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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  March 3, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> john: hard to top that. >> amy: a look at what you can expect in our 9 o'clock hour, drink up, we're checking out new health benefits, experts say are associated with your morning cup of coffee. >> go shopping without ever having to swipe your card. this hands free option google is trying out. >> amy: a protecting your relationship. we have a relationship coach, derek triplet is here to share the number one predictor of divorce and what you need to do to safeguard your marriage right now. plus, david martin. >> reporter: hello, we've parked the live truck at the beautiful maitland art center. to talk to you about a very important event starting tomorrow night. they call it art 31. with a bunch of artist, we're live here on the 9 o'clock hour of... >> "good day orlando." [cheers] . >> great day to be outside. >> i know, beautiful, isn't it? 61, is that right?
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>> jayme: yes, 66 officially at the orlando international airport an surrounding territory, the theme parks and a little cooler and denser cloud cover. the northern tier. 40 at gainesville and making the slow recovery and replenishing the atmosphere with extra warmth, passing clouds, 82 and by 8:00, looking for temps down to around 70 during that time. again, clouds, on the gulf of mexico an incoming system, you will notice how far removed the low is from, in central florida and not only the coverage but the intensity of any rain that develops tonight will be hardly severe. the last few systems, had a low displaced down to the south and it was a rough go of things across the entire state. but not the case this time, light showers sliding through and only for 20% of us when all is said and done. with that said, we cruise nicely into your friday, by mid to late morning, peel back the clouds an front kicks back to the south and the end result a gorgeous
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about that in the full detailed forecast in 12 minutes, guys? >> thanks, new this morning, the orange county sheriffs office investigating after reports of an explosion that happened at a local speedway. >> john: it happen at orlando speed world, late last night, off colonial drive. here's video from the scene, witnesses reported seeing a motorcycle explode. right now, we're told one person was taken to the hospital with significant injuries. the orange county sheriffs office tells us the victim was working on the motorcycle when he was injured. and that he is being treated -- and this is treated as an industrial accident. >> amy: a man will be in court after police say his six-year-old niece shot and killed herself with his gun. fox 35's andrea jackson is joining us live, right outside of the jail in seminole county. with the latest on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, police say the man was a convicted felon and shouldn't have had a gun and now is facing charges in connection with the 6-year-old's death. here's what we know, he was taking care of aleatha burke and
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herself in the shoulder by accident and later died at central florida regional hospital. williams is a convicted felon, he's not supposed to have a gun in his possession and is now facing several charges including child neglect. >> firearm ownership, there is a responsibility there and as an owner avenue a firearm you need to store it securely and away from juveniles. we owe them that to protect them and keep them safe. >> reporter: he attended elementary school and grief clowns counselors counselors have been on hand to counsel students. he's expected to make his appearance in front of the judge today at 1:3 o andrea jackson. >> john: also we're hearing from you a young boy who rescued his 8-year-old friend from a canal. >> amy: a real hero and happened tuesday close to referside elementary school. investigators say that she was walking home from school with his friends and decided to walk across the pipe right there.
