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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's thursday, january 28. i'm john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. here's a look at this morning's top stories. the woman who sued casey anthony for defamation bonded out of jail. why she was arrested on fraud charges. there are cases of the zika virus in eight states, including here in florida. it could be a while before a vaccine is created. most of the rain is to the south of us right now, but could that be changing? jayme king willet us know.
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draining the pool already. >> jayme: i have had a number of people tell us that. join the conversation on facebook and twitter. it's been going all night long and all night strong. another wave of nasty storms gelling up around the southwestern side of the state. and raking through the keys and everglade national park. and a slim risked of severe weather. and this may move in as we move through the back end of the morning commute. a different scene for our viewers and residents. good morning to you here in southern brevard. melbourne, palm bay, into micco. and it's going pretty good down in stuart and fort pierce. the florida turnpike in the area, and the i-95 corridor is
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ongoing rainfall. here's a look at the day ahead. clouds, rain chances remaining high, looks like 80%. peeling back to 30% or 40%. widely scattered showers take us into the overnight and into the next seven days. i was looking at a milk carton one day, and a picture of the sunshine was on there, have you seen me? we'll be seeing it this weekend. a scene of sorts at doctor dr. phillips. westbound and eastbound i-4, in the green. but we expect that early this morning at 6:02. need for more. >> john: a family is recovering after falling ill from carbon monoxide poisoning overnight. >> amy: some construction
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an apartment building at walden circle which was undergoing renovations. the exhaust sickened at least six people. fire crews are still there. police say all victims are expected to be okay. new from overnight. the woman who sued casey anthony from defamation has bonded out of jail. >> john: jail. >> john: jackie orozco has more return they are charged with credit card and grand theft. she bonded out of jail and her boyfriend remains in jail. gone gonzales accused anthony of ruining her good name by saying a nanny of the same name kidnapped her baby. they were locked up on credit card and
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>> the investigation began in mid-december. the individual came forward and indicated that his 64-year-old friend was in the hospital with a seriou s medical condition. while he wa s in th e hospital, his friend got a notice that someone might be using the credit card. >> reporter: the victim, battling cancer, lives a the the star motel. it's the same motel where gonzales live and work cleaning carpets. >> while he was in the hospital, they were cleaning his room. they founded the credit card in his room, and they began to make purchases on his card. >> reporter: the victim got a call from his bank about suspicious activity on the credit card. they went on a two day shopping spree across kissimmee. on december 12 the two charged more than $850 at the victim's credit card at various stores. they were spotted in orlando and
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>> they fully cooperated. they told the detectives all the locations they made the purchases and they said they did that out of desperation. >> reporter: hire boyfriend is expected to see a judge later on this morning. >> john: developing right now, the search continues for a missing child from center florida who police fear is in danger. >> amy: 3-year-old zander quigley disappeared on friday. he is believed to be with the boy's mother and her boyfriend. bullock is a convicted criminal who broke out from a work release program. >> i knew that dwrash was seeing this guy but i didn't know that he had contact with my son at all. it surprised me. >> amy: arrest warrants have
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>> john: a health alert. we're learning more details about the zika virus. >> reporter: there are now more than a dozen confirmed cases of the virus here in the united states. health officials say eight state, including florida, have been hit mosquito borne virus. two people in miami-dade county, and one person in the tampa area. one person who tested positive in the u.s. traveled to an infected area. the virus is impacting latin america and the caribbean right now. the cdc doesn't plan to issue a quawrnt even though it could spread. >> the idea of endemic transmission in the united states is certainly within the realm of possibility. >> reporter: zika could be transmitted if a local mosquito bites someone with a virus and spreads it to the next person. the virus is known to cause
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president obama is calling on researchers to step up their efforts to prevent the virus from spreading here in america. >> amy: today marks 30 years since the space shuttle challenging disaster. >> john: ryan has more on how people are remembering. >> reporter: on this day back in 1986 after a rockest booster malfunctioned. just 73 seconds after taking off. and some remembered ronald reagan during this time. he postponed the address. and he spoke out following the tragedy. >> the crew of the space shuttle challenging honored us for the manner in which they lived their lives. we will the not forget them nor
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prepared for their journey and waved good-bye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of god. >> reporter: that address alone bring back so many chilling memories. the ceremony will be held at the kennedy space center and it'll pay respect to the crews of the apollo 1 and the sputs columbia. space shuttle columbia. people are remembering where they were. margaret said she was on the road going for gas. remembers it was a very cold day. and mike was stationed overseas in the philippines. he heard about it there. and dave said he was in elementary school. so many schools watched this live, as did mine. and i think those are the memories that flood back. they seem like yesterday, but
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>> amy: it's hard to believe. 6:08. this morning wendy's is looking for reports of unusual activity of payment cards that were used at their restaurants. live from new york is lauren simonetti. >> reporter: i don't have a lot of information on this one for you. what we know right now is very limited. wendy's said it was subject to a data breech. they think it started late last year. they don't know which restaurants or how many people were affected. they have hired a cyber security professional. if you ate recently at a wendy, comb through your credit card statement. there are reports of folks eating at a8:n wendy's, and possibly in florida, and then there's a big purchase made in new york.
