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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  February 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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pc jaw mark rx8 >@>08 0s` apparently they were just playing with guns. kids and guns. a dangerous combination that has a teen fight for his life tonight. >> they're known for their viral videos. some special guests hooping it up with the major. >> i can't describe it. >> you drooped your cellphone. what if the glues can fix itself. >> researchers developing self fixing material. >> when spring like temperatures may return. your accuweather forecast coming up. the news starts right now. a trip seeing relatives turning to a trip to the
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in the head. >> the shooting happened at the home on spots wood drive in orange county. david wilkinson yams joins us live from arnold palmer hospital with the newest details. >> hey there, that teenager is here at the hop. critical condition here at arnold palmer hospital. a lot of people in the neighborhood pulling for the teenager tonight. yes. it is shocking. >> a helicopter sores over head and on the ground at least a half dozen deputies on the case. >> i think it's scary. i got a six year old son. at the time he was in the backyard playing. i heard shot's. >> investigators say that the teenage he's were visiting relatives when he was shot.
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explains what happened. >> at this point. the kid got shot in the neck. apparently they were playing with guns. >> fox 35 was there as the investigators combed the scene for cameras. they're work to figure out how the teen got shot. shock waves through the neighborhood. >> it's been relatively quiet neighborhood but lately picking up on kyles. you gun shots in the morning and isolated areas in the neighborhood. -- doesn't know the teen but knows his relatives at the house. she says they're good people. >> i'm going to keep them in my prayers. >> as that teen is in the hospital. more questions on where were the participates and how did a good get inside the house. reporting live in orlando, david wilkinson yam's. fox 35 new's.
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orlando police searching for answers after shots were fired in a crowded night club in the tourist district. two people killed. ten others hurt. live outside of club glitz with a reaction from a friend of one of the victims. tiffany. >> well, tonight the club remains closed this evening after 11 people were shot here earlier this morning. police continue to investigate what led up to the shooting. so far no arrest volunteer been made. two people dead. and 10 others injured. - officers and homicide detective surrounded the grit ultra lounge sunday morning after a night of music and dancing turned deadly. >> carlos -- said that one his friends were killed in the gun fire. >> you heard a lot of people. all of us are in pain.
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but his friends and family. 11 people shot. one person shot and killed inside the club. another person died at the hospital. security was present in addition to extra opd officers. >> the club did everything it was supposed to do. they had three extra police officer working. they have their own securities. extensive security system inside. detective process the crime scene for more crew's. three people were firing approximate through hundred shooting. there may be other people injured when folks were trying to get out. >> and at last check with, one person remained in critical condition at ormc.
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reporting live from orange county tiffany teasley. police responded to eye previous shooting at this night club last object october. two people shot in the parking lot. - an officer providing security heard the gun shots. both people survived. this weekend someone opened fired at a strip club killing one man and injuring eight others. it's not clear if they were reporting at the time of the shooting. >> breaking news right now downtown orlando. you can see the police on the left side of your screen there. a car slamming into a power pole right near an orlando fire station. nearer other o orange avenue and kayley. near fire station number five. deputies looking for a robby suspect. new at 10. check out these flames from this rv fire.
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responded to the seen scene in west melbourne. crews put out the flames. >> oneer. hurt after a truck crashes right into an orlando business. you can see it right there. the truck hitting the wall of the weld right company in obt in cypress. two cars crashed into each other. as a result. one person taken to the hospital. not clear who cause the wreck. a poke county teacher arrested for dui. crashed into a mail box in winter haven. they could smell alcohol in his car. his blood sample level above 1195. he was released. a math teacher. >> tomorrow afternoon volusia county will meet. leaders will propose a plan to get people back on their
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officials want to set aside $4 million to rent a facility to temporarily house them. some people wouldn't want a efficient. >> two students suing the school for releasing data. -- the lawsuit was filed friday and is seeking a class action status. two people who filed that suit are seeking damage determined at trial. two people behind bars tonight after deputies say they stole candy from a circle k in lakeland. when deputies arrived they found drugs and other paraphilia in the car purpose century mcclowned and shawn holley were arrested while eating the candy. they found drugs and drug related item if they're car.
