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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. >> john: it's thursday, march 3. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us.
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court after police say that his 6-year-old niece killed herself with his gun. we have details on why the weapon should not have been in his house in the first place. >> i jumped into the water. by the time i got into the water, he was under the water. >> john: an 8-year-old boy jumped into the canal to save his friend from drowning. now the hero is talking to fox 35. >> amy: what happen that sent a man to the hospital. now what's happening outside? >> john: it's nice. they're getting winter weather upnorth and we're basking in the sunshine. >> jayme: after a small smidgen of a cool down, we're going to be well into the 80s. clouds beginning to increase. moving in off the gulf. we have a secondary chance.
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good looking weekend after that. 40s and 50s for the kids at the bus stop. we're colder in the north central portion of the fox 35 viewing area. 82dy 2:00 p.m. 78 at 5:00 p.m. rain chances very late, probably more of the early a.m. a late night shower, brief stint early friday morning. we may approach mid-to-upper 80s if we go out to next week. it'll be a warm one. >> kristin: taking you over to downtown orlando. crews are wrapping up construction on some i-4 ultimate work. you may see flashing lights and traffic cones. keeping an eye on drive times. e -- will i-4 eastbound, that
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westbound, i-4, 434 to fairbanks, 6 minutes. and rouse road to downtown, just 9 minutes. >> john: it's 6:02. >> amy: new this morning. the orange county sheriff's office is reporting after report an explosion at a speedway. >> john: witnesses reported seeing a motorcycle explode. right now we're told that one person was taken to the hospital with significant injuries. the orange county sheriff's office tell us that the victim was working on the motorcycle and he was injured. this is being treated as an industrial accident. >> amy: a a man is in court today after his 6-year-old niece shot and killed herself with his gun. police said that he shouldn't even have had a weapon in the house? is that right? >> reporter: good morning. the family member is facing
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his niece's death. erik williams was taking care of a'letha burke tuesday night and she got ahold of a gun and shot herself by accident. she died at the hospital later. is he not supposed to have a gun in his possession. >> there's a responsibility there. as the owner of a firearm, you are to secure it. we owe them that. to keep them safe. >> reporter: grief counselors have been at school all week long to help the students. and erik williams is expected to be at court today at 1:30. >> john: developing this morning. we're hearing from the young boy who rescued his 8-year-old friend from a canal. close to riverside elementary.
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home from school where his friends when we decided to walk across a pipe with his friends and he fell 10 feel 10 feet into the water. and 8-year-old maliki jenkins saved him. >> i asked his brother to help me pull him up. >> i really feel like god placed him there to be a help. >> john: police say that jenkins and the victim's brother did cpr until emergency crews arrived. right now franklin is in critical condition, and his family is holding out hope that he will recover. >> amy: grady ed edmondson senior went in front of the a judge. deputies said that he shot his
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they had been arguing in the driveway when things got heated. >> i adore him. we're a tight neighborhood here. this is shocking to know. >> amy: friended say that the son is expected to make a full recovery. he has three children who are now staying with relatives. >> amy: details emerging after a 3-year-old boy fell out of a moving suv. >> john: the boy was trying to drive the car when it rolled into traffic. police say that the boy's mother went into the store and left the boy in the car. the boy told police he was playing with the keys and pulled down on the shifter and then the car started to roll and he got out of the car to try to stop it. this is still under investigation. >> john: a intimate debate. four candidates on stage.
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>> reporter: 15 down to 4. ben carson said he will not take part. he made the decision in the home town of detroit where the debate is. he said, quote, there's no path forward. the retired surgeon stopped short of dropping out of the race. he will talk more on friday about that. the race seemed to be focusing on stopping donald trump. the remaining candidates will do their best in detroit, in the delegate count. trump is first, cruz, and marco rubio. and megan kelly will be moderating. trump skipped the last debate de-and will be there tonight. other headlines including
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to a g.o.p. crisis. and inside a tbop implosion. and the war to stop trump. former presidential candidate mitt romney is going to speak today about the state of the race. romney has said that the front runners tax returns could be full of bombshells. trump is expected to stump at the cfe arena. they expect hundreds of students to come out and participate. they will plan to meet and discuss executed ahead of trump's -- discuss security ahead of trump's visit. >> amy: google testing a new payment app which is completely hands free. and cracking down on e cigarettes. live from new york city is the lovely lauren simonetti. hi, lauren.
