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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and at one point started opening fire on deputies, and that's when they had to open fire on the suspect. the deputy was shot in the leg. the suspect shot as well. we unders tand the deputy and the us suspect on the way to the hospital. three people all end up with gunshot wounds. tonight, police still trying to find the motive. let's check in with valerie boey. she's got the latest on this. valerie? >> reporter: deputies are searching for evidence inside the building behind me. deputies are still trying to figure out qa exactly what happened. >> i heard him call me say, james, help me, so ran in and helped him. >> reporter: he was taking a break outside this tax office when he heard a gun going off. brevard deputies rushed to the scene at a ttc tax office. >> three shots and my cousin
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get the gun out of his hand. tossing the gun out. >>reporter: james says all three men struggled to get the gun. >> my cousin was holding the gun, and i just had to keep the what do you call that? the muzzle of the gun away from me, my cousin and the guy. >> reporter: deputies say accident occur -- say during the scuffle another person was hit. here's a picture of his bandaged leg. james says the man also got hit and later picked up outside a pizza place. investigators have not called him a suspect and says he's still recovering in the hospital. james tells us his cousin also got injured. >> he got grazed here a big, old gash in his head, but the bullet scraped past his head but didn't go in. >> reporter: he says the man was upset because he thought his
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>> my cousin owe her $100. nah, it was a bank fee .? >> no arrests have been made. >> i was wasn't going to get any more business. go ahead and close up. >> reporter: the shooting closed down this strip mall. but despite the dispute is, james is relieved it wasn't worse. and deputies say one man is in critical condition. so far the names of the people involved have not been released. valerie boey, fox 35 news. valerie, thank you. new tonight at 11:00, a homeowner security camera catching burglars in the act. the video showing the three suspects in the north cocoa neighborhood right here. one of the suspects can be seen opening and unlocking a door before leaving with the other two suspects. anyone with information urged to call crime line 800-423-tips. in volusia county tonight
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about a permanent solution to housing the homeless. the county has committed $4 million to build safe harbor, it's a 250-bed facility that would temporarily house the homeless. police chief mike says the problem is complex. it requires a lead we are a plan homelessness. >> then you have folks that have substance abuse, you know, mental illnesses. they're not being taken care of and the criminal element mix inside there and veterans and everybody else. it's a cube, and the trick is in my opinion, a leader has to identify the problem, and the leader has to say, here's the solution. follow me. >> reporter: even the county has offered up to $4 million to construct safe harbor, it is the city's responsibility to find the money to operate the facility. they have null march to come up with those funds. got some new information tonight on a body found in a
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it was two weeks ago in fact. the lee county sheriff's office confirms it's the body of that, dennis jones. the sheriff's office believe that is jones, his body, had been in the backyard since late november. nfertion into the cause of -- investigation into the cause of death continues. in orange county aill not face any charges after a deadly fire last year. the state attorney's office is saying today that louise cruz will not be prosecuted. his three-year-old son was also injured. investigators ruled the fire wasn't in fact arson. in seminole county, florida's infamous junk man was arrested again. the sheriff's office, allen
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altamonte springs home. davis getting notoriety more than a decade ago, but it happened again last year, having 30-ton os of trash in his yard. enforcement had to come out and clean up davis's home. today the 61-year-old was booked for felony, littering, misdemeanor nuisance charges. governor scott declaring a zika health emergency. sonni abatta taking us everywhere at 11 it can. >> the governor declared that emergency in four florida counties. nine cases have been reported. health officials believe all cases are from people who contracted that virus while traveling to affected countries. the governor expected to address this issue more in depth with health officials tomorrow. licensed gun owners would be allowed to openly carry their weapons and take them on state college campuses under two bills passed today by the florida
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carry weapons onto the committee floor. both bills move onto the senate. the republican-controlled florida house moving ahead with the tax cut package, calling for a 10-day back to schools tax sale holiday and a one-day tax holiday on computer, rifles, tents and fishing supplies. it would only cut $350 million in the first year and add up to year period. more tornado touchdowns across the south tonight. dramatic picture right here. taken in fort stewart, georgia. school in the area. no noter -- no reports of injuries. the a car on the roof of a house. it happened today right here los angeles. police say the driver suffered some kind of a medical problem while driving, hit another car and launched his car onto the
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a lot of hills out there. no word yet on that driver's condition. the sack sacramento, california, shows you what it's like in a burning inferno. these are firefighters going room to room looking for victims no. word on what started the blaze. and hillary clinton and bernie sanders are making their case to a national audience tonight. our political analyst in-house. he's going to weigh in for us. and new concerns about what the cameras on board the international space station may be used for. plus, football dreams coming true for high school athletes during national signing day. their class. the clouds are thickening. rain and storms to the north weakening, but how much rain will we get and when will it start and end?