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feet down into the water. 8-year-old malachi jenkins jumped in to save him. >> i twisted him around. grabbed his hand and brought him to store. i asked his brother to, like, help me, help me pull him up. >> i really feel like god placed him there to be a help. >> amy: police say jenkins and the victim's brother did cpr on franklin until emergency crews could get there. franklin remains in critical condition. his family says they are holding out hope that he will recover. >> john: in volusia county, the father who is accused of shooting his own son will not be getting out of jail any time soon. grady edmondson, sr. was denied bond. he shot his adult son on tuesday, they were arguing in the driveway and things got heated. the son is expected to make a full recovery. he has three children who are
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>> amy: the ucf downtown campus one step closer to reality. the florida board of governors has now given approval for plans to build the campus in downtown orlando. the board voted 14-2 in favor of approving $20 million for the new campus. the campus will sit just west of i-4 and east of paramour boulevard, near the site of the old amway arena. the university will chip in $20 million and is raising another $20 million privately. lawmakers and the governor have to approve the plan. >> john: also, tonight, the republican candidates will go at it once again, it will be this most intimate debate yet. we say that because we're down to 4 on stage. ryan is here with details. >> ryan: call out this final four. ben carson will not take part in the debate which will be interesting. despite it being in his home town of detroit. saying there is no path forward in his bid for the white house. a poor finish on super tuesday,
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he's out but is expected to do so tomorrow. and stopping front-runner donald trump, clearly the theme yesterday. the remaining candidates will try their best during the fox news debate. megyn kelly will be moderating the debate which should make things more interesting, trump skipped the last foods debate because of the fact kemmy was moderating. major newspapers also reporting the g.o.p. party crisis -- party is in crisis mode. a number of headlines will show you, "the huffington post" talks about the g.o.p. implosion over donald trump's candidacy and other headlines talk about donald trump's victory pointing to a g.o.p. crisis andy goes on and on, and mitt romney planning to speak out later this morning, on the 2016 presidential race. he's attacked trump in recent weeks and saying the front-runner's unreleased tax returns could include a number of bombshells. in central florida, a protest planned in donald trump's rally this weekend and is expected to stump on ucf's campus saturday
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say it will be a peaceful demonstration. ucf, by the way, has taken security into account ahead of his appearance, which will draw a number of national media members. john? >> john: still to come, more good news for coffee lovers. >> amy: after the break, fox medical team will explain how the cup of coffee could help protect your liver. and, one parents decision could save your family a whole lot of money. the single move that could change your life and your children's future. is coming up. plus, david martin? >> reporter: amy, a great thing to tell you about, called art 31. 31 days of art. ten arists, starts tomorrow, and it is here at the maitland art center. a big party kick off tomorrow night at 6:30. and we'll show case interactive and touchable art as well, andrea bailey cox, ceo of maitland art center, what are we looking at. >> brendan o'connor, #magic filters. fun, interactive art activities. >> reporter: a plastic sheet
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whatever on it. and you put it between the camera and subject and you have interactive pictures? >> it is fun and jim hoe bart will be here tomorrow night to take photographs as well.
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lots more to come stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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>> amy: that cup is tem -- empty, fill it up! a lot of cream and sugar in that thing! >> john: "good day orlando," and that is why we're doing the story, and the video you saw on the health watch, you may want to grab a nice, hot cup of coffee this morning. >> amy: john has his -- how much creamer did you put in there. >> john: not much. >> amy: come on, it is not even black. >> john: you can't see. >> amy: a new study ses coffee may actually help lower your risk of liver damage. researchers found coffee could help prevent cirrhosis which can be caused by excess tiff alcohol consumption. fox medical team's beth galvin is joining us live to talk more. beth, great to see you. >> reporter: good morning, amy. >> amy: how much coffee are we talking about in order to protect the liver?
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the researchers found drinking just two cups a day, was able to lower your risk of liver cirrhosis by 44% and if you doubled that, and drank four cups a day which is very good news for me, because i'm up in the upper category. >> amy: four cups! >> yes! lower your risk of cirrhosis by 65%. so, i'm feeling really good about myself this morning, i'm highly caffeinated and feeling happy about the study. >>ppy. why we love talking to you. okay, is this for people who are already starting to see liver damage problems from years of alcohol abuse or is it average alcohol users? does it matter at all? >> well, the research seems to be like increasingly, scientists can help people who were heavy drinkers, offering protection and rejuvenation of their liver and we're not exactly sure what it is about coffee, it may be
