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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we'll talk to our @ >> a brevard county corrections officer fired of alleged sexual misconduct with a inmate. >> derrol nail is live from the
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details on this. >> that's deputy barre tailor accused of having sex twice with a female inmate here at the jail over the past several weeks weeks. today, bare barry taylor was tired. they learned of the relationship between the deputy and the inmate at the jail from other inmates who reported to deputy taylor's supervisor. today, they announced the firing and arrest of one of his own at the jail in a hastedly announced news conference. >> i can't tell you how much it angers me. as you know, the men and women of this agency works hard everyday to protect our professionalism on our citizens, and something like this serves to take that away.l
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ry taylor was thought to have a career ahead of him. he had received a award for arresting a shoplifter while off duty much he was arrested with a charge of sexual misconduct and being held here at the jail on $5,000 bond. live at the brevard county jail, derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> derrol, thanks. a police officer in lake county fighting for his life after badly burned in an accident last weekend. >> the officers parents spoke about their son's condition today and kirsten delgado has more on this story. as i understand it, this officer was off duty at the time of this accident? >> good evening, guys. the parents of clirmt police officer kris kruse on high alert this evening, wondering about his care, wondering if he'll
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from the public so he can recover from the 60% of his body engine engulfed in flames. he's in the icu at orlando@|| regional medical center and the doctors tell them that he has a 50/50 chance to live. kris' dad, jack kruse, works as a police officer for the clermont police department, he's recovering from injuries after a paragliding accident from january. jack said it was always his dream to work with his son. >> my dream was always to be able to work with him and we're able to did that. we had a couple of shifts together. it was something that we had looked forward to as a father and son. >> now, at a press conference this afternoon, we're told by kris' parents that he was in critical, but stable condition,
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that kris needs to be in complete stable condition before they can completely assess the damage to his property and begin the painful process of skin graph. >> thank you. a go fund me account has been set up to help the family with the medical bills. you can check it out and donate, just log on to our website, we'll set you up with that link to the account. >> it is going to be another cold one tonight. fox 35s chief meteorologist glenn richards has a look at the forecast. >> right now temperatures are in the 50s, we only warmed up into the upper 50s for today and with the clear skies, temperatures will drop off quick. right now, frost advisory for all of us, so that means tonight. everybody needs to cover up the plants, around the households, if you have the tender vegetation outside. across volusia county, lake, sumter counties, temperatures there getting down to about 28
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fifty-two in daytona, 56 towards melbourne and the forecasted lows for tonight, 36 in leesburg, around 35-38 to orlando b.j. two to three colder in the metro area tonight compared to last night. thirty-five in melbourne, and because the temperatures will be colder and the winds will be much, much lighter by late tonight, i'm expecting to see widespread frost. right now the skies are clear. we'll talk more about the warm up on the way going through the weekends, that's coming up. >> glenn, thank you. developing right now, a car has slammed right into a home in orange county. some reason, the driver lost control, then crash into the home. 1900 block of rio grande avenue. thankfully, there was nobody inside the house when the accident happened. twenty-seven-year-old driver arrested for a previous hit and run crash. that case is still under investigation. we have an update on that water main break we've been following in eatonville. >> that tops the evening rush. the line broke last night on east kennedy between college
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the city tells us the pipe has been fixed, but kennedy is still closed in both directions for repaving. they hope to have the road reopen by tomorrow night's rush hour. a boil water alert is in effect until at least saturday. >> ocala police is investigating a deadly crash in marion county. three cars collided at the exemption of southwest 60th avenue and southwest 20th treat around 8:30 this morning. one person died and three others taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. >> just hours after a volusia county sheriff's office deputy got a purple heart, he was back out on the streets. endo was shot in the neck in november, but back on the job yesterday and immediately was back in action. endo and his partner was following a reckless driving suspect when the driver took off. endo tracked him down and his partner arrested him. >> catholics are celebrating ash wednesday today. the pope holding mass earlier at
