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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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distribution] good morning. i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- the "batman" robber busted-- all thanks to a cellphone. find out how police were able to track down the suspected serial robber --who is expected to appear in court this morning. deltona police looking for a man accused of an unthinkable crime. more on how he stole money from a girl scout selling cookies!
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"super tuesday" is here. and the candidates are taking last- minute shots at eachother. coming up-- how today's results could impact the race for the white house.
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developing this ng-- a suspected serial robber is behind bars. he is expected to appear before a judge later today. authorities tracked him down-- all thanks to a cell-phone! fox 35's keith landy has the details.
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deputies say they are looking for a man who stole money from a 12 year old selling girl scout cookies. it happened sunday--
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deltona. investigators say this man walked out of the store-- on howland boulevard-- with a woman and a child. he then walked to the booth-- where the 12-year-old girl scout was selling cookies-- and grabbed the cash. after stealing the money-- deputies say the man walked quickly to the parking lot and jumped into the passenger side of a newer model gray hyundai "santa fe." if you know anything-- call crimeline. you decide 2016-- "super tuesday" is finally here-- as 12 states get ready to hold contests on a day that could have a big impact on the race for the white house. a huge number of delegates are up for grabs today. check out the maps. on the democratic side... 865 delgates are at stake. on the republican side... 595 delegates are in play. fox's joel waldman has more from
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here in florida. donald trump will be in palm beach today. marco rubio is hosting an event in miami. and hillary clinton will also be in miami. keep it right here on fox 35 for all your super tuesday action. at 5 p-m, we'll take you live to trump
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coverage begins at 7 p-m at facebook dot com slash fox 35 news. and at 10, a team of reporters and political analysts will be here to take a look at what the super tuesday results mean for florida's primary. a news alert now-- brevard county deputies are headed to texas this week-- to question a local basketball coach-- accused of molestating a child. u-s marshals arrested 51-year-old david white on friday. they believe he was trying to escape to mexico-- after white was accused of molesting a boy at his home in malabar. deputies listened in while the boy's mother confronted white over the phone. they say white denied everything... and he was worried the allegations would ruin his reputation. but some neighbors we spoke to say --they were already concerned. a few days after the allegations
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say they got a call from white's wife... who said her husband confessed to the crime. since his arrest-- officials say they have received similar stories from several other parents. if your child has had contact with white-- the brevard county sheriff's office wants you to give them a call. new this morning-- troopers are releasing video of the moment a women is pulled over-- accused of stealing a baby from her cousin. the kidnapping led to a state-wide amber alert. 23-year old stephanie augustin faces a handful of charges including kidnapping and burglary. she's accused of kidnapping the child from fort lauderdale-- and abandoning her in orlando. augustin was arrested after troopers spotted her nissan near fort pierce. she is being held on no bond. cameras were there as 2-month-old taraji kemp was reunited with her mother in
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arnold palmer hospital for precaution. happening today-- space-ex is hoping the fourth time's the charm. today... the company will try once again to launch a falcon 9 canaveral. it is carrying a european satellite into space. the launch is set for 6-35 p-m. also happening today-- ucf's president and orlando's mayor set to make a big announcement about the planned downtown campus! it takes place at 10am on the shool's main campus. on wednesday... u-c-f leaders will present plans for the campus to the florida board of governors, which oversees the state university system. still ahead on good day orlando-- an update this morning on the zika virus.... more cases popping up in florida. after the break-- we will tell you how big the outbreak has
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four students are recovering-- after a shooting at an ohio high school. it happened yesterday-- north of cincinnati. two students were shot. the other two were hurt, either by shrapnel, or trying to get away. they are expected to survive. deputies arrested the accused shooter, 14 year old james austin hancock. tomorrow, a man is expected to plead guilty in the killings of two college students in virginia. jesse leroy matthew, junior, is charged with murdering 18 year old hannah graham and 20 year old morgan harrington. graham disappeared in 2014.
