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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  January 29, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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promo code dish10. p >> this basketball coach stole
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>> it was a day outside of christian academy and deputies say they arrested james morris. according to investigators, the school's front office administrator was collecting money from for -- for collection fees but they discovered that he collected some of the money, instead. some students had received received from morris. we talked to a neighbor who lives near the suspect -- >> a total of 1230 was taken in the form of cash. a school administrator discovered what happened after -- she told deputies she did not have permission to do that. >> the only thing you can do for them is pray. keep them in our prayers. >> his uncle did not want to
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he did say that morris has had problems in the past. valerie boey, fox 35 news. the search is on for two people when man is shot in his home this evening on 48 and hanes circle. the suspected shooter walked up to the home and pulled a gun on jose gonz*lez. the suspect took off with the deposit you'd -- get-away driver. the victim was taken to ormc with nonlife-threatening injuries. one very noticeable absence. >> donald trump backing out, because he says he's being treated unfairly by the fox news channel. instead, he attended the fundraisener iowa. >> so once this ball started rolling, we couldn't stop it and
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literally, this took place -- >> happening about two miles away. let's check in right now with our political analyst and people are joining us now to talk about how the debate is going so far, and a tree falls in the foreest and no one there is. it's a debate happens and no donald trump, how do you think the debate is going? >> well, it's going pretty good, and actually, ted cruz is doing very well -- he's -- you know, he's a front runner, of course, and you know, he made a mistake by saying that --
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>> the boy was treated with a band-aid. there was no call for an ambulance for the grandmother after the incident. morgan has -- of the lawsuit are expected to be released. >> and a news alert tonight with a new video that was released by the osceola county sheriff --
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on the the debate that's really heating up tonight. >> it is. and until this city of daytona beach can find a permanent solution, many of the people are still out here outside the volusia county administration building and meanwhile, until they can get more shelters set up, some local groups are trying to help. >> after a night of -- in the rain and cold, many of the homeless came here tonight to the master's domain church of god and christ to get inside and have a warm meal. >> it's a great place to come in and get warm for a minute, and don't you have a hot meal. >> city officials continue to try to work to set up temporary shelters for the homeless through local nonprofit groups, but nothing has been finalized and many of them remain camped out on beach street. in the meantime, others in the community are now stepping up to to meet the needs of the homeless.
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community and of the churches to really be able to help everybody in the situation. >> the pastor of the master's domain church opened up his doors to the homeless earlier in the week and many other faith- based groups and nonprofits are also beginning to step forward. >> while they've been waiting for their buses, we've had the doors open; we've had the heat on for them to be able to come inside so they wouldn't have to en-- endure the elements. >> a lot of good samaritans are coming out to the camp and helping out with hot soup. >> we're told city officials supposed to meet tomorrow with the halifax urban ministries to try to set up an additional shelter. reporting live tonight from volusia county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. >> tiffany, thank you. developing now so-called affluenza teen is back in the u.s. couch gave up his fight this week.