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if you ate at a wendy's recently. keep an eye on your bill. >> amy: you can catch lauren each weekday morning. go to finder. >> john: the republican presidential hopelefuls are getting ready for tonight's debate. >> amy: and the front runner donald trump is not going to be there. >> i feel like i have a double win. in the main debate. i don't have to put up with donald trump. >> amy: he's probably not the only one that feels that way. details on how some of the other candidates said. >> jayme: rainfall around the melbourne area, and southern brevard county. another big area is loading west of tampa. we'll pinpoint that and the remainder of a really good looking forecast. details are next.
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>> john: plus we are taking you behind the scenes at fox 35. that's a live look at our facebook page. people wonder what happens during our commercial breaks. we can show you on the live feature on facebook.
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you can see what we do. are you interested in the debate tonight? >> amy: i am. i think it'll be interesting to see what the dynamic change will be without his being there. >> john: who fills his void? >> amy: chris chris christie has always been kind of vocal. >> john: and donald trump's event he is staging is two miles away. >> amy: he's not going to show up. >> john: what do you do? do you cover both? from the network level? >> amy: there'll be someone over there, but it's not going to be live. >> john: that's our question on social media. what do you think of donald trump's decision to sit out of the debate. >> john: as we said, the republican presidential hopefuls are getting ready for the last debate. >> amy: the big story line is
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he said he will not be on the stage tonight. fox's caroline shieively has more. i thought they were going to send you to des moines for this one. >> reporter: it's pretty cold here. everyone is talking. pundits are split. it is this a good move by the donald. on the plus side, everyone is talking about him. but others are saying they don't want a candidate that pulls away. >> he said that megyn kelly treated him unfairly when she asked him to explain past disparaging remarks. >> you once told a contestant
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on her knees. >> reporter: a back and forth then started between trump and fox news. and he's been challenged to a one on one debate saturday night. and the super pac said she will donate if trump shows up. >> he doesn't want to answer questions by the men and women of i yoi how his record doesn't match what he's selling. >> reporter: some of his rivals are critical of his move, one seems happy. >> it's a two, four. a double win. in the main debate, and i don't have to put up with donald trump. >> reporter: i know you are asking, should donald trump debate. 56% said, yeah, go to the debate, but he still pulled out. >> john: he does his only thing, doesn't he? that's just the way he is. caroline, thank you. >> john: with time ticking closer to monday's iowa caucus.
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voters in iowa yesterday. she said that she is more qualified than the other candidates. she said it's a proven fact that the american economy work it's better under democratic leadership. >> now p my republican friends on the other side, they don't like it when i say, what is a historical fact, our economy does better when we have a democrat in the white house. that is absolutely proven. [ applause ] and we don't have to go back far to know that. >> john: i love the backdrop. i don't know boy that has my attention. they go everywhere in the debates or last minute minute appearances. former president bill clinton was hitting the trail for his wife. he spoke at a rally in the swing state yesterday. >> amy: in broward county. a tornado ripped through coconut creek. look at the images.
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intensity of the storm. it started around 9:30 yesterday morning. it tore off roofs and flipped over cars and trucks. look at that. the highest winds reached about 100 miles per hour. we were lucky, yesterday, jayme. >> jayme: big time. a similar situation is setting up along the southern peninsula. moving up through everglade city. and eventually targeting dade, broward, and palm beach. for us, i'm watching the next area. pretty concentrating rain gelling west and moving in our general direction. maybe by mid-morning commute we start to see this showing up on weather radar on a local scale. i whether be watching that for you. the roadways are quite slick. melbourne and palm bay, north of that, and due south, into far
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the rain chances really begin to explode. the overall coverage and intensity begins to move on up as well. temperatures are not up, they are down. and i think tonight they'll be way down from where we've been. a cold front will move through. through pensacola, 44. coming down the spine of the state later today. we'll see a reflection of that in the late night temperatures. we'll clear out the skies and bring in sun and fun for the weekend. looking good. it'll be a nice weekend to get out into the great outdoors. light variable winds taking shape. once the showers move in, and maybe we see a couple of isolated storms perking up within some of the stronger storms. we may see wind gusts at 25 or 30 at times. and our thinking in the weather center, the storm prediction center in northern oklahoma, when they do the general assessment, everyone has what
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down across the far southern tip of the state and later on this morning. rain chances remain high. and highs should make it into the 70s regardless of the rain. here's a look the a the model forecast around the noon hour. the front kicks through. that clears things out through the early to mid-afternoon. rain chances beginning to dive. cloud cover beginning to clear out. the wind barbs, the arrows, showing a west, northwest air flow. it'll bring back in sunshine starting tomorrow. mostly sunny, albeit a cool day in the 60s. but at least we'll be dry. after that, we set the sphiej -- set the stage for glorious weather over the weekend. low pressure should drag out into the distant atlantic.
