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tv   Countdown To The Primary  FOX  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> john: count down to florida. >> instead of arguing about definitions, let's talk about what we should do. one of the things we should do is not only talk the talk but walk the walk. >> i think it's time to end very artful smear that you and your campaign have been carrying out in recent weeks, and let's talk about the issues. >> john: the political battle lines are up. >> we'll take our conservative message to people that haven't voted for us in a long time and we'll win.
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>> a professional politician. >> donald trump guaranteed a victory in iowa and then he lost. >> john: the power of florida and the race for the white house. hello, and welcome to you decide countdown to the florida primary. i'm john brown. the stage is set for one of the please exciting political battles in history. as you know by now, the first votes were cast in iowa this past week, and now all eyes are set on new hampshire as the candidates make their way to the east. primary contest will be held there tuesday night. you can see the candidates head to south carolina. march 1st is super tuesday, and the florida primary which happens two weeks later on march 15th. now, over the next half hour we have analysis and experts covering every possible angle. our power panel is here. carl jackson, frank torrez. craig patrick will talk about
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the scenes in iowa. our own pollster will explain how he was the only one to call it right in iowa, and scott maxwell from the hadn't toe sentinel gives us his opinion on the winners and losers. we start on the campaign trail. lou and sore real has more on the messages coming from new hampshire. >> reporter: ted u.s. cruz is trying to convince voters he is not a one state wonder. >> the way we did it in iowa is how we're working to do it in new hampshire, is how we're working to do it in south carolina. >> reporter: governor christie is pulling out the punches on senator marco rubio saying he is a first term senator who never managed anything. >> he has been a united states senator for five years. five years. and for two of those years he's been running for president. >> reporter: analysts say rubio is looking more like the mainstream candidate. >> vote for me because i will unite the republican party.
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movement. we will have differences. we're walking through them right now in the primary but we cannot win if we're divided. >> reporter: donald trump is dominating the polls polls in new hampshire. >> i was told by everybody do not go to iowa. you could never finish even in the top ten. >> reporter: governor jeb bush is looking for any kind of momentum. >> new hampshire has a tendency to reset the race. i think people want someone with a proven record, proven leader, someone with detailed plans to fix the mess in washington. >> reporter: governor case i can is looking for traction. >> i'm not a celebrity candidate so i need to get oxygen. if we do well here we got many, many people across the country who are posed to jump in. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary clinton has an uphill battle in the granite state, where polls show she is trailing bernie sanders by double digits. >> her opponent is from the
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maybe she should just skip new sham new hampshire. not on your life. i would never quit on new hampshire. i would never do that. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders is firmly in command. >> the government of our great country belongs to all of us and not just a handful of billionaires. when that happens we will transform this country. >> john: with all the candidates in new hampshire we have new polling numbers. josh is here with us to take a look at the polls. and interesting, much different from iowa. >> much different. new hampshire is feeling the burn. that is bernie sanders. bernie sanders in his new university of massachusetts poll clinton,. let's take a walk down to republicans. >> john: on some of the others it was further apart.
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he's up now. >> trump is still has a commanding lead. marco rubio is the one to watch. five days ago his support was about 8%. four days later, he's at 14%. out of iowa, where he finished third. >> john: and interesting to see john kasich, on the second page here is where ted cruz is. >> he dropped. he was actually up in the third place earlier in the week, but he's dropped to fourth place with his iowa win, would take momentum but he's at 9%. jeb bush struggling at 6% and chris christie at 5%. a big struggle. what's interesting john is poll out shows new hampshire voters said 30% of democrats say they have not made up their mind when it comes to tuesday primary. >> john: a lot of people not knowing what they're going to do. >> and 60% of democrats, republicans say they're not quite sure who they're going to vote for, so still up in the air. lot of changes ahead.
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it was quite a week, a lot of surprises out of iowa, and ryan ryan elijah has a closer look. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> i want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidate. >> reporter: despite leading in every poll donald trump had to settle for second place with 24%, but he's taking credit for the record showing at the iowa caucus. marco rubio had a big finish to take third, with 23%. >> we're going to keep working hard. i'm not running against any of the other candidates. i'm running for president. >> reporter: ben carson took fourth with 9%. >> i want you to know i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: jeb bush finished a distant fifth at 3% of the vote.