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the u.s. to face charges in texas. officially deported from mexico. authorities for so-called affluenza teen ethan couch put him in a commercial plane on tuesday. he was being escorted by u.s. marshalls and from then, he was on a youth detention center. >> he was very quiet and calm. his only request was that he was hungry and needed something to eat. >> the 18-year-old is set to appear in court for a detention hearing on friday whether a judge will consider to be moved to adult jail or be allowed for house arrest. >> i'd prefer to have him in an adult jail. >> all of this after him and his mother are accused of fleeing the country, and while they investigate whether he's violated the terms of his probation sentence. he killed four people, and ethan
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his attorney said his aplans to -- afloontial went upbringing. couch and his mother were apprehended in puerto vallarta, mexico, and is quickly deported and is now facing charges in texas. >> we hope that finally now justice can be served for those four victims and their families. ethan couch has another court date set for january 18th where the judge will consider consider moving his case where penalties are much stricter. the zika virus, the mosquito borne infection has a -- the president now concerned about this outbreak. the head of the health world organization says the virus is on the rampage. they're occasionally cautioning pregnant women from traveling to south america. they're estimating three to four million people could be exposed within the next 12 months. 31 u.s. cases have already been reported and today, president obama urged health and national
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going effort to combat this disease. another cloudy, soggy day across all of central florida. we do see clearing coming in from the west. we'll have the full details on tomorrow's forecast and the weekends coming up. and 30 years after the challenger disaster, the tributes to the astronauts who lost their lives and a look at what is next for america's space program. old town countdown. >> number three. >> visit the holy land for free this year. >> the attraction announcing its free day for guests will take place on february 4th. serve. and will stop once the capacity -- it reaches capacity. >> the harry potter is back. stars in the movie will be there. the three-day event kicks off sunday. >> number one -- >> and the latest and great nest gulf is at the orange county convention center. she features the new -- is expected to drive in more than
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very impressive, almost three inches of rain fell in the last 48 hours, and again, the normal than israel for january is just about two, but maybe a two quarter inches, double that in orlando, and basically triple that for daytona and melbourne. the sun is going to be coming out tomorrow and we might be done once this last little bit of sprinkles heads on through. we might be done for rain for january. back behind, once the rain clears, well, we'll see clearing skies later on. much cooler conditions behind it for the typical central florida the rain and the clouds are beginning to move off to the east. weather headlines. tomorrow, the sun returns. it will be glorious. cool, however in the morning -- upper 40s and low 50s in the i-4 corridor, so just remember, it is winter time. high clouds, milder over the weekend and you know, just like
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into the 80s before we know it. 63 degrees, looking live outside, and still have a lot of low drizzle, low clouds outside, looking live from our tower cam on the hyatt regency and love this view, beautiful view and all the colors. you can tell that all the -- is moving out because the winds are out of the west-northwest and five to 10 miles per hour, and sometimes even more than that. 14 in brooksville, and the winds will stay up all night, so once the fog and the rain clear, we should have clear skies for the rest of the evening. temperatures for the most part, 50s, and marion county, even flagler county and yeah, it's going to cool down just a little bit. we're going to get rid of the humidity that we stocked up the last couple of days. but no real cold air -- with the blizzard last weekend, we had temperatures well to the north and a -- in the single digits and now they're in the 30s and
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central florida will not be rigid. this bill batch of dry air for kicking out the soggy seattle- like weather we've had in the last couple of days and the sun comes out tomorrow, and here is the forecast. look gooding tomorrow, high pressure and control the control it moves off the shore and then saturday, monday, return flow, and man, it is going to warm up nicely just a few more clouds just ahead through the weekend. overnight tonight, clearing skies. that's good news, but chilly low temperatures in orlando, about 50 degrees early tomorrow morning, a little cooler north and west, and high temperature tomorrow afternoon, 66 degrees, but we'll have a lot of sunshine tomorrow, so if you're in the sun, it will definitely feel warmer than 66. over the weekends, high temperatures return to the 70s after a chilly start. saturday morning, low of 45 degrees, back to work, boughtback to school next week, back into the 80s and then we look at the next front coming
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five central florida deputies kicked off the job tonight. >> the video that shocked the community and outraged the sheriff. now what he's doing to combat that excessive force. gas is 1.65 on south kirkland road in orlando and 1.68 at the 7-11 in castle bury, and don't forget to follow outside social media. and jackson on facebook.
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35 on facebook. >> marion county sheriff was quick to make the needed changes. >> you see several marion county sheriffs' deputies kicking and hitting darion price. this is what derek price looks like later in the mug shot. his charges, drug possession and resisting an officer without violence. just yesterday, former deputy jesse tore rel was -- torrell was federally indicted. the you say are waiting for their sentencing. >> they're acknowledging that their actions were --
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through another house committee on a 12-4 vote. the bill itself has changed a bit. this open carry bill really gaining steam now. the two key changes have been made and the first one is if you're going to open carry, you'll have to have a holster. you can't just go waving a gun anywhere in florida even if this bill does pass. the second key change is that private property owners will be able to restrict their right to bring a gun on to their private property. they're only talking about concealed permit carriers. the vote 12-4 in the house justice -- on the senate house it's done well already, too, and one house committee already passed and then a full vote on the senate. >> moving forward with their downtown campus. ucf spirits may be willing but their pocketbook is week. they promised to bring in $28 million for that downtown campus but so far they're not there. they got shut down last year between the governor and the
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still optimistic, gone is the thought of this $25 million- dollar campus. >> we're focused on one 60 million-dollar build right now, which would be -- >> president john -- said they'll ask for that $20 million in february, only a little less than $10 million raised. they have a much better chance to get that 20 million in the board of governors approves that. >> now the rest of today's local headlines go to fox 35 right now, gopt candidates are battle can it out in -- battling it out. the republican presidential candidates taking the debate stage without front runner donald trump who bowed out. instead, he decided to host a charity event just a few miles away. we are a country that doesn't win anymore. when was the last time we won? we don't win on trade. we don't win at the military. we don't beat isis.
