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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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woman wanted for speeding tried to get away from troopers and ends up running a red light and plows into another vehicle, killing the driver. >> that driver leaves behind a 3 year old daughter. holly talked with the victim's family and joins us live at the orlando sentinel. she has the whole story for us. holly? >> they are absolutely heart broken. he was a single dad work being hard to support his daughter that he was on his last run of
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killed. >> i can't imagine live without him. >> you got a boo-boo. >> i have a boo-boo in here. >> clutching on to her 3 year old granddaughter lexy, the only piece of her son she has left. 23 year old cody a pizza delivery guy for dominoes was making his last one of the night when 27 year old cindia blew through a red light to allude a deputy who tried pulling her over for speeding. she t-boned cody's car, killing him. >> should have never been behind the wheel. >> back in august, her license was suspended for being a habitual traffic offender and the florida highway patrol says she has run in police before. a judge ordered her be held without bond for now. that's where tammy wants her to stay. >> she killed my son. she walked away with scratches. i want her to stay in jail for the rest of her life. she should have never been on that road.
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patrol tells me that there could be some more even serious charges against the driver coming soon. we will certainly keep you posted. for now reporting live, bristow, fox 35 news. thanks. we have breaking news right now. sky fox over a brush fire in volusia county. oak hill near eyehand eavenue and brooks circle. the fire apparently approaching a barn. looks by this video to be very close. officials say the fire is 8 acres in size. there are several crews on scene trying to tamp it down. we will keep you posted on any new information we get. but again oak hill, volusia county a brush fire burning right now. meantime batman is behind bars. caped crusader wanna be we should call him bust ford robbing at least 8 places in east orange county. >> faces a long list of charges. keith live with an update here. finally caught him, keith. >> know got him. the batman robber busted after a
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he wasn't afraid to wave that gun around nay bunch ur stores. he is wanted in 9 armed rob reels or i should say suspected in 8 around rob reels in east orange county over the last month. here is a look at the mugshot. 26 year old juan carlos morales, detectives arrested him in a car in east orange county this morning. they plan to charge him in at least 5 of the 9 cases. and in two of those robberies, detectives say he wore a batman hoodie, plus getting the name the batman robber and get being national news coverage in the process. investigate organization say eyewitnesses followed him after he robbed the pizza place late friday night. two employees followed him around the back of the building. he pointed a gun at them and said don't 2308 me, hopped a chain link fence and those when he dropped his rel phone. detectives found that found and it led hem to him. the sheriff says he appears to have a $1000 a day her owin addiction, fueling that crime spree.
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issue in this community with heroin addicts and this is just one way even though we are working on the prevention and the p intervention side, enforcement has to be part of the overall strategy for reducing the prevalence of heroine here in this community. >> demming goes on to say this case shows how dangerous heroin can shall, in this case this gentleman had some crimes on his record before but there was nothing violent. and demming briefs it that was addiction to the heroin that made him pick up the gun and become a suspect in 9 different armed rob reels. a lot of innocent people could have been hurt. thankfully, nobody was. keith landry, fox 35 news. thank you. new tonight the orange county heroin task force spent the day to talk about the efforts being taken to stop heroin use from spreading. captain espinoza from the orange county sheriff's office says
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related overdoses and death actually down from the same time last year. the number of multi-agency drug crackdown operations have taken place over the last few months in the orlando area, including one called operation snowplow. in that 3-month operation 2, 21 people were arrested. and more than 8.5 kiloles of heroine was confiscated. captain is by nosa said one kilo can go anywhere from 60 thousand dollars to 80,000. he emphasized the need to fight heroine addiction. >> most much the people that we come in contact where addicts. they are users and getting treatment for them is quite frankly is woefully underwhat it should be. we can in the arrest our way out of this. we cannot nar can our way out of this problem. we are resuscitating people and going back to the addiction that we are trying to fight. >> s he said the orange county sheriff's office and other agencies are also working to increase bond amounts for those
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heroine-related charges. a local youth basketball coach ails abuse -- accused of dills gusting crimes against a child, trying to run off to mexico. >> tonight david white is in jail and his neighbors are talk batting rest. kelly joyce reports from brevard county. >> david white was arrested in a hotel in orange county texas friday half noon. deputies think he was trying to run to mexico after he became a subject of a criminal investigation. accused of molesting a boy at his malla bar home. surprised. time. constantly and he bragged to me about -- i don't know maybe 3 months ago, about being in charge of the team, the league. something is very off and it always has been and i have been here for 30 years. >> boy's mom couldn't fronted while, then went to the sheriff's office a cord together rest affidavit the woman called white while police hisened in on the call. he denied the ale gagsings and told her what's been around
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is known as the kool-aid house. and said the allegations would ruin his reputation tags a coach for the palm bay youth basketball association and volunteer at local schools. >> we do believe he has been involved in the youth sports in the south area of the county for upwards and over potentially 15 years. >> a few days later, deputies got a call from white's wife who said white confessed to the molestation. and she said white had been drinking a lot, even getting picked up and arrested in os osceola county recently. white's wife also said she was worried he would abduct her son, or commit suicide. the u.s. marshalls then started a nationwide search. they arrested white in texas friday. deputies had since gotten numerous phone calls from several other parents about admissions and allegations involving mr. white and their children. once again the brevard county sheriff's office is concerned there could be other victims out there. if you have any information about david white or information that you want to present regarding this case, call the
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in brevard kelly joyce, fox 35 news. two month old baby girl from south florida back with her mother tonight after being kidnapped and found in orlando over the weekend. two we were arrested in the disappearance of kemp, 23 year old selfa tee augustine and her 14 year old cousin. investigate organization say augustine is the cousin of the baby's mother. police say two people took her from her home in fort lauderdale at gunpoint friday, leading to a statewide amber alert. the baby was found later in her car seat in an apartment complex on north lake parkway where police say augustine lived. yesterday augustine was pulled over by state troopers on her way back to south florida. no bond for an accused florida prisoner and his girlfriend. gary and natasha were extradited from kentucky back to volusia county. cup. ran off with quigley's son and caught february 12th. 3 year old was not hurt and in the case right now of hymns paternal grandmother.