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build off her narrow win in iowa. that win just got narrower. the iowa democratic party found it -- sanders grabbing about 697. sander campaign is conducting its own review of the results. controversial republican candidate donald trump preparing for a visit to floor. holding a rally at the campus of the university of south florida. how the students are responding to trumps announcement. >> i feel that more people are going to be going opposition trump than supporting him. >> whether you love or hate donald trump, university of. -- will generate interest. sunday we're learning new details about trumps campaign stop in tampa.
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sun dome. those planning to attend will reserve tickets on line. the capacity is continue thousand. many attendees likely to be usf students. i. >> i do believe that we're one of the more politically active students. whether or not people are supporters they'll go and see what it's about regardless. >> student students are already talk about trump auto. his star power is creating a chance for them to listen. >> he's become sort of a celebrity again in this sense. regardless of whether people support them they'll come out and check him out. >> they think he is wise to take aim at florida so early on in the campaign season. >> five. >> many of us have dropped the old cellphone and
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>> what if in the future the broken glass could fix itself. stick around for that story. >> so awesome. >> meet the vips at the city orlando magic game. you might one of the people that seen them take to the court. >> temperatures in the 40s and even some 30s right, now, in central florida. your forecast for the works and school week coming up. >> coming up at 1045 on the fox 35 sports zone. all your super bowl highlights for you. the magic get themselves a fashion. coming up on the fox 35 sports zone. @ slow down over the weekend. it does pick bong tonight.
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at colonialial drive. two right lanes closed all week long. this one is until 6:30 in the morning every single night this week. another closure. at lee road. one left lane closed all week long. this work goes on until 5:00 a.m. be aware if you're in any of those areas in the overnight hours. you can check out traffic
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only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> the orlando magic honored a hometown here at this game against the atlanta a hawks. >> receiving the royal treatment after his approach to fighting crime led to two viral videos for positive reasons.
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vip at the amway center. nine young people enjoying their first ever game. the kids are scoring autographed balls and front row seats to the game. the magic invited them because of a decision he made several weeks ago. this video from his cruiser dash-cam went viral with 14 million viewes. the officer responded to a noise complaint. he found young men playing ball in the street. instead of scolding them he played ball with them. >> i was never expecting anyone outside of myself or the agency would see that video. at halftime today. the magic recognized the officer white as a home time hero for being proactive and building relations. the officer says he feels honoreed smile it's been awesome getting the kids
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just from me going out doing my job. >> officer white told the hoops players he would bring more officers back for a rematch. when shaquill o'neal heard about this. he died to be part of the game. stunning the teen. i can't describe it. it's just amazing. >> that's a fun story. the magic made a $1,000 donation to help gainesville police youth program. >> a meeting at the un condemning north korea's latest rocket launch. they claim it was part of a space program. the united nations isn't buying it. the rocket passed japan and land near the philippines. they will worried about the
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in taiwan workers exploring the rum rubble of a collapsed building. a powerful earth wake hit the area. 26 people report dead more than 100 still missing. the affluenza teen sitting in a current jail. couch as you remember drove drunk and killed four people in 2013. his lawyers argued he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. he was given probation but violated it for going to mexico with his mother. his mother faces 10 years for her role in the crime. >> the nor easter that formed here basically off of floor, now, right behind us. you can see on guardian radar. it's bashing north floor.
