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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  January 30, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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graham. pc@ >> now on fox 35 news. >> who killed investigators getting new information about the home invasion and murder in marion county shin the homeless stand - - . stand off comes to an end. we'll have the latest from daytona beach. >> i'm keith landry, orlando city soccer club getting a brand new training facility. we'll tell you what it's going to mean for the fans, coming up. >> right now on fox 35 news at 10.
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homeless who camped out a volusia county remnants of dozens of homeless folks moved out of here tonight. city workers here working hard to clean all of this up. now, you know, this issue has been go on for weeks but there were quite a few legal loop holes to jump through before they could move these folks out of here. they're homeless people, but you can't just send them out there with nowhere to go. the chief provided busing, the salvation army provided the busing and folks could go there, there was a bed for them, go to other location or go elsewhere, but they no longer could stay here according to the county's
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there was only one arrest, one person who vehemently refused. detectives here embedded with the homeless people from time to time for days at a time and here are some of the criminal activities he said they saw. >> rampant drug use, rampant alcohol abuse, do domestic abuse, prostitution, shooting up in the bathrooms, beat downs. >> chief tells me these workers are going to be out here for quite some time. like i said it was 40 days plus. i can also tell you i've known chief for many years and frankly i never saw him quite as frustrated as i did this evening. that is the latest on this on
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county, tracy jacim, fox 35 new. >> ninety-two at 10, a prayer vigil for missing 3 year old xander quigley. deputies believe he was with his mother natassia quickly and her boyfriend. exander's parent are going threw divorce and xander's biological father is worried for his safety. they're holding out hope xander will come home saich. >> it's just so worried and sick and frustrated and angry. i don't know how what else to say. i mean, it's, uh, and what's going on, we don't know. i mean, we're frantically hoping they come up with some leads and bring xander home. >> a statewide missing child alert and an alert for the national center for missing and exploited children were issued this week.
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program in daytona beach shores on friday vment. investigators believe nu tugs natassia quigley could be armed and dangerous. we've posted xander's picture at so you can share it with your friends. >> seminole county, fdle investigating after a person was shot during a sanford police investigation. police confront ad suspect confronted a suspect. a suspect is in custody. the police officer was not injured. crime alert tonight, deputies are searching for a killer after a woman is found murdered inside her own home. say she was a victim of a home invasion robbery and now a 5,000-dollar reward is being offered for any information that could lead to her killer.
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story from marion county. >> marion county sheriff's deputies say they need your help in solving a deadly home invasion, they say it happened at a home off of highway 225a and are hoping someone saw something. tamara was found dead in her oan home on monday afternoon. investigators believe it started out as a home invasion. chris bernadine says she would stop by his barbecue stand located nearby. >> she didn't deserve to go out like that. she was a very nice woman and you know just it's very sad. >> deputies say the killer got away with money and jewelry. we talked to lauren via phone. >> she was known to wear very expensive beautiful jewelry. she was known to wear very frequently a gold necklace, gold tennis braceletswith colored stone said, emeralds and an expensive wedding ring with
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we have not been able to locate those items. >> she only lived a couple of doors away so if she was doing yard work she would come in grab a sandwich or something like that. >> investigators say her home was located near highway 27 and 225a in ocala. they're asking for drivers to call them if they remember anything suspicious happening early monday morning. >> anything out of the ordinary at that house or in that area that morning? we're hoping that people will come forward and help us fill in the blanks here. >> again f you saw anything suspicious off of highway 225a on monday morning between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., call the marion county sheriff's office. >> valerie, thank you. the seminole county sheriff's office is investigating the afternoon shooting death of 15 year old harris in east altamonte. no one right now is under u
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the floor florida department of law enforcement is investigating a female suspect shot in the arm after lead police on a chase curry ford road. an elderly man told them he was carjacked by a woman and two men. round noon today officers spotted the car, eventually cornering that female driver in a small parking lot. chief mina says his officers fired their guns to protect themselves. >> tomorrow a gps satellite will be attached to a atlas five. gps satellites to make the trip launch actually delayed two dies while the united launch alliance and the air force took some time to dhek out electrical connectors on the atlas booster. the atlas five lift off will be the first launch this year from canaveral air force station.