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a student at boston's emerson's college is facing disciplinary action after renting his dorm room on air b&b. he rented the room to three guests on three separate nights
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all i have to do is stre-e-eam.
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breaking news out of marion county. a sheriff's deputy shot in the leg at a gas station in ocala. suspect was also shot and injured. tracy jacim is on the phone. i think i got the basics out at the top of the newscast. see if you can fill in some of the holes for us. >> reporter: we had a technical issue with the video. there's a deputy, possibly, by the way, with a gunshot wound to the leg. they're making a big deal out here about saying possibly. that is deputy danny tremmel, and we have a white male out here. what happened was some folks saw him at the parking lot that you mentioned on southeast 20th street and baseline road, and some folks saw him with a gun. when deputies arrived they saw the guy with two handguns, getting in and out of his car, bob, and they saw him apparently
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it toward his own head. it was at that point deputies tried to negotiate with him, and at that point, they say, he got a little frustrated. took his other hand and started shooting at them, forcing deputies fire back. during that fire, that white male received numerous gunshot wounds and deputy danny's possible gunshot wound to the leg both were taken to a local hospital. we have fdle on the scene. standard procedure in an officer-involved shooting. this intersection here has been closed down since this happened just before 8:00, and the one thing that the sheriff's office pio is telling us right now that this intersection will remain closed both northbound and southbound lanes for quite some time so, if you're headed out this way, just avoid it. it's a bit of a mess right now, bob.
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meantime new at 11:00, the international space station not just for science and space walks, no, now you can add surveillance. offering to rented out two cameras on board. some concerns, though, that russia could use space imagery for military use in ukraine and syria. >> clearly this kind of imagery could identify and locate dprks dprks -- on the ground for air strikes by aircraft. >> the international space station is being used more and more as a destination point for private companies trying to figure out a way to#m6p make space travel profitable. let's check out glenn right now. check of our weather closer to earth. >> how's it going, bob? our forecast looking pretty good. some light showers getting in radar range. live radar sitting way up to the
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we go through the overnight hours we'll start to see a little better chance of showers, of course. nasty somes earlier this evening up through georgia, west of savannah. tornadoes were on the ground. looks ominous, but the good news here, this will continue to slow down and continue to weaken. latest computer model guidance indicating anywhere from a third of an inch of rain around metro orlando, upwards of 1-2-inch os of rain expected now from ocala to gainesville. again, for the most part all during the day tomorrow. 73 right now clermont. 72 in melbourne. our dew points are quite high in the mid to upper 60s. of course that makes it warmer at night. right now we have 70-degrees. live picture across metro orlando. a high of 84. and 68 the early-morning low. only four degrees off what our normal high temperature should be. so very warm for tonight, and
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light showers still possible to develop by dawn, but especially up towards gainesville and ocala. on and off showers, then the cool air moves in at 58 in pensacola. the moisture's being funneled up ahead of the actual cold front, but remember this front is really starting to weaken, and our computer model basically says tomorrow it's almost going to completely washout as far as being a real substantial front with any storms along it. overall a wet forecast. 9:00 a.m., rain showers up around gainesville. through the morning a few, little spotty showers beginning to pop up around metro orlando. into the afternoon and evening we could see a few heavier bursts of rain. this is 1:30 for tomorrow afternoon. this is about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. this is tomorrow evening around 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. get the idea, light showers and on and off through the
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but the wind shift does come through, and by midnight tomorrow night sprinkles ending, cooler air starting to move in. shows up in my 7-day forecast. 82 for a high tomorrow. 64-degrees. we'll see some sun, but then the showers will be back on saturday, just a few, nothing heavy. sunday's the sky's clear and settles into next week. >> all right, glenn, thank you. democratic presidential candidates, hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking the stage during a cnn town hall in dairy, new hampshire, the town hall coming a week before the first in the nation primary. hillary clinton won the first round edging out bernie sanders, even though the results of the iowa caucus don't get much closer than an even draw. now it's just a two-person race. >> we are reaching out as strongly as we can, for example, to the african american
