private christian schools, want to say a prayer over the loudspeakers before the game. >> and, the request was denied and now one of the schools is threatening legal action. >> we thank you very much for this beautiful evening... >> reporter: the pregame prayer is a tradition at cambridge christian school from the 1960s. through this season where the team advanced to the state championship on a game winning field goal. but, he never thought the biggest battle would end up centering around that prayer. >> we were expected to be able to pray just because it is something we have done throughout the season. >> days before the title game against university christian from jacksonville, they e-mailed
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association asking for permission to pray over the loud speaker and the request was denied. >> and frankly, it was frustrating, it hurt, we were upset about it. >> reporter: the fhsaa responded it was against federal law to use it for prayer, because the citrus bowl facility is public property and it would be illegal for a state governing body to allow it. an attorney for cambridge christian says this violates the first amendment. >> religious liberty is not something the government gives to us. god has given it to us and the government is bound, duty-bound by the first amendment to respect it and they didn't. >> the school is demanding they apologize in 30 days and if it doesn't happen the case could end up in court. >> they are telling the entire state it is wrong to pray. i have a message for each student across the country, every student athlete in florida, it is not wrong to pray in public. >> the teams parade like rayed in a joint
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moment they'll remember because of what they say it stood for. >> we need to stand up for what is right, and set an example for others that are a coming after us. >> fox 35 news. >> and of course, a lot of people are talking about it on facebook and twitter. and you know, most of the people out there, support the teams and this is what he wrote, pc crowd strikes again and then, get michael yates here, michael yates, they can do whatever they like in their own locker room and then, leah had this to say, too bad we have so many people that get offended with other people's rights. sad jesus is not in their homes, that is what is wrong with this country. all right. . two weeks from today, we're talking about this. the wahlberg family opens up the shop in orlando, our news partners reporting the wahlbergers open february 9th and the chain is owned by this famous actingal fa
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al family, in a reality show on a and e and will be in the suntrust building on orange avenue. glenn? >> yummy. our forecast here in central florida, changes on the way, another round of rain, not the change, the change is this fact that one will produce heavier downpours and we will lose the wind and overall lose the risk of severe weather. there is a slight risk for a few stronger storms but again, the main threat will be heavier downpours. scattered showers right now, sitting offshore, going south to north, and across the area today, temperatures are up. 66 melbourne and 70 towards the villages, comfortable for this time of the year, right on target and temperatures now running 7 degrees warmer right now, compared to yesterday at the same time and overall, breeze out of the east and turning southeast and now, light, variable wind, downtown, 70 degrees, and still looking at mainly cloudy skies an hit continues to ramp back up. and 76, the high temperature
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morning low temperature. rain develops sun-up tomorrow and heavy downpours through the morning and early afternoon and we'll get into light showers later in the afternoon and also, during the day on thursday. low and mid 70s down to the south and low 60s up north. overall the state picking up on humidity and no outbreak of cold temperatures, the cold front, plenty of rain and plenty of moisture with it and also new showers developing from cuba. working up towards southwest florida, out to the west, gulf of mexico and south side of the radar range, scattered showers all across the area. this is moving towards us. and we will be setting up an extended period of rain, here's tomorrow morning, the showers begin before sunrise, and by 7:00 a.m., rain pretty much hitting all of us, and will continue at 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. and more rain moving through at noon tomorrow and still more rain but the showers easing up already, toward ocala and also
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afternoon, 2:00 p.m., rain along the east coast and brevard county and 5:00 p.m., little lingering sprinkles across the area. look at the rainfall forecast. oppressive, tomorrow's rain and also, on top of that, more showers during the day on thursday and most areas picking up from around 1-3 inches and where you see the yellow, three inches and they'll pick up exactly where the heaviest will be found and too far in the future for the models to pinpoint where we'll get the heaviest rain and 1-3 inches for everybody, 63 tonight, again, rain towards dawn, 72 degrees, during the day tomorrow, and the heaviest rain will be mainly south, it appears now and along the coastline, definitely, rain and clouds, not a great beach day, 70 degrees and 70-thursday, across metro orlando and scattered light showers and sunshine, beautiful weather and cooler conditions for the weekend. >> i like that. nothing like competition in the training camp to force players
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>> fox 35 sports anchor has the story. >> reporter: healthy competition is this theme at training camp, day two, one of those guys fighting for his position in the you. >> competition is always a good thing and, stops you from being comfortable and makes you work harder in training and, it makes sure when you go into the games, if you don't perform, someone will take your place. and you have to go into every game and be ready to perform and ready to put the work in. >> you have the great year last year and, you know, i think the fact we have him in now and, he looks as though he can play regular, and i'm confident what we have down the left hand side. >> i want to work hard and i'm prepared for the season and then, you know, i'll do my best,
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team, and, you have to deal with that and, prove to them in traung i should be on the team. >> he has been around since orlando city was a u.s. cell team, one reason he is a fan favoritement. fox 35 sports. >> thank you, and... >> the recovery will take place at a home between chloe khloe kardashian kardashian. we were trying to save you money with the pump patrol, 1.5, at the quick martin orlando. if you have are in casselberry, you pay three pennies more, head
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averages fox 35 news . >> lamar odom has a batch pad to cowl home and -- bachelor pad to call home and his estranged wife helped him move in and gary trot
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we do anything, further, did you have a nice birthday? >> i did, i did, and, moving along and coming to work, which is awesome! yeah. but, you know -- it is all good. >> good for you! >> thank you very much. >> it is nice to see what is going on. i mean, if anyone would have reason to be angry, with lamar odom it would be chloe. but, she is going out -- league out of her way again and again, to make sure he gets through his recovery in a nice way? into she has been there since it happened, back last october and was there in the hospital and now has leased a home in call bass near her home so she can live and go to rehab and wants to keep a close eye on him, obviously they are in touch and are not romantic but she's basically the -- you know, the one stop shop for everything and he's not really in the capacity to be able to sign anything or
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now, and she's helping out with all of that and, hopefully, no parties, lamar. >> no parties, sage advice! a sensible friend. in hollywood, good talking to you. thanks. >> he gets younger every day.
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