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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a misorric trip to cuba and president obama will be front and center. a central florida boy fighting for his life after falling into a canal. tonight what one of his young friend is saying after trying to rescue him. right now on fox 35 news at 11:00. >> and tonight that central florida boy remains in the hospital. he is pulled from a canal near an orlando elementary school, but now we're hearing from one of his friend who rescued him. tiffany teasley is live at florida hospital. she's got more on how that boy's doing tonight. tiffany? >> reporter: well, the eight-year-old remains in critical condition here at florida hospital, and tonight we spoke with the brave, little boy who pulled him from the water before paramedics arrived. this eight-year-old plays basketball with his friends this
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putting his life on the line for his schoolmate. >> i took off my shirt, my shoes and my socks. i jumped in the water. by the time i got in the water he was under the water. >> reporter: investigators say his friend, eight-year-old shamore franklin, got through a fence and was walking over a pine when he fell into this canal yesterday evening. he knew he had to do something to help and ran to the rescue, pulling his friend from the water. >> i twisted him around, grabbed his hand and brought him to shore. i asked his brother to, like, help me pull him up. >> i really feel like god placed him there to be a help. >> reporter: according to the report he and the victim's brother did cpr on shamore until emergency crews arrived. tonight his father is holding onto hope for his son who remains in critical condition. >> i want my son to come home, you know. he's in the hospital.
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running through his stomach. >> reporter: meanwhile the courageous third grader is grateful he was at the right place at the right time to help his friend sh but still worries about his condition. >> a little bit sad but happy at the same time. >> reporter: and we're told the county's public works crews spent the day repairing those holes in the fence near that canal. reporting live tonight from orange county, tiffany teasley, fox 35 news. a relative of a child who shot and killed herself while she was playing with a gun is going to face a judge tomorrow afternoon in sanford. police say that six-year-old, a'letha burke, found a loaded gun in the bedroom of her baby sister's home. she later died. a'letha was left in the care of eric williams. williams is a convicted felon
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he's charged with child neglect, great bodily harm. >> the child was in the proximity of a firearm that was not secured where the juvenile was permitted to play. >> last week a three-year-old girl in sanford shot herself in the hand. police plan to hold a gun-safety class next wednesday at police headquarters, teaching the proper handling and storage of guns when it comes to protecting children. the florida house has passed the so called pastor protection act today and give florida pastors more legal protection if they refuse to perform same-sex. tracy jacim has details from both sides. >> reporter: after chris walker collected 24,000 signatures urging the state legislature to pass the so called pastor protection act. when the statehouse passed it today walter felt vindicated. >> i can tell a heterosexual
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you, i don't think you're ready, you're not financially ready, you're imma -- immature. we have that right to tell anybody, but this particular group wants to call it discrimination, and i think it's wrong. >> reporter: which is why after the u.s. supreme court ruled last year that same-sex couples have a fundamental right to marry, house sponsor of longwood and aaron bean began drafting the bill they say will protect churches, clergy and church employee who is decline to perform marriage ceremonies contrary to their belief. how difficult would it be to marry two gay folks based on your belief? >> well, it wouldn't be difficult at all because i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: hand down. >>? >> hands down wouldn't do it. >> reporter: federal law provides religious freedom for pastors. equality florida thought to change the proposed bill to the
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>> and we still believe that bill is completely unnecessa{?x and we know that pastors and clergy have always had the right to marry or not marry any couple for any reason. that's the way its always been and that's the way it should be. >> reporter: they will vote tomorrow. in clermont, tracy jacim, fox 35 news. a crime alert tonight. crises mee police need your help trying to identify an arm the robbery suspect. you can see the picture on screen here. the suspect approached the counter at the 7 eleven, pulled out a gun and demanded money. the clerk was able to run to the back room of he store and lock the door. nobody got hurt during this incident. developing tonight a bill requiring faster testing of dna evidence in suspected sexual abuse cases is now on it way to governor rick scott's desk for him to sign. the house gave its final approval on the bill today. it requires rape kits be submitted to the florida department of law enforcement
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gets the evidence or after the victim makes a request. attorney general pam bondi says the bill will be a tremendous help in possibly solving cold cases. >> think of the potential of solving unsolved rapes and unsolved murders and other serious crimes throughout the country. >> the bill came about after revelations last year that there are thousands of evidence kits right now in rape case that is remain untested. the dust has settledded on super tuesday. donald trump and hillary clinton chart add clear path towards their respective nominations. ben carson, not official, but likely to drop out of the race this friday. the other campaigns are trying to keep their presidential aspirations alive. and caroline shively has the latest out of washington. >> reporter: the donald takings
