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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning it's i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- two men are shot to death outside of a home in winter park. hp*b%ye at the scene.. with brand new details about the victims.. plus the latest on what police say happened. then... the family of a cocoa jogger.. who died in a hit and run... could be closer to getting justice. details on the major clue... that troopers have discovered.. and why it could lead to an arrest. plus--- trt: oc: the republican
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war of words. details on what has donald trump so fired up... plus... why his front-runner status.. could be in jeopardy. but first, let's get
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now -- police have spent all morning..
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shooting outside a winter park home. it happened just before 10 o'clock last night at a home near the corner of capen and comstock avenues. that is just off of fairbanks avenue. fox 35's andrea jackson is live in winter park with the latest. good morning andrea. police were called to the winter park home, in response to a possible shooting last night around 9- 45 when they arrived-- they found one of the men in the yard of the home... the
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deputies are investigating a dog attack. it happened just zclock this morning-- on apopka boulevard-- in apopka. the sheriff's office says the victim was bitten by a pit bull. deputies have not said how serious the injuries are... or-- if the dog was a pet. in brevard county-- troopers say they have found the jeep "!ey believe-- hit and killed a jogger in cocoa. investigators say an anonymous tip led them to the car. 39-year-old jason rodeghier was hit and killed while jogging on satellite boulevard monday morning. yesterday afternoon f-h-p said they had narrowed down the description of the vehicle that crashed into him. then---they received an anonymous tip that led them to a
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description. now, the victim's family is hoping justice will be served. troopers aren't releasing where the jeep was found. they say right now it's being processed for evidence. in orange county-- the orlando woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby remains in jail this morning. susan richardson yawned and stretched in court yesterday-- when the judge told her she's charged with child neglect. on monday, she gave birth to a baby girl in the parking lot of willow bend apartments. but investigators say-- she won't tell them what she did with the baby. police spent the day searching for "baby willow"-- but found nothing. we spoke to richardson's boyfriend yesterday-- he thinks there is a 50-percent chance he's the father.
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richardson was on medication for schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. breaking news.... the turkish government... has launched air strikes on iraq.. following a deadly suicide bombing. a car bomb detonated outside of a military base in the turkish capital of ankara-- during rush hour-- last night.. officials believe kurdish militia members were behind the bombing-- which killed at least 28 people. overnight-- turkey retaliated-- by launching the air strikes on kurdish militants in iraq. the suicide bombing comes -- as turkey continues to fight a war with isis in syria. new this morning-- a bill -- that would bring more money to h(*gty schools-- is not expected to pass in the state legislature. the daily commercial reports-- lake county is next to last in florida for per-student funding. the current formula for student funding considers things like.. student enrollment, cost of living and how many students have special needs or speak english as a second language. the proposed bill would change that formula to help benefit smaller, less diverse counties.