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we're not good. we're just not the same place. we are going to win so much. we are going to win at the military. we're going to win at the border. we're going to win on trade. we're going to get rid of obamacare and come up with great great powerball wonderful health care. the candidates -- after trump in his absence in today's debate. this is what ted cruz had to say. >> let me say, i'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid fat, and ugly, and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now, that we've gotten the way -- [laughter] >>. >> i want to thank everyone here for showing the men and women of iowa the respect to show up and make the case to the people of the state and the people of the country, why each of us believe we would make the best commander
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[cheering and applause] >> we will hear from more of those candidates later on. meantime, let's check in with reaction from the nation's capitol where most of these candidates would like to call home on pennsylvania avenue. what did you think so far? >> well, andrea, what i think off the bat is i should not have worked out this morning because i'm getting a workout of a lifetime this evening, trying ooh keep up with this. i'm trying ooh watch this debate and flipping over to the other networks to see what trump has to say about his charitable event, and you've got bernie sanders and mill re clinton campaigning. this has been obviously just heard in ted cruz; he's not the only one who bashed were donald trump. marco rubio basically came right on the heels of ted cruz and said that he's created an enthusiasm here in this campaign cycle but that we've got to focus on some serious issues and then the candidates actually did do that. they talked about foreign policy
12:52 am
bay and that water crisis in flint, michigan, so a little bit more substantive debating going on tonight and some may insinuate that that has to do with the fact that donald trump may not be here. those are not my words; the candidates' words. actually addressed it right off the top, asking about the elephant in the room and that's when he got that remark work ted cruz, where he kind of insulted himself and everyone else, saying that that was great. so a will you tell going on tonight. >> let me ask you this: when you look at the debate, i think a will you tell of people were thinking with trump out of the main stage with this debate, who is going to actually be the one to step forward? will anybody actually shine in the spotlight without trump? do you think anyone has done that so far, sort of lying the -- jeb bush, and other candidates vying for a little bit more spotlight time? >> i'll leave that to the pundits but i will say.
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and neck with donald trump in iowa. a new poll has trump up by about eight points but it's really anybody's game. but, you know, ted cruz planned on being the predator tonight, but really became the prey with anyone attacking him as he took center stage. at one point, sort of half jokingly, there was a hint of seriousness in there and he told the moderators he was ready to walk off stage because he believes that he was being asked unfair questions. marco rubio also -- it kind of triping up a little bit on immigration. they played back some video clips about marco rubio, sort of implied that he's flip-flopped out of immigration and you can actually hear his voice rising as he was asked about these questions, so, at the end of the day, when you tune in tonight, of course, political pundits across the spectrum will have their take, but right now, you know, it's a very compete competetive debate nmy own opinion, and we'll have to see what the quote, unquote experts say.