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>> you decide tonight in some tough days ahead for hillary clinton just before the iowa caucus, more than 20 e-mails sent from il hillary clinton's private server have been deemed top secret. says the agency's diplomatic security officials are investigating if any of the information was classified at the time of transition. the department published her latest batch of e-mails. would not describe the of the y e-mails. mean time, clint sanders are making their final pitches before monday's iowa caucus. >> if f you stand up for me monday night, i will stand up and fight for you. >> i believe that it is our campaign that is generating the excitement and the interest for a large voter turn out. >> mrs. clinton will join her husband and president bill clinton in the two days leading up to those caucuses. while the rest of the ric republican hopefuls are putting
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today he slammed cruz about his performance, but cruz was quick to fire back at trump. >> he's an anchor baby, ted cruz is an anchor baby in canada. last night. >> if we're tired off getting burned by politicians who campaign against amnesty, then we need to look too if they have a proven record. >> the gop candidates will be all over the state this weekend trying to hit as many of iowa's 99 counties as possible before monday's vote. political ads flooding the internet in airways and iowa are unlike the ones we're seeing in u florida. >> many of the ads in the republican race focus on faith. as craig patrick shows us, there's a reason for that in iowa. >> watching and tracking the ads here in iowa and finding that many of them focus on faith. there's a good reason for that
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>> i had the faith of god. >> republicans in the hawkeye state say going to caucus is not just a civic duty. >> my regular prayer has been that god would raise up a leader whom he will use to restore the soul of america. >> some call it a religious obligation. >> february 1, do your deut frea god and country. >> the running theme across the republican campaigns is that we're in trouble, big trouble based on this radio ad from the rick santorum camp. >> world war 3 is upon us. >> and religion is baked into the politics, you clearly see it in ads that are flooding the airways. >> were it not for the transformative love of jesus christ. >> faith informs what kind of person you are and how you relate to other people. >> from carson touting his faith
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victory. >> to accept the free gift oft salvation offered to us by jesus christ. >> it paid off for rick santorum in 2012 and mike huckabee in 2008. >> for mike huckabee, faith and family are non-negotiable. >> in iowa winning over evangelical votersis key to winning a gop race. >> i'm pro life and i believe that every life is precious. >> i will look for ways to limit the number of abortions in the is country. >> end abortion, and protect traditional marriage. >> in 2008 and 2012 around 60 percent of the republican caucus goers identified themselves as evangelical christians. evangelical conservatives favored ted cruz, followed by donald trump, and craig rubio. >> coming up, orlando city soccer pulling the curtain back on some new digs, the new
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art facility coming to orange county. a central florida boy who could never be out in the sun is now getting a chance thanks to a special set. plus, owning a piece of pope history.
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>> new at 10 an early treat for orlando city soccer fans the team unveiling new plans for a multimillion dollar state of the nona. the team's owners and players meeting fans this evening for the very big announcement. >> team official saying this will be one world class center. keith landry showing us the big reveal. >> fan oafs the orlando - - fans of the orlando city soccer club are pumped up to hear about the new training facility that will be built at lake nona. they believe having a top notch training facility will bring top level players for years to come. founder phil rollins joined by
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training facility at lake nona tonight. fans are really excited. she got her purse sign by kaka tonight and her family lives five minutes away so they plan to come here off toon watch the players train. >> we love soccer, it's in our blood. >> we love this team even more. >> the 23-acre facility will include six practice fields, a fitness center, a club house, and an injury rehab center. team captain kaka tell mis it's import tonight have a world class training facility. >> we are going to train every day so we be ready and prepare for the games. >> kaka believes the top-notch training center will also help attract good, young players. >> we when we have a stadium that we are going to have everything so that you can see this team has credibility. >> development company will
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the club's founder, phil rollins, explains what the new center will bring to the table. >> it's really just more of what we have. that's the thing we needed with three professional teams, with mls, with ocb, with pride, and with our academies we need those facilities to attract players and develop player. >> the team practice at the sill vn lake training center in seminole county, rollins says that center will become the permanent training home for the orlando pride women's soccer team. fans looking forward to the lions playing in top notch facilities in the coming year. >> orlando city all the way. >> the training center will be ready for kaka and company during 2017. at lake nona, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> time for your fox 35 news wrap. a deputy attacked and his car stole thn suspects are barely old enough to driving.
