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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  March 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> amy: crazy how that happens, like -- whew! we're back, i'm amy kaufeldt, glad you are here. happy friday to you. here's a look at some of what you can expect in our 9 o'clock hour. >> i know it is hard not to interrupt -- >> not -- >> breathe, breathe, breathe. >> the op-ed. >> you can do it. breathe. >> like a comedy sketch. >> john: it really was. >> what if you, aed like that at work -- if you acted like that at work. the candidates battle it out on stage during the g.o.p. debate and the one candidate didn't didn't take the bait and why experts say john kasich rose like a phoenix last night. plus, this. >> more people speak out than just being armchair activists and blowing hot air on facebook, they might actually get some results. >> love this little girl. ten-year-old orange county girl, that is going to join us, mig began will be here with a big
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us on the curvy couch, how she bear population. >> john: and something to ponder when you send a colorful text. are those emojis you use, sexist? the push to make the icons for gender inclusive. plus, this. trouble now, trouble... >> that's the only way to prove that you love me... >> amy: a bummer because it is one of those things that has to happen. on "american idol," their time is over but the journey into a music career is not. we'll talk live with olivia and gianna, about what is next for them after getting eliminate last night on "american idol." they'll join us live. >> john: the morning after they have been -- >> depressing but it is okay. they are really happy -- had a blast. >> john: yep. okay. jayme king, weekend is here. there are, what, half a million people coming on their bikes. a lot going on.
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of that. a great day to add to the theme parks, here for the big bike week thing going on, and, welcome and, come at the right time, bottom line, behind the front. nothing but pleasantries in the air, pleasant temps and lots of sun, not much cloud cover and zero rain chance department, welcome to the show, gdo, with you until 10:00 a.m., 50s and a couple of spots in the 60s and 70 at melbourne and a return to sunshine, 74 by 5:00 and 67 around 8 o'clock tonight, the coming 7 days, if you like it warm you might -- you might even call it hot. 85 by next thursday and 64, bottoms out that morning and notice zero in the rin bucket. no chance of rain for 7 days. >> amy: the sound of rolling thunder is filling the air in volusia county. >> john: today marks the start of daytona bike week, the 75th
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and andrea jackson has more from datona beach. >> reporter: at the welcome center on beach straight, and i'm joined by the chamber of commerce representative. you have an incredible event and next ten days will be fantastic. the 75th year. >> exciting, too, we are ready in our community to host these wonderful guests from around the world to here. >> how many people do you expect. >> traditionally we bring in about half a million people, but with this being the 75th anniversary we anticipate the crowds to be larger. >> reporter: $75 million in ten days for the volusia county economy. >> absolutely, quite an impressive impact and goes throughout the community. so it is really great for all of us. >> big changes this year, one of the things i ready, harley-davidson doubled their staff from 90 to 180 staffers for the event and they are really taking charge here. over the next ten days. >> official motorcycle and bike week and have done it many years and are fully invested in the event and love the datona beach area.
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on the beach, harley racing out there as well and are a great corporation to be with us and they are fully out here ready to entertain. >> you are giving away the bike, is that right. >> absolutely. yes. it is the official motorcycle of bike week and it is styling from where it used to be in the old days, to modern technology, so, a little bit of old and new, put together in one. like the 75th. >> great, thank you and what is also part of old and new, they are called riders, not bikers, and have to get the verbiage right. >> correct. into thank you, good luck and have and in treble ten days. it. >> wraps up sunday, march 13 in datona beach, be part of it. the 75th year and stop by the welcome center and pick up your official guide and parking should be fairly easy, get here early and give yourself plenty of time. in volusia county, datona beach, andrea jackson, fox 35 news. really fun, thanks, developing right now, a man is gunned down inside of a gated community in orange county.