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surnlging past the rest of the gop field. >> if those patterns aren't disrupted donald trump is the nominee. >> reporter: florida senator marco rubio faces the fight of his life with just one victory in minnesota. polls show rubio could lose his home state to trump. >> those are not accurate numbers. wf our own numbers and we'll see other numbers that will show the same. >> reporter: john kasich has turned his attention to trying to win mid western states. >> i'm not engaging in personal attacks, name calling or mud slinging to become president of the united states. >> reporter: bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail after picking up four states even after hillary clinton submits a clear lead amongst democrats. >> somebody almost universally
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anointed as the inevitable nominee, well guess what. she's not so inevitable today! >> reporter: on thursday the republican can dits will have another chance to go head to head on a fox news debate in detroit hoping to gain momentum before tuesday. a south florida teenager accused of posing as a doctor is arrested again. sonni abatta taking us everywhere at 11:00. >> he was released this afternoon this time for one count of larceny and using another person's id without consent. he allegedly cashed $35,000 in checks that were stollen during house calls he made to an 86-year-old woman. the judge allowed him to be
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he undergoes a health evaluation. the fbi makes a big arrest in the miami area. they busted a man linked to a gold heist on i-95 in north carolina. they intercepted a smiment -- shipment about a year ago. they pull add gun, forced them into the woods and drove off. and a shocking surprise for a central florida homeowner. a monster gator makes its way into her screened-in pool. she had to call the trapper. this thing was 9 feet long. the gator managed to break through the home's screen and temporarily made itself home right there at the bottom of the pool. thankfully she saw it before she went back in. bob? >> that would have been a shock. thank you. a florida baseball team poised to be part of history.
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rays is saying about his team's big trip to cuba. plus -- i am -- to adopt the resolution to ban bear hunting in hillsborough county. >> central florida girl giving some county commissioners an ear full. her fight to stop the state's bear hunt. look at them, running in, breaking in and robbing a gun store. how they were able to pull this off. forecast in central florida right now, bob, looking good. looks like chilly weather to the north. we'll talk about the cooler temperatures and have more on your weekend forecast coming up. very good. one more thing here. "american idol" idolized forever by people magazine. releasing this special edition, carrie underwood making the cover. it's going to go under all 15
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former young several u.s. airlines are lining up to fly to cuba. the latest, delta. at least eight carriers submitted applications outlining what routes they would like to fly. u.s. tourists won't be legally
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they fall into certain categories. president obama visits cuba in a few weeks. tampa bay rays are going to face the cuba national team in havana. it's the first team that's played there since 1999. josh talking to the ray's owner about the big trip. >> following decades of separation, the cold relationship between the u.s. and cuba has thawed in recent years. today there is air travel and the appearance of a path toward normalized relations. >> certainly the ray's trip to cuba is one of those. >> reporter: later this month the rays will be the first team
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>> because of those connections between tampa and florida and cuba. it's these kind of goodwill mission that is can help break down some of the barrier that is still exist. >> reporter: connection that is date back to the 1500s and were cemented with the cigar industry back in the 1880s. they called ate no-brainer for the team. >> we're the best suited for it and going forward because the distance from here to cuba and the historical lines here. >> to be in the middle of it is exciting. >> reporter: says tampa resident and season ticketholder, charles. sheels be one of the thousands of fans in attendance in havana. >> it's one of those events you'll have to sit back and process, but to be in havana in the middle of march watching a baseball game, i don't think i ever thought i'd be doing something like this. >> reporter: two nations coming together, and it's the tampa bay
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footnote in history. >> you can't help but consider this a historic event. a school bus and minivan collided. firefighters had to rescue those two trapped inside the van. firefighters were able to get one person out of the van fairly quickly, but had to make several attempts to get the other person out. no sunts -- students were inside the bus at the time of the accident. first the clerks break the glass of the door and anchor a rope from the bars to a truck and pull it off. the door flies apart, sees them storm in grabbing several rifles, taking all the handguns. all of these guys got away. you can see more of that dramatic scrid -- video on our fox 35 fianceesbook page.