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>> reporter: hi, happy friday almost. >> amy: talk about the new ban from the dot. what are they worried about? >> reporter: e cigarettes. are you not allowed to vape them or smoke them been when a passenger on the plane. and you can't put them in checked bags. you can't have them on planes. they are afraid that they cause fires. there's missing scientific evidence that they, how much do they really help you cut back on smoking, what happens to other passengers inhaling the fumes, et cetera. and this is the latest. the banff e cigs on planes. >> amy: the guy had it in his pocket the other day, and reason to be concerned until they figure it out.
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>> reporter: you can pay not only without your wallet but without your smart phone. you download an app that google is working on right now. they're testing it out in california. you go to the cashier, about to pay for something, all you say what your initials are and that makes your payment go through. i know this sounds super crazy. wi-fi, tluetooth, the system is able to tell the phone is on your person. you don't need to are have it on out. >> amy: they know that you didn't steal it? >> reporter: i hear there's a profile picture showing up in their system. google is still working on a system for hack proof or fool proof.
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expected to go from $9 billion to $20 billion. >> amy:rr6 really interesting stuff. happy thursday. bye-bye. >> amy: go to fox finder to find more on lauren simonetti. >> john: >> amy: and what to be done to make
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welcome back to "good day orlando." a nice start to your thursday morning. 56 degrees out there. looking pretty nice to start the day. jayme will give us a full outlook coming up. >> john: the ucf downtown campus is one step closer to becoming a reality. >> amy: the florida board of governors have given approval to build the campus downtown. luanne has more.
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the board voted 14-2 in favor of approving $20 million for the new campus. the campus will sit west of i-4 and east of parramore boulevard near the site of the old amway center. remember that? that's where it'll be. the university will chip in $20 million. $20 million private. the lawmakers and the governor still have to approve the plan. >> i have great confidence that we'll make it through the process, through the legislative portion, as well as the governor's review of the budget once it is passed. but we will not take that for granted, and we'll be working on that in the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: the new campus would serve 7700 students. one-third would only be online. the college would have health administration, digital media, and government. >> john: it's deadline day in daytona beach.
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to reach an agreement on how to handle the area's homeless problem. they're trying to determine how to finance a new homeless shelter. the city commissioners have agreed to pay $400,000 a year for the shelter. as long as long as the, sticks to the pledge. the city to find a way to cover the rost of running -- the cost of running the 250 bed shelter or risk losing the funding. they'll discuss the proposal today. >> john: help is on the way when it comes to fighting the zika virus. >> amy: 500 more zika virus antibody kits. doctors can test 4600. 44 confirmed cases so far. all of those are travel related.
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let's find out how things are check out on our thursday forecast. jayme king is all over it. >> jayme: good morning, yes, i am p.m. we have 40s and 50s. and as we look at the big map now, the clouds continue to roll on in. head strong out of the gulf of mexico. another batch arriving late tonight. containing about a 0% chance of -- 20% chance of showers or isolated activity. through the wee early morning of your friday morning. of 2:00 p.m. temp, 78 by 5:00 p.m. for the kids at the bus stop, some clouds in place, but the main thing, it's is cool, dry morning, and then a warm afternoon. solid to mid-80s. overnight
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and we wrap up the shower action. a front moves through and will clear the region and drop to the south and clear us out and paving the way for glorious weekend weather. the time stamp, by 5:00 p.m., we're pushing everything down to the south. keeping clouds in play. after that, the front continues to clear things out on the north, northwesterly air flow. ample sunshine all day long on friday, saturday, sunday, and beyond. i have some action over the upper midwest now, south of chicagoland. we continue with a vigorous area of snowfall overtaking st. louis, and cruising out towards dc. in dc, this is the calm before the storm. you can see, at the nation's capital -- we blew by that, but i had a nice shot of the
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but right now we're showing high above. . we'll have a warm day. clear out the clouds and wrap up the rain risk. get out and enjoy. highs from 75 to to 80 degrees. and by late next week we may be contending with solid to mid-80s. we're at 83. lower near 64. no chance of weekend rain. and that's the most important thing, at least in my eye, and a lot of you, i am sure, agree with that notion. here's kristin. >> kristin: sky fox over i-4 heading westbound. we just passed the convention center. things looking good from daytona beach to lakeland. we're not seeing accidents on i-4. a ton of green. things are up to speed in this area. in christmas we have a roadblock at colonial and the 520.
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that means things are not moving in the area. keep that in mind if you are heading out right there. westbound i-4 from the 434 to fairbanks, 6 minutes. if are you using the 408, rouse road to downtown, 9 minutes. saving you money. regular gas is $1.61 at the marathon at university boulevard and north goldenrod road in winter park. remember, you can always find gas saving tips at john, amy, back to you. >> john: it's 6:20. the u.s. supreme court is divide on a controversial case that may close clinics. >> amy: the few findings from
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a news alert. the heroin epidemic continues to be a big problem in orlando, including ucf. >> now university police said they have a new weapon in the battle of the deadly drug.