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that might help undo damage, it may also contain anti-inflammatory properties and help fight inflammation. in the liver and they are seeing not just with, you know, caffeinated coffee but decaf coffee. and so, we are just talking about 2-4 cups a day but there has been past research the last year saying coffee may actually help fight off liver cancer. in heavy drinkers. so there is, you know, something there that says it is probably really, really good for those of us who are not heavy drinkers but may be each beneficial to people who do drink more than they should. >> amy: how many cups are you up to today, so far? >> so, i've got a cup right here. my little cup. i would say four but we may hit five by the end of the day. >> amy: oh, no! >> so many live shots this morning, one of those days. how about you? >> amy: i don't drink coffee, i'm one of those weird freak of
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>> john: i don't trust her. it is weird! >> amy: i did have a v8 this morning. >> it is about your liver, think about your liver! >> amy: i might have to try it. good stuff, beth, great to talk to you, always. thanks, talk to you later. five comes a day. jayme? what are you up to? >> jayme: 2, i savor it. let's talk about your numbers, 50s and 60s, peppering in and upper 70s, titusville and running warmer out that way, veering winds and the 24 hour temperature change compared to this time yesterday showing us that warmer spot. gainesville 14 degrees cooler and 11 degrees ocala, behind yesterday's cold frontal passage, what we're dealing with now, another front moving in, ramping up the rain chances, overall cloud cover, much, much later tonight. into the wee early morning hours of your friday. i think as we get toward 7:00, 8:00 we continue again with improving conditions, clearing
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through the course of the day, passing clouds, 82 for us around 2:00. and will be a nice one, nice and warm. looking at our visit orlando cam, high atop the hyatt regency overlooking i-4 and the theme park territory toward i-drive. a decent morning, i could do without the cloud but that is how it goes, weighing in heavily an streaming off the gulf of mexico. the source of clouds, number one, number 2, arrives later tonight as the front draws closer to the renal. but notice the -- the region, and vigorous returning stay well to the north. we'll see rain chances here, 20% at best. beneficial raindrops for some, not everybody. but everyone, clouds in the overnight and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, peeling back the clouds, 66 during that time and i think by noon, probably will stay mostly sunny and take it all the way through the next several days. looking good. across the nation, you see a front working mojo and shifting around, high pressure the guardian, getting into the
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out of here and allowing us to enjoy the sunshine. looking further done the line, sunday, another system comes down to the pacific northwest. but all about high pressure that is built in. east of our state. keeping us again looking good with ample sunshine and warm temperatures, not a lot of temp fluctuation as the fronts come through, temps from 75 to 80 for highs during the weekend and overnights will be pleasant. it will be cool but nice and tolerable into the overnight and early morning. marion county today, 80 ocala, 70s, close to 80, and dunnellon, on the southwest side of marion, lake county, looking at umatilla and areas south, rosewood and clermont, 81, give or take a couple of degrees and volusia county, beaches and interior, i-4 corridor, everybody seeing delightful weather. mix of sun and clouds and cloudy at times as well. what happens now as the front
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late night showers, through the overnight, early tomorrow morning, chance of 20% and after that, no chance of rain, ample sun and pleasant temps, enjoy it all. over to you. >> a simple parenting decision can save your family cash. >> john: luanne is here with a new strategy to teach our kids the difference between a want and a need. >> luanne: huge difference, right? >> amy: help me, please! >> luanne: just about all of us parents have had our kids beg for those junk toys, right? families are finding the solution could be to have your kids handle their own money. the whole idea is to stop buying your kids nonessentials and let your kid decide how to spend their own money. it teaches children to save up and think before they spend. some parents give their kids a lump sum of money and others give them an allowance for doing chores but another problem we parent face is trying to figure out if she should pay our kids for chores they should already be doing, right?
9:18 am
about it earlier on "good day orlando." one expert says it comes down to teaching our kids work ethic. >> i think that you have to do both. they make their own bed because should. but if theyen load the family dishwasher or wash the family car they should get paid for it. you want to get them used to earning money and appreciating they've worked for the money. >> i like that. she says a little bit of both. and she says it is a great idea to start a joint bank account for your kids so they can log onto e-banking and watch their savings grow. that witten courage them to put more in there. keeping this money in the bank keeps your kids from carrying cash which means you hold the debit card and say when they get their money. >> amy: right. isn't it funny? i can totally tell the difference already in my kids. i have one who, any time she gets money spends it and nor who just wants to save her money and the other one is like, how do
9:19 am
and i think a lot is intrinsic. >> john: ours are the same way. how do you do allowance? >> luanne: we don't do allowance. my kids get what they want. if they are getting good grades. >> amy: get what they want or need. >> they get what they want. my parents send them money for different things for getting good grades and they don't appreciate it. they want to spend it on anything but the money they work for, i think appreciate a lot more. really. it is weird, when you have give them money they are like, i'll buy whatever. >> amy: like it grows on trees. >> if they earn it -- >> here's what we started doing. i mean, no better than anybody else alleys, they get a dollar for their age, right, each week, 13-year-old gets $13. but, if they don't do their chores, it comes off and if they don't -- you didn't pick up the floor -- >> good. >> john: you would think so, but the end of this week they are like...