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steal from a girl scout. he may have had some help. the man in this video walked up to the girl while she was selling cookieles at the deltona walmart sunday. grabbed the box of money and jumped into a waiting car. it was a gray hyundai santa fe and took off. just before the robbery, he was walking through that store with the woman seen in a pink jacket here and a child. if you recognize anyone in the photos you are urged to call the volusia county sheriff's office. >> new stadium, today crews began installing the steel that will make up the framework for the stadium. mayor also tackled what he says is a frivolous lawsuit against the team. mike reports from downtown orlando. >> with a little bit of pomp now actual steel rising from the ground. >> we are not going down any more. we are going soup that's great to see. >> may see this make being its way around town, for the actual
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sign it so i am doing that. for you. >> while work on the stadium continues a lawsuit against the city over the stadium remains too. that lawsuit says since the city used eminent domain no get the land, a private soccer stadium can't be built there. i asked orlando city team president if the team has reached deals with all old land owners to privately bite land needed. >> isn't anything to buy. it is all done. >> orlando city bought one parcel. the city keeping the other two pieces and none of the stadium will be built on those pieces. causing the mayor to lash out about that lawsuit. >> there is a frivolous lawsuit that is filed by one of the people that likes to see their name in the paper. we will prevail. >> city sent a scathing letter to the attorneys call the lawsuit frivolous and saying the city will sue for lawyer costs. filed that suit and told me no way will she drop the suit.
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from 'ollous in court. -- frivolous in court. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero. we have launch abort. >> didn't work. space x falcon rocket sitting on the lunch pad tonight. supposed to go up last tuesday. last night the timer got to zero as you heard and the eng irps briefly fired before the launch was scrubbed. no exact word on when they will try to lift off again. >> skblet voters will hit the polls tomorrow for the biggest event on the primary calendar. >> come up we will break down the latest poll numbers with our fox news expert and tell you how the race could look a whole lot different about the time the candidates come to florida. >> our forecast in central florida, it is dry outside. plenty of sin shine. will it stay that way through the entire week? the extended forecast just minutes away. >> remember the fuss over subway
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will tell you how the chain is
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next foot lodge is really a f okay voters. the polls are open. early voting is now underway in orange and lake counties. people taking advantage of the option to vote early at this precinct in winter park. okay. the lines obvious hi not too long so farment but the winter park library is just one of 17 early voting locations that are open across orange county. as of 4:00, right around 2400 people had voted in orange county. those we talked to, they love voting early. >> it is faster.
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you stand in line. >> what was it like today? >> very easy. no lines, i mean, i was the only one in there. >> you can check out a book too. meantime voteaires cross america, they are getting ready to hit the polls tomorrow. 12 states, super tuesday. buggest prize at the lone star state, texas senator ted cruz currently leading the gop field there. according to opinion in georgia donald trump is on top. as a 9-point lead over cruz and rubio. always great to talk with our political ana lift matt there with opinion savvy up in atlanta. and super tuesday right around the corner. i know you are crunching numbers out of texas and georgia and i guess not surprisingly, done add trump is leading considerably. >> well, in georgia. texas is ted cruz. >> yes. he is leading in georgia. he is -- he has lost maybe a point or two but that's within the margin of error in. this instance you have
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up the most. and in both the georgia and in texas. he seems to be the beneficiary of the decision by rubio to go really hard in attacking trump in the same way that trum an tax him and cruz is not being hurt quite as much. he is rising in texas. i think he will carry texas. might not be by the margin people think because we often -- sometimes they sometimes underpoll trump a little bit because them want to be correct and that's how they got iowa right so we will wait and see. looks like most of the states, trump will be carrying the day on tuesday. >> sounds like john kasich may be -- by this momentum and even if he comes in fourthth, may stay in the race to see how it plays out. >> well here is one thing this both rubio and kasich have to consider and i don't think you will see rubio do this but kasich might. kasich has been trailing in ohio to trump in the polls.