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60 or 70% type coverage. lake county, more of the same. around 70ish. like yesterday. same today. and volusia county. 68. i would like to see more sunshine at the beach front, but it probably won't be the case. the clouds continue to amass and the rain chances continue to rise. elsewhere, let's talk about north central florida, gainesville, alachua county, 66. and 72 in indian river county. 50 in orlando tonight. and ocala to gainesville, solid mid-40s. we embark a on a glorious weather trip. highs on monday back into the 80s. low near 60 come tuesday morning. shifting gears. we have incidence already early this morning. over at sand lakes road.
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we had a winter garden incident. it's been cleared at 535. good riddan to that. hope everyone has a safe commute. rouse road to downtown, the westbound leg of 408 headed into the city. pump patrol pricing for you. looking good. south kirkman, $1.65. and for more pump patrol pricing, visit our website. we have it all on there. visit us at >> john: new this morning, the volusia county school district is cutting back on testing. >> amy: that's right. we have details on the change and a hint that more changes are coming as well. 6:22 right now. orlando." there's a live view this morning. it's pretty hazy this morning. fog descending on parts of
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6:25 here on good day. the volusia county school district is now cutting back on testing. >> amy: the daytona beach news journal said that the district will reduce testing in elementary schools by 50 hours for the remainder of the school year. it brings the county more in
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that test students for far fewer hours. the school board will hold a workshop to talk about the changes. >> john: in seminole county, a car was hit by a sunrail train. near the operations and control center in sanford. the train was returning from debary. no word if anyone was in the car. but there were no passengers in the train at that point. >> amy: meeting on the version of the pastor protection act. protecting clergy from being marriages. >> john: whether medical florida. >> amy: a man is talking about a close encounter with a shark. >> all tooth marks and the out? stopped up here at the fin. >> amy: jayme king are you
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the shark bit down on his surfboard.
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"good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. thanks so much for waking up with us this morning. jayme king is tracking more rain. look at that radar. we'll find out if we can expect more showers here in orlando, and when we'll dry out. >> john: donald trump is sticking to his guns. tonight's g.o.p. debate, even after fox's bill o o'reilly begged him to reconsider. >> don't ask me that question. >> i'm not going to listen to anybody, any political person to. >> john: the questions that he asked that had the g.o.p. front runner. >> amy: waking up with a kink ajoo on her chest.
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feel bad for both of them. an awkward situation. >> jayme: kind of cute though. >> john: all right, jayme. >> jayme: all righty, guys. __t morning to you. another day of rising raintghshp &c& chances. this stuff is coursing through. it should be through in about an hour's time. moving through the southern edge of the state. and portions of central florida. it's racing across the region. serving as another conveyor belt. we're stuck with fronts and disturbances across the state now. the end result, higher end rain chance. and 70 to 80% coverage. the latest rain in melbourne moving off to the east. another round moving up i-4 and targeting the theme parks, kissimmee, st. cloud, lake buena vista and the outskirts of the
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we're tracking it all for you on this thursday morning. temperatures up and up in the 60s. we should make it to 70ish on the day today. clouds and rain chances remain high at 80% but drop like a rock after 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m. looking good. cool. wake-up temps, colder with mid-40s phasing back in. warm-up continues. bright sun. occasional high clouds. gina is off today, so i assume the double duty role. taking you to sandlake road. an earlier accident at dr. phillips. and an accident in pine hills has been reported. i will put that through with the next traffic report. and westbound, 408, rouse road
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of travel time. >> john: we have some breaking news. a family in orlando is recovering from falling ill. from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> amy: it happened at an apartment building at walden circle. we have more on how they imagined to breeg in the fumes. >> reporter: a total of six people had carbon monoxide poisoning. at the yellow building. one of the apartment managers, unfortunately, kicked us off the property, but a family of four from the apartment building, which was under renovation, trove themselves to the hospital after they said they were feeling sick. police and firefighter got a call. construction workers left a generator on which produced that gas and poison a total of six people. firefighters said they had to evacuate the building. two more people were taken to