9:20 am
>> john: i don't know what works. be expected of them, they should be expected to make their bed and clean up after themselves. versus things they help the family do around the house. if they help you wash your car, unload the family dishwasher. maybe those things are chore money. i will start doing that. >> john: get them to make our beds! make my bed! and put my clothes away. >> amy: grab my clothes, with you? >> thanks, lu. tap into your artistic side. >> amy: you need to work on that. >> john: what. >> amy: your artistic side. >> john: you have seen me draw you, david martin checking out a month long event that has something for everyone. hi, david. >> reporter: sure does, last minute preparations for the big party that launches off tomorrow night here at the maitland art center. called art 31.
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>> john: 9:22 on "good day orlando," live look at downtown, and that is from our i-drive catchy. hazy utah there but it's a nice day, we're at 61 degrees, get outside and enjoy it if you can. okay. we're in march and you know that by now, a great month for art lovers here in central florida. >> amy: i had no idea! turns out it is, art 31 show casing different works, all 31 days and happening all across orange county.
9:24 am
with a preview of that. what a beautiful place this is. >> reporter: this is a great month to come to the maitland art center. laurie is one of ten artists featured in art 31. good morning, how are you? >> how are you, terrific. >> reporter: i love your piece, currently being installed. what do you call this? >> it is the lack of distinction. and, it is based on pandemics, we live in a warmer weather world and one thing i consider is how infectious diseases affect us today. i do that through the use of beauty. because as individuals we walk towards beauty and it makes for an engaging conversation to begin. >> these are made out of what? >> wax and tree resin, wax historically is used to preserve biological specimens and one of this narrative references in my work. >> reporter: fascinating. you guys are so intelligent. how do you come up with this? it is amazing? >> years of research. >> reporter: congratulations.
9:25 am
the party, 6:30. now i have to take off my shoes and i, too, wear fancy-dancy socks. >> amy: those are gray -- >> reporter: stripes. blue. blue. blue and gray. >> amy: nice. >> reporter: thank you, a different room here and introduce you to jason, artist we met with the bouncing latex balloon artist, right? how are you, good to see you? and jim who runs dormand financial management and you are one of the sponsors, right. >> i am. >> reporter: why are you involved with the organization. >> it has been on the board two years and i lived in maitland 15 and never set foot on the property i. >> reporter: now you're here and it is important to get the word out. a wonderful event, 31 days. >> 31 days and this exhibit goes
9:26 am
>> reporter: what kind of artist do you call yourself? >> just an artist. >> reporter: talented into thank you, that's nice and for art 31, i have created a huge sculpture in addition to the wearable sculptures you saw earlier. a huge sculpture nearly complete and will be installed here in the gallery in the museum. >> reporter: will you unveil it for us. >> jim, would you help me? >> reporter: a first here on "good day orlando." what is it called. >> this piece is called, it tasted like lead. >> from a colonel, anola guy after the first nuclear bomb exploded over japan he said he could see and hear and feel the lead. he could taste it. >> reporter: out long dud it take to you make this. >> i've worked on it all week and this form is really -- an opportunity to experiment with
9:27 am
really an example of hyperbolic geometry. >> reporter: i failed in that. >> it occurs everywhere in nature and i'm using that as an example for creating this form and the idea is it is in reference to the mushroom shape of the bomb and the idea of having it on its side, an opportunity to talk about laying down our weapons and our rage and suffering. and accepting our true nature. what this is about. >> good message, art thanks. jim, thank you very much. starts tomorrow at the maitland art center, tickets $5 and cup out and enjoy it and meet all the artists and talk about what they've got the next 31 days here, back to you. >> john: cool stuff. >> amy: don't go anywhere near that art work. with a pin or needle! >> john: still to come, new technology could change the way you shop. >> amy: more on the new hands
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people pay without having to dig into their wallets. >> john: we explained a couple of times and i don't get it. >> amy: do you know the number one producer of divorce? >> john: flummoxes me! >> amy: triplets in the house, how you can saf rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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>> john: 9:30, welcome back, oil john brown. >> i'm amy kaufeldt. glad you are with us, we want to get you caught up on the headlines, in the half-hour, now this morning, orange county sheriffs office is now investigating after reports of an explosion that happened at a local speedway, happened at orlando speed world. late last night, off of colonial drive. >> john: here's video from the scene, witnesses report seeing the motorcycle explode and we're told one person had to be taken to the hospital with significant injuries and the victim was working on the bike when he was injured and this is now treated
