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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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great heads up driving by him. we knew he wouldn't stay in line. great team work i agree to get there. then he stepped out and used the gutsy move. he came home with his first daytona 500 victory. >> darrell: i like what martin truex and his team did, cole pearn. he's going to be more disappointed. my friend, it was a couple of inches. i'm sorry. >> mike: let's take a look at the final running order. big day for single car teams with truex finishing second and regan smith for tommy baldwin finishing eighth. both of those single car teams, but big day for toyota. first through third and fifth. matt kenseth ended up 14th after leading at the white flag and getting shuffled back in that order. >> darrell: jimmie johnson there in 16th. >> mike: ryan blaney, likely
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>> darrell: and brian vickers, i mean, he was up there in the hunt until the very end. >> mike: chase elliott, youngest pole sitter ever for the 500. they got that car back on track but it was all torn up at lap number 20. chris? >> chris: thanks, mike. guys, kyle busch, of course, who led 19 laps wound up third. part of the toyota dominance you were talking about. let's join matt yocum. >> matt: the whole jgr fleet trying to be the first to win. kyle, walk us through the final lap and a half how you were going to try to set up to go for the win. >> denny -- denny took my idea and did it sooner than i did and for me to jump up there, i don't know that i would have been able to protect my spot. i think he had too much momentum. i was kind of stuck with what i had. overall great day for our m&m's toyota camry. great day for joe gibbs racing.
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it was a day of toyota camrys up front. a day that we all just kind of worked together, developed a plan that seemed to work. wish it was our toyota camry in victory lane but you can't be greedy. >> great day of team work for jgr. >> vince: carl edwards finishes fifth. they talk about how arrow is so important. how in the world did you finish fifth with that thing? >> i don't know. i've got a great group of guys. this arris camry is a great group of people. after all of the wind tunnel stuff, that's good. proud of my guys. proud of denny. everybody at arris and toyota. we fought back, went a lap down. my guys never gave up. dave is a lot of fun to work with. i had a great day. great day for toyota and jgr. >> vince: carl edwards fifth place.
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>> chris: denny hamlin who last year was passed on the last lap this time comes from fourth on the final lap, passed kenseth and truex to win by .01 of a second and give joe gibbs three-time super bowl champion, four-time nascar champion a daytona 500 win. and in the 11 car, this is how truex.
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the trophy, something that denny was 0 for 10. in the 11th, it's a heavy trophy. hamlin needs a little help. exhausting after 500 miles. dominant miles by denny hamlin. we welcome you back inside our studio track side and join a terrific day at the daytona 500. michael waltrip finished 29th. let's see what denney did. truex, harvick, kenseth could have done? >> harvick had a big decision. it wouldn't have worked out for any of them if he had tried to pass denny. he tried to bang into the back of it. thought that was his best chance to win. chris, watch. bam. look at the momentum it gives the 11 car. he shoots away from harvick. just does an amazing job. don't think you can whip these things to the left at 200 miles an hour like that and squeeze into a hole like that. it's so tough. denny did an amazing job.
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pit stop where kenseth took two tires, hamlin took four. we knew he had a fast car. dale earnhardt jr. in the pre-race, he said, hamlin, that's who i am going to be watching closely. he said his karan better out front. he was able, he talked about his toyota teammates to get to the top. >> i love his passion. i talked about it in the pre-race. his focus was all over the race. denny is a great racer. he does special things. when he's hurt, he comes back. he came back with vengeance at daytona. toyota, getting the win, j.d. gibbs, that's got to feel good. . j.d. gibbs birthday. joe gibbs talked about such an important victory winning the championship with kyle busch. now he gets a daytona 500 title with denny hamlin. tonight on fox the simpson's. town.
