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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! re the stories we are working on rnjeing. first-- we have another morning of rain-- headed our way! jayme king will have the details in your full forecast--coming up. plus-- the woman who famously sued casey anthony for defamation... is in trouble with the law herself. zenaida gonzalez is facing fraud charges. we'll have the details surrounding her arrest. plus-- health officials now confirming more cases of the dangerous zika virus, including in florida. why the c-d-c says-- they are not putting any of those patients under
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n-- sued casey anthony for defamation-- is now in trouble with now herself facing legal trouble name "zenaida gonzalez" popular-- when she said a woman-- with that same name -- kidnapped her daughter caylee. a woman named zenaida gonzalez later sued her-- but the case was thrown out. zenaida gonzalez-- is card fraud. fox 35's holly latest. booked into jail-- but
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p||b``` her boyfriend--jonathan acevedo-- remains in jail this morning. he is expected to make his first appearance in court--later today. also developing right now-- the search continues for a missing central florida child said to be in danger. now --the boy's father's tells fox 35 he is desperate to find his son. 1h|3-year-old xander quigley disappeared from flagler county on friday. he is believed to be with his mother-- natasha quigley-- and her boyfriend gary bullock. bullock is a convicted criminal-- who escaped from a work release program. rwe spoke with william quigley-- xanders father-- on the phone about the situation. he says he's in shock.
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have been issued for both natasha quigley, and her boyfriend gary bullock. if you have seen the uuple-- or 3 year old xander -- call 9- 1-1. alert -- there are more than cases of the "zika states! officials say eight states, including florida, have been hit by the mosquito- born virus. that includes-- two people in miami-dade county, and one person in the tampa everyone who tested positive in the u-s traveled to the infected areas. the virus is impacting latin america and the caribbean. the c-d-c says they do not plan to issue a quarantine for those in the u-s. the virus could be *nsmitted-- if a local mosquito -- bites someone with zika-- then spreads it to the next person. calling on researchers to
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the virus from spreading here in the u.s. jarion county-- we are expected to learn more at a news conference today-- about this video...showing a former deputy beating a drug suspect. a federal grand jury indicted former marion county deputy sheriff jesse terrell yesterday. he's accused of using excessive force during an arrest in august 20- 14. if convicted...terrell could get up to 10 years in prison and a 250 thousand dollar fine. four other deputies seen on the video have already pled guilty... and are awaiting sentencing. authorities are investigating after a car is hit by a sunrail train yesterday. it happened near the sunrail operations and control center in sanford. s say the train was returning from debary. no word if there was anyone in the car. but there were no passengers on the train. a news alert now-- three more people are under arrest-- in a weeks-long armed standoff in oregon. according to authorities-- the three men surrendered to police and f-b-i agents last night-- along a road near the wildlife refuge
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on tuesday-- authorities also arrested 7 others-- including the group's leader-- ammon bundy. one person was killed during a confrontation with police. "!ree men arrested last night--will each face felony charges. today-- a florida house committee is meeting to vote on its version of the "pastor protection act". the legislation would prevent clergy members from being forced to perform same sex marriages. the senate judiciary committee voted 7-3 tj9 support. but the senate version has two more committee hurdles before getting a full floor vote. today marks 30- years since the "space shuttle challenger disaster". j=9 claimed the lives of seven astronauts on this day in 19-86... after a rocket booster malfunctioned... just 73-seconds after lifting off from cape canaveral. everyone on-board was killed.... including a teacher-- who would have been the first civilian in space. president ronald reagan postponed his state of the union address scheduled for later that day... in an
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the country... following this tragedy. a remembrance ceremony is being held-- in the challenger crew's honor... as well as their families... at the kennedy space center later this morning. the event will also pay respect to the crews of "apollo one" and "space shuttle columbia". the ceremony is set to begin at 10 a-m. we will bring you ---to the space center-- live... all morning long. coming up next-- authorities in california say they've made a break--- in the case of inmates who escaped from prison. plus-- bpv:efore the iowa caucuses, the republican candidates will hit the stage. but donald trump is
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coming up-- more on
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southern california jail break. the escaped inmates are still on the run. deputies are not saying how the five people are connected to the inmates. but investigators think the trio had "outside help." a georgia state trooper is recovering after he trooper jacob fields tried to pull over a speeding truck yesterday, in cobb county. the driver led troopers on a ten mile chase. the driver got out troopers. fields was hit. other troopers the gunman was shot, and later died. there is a vote today-- on the flint, michigan water crisis. the city's water is contaminated with lead. today--- the state legislature could approve 28-million dollars in additional ting. the money would
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bottled water and filters. it would also cover services to watch for developmental delays in children. you decide 2016-- four days to go-- until the iowa caucus -- and the presidential candidates are out in full force. the republican field, minus donald trump, will have one more chance to sway voters in the hawkeye state -- when they go face- to-face in tonight's fox news debate. fox's joel waldman has more from washington. : slug: bc-fox-85- aehq:-gop-debate- preview-update-1/27 category: national/ politics/ aehq item: 85 block: evening slug: aehq: gop debate preview update 1/27 (joel waldman aslive pkg) source: fox trt: aslive runs 1:40 notes: ++trump sot -- andatory courtesy: "the o'reilly factor" / fox news channel (already burned into video)++
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florida is cleaning tornado blows the winds from that storm -- flipping up. plus-- after a proposal to move jim morrison's grave to central florida... officials from his estate are saying "no way!"