9:32 am
>> details merging in the case of a three-year-old boy injured after falling out of a moving suv in ormond beach. the boy was drying to drive the car and rolled into traffic. tuesday afternoon on grenada boulevard. police say the boy's mother went inside is the store and left the keys and three-year-old inside the vehicle. the news journal reports he played with though keys and pulled down on the shifter and the car rolled and this boy got out of the car to try and stop it and he was injured. the case is under investigation. a girl from central florida giving elected officials an earful. >> amy: traveling around the state encouraging people to protect florida's black bear population. ten-year-old megan is from orange county and last night, caught the attention of leaders in tampa. where she spoke before the commissioners urging them to pass a resolution against future bear hunt and says bears are not
9:33 am
development is reducing their habitat and people who want the state to do more should take action. >> if more people speak out, instead of blowing hot air on facebook, they might actually get some results. >> amy: blowing hot air on facebook will not get you anywhere. they hope to spread ther message and if she can get them to put her on the agenda. >> john: time nor business headlines, joining us live is lauren simonetti at the fox business network studios. good morning! >> good morning. >> let's start with the markets. what is going on? >> we didn't get the turkey which in bowling is three in a row, two great days followed by a so-so day. dow is down in the -- wake up, down 27 points, close to 17,000,
9:34 am
and jobless claimed heat up ahead of the jobs report for the month of february, not the best sign, not a terrible sign, either. >> john: okay, google right now, testing a hands free mobile payment app. i know you splaunld it earlier. i'm thick at times and i don't get it. >> it is a pilot. testing in san francisco. you have your phone on your person, your pocketbook or pocket and it's on you and the wifi and bluetooth communicates with the cashier. and you show up to the counter and have all your stuff and go to pay, hands free, no wallet or phone needed and the cashier says what are your initials and you say jb and looks in her system and you do look like john brown, no problem and process the transaction, just like that. i know you say, okay, there are many ways for thieves to get in here. and that is something that google it is working on, why it is a test and they are paying you to use it.
9:35 am
you agree to be a guinea pig. >> now you can start brewing your coffee with your smartphone. how is that working? >> reporter: the smartphone is this center of our universe. i'm sick of it already. what if you lose it? you can brew coffee in the morning by pressing the button on an app and the brewer you need is from -- it is expensive, $250, called an espresso perdigio and does fancy drinks as well and helps explain the price tag. you can start the brew and get information about when you need to fill the water turning and buy a new coffee pot. >> john: cool! and i see, you are in bed and want the coffee to brew before you get out, cold morning. hit start and it's ready. i like it. >> yep. i need to find out if they can fill the water thank for you. if you have to get out of bed to put more water in the coffee machine, maybe i have to spend $250 to find out. a good excuse to buy it. >> john: research! a tax write off! thanks.
9:36 am
you can catch lauren weekday mornings at fbn am. 5:00 a.m. eastern, go to finder. 9:35. time for your accu-weather forecast. >> let's look, start with the water vapor, a fine, fine job, highlighting the moisture content now and is showing up with excessive cloud cover in some spots. and back behind it is this drier air that extends down toward southern texas and mexico and not before we continue to increase the cloud cover. see in waves and by late tonight the rain chance comes up. and it is slight. 20%, i don't think much higher and again, not everyone sees with a chance of that low and again, right now, looking at
9:37 am
northern brevard county and 50s and 60s, and warm with temps and the passing clouds streaming through the day. lower 80s for us by 2:00 and 78, the 5:00 hour. coming up at full weather, outlining more on your weekend forecast, which you don't need an explanation for, perfect out there. full details in 10 minutes, see you then. >> thanks, if you want your marriage to last, there is one thing you need to work on. our good friend, dr. john gotman who spent four decades studying couples at the institute found the number one predictor of divorce is contempt and joining us this morning, we have an expert to talk about the issues and i'm reading the book now, it is excellent. stonewalling, when you stonewall in a relationship and block the other person out, another one on the list. contempt is this one that is deadly. why? what is it about contempt. >> contempt, when you allow the
9:38 am
