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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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6:00 find o >> right now on fox 35 news at six. bob: excessive force caught on camera. five central florida deputies are now out of a job. the department vowing to make sure it will never happen again. andrea: this is a video that shows five deputies beating a suspect. bob: the mayan county sheriff's department holding a news conference where officials could only voice outrage and anger. she has more on what the department is doing to avoid doing a repeat. reporter: today the sheriff said this is an isolated situation. they took care of it immediately.
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he's increased training and made it very career to his deputy this is not tolerated. in this newly released video you see several marion county deputies kicking and hitting derek price. watch as price lays down on the ground with his hands out. deputy kick him and knee him and hit him repeatedly. this video was from a nearby building surveillance camera. there's also the deputy's body camera. this is what derek price looks like later that day in his mug shot. charges drug possession and resisting an officer without violence. >> it was disheartening. you see what took place and i was saddened by it. also i was up the by it and i can just tell you i did not leave that desk from where i viewed that video and immediately made a contact with florida law enforcement. that's how strong i felt they were way outthe line.
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deputy jesse terrell was formally detailed. he was one of the five accused of doing wrong. four others pled guilty and awaiting sentencing. >> the four pled guilty acknowledging their actions were counters of the marion county sheriff's office. there's no institutional problem here at the mayan county sheriff's office. this is an isolated incident. reporter: even ocala's mayor was at today's news conference. he told us he watched the video. >> it's disturbing. that's not the way, you know, law enforcement operates. reporter: price's lawyers said they are not making a comment just yet. in marion county, kelly joyce, fox 35 news. bob: thank you. the rain continuing to fall tonight. andrea: fox meteorologist brooks tomlin tracking it all.
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i hope you had a good thursday, another soggy day across central florida and even this evening seeing more moderate to heavy rain. right now predominantly rain. that means light to moderate steady rain. the heaviest rain over southern volusia and predominantly a lot rain. you can see most of the rain moving east-northeast. this wave with heavy rain i am thank youful we didn't see breaks of sunshine today because there would be rumbling of thunderstorms, maybe strong ones had we had any kind of instability. still dealing with rain till nine or midnight. we will see clearing skies from west to east. how much rain? daytona the big winner over 2.5 inches. we will come back and talk
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bob: a petition recently got enough signatures to drive the medical marijuana initiative forward. reporter: just like in 2014, this will be amendment two on the ballot. proponents of medical marijuana will be asking you to vote yes on amendment two. they... morgan says they closed the loopholes in their opponent's complaint about the previous bill. they say if things go as planned, florida would be with the more restrictive states to legalize marijuana. >> the people we are talking about people in large part who are fighting for their very lives or people like my brother, for their quality of life. this is not let's go have fun. we are talking about the people
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among us. reporter: morgan said he already speculate more than $7 million of his own money to legalize marijuana and prepared to open his check book once again. reporting live in downtown orlando, holly bristow, fox 35 news. andrea: fox follow up an elderly man injuredder this week after the links medical bus he was on was carjacked. he recovering. his family is hoping his recovery is a speedy one. >> recovery will be a long road because of his age and as brutal as his bones are, it's going to take a long time. >> we are very stressed. we are still very upset. we are just hanging in there. there's awful anger built up and awful sadness just to see what happened with this van. you know, what he did, was just uncalled for.