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>> on wednesday night the volusia deputy was looking for a place to dump some grease when he was car-jacked. the retired deputy was dragged several feet as he tried to yank the suspect out of the driver's seat of his new car. according to the police report, the former deputy was trying to get rid of some cooking grease, got out of his car to dump it into a dumpster, and was hit then car jacked. a few hours later, police in daytona beach found the stolen vehicle. police say the teen smashed into a deputy's car and then took off running. daytona beach police found them hiding behind a restaurant. >> the two 16 year olds are charge would grand theft of a fire arm and car jacking. >> it's something we take for granted soaking up the florida sun, but a little by is finally getting his time in the sun light. >> a slovakian telg vision production company brought a sick child with a very severe
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canaveral to meet a clothing manufacturer giving him two body suits that would allow him to play outside for the first time. he can't go outside because of a rare skin disease called zero derma pigmatosun. it can end up being skin cancer if he is outside. the company reached out to terry brees, the owner of the non-profit solar protective factory, which makes clothing blocks 98.9% of harmful ultraviolet light. they gave him two body suits to allow him to go outside for the first time in his life. >> says crimes and criminals are involving as many of the guns were found on repeat offenders during traffic stops.
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department evolves, i think the criminal el. evolves. they learn ways to try to beat the system and then you also have to work with the cort system. we put them in and sometimes they get back out. >> while almost 600 guns is a higher number than last year, taking two guns pr day off the street. log on to for these stories and more. >> still ahead awoman's dead body and two monkeys found in a florida hotel room. what investigators are saying tonight about this unusual discovery shawn glorious day across central florida, but we will have some cloud coming into the picture over the weekend. your full forecast is coming up. >> and later the tiny car that's a big deal at the philadelphia
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>> chilly out there tonight. >> yes, but it is the all important weekend forecast. >> yes. >> it looks like a good one. >> the weekend forecast looks great. tonight one little fly in the ointment, it is going to be cooler than normal but no rain. >> it will be hot soon enough. >> it will be, trust me. about 60 hours from now you just temperatures. outside right now 53-degrees in orlando, 52 in melbourne, brevard county, on our way down to the 40s, we're already in the 40s in gainesville right now, 48-degrees on our way into the 30s. temperatures much colder than
12:52 am
of 9, 10, even some spots about 12-degrees cooler than this time last night. uh, the head lines let's get your weather set for the weekend and into next week, high clouds and a mild weekend. it looks like we add a little bit of warmth each day, maybe even on sunday. a soggy system coming in late next week once again into central florida. rowrnt sd right now, glorious evening. man, look at that 53-degrees, city hall lit up and there's the eye from the visit orlando tower cam from the hyatt regency orlando. west winds coming in at 5-miles an hour in orlando. wrirnds calmed down about an hour and a half ago. with the winds going flack, temperatures can fall a little quicker. that's what they've done. right now it's 45 in ocala, same thing in bushnim nil, 53 in seminole county, 54 at the world center of speed, nice weekend for the rolex this weekend, 52 in melbourne, and 54 in kissimmee. as we head back to the north