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staying in jail. that story tops our morning rush. yesterday a judge ond to 22 year old skylar francis. he faces two counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer deputies marie skinner and michael hriciso say they responded to a fight 2incis and his girlfriend, 22 year old courtney johnson, tuesday. they say francis attacked them, and johnson resisted arrest. johnson bonded out of jail. the deputies are recovering. osceola county
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house fire-- as a murder-suicide. over the weekend-- first responders found a husband and wife-- dead inside a home on primero drive in kissimmee. deputies think 47- year-old darrell rogers shot his 72- year-old wife jean.... before setting the home on fire -- and shooting himself. 8:ther alert kkjin broward county-- residents are picking up the pieces... after a tornado rips through coconut creek! cellphone video captured the intensity of the storm-- which all started just after 9-30 yesterday morning. strong winds sent even tore the roofs off of some buildings. in several cases-- cars and trucks were flipped over! the "national says-- the highest about 100 miles per
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a florida politician's proposal to move jim morrison's grave-- from paris-- to his birth-home in brevard county-- has gotten a big thumbs-down. "u-s-a today" reports-- morrison's grave will remain at a paris cemetary. he died at his paris
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27. the lead singer of "the doors" was born in melbourne-- so city councilman "john tice" proposed moving his body to the "brevard hall of fame." morrison's estate has officially said "no" to that proposal. turning now to sports-- crews are busy getting levi's stadium ready for super bowl 50. it has been rainy out in california. but it was dry yesterday.... so workers had the chance to get on the field, in santa clara. they watered the fields, and put down a lot of gold paint. workers were also busy painting the n- f-l logo on the fifty yard line. in a little more than a week, the stadium broncos and carolina panthers.. the magic will try to losing streak tomorrow night. they are in boston to play the celtics, h orlando is one and eleven in january. down to 12th place q*st. boston is 26-21 on lhxk@h0 ihx>
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in hockey, the lightning got a win heading into the all star break. tampa bay beat toronto, 1-0, at home last night. p both florida teams had a good first half. the panthers are in second place in the eastern conference. the lightning are in the fourth spot. coming up next-- former backstreet boy-- nick carter-- is facing even more legal trouble... following a his arrest at a bar in the florida keys. plus-- an elderly woman in miami --gets quite a scare... when she wakes up to this exotic animal--sitting on top of her! find out how the little guy got
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life' s morning madness. and comfortable, organized bed and bathrooms that make them better. ??? outside. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. more trouble for former backstreet boy-- nick carter. he is now being
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following his arrest during a bar fight. skyler carden is suing carter for "bodily injury, mental anguish, and pain and suffering." earlier this month-- carter and his friend -- were both arrested after a fight at the "hogs breath saloon." police say the pair became unruly-- when staff told them to leave because they were "too drunk." carden's lawyers say nick carter punched him, and grabbed him by the neck. carden is seeking more than 15- thousand dollars in damages. welcome back-- fantasy sports betting could soon become legal in florida. house and senate panels voted in favor of bills to allow and regulate antasy sports contests. the legislation would cover both season-long fantasy baseball or football leagues, as well as daily fantasy leagues. supporters say the legislation is needed-- so that floridians are not charged with a crime. miami gets quite a fright... after waking up to this
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on monday night-- the 99-year-old found this "kinkajou" sitting on her chest. turns out-- this guy was a pet-- that escaped from its owner. he was taken to a nearby animal hospital-- where his owner came and picked him up. the kinkajou is part of the racoon family. the species is mostly found in central-- and south america. on the business watch-- universities are seeing a rise in private donations watch-- u-s universities are seeing a rise in private donations plus-- one popular fast food chain says they could be facing a data breach. fox's david asman explains... in fox
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f f0h day orlando-- first-- the orange county woman who sued casey anthony-- is facing fraud charges, still ahead-- we will have the details surrounding the arrest of zenaida gonzalez. ll new-- volusia county schools says they are cutting back on testing... for elementary school students. all that --and more--
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