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you watch one network verses fox for trump on either network. what do you think is his event so far, at one point saying he's raised almost 5 million. it seems like a major begin his side for taking this approach. >> for what i'm hearing, i would not be surprised that it happened. donald trump has come out and sort of claimed victory tonight. it is important to notice that he did right off the bat say that he wanted to be at the debate, because he thorgd last- minute event to raise money for veterans and he's claiming that they have raised over $5 million. now, it's unclear which veterans' organizations this will go to exactly, but some veterans' organizations have come out and said, hey, we don't want your money because we don't want the brunt of political stunts. we want to deal and -- in substantive policy. what happens's going far as a lot of people are concerned with the debate, but at donald trump's event, you know, they're
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interestingly, mike huckabee and rick santorum who won the 2008 and 2012 iowa caucuses respectively both showed up at donald trump's event. >> a big win tonight, no doubt, for fox and no doubt for donald trump. you. >> reporter: thank you. well, looking forward the lessons learned after a national tragedy. >> they die, and doing something they were willing to risk their lives for. >> how the surviving families of the space shuttle challenger disaster are now trying to inspire the next generation. >> and coming up on fox 35 news at 11:00, medical marijuana just got enough signatures to put it on the ballot this fall. why you are going to hear from the florida -- who is advocate
12:56 am
means for herself and >> the world watched in disbelief as challenger disintegrateed in the flight. visitors complex to honor the lost ones. derrol nail was there. >> reporter: june scopeee rogers will never forget the day that her husband came aboard the space shuttle challenger asuccessful mission to repair a satellite in 1984.
12:57 am
waiting to talk with him and he whisked me away and he said no. i'm telling you first what it's like to fly in space. so we went out to a restaurant, his eyes sparkeled and the biggest of stars in the sky, and he kept -- like it was going to float away, and the camera, he took it out and he just laid it on the side like the cameras in space and it went crashing on the floor, and i said, he's just spacey right now. he had only been in space two hours before that. >> so when he was picked to be the commander on another challenger flight, his wife said he was eager to go, but this time, neither he, nor his six fellow astronauts would return o.january 28th, 1986, the space shuttle challenger exploded just one minute and 13 seconds into flight. it was a tragedy felt across the country. >> they died doing something
12:58 am
lives for, something greater than themselves. >>, and s coby rogers and surviving family members would attend -- each year on the anniversary date of the challenger accident. but deep down, the families wanted more for the legacy of their loved ones. >> after the accident, the families were so concerned about the world knowing only how they died that we said let's try to have an opportunity for students to live -- to lyft the joy of the mission that they were flying. >>. >> reporter: that was the inspiration for the challenger centers anonprofit organization started by surviving challenger family members to allow young students the experience and the joy of space life in a simulated experience that was not only fun, but educational. >> recently i'd go on this anniversary day to see young -- living the dream of being an
12:59 am
researcher or a technician, or a physician at the medical center, or even a reporter like yourself who -- who are taking the information to go back to their school to give to their school paper. >> reporter: derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> and you can share your memories of space shuttle challenger by posting on twitter and facebook with the hash tag -- >> 2016 getting one school crossing guard into some big trouble. >> coming up how one teext about her concern over children's safety was suspended. >> reporter: yeah, we're continuing, take a look outside. see some clearance in the skies, not as bad low clouds, and fog -- clearing skies tonight, and the sun comes up tomorrow. the forecast is coming up. >> plus -- >> i guess she's not your barbie's model anymore. it has the social media world
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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| >> it will be available in more shapes, sizes and colors than ever before. >> barbie's plastic fantastic body is no longer what size fits all. the doll is undergoing a major makeover. >> it's all different skin colors, all different types of heads -- and all different bodies so we're not going to label this is an
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you can just look at them and see what resembles you or resembles your kids, or whatever you'd like, and it's now something for everybody. >> matel is addressing criticisms about barbie's highly arched feet, and excessively small waist, and large chest. barbie has covers. she calls in short, petite, a variety in hairstyles, and it is time for change. >> i think it's great. i think there should be every size of barbie and i think it's a great idea. >> it gives girls more confidence about their personal body types. i think it's actually a good idea. >> at this point it's this society that we live in and i think it's important -- and that there are different-sized people out there. >> the new barbies are on sale on line and in stores on march 1st. >> they were earning the hash tag, the doll involved and it