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dont have enough support in tallahassee to get the bill passed. today -- we expect to find out.. if florida will break records again.. when it comes to visitors. governor rick scott will announce florida's 2015 tourism numbers at a news conference at "epcot" this morning. st year.. florida's tourism industry set a record, with 97- point-3 million visitors-- which is still short of scott's goal of 100 million. developing at this hour. president obama is planning a trip to cuba in mid-march. senior administration officials made the announcement yesterday. the president will be the first president to step foot in cuba in nearly nine decades. meanwhile... the president is making efforts... to strengthen security in cyberspace in the u-s. he picked the man he wants to lead the nation's first commission on cybersecurity. the president appointed former national security adviser -- tom donilon -- to the job. the commission will charge of putting together a report with specific
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recommendations. trt:14 oc: the president is creating the commission following a massive government data breach last year. still ahead-- we now know who won the massive powerball jackpot in melbourne beach. straight ahead-- find out how they plan to spend all that money. plus-- ted cruz saying he's iid of donald trump's threat of a lawsuit. this--as cruz soars ahead in a new
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confirmed in central florida. this time-- it is in brevard county. "florida today" reports... the victim traveled to haiti.... and that is where the virus was likely picked up. this brings the total number of zika cases in florida to 22. the mosquito-borne virus can cause a fever.. and rash. it is also believed to cause birth defects in babies. none of the florida cases involve pregnant women. what do you do when you win a share of a 1-point-5
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the melbourne beach couple that hit it big still says they aren't sure what they're going to do with it all. the florida lottery announced that david kaltschmidt and his wife mareen smith had bought the winning ticket. the announcement comes more than a month after the drawing. the couple says they kept their secret from friends, family and even their children until last week. they plan to take a "one time lump sum payment"--which comes to 327 million dollars. they say they are planning on taking care of family... but aren't sure what else they'll do with the money. the publix that sold the ticket will also receive 100 thousand dollars. the jackpot generated 114 million dollars in florida. that money will go toward students
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you decide 2016... for the first time ever... ted cruz leads the republican field in a new national poll. the latest "n-b-c wall street journal" survey has cruz getting 28-percent of the support. trump fell to second place... with 26-percent-- followed by marco rubio, john kasich, and ben carson. former florida governor-- jeb bush-- is in dead-last right now... with just 4-percent. support-- is not the only thing growing-- for cruz. the number of attacks he is facing is also on the rise. it appears cruz has had enough-- challenging his biggest critic, donald trump, to make good on his threats... and sue him over an ad that shows trump calling himself "very pro-choice".
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f support as well. with the south carolina primary just days away... rubio won the highly-coveted endorsement of the state's governor nikki haley. instead of going after his republican rivals though... rubio used the platform to attack the democratic candidates he's hoping to eventually face one-on-one. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud... let's start rubio's endorsement from south carolina govenror nikki haley... that has to be a big
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let's talk about the new "n-b-c wall street journal" --which has cruz number one nationally.. what is your thought on what's going on there?
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on f-m 102.5. on the democrat side-- support for the 2 candidates is split right down the middle in nevada. the latest "c-n-n/o- r-c poll" has clinton getting 48-percent from caucus attendees. sanders is right behind her... with 47- percent. clinton's campaign le to win the endorsement of senator harry reid-- that it was counting on to give her an edge heading into saturday... and ended-up upsetting
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senator reid says he is now planning to remain neutral moving forward. saving you money on the fox 35 pump patrol-- regular gas is 1-57 at the speedway on south u-s 17-92 and north griffin drive in casselberry. you can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35
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````````````````````````````````````````````````pd0 days to appeal a
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them hack the san bernardino suspect's phone. we have the latest on the f-b-i's push to make it happen. plus-- walmart may not be where shoppers prices anymore. find out why. but before we go to we are looking ahead to some big
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flo apple. they have a few more days to formally appeal a them to hack one of their own users. company can do what the court is asking... but many do should. to break into the i- phone of san bernardino shooter but-- they do not plus-- the phone has a security feature... that wipes its data after you enter the passcode incorrectly 10 times. a judge ordered gto make a software that by- passes that security feature. but apple said in an open letter yesterday... that's too risky. while they are capable of making that software-- it could fall into the wrong hands... and affect millions of i- phone users worldwide. a new survey shows-- walmart may no longer have the lowest prices. many people said they think prices at
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are lower. walmart has spent more money lately-- to keep up with the competition. walmart is preparing to release its quarterly numbers this morning. investors are looking to see if walmart's efforts-- to stay on top-- have paid off. coming up in our next half hour-- we are learning more about a shooting that happened at a popular orange county restaurant. straight ahead-- the new information we know about the suspect and the victim. plus-- police are investigating after two people are found shot to death outside a winter park home. we go live to the scene for the latest details. but first-- we are looking ahead to big concerts coming to orlando.