to rise to the point that it trumps every other contribution they make in the relationship. so you are now devaluing them as a person. and once you do that you automatically devalue them as your paurn. they say or do something and you roller eyes, you sneer and this verbalization is, oh, this guy or this woman! and, when you start describing your partner, describing with really, really going on. >> and you know, i think if you get to the point in a relationship where you feel contempt for the other person is there any chance, a way to turn it around at that point? because you feel like at that point is there any love left. >> there can be love left but i think contempt is like a cataract. it blurs everything else that is going on in a relationship. so you've got to have the
9:39 am
pull that which has blurred everything else. so a couple of things you have to do in order to manage it. number one, kindness is so important. there has to be a commitment in all ways to be kind. it is not a matter of do you argue? it is how you argue. is your partner now your opponent? are you now just shooting bombs and bullets and all of that. >> amy: it is war. >> it is war and when you do that, then the contempt is going to arise and secondly, you have to make sure that when you do have a problem, you address it. and you address it when it is there so that it doesn't boil up. the author talks about getting heated. there are hormones produced, people get their muscles tensed and their chest starts to pound, and they start to get sweaty in those arguments and when you get heated, over and over again, the contempt is coming. >> and, resentment. you talked about addressing it
9:40 am
happens, you build up resentments, right? different ways. >> everything ultimately will either be released or will create a toxin, if i don't release it. then it will create something in me that is making me sick. if there is something about you that is making me ill, then that is -- i'm going to start to dislike you and hold you in contempt. >> amy: and talking about other things that lead to contempt, contempt the worst and criticism is another one. >> criticism and talks about the fact when you complain, complain kindly and talk about how you feel, not necessarily what the person did. talk about how you are doing and not just what they did to you. the other thing is when you are always defensive. talks about it. everybody is defending their turf, especially when you think you are the better spouse. and so we have this subconscious feeling to think.
9:41 am
especially if there has been an the other person has committed and so we're never on the same level anymore. i am forever the better spouse because i didn't do that. >> amy: and that, again, resentments all the things that go with that. fascinating. how can our viewers find you? >> >> amy: thank you so much, the stuff is great. read up on that. all right, 9:40. we'll send it over to john. >> john: still to come, drink up to cut calories. coming up we're checking out a
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>> amy: welcome back, many in the in the control room, how many people does it take to bunch those buttons? three, that's right. >> john: show of hand, who actually works here, right? >> amy: very strange. welcome back.
9:45 am
actually, on the health watch we know water is good for you but a new study says it can help decrease your appetite as well. you probably know that you, luanne is joining us now to talk more about it. the age old trick, right? >> yes. and doesn't stop there, though, according to researchers, drinking more water than change your diet for the better. now, researchers monitored more than 18,000 people so this is a big study. they found the people who drank about 2 to 3 more cups of water each day reduced their daily calorie intake by, get this: up to 200 calories, 2 or 3 more cups is all you need and water drinkers reduced the amount of saturated fat, sodium and sugar in their diets and experts say the trend is beneficial for everyone, no matter what you weigh. i have a hard time getting to the 8 comes. 2 or 3 hour... >> john: i don't like water.
9:46 am
something in it. >> amy: flavor serving it adds calories, too. >> amy: a little bit but, you know, a couple drops. gives it a little flavor. my thing is like, after a while i spend so much time in the bathroom i'm annoyed. and, you spend an hour -- >> luanne: you will be burning more calories, walking back and forth. >> john: and gym, you see this -- you never go to the gym -- >> what does that mean. >> john: you walk outside. >> luanne: doesn't need to. >> john: walk around with a gallon jug and i'm thinking, what are you doing? i'd be in the bathroom. >> luanne: and makes you full so you don't want to eat when your tummy is full of water. >> amy: that is the trick. good stuff. thanks. >> 9:46, jayme king.
9:47 am
denser cloud cover from ocala, northbound to gainesville, keeping the numbers down. cape canaveral, florida, here we go, this beaches of, 73, with variable winds at 5, and we are still seeing lake atlantic conditions, so a great run of weather, area wide at least if you are doing boating, rice now, 66, accu-weather visit orlando cam looks like the hyatt regency orlando provided the goods and what a view! looking at i-4 and i-drive and general vicinity now, seeing a blend of sun and clouds. overall, a decent day, a good day for the theme parks. we have clouds but it is warm. and i don't think we see rainfall yet and may occur later with the approach of a front waiting in the wings to the north. and clouds and overnight shower, 20%. we can do this and get through this, no severe weather. a few passing showers, 63 by 5:00 and 66 by 8:00 a.m.