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it's a little cool. but clear skies come into played to. that was absolutely night. now, the clear skies overnight tonight are going to give us some cool conditions. it's already temperature 48 degrees. that's below normal and lows are going going to be even cooler than that. the big picture of the nor easter. hayed out to see. that's good news - there were computer forecast take up the coast to new york and causing a lot more snow for the northeast right now. it looks like it's headed out to sea. this could be the coldest work and school week of the season. so far low humidity and frees possible. especially in some of the coolers sports north and west. wei going to see reinforceing shots of cold arctic area. west winds at nine miles per hour earlier today winds gusting over 30 miles per
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now, winds slack off just a bit. allowing temperatures to drop after just a bit as well. 37 in gainesville. everywhere else in the 40s. 50-degrees in downtown orlando. nor easter is moving off. here's the next cold front. coming through late tomorrow into early tuesday. just going to reinforce that cold art aortic air. look at that snow in the deep south. alabama, georgia, and south carolina. tuesday for us look cold and windy. wednesday looks cold and windy. thursday looks cold and windy. we finally break the spell of chill next weekend. tonight it's going to be chilly. bundle up. low temperatures in the i4
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northwest in the 40s patchy frost. slight chance of rain late tomorrow into early tuesday with the secondary arctic blast. tuesday 28. wednesday 59. all week long temperatures stay below normal. >> a lot of buzz about the new credit card chips last year. >> today, many stores have the readers on the counter. you're look down on the thing, but they're not using them yet. >> what happen is that the card industry made a big deal about setting an october 1st deadline. retailers went out and installed the equipment and then the banking industry dropped the ball. >> the big name retailers that are finally trying to get on board coming up. >> imagine a world where you drop your phone and the cracked screen heals itself. it could be here sooner than you think.
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>> imagine this. the next time you drop your phone and crack the creep.
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could just fix itself. >> it sounds that would be great. it may sound like science fiction. but researchers at the university of texas have found materials to do just that. >> as cool as the lost in space robot was. now, a days we think of robots more like this. or even human like. think data the android from star trek the next generation. you got artificial skin that looks fairly human. in the distant future when something like data exists. he'll be able to heal himself when he scrapes his knee. -- the brain behind the new self healing gel that doesn't need light or heat to work on its other. our gel is special.
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re-jenn rays rate. >> to improve emergency storage. when it hits the market it will power entire homes. battery electrodes can swell, the gel can fix that on its own. >> this next generation materials makes the batteries much more efficient and cost effective. this is where our gel will dom play a critical role. plenty more application. electric, bio sensor, robotics. non-human no idea robots. on the mars rover. >> our special gel is the right material. >> a couple floors away from doctor yuo. is dreamer. she's pretty smart. some day materials like the
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versions of dreamer if they get hurt. >> i could see the robot self attaching mechanically and the super gel take control of the mechanical inside and rewiring them automatically without any intervention from a human. some day when it's common for robots to have skin, the technology behind the self healing gel could be a game changer. >> if you design the materials so you can control the process of the cell healing. you can control how fast they heal from a few seconds to a few days. >> this skin is going to allow these human no ideas to become super human's in a way that he they're going to heal right away. casey clayborn.
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>> it's going to be amazing. >> that's like out of some movie in 2050 or something. >> like the terminator when he molded to metal. >> chances are you got one of the new debt a chip in there design better to protect you. >> the chances are greater you haven't used it yet. coming up why the multibillion dollars overhaul has been slow to roll out. >> dreadful crash. ten people involved including several children. how the fellow driver tried to safe the trapped children. >> pump crop. 163 is look good at the
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fern park 163 at thep flight on fox 35 news at 10. >> breaking news orange county deputies on the scene at a double fatal shooting. robert jones drive off of metro boulevard. few details at this time. a crew heading to this scene. flooring more on good day orlando dough. >> a tragedy in polk county. three children killed. two cars carrying a total of 10 adults and children cracker head on. >> drivers and emergency crews trying to save the victims. three young lives gone tonight. just a few miles back at a hospital here. three children's lost their life's. deputies say the rain and slick roads may have been the cause of the crash. you can see a few car parts littering the roadway. according to the sheriff's office.
10:28 pm
door lincoln lost control of the vehicle. witnesses saw the car spinning in the eastbound lanes. crashed head on into a jeep. both cars with three adults and two children inside. we identified the driver of the lincoln. 25 year old -- of lincoln. one of three children in the back seat was killed. six year old anthony rubio. the driver of the jeep richard -- of point sienna is also in critical condition. two young family members believed to be his daughter tz died in the crash. six year old lala and eight year old hayley. it's a heartbreaking situation for everybody involve's. first-responders and drivers who witness the crash and family members who survived it. >> there were 10 occupants and deaths to the families in each vehicle. i can't begin to tell you
10:29 pm
event was and how sad we are for the families involved. a 15 year old girl inside the jeep is currently in serious condition. 23 year old in the other vehicle is in good condition. >> at this time it's unclear if anyone will face charges in the deadly crash. most of victims recovering tonight. deputies say what they could see so far all of the children in the accident were properly strapped in their seat's. >> consumer corner, to swipe or not to swipe. that the question at most check out counter later. the transition to chip credit card hasn't been an easy one. leading to confusion for many customers. sensing confusion at the check out counter lately? you have your fancy new credit card with the chip in it.