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a virginia community is paying tribute to a fallen officer-- who has ties to central florida. a law enforcement procession made its way through prince william county last night. it was all to honor officer ashley guindon. the 28-year-old embry riddle grad was shot and killed saturday night-- on her first day on the job. her funeral is scheduled for today. new this morning-- the zika virus continuing to spread in florida. officials discovering five new cases of the virus. one of the cases is in broward county.... three are in miami- dade.... and the fifth involves a pregnant woman... who's location is not being named. that brings the state total to 42. so far... all cases are travel-related. also new this morning.-- a former longwood police chief is sentenced to four years in prison for accepting bribes. jurors concluded yesterday that tom jackson broke the law-- when he took money from a felon... in exchange for hiring him on the force. according to a
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jackson not only gave the man a job.... but he also provided him with a badge and a gun. jackson was sentenced to four years in prison-- followed by one year of supervised release. brning new details about the man... hit and killed... after a driver tried to out-run orange county deputies. investigators have identified the victim as 23-year-old cody garrick. they say he was a delivery driver making his last trip of the day early sunday morning... when a woman ran a red light at americana boulevard, hitting his car and killing him. garrick leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. 27-year-old syndia saint-cyr was arrested. she is being held on no bond. broadway comes to orlando! the doctor phillips center for the performing arts just announced their upcoming show schedule. coming up-- we will tell you what you can see this season. plus-- a new study says many shelter dogs-- are being mislabeled as the wrong breed. more on a new effort... to find
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but before we go to break-- the world is mourning legendary actor george kennedy. he died of natural causes sunday morning. the actor won an academy award for his role in "cool hand luke." kennedy is also known for his role in "naked gun." he was 91 years old. you can share your favorite "george kennedy" scenes
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taking a live look at . it's ??? outside. a couple-- that disappeared with the woman's 3-year-old son-- has to stay in jail. this story tops our morning rush. investigators say natasha quigley took her son xander, from his palm coast home in january. then, she helped her boyfriend, gary bullock, junior, escape from a prison work-release center in daytona beach. the three were found in kentucky last month. xander was not hurt. monday, a judge ruled quigley and bullock, junior, have to stay in jail on no bond. firefighters contain a brush fire burning dangerously close to some buildings. the fire broke out in volusia county yesterday afternoon-- near highlander avenue and brooks circle in oak hill. skyfox was flying over the scene.
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eventually getting it under control. no property was the schedule is out, for the "doctor phillips center for the performing arts." the theater shows coming to 2016-2017 season. the list includes musicals.... wicked... finding neverland... little mermaid. the new season kicks off october magic show, "the you can see the complete list of shows and dates, on our facebook page.... facebook dot com... slash fox 35 news.
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a new study aims to give shelter dogs a
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be adopted. the problem is that some dogs are getting mislabeled as other breeds. researchers at the "university of florida" have been studying this issue for the past year. they asked several different shelters to identify 30 different stray dogs. most shelters
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pit-bulls .. just they looked. pit-bulls have a bad reputation.... u-f's doctor levy says this label drastically decreases a dogs chances of finding a forever home. reseachers want to abandon the use of labels. if a shelter does not know a dog's breed.... they recommend developing personality profiles instead of guessing. turning now to sports-- the braves get things started here in central florida. they open up their spring schedule this afternoon, against the orioles. first pitch is set for 1-05, at "champion stadium," at disney's "wide world of sports" complex. the nationals open their spring schedule tomorrow and the astros have to wait until thursday. it is a crucial week for the magic. after beating philadelphia sunday night, orlando now has three games in the next four nights, starting at
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game, orlando returns home to play chicago, tomorrow night, then phoenix friday night. the magic are four games outside of the eighth playoff spot a big milestone for orlando city soccer club's new stadium. monday, crews started installing the steel that will make up the framework of the stadium. and there is a purple beam making its way around town. it is for the actual building itself. the team is asking fans to sign it. the lions' season starts sunday, at the citrus bowl. still ahead-- police in south florida go on a wild chase... involving two stolen cars--and 4 suspects. more details on the high-speed pursuit. plus-- tracking your personal information.. with billboards? why one company is using
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study the people who drive by. you're watching fox
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nasa astronaut scott kelly is coming back to earth today, after nearly a year in the space station. he set a new record for the longest u-s space flight: 340 days.
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late tonight. time to take a look at the stories making headlines 21=i%a. in broward county-- police bust two of four suspects... who lead them on a wild chase along a busy highway. this happened last night-- along i-95 south in oakland park. police say 4 suspects-- in a stolen blue sedan-- lead police on the chase. they eventually bailed from the car...and all made a run for it. two of the suspects then got into a second car -- and led authorities on another chase. police eventually caught up with them and arrested them. they are still
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man and a woman. the sunshine state is being ranked as the 28th best state for women. according to a new study by "wallet- hub" -- the rankings are based on things like earnings, job opportunity, and the quality of healthcare for women. the number one state on the list is minnesota... ...while the "worst" state is louisiana. some billboards across florida could be using your cellphone-- to get personal information about you. "clear channel outdoor america" is partnering with several companies, including a-t-and-t. here's how it works-- if a driver has their "location settings" set to "on"-- the billboards will pick-up pings from that phone. that way-- adevertisers can analyze the type of people driving by. the company claims all data collected is anonymous... ...but if you don't want your data tracked-- you can turn off that setting when you drive. and more changes are coming to "disney springs" -- and it means more shopping for you.
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lacoste...under armour... and sephora are in. they are also adding a coca-cola store and a mac cosmetics. on the business watch-- drivers are starting to shell-out more cash for gas. plus-- a new study says fewer americans are buying homes. fox's david asman
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busted-- all thanks to a cellphone. find out how police were able to tradown the suspected serial robber --who is expected to appear in court this morning. and all new at 5-- :roll into "super tuesday"-- donald trump is getting a new major endoresement from the world of racing. all that... plus more on today's contests... when we
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