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victory lane, denny hamlin will be joining us in our studio to talk with the guys. we'll expound more on how he was able to capture his daytona 500 victory. and then next sunday in atlanta and the weather's supposed to be good early. come out for great tickets and great speeds. that's a change of pace from restrictor plate racing here to atlanta. different kind of a race. >> i heard drivers say something about we want less down force. they're going to get it in atlanta. that surface is worn. these cars are going to be sideways. it will be awesome. how about daytona, 58 years later another photo finish just like the first ever daytona 500. >> i know that denny hamlin, brad keselowski said it will be more in the hands of the driver next sun when we race in atlanta. today, denny hamlin the dominant driver. the fast car throughout the two weeks here in daytona. finally gets that daytona 500 title. congratulations to him. thanks for being a part of it with us.
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23450 drivers, slip sliding sliding. >> out of the 4th turn, sliding into the wall, chase eliott. oh, no! >> the rookie pole sitter wrecks. >> feels like the fourth of july. >> but he's not the only one. >> and, turn one and two. two cars, barge into the wall.
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wall, also. >> we're starting to move forward, and getting the -- aggressive and, yeah, just lost it. >> tonight we're live with the winner of the datona 500. >> the datona 500! >> beautiful! >> i think it was denny hamlin! >> right now, on fox 35 news at 5:00... >> whatpm a finish it was, to the dave datona 500, denny hamlin celebrating, by a 100th of a second. the closest datona 500 finish ever! winning the datona 500, it was a picture-perfect day out here. for the datona 500. the weather was absolutely perfect. of course, this was the debut of the new daytona international speedway. and we saw every seat in the speedway filled.
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accidents, until the end and i would say we more than made up that with that. team coverage ahead in the next hour, and adam is live in victory lane, and, holly briscoe will talk to the fans and david martin on celebrity watch as well. what a day it was, let's show you the photo finish. watching with fans here in the infield they weren't sure who won and we watched the final lap play out and saw the finish and they had to wait a second before they actually decided it was indeed denny hamlin with a strong day, led most of the race but did not know until the final second and looking at the photo you weren't sure who won, it willing be the closest datona 500 finish in the history of the race. 58 races, this was the closest and now, live to victory lane where denny hamlin and the toyota crew are celebrating the first ever win for toyota. what a celebration and a finish! >> four inches separated him from martin truex, jr. at the
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final lap like there so often is but a good amount of action including a terrific move by the 11 car and denny hamlin, first win ever in the great american race. for a toyota racecar. let's check out the highlights and see how it all went down. chase eliott on the pole for the 58th running of the great american race, and trying to become the first rookie toy win the race from pole position. yeah, and we get to lap 20 and chase eliott comes out of the fourth turn and loses control an spins out into the grass, front end is in bad shape and stalls in the grass and brings up the first caution of the race. for six laps, and effectively ruined his race day. move on now, lap 56, brian vickers, same spot on the track as chase eliott's spin-out and vickers in the car in place of tony stewart. a tough week for him. and carl edwards hits the wall,
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out the caution. and then, lap 91, a pair of rookies involved in a hard crash near the back of the pack and, they are both in the first run ever at the 500. and the car hard up the hill and into the wall and he walks away from the car as does the reigning xfinity series champ, the third caution of the rain. the race was relatively clean and lap 169, after more than an hour of green flag racing we have action, dale earnhardt, jr. comes off turn four and gets aggressive trying to go to the outside and slides to the inside wall and, man! it looks nasty. a hard hit and junior walked away just fine but what a race -- a race favorite, his day is done and more action. 16 laps to go. trouble, for the number one car, danica patrick, and greg biffle bumps her on the pack stretch