10:30 pm
secure. but at so many stores you're still swiping instead of inserting the chip even when that chip reader is sitting there on the counter. >> why aren't playing using it. that was the whole point of getting the cars in the first place. >> what if i told you that october. >> it's irritating they haven't done it yet. >> you wind up having to ask the check out person what do i do? do i slide it or slip it in the slop. >> edward did a survey. found all about one had those chip reared's install. despite the industry spending 35 black lives matter on the pros. his survey found 75 percent of the retailers have not turned their new systems on yet.
10:31 pm
themselves. wal-mart, sam's club and maze y. bed bath and beyond will process chip transactions in the first half of 2016. toys "r" us and babies are us are finalizing the process, now, and ready in the future. pull lives says it is updating the system but not ready to announce a date yet. >> greg cher man lobbies for the retailers. the card industry made a big deal for setting a deadline. retailers went out and spent billions of dollars to buy the new equipment and the banking industry dropped the ball. the banks have the certify the terminal. not enough people to dot job. they must pay you if a crook uses the card. many experts argue that the
10:32 pm
shopper's in the long run. compare ourselves to europe where every credit card has a chip. and a pin number. here in the u.s. we still rely on signature's. >> what we demanded for years, now, is chip and pin. you have to have a secret pin number. if you don't have the pin number. the card is worthless. it just doesn't make sense. millions of new cards mailed us to. billions of dollars spent. here's the research. critics say our data isn't much safer. >> industry experts say it's taken more researchers on average a year-and-a-half to get the equipment installs to process the chip crowed. >> hundreds of people pack a winter festival but not enough room to park. >> let's just park on the ice itself. you might what happens next. details and the big dips into the water coming up. >> you don't have to worry
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lake geneva winter vest of fest in wisconsin. car heavy. the ice gave out. fortunately nobody was inside of the cars. everything went south. some of the owners able to drive their cars away. no need to worry. >> if they drove prius' or harleys they wouldn't have had that issue. not enough mass on to have the lake. i hope you had a good weekend. some rain late yesterday and this morning. a high of 59 degrees. 14 degrees below normal. all week long temperatures stay below normal. it's going to be windy through thursday. keep that in mind. keep the winter clothes handy in central florida. temperature wise mid to upper 40. 37 degrees already at 10:39 at the evening at the
10:36 pm
low rain chances mid to late week. freezes possible alachua and marion counties. outside right now. temperatures wise it's cool. look at the winds right now. calmed down completely since earlier today. we had winds gusting earlier today at times over 30 miles per hour from the west and northwest. bringing in the cool air. temperatures in the 40s. 50-degrees downtown. already in the thirds. marion county. temperatures cooler this time last night. nor easter that formed off the coast yesterday is up towards cape hat tear russ. it bring us colder air and good swells. keep that in mind flagger volume so well county beaches. late tomorrow earlier today. another round of arctic area.
10:37 pm
still very cold. thursday, very cold. it looks like the warm up might again by friday. here's the forecast. high tomorrow 66 trees after a morning low of 40 in the i4 corridor in the 40s north and west. tuesday and wednesday. high in the 50s. high 61. >> normal high temperature 70 degrees. we might get there by saturday. >> i don't like that. i do like the fox 35 sports zone. coming to you next. here's your preview. >> coming up in the fox 35 sports zone. panthers came into the super bowl as big favorites. broncos with an early lead would they hang on. >> it takes a buzzer beater. the magic finally got their win at home. more in the last seconds coming up.
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to about life after welcome to the fox 35 sports zone.
