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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  March 3, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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together so we can keep the front runner from winning. >> amy: targeting trump. how the republican establishment is trying to stop donald trump. now let's talk about what is happening outside. what is this? it's beautiful. >> john: a good start. >> jayme: that's called the sun. beautiful, y es. 40s and 50s for you. and the clouds we have on top are, again, due to something special in the sunrise. delightful, gorgeous. and clouds streaming in off the gulf. the next batch is associated off the cold front. and peeling through dallas. some of the rain potential breaks off as the front moves down the spine of the state. it'll happen very, very late tonight and through the early morning hours of our friday. after that, it gets better. we clear things out, we're warm for the weekend, and lots of sunshine. 82 by 2:00 p.m. 78 by 5:00 p.m. 71 by 8:00. and the next batch of clouds get going.
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showers. 20% chance for rain. very early in the morning. then skies gradually scheer. and highs in the mid-to-upper 70s, sample sun, and no chance for rainfall. >> kristin: taking you live in longwood. cars going away are heading westbound, cars towards you are heading east towards daytona beach. i-4 is looking good all over. every since we started the show at 5:00, things are looking good. lots of green on i-4. and taking a look at drive times. i-4 east bound from jawng young, 3 minutess. if are you using the 408 this morning, rouse road to downtown, 10 minutes. >> amy: new this morning, the orange county sheriff's office is investigating after reports of an explosion at a local speedway. >> john: it happened at orlando speed world in east colonial in
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witnesses reported seeing a motorcycle explode. we're told that one person was taken to the hospital with significant injuries. orange county sheriff's office said that the victim was working on the motorcycle when he was injured and that this is being treated as an industrial accident. >> amy: in seminole county, a man is in court today after police say his 6-year-old niece shot and killed herself with his gun. fox 35's andrea jackson has more outside of the seminole county jail. >> reporter: good morning. the family member is a convicted felon and now he is facing charges after his 6-year-old niece agents death. erik williams was taking care of a'letha burke and she got ahold of his gun and shot herself by accident. and she later dayed at the hospital. williams is not supposed to have a gun as a convicted felon.
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you need to store it securely and away from juveniles. we owe them that. to protect them and keep them safe. >> reporter: a'letha attended wicklow elementary, and grief counters have been -- counselors have been on hand. williams is expected to be facing the judge today at 1:30. >> john: making news this morning, we have this. we're hearing from the young boy who rescued his 8-year-old friend from a canal. it happened on tuesday close to the elementary school. 8-year-old shamore was walking home with friends and decided to walk across the pipe. 8-year-old malachi jenkins jumped in to save him. >> i asked his brother to help
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>> i really feel like god placed him there to be a help. >> john: police say jenkins and the victim's brother did cpr on franklin until the emergency crews arrived. franklin is in critical condition. they are hoping that he will recover. >> amy: a suspect tbhent front of a judge yesterday. deputies said he shot his adult son at his home in deland. the two men were arguing in the driveway when things got heated. >> i adore him. we're a tight neighborhood here. this is shocking to know. >> amy: friends say that that son is expected to make a full recovery. he has three children who are now staying with other relatives. >> john: developing this morning, the g.o.p. party appears to crisis mode after
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tuesday. >> reporter: something we have never seen in presidential elections. . mitt romney is planning a news conference bees what he is calling the state of the 2016 race. it appears he is going as to call him a phony, a fraud. romney is expected to throw his support behind ted cruz, marco rubio, or john john kasich. anyone besides trump. and he said trump's refusing to release tax returns. and this is mitt romney's twitter. there might be bombshells. heard by supporters who are very jected the establishments. they don't want to hear fromfies like mitt romney. will it resonate.
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failed candidate mitt romney. the big question, is it going to resonate? doctor ben carson won't take place. he said there's, quote, no path forward following a poor finish. he stopped short of dropping out of the race but most analysts say he will be done. trump is in first and cruz in second for the delegates and marco rubio in third. the way they're talking, will it matter when they move forward. students are expected to protest donald trump's rally. the organizers of the protest said that it'll be a peaceful demonstration. the school says they're going to meet and discuss security ahead. and they hope to have 100 protesters.