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the 2350i7b8 lap, we had dramatics, matt kenneth charging hard on the outside and hamlin gets inside and kenneth falls away, and the 11 car gets past truex, jr. and the closest finish in datona 500 history, four inches separated denny wow! an unreal week for denny, he wins the sprint unlimited and he was fastest in most of the datona 500 for the first time ever. >> this was a victory. my teammates did an amazing job, working together. this is a proud moment for everyone at toyota. fedex. i don't know, i don't know where it came from, i don't know what happened. i can't figure out what i did, but, it also came together. >> joe gibbs, the man behind joe gibbs racing behind me, speaking right now, and, victory lane,
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his guy, denny hamlin in the 11 car, fedex car get egg this -- getting the win and it was spectacular the way the finish came. >> after seeing so many finishes here, it was unbelievable and of course, denny hamlin, a tampa native and spent a lot of his life in florida. a floridian, winning the datona 500 and we'll check back with adam. a crazy victory lane celebration, always fun to see the hat dance and this festivities that go on there. one thing that is fun, to be at the daytona international speedway is this see this crowd out here. a fantastic fan experience and more so now they've put $400 million into the super speedway, to make it a fantastic finish. and it is not all all racing fans, either. let's check in with holly at the fan zone with a look at the fans and that is one of the fun things is watching the race? >> it is absolutely amazing to watch the race and the fans and amazing to see the brand new grandstands packed full of people and they sold it out but not everybody likes to sit in
5:20 pm
like to be here in the infield and some are lucky enough to be track side and others find other spots where they tailgate. well, we went to an area that is called the zoo. known to be the rowdiest, craziest spot to watch the datona 500. we found people sitting on the dock of the bay, trying to get more of a relaxed atmosphere and one lady was right next to the fence, hair blowing in the breeze as the cars went by and then, we met this woman, who -- her first datona 500 and she got to sit on a nice comfy couch and see the action with her own two eyes. check her out. >> what did you do yesterdayed . >> i sat on a couch and i watched the mass car race. live. >> it is great! i mean, more than i ever imagined it would be. >> i would never want to sit in the stands again. not that i have, but why not do it this way. >> i have to tell you guys, i've been in the grandstands and down here and i would have to say,
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favorite place to be is at the finish line and what a finish today. as you just saw. we'll bring you more from the fan zone in a few minutes, live in the fan zone, holly bistro, fox 35 news -- bristow, fox 35 news. >> ryan: i see a number of race fans walking around there, wearing the nascar gear and they have a fantastic finish. and let's talk to a celebrity. interestingly enough a thought of people thought justin bieber was here and put the instagram to 75 million followers, i talked to daytona officials and he wasn't here but we appreciate the publicity and we had david martin on celebrity watch. >> reporter: hey, everybody, you know, daytona wouldn't be a race without those celebrities. so, here's what a few of those famous faces had to say moments before it all started. starting with star of the upcoming fox show, american grit. >> i got to take the camry
5:22 pm
they made sure i wouldn't drive and do doughnuts on the infield or something like that. i was really excited just being out there, alone in the empty stands at 7:00 a.m and, i know the history of daytona and, saw a little thing on fox sports about the actual production, dodge daytona, and, me being a muscle car freak, i go to the mercury cyclone and talladega and i know about this stuff and it is really an honor to be at the 500. >> baseball hall-of-famer ken griffey, jr. the honorary starter and the athlete has nothing but respect for these athletes. >> most of the drivers are 5-7, 5'8"ish and a couple to the 6 feet and you look at that in baseball, and, the sports world, they are little guys, but, they do just as much damage as anybody else.