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we got a long haul here. after new hampshire you start in south carolina, nevada. >> reporter: car lean fiorina came in with 3%. >> we beat in iowa chase i can kasich. >> reporter: he said he's confident he will do well in new hampshire. on the democratic side it was an extremely tight race. >> breathing a big sigh of relief. >> reporter: hillary clinton edged out bernie sanders 701 to 697, the race so tight that coins were flipped in six different sites to determine votes and delegates. >> i am excited about getting
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>> the people of iowa have sent a profound message to the political establishment. >> john: craig patrick who was in iowa but he's back here in florida. we saw the results. what is the mood of some of the campaigns once we saw some of the numbers coming in? >> there was a great deal of disappointment in the trump camp. trump was gracious but you had loud intos when the announcement from the election headquarters came in that won the elections. afterwards there was some resentment among the carson camp that rumors were spread he was dropping out and that may have helped ted cruz. >> john: you heard a lot of spin coming out of iowa, getting ready for new hampshire. what are your thoughts? you were on the ground. you saw how it played out. were you surprised it was really a tie for all intents and purposes? >> we knew it would be raiser close. i was not surprised at all. i was a little surprised you had delegates decided by a coin flip in a couple precincts because
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bernie sanders could have won had college students turned out for him and done so distributed all across the state. the problem he had is that you only get so many delegates per precinct and the college students who did turn out for him tended to be clustered in certain areas. >> john: craig patrick, always good to see you. still ahead, the struggles real for jeb bush. his embarrassing moment and why he could use a few extra hands. >> get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. >> john: good week, bad week segment is coming up next. before we head to break, take a look at this. john kennedy by the way the youngest to ever elected president at 43, ronald reagan the oldest at 73.
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we'll be right back. >> john: on the twitter trail today, jeb bush is tweeting, get an inside look at what it's like being on did campaign trail with mom, #the enforcer has arrived. he made a lot of news this week. welcome back. we have the power panel as we kick off a new segment, called good week, bad week. we have carl jackson. and our political analyst frank torrez is here once again, as well. always great to have you here. let's start with jeb bush. he's unfortunately on the bad week side i believe here. take a listen as he had to actually ask for applause. here it is. >> i think the next president needs to be a lot quiter but send a signal we're prepared to act in the national security interests of this country to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. [ applause ] >> i still cringe. let's start with you. can his campaign recover? do you think that was that big of a deal?
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and it's indicative of what is happening with the republican party or what has happened with the quote-unquote establishment part of the republican party. it's kind of old. we don't know how to communicate messages effectively. i think that's what you saw in jeb bush. great at governing, the ability to communicate a message and deliver a message pretty bad, and i think that's why the outsiders have done so well this year. >> john: i use the the analogy if a prefer has to say can i get an amen i say no because you didn't earn it. you'll get an amen if you earn it. in this case if you earn the applause, you will get it. i think that was a big deal. his handlers may have messed up but that was bad. >> it was a horrible mistake by his campaign staff. you're supposed to have a man in the back of the room louder than everybody. and when he hits the talking boys you clap, and you do that sort of thing, and it did not happen. and he looked really, really silly. >> john: what about his mother
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i made the analogy he's like the kid who has success and now can't make friends. mom, help. does it help to have mom on the campaign trail? >> for the most part is it going to give him new voters? no, i think people are starting to feel sorry for him. so they either want him to get out of the race, i mean i think people want him to get out of the race. i think it hurts him. mommy please come help me, it doesn't look good. it doesn't look strong and presidential. >> john: we need to move onto marco rubio. he had a pretty good week, third place finish. has been moving up in the polls. let's take a listen here. >> this is about winning, and if i'm the nominee i'll unite the republican party, not continue to divide it. i'll grow it. we'll take our conservative message to people that haven't voted in a long time and we'll win. >> john: he keeps using the word winning, right? back to charlie sheen, but that's important, isn't it? >> absolutely. it's about momentum, that that
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he is hot right you now, so has the attention of the conservative electorate, has to make it count, get the message out there and try to take advantage. >> john: he's having a good week, right? >> yes. >> john: what does he need to do now? >> i think he needs to continue what he's do. marco rubio is very good at i got to be honest with you he's good at communicating and deflecting tough questions. the guy knows how to reframe an argument like no one's business. i think in a sense though we're accepting the good instead of the great, because what the republicans failed to do is recognize ted cruz as i did 's victory. rubio managed to swoop in and kind of take all of that glory and it's impressive. >> john: good to have you here. do appreciate it. still ahead he's the only one who called iowa right. we'll talk to our very own fox 35 pollster, who is getting a lot of national attention for his accuracy in iowa. as we go to break another fun fact.
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abraham lincoln. 6'4".