6:29 am
police say all six people were treated, and they're expected to be okay. firefighters told us that they wanted to thank the nurses at the hospital for treating the family that initially took the first steps to go to the hospital. they were the ones that discovered the carbon monoxide. that's why the firefighters, when they got on scene, they knew what to look for. they evacuated everyone out of the apartment complex. once we have more detail, we'll relay it on to you. >> amy: the woman who sued casey anthony for definite facial. >> john: they were charged -- definite facial. they were she made national news claiming that casey anthony ruined her good name when she said that a nanny by the same name kidnapped
6:30 am
>> amy: today marks 30 years since space shuttle challenger 1 it claimed the lives of the astronauts. >> reporter: they'll hold a memorial service here around 10:00 a.m. at the kennedy space center. le it commemorate the event that shook the nation, and so many of us remember it as if it were yesterday. a momentous occasion. one out of five americans were watching. as a nation we were transfixed because of our fascination with space travel and the potential held. this was especially interesting because of who was on it. krista mccallif. she was going to be the first teacher in space. but just 73 seconds into the mission, we couldn't believe our eye, we saw the challenging explode. the harsh realization, seven
6:31 am
survive. 11:39 eastern standard time. eventually, scientists determined it was a faulty o-ring that had not been tested which was the cause of that. president reagan was to go on air for a state-of-the-union address that night, that was canceled but he spoke to the nation about a national tragedy. >> john: on our social media wall this morning, you can sound off at twitter. >> john: yesterday a judge denied bond to 22-year-old skylar francis. he faces two counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. the two deputies said they responded to a fight between francis and his girlfriend, 22-year-old courtney johnson. they said that francis attacked him and johnson resisted arrest. johnson bonded out of jail, and the deputies are still recovering.
6:32 am
fire as a murder suicide. first responders fund a husband and wife dead. they believe that 47-year-old darryl rogers shot his 72-year-old wife jean before setting the home on fire and shooting himself. >> john: a push to help dozens of homeless camping out outside of the volusia county building. they are working to find 100 or more beds. it's not clear where they will put the beds once they find them. officials hope to relocate everyone by tomorrow. >> amy: republican presidential candidates are getting ready for the final debate before the iowa caucuses. >> john: but the front runner said he will not be there. >> reporter: a lot of reaction. trump is holding firm to his decision to boycott the debate. in fact, they will not have a
6:33 am
he's skipping it for a number of reasons. there's been an ongoing feud between the two camps. fox's bill o'reilly pleaded him to go on. >> they want to know you. >> that's fine. >> i want to you consider. think about it. say, look, i might come back. forgive. go forward. answer the questions. >> well, even though you and i had an agreement that you wouldn't ask me that, which we did, i will transfer forget that you asked me there -- i will therefore forget. it's not up to me. >> you you actually did tell the truth that i said -- because i told you. >> reporter: fellow g.o.p. hopeful marco rubio one of many responding.
6:34 am
>> i think voters in iowa deserve to know what the next commander-in-chief and president will do, and that's what the debates do is to answer the question. we have a right to be angry in the direction of the country. anger is not the plan. voters deserve to know. if we elect you president, will hawill do you? he has a right not to come. >> reporter: the event is just two miles from the debate stage where donald trump will be. will we see a split screen? the debate on one side and trump on the other? >> john: a man had a close encounter with a shark. >> amy: it happened off the coast of hawaii. >> he kind of dove and twisted with the board in his mouth. that sent the board up like this, and i was on my knee, and i fell back. >> amy: oh, boy.
6:35 am
away from the shark. oh, my goodness. 6:39.
6:36 am
prettiest morning, but a man from minnesota back home after surviving a very close encounter with a shark. >> john: on saturday in hawaii. he cause knee boarding with his wife.
6:37 am
150 yards off the coast of maui when a tiger shark bit down on the board. he thought it was a scuba diver playing a prank. >> he kind of dove and twisted with the board in his mouth. that sent the board up like this. i was on my knees. i fell back. my back landed on his back. i hit him once or twice, and yelled shark, and tried to jump back on board, and grabbed my oar. he never came back. >> the shark didn't bite him but he is keeping that board to remember. >> amy: united for care got 10,000 more signatures than necessary. the group fell just shy of having medical marijuana approved by voters in 2014. >> john: a man tried to break into a car.