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ah. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- two men are found shot to death outside of a home in winter park. the latest on the investigation--ahead. plus-- authorities in cocoa say they've
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from a deadly hit and run crash that killed a jogger. we have the details in a live report. then-- tonight we will have a final list of everyone competing in this years "daytona 500." we give you a look at today's qualifying races. but first, let's get
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developing right now -- police have spent all morning.. investigating a deadly double shooting outside a winter park home. it happened just before 10 o'clock last night at a home near the corner of nd comstock avenues." that's just off of fairbanks avenue. fox 35's andrea jackson is live in winter park with the latest. good morning andrea. police were called to the winter park home, in response to
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troopers say they have found the jeep --that they believe-- hit and killed a jogger in cocoa. p investigators say an anonymous tip led them to the vehicle. fox 35's jackie orozco is live at the florida highway patrol headquarters in orlando with the latest. good morning
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````` `````pxx`xpp```.>@888@;@;@;@;@;@;0::: :: : :888h;h; : :> osceola county, for hours. this story tops our morning rush. the crash happened last night-- in the westbound lanes--near world center drive. troopers say a truck rear-ended a car-- which started a jction crash. at least four vehicles were involved. a 21 year old woman from haines city died. another driver is recovering from minor injuries. the interstate is back open this morning. we now have video of a chase through orange county... after two men robbed a tourist... attacked an uber driver... and stole a car earlier this month. 24 year old nathaniel woods and 37 year old john powell eventually crashed the car during this pursuit... and were arrested.
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njeing-- after firefighters pulled it from a burning home in cocoa. it happened last night-- on parkway street. first responders saved the pet -- with special breathing equipment. no one inside the home was hurt. no word on what caused the fire. a restaurant manager is recovering, after he was shot twice during a robbery, in orange county. this is an update to a story we first broke right here on "good day." it happened early yesterday morning, at gators dockside on john young parkway, just south of the "417." deputies say the ..n came in, demanded cash, shot a manager, then drove away. the restaurant's "director of operations" was shocked to hear what happened. yesterday, deputies arrested the suspect, 23 year old "craig bernard kerry junior." he's facing charges including armed robbery, and attempted second
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j5e alert in orange county. deputies say --a man and woman-- attacked and robbed three u-c-f students. % say it happened tuesday night-- at the "collegiate village apartments." deputies say the crooks forced their way inside -- and the tarted punching one of the victims. the victims say the woman had a stun gun --and threatened to use it. then--the suspects stole a laptop.. cell phones.. and their wallets--then got away. a theif is caught on camera stealing from a "sunglass hut" on i-drive... and threatening employees. it happened last tuesday. this video shows the suspect stealing several pair of oakley glasses-- before making his way to the door. that is where he is approached by employees. police say the man then pulled out a needle... threatening to stab the workers. anyone who recognizes this man-- should call orlando police. we already know rookie chase elliot, and two time "500" winner, matt kenseth are starting on the front row, sunday. the rest of the field
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tonight's "can am duels." the first of two qualifying races starts at seven o clock. the drivers hit the track yesterday for "daytona 500" practice. elliot, the pole sitter, was getting in some laps. later ,michael waltrip got into the back of ryan newman. they both spun out. everyone was okay. akpll star break is almost over. there are a few games on the schedule tonight. `m` the magic are back on the court v&g || y\ tomorrow night. orlando hosts =9
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world, you don't have to go very far. find out which florida beach was named in a new ranking. plus-- a new national poll shows ted cruz up --over donald trump-- for the first time. and marco rubio gets a big endorsement in south carolina. the latest on the race for white house is straight ahead. welcome back-- good news for
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b@``vpp````ppvx`vxvv`{p{@ food and wine festival" is going to be even longer. the orlando sentinel reports -- the festival will run for 62 days this year. that is ten days ` longer than last fall. the festival begins on september 14th-- and goes until november 14th. if you want to go to one of the best beaches in the world... you don't have to leave florida. "trip advisor" announced the best beaches around the globe yesterday... and clearwater beach took the 20th spot. nz9ly that--but it was the only american beach to crack the top 25. that took the top spot is "grace bay" in turks and caicos. a beach in brazil and cuba rounded out the top 3. , the survey is based on quality and quantity of user reviews and ratings. central florida has some great beaches too! so we want to know which one is your favorite. send us your favorite beach pictures with the
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you decide 2016-- a new poll shows ted cruz up soaring in national polls. but support is not the only thing for cruz. rumber of attacks he is facing is on the rise as and it appears cruz challenging his biggest critic, donald trump, to make good on his threats... and sue him already. fox's doug luzader is live in washington d-c with more. good morning doug. the attacks on cruz
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affecting his poll numbers... he is up over trump. what is spurring these numbers? marco rubio got a huge endorsement from south carolina governor nikki haley.