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son at >> john: on the twitter trail once again, donald trump posting, politicians are trying to chip away at the second amendment. i won't let them take away our guns. let's check out hillary clinton. she tweeted, women deserve a champion in the white house. so many pollsters were knocked
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picked donald trump as the clear winner. when all was said and done it was the fox 35 florida poll that got it right. >> my first question is, should i come to you to find out who is going to win tomorrow's super bowl? carolina or denver? you seem to have a knack for picking the winners. >> well, if you come to mine, he runs opinion savvy. i sort of oversee things. we use opinion savvy to pole. he did a magnificent job, give him a lot of credit. he stayed in the field longer, knew the right demographics. but i don't know if he would try to predict who will win the super bowl. >> john: let me ask you this. you seem to go against the grain. i think des moines, iowa had the numbers completely different. what was it that opinion savvy saw that everybody else missed? >> well, we stayed in the field longer.
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we use systems that are automated in some instances but we rely on mobile devices but not necessarily cell phones. you hear a lot about cell phone polling but the people who use cell phones don't like to talk to you. they like to just enter text or reply to whatever you might send out. that's the way he communicates with the younger voters and it's very effective. so gathering all that together we were able to see three things happening. we saw trump beginning to decline a bit. we saw cruz holding the evangelical vote, and we saw marco rubio coming on very strong as bush and kasich and sort of mainstream establishment candidates were beginning to fade. so we caught that all at the right time. he reported it in to me sunday. i said looks like a go, and thank goodness he stuck with his numbers because he was the top pollster in the country. >> john: if everybody else is hanging on to the old school methods of doing polls do i trust the numbers coming out of
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do i trust that bernie sanders is leading hillary clinton by so much? and maybe there's a reason hillary is staying in new hampshire and in the fight. >> that's a very good question. i've not been asked that by anyone. i'm not sure we do trust these numbers because of the very thing that we saw in iowa. but i will say one thing is a dynamic. we're not even polling in new hampshire. you have two problems with new hampshire. it's occurring right after a town hall debate which occurred on saturday. and now you got sunday a super bowl taking place, and then you got monday just one day of rest or campaigning before the vote. there is very little time for anyone to move opinion that much. you can't cut ads. so if someone doesn't totally blow the debate, then you don't want to get into the polling because you can't poll on super bowl sunday. i expect bernie sanders will win, as well. how the margins will be i'm not sure.
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coming out of iowa i know a lot of people will be checking in on opinion savvy and seeing as you guys are picking the horses for the upcoming races. great to talk to you. still ahead, the rising star out of the political pack, scott maxwell not hold back. he picks the week's winners and
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marco rubio tweeting the bottom line i am the conservative who democrats fear most. what a difference a week makes. everyone from the analysts to the candidates learned a lot of lessons coming out of orlando. scott maxwell joins us to talk about it. always good to see you. let's start with this. the lessons learned from iowa, what do we take away from the caucuses? >> one thing we learned is that the polls are often not right. i think most interesting thing, most people saw was that trump finished second. this is a guy -- i'm going to submit that will be a problem for him. the number one thing this guy has going for him is his winningness if you will, and right now by his own definition he's a loser. and he's going to -- i don't think he sells well from that position from coming from behind. i think he's going to have to change things fast. that's probably the biggest headline. but i can tell you it was pretty big week, one really good, one bad for our guys from florida.
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of endorsements since the iowa caucuses. jeb bush has not gotten a lot of attention. the only attention jeb got was by asking people to applaud for him. they're going in different directions at this point. >> absolutely. in fact, i will submit that the biggest story coming out of iowa wasn't the first place guy. if you look back at iowa. they get it really wrong when it comes to republicans. these guys went nowhere after they went iowa. i don't pay as much attention to ted cruz. rubio had a strong third place, almost tied with donald trump and he is the number one establishment guy. the establishment doesn't like number one or two, so as you mentioned the money, the endorsement, starting going to rubio i would go so far as so say think is the beginning of a rise. >> john: let's go to the democrat ig side. we all know it's controversy may not be the right word between hillary and sanders. how are we still decides races
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>> everything about iowa is bizarre. i don't know if you seen this. i think we talked about this before, the way that democrats caucus in that state is truly weird. it's like a game of red rover for elementary school. they stand in gymnasiums and one candidate says come over here, come over here and try to get a buzzer goes off. there is a lot strange about it. but it comes out about 50-50, no it. i think the take away is something i've been saying quite a while. democrats need to be nervous, because if hillary clinton is their hair apparent the problem they have is the base just isn't that excited about her. and it remains me of what democrats faced here in florida when they had charlie christ. they all hated rick scott but didn't really get revved up about charlie christ. you have to have more, in my opinion, than hate rest against the other guy. >> john: yeah, always great to talk to you, read your column in sometime next week. do appreciate it. and thank you for joining us as
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for the latest political news go to fox 35 i'm john brown. we'll see you back here next time. captioning provided by captions solutions, llc.
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