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least eight people have died from overdoses. they have dealt with two cases of suspects high on heroin in the past two month. they are using a new weapon. officers say its like an epipen for overdoses. >> able to be administers, an injectable inside the safety guard. you inject into a meaty portion of a thigh or something like that. for 5 seconds. they will be more coherent and super alert almost immediately. if it doesn't work, we can give a second dose. >> john: the heroin danger is not going away but the new drug gives a way to save lives. a controversial abortion case. >> texas is arguing that they're trying to protect witch with strict regulations that -- protect women.
6:25 am
force clinics to meet hospital-like standards are not necessary. they said that it's going to make it nearly impossible for a woman to get an abortion. the scort court is now split. four conservative four liberal. each projectile ejected landed the in the sea, according to south korea. the ministry is working to confirm what was fired. debris may find out what happened to the missing malaysian flight is heading to australia. it washed up into the african country of mozambique. it looks to be part of the tail of a bowing 737. what's interesting here is that there's only one missing 777 in
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they say that part clearly has to have come from the plane. >> john: super tuesday is in the rear view mirror. presidential hopefuls have a debate. >> amy: which former candidate is gearing up for a big announcement. here's a hint.
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>> john: 6:30 here on "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. ben carson looking to be calling it quits following donald trump aws dominating appearance. a former republican candidate is stepping ul and expected to go after the front runner. >> john: a man and women are smashed into from behind after pulling one of these on the road. >> amy: astronaut scott kelly returned a different man. we'll tell you how his body
6:30 am
he needs longer pants. >> john: interesting. >> amy: i thought that it said at first that he no longer needed pant, which would be very inappropriate, no he needs longer pants. >> john: hey, strange things have happened in space. i ept don't know the story, but i am sticking around. >> jayme: we have your 40s and your 50s. another cool morning. a decent morning. and we have clouds streaming through. for the kids at the bus stop, the clouds don't mean much. for the cloud cover, a cool, dry morning giving way to a warm afternoon. 80s pretty much area wide into the afternoon hours. clouds and increasing clouds through the overnight. the wee early morning of friday may feature isolated shower activity. outside of that, we're looking great. warm today, 82ish.
6:31 am
5:00, and then a drop into the upper 70s. nice and toasty out there for you. late night showers tonight. into the early, early friday morning. and then after that, mostly sunny on friday. and then we ride out the sunshine through the weekend with glorious skies and good looking temperatures. here's kristin with live drive. >> kristin: taking you out to longwood this morning. cars going away from you are heading westbound. cars coming towards you are heading eastbound. all over i-4, it's looking good. a ton of green. i4, i-95, north, southbound, looking good, and the 408 is up to speed. i-4 eastbound from john young parkway to downtown, 3 minutes. if are you using the 4089 this morning, heading west from rouse road to downtown, that'll take you 10 minutes. >> amy: the next big republican debate is tonight.
6:32 am
crowded. >> john: super tuesday looked to have caused another casualty in the race for the white house. doug luzader has the latest. >> reporter: ben carson is now out, at least as far as the debate is concerned and his campaign looks to be over as well. we'll get more details tomorrow when he is expected to speak out about this. meantime, another question, what will mitt romney say today. i transformation is well under way at the opulent fox theater in detroit. the stage will have to undergo last minute changes. the initial debate lineup has shrunk with ben carson bowing out just yesterday. i do not see a political path forward, he said in the statement. he has not technically ended, he won fewer than 10 delegates with more than 600 in play ben's campaign touched millions. touched millions.