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torres is joining us to talk more about it. recent newspaper headlines show that it may be in a crisis mode. the huffington post. g.o.p. implosion over donald trump's candidacy has arrived. other head liechs, donald trump's victories point to a g.o.p. crisis. and inside the g.o.p. implosion and the war to stop trump. first question for you today is the republican party in a bit of a -- i don't know if i want to say they're in trouble here, because some support donald trump, but there's something goings on behind the scenes. >> there is definitely something going on behind the scenes. is the republican party as we know it in trouble. that would be an accurate statement. a rise of outside candidates. ben carson, and carly fiorina. they are not sure that this outsider type of candidate can take them to victory in
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those why he see rumors of implosion. >> john: and mitt romney is going to come out and give a speech against donald trump. i don't know if that's effective, because his supporters will say, that's another g.o.p. person that lost. >> you will hear from donald trump's supporters. and you see factions of other candidates previously feuding. your mitt romneys and the ben carson supporters, some of them. as the candidates drop out, as the more recognized candidates come to the table, voice is known, they are adding just a little bit by little to the anti-trump side of the argument. they hope that the sentiment equals the trump juggernaut and somehow knock him off the rails. >> john: on the democratic side. hillary clinton guesting breathing room but being careful to not upset sanders' reporters. >> a situation she was very
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when she was battling barack obama for the nominee. you embrace the policies. her job is easier if than if donald trump were to win the nomination. and if you get everybody teght. a shorter road for hillary clinton than donald trump. >> john: donald trump, and megyn few on stage tonight. >> a strong teem of collaboration from donald trump, marco rubio, and john kasich. you see a similar dialogue. looking back and forth between the podiums guesting attacked from all sides. i think there will be friction between donald trump and megyn kelly. it'll be good television tonight
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>> john: i would think so. >> orlando the florida board of governors has approved plans to build a campus downtown. and there are more hoops to jump through. we tell you about the steps in the next level of approval processing. let's check in with mr. king. >> jayme: let's talk ragweed. that's the main driver in the pollen count this morning. it's booming, around a 7. i feel it too.
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a 5 on friday. >> john: happy% to you. beautiful sunrise this morning. a lot going on in central florida. the ucf downtown campus is one step closer to becoming a reality. >> amy: the florida board of governors have given their approval to build the campus down downtown. >> reporter: this is not a done deal yet, but the board voted 14-2 in favor of approving $20 million for the new campus.
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i-4 and east of parramore boulevard near the site of the old amway arena. the university will chip in $20 million and its raising another $20 million privately. the lawmakers and the governor still have to approve the project. >> i have great confidence that we'll make it through the process, through the legislative portion, as well as the governor's review of the budget once it is passed, but we will not take it for granted and we'll be working with that in the next couple of weeks. >> reporter: the new campus would serve 7,700 students but a third would be online only. the campus would have health administration, digital media, and government. >> john: happening today, it's deadline day in daytona beach. the city and the county looking to reach an agreement on how to handle the area's homeless problem. they're looking to agree on terms on how to finance a new homeless shelter.
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night to pay $400,000 a year for the shelter. that is as long as the county sticks to their pledge to give $4 million for construction. back in january, county council members issued a deadline for today for the city to find aorkj way to cover the cost of running the 250 bet shelter or miss out on the funding. they are scheduled to meet today to discuss. >> jayme: you have 40s up north. you have 50s primarily down to the south. that temperature really begins to increase as you go south down to the florida turnpike into far south florida. the great equalizer today is cloud cover. and a lot of it on to the early side of things. it's streaming in off the gruks. high pressure moving through.
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rain chance at fires up late, late tonight and very early tomorrow, friday morning. the vast majority of you will be sleeping. we'll be here at fox 35. we're early risers. a few rain drops may populate the skies early. but by mid-morning friday, we're looking good. a thumbs up forecast. and the winds are light and variable. due south by the afternoon. this helps the temperatures remain elevated today, we're talking. 82 by 2:00. and 70s by 8:00 p.m. and nowhere near the cooling we have endured as of late. temperatures very, very spring-like, if you ask me. and clouds and overnight shower possibility. 65 by 2:00 a.m. by 8:00 a.m., a clearing process and temperatures through the mid-60s. here's the modeling shows you go a computer simulation as to what may play out weather-wise. it's about the front dropping south.