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social media and if we talk to social media, "time magazine" says you can now stop talking about my body and another one about -- and about that time, kirby barbie and patricia said i don't have any girls but if i did, i would get these barbie dolls, and people magazine calling them -- 2016. i'd say one thing for sure that barbie looking fantastic for 57. no doubt about that. so if you've got squat goals looking at barbie at 5 57, it's not a bad one. >> he's got so many choices, right? >> guardian life -- all for the last two days has really been active, and finally we're seeing the end of the rain. and tomorrow morning, it's going to be chilly outside at the bus stop, but good news -- yeah, you don't need the umbrella tomorrow. the last of the rain showers moving through central florida right now and these -- these are
1:04 am
light showers through orange county, eventually into -- well work they are in osceola and they'll be in brevard county and then, again, we'll be done with the rain more than likely until the middle of next week, so that's some good news. it looks like the last of the rain is passing through right now. temperature-wise, we will see temperatures drop tonight and the last couple of days, it's been mild. it's been humid. of course, with all that rain, now we're going to see some drier air coming into play and temperature right now, 43 pensacola and cooler than this time yesterday. and so we'll is the cooler air come into play. that's when we go into the overnight hours and jacket, sweater, something like that we might need and we'll have a lot of sunshine coming back tomorrow so we'll start to dry out after a very wet, couple of days. we'll see more high clouds but a very mild weekends. temperatures tomorrow cool. milder over the weekend starting next week, back into the 80s. temperature-wise. outside right now, 62 degrees,
1:05 am
camera. i-4 and it's moving a lot better than it was, 5:00, 4:00, 6:00, and so now, yeah, any time the month is december, january, february, march and we have a northerly component to our wind, you can pretty much bet you can see some cooler, drier air coming in and that's what we do across central florida. temperatures, 50s to the north and still in the 60s in the i-4 corridor. the air well to the north, is it all that cold? it's late january and when it's 30 in omaha, 40 m st. louis, and 44 in nashville, and so we are going to cool down tomorrow, but it's not going to be fridge identified like it has been a couple of times this month for central florida. you know, the water vapor imagery, take a look at. this we look at this from the summertime and sometimes we're looking at it from tropical systems and big up you are -- upper level trough and that's what's pushing out all of the moisture so say thanks tonight
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tonight, all the way through the weekend. does it move offshore and that return flow gives us more of a southeasterly flow so tomorrow will be cool, saturday, sunday, monday -- we start to warm up nicely. overnight tonight in orlando, low 50 and we're talking low to mid-40s north and west of i-4. tomorrow afternoon, highs in the mid-60s until -- the tons of sun outside of tomorrow should help everything. high temperatures back into the 70s. saturday and sunday -- and look at what happens to start next week. high temperatures get back into the 80s to begin the month of february. and we'll be right back. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time.
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>> were you'll definitely want to look at. this the 30-year fixed mortgage falling for the third straight week. that is the lowest level in more than three months. and $36 billion in sales not enough when you're on amazon. on the-line retailer posting very high sales but coming in below low expectations. the stock tanking. and it looks like the delorean is going back to the future. the sports car made famous like that time travel back to the future is hitting the road again. they're planning on making 300 of the classics and one can be yours for about 100 grand. that's business on the old
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>> a crossing guard gets suspended for insubordination, children first. an elementary crossing guard was concerned about snow-covered areas following the weekend storm, and she claimed it was unfair for the kids and she couldn't get in contact with her boss immediately and she contacted him about the removal. she was punished for failing to follow the chain of command and a penalty she finds baffling. >> none of the corners were cleared off and the streets were terrible and it was just a hot mess for parents to drop the children off. >> i understand that they were girls and i'll be the first to admit it but i think in those circumstances it was okay to break the rules -- >> and most would agree parents gathered at the school to start a petition in support of her. someone became mysteriously ill in the middle of the flight and we're getting a first-hand account of what unfold on board.
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qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. financial help with makes it possible... you could find a low premium plan and avoid paying a fee for not having health coverage. final 2016 enrollment deadline is january 31st. >> a flight from london toured around after the passengers and the crew became sick. american airlines decided two hours after take-off they better turn around and people mysteriously became ill. they're complaining of feeling light-headed but nausea and some even vomiting. passengers describing the scene on board as intention commotion. >> there were several people throwing up and several people
1:12 am
to be totally honest, i was fine until they started talking about it and then they started thinking no, i don't feel so good. >> but then i realized i was just getting nervous. >> passengers and crew members were evaluated by health
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additional medical attention look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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