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ash wednesday marking the beginning of lent, the period of prayers and sacrifice as the faithful prepare for easter. still ahead, the results are in and we have the winners for the new hampshire primary. >> but two candidates have bowed out of the race. after the break, we talk to our political editor about chris christie and carly fiorina who have suspended their campaigns,
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>> the final results in for the new hampshire primary. you can 2002 candidates are dropping out. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders took him a bigger win than expected, grabbing over 60% of the vote. he got more than 80% of the
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only had 38% of the votes in that state. on the republican side, it was donald trump who took home a victory, 35% of votes to him, john kasich in second with over 15%, and ted cruz in third with 11.7. jeb bush had just 11% and marco rubio rounded out the top five with 10.6%. chris christie came in sixth place with over 7% of the vote, but he's going to drop out of the race. he announced that night that he's leaving and the seventh place candidate, carly fiorina, also just ended her bid for president. let talk with political editor craig patrick about this. are you surprised about the recent drop outs here, craig? >> no, because carly fiorina had nowhere to go. she had moments in some of the debates but with no ground game or organization or money relative to the others, she was stuck and she knew it and with this, she drops out. chris christie was hoping for a better performance than in new hampshire. he said before new hampshire, if he didn't perform particularly
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surprise there based on the results we saw, but he had a big role in tripping owp marco rubio in saturday night's debate. >> in donald trump's victory speech, people commented that he sounded more restrain and tried to sound more presidential than he has in speeches past. how did you take his speech? >> same way. he moments that are uniquely trump, but we saw the same thing in the debate as well. i think trump is trying to moderate a bit, trying to before ject leadership, some animation as well, but when you're leading by the way that trump is leading in other states at this point, i think you're see something change at least in style from donald trump to match that and winning as did he in new hampshire, it sets up in a good position for south carolina and beyond. >> and bernie sanders grabbing a
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she handled it gracefully in her speech. where does she go from here and is this just a bump in the road like many suspect for her? >> the polls showed he was ahead8888 by 13%, he won by 20, in a state that brought bill clinton backxx as a( comeback kid. it's a huge lost. she lost among women. this was a terrible setback for80 the clinton campaign regardless how they spin it. the good news is, she's very -- performing very, very well in states after new hampshire. the bad news those polls don't stay static, they will move based on the results in the early states. >> what will we see in the next primaries, especially from a candidate we've been talking about, marco rubio a lot who needs to make some changes, what will we see from him in order to break out from the pack, jeb
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>> marco rubio will no longer be saying that president obama knows what he's doing. he learned a very tough lesson that you can't recycle talking points over and over, especially when you're call out for it. it will be very hard for marco rubio to live that down, especially in a year where authenticity seems to be a drive driving force and he comes across is rehearsed. he has to work on being more natural. jeb bush is in an interesting position, in that in south carolina he has a very strong organization there, and while most of the state may be trump or cruz country, can he make inroads along the coast. he's not out of it by a long shot. >> we look forward to check back with you throughout the process. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> here's the lineup for upcoming primaries. next saturday, the 20th, democrats in nevada and republicans in south carolina head to the polls. then on the 23rd, the gop's turn in nevada, then on the 27th, the democrats cast their votes
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of super tuesday which is march 1st, that's when people in 14 states will vote. to keep up with the latest politics on our website, >> look there. this is a view from space of a lightning storm. bri british astronaut tim peek took the video from the international space station. that's going a long ways. that's covering a lot of territory. the lightning storms are seen crossing across europe and africa. parentally, it was a very lightning heavy day. >> sometimes it's like a sprite in outer space. the forecast here, trying to heat up but breer having a tough go. a live picture across the downtown area, mainly clear skies, a beautiful day today, but with the humanity quite low, looks like temperatures will drop off pretty quick.