6:33 am
gave them inspiration. texas senator ted cruz moved quick. >> are you looking forward. >> reporter: and it may start earlier today with 2012 republican nominee mitt romney speaking. he has made opposition to trump clear and may drive that home today speaking for much of republican establish sphwhrnt what we're seeing is that the last week the g.o.p. was in prannic mode. and they are in full freak out mode right now. >> reporter: that may be. as far as what romney is going to say, the associated press got an advanced copy of his remarks. he is expected to call donald
6:34 am
lacks the temperment to be president. donald trump is expected to react. >> john: a central florida family pulled over on the side of the road and the lights couldn't save them. a woman and her boyfriend were pulled over on the side of state road 50 in christmas on tuesday afternoon. they had their hazards lights on when another car crashed into them at the seen. they both died at the scene. >> be careful, slow down, pay attention, shift lanes if you can. keep as much room as you can. you never know what's going on. >> john: troopers were not able to locate the driver involved in the crash. they are asking anyone with information to come forward. >> john: a man facing charges of driving drunk and leaving the
6:35 am
>> amy: melbourne police said that stanley jones rear ended a driver and forced them to rear end another car and jones took off to his apartment complex. when the officers arrested him, he had a blood alcohol level of .211. twice the legal limit. he has since bonded out of jail. >> john: a man robbed a 7-eleven at gun point. he walked into the store on john young parkway. pulled out a gun. demanded money. the clerk ran to the back room and locked the door. the man took off. if you recognize him, contact kissimmee police or crime line. >> amy: firefighters are monitoring hot spots following a huge fire in osteen near black lake and owens harbor road off highway 415. the fire was a prescribed burn trying to get rid of dead brush
6:36 am
no homes have been threatened. >> john: a big night for the chicago magic. >> amy: -- for the orlando magic. chicago was here. >> reporter: and the bulls came in with players injured and the magic took advantage. nik vucevic, 24 to lead the magic. and azona with a career high. and aaron gordon. 102-89. they said they didn't want it close, and it was not. they play host to phoenix tomorrow. a big announcement when it comes to concessions. the school said they'll start selling alcohol at sporting events. visitors can look to buy beer and wine at the premium seats in the swamp.
6:37 am
michael phelps will been in an orlando pool today. in the arena pro series meet at the aquatic center on i-drive. the olympic hero one of five swimmers competing been phelps has three events. watch. but when you can see a swimmer like michael phelps in the pool. i wonder if he have brings his side. >> john: like he did at the become game. he is seeded fourth. which is good. >> john: a proposal that could have fixed florida's death penalty is shot down by lawmakers. >> amy: what they are considering and how it could make it easier for the execution. el chapo said he can't wait
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>> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." astronaut scott kelly has returned to earth a taller man. he actually grew 2 inches when he lived on the international space station. he's now taller than his identical twin brother.
6:41 am
he begins what may be a year long project to monitor his health. my guess is the whole two inches thing is great. the reason that happened is because your spine, there's no gravity. it stretched out. i am thinking it'll go back. >> amy: a bill for pastors to refuse to perform same sex weddings. >> john: it passed. they said that federal law provides religious freedom for pastors but supporters say it's not enough. >> i think it's ridiculous, i can tell a heterosexual couple, this i don't think you are ready, you are immature, we have that right, but this particular group wants to call it discrimination and i think it's
6:42 am
>> john: if the senate passes the bill today, it would head to the governor for final approval. >> amy: less success in the senate for the death penalty case. the senate is expected to vote on another bill that would require at least 10 out of the 12 jurors to recommend execution in order for a judge to have it carried out. all of the proposals come following the u.s. supreme court ruling that florida's currenting method is unconstitutional. >> amy: a bill requiring faster dna testing in sexual assault cases is on its way to governor rick scott. it would require that rape kits be submitted within 30 days. it was discovered that thousands of rape kits were never tested statewide. >> john: she's own 10 but she's
6:43 am
>> i implore you to employ a resolution to ban bear hunting. >> amy: she's pretty cute. one mission to stop t if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more
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welcome back.
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royal caribbeans anthem of the seas is back to port early after being battered by another storm. it was on a cruise scheduled to return to the new jersey port. it had to cancel a further trip because they wanted to avoid strong winds and seas. >> john: a 10-year-old girl is traveling the state to stop the hunt of black bears. she spoke before the hillsborough county commissioners urging them to pass a resolution over further bear hunts. she said that the bears are not naturally aggressive and it's development. >> ife people speak out instead of being arm chair activists and blowing hot air on facebook they might actually get some results. >> john: she hopes to take her message to seminole, and orange,
6:47 am
the month. >> jayme: good morning. let's talk temperatures now with 40s up north. 50s down south. a decent day. a passing clouds. clouds may thick ton what i call considerable cloud coverage at times. taking us into the overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. i'm looking for a little bit of rain in the forecast. but lookee here, the orlando cam on top of hyatt regency and overlooking i-drive area and to the east is looking awesome good looking sunrise. 56 at the cam site. northerly winds at 5 to 10. everything is coming together. it's going to be a quick visit of rain drops pun one this guy slips through, it's all about sunshine. as we get toward mid-and late morning tomorrow, friday.