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she's up the this happened, but right now the concern is for her father to get healthy. tonight he's in stable condition, but not fully awake. bob: check out new video release bide the osceola county sheriff's office. investigators say this is video of gonzalez and her boyfriend going into a store in kissimmee and using a stolen credit card. detectives say she and her boyfriend both admitted to going on a two-day shopping spree. the boyfriend is still locked up. she has bonded out of jail. you might remember that name, she's the woman who sued 80 anthony for defamation. an attempted bank robbie stopped tonight in altamonte springs. police say a woman tried to rob afternoon. the bank alarm was activated and the woman was arrested without incident. scary the scene at older
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monoxide. crews say the gash levels were ten times higher than what a person would experience during the day. andrea: new tonight at six ucf says it's ready to make its pitch to the downtown for the new campus. the problem is they are a little reporter: ucf promise today raise $20 million in private money for that campus, but sofer they are not there. >> we are making progress. we are closing in at the $10 million level. reporter: they got shot down last year nauplial tug of war between the governor and senate. this year the president is much more optimistic. >> i think we worked through the issues that were a major concern to the governor. reporter: gone is the thought of a sprawling $225 million camp
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>> we are focused on one $60 million. reporter: the president says they will ask for dr. 20 million from the board of governors in february. >> i think there's some thought 2 might be possible to reach an agreement where money was set aside and released only when we fulfill the full 20, which might come in months ahead. reporter: they stand a much better chance to get that money if the board of governors approves. andrea: it was 30 years ago today the space shuttle challenger flew off into the florida sky. bob: but what was supposed to an exciting day for nasa turned out to be one of the ages's darkest days. reporter: a small crowd remains outside of the astronaut memorial where earlier there was a ceremony held here on the
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supervisitor complex as a day of remembrance for the seven astronauts who died above the spacecraft challenger. >> francis dick scobee. reporter: the names of each of the challenger's seven astronauts were read allowed before a crowd. in addition to scobee was pilot michael smith, judeths res nick, allison and grege and crista. the first part of the day of remembrance was held inside the atlanta exhibit because of poor weather in the area. former astronauts and dignitaries spoke of their memories of the seven astronauts who died on this day seven years ago. the children of the astronauts were outside the memorial one of them cathy scobee talks about what her dad would think about
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>> he would be excited about where the space program is going. i am excited about orion, spacex. i am excited about where this is going. he died doing what he loved. reporter: the florida air national guard scheduled a flyover due to inclement weather that was canceled. bob: tonight all eyes of the political world are on iowa. andrea: one big name will be missing. what does that mean for the republican debate? we have our power panel esemled and here from them.
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``vo{{o`pppp` bob: in less than an hour the republican presidential hopefuls, motive them, will take the stage for their final debate. they do so without their frontrunner donald trump. the candidates are looking to make a jump in the polls. our political power panel rick keller and carroll cox, two political analysts for us, as a politician this mauve of donald trump, is it a smart move. >> is it a strategy move because he's a front runner or because he's a thin-61ed guy? i know that for some viewers a debate without trump is sort of like bay watch with pam anderson, why bother. nobody knows what he's up to here. bob: your reaction? >> i think it's a gamble for trump.
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show up at the debate tonight. that still could happen. i think a lot of viewers will tune at the beginning to see if he will show up. at this point he's leading in the polls, at least most of the pollsowa. he's not a strong debater. it may make a lot of sense for him not to participate tonight. bob: ruck, do the other candidates use tonight as an opportunity to get their message out or use the opportunity to back. >> i think donald left himself here vulnerable here unnecessarily. he was hit by ted cruz by so-called new york values and very strong in responding to the 9-11 issue. he won't be there to respond to attacks. i suspect he will be part of attacks. i expect in the final days of the campaign you want to go out positive. bob: carroll, which of the candidates do you think benefits the most from not having donald trump there?
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in the sense that he will own the debate stage. he's a strong debater. he will be able to get his points across very clearly. i think marco rubio will also have a chance to have more stage and talk time because trump won't be there. bob: rick, iowa voters, how do this? do they go bold move, we like your straight talk? >> i think if you are a hardcore trump supporters, this means nothing to you. if you are a hardcore trump hater, you will vote against him. four out of ten people according to the polls are still undecided. i think this may rub people the wrong way. >> i think the results in iowa monday night will be the factor hampshire. we will just have to see what happens. bob: carroll cox, rick keller,
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andrea: at this the zika virus continues to spread and there appears to be no end in sight. the world health organization are discussing if the outbreaks should be declared an international emergency. according to the cdc the zika virus is now in more than 20 crowns. 1 expert predicts the u.s. will see 4 million cases of the virus within the network year. andrea: french police arrested a man they say was carrying two handguns at donald paris. there are no details on what the man was planning to do with those guns. france is still under a state of emergency. bob: i think rain close to the weekend gets everybody concerned. brooks: that's why we will start this one off with the good news. it's going to be a wet evening, but a glorious day tomorrow.