5:23 pm
have to drive a car, listen to a guy on the radio, figure out what you want to do, strategy, i mean, it is -- a lot of things go on other than just driving and making a left hand turn. so, these guys are athletes. >> reporter: more celebrities matter in the show, at the track, david martin, fox 35 news. >> ryan: sounds good. and it can be be hard to find the celebrities, that you want to be faster and i bumped into john, he was taking pictures with military members at a neat event and enjoyed taking in everything the speedway has to offer. much more coming up and now, back to the studio, tom and kirsten live in orlando. >> a lot more coming on our coverage of the datona 500 including a look at more of the celebrities at the track like gerard butler and florida-georgia line. we also have a report on why the cars on the track are starting to look a little bit more like the cars in your neighborhood. also, a look at the new digital dashboards that will eventually connect you with the drivers in
5:24 pm
before, now, in the news tonight, a crime alert in orlando. four people shot in a convenience store and tonight the man accused of pulling the trigger is in jail. >> the attack happened four hours after a peaceful rally to stop the violence. fox 35's jackie orozco has more from paramour. >> the police say four people were shot at the convenience store during an armed robbery and officers say it was thanks work that they were able to catch their man. royce stevens is charged with multiple felonies, armed robbery, possession of a firearm by convicted felon, and four counts of attempted first degree murder. >> we want to examine the crime... >> reporter: the manager of this new restaurant called pleasure palace, next-door to tip-top grocery store. now, known as s & w foods in the 400 block of par mour avenue. hours before the convenience
5:25 pm
had a community rally, promoting unity and peace. >> we are not afraid. we are going to stand our ground. regardless. and business has to go on as usual. >> reporter: police say the alleged suspect, stevens barged into the store 9:00 saturday night an demanded cash and opened fire. four people were shot. one of the victims is critical. >> it is unfortunate, and we are sending prayers and condolences to the families. >> reporter: police say a canine helped bring stevens. >> custody. he was taken to florida hospital for possible drug intoxication. the woman says she has not seen any issues at her business and has 24 hour security. despite the armed robbery next-door, she is hoping for a better future. >> but we can't live in the past. weitz have to go forward -- we have to go forward and bring up the community. >> reporter: jackie orozco, fox 35 news. a volusia county home gutted by fire investigators in deland trying to figure out what caused the flames. firefighters say the call came in just after noon on mercer
5:26 pm
the house in flames. crews say the two people inside were able to get out without any injuries. no other homes were affected. the search for baby willow continuing in orange county. crews spending the weekend draining a pond just east of willow bend apartments where it is believed willow was born, cops say this mother, 30-year-old susan richardson is not offering any help finding the missing child. >> the orlando international airport is taking steps to try and stop the spread of the zika virus. officials are increasing the mosquito spray program and distributing educational flyers throughout the terminal, encouraging overseas travellers to bring in significant repel lep and cough their skin. 26 cases have been discovered -- and cover their skin. 26 cases have been discovered, all travel related. a sheriff is run done by a teenager. >> tonight we are hearing from her for the first time since she was dragged in the street.
5:27 pm
eye over here. and i've got quite a bit of swelling... >> more on her recovery process, how it is going and the message she has for all orange county homeowners. >> plus, police searching for the motive behind a mass shooting in michigan. still ahead why officers believe the gunman opened fire at random. glenn. >> as promised, beautiful weather at the speedway today
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>> new tonight we're meeting orange county sheriffs sergeant marcy pierce. >> deputies say a teenage driver ran her over friday morning. while she tried to take him into custody. video. fox 35's andrea jackson shows you. >> she ended up on the hood of the car... >> sergeant marci pierce is bruised, swollen and sore but her spirits are high.
5:30 pm
fractured left foot. i have a -- 4 stitches in my eye over here and quite a bit of swelling around my eye and into my head. and, i've got both hands, knuckles are all swollen and my right wrist is bruised. and right around the thumb, the media portion of my thumb is hurting. >> reporter: she had orders to pick up a 15-year-old wanted for burglary and she approached him and investigators say he stepped on the gas and headed straight for her. the sergeant landed on the hood of the car and the teen accelerated down the street. finally she managed to jump off and hit the ground. deputies are searching for john carlos ortiz and there is a simple message for the community she works to protect. >> first of all, i would tell him hello and i would tell everyone i appreciate them thinking about me and taking the time out of their lives to think about me, and, i'm okay. and i'm going to be okay.