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by around 6:00 a.m. a lot of the rain activity will be down to the south, as far south florida sees rain drops tomorrow. and the front clears out. north, northwest air passage. and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s with ample sunshine. out to sea. only a trickle of a east, northeast swell. in the background. not much of it hitting our local beaches. a lot of it towards puerto rico, and do dominican republic. for us, 1 foot surf on the plus side, mixed swell. and 5 to 10 knots and 830 degrees on the sand. warming up to have a bona fide beach day if you have the time and the means. early high tide this morning, and bottoming out at 9:43 at pons, and 8:26 at port
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water temperatures in the mid-to lower 60s. and mid-60s in brevard county, cocoa beach south. continuing warm temperatures down to fort pierce and stuart. tonight in the 50s. rain chances rising. and wrapping up by about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. saturday and sunday we harvest lots of sunshine, and temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees. really nice. and mid-week peak of next week, solid to mid-80s phasing in and no chance of rain during this time. >> kristin: i want to take you right out to seminole county just south of lake mary boulevard. we have reports of a disabled vehicle here in the westbound lane of i-4. it's slowing things down. you can see by the oranges. south of lake mary, i-4, heading
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things down for you. time for the pump patrol. saving you money with the fox 35 pump patrol. regular gas $1.62 at the circle k in kissimmee. remember you can always find gas saving tips on our website at >> john: let's talk stress. it's known to wreak havoc on your health. >> amy: how chronic stress could increase your risk of getting cancer. you can follow us on twitter. it's easy to do. we're@fox 35 news.
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you've got a friend in me snoand. >> amy: how great this is picture. we you're our fox 35 friend of the day. there's a new friend of the day. you can find us by goings to facebook and searching out fox 35. >> john: how much stress affects
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cancer. aws australian science published a journal. they found chronic stress cancer spread at a much higher rate. does it surprise you what they found? >> not really. stress can usually promote the spread of the cancer cell. you look at the new blood vessel generation and the cancer cell spread but not causing the cancer. directly, but indirectly. and alcohol, tobacco, and sedentary lifestyle. not a direct correlation. >> john: if you have cancer, the chronic stress continues, it
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>> the lymphatic new vessel formation, it can. we usually recommend with patients this they need to deal with stress, do yoga, and medtation to cause less unfavorable processes. >> john: we can do everything medically but you have to do things on your own, right? >> i recommend 20 minutes of a walk every day. to reduce the stress down to the level where they can manage it so they can proceed with aggressive measure, not just giving up. because stress can cause hopelessness, giving up early. they or they give up treatment in the middle of the course. >> john: the people who you have seen that do best in cancer treatment, are things they do that help them get better quicker. >> that's why we have support
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patient outlook needs to improving. they can manage the whole process. it's a bumpy ride. chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, it's not easy. they need to be best mentally, physically, and emotionally good state. >> john: everyone says, how are you doing? busy, stressed out? maybe it's the cellphones, computers, but chronic life is a part of our lifes. >> absolutely. >> john: how do you encourage people to cut back. a lot of people think they can't. how do you counsel people? >> basically, to improve their lifestyle. because stress can lead to so many unhealthy behaviors. alcohol is major. and tobacco is the other one. tobacco has a clear etymological factor in lung cancer and so many other factors. encouraging people to reduce their stress level. but it's difficult.
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>> again, doctor assad shaik. thank you for joining us. >> amy: the tampa bay rays kicking offspring training by honoring military families. children of a navy sea bee throwing out the first pitch. [ cheering ] >> come here. >> amy: you know what is going to happen. a awesome surprise at the pitcher's mound.