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equally impressive quarterbacks and teams and game plans - whichever came out the winner earn it's place in history. payton manning in his third super bowl look for his second win. cam newton looking for his first win. denver device strong to very strong. the fumble recovered by malik johnson. under dogs out to a nice lead. leaping effort into the end zone over the pile. quite the athletic employ. broncos led at the break. finally an offensive touchdown out of the broncos . cj ander son. two-yard plunge. denver complete the upset. payton manning could require
10:40 pm
>> this season tested our toughness and resilience and unselfishness. it's fitting that it turned out that way. great bunch of teammates and guys i got to play with. i feel grateful. >> the good news for the magic on sunday. harris was clear. still didn't play against the hawks. sore ankle. the bad news orlando lost to the hawk eight of 10. second quarter. orlando building a nice lead old peep poe. niece lead. magic up seven. payton who had a double double. 12 points 12 assists. gets the three ball. imagine he can up eight. scandallered the lead. tide at 94. hawks could take the last
10:41 pm
magic with tough defense late in the game and they get a rebound. two seconds to play. orlando draws out the play. vucevic team high, none bigger than those two. magic finally get a win. 96 - 94. >> rebuild confidence. it's been rough for us the us. probably help us in terms of confidence, rebuild our rhythm and finish off this season strong. >> 17 ranked miami. visiting georgia tech. mccouple lumpy had a huge game. big alley on there. miami wins for the fifth time in the last six games. 75 - 68. orlando city -- got on the board through the lines in
10:42 pm
two nil orlando city - back heat the jilt i wins easily. >> good week down here. training has been superb. the training good. hospitality. good performance. >> still to come. i got a chance to sit with a gator legend and a heisman trophy winner and a solid golfer. see what this former coach has to say. >> the games were always the most fun to me. i miss coaching the good a good team. it's not a lot fun.
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sports zone sponsored some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. but what are you having for dinner tonight? try perdue simply smart and harvestland . two trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
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>> it's been a few months since the head ball coach step add way from south carolina and his duties as coach. earlier this week he played some golf in ocala. i caught up with steve stirrier about his golf game and what he'll miss. >> you get a chance to play a bit more golf. >> a little bit more. not as much as i used to. i, hopefully, get that back. it's not fun shooting 85. >> you think you're going to miss the football aspect. the signing and recruiting. >> i don't miss the recruiting the way they're doing it now. it's a dog eat dog world out there. coaching works their tail s off year around. ten or 12 years ago, we have more of an off season. we had three or four months
10:45 pm
it's a full time all the time job now, i'm sort of glad i'm out of in at this time in my career. >> what do you think you'll miss. >> i'll miss the games. the days are the most fun. coaching good players. if you don't have a good team. it's not a lot of fun. players that play their hearts out. that's the fun part of it. >> i know the gators hold a special place in your heart. >> i got a special place for the gators and duke too. we're all gator graduates. pull for them every game but one. i think the coach is doing a super job. what he did last career. win 10 games with not all that great a team really. good team. but they'll get stronger as they keep going. >> you faced him last season, what did you think of him and the job he did and the team going forward. >> they didn't have the
10:46 pm
had in several years. but to win 10 games is quite a accomplishment. to win the eastern division his first year is good. time will tell. but the coach is going to do a super job. >> what were thoughts on the play off process. >> i like four teams it's better than the two teams that we've had. it creates a lot of excitement for a lot of games. you got to pace yourself all the way through. got to give clemson credit card to win 14 in a row. alabama is who they are. coach sabin gets them ready to play. they know how to win championships they just keep organize on doing it. >> the shout out going to a buck coaching the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> tony dungy was the first african american nfl head coach to win the lamb barred y trophy. he led team to the playoffs in two seasons. he won a super bowl as a player and as a coach with the colt's. 54 and 22 in six seasones.
10:49 pm
a spokesman for hiring minorities. head of a father program. a steined multiple council. no one will argue that he's not a good man. for those reasons and more. dungy's gets tonights shot out. ricky fouler made a lot of clutch puts including this to force a play off. after impressive back and form's. it's matsuyama with a two put par to get the one. thanks for watching the sports zone. for more sports news can you can follow me on twitter.
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