5:31 pm
that i'm going to get through this, i'm going to be happy again. and, i've got this life, ahead of me. i'm going to make the most of it and i really appreciate them taking this time out of their day to wish me well. i'm very humbled by that. >> reporter: records show orange county deputies have arrested the teen three times since september. once he is caught he'll face attempted murder charges, on a law enforcement officer. in the newsroom, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. >> a search for a motive tonight in michigan. 6 people are dead, two others hurt after a series of shootings there. police arrested 45-year-old jason dalton. they say he is an uber driver in kalamazoo. he's accused of driving around the city, firing at random people. police say so far, they cannot find any connection between dalton and the victims. the shooting started last night at an apartment complex, one woman seriously hurt there. police say the shooter moved to
5:32 pm
he killed a father and son there. minutes later officers say the shooter killed four people in a restaurant parking lot. word from dalton's neighbors, strangely familiar for these kinds of cases. >> all night long, listened to music, you know, there is always banging, but never a concern that anything like this would happen. from living here, for the last three years, i've never seen any of stuff go on like there were any problems. >> dalton is scheduled in court tomorrow, police say he will likely face multiple murder and attempted murder counts. you decide 2016, donald trump with another big win, this time in south carolina. hillary clinton held off bernie sanders in nevada and former florida governor jeb bush, well, he's out. kale line shivley has your -- caroline shivley has your headlines tonight. >> no one could have summed up the presidential race better than donald trump did in the victory speech and takes the tonight point win onto in he
5:33 pm
>> i have been hit from 97 different angles. and now, we're down to, i guess five, and, we'll see what happens. >> reporter: trump leads most polls in nevada by at least 20 points. doubling the support of senators marco rubio and ted cruz who are basically tied for second. >> the screaming you hear now from across the potomac is the washington cartel in full tear rror that the conservative grassroots are rising up. >> jeb bush dropped out of the race and is putting pressure on lower tier candidates to drop out as well. >> i believe the sooner we can coalesce the better we'll be as a@ part in general. >> reporter: former secretary of state hillary clinton is fund-raising in california today. fresh off of her five point win over senator bernie sanders in the e nevada caucuses. >> i am so, so thrilled and see grateful to all of my supporters out there.
5:34 pm
never doubted each other. >> i believe that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention, we are going to see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. [cheers] >> democrats here in south carolina on saturday, it's an important state and most polls show clinton up by 20 points but we are nine days away from the real prize of sups tuesday, when about a third of the delegates get duffied y duffied up -- divvied up. >> things heating up here, right. >> great weather today and a yet weekend and a lot of boats at the coast. >> racing weather. >> for the race and watching the race. and, changes op the way as we get into the start of the work week and live radar is rain-free and as we go through this day
5:35 pm
least a chance for a few light showers, look at these temperatures, 73 in deland, and 72 melbourne and 76 in orlando. and we promised you 72 in daytona and bing, bing, right on it. 77 towards ocala. our winds are currently mange coming out of the east and southeast and will turn due south tomorrow and pump up the humidity the next several days in advance of our next cold front. now, humidity levels nice, running around 40 to 50%, and a live picture across metro orlando, this is gazing to the north towards i-4, 76 degrees and southeast wind now at 11 miles per hour. here's later on tonight, clouds thicken and there will be fog around first thing in the morning, 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. and nothing too bad and temperatures mainly upper 50s, to low 60s, because once again the humidity is on the rise and we need to bring the moisture back in and it makes it harder to get cooler at night. so, again a little warmer weather to come. showers, though for early in the week, again with the approaching cold front and sunny and dry as
5:36 pm
we'll cool things down the end of the week, too. 76 miami and 75 jacksonville, and here's the front. not much, right now, and elongated, stretched out, so, no threat of severe weather, along with this type of a setup. it will be light showers and looks like an area of low pressure will form to the north as we get into late tuesday an early wednesday and should reinforce the chance for the rain. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine early in the day and thickening clouds through the latter part of the morning and afternoon and chance for light showers, especially from orlando south and tuesday, the showers win to build, and, will continue to be the case through tuesday, tuesday night and also on wednesday. and eventually, the the elongated front should allow the sunshine to move back in, beginning thursday. 19 degrees for tonight and not as cool, tomorrow's high, way up there, 81 degrees. again or winds turning more out of the south.
