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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  March 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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to "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: if you only knew! i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are here. here's the stories we're working on right now. we start with batman, orange county deputies caught the guy, who dresses up like batman and has been robbing local stores, how they were able to track the guy down. >> john: we have a new study that links riding the school bus to attendance. how do you think it tunnel out? we'll chair the findings, straight ahead. >> amy: you know where they dropped the kids off. a good sign. all new at 8:00, why not getting enough sleep causes you to make poor food choices. plus, david martin, what are you up to today? >> reporter: good morning to you, we are live at the atlantic center for the arts in beautiful new smyrna beach. what happens when you take 6 pakistanis, two indians and two u.s. musician and put them all together and make them make beautiful music? you'll find out on the 8 o'clock hour of --
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. >> john: new smyrna beach and gina is on the beach. . everybody is on the beach. >> jayme: we're on a european style couch right now. would you be at the beach, john, the golf course? >> anywhere, so nice, outdoor shopping, even, wow, john upping the ante! 40s and 50s and a 39 in ocala and everybody up and out of the chill, slowly but surely, let the sunshine massage the atmosphere a little longer and we should be, again, seeing good looking weather on the horizon. about 80ish by 2:00, you like that? and the day looks fantastic. we have ample sunshine throughout. around that general theme, closer to 80, toward 5:00, upper 70s, a nice day ahead and you see the front and, whoa, wait, is it coming to town?
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high pressure is so stinkin' strong east of our state over the atlantic it is pushing everything away and the clockwise flow, two areas of high pressure, clockwise flow make up for good looking weather and great times ahead, rejoice, celebrate, do what you do and get out and bottom line, enjoy it. it looks nice in central florida. that's your forecast. here's live drive traffic. >> kristin: the 408, things moving pretty slow from the turnpike, even up to hiawassee road. the average speed 16 miles per hour, slow moving traffic and brevard county, good news to report. one southbound lane is open, where they shut down i-95 south. at the cause way, traffic was converted for hours as investigators work to clear up the mess, it was a fatal car accident, one of the cars
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a big mess out there lake county, southbound us-23, a southbound lane is shut down, and things are moving slow. drive times, if you are on i-4, heading westbound, from lake mary boulevard to colonial, it will take you 18 minutes and eastbound, i-4 from the attractions-downtown, 28 minutes and from the 417 to downtown, 14 minutes, john and amy, back to you. >> amy: thank, breaking news out of brevard county, police in west melbourne are investigating a shooting. >> john: it and at a neighborhood on east haven drive, south of 192. right now, police are not saying a whole lot about exactly what happened there. they do tell us there is no threat to anyone, though in the enabled. and they are still -- neighborhood, and are on the scene, investigating. also developing a suspected serial robber is behind bars preparing to make his first appearance in court. >> amy: authorities say he disguised himself as batman, jackie orozco has more on that, from orange county. >> reporter: investigators say
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batman after he would wear a hoody or a mask in several places he was hit, and deputies say he would rob family dollar stores and grocery stores and other places to support his expensive drug hadn't. and this morning faces a judge. deputies say the 26-year-old is a suspect, in nine armed robberies over the last month. and investigators say that he dropped his cell phone after trying to rob a pizza place friday night. how deputies were able to track him down through his phone and we are told a man was working behind the counter and he walked in with the handgun and demanded cash. he saw him hesitate an chased him down and he got away. deputies say he has a heroin addiction and used the money stolen in those robberies to buy more drugs. >> he appears to be a heroin addict. with probably a thousand dollar a day addictions habit. we still have a significant
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and this is just one way, even though we are working on the prevention and the intervention side, enforcement has to be part of the the overall strategy for reducing the prevalence of heroin in the community. >> his arrest comes in light after orange county sheriffs deputies said the task force made big strides because with the latest bust they were able to arrest 220 people and, pulled 18 pounds of hair one off the streets. morales faces the judge at 9:00 a.m., reporting outside the jail, jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> also, fox 35 crime alert today. from volusia county, deputies say they are looking for a man who stole money from a 12-year-old girl, who was selling girl scout cookies. >> amy: it happened sunday afternoon at the walmart in deltona. investigators say the man walked out of the store with a woman and a child. and walked back up to the cookie
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was selling girl scout cookies and grabbed the cash box. deputies say he then jumped into the passenger side of a newer model, gray, hyundai santa fe. if you know anything about this you are asked to call crime line right away. >> john: you decide 2016. >> we were in oklahoma, arkansas, georgia, alabama. >> john: today is this biggest day for the presidential primary season. >> over 800 delegates are going to be elected to the democratic convention and we anticipate winning many of them and the majority of them. >> john: the presidential hopefuls playing all of their cards. >> now i'll be greedy for the united states and i'll take and take and take. [cheers and applause]. >> john: 12 contests... >> if you are not doing a good job at the va you will be fired from your job at the va. >> john: more than a thousand delegates on the line. >> the republicans, i've got to give them credit, they are persistent. persistently wrong, but they are persistent.
