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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning it's
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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first-- deputies in volusia county are investigating a heartless crime.. details on how they say this man.. stole money from a 12- year-old who was selling girl scout cookies. plus -- he's batman.. and rob'n. deputies say a man dresses up as the cape crusader... to rob 9 stores.. to fuel his addiction to heroin. details on what he dropped... that led to his capture. but first... eye on the prize! the candidates.. unleashing their last minute attacks... as voters head to the polls this super tuesday. we are live... with what's at stake today.
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over to jayme king. developing this morning... the search is on for the man deputies say stole money from a girl scout in volusia county. deputies say the man walked up... snatched the cash box and took off. it happened sunday, at the walmart on howland boulevard in deltona. that is where fox 35's jackie orozco is
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the man --who deputies say-- dressed up as batman and robbed several stores --will face a judge today. tgators say... he did it.. to fuel his heroin addiction. orange county deputies arrested 26-year-old "juan carlos nieves morales" yesterday morning. he's a suspect in nine armed robberies over the last month. investigators say they were able to track down morales after he tried to rob a pizza place friday night. "michael legrand" was working behind the counter... when he says morales walked in with a handgun and demanded cash. deputies say morales was able to get away... but dropped his cell phone. deputies used that phone to track him down. they say morales has a heroin addiction... and spent a thousand dollars a day on drugs. investigators say.. he was using the stolen money to buy more drugs. morales' arrest
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county's "heroin task force" announced it is making major progress in its battle against the epidemic. the number of heroin-related overdoses and deaths are down from this time last year. we are told a recent bust put more than 220 people behind bars... and pulled more than eight kilos of heroin off the streets-- that is almost 18 pounds. orange county is also working to increase bond amounts for anyone arrested on heroin-related charges. super tuesday is here... and all the candidates have their eyes on the prize. they will be fighting coast to coast for delegates... in 12 different contests. qthe crown jewels are... texas... georgia... massachusetts and virginia. on the republican side... 595 delegates are in play. more than 12- hundred are need to clinch the nomination. on the democratic side... 865 delgates are at stake today. more than 23-
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nomination. fox's caroline shively joins us live from washington d-c this morning.. caroline... regardless of what happens today... we
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caroline shively-- thank you. several candidates are spending their super tuesday right here in florida. donald trump will be in palm beach today. marco rubio is hosting an event in miami. hillary clinton will also be in miami. keep it right here on fox 35 for all your
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at 5 p-m ..we will take you live to trump and rubio's rallies. our online coverage begins at 7 p-m at "facebook dot com slash fox 35 news." and at 10-- a team of reporters and political analysts will be here to take a look at what the super tuesday results mean for florida's primary. a fox update. we're learning new $bout the man... hit and killed... after orange county deputies say a driver tried to out-run them. troopers have identified the victim as 23-year-old "cody garrick". they say he was a delivery driver making his last trip of the day early sunday morning... when a woman ran a red light at americana boulevard, hitting his car and killing him. garrick leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. 27-year-old "syndia saint-cyr" was arrested. troopers say at the time of the crash-- she was trying to run from deputies.. after they tried to pull her over for speeding. she is being held on no bond. fox news alert... rd county deputies are heading
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basketball coach... wanted for child molestation. u-s marshals arrested 51-year-old "david white" friday. they believe he was trying to escape to mexico... after white was accused of molesting a boy at his home in malabar. we are told deputies listened-in while the boy's mother confronted white over the phone. they say he denied everything... and worried the allegations would ruin his reputation. but some neighbors -- we spoke to-- say they were already concerned. a few days after the allegations surfaced... deputies say they got a call from white's wife... who said her husband confessed to the crime. since his arrest... officials say they've received similar stories from several other parents. if your child had contact with white--
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call the brevard county sheriff's office. q new this morning.... we now have video of a statewide amber alert... coming to an end in saint lucie county. a trooper's dash- cam captured the moment a woman accused of stealing a baby from her own cousin... was pulled over. 23-year old "stephanie augustin" is accused of kidnapping a baby from fort lauderdale last friday... and abandoning the child in orlando. augustin was arrested after troopers spotted her nissan near fort pierce the next day. she is being held on no bond. still ahead... new
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zika virus to another dangerous birth defect! details on that.. plus where more ses of zika are being reported in florida. plus... space-x taking another shot at launching the falcon 9 rocket. find out when the company is set to... once again... try and lift off. space-x is hoping the fourth time's the charm. today... the company aha!
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new this morning.... the zika virus is
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spread in florida. five new cases have just been confirmed. one of the cases is in broward county.... three are in miami- dade. the fifth involves a pregnant woman... but her location is not being named. that brings the state total to 42. so far... all cases are travel-related. zika... has been linked to birth defects in babies. but new this morning.. the virus could now be tied to a neurological syndrome. a new study...published in medical journal "the lancet "-- reveals that zika may increase the risk of developing "guillain-barre" syndrome. "g-b-s" -- can cause paralysis and severe breathing problems. the discovery was made.... when scientists examined the blood samples... of zika patients in french polynesia.