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time last week we were dealing with blizzard conditions and temperatures in the single ohio valley. now it's cold but it's not january cold. no arctic air, so tonight's going to be the big cool down, and then we start to warm up incrementally through the weekend and into next week. we will see some clouds just mid to high-level clouds no rain toward this weekend, but it won't be pure sun. here's the forecast, then high pressure moves off shore, that just gives us the return flow. now by monday into tuesday could see a couple of just instability showers but that will be it. also on tuesday, it's looking like we could be seeing a severe weather out break across portion of the mississippi river valley into the tennessee river valley, a very strong storm rolling through there. we'll keep an eye on that for you. no severe weather here, just nice conditions. clear skies, cool overnight tonight, lows in the 40s in the i-4 corridor, in the 30 in some
12:54 am
then tomorrow highs down and back in the 70s. seventy-two officially tomorrow. seventy-seven on sunday, wouldn't surprise be on sunday if folks went into the 80s,. into the 80s tuesday and wednesday, and nen that next soggy cool winter system comes through thursday and friday with more rain. >> the hunt tonight for several suspect whose terrorized a family inside their own home. >> one person inside end up abducted. what deputies say happened inside as a mother and daughter feared for their lives. >> fox 35 pump patrol, going to find 1.64 a gallon at the speedway on south kirkman road and metro west boulevard in orlando. a a cup of pennies more at the qui kmart south bumby avenue and
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is january 31st. pxxx` >> right now on fox 35 news. >> and the fox 35 crime alert tonight the search for several suspect whose terrorize people inside an osceola county home. deputies need your help, they're trying to solve a home invasion and kidnapping. >> suspects forced their way into the home and then abduct ad man inside detectives say it
12:57 am
lane in st. cloud. keith landry there with the very latest from investigators. >> osceola county sheriff's detectives need your help as they try to find four suspect nz vawivelled in a home invasion and kidnapping. it all started thursday afternoon at a home on rachel lynn lane in saint cloud, a teen at home watching tv when her mom's boyfriend was forced into the home by a group of men. four suspects holding both of them against their will, and then when the teen's mom came home, the suspects tied them all up and held them at gun point. the suspects left at 1:00 a.m. this morning, kidnapping the boyfriend. detectives are investigating. questioning the victim. they are canvassing the neighborhood and who may have seen anything. >> around 2:00 a.m. this morning, the mom and her daughter were able to go to a
12:58 am
and get some help. authorities do believe the family was targeted they're looking for three african american men and a fourth man with no description. osceola county, keith landry, fox 35 news. >> new tonight at 10, a wild discovery inside of a florida motel. a woman is found dead with two live monkeys inside of her room. officers were called to a budget inn north port this afternoon. they found 59 year old lind amarie smith of arcadia dead inside a room, along with two monkey in their cages. a man was also there and he of course is being questioned tonight. >> a gentleman was a little bit combative. we have taken him for questioning and hopefully he can help us answer some of the questions of why these folks were here, why this situation came to be. >> north port police say there were no visible wounds that would suggest immediately foul play.