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on the campaign trail today. welcome to super tuesday. >> super tuesday is here now and all the candidates have their eyes on the big prize. >> they'll be fighting really from coast-to-coast for delegates an ryan is here now off to the races on super tuesday. >> good morning, it looks like a political analyst, frank torres, you woke up with a spring in your step, right? super tuesday. >> absolutely, one of the biggest days of the year and we get things going off in a big fashion. >> and, we'll break it down and show you the republican map. look at texas here, talking georgia, massachusetts, virginia, those are the ones they focus on and it seems like cruz an marco rubio have a lot to prove, especially ted cruz in the state of texas. >> big test for him to win in his own state. a lot of pressure there. and looking right now, should something happen and a slip-up and can't deliver texas, there will be serious questions about his effectiveness, campaigning in that area and super tuesday. >> ryan: the polls, it looks like a big night for donald
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how important is the delegate mass, this year? >> donald trump could establish himself as the front-runner, not only in the polls we see every day, but, in the delegate count. i think after tonight, you'll see a lot of candidates monitoring the delegate count and doing the map between the states and map out a path for victory to the nomination. >> john: marco rubio leads zero of the polls, does he have to finish second or win one. >> a few second place finishes would be nice. i don't think there will be a lot of pressure on him if he doesn't win any tonight. a lot of his potential will be with john kasich. march 15, florida and ohio and all the face the same challenge ted cruz is facing, if they can't win their home state can they bring home the general election in november. >> ryan: the other side of the aisle. the democratic map. a different race, talking the same key states and texas jumps out with 222. but hillary clinton is dominating texas. dominated a lot and bernie sanders said, i can win in minnesota and colorado.
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>> unlike the republican candidates, where they probably see someone dominating, if bernie sanders has a bad night you will see calls for him to get out. he needs to win vermont and minnesota and colorado. and potential other ones and if he doesn't win at least a couple, he needs to be a close second, in play of them, because hillary clinton will make a big jump in the delegate count tonight. >> ryan: she has surged this last week. i love seeing the smile on your face, super tuesday, looking forward to the results tonight. john? >> john: all right, 8:09 here on "good day orlando." also, several candidates are spending some time here in florida on super tuesday. donald trump is going to be in palm beach and marco rubio hosting an event in miami and hillary clinton is going to be in miami. and, keep it right here on fox 35 for all of your super tuesday action. 5:00, this evening we'll take you live to the trump and marco rubio rallies and then our on-line coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. on facebook. and at 10:00, a team of
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will be here to look at the super tuesday results and what it means for florida's primary. >> the next study may change the way you feel about driving your kids to school. >> why researchers say it pays for kids to ride the bus starting in kindergarten. plus, david martin? >> reporter: good morning to you, from inside the atlantic center for the arts. in new smyrna beach. behind me, is a u.s. embassy and pakistan initiative. they've taken 6 musician from pakistan, and 2 from india and. and 2 from the u.s., and sent them here to the center to spend three weeks together to make music. they've never met each other, don't know each other but, together, right now, you are witnessing live music in its creation.
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in town and on >> welcome back, 8:14 on this super tuesday. time to get your kids on the big yellow bus. >> john: luanne has a study that shows how riding a school bus can affect your child's attendance. >> luanne: good morning to you as well. researchers found that kids who take the school bus missed school less than the kids whose parents dropped them off at school.