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here's the forecast, trust me it will be chilly tomorrow morning, 50 dings orlando and 40s north and west of i-4. northwest winds through the day, but tons of sun, crisp conditions and it's one of those typical one-day cool downs. let's show you the here and now. we have a lot of rain on tap this evening. keep the umbrellas handy this evening and then tomorrow morning leave it at home. outside right now moderate downpours right now through central florida heavy rain in eastern osceola, central and southern brevard county seeing heavy thunderstorms. watch this pulse of energy right here as it continues to move off to the north and east. aa couple of waves along that could have been a rough afternoon had we had sunshine. thankfully we dimming, just awful soaking rainfall and it looks like the end of the rain
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let's get your forecast what it will look like tomorrow, spectacular. it will feel nice, crisp with lots of sunshine. we dry out very nice over the weekend with high clouds and be back into the 80s for high temperatures pretty soon. oust right now a live look for our visit orlando tower cam, it's a pretty scene even with the raindrops out there. temperature-wise we are already in the 50s, palm coast withing flagler county, volusia and alachua county, everybody elwe are in the 66 and 70 right now in southern brevard county. the front, once it pulls out of here we will cool down for one day. it's not cold behind this front with temperatures in the 50s and 60 behind it. here's the impulse of energy that will kick the moisture out. here's the forecast, as we head through tomorrow, west winds, northwest winds, it will be
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over the weekend, high moved off to the east, the return flow sets up. we get gradually warmer for daytime highs. next system could be coming mid next week. let's get it out of here this evening, more than likely the rain will be ending between 9:00 tonight and midnight and then clearing skies with chilly start to the day tomorrow, lows near 50 and highs in the mid 60s tomorrow. cooler north and west of town. over the weekend highs back into the 70s and then starting off the work and school week next week with high temperature in the 80s. andrea: thank you. the people versus oj sumpson is about to make its debut on tv. bob: the actor who played oj is questioning the past. we will talk with folks of tmz coming up next. >> here's what's brewing tonight on fox 35, brought to you by dunkin' donuts.
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episodes of modern family starting at 6:30 followed by tmz at 7:30. at 8 an all stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms
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all i have to do is
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>> fox 35 news and brought to you in part by morgan and morgan. bob: he played the role of oj simpson on an upcoming tv show. tonight he says he doesn't know if oj did it. i guess it's not all that surprising that cuba would say that. oj was acquitted in the criminal part of the trial, not the civil part. so i guess there's out out
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>> yeah, yeah, of course there's some doubt. listen, he's spent a lot of time researching the role and talking to people, i think he should take a harder stance. maybe he wants to let everybody else to decide whether or not he did it. they had the big premier. everybody was there, david slimmer, everybody showed up in droving for this. for a television show they don't like usually have a big hollywood premier like they did for this. this is will be a big show. we asked cuba about the academy and everything that's going on with issues of racism. he says he stands with the academy. kind of interesting that he would say that, but anyway, it will be a great show. i know a lot of people are excited for it. even though we do kind of know
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bob: it's not like he's holding back so we don't know the ending of the show. >> yeah. bob: don't like want to give anything away here, he gets acquitted, but still winds up in jail. it's a weird twist. >> exactly. another interesting part we did a story that oj won't be able to watch the show in prison, love lock un, nevada doesn't get fx on their cable. they only have basic cable in prison. unfortunately he won't be able to watch the show when it premieres. bob: steve avery can't watch making a murderer and oj can't watch his own show in prison. that's hard time right there. great to talk to you. >> exactly. brooks: still dealing with rain across central florida. back to the west there's clearing skies. i think most of the rain will be out of the here by midnight
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up to be a really nice day. look for high temperatures in the 60s tomorrow, in the 70s over the weekend and back into the 80 said monday and tuesday.
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