5:37 pm
degrees on wednesday. and, our chance of showers increasing tuesday and wednesday and there is the cool down and look at all of the sunshine. for the end of the weak. >> forget hollywood, daytona beach is this hot spot for movie stars and more celebrity interviews straight ahead. >> and ford races a car just like you saw on the track tonight. >> and the orlando magic looking to build off friday's big overtime win. coming up, we see if they can
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pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. >> the datona 500 winner denny hamlin talking. >> it is hard to be selfless and just push your teammate to a victory. but, we did it. i mean, we held out and, any
5:40 pm
trying to pass with 4 or 5 to go and wanted a team victory no matter who it was and -- hello? i went up there to block the 4 dar because he had a huge run coming and, when he hit me, it just shot me way more forward than i ever would have marched and, we -- imagine and we had a huge run and the 20 went up high to block us and left the middle open for us and, cut the wheel hard and luckily we still got a toyota victory. >> the 4 car... >> no doubt the 4 car and this push i got. he pushed me in the 150 as well and i knew his car was good doing that, so i mean, as much as the team victory this is for us, obviously, the 11 car couldn't do it without the push of kevin harvick. >> [inaudible]. >> 11th datona 500.
5:41 pm
with fedex, it makes it proud moore for me to get the first datona 500 in 23 years for my boss, joe gibbs. and jd gibbs' birthday, the guy that found me so long ago, and it is just -- everything was just planned perfectly. for us to get a victory today. but i thought i messed it up on pit road and somehow we won. >> [inaudible]. >> >> i knew -- i was going to have a decision to make. i had a huge run coming on that, that -- i had to be selfless -- selfish and try and go for a victory. but the last think i wanted to do was wreck all three of us and somebody else win the race. so, luckily, matt gave us the room and we got inside, and, you know, it all worked out, but, wow! i mean, i -- i still, the last lap happened so fast, just i want to relive it and rewatch it to figure out what the heck i really did.
5:42 pm
>> yeah, i mean, i thought that the 78 actually was in the best position to win off of turn 4. because usually whoever is ahead with the side draft, he was going to get a run, but i watched chase eliott, yesterday, and, you know, grind his way and stop the run that was coming. and i did the same thing to him and stopped his momentum. and, you know, i didn't know -- i didn't know we won until somebody told me. >> [inaudible]. >> yeah, such a great week, winning last week and this week, it is -- we have so much momentum now for our season, we can go to work on the race cars and figure out what we need to do to perform well in the chase and, i just -- i'm excited, myself, because i just -- on the white flag lap thinking gosh, i have to get defensive here and hold on to a top five or ten, so, yeah. >> [inaudible].
5:43 pm
i haven't won many championships but my last championship was in 2003, a late model series and to be called champion of anything is a huge honor. >> thanks, guys. thanks. >> thank you very much. [applause]. >> certainly putting the pedal to the metal in the last, i mean, just the -- 30 seconds of the whole race, it was really phenomenal! >> four inches, at 200 miles per hour. he led 95 laps of the 200, so, a deserving winner. a lot of sports going on, sunday hoops at the amway center tonight, the magic playing host to the indiana pacers. orlando comes in and, winning three of the last four and the pacers have beaten the magic in 6 straight leadings and ten of the last 11. tim off about 17 minutes -- tim off, 6:00 on fox sports, florida. >> country superstars, rockin' daytona tonight. >> and we can't forgot our producer's favorite, jennifer's hollywood hunk, gerard butler, and chart topping
5:44 pm
loving central florida. >> energy here is unlike anything else. and we are so excited, feels good to be home. >> red carpet and more burning rubber, coming up. >> and, feel like you are after the checkered flag, the melt you
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
we'll show you the ford models`px` >> start your engines! >> datona 500. the rookies out first. >> the rookie pole sitter, stalled in the grass. >> and, the -- before the race got started. >> fans frustration with dale earnhardt, jr., goes too. >> almost like chase eliott. >> and he was a favorite. >> dale earnhardt, jr. appears to be out of the datona 500. >> and danica and biffle get tangled. >> and, turns around in the grass and fortunately turns himself as well, the out wall... >> fox 35 is your destination, for all things daytona. >> photo-finish.