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finally here... the candidates looking to make a major jump in the polls. in a new c-n-n nationa poll... trump has a huge lead... sitting at 49 percent. marco rubio is second, with 16- percent. ted cruz has 15 percent. on the democratic side..... hillary clinton leads bernie sanders, 55 to 38 percent. bud hedinger of "good morning orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud let's first talk about marco rubio.. he hasn't one a single contest.. and isn't winning in any polls. rivals are slamming donald trump..
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a faulty earpiece... was to blame for his initial refusal to disavow the ku klux klan.. after the group's leader endorsed trump. ... will this hurt trump? you can listen to bud --on his show "good morning
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morning from 6 a.m.
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at the speedway on turkey lake road and production plaza in orlando. you can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. a new study is trying to give shelter dogs a fighting chance at being adopted. the problem is-- they are getting mislabeled as other breeds. coming up... find out why some dogs are being labled as pit bulls... even when they aren't. and why it makes owning them more expensive. but first-- the world is mourning the death of legendary actor george kennedy. he died of natural causes sunday morning. the actor won an academy award for his role in "cool hand luke." he is also known for his role in "naked gun."
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today... the company will try-- once in-- to launch a falcon 9 rocket carrying a european satellite out of cape canaveral. tonight's launch is set for 6-35 p-m. a new study aims to give shelter dogs a fighting chance to be adopted. the problem is that some dogs are getting mischaracterized as other breeds. researchers at the university of florida have been studying this issue for the past year. they asked several different shelters to identify 30 different stray dogs.... most shelters guessed the dogs as pit-bulls, just because of the way they looked. pit-bulls are a breed that have a bad reputation.... researchers say this label drastically decreases a dogs chances of finding a "forever home". reseachers now want to abandon the use of labels. if a shelter does not know a dog's breed.... they recommend developing personality profiles
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"governor rick scott" could receive even more funding for "bear-safety program" then he expected. he requested 230 thousand dollars back in november... but some lawmakers are proposing to give him an additional 100 thousand dollars on top of that. the money would go towards bear-safety trash cans and community outreach programs. the legislature says the money would come from the permits hunters bought for the state-wide bear hunt back in october. super tuesday is finally here and things are already heating up at rallies across the country. still ahead-- .events that led to a photographer being throw to the ground during a
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welcome back... i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories
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first... he looks like a hero... but acts like a villain. a man -- dressed as batman-- is accused of a string of local robberies. find out how police were able to put him behind bars. plus... a major break *nsolved murder in clermont. the big piece of evidence police have found... and how it could help crack the case. plus... disney springs getting some major upgrades. a look at the new shops that will be competing for your money. but first, let's get over to jayme king.
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a suspected serial robber is behind bars. he will go before a judge later today. authorities tracking him down... all thanks to the daring acts of one brave man. fox 35's jackie orozco is live at the orange county jail with the details. juan carlos nieves morales is locked up here at the orange
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nationwide manhunt... will remain in volusia county jail without bond. this story tops our morning rush. gary bullock, junior appeared in court for the first time yesterday... after being extradited from kentucky over the weekend. that's where investigators say he was hiding out with his girlfriend "natasha quigley" and her son xander. we're told quigley helped bullock
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work release center in daytona beach back in january. quigley also yesterday. she was given a 10- thousand dollar firefighters scramble to put out dangerously close to some properties. volusia county monday afternoon, burning near highlander avenue and brooks circle in skyfox was flying over the scene. firefighters it under control. no property was damaged. for the "doctor the performing arts." the theater announced the shows coming to orlando for the 2016-2017 season. the list includes the musicals-- wicked... finding neverland... matilda and the little mermaid. the new season kicks-off october 4th with a magic show-- called "the illusionists." you can see the complete list of shows and dates, on our facebook page.... "facebook dot com- slash fox 35 news."