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clear skies, no rain on radar, temperatures this morning started out at 41 in melbourne, 28 in ocala, 34 the villages, 3433 in deland, 32 towards bushnell, so everything went as planned. tonight's forecast lows, still mid to upper 30s around the metro area, low to mid 30s out to the west, and sumter with a freeze warning, 28 in gainesville 3, 3 in daytona, and the mid 30s along the coastline, so it will be cold enough but more importantly, calmer tonight, allowing for frost to form. so a frost advisory for all of us, which means you need to cover up the plants plants for tonight, especially up in the freeze warning area. also need to manage that pool pump. make sure that it kicks on later tomorrow morning or keep it on all night f you're in the freeze zone, but also bring in the pets tonight, wear extra layers tomorrow morning and be careful with the fireplace. 52 degrees the current
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melbourne, 49 in leesburg, 49 in gainesville, winds have been strong. right now blowing in out of the west. live picture, sun has just set fifty-two with our visit orlando tower cam on the hyatt regency orlando. a beautiful sky, a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere. 61 degrees was the high temperature today, running 12 degrees colder than normal. again, we'll get down to about 38. freeze and frost, especially far northern areas, pockets of frost for everybody tonight and then the warm up begins tomorrow afternoon. that will continue through our weekend. it looks good, 51 in tampa, 47 in jacksonville, the big spinning low is pulling down the cold air. heavy lake snow off of lake michigan, lake superior. it looks like tonight will be the coldest night, then we'll tap into slightly warmer weather out to our west. here's the computer models
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pressure, means winds will be much, much lighter the next couple of days. weekend, another re-enforcement of the cool air shows up latter part of the day on saturday. the front comes through in the morning, a dry front, a cloud or two with it, then cooler temperatures during the day on sunday, but all in all this upcoming weekend looks good and`px`@ mainly dry. we'll put it down into the upper 30s tonight in orlando. for tomorrow, mostly sunny skies, a beautiful day, not as cool as today, and also not as windy. our breeze will be much lighter at 5-10 miles per hour, 64 will the high temperature. my seven-day forecast keeps the warm up rolling around. seventy-four for friday, 72 on saturday, cool down on sunday at 67, slight chance for showers early next week. >> thank you, sir.@? the orlando magic coming offd back-to-back wince against` atlanta, but facing one of the top teams in the west tonight in the last game before the` hh all-star break. sports anchor adam has a look at
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>> i'm along side dante, the spurs are in time tonight. nik has been on fire. >> this he wouldn't have two@ straight wins if it weren't for nicholson nick nik vucevic. on saturday, he was tremendous, started slow but picked it up. he helped them lead by eleven after one, then started to fire up the jumper. the biggest points of the game, 2.2 to go, neck vucevic sends the folks home happy with thevrrv0v game winner.@o back in action the next night in@i< atlanta, only three points inpg the half, he was mad at himself, so he came out firing in the third quarter, with twelve points in the third, big basket down the stretch in the fourth quarter and overtime. he had it in with that jumper, took advantage of the undersized al horford, finished with 28 and they win as well. >> he's been an animal.
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lamarcus aldridge. >> no question about it, he was named the western conference player of the week and for good reason. he's putt ing up big@ numbers, averaging 26 points, 7 rebounds this past week. one of those games of againstj(* ``s the he had 28.bp tremendous in the coverage, can he finish around the rim, he was 9 of 13 from the floor. he couldn't miss, inside, outside, deadly up to about 17, 18 feet. he's automatic.vvv he hits anything around the basic. the most impressive thing is he's only playing about 29 minutes a night, so he's bought into the san antonio system. we hit the air at 6:2030 tonight on fox sports florida. >> we'll have the highlights on fox 35 at 10:00. >> thanks, guys. the o.j. simpson mini series has a lot of people talking back to 199 1990. >> everything you see is not enl tirely accurate. after the break, we'll talk to tmz about why the kardashians
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first, the pump patrol, finding cheaper gas prices. one dolts 58 at the mobile on east cimarron and south 1792 in fern park and altamonte springs it's $1.58 as well at the wawa on east alternate month and
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>> maybe you've been watching it, the story of o.j. simpson who is accused of killing his wife and her friend ron gold man in the 1990s is now getting a new live an minnesota knee series, but it appears not everything in the show is accurate. i guess the criticism is from the kardashians, are they not happy with the performance? what's going on here? >> well, of course, you know this is coming from the kardashians, anybody who is going to be upset about the way they're portrayed, it will be the kardashians, who the way that ryan murry is appealing to kind of the younger crowd and people who weren't around went this whole thing happened is by intertwining the kardashians throughout it. obviously, they were a big part of it, so in last night's episode there was a point in the show when robert kardashian, david swimmer is at a press
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pronounce his name, and all of the girls and robert are at home watching tv, they chant kardashian, then spell it out and go kardashian, kardashian, kardashian, we're told that never happened. they say people got their name wrong all the time, they understood it, and it's clear that the show is taking liberties and albeit some over the top and what they said, ridiculous, to try and appeal to a wider awd youngs. audience. i think quite honestly they love being portrayed so much. they may be upset because they weren't as involved in it as they would have liked to, but the show is getting great ratings, people are interested, and i think that was the second episode, so we have eight weeks left of it. >> they call it misrepresentation. we might call it artistic license. we'll call it artistic license. thank you, gary. >> thank you. >> that will be interesting to watch. i remember listening to that on the radio. >> yeah.
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>> you saw the chase? >> yeah. >> my goodness. >> i was there. >> i was, too, forecasting central florida. [laughter] >> our forecast is cold. temperatures in the 30s tonight, will be frost across the area and a freeze to the north, tomorrow a little bit better up to 64, and we're back in the 70s by friday. >> supposed to go out to dinner,
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