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earlier you put them on the bus the better. the study found that uc santa barbara looked at 14,000 kindergartners and found riding the bus to school increases a child's attendance rate by 20%. now, previous research already shows missing school can cause kids to have lower grades. researchers say the bus helps get kids to school because it is on a set minute-by-minute schedule. and your kids can't go, mom, i have a stomachache! i need to stay home! >> john: they coax mom or dad out of taking them to school in the 10 minutes it takes to get there. >> amy: my kids have never ridden the school bus to school. >> luanne: never? >> amy: i worry about the stuff on the school bus, bad language and bullying. maybe i'm being overprotective. >> luanne: you worry boughs --
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my son gets on the bus and it is a great ride. he reads and does stuff like that and can't complain to me. >> john: lu, you have been there, it doesn't matter if it is the school bus or what, by the time your kid gets to middle school they'll have a whole new -- >> vocabulary. >> john: bunch of language they've learned. all around. doesn't matter. >> amy: and they are smarter by the tomb they get to middle -- time they get to middle school, too. >> john: a funny story. jayme king, take it away. >> jayme: accu-weather forecast. your day ahead. look at that. by 2:00 we're adding 80 degrees-plus, most locales and though exception is right where the waves are lapping up on the sand of the beach. 40s and 50s, low grade 60s and good morning, heck of a morning, cool start, perfecto, a few clouds, and by 2:00 a.m. and tomorrow, wednesday morning, you can see we are squarely through the low 60s and i don't think we fall much lower.
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cool or cold as we have seen since last weekend and next front marches toward us and the guy gets in here and we'll mix the rain chances from the forecast because high pressure is a dominant force right now. and, you can see it building in over the eastern shoreline, back out toward the state, and absorbing a lot of the energy associated with the front. actually the clockwise flow around the high, kind of keeping it a little more to the north there and allowing all of the energy to stream toward d.c. and the mid-atlantic states, and that is where that will wind up. for us launch time at the cape canaveral air force station, here we go, try number 3 or 4 and the falcon 9 heading into the heavens with the communication satellite, we hope spacex gets it off the ground, launch time 6:35. 70s at launch time in the vicinity of the cape and rain chance is zero. like today, leesburg, 80 titusville and vero beach and indian river county, 80 and melbourne and palm bay the upper 70s.
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>> 60 on average and cooler over north central florida from gainesville up to the florida-georgia border. temperatures running just a handful of degrees cooler. everyone seeing great weather across the entire peninsula, looking really good. with around 80 each and every day, and, back down into the 60s, a few mornings mid and upper 50s, chance of rain, zero now, dry skies all the way into the weekend and we'll feature saturday and sunday highs with ample sun mid and upper 70s. enjoy it all. here's kristen with live drive traffic. >> good morning, jayme. live right outside on i-4, fairbanks avenue, cars going away from you and heading east, cars coming towards you are heading west. no delays there. we like to see that tuesday. i want to take you out and update you on the big traffic story. we have talked about it all morning. the i-95 south road. reopened, one lane reopened, in melbourne, a fatal car accident there, it was a mess. a car rolled over several times.
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several hours. again, one southbound lane is back open, but is still moving very slowly, you can see by all of those reds there, hopping over to lake county, we do have an incident of u.s. 27, a crash here, being called -- a serious accident that shut down one southbound lane there. time now, for your pump patrol, saving you money, regular gas is just $1.57 at the speedway on east cimarron boulevard and wilshire boulevard, in casselberry. you can always find gas saving tips on our web site, at john and amy, back to you. >> john: we know a lack of sleep causes you to make bad food choices, now we know the cause and effect of that, coming up the fox medical team explains how your poor nighttime habits, sleeping habits can lead to poor
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8:19. >> welcome back, 8:22, a lack of sleep is long associated with overeating and poor food choices and of course weight gain. >> john: a study is looking at how sleep loss actually initiates the entire process. let's bring in the fox medical team, dr. joe, to discuss this.