5:47 pm
in a photo finish. look at that. inches, about 4 inches. separated denny hamlin from martin truex. >> there you go, take a good look at the photo in the e datona 500. denny hamlin, inching out martin truex truex, jr., an unbelievably dramatic finish. we continue our live team coverage at the speedway. >> and ryan elijah is live in the fan zone and adam shadoff at victory lane. you a picture-perfect day for a race! >> ryan: you couldn't state any better and we have had so many years we had to look at the regard and finish tuesday morning and daytona has seen it all. not today? >> it was a picture-perfect day, so many fans from the north enjoyed tremendous central florida weather. and it was a good race, and we didn't see the big crash some anticipated. until the end and when we saw a number of small crashes and saw
5:48 pm
inches, 200 laps and decided froi with 4 inches and, a lot of reporters are trying to feel how it feels for denny hamlin to win the datona 500 for the first time. >> we didn't have the big one and a last lap crash like owe often but what ehad was a spectacular -- we had a spectacular piece of final lap driving especially the final turn by denny hamlin to edge out martin truex, jr. by one tenth of a second. let's check out how we got there. >> okay. >> let's go! >> you have to love that. the nascar season officially under way and chase eliott on the pole for the 58th running, trying to win from pole position and things turn sour and loses control and spins out and front end in bad shape and stalled in the grass and brings out the first caution of the race for 6 laps.
5:49 pm
hour of clean racing, we had action. dale earnhardt, jr., one of the favorites pre--race, comes off turn 4 and gets aggressive and trying to go to the outside an slides to the inside wall and hits hard and junior walks out fine, but, the race favorite stays done and in the, 16 laps to go with trouble from the number one car, danica patrick and greg biffle representing kfc. a little check en action there. bumps into the back stretch an spins to the inside and she would drive away from this one, though and of course we hit this final lap, and here are the dramatics. matt kenseth goes to block hen denny hamlin and hamlin charges and gets inside and kenseth falls away and the 11 car goes onto get past martin truex, jr. in the closest finish in daytona 500 history. 4 inches separates denny hamlin from martin truex, jr. an unreal week for denny. >> my teammates did an amazing
5:50 pm
this is a proud moment for everyone at toyota. fedex. 11th try getting to the datona 500. i don't know-on , i don't know where it came from and what happened and i can't figure out what i did. but, it all came together. >> you know, all i could do. i had to leave. at the start of the daytona, it could have been 20 feet from the line and so, just -- really proud of that effort. really proud of that, for bass pro shops and first race for toyota and, i should have -- probably should have run him up a little bit more bought i thought we were close enough i could keep the foot or so but i couldn't. i lost the last second. but -- >> denny talking to local media here and he said it was a complete team effort and what a week this team had. they won the sprint unlimited to open up speed week, earlier in the week and led a bunch of laps in practice and started relatively near the front in
5:51 pm
he gets the first win of the datona 500. for the toyota racing team. a terrific finish to the datona 500, ryan, it was awesome. >> ryan: and we point that out and it is hard to argue... >> they won the sprint unlimited. a different car than the cup car but they were awesome all week, one of the favorites going in. and it was clear, and the jg -- >> it is for sure. we lost them, victory lane, you know, it gets crazy in victory lane, if you have been there it is a crazy scene and it's interestingly enough denny hamlin said, why not us and nine hours later he has won for the first time, the man born in tampa. and we had fans, that said awesome race and the fan experience is here, one of my favorite parts of daytona and holly bristow, you can watch as a fan or in the corporate suites, it depends how you want the racing experience to be?