12:59 am
and wild life agents have taken the two into their car. >> sheriff says he lied about what happened during a traffic stop, the deputy now accused of shooting an unarmed and hand cuffed man. dylan tompkins and his girlfriend were pulled over for drunk driving. deputy told the pinellas county sheriff holmes grabbed for his gun. after reviewing the evidence the sheriff says there is no way the situation happened like that. >> this is especially hard as i believe that tim burton is a good man and a deputy who dedicated his life to law enforcement and by all accounts up to this point had a good performance record. >> deputy turned himself in this
1:00 am
out of jail. the sheriff has offered to cover holmes' medical bills but she expected to be okay. >> orlando city commissioner regina hill is speaking out tonight about the death of her daughter. >> a new report finds that bleach ple played a role in her death. >> it didn't take long for commissioner regina hill to break down when thinking of her 24 year old daughter deboyce de. bleach in her system and lungs was a contributing factor. the tallahassee police isn't saying much else. >> it is an active on go nothing investigation. we have assumed assigned it to a detective from our violent crimes unit. he is currently interview any witnesses
1:01 am
>> the death certificate does not list drugs or alcohol as a contributing factor. >> i would like more done. i need more done. >> now hill's left to raise her three year old grandson. >> when i look at him, i have to tell him his mop's not coming home. >> the roar of the 24 is being heard day and night at daytona this weekend. >> how some experienced nascar stars behind the wheel are dealing with some new challenges. >> and before we go to work, here your i-forecast, internightly lane closures state road 436 through 7:00 a.m., also intermittent nightly lane closures from mateland boulevard
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>> the rolex 24 rolling into action at the daytona international speedway this weekend, stock car drivers have had an awful lot of success running for 24 hour of daytona. >> adam shadoff is at the track talking to nascar drivers about
1:05 am
stock cars and sports cars all night long. >> at its core driving a race car in any series the principle remains the same, but even for seasoned nascar drivers and guys who have won the daytona 500, rolex 24 offers some unique challenges. >> how much of your having success here in nascar carries over to this kind of a race? >> none. this is so unique. the biggest advantage we have is the team we're with. probably has the best prepared cars of any other team in the garage. >> about those cars, no matter which class you're driving in the 24 it's very different to the cars these guys run in nascar. >> it's different when i get in them because the suspension, it tires, the steering, the switches, everything is way different so you don't really get a whole lot of time to get familiar with it. >> even if there isn't much
1:06 am
24, the good vibes from previous successes this year definitely helps. >> daytona speedway startd startd for he when i was about 8 or 10 years ole. it's probably been my most successful track. and, um, you know it's something that i look forward to every year to come to. >> adding to the uniqueness of this race, there are all kinds of drivers who have won all kinds of huge races like the indie 500, the daytona 500 and all kinds of sports races too all make for an interesting field at the rolex 24. adam shadoff, fox 35 sports. >> by the way, if sports cars are not your cup of tea, your speed, how about getting hold of one of the world's most famous fiats? >> coming up how you can own your very own pope mo mobile. brooks. >> does it come with that plexy glass kind of protecter tha
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it's going to be a fantastic clouds. we'll come back and have the full forecast including look at the next rain chance across central florida. >> plus, look out jaws.
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>> u he was seen riding around in this during his trip to the united states and now you could have a chance to own your vean own fiat. one of two pope pope francis used on his trip to the united states is up for auction. >> one lucky person will end up with the piece of history. >> normally a 2015 fiat 500l would sell for about 25,000-dollars but because of this one's previous passenger, experts say it's valued at a
1:11 am
it was a well-known sight, pope francis getting in and out of the small fiat during his visit to philadelphia last september. in keeping with his no frills style and care for the environment. the vehicles were gifts from the chrysler fiat company for the pope's visit. the arch diocese never thought the fiats would come back to philadelphia. >> it's the gift that keeps giving. the visit of pope francis has had such an impact here in philadelphia. these fiats and this auction is just another way for philadelphia to say take a moment and think about what the visit of pope francis meant to all of us. >> fiats will be the main attraction at the philadelphia auto show. one being auctioned off at a black tie affair. >> could you see six figures for a 25,000-dollar car? i think maybe. we don't know what the public will value, the pope's presence in a vehicle for. >> the money raised for the auction will go to benefit
1:12 am
in the philadelphia area. lauren green, fox news. >> trending right now, hash tag diversity in toy land. lego introducing new characters to its line-up we have a disabled man in a wheelchair. many people cheering the introduction on twitter today. a day after matel revealed its new line of barbies, lego introduces the disabled character. the new figure in a wheelchair is accompanied by a therapy dog. the creation comes one year after the campaign called toy like me. the figure was spotted that nur nuremburg toy fair in germany. hash tag toylikeme has called on the company to produce figures that represent disabled children. its online petition accumulated over 20,000 signatures. >> it is time now to talk about a little bit of weather. >> yeah, absolutely.