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we've all known this but now there are numbers to prove it? >> good morning, the subject that is near and dear to our hearts, i know. it turns out the lack of sleep, it increases the hunger hormone and decreases another hormone and also activates something, called the endocavanoid syndrome, it sounds like marijuana, right? the reward and munchies center and they found in this study is individuals who only got four-and-a-half hours of sleep, compared them later on and let them get 8-and-a-half hours of sleep, turned out that the hormone peaked later when they got less sleep and peaked at 2:00 and lasted until 9:00. normally, when you get enough sleep, it peaks around 12:30 and you are less hungry in the evening and so when they gave the people the ability to eat anything they wanted in the
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less sleep and ate about 300 more calories. two times the amount of fat and if you do the math and don't get as much sleep, you will burn a little more calories and 70 calories an hour -- i'm sorry, 17 calories an hour and maybe 70 calories and they consumed more than 300. and definitely overcompensated for that core deficit. >> we talked about this, people who worked shift work, we put us in that shift work. when your body starts shutting down because you are so tired, it seems the first thing you want is sugar and, we all know that adds up and i mean, really, like a drug, you are take anything to keep your body going, aren't you? >> absolutely. i know exactly what you are talking about. we talked about the m and ms, the craving in the afternoon. i think by knowing this, and understanding what your body is doing and how it is really tricking you a bit, it may help us kind of overcome that and
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is it really going to make me, you know, more wakeful and it is not. all it will do is increase your risk of obesity, because we know that that lack of sleep correlates with increasing weight. so, it is one way to stop it but, what is so interesting, drug being developed that blocked the reward center in the brain, and it never got to market because it caused an increase of suicidal thoughts and suicide and depression. so you can't block it. so we have to live with it and we have to know it is there and what it is doing to us. >> john: being aware and doesn't help the video we are showing. you can't see it. man the food we are showing. >> no, i can't. >> john: put us over the edge, thanks, much. >> my gosh! >> john: talk to you soon. >> thank you. >> john: did you see those doughnuts? gosh. >> amy: i know. a problem. >> john: still to come, no cell phones on the beach. >> amy: one group is asking you to keep them in your pocket if you are walking on the shore right at sunset. or at night.
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>> reporter: you have to check out, amy and john the music project here at the atlantic center for the arts in new smyrna beach. 6 pakistanis and two indians and two u.s. musicians, coming together an collaborating and making news here, in a three week period. they've never met each other and have wonderful instruments. what is your name into suma. >> john: and play... keep that going. >> where are you from. >> pakistan. >> and what are you saying. >> basri. >> let's hear it. >> reporter: where are you from. >> from lower pakistan. >> reporter: play that guitar for us! that we know, back in a moment live on "good day orlando," at
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go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando," here's a live view looking downtown, this morning, this is our camera on federal drive. -- international drive, a this perspective as it looks north and a nice start to your day. >> john: i want to go to theme parks. >> john: the kids are in school. >> amy: yes. >> john: you can go without the kids. >> amy: not spring break time yet. glad you are here, i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown, let's check in with jayme king, not only today, it is going 0 to last. >> jayme: for the next 7, and, good morning to you and everybody at home, welcome to
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we're 40s, 50s and have a couple of 60s peppering in. heck of a day for u here's the hourly forecast and accu-weather times and temperatures, looks like 80 by 2:00 and 78 by 5:00 and 71 by 8:00, the winds are light and slight out of the south and southwest all day long, less than ten miles per hour and i mentioned the beaches. beaches right now, the place to be there will be a nice beach day and now we're warming things up and seas are flat as a board, i should be out there, probably 20 miles offshore, and reef bottom or wreck and doing some fishing but i'm bringing you weather. the next front is closing in and looks like the energy will stay well to the north. clouds for us and should stay dry, the front comes through. it will bring temperatures down just a little bit as we get into your wednesday and thursday. procession of cool fronts working through the region. rain chances stay flat and weather stays awesome, of course, bright sun, pleasant days and cool nights.