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i have chills thinki it's a beautiful day 7:29 here on "good day orlando." the sun is up. looking absolutely beautiful in downtown. our downtown is going great. an event yesterday, all the businesses being built down there. i mean, wow, what a great time to be living here in orlando. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. i'm looking forward to the debate. are you looking forward to the debate? [ cheering ]
7:30 am
presidential hopefuls going at it again tonight. what will be different about tonight's big debate. >> john: changes in latitudes and changes in height. find out what a year in space did to scott kelly's body. >> amy: all new in the 7:30 half hour. the rays are inviting military families to the park. [ cheering ] >> hey, come here. >> oh, boy. those kiddos are going about to get a big surprise when they find out who they were going to throw the ball to. i love these kinds of stories. but we'll make you wait though. >> jayme: let's talk temperatures. it's been a cool start. 40s to the north. closer to the 60-degree mark down south on this way to orlando. we're finding the next system is really increasing the clouds early today and late tonight.
7:31 am
little closer and closer and draws nearer and a rain chance setting up. isolated pockets of rain, and wee early morning hours of your friday. today we're looking good. warm, 82 by 2. and down to the low 70s by 8:00ish tonight. taking a look at the next seven-day forecast, wow, and the weekend forecast. >> kristin: we're going to take you to the 408 on the alafaya trail exit. it says roadblock but that's cleared. most of this is hanging out in the and causing slow downs. a disable vehicle causing slow downs on i-4 westbound, south of lake mary boulevard. >> amy: you decide 2016. the next big republican debate
7:32 am
the stage will be a little less crowded. >> john: getting thin. >> amy: thinner. >> john: a dozen 1/2, and now we're down to what four? and dug doug luzader another kacialtdty? >> reporter: it looks that way. doctor ben carson has not suspended yet, but he is not going to be in the debate tonight in his home town. the transformation is well under way in the opulent fox theater in detroit. the stage will need to undergo changes. ben carson bowed out just yesterday. i do not see a political path forward, he said in a statement. while he is not technically ended his campaign, he won fewer than 10 delegates on super tuesday with more than 600 in play. >> ben's campaign touched millions, touched millions, gave
7:33 am
>> reporter: texas senator ted cruz moving quick to try to pick up carson supporters. >> are you looking forward to the debate? >> reporter: that means that donald trump will like likely face more fire. it may start earlier with 2012 republican nominee mitt romney speaking in utah. he has made his opposition do to trump clear and may drive it home today. >> hell hath no fury like a party scorned. after full tuesday they are in full freak out mode right now. >> reporter: but romney's attack today, and it sounds like it'll be an attack, may justcismy serve to heighten appeal for donald trump's supporters who see him as anti-establishment candidate.
7:34 am
hazard lights, a safety feature to keep people safe. >> john: but they didn't help a family pulled over on the side of the road. a woman and her boyfriend were pulled over on the side of state road in christmas. they had their hazard lights on when another car crashed into them. they both died at the scene. family members are warning other drivers to pay attention. >> slow down. pay attention. move over. shift lanes if you can. giving them as much room as you can. you any of know what's going on or what could happen in the process. >> john: troopers have not been able to locate the driver who caused the crash. a man accused of driving drunk and leaving the scene of a crash. >> amy: melbourne police arrested stanley jones, and ryan has more. >> reporter: shortly after the crash they arrested him.
7:35 am
and forced him to rear end another. and jones took off and drove to his apartment complex at trinidad 1eurbgle. he had a blood alcohol level of .211, more than twice the legal limit. he has since bonded out of jail. this man robbed a 7-eleven at gun point. you can see a pretty clear image of his face. february 28. the man walked into the store at south john young parkway and pulled a gun out of his waistband. and the clerk ran to the back room and locked the door, and the suspect took off. if you have information, contact crime line. a boy fell out of a moving suv. the boy was trying to drive the car when it rolled into traffic. it happened tuesday afternoon at grenada. the boy's mother left the keys
7:36 am
the boy told police he was playing with the keys and pulled down the shifter. the car started to roll. the boy said he got out of the car to try to stop it and was injured. that case is still under investigation. >> john: all new this morning, astronaut scott kelly returned to earth a taller man. nasa reporting that he grew 2. inches. he's taller than his twin brother mark. there will be a year long project to monitor his health. >> amy: new at 7:00, your parenting decision could save your family a whole lot of money.c' >> john: one move that could
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7:39 here on "good day orlando." we have a live look in our control room. good morning, guys. producer david on the left hand side. too dark for the right hand side. someone with a headset. lots of folks in there today. >> john: a member of the u.s. navy seabies surprised his family. he put on the catcher's mask. catches the first pitch from his son and daughter. you know there's a hook. they don't know it's him until he walks out to the mound. he says nice pitch. then this happens. >> hey, do i look familiar? give me a hug. >> from the united states navy sea bees. >> the kids didn't even know he
7:41 am
they were surprised. the family lives in port charlotte. part of a military appreciation day celebration before the game. that was awesome. i don't think i could imagine anything as beautiful as what happened today. >> jackson has been serving our country for 21 years. i love the reaction. daddy. >> amy: daddy, what are doing here? that's awesome. so cute. >> amy: understanding the difference between a need and a want. that struggle is even harder when you have children. you want to keep them happy but as you know you can go broke doing it. certified wealth strategist cat a kat amalia is joining us. but all my friends have it, why can't i. >> yes.