1:13 am
than normal month. and a wetter than normal month but we're not going to have either of those over the weekend. take you outside, andrea, look at that, beautiful scene, isn't it? >> nice. >> nice evening shaping up. friday night in the big city, let's get down to the details, brass tacks as we say, because it's chilly by central florida standards. normally low temperature this time of the year is in the low 50s. so low temperatures tonight will be in the 40s. we did have a high today, though, of 66-degrees. did it feel warmer? if it did, you were in the sun shine. temperatures are measured in the shade so official 56, norm sl 72, we'll be at normal tomorrow. high clouds and a mild weekend with temperatures incrementally getting warmer by monday maybe even by sunday. some folks in the 80s and then we wait the next system coming out of the gulf late next week. it's gi 53-degrees downtown, amway camera showing the roof
1:14 am
heaters. it's not too bad when all you to do is turn on the heat and enjoy the out doors. light winds now all throughout central florida. when the winds start slacking off, the temperatures are allowed to fall. it's 45 already in ocala. ocala, marion county, alachua county, parts of sumter, lake, parts of volusia and flagler county would not surprise me to see some frost early tomorrow morning. anywhere near i-4 and to the south east, no chance of that. temperatures not too bad, even 63 in dallas. i mean, take a look up in lexington, 29, 37 in nashville. so don't see any cold like true cold air in the south east, and all we're going to start to do is warm up. here are the high clouds coming out of the pacific and over central america and mexico and the gulf of mexico, no rain for us in the immediate forecast, but we will see some mid to
1:15 am
at the surface, winds start to go south east tomorrow on sunday and monday even more so. monday, tuesday, wednesday, we could see some instability showers just because we're going to be so nice and warm. here's the forecast then. overnight tonight, if you're going to be up for awhile throw another log on the fire, lows in the mid-40s in sental florida. 72-degrees. that's exactly where we should be this time of year and then we warm up a little bit more sunday, 77. into the 80s to start the work and school week then we end off next week a little cooler and wetter.
1:16 am
>> in tonight's o-town countdown. >> number 3. >> the nickelodeon sweet resort will soon be no more. trrn will become a holiday inn resort come april 18. the hotel is under going a reported 30 million-dollar renovation. the orlando eye holding a contest that will allow winners to get married in one of the wheel's capsules. contestants must upload a 30 second video to youtube and send a link to the orlando eye. >> number one. >> break out the hair spray, 80s rock icon def leopard will be playing at the amway center
1:17 am
guests sticks and tesla. countdown. >> check this out, some rare it's incredible, one shark eating another. the cannibalism caught on camera at a south korean aquarium, a large female tiger shark at a smaller shark but she could not digest it. a day later yoi could still see the victim's tail hanging from the other shark's mouth. one down and two to go, the massive man hunt for one of the three dangerous escaped inmates comes to an end.
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>> escape ad california prison one week ago but today one of them turned himself in. the other two prisoners remain at large as the man hunt continues. the man was arrested in santa ana today after a week on the lamb. authorities believe they used a power tool to cut through their way through steel gets and from them went threw plumbing tunnel and classically making their way out with braided bet bed sheets. local authorities are doing all they can to find the other two escaped cons who they now believe are in san jose. >> we have dedicated all available resources to this search and investigation to bring all three inmates back into custody.
1:20 am
efforts using all available resources to capture the additional two escapees who are outstanding. >> the break out marks the first jail escape at this california prison since the 1980. a fox gun silencer sales are soaring ch. a new federal regulation will make it more difficult to buy fire arms. in the past five years, the number of registered silencers in the u.s. has surged almost 300 percent. place your bets, the nfl coming to las vegas? currently working with the university of nevada las vegas to build a billion dollar
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