8:32 am
here's live drive traffic and weather. >> good morning, "sky fox" rights now, flying over i-4 and obt, looks like there is traffic eb format operation is going on right there and it -- there it is. something to keep in mind, heading out there. looking good, mostly i-4, i want to get an update for you on the big story we have been talking about all morning, i-95 southbound in melbourne, there at the cause way, right now, one southbound lane reopened, it was shut down several hours, this morning. but you can still see heavy delays there. with all of those reds. if you can avoid the area it would be a great idea. heading back over to lake county, things are cleared up at u.s. 27. we did have a serious accident there at lake louisa road. of. >> investigating a shooting happening off of east haven
8:33 am
and, there is no threat to anyone in the neighborhood. they are not saying what happened out there but when we get more information we'll let you know and know two people were injured, one of them was taken to the hospital. police say they do have a shooter in custody. but their investigation is ongoing. >> also, developing this morning, in orange county, the suspect deputies say dressed up as batman and robbed several stores will be in front of a judge today. orange county deputies arrested 26-year-old juan-carlos morales yesterday morning, a suspect in nine armed robberies over the past month. investigators say they were able to track him down after he tried to rob a pizza joint friday night. an employee inside ran after him and morales got away. but dropped his cell phone in the process and they used that to track him down. >> amy: volusia county deputies say they are looking for a guy who stole money from a 12-year-old girl who was selling girl scout cookies. it happened sunday afternoon at the walmart in deltona. investigators say the guy walked out of the store with a woman
8:34 am
and walked back up to the cookie booth where the girl was selling the cookies and grabbed a cash box. if you know anything you are asked to call crime line. >> john: a ucf president and mayor of orlando making a big announcement today. the two will meet at the school's main campus at 10:00 a.m. to talk about the plan's downtown campus. yesterday the university received $2.5 million in donations for the project. the funding came from several different companies including coca-cola and orlando city soccer. turtles nesting season gets underway today. >> amy: wildlife officials have a new warning for all of us, fox 35's gina benitez joins us live at the beach, where fwc is telling you, put the phone away. >> gina: these officials are warning people to put away their cell phones, because of the camera flashes. those flashes can actually disowner or scare the turtles which can lead them going back into the water without laying any eggs. this is really nothing new, something we have been told for
8:35 am
but now in the new age where everyone has a cell phone and wants to dom everything, there are a lot of chances over someone snapping a nighttime picture and not realizing the damage they can do. from today, march 1st until the end of october, thousands of sea turtles will land on florida beaches to lay their eggs and there are a few ways to help protect the threatened and en daneringed an -- endangered animals. stay far away if you spot one and turn off lights near or on the beach. if you see any holes, big or small that were made in the sand earlier in the day, fill them so they don't fall in when they try to get back to the water and of course, no flash photography. on new smyrna beach, gina benitez, fox 35 news. >> john: music from around the world today. >> amy: friday musician from india, pakistan and the u.s. are coming together to create a one of a kind sound. fox 35's david martin is giving us a preview of that, joining us at the atlantic center for the arts in new smyrna beach. hey there.
8:36 am
that was quick. hello, hello. this is gorgeous, i've been doing the gig four years and have never been inside the atlantic center for the arts and i'm glad to tell you about the dosti music project. how are you this morning? live tv, sneaks up on us quickly. how are you doing, good morning to you. >> good to see you. >> reporter: what does dosti mean. >> friendship in hindi. and this is a collaborative cultural exchange between india and pakistan and the united states. >> reporter: organized by the u.s. embassy in pakistan. >> yes. and our organization found sound facing. >> and i want to get the audience to hear the wonderful musicians. we divided them into two groups, four people, some from pakistan and some from india.
8:37 am
>> an indian instrument. having strings and, a different style of music from india and. great to be here. >> reporter: sample this. it is gorgeous. made this morning for you guys. four brand new musician from all over the world, what they do when they collaborate here. >> reporter: some of them have jazz backgrounds and some classical backgrounds and you can see they are all talented musicians. to be able to come together, never meet each other and create this. i love it! let's introduce another group. how are you doing this morning? where are you from.
8:38 am
>> reporter: what are you playing? can i hear a sample of that, real quick? >> i'm from also, pakistan. >> reporter: pakistan. and where are you from? virginia. >> right. >> reporter: another american here. and our french horn player, playing something. let's see what you guys got together collectively here. >> reporter: basically this is all improvised. they came up on this this morning. and they have a big concert to prepare for, this friday night. here at the atlantic center for the arts. 7 o'clock. and it is free. all ten musicians on stage, performing a show for you. you've got to check it out and they'll be in loorp on march
8:39 am
a terrific residency, resulting in fabulous music from all around the world. back to you guys in the studio. >> amy: wow. in one room! thank you, david. cool stuff. >> john: still to come, it is a fight of the kylies. >> amy: why kylie minogue is taking on kill ylie jenner and on this day in history, march 1st, 1995, sheryl crow won a grammy for best female pop vocal performance for this song. all i wanna do. before hitting it big she made money singing jingles for a fast-food chain. what was the chain where she
8:40 am
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pre-ternsed. >> breaking down the primary results on fox 35 news at 10:00.