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community, and i think we are gaining more and more support in those communities for a couple of reasons. number one, within the african american community it's not an economy issue raising the minimum wage and providing job, youth unemployment for african american kids now is 51%, so those are important issues. but i'll tell you what else is an important issue and that is the criminal justice issue. >> i want to defend the affordable care act. it is one of the great accomplishments not only of this president and the democratic party going back to what harry truman. the republicans are determined to repeal it, and they tried 62 times. >> joining us to talk about tonight's town hall event,
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it's not a caucus, it's a primary. check in if i'm wrong. you're not locked into whatever party you're in. >> that's right. this is all bernie sanders's backyard. the first real home-field advantage. both candidates seem to be at home tonight. both of them had a lot more time to work with now that they're one candidate short, and both of tonight. >> what's the difference, iowa, evangelicals, we know that. ted cruz did very well there. what did new hampshire folks -- what do they care about? what were they asking tonight? >> they were caring about the affordable care act and other obama policies. there are also concerns over the economy and foreign policy, especially the actions that the
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as syria and other foreign policies like to. >> frank, were hillary and bernie falling all over each other saying no, i'm more progressive, no i'm more progressive. >> the moderator threw them a couple of opportunities to go at it a little bit, and i think the strongest rebut tall of the night came from hillary clinton when sanders initiated she wasn't a progressive. one's a moderate or progressive, do they have to be either one? i thought she did really well with that as sort calling out the republicans for how much they were spending. >> did hillary have to answer any questions about what, what the heck are you doing in new hampshire? >> you can't take anything for granted. she needs to have a strong showing in new hampshire if bernie sanders is going to win maybe she can close the gap.
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and it will seem like 2008 for hillary clinton if she's not careful. >> people say sanders should enjoy this cake and ice cream while he has it. who knows how well bernie sanders is going to do. >> and hillary clinton has that widely national point. it's so important for bernie sanders to take this home-field advantage and run with that ball and try to gain as much ground in the polls as possible and try to inspire. i thought he was a warmer candidate, and hoping he really established that credibility and likability to close that gap in the national polls in the coming weeks after this primary. >> it's going to be a long year. we've got an in-depth look at the presidential race. both parties, count down to the primary, it airs saturday
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station, and saturday night at 11:00 p.m. right here on fox 35. i'm doing an interview for it,
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ha it is the day the nation's top high school athletes have been waiting for their whole
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signing day. other sports as well, but football signing day we're focusing on here. fox 35's sports anchor, adam shadoff runs it off down for us. national signing day. we begin here at ucf were scott frost had his class ranked 50th by >> our reception has been unbelievable. when we've gone out to schools, when people have seen the ucf logo walk into the high schools, coaches and kids are excited. >> i'd say so. enough so that ranked the knights as the 57th best class in the country and ahead of everyone but houston in the conference. ucf recruited the state of florida hard and got kids like dr. phillips and mainland's adrian kilns. >> we're playing a fast-tempo office. i can go one hour up the road
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it's a blessing. >> ranked anywhere from the teens and the top ten in the country. rival coaches from the sec complained, which means you know you're doing something right. florida got some orlando-area stars too. >> more so just excited about getting the type of new blood in those different position groups and different meeting groups. bring a little energy, a little competition. >> i always wanted to be a florida gator, so dream come true today. >> and fsu absolutely cleaned up, ranked as the best or the the nation. >> i think the brand of florida state being able to be out there and people being part of our culture and what we do here and our winning tradition, i think, speaks for itself. >> from the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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