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badly right now in florida. if everything stayed as it ace and that is -- things are fluid and dynamic and things can change but if they were today both i think kasich, would not want to be defeated in ohio. because he is a sitting governor. would be embarrassing and rubio probably would be thinking twice about being defeated because he has been in government all his life. so that is a decision they will have to make. i would say after michigan. if trump wins michigan, then florida is going to be a difficult course. especially with john kasich picking up points. i'm guessing, i poll florida ul athe time for you guys, i'm guessing that kasich is picking up points that probably where push up supporterts and now are going kasich as well so this whole thing is very fluid. a week ago we didn't know this would go on so could all change. but right now would i say they are thinking. >> we appreciate you crunchping numbers for us as always. thanks. >> sure. >> thank you. >> checking in with glen in the weather center, dry forecast
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>> it is not. we have been monitoring with our radar. we can see the smoke plume so a little bit of moisture but not enough to get rid of that fire. beautiful day today. we did pick up more clouds compared to what we had over the weekend but all in all very comfortable right now still 70 out in melbourne. 72 in metro orlando. 72 up in ocallal and 72 back over towards palm coast. temperatures are running 2 to 4 degrees warm he were. tonight compared to last night at the same time so again a very nice night and a very comfortable overnight. anticipated. 72 degrees right now downtown. southeasterly wind at 7 miles per hour with just again a few clouds across the area. normal high now is up to 76. today's high hit 77. 52 our early morning low. that was a little bit cooler than normal so kind of goes to show the air is nice and dry so when it is dry you can cool it off quite a bit but can also warm it up quite a bit too with that sunshine and that's exactly what we did for today so a
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go throughout the entire week. a few pockets of early morning fog possible but not too bad. little if any rainfall expected right through the upcoming weekend. best chance of rain looks to be late in the day. 72 in miami. peninsula. cooler in the panhandle. but again very nice. high pressure still latest storm system cruises to the north. another one is locked and loaded coming in out of the colorado rockies that will work its way through the central great lakes from chicago on up to the north. producing some snow but what is important to note is that the storm system movement is now going from west to east pretty quickly. never gives a good chance, ail good opportunity to latch on to any real cold arctic air and pull it south so that's going to keep us cool but comfortable. 56 in sanford tonight. 47 up towards gainesville. here is a quick look at the highs for tomorrow. upper 70's town about 80 up in ocala. low 80s inland.
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bit cooler right along the coast line with the water temperatures there of course only in the low 60's. here is a my 7-day forecast. cooler thursday. chance for a few showers friday. and right now, a beautiful weekend. >> all right. thanks next subway foot long sandwich will really be a foot long. after a viral picture of an 11-inch led to a class action lawsuit subway has agreed to changes. they promise to make sure their subs really 12r inches and will measure them in court right before your eyes >> finally has the monkey off his back. he won his first oscar last night. >> time to celebrate now. will talk live with tmz next about his wild night and how he almost forgot that golden statue at a post oscars party. >> first though, cheaper gas
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turkey lake road and production plaza. 1.57 in long woord at the 7-11 on 434 and grant streets. we will be right back. some people don't like to
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but leonardo dicaprio finally has the oscar. he has been dreaming about. and after all that work to win the best actor oscar, he almost left it behind. let's check in with gary live in hollywood with the late east on this. we know an epic party had to come after he won which we understand did. is that where the statue was almost left? >> yeah. he went to this place called augo in beverly hills, big fancy party, a lot of celebrities were there so i was hitting around, walking around drinking cocktails. on the way out he remembered a bottle of alcohol that somebody gave him but he forgot the oscar and leo and his crew pour getting into the car and somebody comes running out with the oscar and gives to it him. i compare it to one of the things when it is your wedding day. you can leave the envelope of money around because nobody is going to take it. you can leave his oscar around because nobody is going to take it an with it -- it will get back to him eventually. people are running -- in we
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at wed sogs we see the worst. >> people are awful. >> i don't know. liquor over a statue. he will use one quicker than he will use the other. so congrats to him though. he has waited a while. we will check you out in about an hour. thanks so enough >> they do havement ones that
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don't ask. don't tell. it's probably obvious, anyway. i was up all night crying. let's see if she's here. gloria?! sarah fink, my lab partner who i hoped one day would be my love partner. i caught one of my so-called friends hitting on her. you got two choices-- you can mope your way up those stairs and soak in a pity bath, or you can pick yourself up, march into that school, and act like you don't even know that girl. [ sighs ] thanks. if mom asks, i borrowed her tub pillow. jay, don't forget to drop joe and mitch at cam's later! yeah, what time are they expecting me to, uh--


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