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the man next to me, i don't know... >> amy: on this day in history, march 1st, 1995, the year sheryl crow won the grammy for best female pop vocal performance. with a song, all i wanna do is have some fun. before she hit it big he sang jingles for the fast-food chain. what was the chain that she sang jingles for? kentucky fried chicken, mcdonald's or wendy's? those are your choices an out to david martin, joining us live right now. what do you think? >> reporter: a good question. i have no idea. and i wasn't going to ask our friends from pakistan and india and. i don't think they know, either. so, let's do wendy -- no, no, no, mcdonald's, mcdonald's, mcdonald's! >> amy: dave is going with mcdonald's, he didn't seem quite confident about it. he wasn't really feeling the confidence coming from there. luanne and ryan? >> ryan: too far away. >> amy: there you go.
8:44 am
the most jingles. >> luanne: they don't remember jingles for the other -- i don't two. >> amy: mickey ds, kristin and jayme? >> kristin: kentucky fried chicken and jayme thinks he knows the real song. you were just singing it. >> come on. >> amy: come on! >> amy: sing -- all i wanna do is have mashed potatoes! >> jayme: yeah, mashed potatoes! i think i'm going with muck ickey ds. >> amy: all right, and, the answer... at mcdonald's >> amy: that was the line, too. she sings the line it's a good time for the great taste of mcdonald's! sheryl crow!
8:45 am
>> i was actually trying to think of jingles for wendy's and kfc and i couldn't think of any. where's the beef! >> john: thank you. >> amy: thank you, your hesitation got you the right answer! good job! >> jayme: awesome! >> john: time to check out what is hot in hollywood today. >> amy: and for that let's get to xl 106.7 and we are joined live this morning, good to see you. how are you? >> i'm great, how are you guys? >> good, we're talking about kylie versus kylie. what is it all about? >> okay, so i guess there can only be one kylie in the world because there is a legal battle for the name kylie. kylie jenner put out an application to protect her name for advertising purposes. and now that she is blowing up with the reality show and makeup line and all that stuff. and, kylie minogue came out saying, this is not going to ham.
8:46 am
number one kylie since, like, 30 years. and she said she has owned for -- since 1996 and is having this trouble trying to come pre-hnld why somebody else would want to claim kylie when that is her. and, basically right now there is a legal battle for name kylie and they are going back and forth. and basically, kylie minogue, when it cups -- comes down to it says it will cause confusion between her fans and kylie jenner's fans which are two different generations and i don't think would be an issue but she's come out and fighting for it. >> amy: fascinating. >> john: i'm for kylie minogue! >> amy: yeah, i think so. >> john: if you have to choose sides and susan sarandon's daughter has nanny drama here. what is the story? >> eva murray, i feel like i say harry last name wrong had to
8:47 am
this time, it is super creepy and disturbing. i guess her husband received a text message from the nanny, talking about how handsome her boss is and how she wants to do things with him, and, he was waiting for an apology text in reply saying, oops, sorry, i sent it to the wrong person and it wasn't supposed to go to you but the apology text never game. her husband actually found the nanny peeking out of their bedroom window when he was coming home and she was in their room. how -- so disturbing. and disgusting, because she thinks that she was in there smelling things, touching things, doing all those things. >> amy: odd. >> yes. and of course, these nannies get paid very, you know, generously and get paid a lot of money and they are going around doing things like this. >> amy: time to find a much
8:48 am
>> john: should you look for an older nanny or a young attractive one? >> amy: much older one. yes. >> that has been the debate for a long time. a couple of years now, these younger nannies are stealing husbands and -- >> the arnold schwarzenegger nanny wasn't exactly what anyone would have thought. >> john: why you have grandma move back in with you. >> where is the family? >> amy: thank you. >> grandma would love it. >> john: always good to see you, talk to you soon. from xl 106.7. jayme king. >> jayme: good to see you, bud. let's talk temperatures out the gate. gdo, watching us here on fox 35, the time is 8:48 and we have got a warming atmosphere, slowly but surely, we're going sunny and warm and going to 80 by 2:00. something you may eclipse with ease today. a solid 82, 83, especially out toward like the theme park area south of orlando.