6:48 am
forecast through the weekend. and uv index at 6. burn time, 15 minutes. peak sun time 1238 or so. and wrapping up tee times today at 82. passing clouds and warm temperatures. tonight, wrapping up the notion of rain. a quick burst of shower activity. you'll probably be sleeping, at least i hope you are sleeping at that time. 20% at that. and wrapping up towards 5:30. it should be to the south of orlando. the modeling is reflecting that as it drops from north to south when you watch the time stamp. now behind this system, this is paving the way for another awesome weekend. you'll love the numbers in our seven-day forecast. and quick burst of showers. wrapping it up early.
6:49 am
and a blend of 50s and 60s through the overnights through next weekend. wednesday featuring a high of 83 with full sunshine. >> kristin: we're flying over i-4 right now heading east towards lake mary boulevard. you can see in both directions things are going smoothly. lots of green on the map on this thursday. i-4 eastbound and westbound, looking good. and i want to take you to the crash south of 417 in orlando. we have a crash on john young parkway and town loop boulevard near the big shopping center. it's slowing things down in the northbound lanes. lots of green. eastbound i-4 from john young parkway to downtown, it'll take you 3 minutes. and if you are using the 408 this morning, rowtion road to downtown will take you 10 minutes. time to look at you your trending online headlines.
6:50 am
headline from desperate mexican drug lord wants quick extradition to the u.s. his attorney said that his client is extremely sleep deprived he was captured after escaping a maximum security prison. prison workers are waking him you have every four hours to make sure he's alike or that he has not escaped. either way, he's like, i need to get out of here. i need some sleep. take me to the u.s. the next headline from the new york post. stress eating, jared fogle has gained 30 pounds in prison. he's just three months into his 16 year prison sentence. he has reportedly gained 30 pounds eating lots of cake and honey buns. fogle confessed to sleeping with teenager girls and that's why
6:51 am
million dollars herd giving a problem. authorities are trying to figure out what to do with the cattle he has on the nevada rank. the 69-year-old man was arrested after a standoff led by his sons on his ranch. state and federal officials are debating what to do with the 1,000 cattle still there, which are not vaccinated for diseases or branded. >> john: that's interesting. >> reporter: it doesn't sound like he was taking care of them before this all happened. >> reporter: are you supposed to brand them? >> amy: that's pretty normal return take . >> reporter: taking them to the slaughter house. >> amy: i don't know much about cattle. >> john: a family enjoying fun in the sun and a shocking discovery. >> amy: you probably won't be surprised at what they found in their pool, in the state of florida.
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we'll be right back. 6:54 on "good day orlando." there's a live look as the sun comes up.
6:55 am
was popping up under the clouds. a nice day. 56 degrees right now. time to look the the stories making headlines. >> amy: in south florida, a teenager previously charged with posing as ac is face -- posing as a doctor is facing more charges. he was arrested tuesday and released yesterday. he is facing charges of larceny and using another person's identification without their consent. according to the palm beach county dengts, he cashinged near $30,000 of checks stolen during house calls he made to an elderly woman. he has been allowed a release as long as he undergoes a mental health evaluation. >> john: are a man was arrested linked to a gold heist in north carolina. thieves intercepted a truck as it was carrying gold bars along
6:56 am
the haul worth $4.8 million. the man the agents arrested the suspect yesterday. another suspect recently pled guilty to extortion after trying to sell one gold bar. >> amy: a shocking discovery in a pool. a big old gator. a 9-footer broke through a screened porch in lakeland and made himself at home. do they like chlorine? >> john: not normally, i think. >> amy: they called in a wrangler. they trapped him. the gator was not hurt, and the trapper made a little bit of money. >> john: the target is on trump's back again. >> amy: all new in the 7:00 a.m. hour, we'll talk to a political analyst on what the g.o.p. establishment is trying to do to knock down the front runner. new on the health watch. a study that links stress to cancer.
6:57 am
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> reporter: good morning to you. a man is in court today after his 6-year-old niece shot and killed herself with his gun. why the gun should never have been in the house in the first place. >> john: doctors are treating a man after a motorcycle he was working on explodes.
7:00 am
together so we can keep the front runner from winning. >> amy: targeting trump. how the republican establishment is trying to stop donald trump. now let's talk about what is happening outside. what is this? it's beautiful. >> john: a good start. >> jayme: that's called the sun. beautiful, y es. 40s and 50s for you. and the clouds we have on top are, again, due to something special in the sunrise. delightful, gorgeous. and clouds streaming in off the gulf. the next batch is associated off the cold front. and peeling through dallas. some of the rain potential breaks off as the front moves down the spine of the state. it'll happen very, very late tonight and through the early morning hours of our friday. after that, it gets better. we clear things out, we're warm for the weekend, and lots of sunshine. 82 by 2:00 p.m. 78 by 5:00 p.m. 71 by 8:00. and the next batch of clouds get going.


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