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a break-thru in a clermont murder case. police have tracked down the car of a man who was found shot to death in a publix parking lot... last month. investigators say 21-year-old "andrew jones" was found dead on february 6th at the store-- near route 50 in clermont. investigators now say they found his car-- which was stolen the day he was shot. they say it was located sunday night. the car was torched and covered in graffiti. investigators are now searching it for evidence. the victim's family is still holding out hope that witnesses will come forward. investigators are offering a 5- thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of the killer. anyone with details should call
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the first spring training games of the season start today, across major league baseball. the braves get things started here in central florida. they open up their spring schedule this afternoon, against the orioles. first pitch is set for 1-05, at "champion stadium," at disney's "wide world of sports" complex. the nationals open their spring schedule tomorrow and the astros have to wait until thursday. it is a crucial week for the magic. after beating philadelphia sunday night, orlando now has three games in the next four nights, starting at dallas, tonight. after tonight's game, orlando returns home to play chicago, tomorrow night, then phoenix friday night. the magic are four games outside of the eighth playoff spot a big milestone for orlando city soccer club's new stadium. monday, crews started installing the steel that will make up the framework of the stadium. and there is a purple beam making its way around town. it is for the actual building itself. the team is asking
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the lions' season starts sunday, at the citrus bowl. still ahead-- a big ruling in the case of apple versus the f-b-i. find out why a judge says the federal government can not force the tech giant to unlock phones. plus this... donald trump picking up a big endorsement-- just before super tuesday. find out who is throwing their support behind the
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those cell phones! that's the warning from florida fish and wildlife officials- as turtle nesting season gets underway today. officials say.. turtles that are digging their nests.. can become frightened or disoriented by the flash on a camera... and other lights. it is illegal to interfere with sea turtles... turning to super tuesday-- donald trump... picking up a big endorsement during a rally in georgia yesterday. nascar c-e-o brian france spoke highly of trump for his family values-- calling trump a "winner". current and former nascar members were also in attendance... including ryan newsman and chase elliott. trump was also in virginia yesterday... where cameras caught this scuffle-- between a photographer and a secret service agent. the photographer can be heard cursing at the agent while trying to get a better position to shoot video of
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he was kicked-out moments later. emotions are high-- with so much on the line this super tuesday. by the end of the day... we should have a clearer picture on who has the inside lane to both the republican and democratic nominations. doug luzader is live in washington d-c.. can trump hold on to his big lead? which states play
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race? where does bernie need to do well to tighten things up? h,h,h|
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watch--- the university of central florida is set to make a big announcement today. u-c-f's president --and the mayor of orlando-- will meet at the school's main campus at 10 a-m. the two will be unveiling some big news about the planned downtown campus. the university announced yesterday that they received another 2- point-5 million dollars in donations for the project. the funding came from several donors---including coca-cola and orlando city soccer. and tomorrow... u- c-f leaders will present plans for the campus to the "florida board of governors"-- which oversees public universities in the state. disney also announced some big changes! the company plans on expanding disney springs by adding more stores and
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anthropology... under armour... and mac are just a few that are moving in. they're also adding a coca-cola store... which will have a polar bear experience and rooftop beverage bar. the new stores will open in phases starting on may 15th. a federal judge-- in brooklyn-- is siding with "apple" -- ruling that the u-s government can not force the company to unlock an i-phone for a drug investigation. yesterday's ruling comes as a big win for the tech giant. "apple" is being pressured to break into at least 13 phones by the government. that includes a phone that belonged to one of the san bernardino shooters. but, the company is currently fighting
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jeff--- orlando toss to john at the comes from "page
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,h| it reads-- "erin andrews sobs on the stand" -- sportscaster erin andrews described
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her parents about a nude video... taken by an accused peeper. andrews gave her emotional testimony yesterday... in her 75-million-dollar lawsuit against the "nashville marriott." andrews is accusing the hotel of allowing a man named "michael barrett" to record her through her door's peephole... back in 2009. andrews said in her testimony... she has been accused of setting this all up... to get media attention. your final headline comes from "the huffington post." it reads... "clarence thomas speaks from supreme court bench for first time in a decade." unless you follow the court.. you may not realize that supreme court justice clarence thomas rarely speaks. in fact.. has stayed silent from his seat on the supreme court bench... for 10 years straight. but in a hearing over gun rights yesterday-- thomas broke that silence... and asked a question. he questioned a government official-- who was aking away gun rights from some convicted felons. thomas is historically a
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coming up-- you drive by them everyday... and they could be collecting information about you. how some billboards are keeping an eye on florida drivers... whether you know it or not. aha!
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after nearly a year in the space station. he set a new record for the longest u-s space flight: 340 days. he is set to touch down in kazakhstan late tonight. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. in broward county-- police bust two of four suspects... who lead them on a wild chase along a busy highway. this happened yesterday evening... along i-95 south in oakland park. police say the suspects eventually bailed from a stolen car...and made a run for it. two of the suspects then got into a second car and led authorities on another chase. police quickly caught up with them and arrested them... but they are still searching for the other 2 suspects. the sunshine state is being ranked as the 28th best state for women. according to a new study by wallethub--
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earnings, job opportunity, and quality of healthcare for women. the top-ranked state on the list is minnesota... ...while the "worst" state is louisiana. some billboards across florida could be using your cellphone-- to get personal information about you. "clear channel outdoor america" is partnering with several companies-- including a-t-and-t. here's how it works: if a driver has their "location settings" set to "on"-- the billboards will pick up pings from that phone. that way-- adevertisers can analyze the type of people driving by. the company claims all data collected is anonymous... but if you don't want to be tracked... you can turn off that setting when you drive. john and amy are here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of
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njeing-- deputies in volusia county are looking for a suspect accused of robbing a girl scout. ahead at six, we have the details of the crime, and a surveillance picture of that suspect. new at six-- this story is "trending" in central florida. nasa is working on a new supersonic passenger jet. we have the details in your fox business report. and all new this morning. a trend drivers will not like. gas prices have risen for the seventh day in a row. we are learning why.
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. >> amy: thanks so much for being here on this tuesday morning. it's super tuesday. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm joh5h'n brown. here are the stories we're working on for you this morning. investigating a heartless crime. how they said this man stole money from a 12-year-old who was selling girl scout cookies. deputies said that a man


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