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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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she won't be >> bob: coming out of orange county deputies say they found a mother and her daughter dead inside a home. >> sonni: keith landry at the scene at sunny land drive in pine hills joining us live with
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any new information tonight? >> reporter: well, here is what we know at this point. investigators telling us this does not appear to be a murder suicide, which means it's most likely a double murder that we're investigating here in pine hills. this is santa barbara road. if you look behind me you can see a detective and investigators gathering. gathering information, sort of making their plan as they go here. and this street is covered with sheriff's deputies, cruisers, up and down the street and yellow crime scene. what we're told at this point is around 7:45 this morning, a man who lives at the house left for a few hours and when he came back at 2:30 p.m., he found a woman and her teenage daughter dead inside the house with obvious signs of trauma. investigators are not telling us what those signs of trauma were or how they died but say it does not appear to be a murder suicide. they say that man is cooperating
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defining what his relationship is to the dead mom and the dead teen inside. they have not been identified. we don't have any information about any of those three people involved in this case, and the sheriff's office is being pretty quiet about the information they're releasing as they try to figure out exactly what happened inside that house. we've seen a couple different crime scene vans here throughout the late afternoon this evening. they're still working inside, photographing the scene. and gathering forensic evidence. when they catch the wood be killer, they will be able to prosecute at trial but still very much developing story in pine hills, and we'll keep you posted as the evening goes on on social media and on the tv side, as well. >> bob: we got new details about a gruesome attack, a 81-year-old man stabbed to death in his home. >> sonni: one of the people being questioned in the case has a very violent past. fox 35 investigates why he was
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place. holly. >> reporter: sonni, that is a question that 81-year-old julia gresham's family has been asking today. i did do an extensive search online of david buchan. it appears as though even with his mental condition the judge believed that he was not a suitable candidate for long term inpatient therapy. all is quiet at this home at third street in orange county, a far cry from saturday night when deputies were called to the home for a well-being check. gresham's daughter, testy, and her boyfriend, david charles buchan, are persons of interest in the case. yesterday both were for mental evaluations and buchan has a long history of mental illness and violence. according to court documents, police arrested buchan in 1994
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'95 for robbery and aggravated battery. a third time in 2007 for going after a deputy with a knife, at which point the deputy shot him. two months later police arrested buchan for attempted second-degree murder. deputies say buchan stabbed his mother 23 times in her bed but wasn't sent to jail. the judge found him not guilty by reason of insanity. i talked to criminal defense attorney and legal analyst about winning an insanity defense. >> it's not very common. it's a high standard. it's heavily monitored. his case he was committed at least for a minimum what appears to be a month or two. >> reporter: it appears since then buchan has been an outpatient therapy but according to buchan's own sister, that wasn't enough. twice she wrote letters to the judge saying her brother was diagnosed with at 14. he hears voices, saying outpatient therapy is not working, that buchan needs to be in a hospital and that he is
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someone. someone. there are several documented entries that are classified from psychiatries which a judge would take very seriously but it appears as though the judge felt buchan was stable enough to live on his own while being required to take his prescribed meds and see his mental health specialist. >> we don't know exactly everything that the court reviewed in making the decision, but it appears at least like the proper procedures were followed from what i can see in the court file. >> reporter: investigators say this is a very active investigation. no arrests have been made yet. they'll tell us when they are. one more thing you might find interesting i looked up testy gresham, one of the ones being held, and i couldn't find anything more on her past other than i a traffic ticket so doesn't appear as though she has any kind of violent history. reporting live in orange county. >> bob: video of a suspect being
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seminole county sheriff's office helicopter. after the suspect's car flipped all three people who got out the chopper was able to track the guy until patrol cars could move in. this guy is accused of beating two disabled men and forcing them to be part of the counterfeit money scheme. he faces several charges tonight. police say he would print the fake money then give it to the disabled men to have them buy things. he would then allegedly steal the items and pocket the change. authorities went to his home and found blood on his hands and the fake money. >> sonni: in cocoa a man goes out for a morning jog and doesn't come home. relatives go looking for him and make a tragic discovery. >> bob: the search is on for i a hit-and-run driver. valley is live tonight in
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she has all the details for us. >> reporter: a neighbor says he found the body of a jogger along the side of the road. it was over there where you see the white strip. troopers are calling it a hit-and-run. investigators say jason was hit and killed while he was jogging. they say the suspect's car is a gray chrysler with damage to the front and possibly the headlight and turn signal. we talked to a resident on his way to work around 7:00 this morning when he found the body. >> i noticed the body, backed up and yelled and dialed 911. i think his wife pulled up and she was brokenhearted. it's a tragedy. >> reporter: and anyone with information on the hit-and-run is asked to call the florida highway patrol. live in brevard county. >> bob: developing tonight the a boater county.