9:48 am
those improvements, talking -- start to see improvements, good looking weekend weather and looking across the nation with our model forecast, a dominating ridge of high pressure and another front tries to get in over the weekend, unlikely it does. we find troughing over the inner mountain west and pretty nasty weather back out along the rockies but we are protected with the dome of high pressure. on top. providing us with relatively light winds and comfy temps, good looking skies, too. the forecast for seminole county today. altamonte springs, lake mary to winter springs, i don't care where you are it will be grand, the same south toward orange and metro orlando and really good looking stuff, lower 80s in play and looks like again for the brevard area, we'll continue with decent weather out that way and a continuation of those lower end 80s from the knot end of the county down south through palm bay looking at 81 and continues down tow pierce and stewart.
9:49 am
and a mix of sun and clouds. next 7 days, featuring bright sun and highs through the 70s and low and mid 80s by next wednesday and we're watching that for you. and the only chance of rain late tonight and early tomorrow morning. and that will be that. weather baby time now. two lookers, destiny marie, one of the show stoppers, good looking kid, thank you very much and miss charlotte, cute as pie. thank you, mom and dad, love the kids, visit our web site for more on the weather baby segment. amy, john. >> john: let's check out what is hot in hollywood. >> amy: looks like kanye west is caught red-handed by fans downloading files illegally. it started with this tweet from kanye showing off the youtube video and fans took a closer look and saw it opened on safari and one shows a search for an expensive synthesizer program and the one next to it is for the pirate web site where people share content illegally.
9:50 am
down loaded the synthesizer there instead of buying it. remember he's $53 million in debt. >> john: give him a break. >> amy: can't afford it. >> john: and bella thorn is in hot water and posted this picture on tuesday, wearing a fur jacket. the tweet said. dear internet trolls, it is a faux fur and people did their research and found the exact same jacket on-line. it is a $1700 real fur jacket. of course, thorn as wordily given the jacket at a photo shoot and they told her it was faux fur. i don't know who to believe at this point. her rep says she'll never wear it is again. >> amy: okay. >> for me, to do my own thing... >> you kill it. at the academy awards. >> it is not real. the internet was buzzing with
9:51 am
breaking up after dave grohl performed solo at the academy awards and he confirmed it in the interview there. did you understand what they said? the band revealed yesterday the interview was a skit. that mocks the break-up rumors and that, no, they are still very much together. fooling! get it? >> john: still to come, the latest home and garden trends are going to be on display in orlando this weekend. >> amy: also going to be delicious foods to try, oh, emily is here, i missed here! celebrity chef emily allen in the house, we'll tell you about
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> make your home and garden the best on the block. and enjoy delicious today, too. the orlando home and garden show kicks off this weekend at the orange county convention center and will be awesome. >> amy: we're excited to be
9:55 am
great of you to be here. >> good to see you and we are glad you are here. a fun event and, let's start with you. how do you go about getting tickets to get in and see this wonderful show? >> the best way to go is go on-line and just google the orlando home and garden show, because there is a coupon for $2 off at this convention center and there is just a lot of things going on, i believe the show gets bigger and better every year, doesn't it emily? >> it does. >> amy: what can we expect to see in obviously, great food. >> obviously, there is bathroom contractors, and kitchen contractors, and -- >> an entire house, like -- >> and, all of the stuff. and leading up to that -- >> 2500 square foot home design center and there is -- kitchen fixtures and there is, you know, any kind of tile you can imagine. >> amy: you name it. >> cabinet knobs and a kid zone, a pet zone and wild birds of prey.
9:56 am
>> amy: and emily. >> a wild bird of prey! >> and, what will you be doing? >> absolutely. fiesta, tantalizing, tempting the taste buds. i'm making tacos, not just any taco. i'm like making this taco. i made some some up for the crew. and i'll teach all of you at the home and garden show this weekend, my demo -- let me get my plug out. my demos and i'll see you guys there, 12:30 and 3:30, on saturday and sunday. >> okay. >> i'll team you how to make the
9:57 am
he's fennel citrus and watermelon salsa. >> amy: amazing. >> this is a watermelon salsa and recipes will be posted on your facebook, my fox orlando and has tomatoes. but watermelon and feta -- i know, fresh lime. >> amy: nice! >> mint, cilantro, love! >> i know. >> amy: so good, 12:30 and 3:30, saturday and sunday. both days and this event starts when. >> tomorrow at noon and i forgot to mention jeff louis will be there on saturday. great. >> another big star! >> yes. >> quickly.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no


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