7:42 am
you want to give them everything. >> of course, you do. >> amy: you have to stop yourself. >> you do. like in our generation, we keep up the jones's but our kids want to keep up with the kardashians. bigger cellphone, newer lucky jeans. bigger and better of everything. their kids have it. this couple told their kids i will give you everything you need, food, shelter, health insurance, et cetera. but when you want something, instead of me paying for it, you get an allowance and buy what you want. if you want it, you buy and your own money. >> amy: right. >> you give kids money and all of a sudden its their money, and they think, i am not sure i want to spend my money on that. they think and are more cautious of their own dollars. i did this when my kids were in high school. spibl when coming to parking and speeding ticket. if you pay them, they keep doing
7:43 am
once they have to pay for a $100, $200 speeding ticket, let me tell you, a pair of nike shoes for them. they're like, oh, my. >> amy: it changes everything. >> and it's important for parents to say, i understand you want something. ly give you an allowance for ther whos you do, and you decide how much you want something. >> amy: there's an argument of should you make them do choars for the money or do chores because it's expected of them. >> yes. that's a great question, amy. i think that you have to do both. >> amy: i agree. >> they make their own bed because it's their own room. they make their own bed. unload the family dish washer and the car, they should get paid. you want to get them used to earning the money and appreciating they earn the money. they go out in the work force and getting a job. but as far as cleaning their own room, their own bed, something for them personally, you don't
7:44 am
both. >> amy: this is something my parents did as we were kids. we got a savings book from the bank. i loved it because every time i made a deposit and i looked at it and could see the money grow. >> exactly. i think you can do that. they development do save -- they don't do saving books. >> amy: the old days. >> but kids are on line all the time. open a joint saving with your kid. under 18 it needs to be with an adult. get them set up online. and then they can look at their bank balance. and that way they see their money growing from the deposits not from the lack of interest. i will tell you, try that with your kids. i did it, and all of a sudden they built up $500, $1,000, because all of a sudden everything they wanted they really didn't.
7:45 am
bank, the access, right? >> it's not there. >> amy: keeping it in a drawer in their room. >> yes. they have a debit card, and on apple pay, with bit coin. no, you have to keep it in the bank. you don't want them walking around with cash either. >> amy: right. >> put it on line, in the batching, don't let them have a debit card. you hold that because it's a joint account. a couple little tricks. >> amy: thank you so much she's a mother of three and knows what she's talking about. >> financial advisory >> amy: good to see you. father of go, jayme king? >> jayme: a good looking shot. hyatt regency. thank you, alwan. a great shot. glassy. the winds are light and the
7:46 am
we have high clouds stream over head. 55 orlando, through polk county and the northern shores of tampa bay. mid-to-upper 50s. down the east side of the state, cape canaveral area, 59. northerly winds at 3. and hardly any ocean swell, and certainly no local wind wave production. mariners you may want to seez the back end of the work week, if you have time to head out tomorrow, as sea heights build in the rage of 3 to 5 feet. choppy and sloppy. not the best of boating conditions. this is increasing the clouds off and on through the course of the day. bringing a rain chance back. by early tomorrow morning. bottom line, warm temperatures. we think another day of low 80s across the entire viewing area.