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back home after a boating trip last night. i got a look of where crews are right now focusing their search. in the water between satellite beach and patrick air force base. derrol nail is live with the latest on that search. >> reporter: the boat that was searching in that area that you just showed is back in dock behind me. that 45-foot coast barred response medium is what they call it. they're replacing it with a ship twice as long because the seas are so rough. as high as six feet offshore. they're also adding a plane to a helicopter that's already searching, but so far the only sign of 38-year-old lloyd chamberlain has been his boat, which washed ashore this morning. early this morning, a 17-foot recreational fishing boat washed ashore in indian harbour beach. all he no it was swamped with water, the vessel was in sea worthy condition. for the missing fisherman believed aboard, it's a good sign.
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fishing rods were also still in their holders. >> you know, what does that mean? he was it looked like he was actively doing something. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the coast guard added this fixed plane out of miami to assist with the search. as you can see from this video visibility is good but the seas and winds are rough. the coast guard is focusing on an area surrounding the missing man's boat. >> now we got a starting point. and from the starting point we can start doing a grid and working our way out to try to find him. >> reporter: the missing fisherman's long-term girlfriend says chamberlain was like a husband to her and a father to her three children. she says he is an experienced commercial fisherman who endured rougher conditions the day before at sea. chamberlain grew up on the water, so she is holding out hope he's still alive, which officials say is still a possibility.
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hopefully he did, his chances are good. >> reporter: the coast guard will continue searching into the night on a 87-foot cutter called the diamond back, just like the one that you see there. that will search into the night. as far as his girlfriend meal i did is concerned, she told me through tears that chamberlain, her boyfriend, has to return, because her husband was killed eight years ago, she says, on a boating accident in the indian river, where his body came ashore ten days later. she says she can barely stand the idea of having to go through something like that again. live >> sonni: new details about an over madonna beach crash. one man is dead, another person recovering in the hospital after a rv crashed into a tree and caught fire. this happened near the 1600 block of highway one early this morning. according to police, the rv
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continued towards a dairy queen parking lot when it hit a tree and caught fire. police say the surviving victim of the crash suffered serious burns and is being treated at the hospital. a cruise line worker arrested accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a hotel. the woman told detectives she was with him at a hotel room but the pair agreed to jut be friends. she woke up to find him battering her. do you remember whitney beale, the woman who broadcast her drunk driving escapade? tonight we learned she pled no contest in court to charges of drunk driving. she will be placed on probation for a year, and have to do 150 hours of community service. the water crisis in flint, michigan brought support from all across america. >> bob: tonight a company from central florida is trying to
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>> whenever we hear water crisis we want to do something. >> bob: coming up, the hurdles they face as they try to send clean water to the people of flint. >> sonni: a scene straight out of frozen, firefighters arrive at a building burning and transform it into an ice kasell.
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scattered showers on radar. >> bob: a small company in leesburg doing its part to help battle the water crisis in flint, michigan.
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to make it happen. >> reporter: they know the water business. >> we enjoy the water wonder land. >> reporter: she is president and owner of a water bottling company in leesburg. >> when we hear water crisis we always want to do something. >> reporter: the on toxic water crisis happening in flint, michigan, hit a nerve. she knew she had to help. fox news reports flint's tap water became contaminated with too much lead after the city switched the water supply in 2014 to save moony. the city has seen a spike in leaning their's disease, reporting in ten deaths that may or may not be related to the crisis. michigan's governor is slated to testify before a house committee in the near future. >> they had to put the water in
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company is trying to send thousands of these gallons of water to the people in flint. they got thousands of gallons of water ready and waiting to go to, michigan. the only thing is they're having trouble finding someone to ship it. company. >> reporter: she says it costs load. there isn't a firm count on how much water they can send. interest has trickled in from companies in far away states but no one in florida. >> if we get a message out some trucking company in florida maybe can also help. >> reporter: help for the people of flint, michigan, who are dealing with a toxic water crisis. >> sonni: at this hour deadly air strikes in syria target hospitals, making the death toll rise.