5:52 pm
everybody has their own preference on whether they want to be in the grandstands, which were completely sold out for today's race in the fan zone, and, well, there were some very, very, very dedicated fans that we found that were out in an area that is call the zoo. some of these people have been camping here, since a week ago, thursday and have been here for every, single piece of the action. track-side and all have their different preferences on where they'd like to sit. some bring couches from home and put them out in their -- and they are back a ways and we fond this one woman who was next to the fence and said that she just couldn't believe the feeling that she got being that close to the cars, whizzing by every lap. >> the best thing, you can see everything, right where you are. >> right. how you do feel when the cars come flying past here at top speed. >> it is heart-wrenching. it is -- it is exciting. >> reporter: now, right there in
5:53 pm
basically got some feature, camping spot there that has been grandfathered in and passed down from a friend to a friend to a friend and they have been working to get the spot and everybody has their favorite spot and mine happens to be out here with all the fun. back to you, ryan. >> ryan: thank you. for sure. this is definitely a major super bowl event and attracts the big name celebrities, not just the 40 drivers but celebrities as well and who better to track them than our david martin. >> reporter: you know, daytona wouldn't be a race without those celebrities and here's what a few of those famous faces said moments before it all started. the florida portion of florida-georgia line. though pregame show entertainment. brian kelly. local boy from ormond beach. >> it is 100% a dream come true to be on a completely different end of it for four years, and -- in high school, and, we were in a you trailer for all the racers.
5:54 pm
raised money for our team and doing it four years and coming to the races as a fan and coming back and getting to entertain and play some of our songs, and, getting in the mix and it us undeniable and, we are excited and good to be home, a beautiful day. awesome. >> can't forget the grand marshal. and famous movie star, gerard butler. >> i have to tell you, it is blowing me away. i even have my mother here. my stepdad, my aunt. friends. and my mom, i was walking here and my mom came and took me hand and said, this is so exciting! it is a spectacle. i want to hold your hand! anyway. so it is -- arriving here today to the stadium, my god, what an aura, what an atmosphere. i'm really excited to get into this. >> at the track, david martin, fox 35 news. david, thanks, you don't
5:55 pm
and kirsten, the one thing that blows me away, as big as the race is they do it better each year and added another level to this and what they can control is the weather and made it a picture-perfect day for them. >> it does and, a lot better than it has been at times. in the last number of years. >> can get any better. >> the next big event, by the way, at the speedway is the country 500, a music festival in may. >> and, did you know you can actually feel like a nascar star when you pull out of your driveway. >> they want to see the car they can buy in the showroom on the racetrack. >> from the speedway to the dealership, high performance cars for sale. tonight. >> a few clouds going into the
5:56 pm
several days, rain will roll during this extended visit from your extended family, all you want is a peaceful moment to stream your show. and you need enough bandwidth to share with a full house
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>> the old nascar saying,... >> ford is making sure the models you see on the track like like the ones you find in the showroom and it could be your next family car. >> have you noticed anything different about nascar's vehicles, on the track? manufacturers are trying to put the stock back in stock cars. at least, on the outside. if you look closely, here, at greg biffle's feared fusion, you with ill notice -- ford fusion you'll notice things the
5:59 pm
like the exteriors of the fusion you see on the street. >> check it out, the production ford fusion and brad keselowski's version like he'll drive in the datona 500. stop by the ford setup on midway outside of the track and you can see them for yourself. a lot of fans do. >> they want to see the car they can buy in the showroom on the racetrack. >> they are getting closer and starts with the general profile. >> the silhouette is similar. >> reporter: up close a touch along the sides more than similar. >> there is character lines and the body side, that goes along the entire top of the body side which is exactly in the racecar, that is in the road car. >> reporter: why work to mach them more and more alike? simple. marketing. >> you want to characterize and associate with the sinner as a fan and, therefore, they want to see the car that they can buy in the showroom on the racetrack. >> going really fast. >> all about winning. >> today the winner was toyota, though, by the way!
6:00 pm
drivers seat of your favorite racecar. >> dash boards are going digital. >> in the future it will allow the fans to engage more with the data. as the data becomes available. so you can see what your number one driver deals with. that is next. i i dodon'n't t knknowow w whahatt i'i'm m dodoining.g. i i cacan'n't t fifindnd a anynyththiningg jujustst w whehen n i i ththinink k itit's's j jusust t nonot t gogoining g toto w worork.k. ththisis w womomanan t thahat t woworkrks s ththereree cocomemes s ovoverer a andnd a askskss cacan n i i hehelplp y youou?? anand d hehe w wasas s so o hahappppy,y, t to o dodo i itt amamazazining g ririghght?t?


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