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him in the upcoming primary?
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0 wall your first trending headliens comes from business insider. it reads... "a referee in argentina was killed j9g a player a red card." it happened at an amateur soccer match. it came to a tragic end... when a referee was shot and killed.
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red card. that player then left the field.. and then came back and shot the referee. the ref died from three shots to his head, neck, and chest. a player from the other team was also hit by a bullet. there is now a manhunt for the player who opened fire. next up.. from it reads... "nyc man receives contents of lost wallet with hilariously honest note." the man from new york had just gotten back from a concert.. when he realized his wallet was gone. uttnjlater.. he received an unmarked envelope in the mail that contained his license, his credit cards, and a letter. it reads: dear reilly flaherty, i found your wallet and your drivers license and your address so here's your credit cards and other important stuff. i kept the cash because i needed weed, the metrocard because well the fare's $2.75 now, and the wallet cause it's kinda cool.
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your day. toodles, anonymous we guy who lost his stuff.. now says he's never been so conflicted about a robbery... because he appreciates the honesty. beyonce will be in tampa for her world tour this year... but law enforcement may not be in attendance. find out why police are refusing to work security at her concert. plus-- bloodied and beaten. that is how one robber looked-- when police finally arrested him. find out how a good samaritan turned the tables on the crook. time to take a look at the stories
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in manatee county-- a would-be armed robber is taken down by a good samaritan-- and it was all caught on camera! bradenton police say 26-year-old anthony nemeth walked into a busy walgreens on valentine's day... and tried to rob the place. a few moments later-- one of the customers takes notice, and starts fighting with him. nemeth bumps into a display-- before his shirt is ripped off. after a few more punches from the good samaritan-- nemeth was knocked out cold! he's being charged with attempted robbery. a south florida teen accused of posing as doctor -- is now out of jail. 18-year-old malachi love-robinson bonded out yesterday. he was arrested-- after investigators say he performed an exam on an undercover agent, and gave medical advice. they say he even opened an office in
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this isn't his first run-in with the law-- he was stopped last year at a hospital --while wandering the halls-- wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope. beyonce is bringing her world tour to tampa at the end of april. but now-- some police officers are refusing to work security! a few days before the super bowl-- beyonce released a music video for the song "formation." the music video, set in new orleans, shines a light on police brutality. but over the past few weeks-- no officers have signed up to work security at her up-coming concert. many officers saying... her message is "too political and unfair." despite this protest... the tampa police department says they are still trying to find officers who are pppppp willing to work security in april... .... because not having them on hand would be a huge security risk. john and amy are here with a look at =i%m we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. developing
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we are working to learn more about a double shooting in winter park. we have a live report on the investigation. controversy. we are looking ahead to the next step for apple, as they fight a judge's order to hack into one of its phones. and: we are looking forward to a big announcement from governor rick scott. he is in central florida to talk about tourism. find out what we
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6:00 am good morning, it's 6:00 a.m. >> john: two men are shot to death outside of a home in winter park. we have brand new details about the victims and the latest on p of a jogger who died in a hit-and-run may be closer to justice. also. the republican race turning into a war of words.


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