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doctor's without borders clinic and a children's hospital. strikes are being blamed on the syrian regime. world powers agreed to a cease-fire in zero i can't but that agreement will not go into effect until the end of the week. >> sonni: pope francis continues his tour of mexico celebrating mass, speaking to the community there. the pope talked about environmental issues saying it's time to act now to protect natural resources. this is pope francis' first trip to that country. >> bob: fire and ice on display in philadelphia. firefighters responding to a call at an auto repair shop. they doused the area with water to put out the flames but because it's so cold the water froze up. the result, well, that, because of the icy build up firefighters can't say for sure the flames are put out but they are keeping an eye on things. >> glenn: combined the warm
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severe weather across portions of alabama, also to western georgia. scattered light showers, mainly towards the radar side, extending towards titusville. additional rain showers across portions of osceola county. it's been a whole bunch of it, extending from new orleans into alabama, so they do have tornado warnings right now for those thunderstorms. for us what we're dealing with are rain showers offshore. newly formed rain showers, mainly to the east and down to the southeast, so this moisture is running up along the i-95 corridor, so rain showers basically east of orlando, for early this evening. we'll get a pause in the action, and then we'll get the main line of showers and storms after midnight tonight. temperature 68 in daytona, 70 in melbourne, 70 towards ocala. temperatures are warming up around five to evens degrees warming, compared to yesterday at the same time because the
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coming up out of the southeast at about five to 10 miles per hour. humidity levels are higher. dew points are up. that tells me we're looking at temperatures not dropping off too much. live picture out across central florida with visit orlando tower cam, you can see the orlando eye right there, 70 degrees, lots of clouds, lots of haze with moisture. 76 was the high today. the normal high is 74. so rain developing overnight tonight. isolated storm is possible. not likely for everybody. there is also a slight risk of an isolated strong or severe storm. that will clear things out tomorrow. that will continue through the daytona 500 for the upcoming weekend. the timing is very good with the race in mind. right now heavy rain currently across tennessee, also in northern alabama. there is your severe weather. snow has changed to sleet and freezing rain through -- that cold front is going to approach later on tonight.
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indicate the best chance for storms should begin up towards gainesville between 1:00 and 2:00 in the morning. as we head towards 3:00 a.m., showers and a few thunderstorms. look at the line of rain here. then hitting the space coast at about 6:00 in the morning. then the skies already start to clear by 8:00 a.m. so again this will be mainly an overnight event, and that means a lot of sunshine as we head towards noon tomorrow. 76 will be the high tomorrow. 72 on wednesday. and beautiful weather, thursday, through sunday. >> bob: you would think kanya west has it all, right? new hit album coming out. >> sonni: but apparently there is one thing he doesn't have. or maybe 53 million things he doesn't have. coming up we're going to talk live with tmz about kanya's big announcement that he is in massive personal debt and who he is helping for help.
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to very famous people to, well, ask for help. maybe get him back on his feet. live in hollywood with the latest on calling a personal debt to the tune of $53 million. who is he hoping will help out here? >> the biggest one he was hoping was mark zuckerberg, and i don't think that's going to happen. here is the deal. kanya says $53 million in debt. that is not really the is today. he's worth over $100 million. the $53 million in debt is actually money that he sunk into his own personal project, so they always say smart people don't use their own money for these ventures, and that's what kanya is doing, trying to pander to, you know, big celebrities to back him. apparently he's put over $53 million into his own clothing line, albums, and this and that, so he's looking for outside help. i think he's looking for more press for this album that may or
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but just kanya being kanya. >> sonni: he's not broke he's smart. we'll see you coming up on tmz. thank you so much. >> glenn: we have storms on the way later on tonight. a few showers for this evening. looks like a few strong storms after midnight tonight. not too bad of a forecast. we're back to sunshine tomorrow.
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