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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- an 8-year-old boy is recovering this morning... after he was injured in a hit and run crash-- while riding his bicycle. and now-- police believe they have found the driver. the details on what happened. plus... we are
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accused in a mass shooting in kansas yesterday. investigators now say... that man had a crminal background in florida! plus this-- the 5 remaining g-o-p candidates squared-off last night in houston for a debate. we will break down the big topics... and what you can expect before "super tuesday."
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developing this
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they believe they've found a car and driver in a hit and run involving an 8- year-old boy. that boy is recovering this morning. fox 35's tracy jacim has the latest. meanwhile-- police are
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seperate deadly crash-- also in titusville. police say a man was hit and killed by an s-u-v on old cheney highway. the victim's name has not been released. that driver did stay on the scene. a news alert now-- we are learning new information about the man behind yesterday's deadly shooting in kansas. according to our news partners at the orlando sentinel... the gunman has a criminal history in florida. 38-year-old "cedric ford" faced several infractions during his time in broward county-- including multiple drug charges. he was also sentenced to three years in prison in 20-05, for carrying a concealed weapon as a felon, according to the report. investigators say ford is responsible for yesterday's mass
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they say he drove through town with an assault rifle... firing at random... before storming the factory where he pppppppppp worked. three people were killed and 14 were wounded-- before ford was shot and killed by police. investigators are still looking for a motive in this shooting. you decide 2016-- it was a fiery night in texas as the republican candidates met in texas for the last g-o-p debate before super tuesday. the candidates attacking front- runner donald trump. fox's steve rapport has the details. lug: bc-fox-97-aehq- gop-debate-2/25 category: aehq / national / politics / southwest item: 97 block: evening slug: aehq: gop
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f|x presidential race. you can get the latest updates on our website "fox 35" and you can also download the fox 35 news app on your phone. new this morning-- we are learning new details about a double shooting in orange county. this is a story we first broke yesterday morning on good day orlando. the shooting happened late wednesday night on king cole boulevard. orlando police say two people were rushed to the hosptial. this morning... officers say the men were shot over some sort of gambling incident. they also say there
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a suspect. both victims are recovering with non-life-threatening injuries. "seaworld" making a stunning admission. the park is now acknowledging-- it sent a worker to infiltrate an animal rights group that opposed the theme park. "seaworld entertainment" c-e-o joel manby said z^{?`r`x?`>sr yesterday-- the company will no longer use such practices to spy on opponents. a worker from "seaworld san diego" was suspended last summer-- after "people for the ethical treatment of animals" claimed he had tried to incite violence among peaceful protesters-- while posing as an activist. manby says the company is hiring an outside firm to review its security practices. a crime alert now... two people... police uuinvolved in a superbowl sunday pree... are now behind bars. police arrested 24- year-old nathaniel woods... and 37- year-old john powell for their roles in february attacks. officers say the two men drove around orlando.... robbing random people at gunpoint.
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happening today-- police will spend the day looking for new places to search... to find an abandoned newborn baby girl. police are switching locations-- after scouring the same for 10 days. officers believe 30- year-old susan richardson gave birth to "baby willow" inside of a duplex behind the "willow bend apartments" earlier this month. u5"rained a pond --and searched sewers in the area-- but they did not find the baby. police say they are hoping for some new leads-- that could help them pin-point the exact area where richardson abandoned the child. richardson remains behind bars-- charged with child neglect. police say she is not cooperating. coming up-- after a second attempt... space-x scrubs the launch of a falcon 9 rocket again. after the break-- we will tell you why the rocket never made it off the launch pad.
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hear when space-x will try to launch a falcon 9 rocket again. last night's launch was scrubbed with less than two minutes left in the countdown... because liquid oxygen was flowing from the rocket. once liftoff does happen, space-x will try to land the discarded first- stage booster on a barge offshore. developing at this hour-- apple is asking a judge to reverse an order to hack the san bernardino shooters' phone. the company says the federal government is demanding "dangerous power"
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claims helping the f-b-i crack the device would be "bad for america"... especially if that information were to fall into the wrong hands. the proposed cease-fire in syria is still scheduled to go into effect at midnight. russia and the u-s made the deal... calling it the best way of ending the five years of violence that has resulted in the deaths of more than a quarter-million people across war- torn syria. another 11-million syrians have been displaced in that time. the death toll in this week's devastating storms has risen to nine nationwide. as many as 48 tornados were reported tuesday and wednesday alone... including h.iin florida. the same storm system has since dumped heavy snow across the great lakes and new england. winter garden city commissioners hope a heated debate is over... after they voted to keep not-for-profit groups from praying before meetings. this comes-- after n atheist group wanted to say a prayer.
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free thought community" or c-f-f-c has been pushing city leaders since 20-14 to let the group lead the prayer-- but so far it has not happened. members of the group say it is all about being treated equally. c-f-f-c says a lawsuit against the city is an option... but they hope to resolve the issue by talking directly to city leaders. coming up next-- investigators bust a huge heroin ring in orange county! but-- they say this was no ordinary bust. coming up... why the agents say the drug operation was so complex. plus-- a convict from ohio-- who spent decades hiding out in brevard county... will soon be a free man. straight ahead... find out when a judge is set to
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been reported in florida. one of those is in orange county. that brings the total number of cases in florida to 35. all of the cases are travel related. a sanford couple is facing charges of child neglect... after police say a toddler-- in their
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the hand. that story kicks off the morning rush. aaron davis and devolia sims were arrested this week, but have since bonded out. police say they were supposed to be
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