8:49 am
8:00. delightful, light wind and great weather outdoors, good for boating and fishing and anything you want to do outside. hop to it, i know it is only tuesday and maybe looking too advanced or forinto the weekend but the great weather hanging on tight here as we head toward friday, saturday, sunday. they've got snow now over to the upper midwest, south of the boundary or front inching our way. quite a bit of severe weather potential today. stronger storms may begin to set up and we are not included in that equation. look like a lot of the energy will shift out toward the outer banks and mid-atlantic and we're under the influence of high pressure right now. a few high clouds will slide through as the front makes the initial approach and again keeping the rain chances flat as a board here for wednesday. and thursday. zero percent, and rain chances staying flat all the way into the weekend. you can see the numbers now, dropped off in a lot of areas over the upper midwest, surge of cold air and will come in like this and rebound back to the new england states and leaves us on
8:50 am
and get the front and none of the cool air. if you are heading out to the cape tonight, launch time for the falcon 9 rocket putting the communication satellite high in the heavens, 6:35. 70 degree-plus temperature out there at the cape and rain chance again remains flat at zero. next 7, awesome weather for us, again, ample sunshine throughout and we'll have our moments of passing clouds but looking good, rain-free conditions and cool nights and pleasant days. take advantage of it while we can. let's talk a lit about a weather baby. a twofer. look at these two, huh? they are cuteys. thank you, congratulations. and of course love to see your kids, hop to it. get on-line and send us your pictures, is the place, the only place for weather babies here. in central florida. here's kristen with live drive traffic. >> good morning, "sky fox" is flying over eastbound i-4 right now, at the obt.
8:51 am
little because of some traffic enforcement operations going on, they are pulling cars over, so just something to keep in mind, the area, i-4 eastbound, right before the obt exit. i want to take you to the big traffic story, we have talked about it all morning, again, i-95 southbound in melbourne, right south of the pineda cause way. the lane reopened, it was shut down several hours. southbound lane reopened but moving really slow, watch the congestion, only 15 miles per hour, really stop and go there. your drive times, if you are on i-4, heading westbound, from lake mary boulevard to colonial, 16 minutes, eastbound i-4 from the attractions to downtown, 22 minutes. and, westbound 408 from the 417 to downtown, 13 minutes. john, back to you. >> john: 8:51. somebody is watching you. >> amy: a company wants to start getting information from your cell phone as you drive past their billboards.
8:52 am
to avoid those prying eyes, coming up next. >> john: time for our pet of the day. look at this guy. we want to say good morning to copper. you are our pet of the day. if you want your pet featured post it on our facebook page, we want to see your pet --
8:53 am
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in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam. >> amy: welcome back, 8:55 right now, from consumer quarter, billboards across florida could be using your cell phone to get personal information about you. >> john: clear channel outdoor america now partnering with several companies including at&t. here's how it works.
8:56 am
settings, set to "on" and the billboard will pick up pings from the phone and advertisers analyze the type of people driving by and can learn a lot from your demographics there. and the company claims all data collected is anonymous and you don't know who it is but if you don't want your data to be tracked you can turn off the setting when you drive. >> amy: the sunshine state is ranked as the 28th best state for women according to a should by wallet hub the rankings are based on earnings and job opportunities and quality of health care for women. the number one best state is minnesota and the worst on this list for women to live was louisiana. >> john: disney making more changes and additions to disney springs. yesterday, disney announced they had some very high profile tenants moving in. talking stores like anthropology, under armour, are adding a coca-cola store with a polar bear experience and rooftop bar and will open in phases starting may 15th.
8:57 am
at 9:00, forget pear shapes, there are new body types. >> amy: and figuring out which one is yours could help you if you are trying to lose weight. plus, food coloring poses risks for kids. we'll talk about that, with dr. oz, it is coming up this morning, plus, david martin? >> reporter: just a reminder, amy, we have been live all morning at the atlantic center for the arts. with the dosti music project, ten musicians are here, six from pakistan and two from india and two from the a us and they'll perform live here for you friday night, 7:00 p.m. for free! also, next friday night, in orlando: the concert is free. here's the web site for more information, atlantic center for the back with a lot put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees
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