7:47 am
one of the cheap components of lifting up the temperatures into the warm zone. off the golf scene, clouds in, and 3:00 p.m. tee time, it'll be pretty warm. low 80s. and clouds remain in the overnight. an overnight shower would not shock any in the least bit. in the overnight, we increase the clouds, and you see them roll on in. the rain is associated and that there. and by around 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., a slight batch of showers sliding southbound, and that's it after that. the front clears. and weybd bask in ample sunshine and rain threat in quick fashion early tomorrow morning. as we look the the gulf of alaska, out towards washington state coast, you can see the next system loading up. a pretty good batch of energy
7:48 am
but the question going to play out here quen he get here. in the weekend and early next week. big high pressure will dominate the sky. it'll be very hard for any of the systems to get on in here. what we find is loads of sunshine. and look at the back end of the forecast here. by wednesday, 83. some of the longer range forecast models solid mid-to-upper 80s in some central florida locations. if we were to take the seven day out to ten days we would have somewhat warmer temperatures. we have a rain free weekend and glorious skies. let's talk about snapping the sun. john sent in this dandy from orlando. we'll feature you and your photography live here on gdo. and the fox 35 weather baby as well. we have a good looking. destiny marie.
7:49 am
look at the smile on this kid. over to kristin. >> kristin: so cute. i love her pink flower broach. we're seeing slow downs on the 408. we had an earlier crash at 408 and alafaya. we're seeing backups indicated by the yellows and oranges. this is 408 westbound, a partially blocked lane at exit 21, the alafaya trail exit. we're seeing delays south of lake mary boulevard. i-4 westbound. we have a stalled vehicle at exit 98, the lake mary boulevard exit. >> john: 7:49 here on good day. trending, netflix wants to pay you to travel the world and take pictures. find out what they're looking for and how you can apply for the job, straight ahead.
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a bufl a beautiful view downtown. doesn't it look nice? 55 degrees to start your thursday. the sun is up. >> john: trending right now. netflix wants to pay you to travel the world. >> amy: how about that. orlando is on the list of best places to live. luanne has more on these stories. >> reporter: starting with netflix. i think a lot of people will be interested. the company is hiring four people to travel to europe and the middle east to post pictures
7:54 am
those people will travel for two weeks and take pictures of sets of original netflix shows and movies. the company will travel all travel expenses and even pay you $4,000. to apply, send netflix your three best photos on instagram, and tag them with the hash tag. you have to, the act quick. it looked fun when they celebrated the super bowl. orlando came in at no. 44. sarasota was the top city in florida. it ranked 14th in the u.s. trending here in florida, a family find as huge surprise in their pool. can you imagine seeing that when you go outside?
7:55 am
home. the family called a trapper who had to wrangle the gator out of the pool. the tbaiter was not -- the tbaitior was not hurt, but neither was the family. that's why you don't do a cannonball in the pool before looking in there. >> amy: jayme found a water mock sin in his pool one time. >> john: sell the house. >> amy: big news for the downtown campus for ucf. 1-s the florida board of governor approves the plan. but it's not done yet. we speak with a representative from the school about the
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
. >> announcer: it's 8:00 a.m. from fox 35, this is "good day orlando." >> john: just about 8 o'clock on your thursday morning, "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here's the stories we're working on, ucf passing a hurdle in the plan to build a downtown campus, new we'll sit down with university officials and ask the new campus will pay off. plus... [applause]. >> it has been one year in space and this morning scott kelly back on u.s. soil, he's a different man and needs new pants! that is a take for you, stick around!
8:00 am
>> please, everyone get together so we can keep the front-runner from winning. >> amy: i can't talk now. the republican party in crisis mode, as support for donald trump is growing this morning. we'll detail what the g.o.p. is doing to try to not -- knock the front-runner down a little bit. now, though, let's check in with david martin. >> reporter: amy, if you are a fan of art, it is a good time to be living in orange county. we parked our truck at the gorgeous maitland art center to tell you about art 31. with these fine folks on the 8 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando"! [cheers] . >> john: interesting. >> amy: this will be an interesting hour. >> john: yes, it will. >> amy: guarantee it. >> jayme: the scott kelly story intrigues me. >> john: stick around.


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