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and the video as well, and you can share that with all your friends. this is a 10-year-old girl who is traveling the state and giving elected officials an ear full about bear hunting. >> how could anyone consider that -- to bears especially the mind of hunters who call themselves, sports men. can you imagine having your home and yard reduced by 80% and then have people come into your small home to hunt you while you're doing nothing wrong. i highly doubt anyone would like that, but that is what has happened to our bears. >> she feels passionately about it, doesn't she and keith landry got a chance to speak with that young lady tonight. >> i'm here to speak on behalf of our florida black bears. >> >> reporter: this is 10-year-old megan. megan loves florida's black bears.
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killer bears that are left in central florida. >> reporter: megan made a powerful pitch at the meeting, a speech that could compete with a paid lobbyists. >> they're beautiful animal, i've seen one once. >> reporter: she says a trip to the everglades made her fall in love with bears and she knew she had to protect them. that is not a reason to kill them. >> reporter: this young activist adds her own blog. concerned that black bear habitat has shrunk in florida due to development. her brother's proud that her younger sister is speaking up. >> i think it's great she's up there sayingo\acx intelligent things and in the end she's the one living it. >> reporter: she thinks people who want to speak out should
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>> they might actually get some results. i'm sorry if i confused you by this not being on the agenda. >> reporter: she hopes to take a her message before anywhere she can get an the agenda. keith landry, fox 35 news. >> that is a very well-spoken young lady and people are going to be speaking well of the forecast you're laying out. temperatures very nice and warm into the day tomorrow after a cool start to the morning. live radar is currently rain free. the skies for the most part have cleared out. temperatures will drop down into the 40s up in gains expril ocala. it's gown to 62 one downtown. 48 up in ocala and 59 up in palm coast. there's some drier area the north. temperatures running about 10-degrees warmer in gains think think -- gainesville compared to last night.
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drier air shows up here with the dew points down to 35 in gainesville. still pretty moist out across melbourne. a 59-degree dew point. the dry air is moving and you'll feel it later tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. the skies becoming mainly clear tonight. downtown we currently have a west wind at 7 miles per hour. that will turn more northerly late tonight. 82-degrees was the high earlier today. 58 the early-morning low. 4-degrees warmer than normal. that will change tomorrow with the overnight lows. the daytime highs are still going to get up to about 80-81. warm weather through the weekend. next cold front shows up friday. still going to be fading away and the dry weather continues through our weekend still in the 70s down in south florida. here's what's left of the front. it's died out trying to hit the bahamas, but it won't make it. 46-degrees in tallahassee. there goes the storm system.
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loaded and rolling along. already producing some decent snows, extending towards eastern iowa. we're going to pick up the tail end of that system and throw the next cold front in our direction. plenty of sunshine tomorrow, but then by 4:00 a.m. on friday here's the front.up##) few scattered showers up toward ocala, gainesville. watch what happens, gone. not expecting any rain in the metro area, but north of town getting a little sprinkle there overnight into late thursday night, early friday 79 on friday. great-looking weekend, bob, with plenty of sunshine. highs in the mid-70s. >> glenn, thank you. tthe chicago bulls visiting the orlando magic tonight. nick storing 24. depot putting in 17. and gordon had 13 points and 15 boards. both teams on their second game
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test.harvey: it appears that bradley cooper went all klondike. he's back with irina shayk just days after he was with naomi campbell. >> irina shayk is like nice, calm, doesn't say very much. >> and naomi is emotional. >> maybe he wants the aggressive model. >> maybe he just likes to bang as many hot women as possible. >> i got will smith outside nobu.


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