6:38 am
take a listen. >> we're going to show you more of this surveillance video. orange county deputies search for these suspects. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you
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>> amy: orange county deputies are searching for the man who
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his car. >> john: the suspects were trying to break into the victim's car, when he confronted them. they chased after the man and they shot him. a man who didn't want to be identified caught the incident on his surveillance camera. >> i was able to see a silhouette of two guys over back by our play ground and then walking over by our pool filter. you could hear two gunshots go off. my friend, who got shot, hobbled back from that area in our street, on the sidewalk, and back to his house. >> john: wow. deputies say that the suspects then drove off. the victim is still in the hospital in stable condition. >> amy: yikes. >> john: 6:47. it's nice and warm. 63 degrees but here comes the showers. >> jayme: loading up over tampa bay, and spreading out.
6:42 am
get hammered again today. when the winds are strong enough to move large semi truck, f150s and even large sedan, you know that that wind was mighty powerful for dade, broward, and palm beach county. a lot of the void is filling in. more gulf of mexico rain targeting the region. we have a lot of energy on top of the state. we have appear cluster of appreciable rain. bay lake in 22 minutes. lake buena vista and vineland within a half hour. tangelo park at 56 minutes. it's not racing along that bad right now, but i anticipate the forward motion to increase today
6:43 am
to pop off to intensify some. we have 60s and a couple of florida. clouds and rain chances remaining high. 60 to 80%. clouds thick. rain chances drop way off. and tonight we scour out the cloud cover. the rain chances and the colludes will weigh in -- the rain chances and the clouds. 12:30, a decent slug of rain. starting to relieve itself, if you will. rain ending around north central florida before you see it here in the central peninsula. everybody sees the clouds on the way out. weather. you will absolutely love the seven-day forecast. if you don't like great weather, you will hate the forecast, it's looking that good. this system at st. louis, i don't think it gets here been i think we have merely a tblansing blow.
6:44 am
i am leaving the forecast die. and warming things up. we're looking at 80 by monday, tuesday, wednesday. and joseph overnights around 60. we have your live drive traffic updates. our last stop will be at yorkshire lane. a accident at poinciana boulevard. the 417, the toll road, to orange blossom trail, 23 minutes at this time. for more information. >> john: time to look at your trending online headlines. >> amy: luanne sorrell is at the wall this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the first headline from the associated press. it reads, film academy reforms spark new round of protests.
6:45 am
arts and science acted fast after people became upset that only white people were nominated in the best actor and best actress. the academy has changed their rules on how to become a member of the board. the board is now mostly white men. they want to double their minority and female members. the new measures make it look like the older members are racist, some are saying. some people boycotting the oscars said even more needs to be done to include minorities in the movie industry. a woman is seven months pregnant but still with rock hard abs. the photos are going viral because of the pregnancy photos. besides being seven months
6:46 am
body. the 31-year-old said i work out an hour or less every day. i never do anything unsafe for my baby. she said it's not about building her muscle but just maintaining her body. i say, hey, every woman is different. >> amy: right. >> reporter: some woman can look like that at 7 months pregnant. bless her heart. >> she's not doing anything wrong. when you start with a firm body, i think it stays that way. >> john: the kid feels like he's in jail.nn[ >> john: he's been boxing for all of this time. >> reporter: he will have muscles in there. >> john: talk about an interesting wake up call. >> a 99-year-old woman here in florida waking up to this sitting on her chest. he was taking a little snap. we'll have the story behind the
6:47 am
time for job of the day. today's opening is for a payroll analyst. to review the requirements for
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we'll be right back. [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance? uh, i save people an average of over $500 when they switch? did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. >> john: more trouble for former
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he is being sued by a bartender in the keys following his arrest. he is suing for bodily injury, mental anguish, and pain and suffering. the pair was unruly when the staff told them to leave because they were too drink. the lawyers said that carter punched him in the neck. he is seeking more than $15,000 of damages. >> amy: house and senate panels voted in favor of bills to allow to regulate fantasy sports contechts. contests. season long and daily leagues. it's necessary to so floridians won't be charged with a crime. >> john: a elderly woman in florida got quite the fright after waking up to find this
6:50 am
kickajew ajou on her chest. part of the racoon family. and is a pet. >> he was looking for warmth. >> she thought it was a cat at first. >> john: the wheels on the bus go round and round. >> amy: sure they do. but some local school districts are having a hard time with that right now. who is now dealing with a school bus driver shortage. did you know that today was data privacy day? time to clean up your devices. but how do you do it? we have tips on how you can dump your personal data. there's a live view this morning. is that i-drive? it's hard to tell. it's so foggy out there. be safe when you are heading
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