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still out there on the run, investigators say it happened last night at the cypress point apartments. off of obt. orlando police say a 22-year-old man was shot and killed. investigators say they are working on getting the description of the suspect out to the public. >> two deltona siblings, a brother and sister are accused of stealing money from a girl scout. they will go before a judge today, investigators say they turned them selves in to deputies, yesterday. investigators say it happened on sunday, right outside of the walmart store in deltona. deputies say the girl was selling cookies outside of the store, when the man snatched the money box that contained $200. they are scheduled to make their first appearances in court later today. >> lake county deputies arrested a motorcyclist accused of daredevil stunts which they say put other lives in danger. the lake county sheriffs office says christopher clark taunt the deputy on a motorcycle by driving erratically. the deputy tried to run the motorcycle's license plate and
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couldn't be read clearly and deputies say clark sped off, they were able to eventually catch up with him by using facebook. he was arrested and is charged with fleeing and eluding police. the republican candidates coming off another heated debate. luanne has a recap of last night's big debate. >> donald trump's rivals threw everything at him as they tried to slow-mo mem. >> talked about the great businesses he built and and, the money -- >> wait, wait, wrong. >> mr. trump -- >> this little guy has lied so much about my record. >> here we go. >> he has lied so much. >> let me point out -- >> not what you said in the op-ed. >> i know it is hard -- >> i know -- >> the op-ed. >> breathe, breathe, breathe. you can do it. you can breathe. i know it is hard. i know it is hard. but, just -- >> when are done with the yoga, can i answer the question?
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>> i really hope that we don't see yoga on the stage. >> he's very flexible, you never know. >> but... >> reporter: the candidates squared off hitting trump from every angle last night. one candidate refused to take part in the fighting, ohio governor john kasich. >> we're putting people in that don't understand compromise, don't understand policy. people are getting more and more frustrated with the system, which is why we must pick achievement. not just talk. >> and many experts say john kasich actually won last night's debate because he remained focused on the issues and kept to his positive message. >> the governor of ohio's laser focus on the issues, the problems and the solutions. he was terrific. and, we have been talking about it, my producer and i here.
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think maybe everybody thinks of him as a potential vp candidate. >> meanwhile, the republican party is in crisis mode with trump's rise. 2012 presidential candidate mitt romney spoke out yesterday telling republican voters to support anyone but trump. >> let me put it very plainly: if we republicans choose donald trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished. narrow. both the florida and ohio primaries are winner takes all, florida alone has 99 delegates,
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on the democratic side of things, bernie sanders will be here in florida, hosting the grand opening of his campaign headquarters in orlando and now, standers trails hillary clinton in the delegate count and clinton has 1,058 delegates, to sanders' 431. 2,383 delegates are needed to win the nomination. amy, john, back to you. >> thanks. for the 5th time now, in two speaks spacex will try again to latch the falcon 9 rocket. carrying a communication salt into orbit. the window is set at 6:35. set your alarms. spacex scrubbed tuesday's launch due to high wind after they had to cancel industry other launches due to various problems like a boat in the safe area. astronaut scott kelly is expected to speak today. he is scheduled to hold his first official news conference
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following a 340 day mission on board the international space station. kelly landed in kazakhstan tuesday before making his way to houston yesterday earning month. and the launch tonight is going to be spectacular if it goes off, jayme says we have clear skies and, a sunset and it will light up. >> amy: go to the beach and hang out and watch the rocket go off. >> john: dinner and drinks, facing this ocean. >> amy: can we come? >> john: i'm going! >> john: still to come a local ten-year-old girl taking on local leaders. >> i implore you to adopt a resolution to ban bear hunting in hillsborough county. >> amy: coming up, joining us live in our studios with more on
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>> amy: 9:14. trending, a ten-year-old girl from orange county has been traveling the state encouraging lawmakers to protect florida's black bear population. she recently spoke in tampa urging leaders there to been future bear hunts and she says she needs more animal lovers to
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>> if more people speak out than being armchair activists and blowing hot air on facebook they might actually get some results. >> amy: i love it! have you heard a ten-year-old talk that way, she wants to take her message to commissioners later this month and joins us on the curvy couch to tell us more about her efforts. great to see you. thanks for coming to visit us this morning. >> you are welcome. >> amy: what was it like for you to go before all of those county commissioners? were you nervous. >> i was but once i got speaking i knew i had to defend the bears and that is why i didn't listen to my nervousness and just spoke. >> amy: you are awesome. so, take me back to last october. when we had the bear hunt in florida. what were you feeling during that time? >> i was sad and i knew that we couldn't hunt the bears.
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sold 3,778 hunting licenses. and, 320 bears, more than the estimate bear population in the state -- i mean, the hunting licenses were. >> amy: what made it so passionate about the bears? why do you love them so much? >> well, when my mom took me to the everglades i fell in the love with it and then, when we got back home we learned about it. and then i fell in love with everything that lives there. and, then we went -- we went to the everglades several times after that. and, now, and now i'm like -- you feel a special connection with the bear, like you want to protect it? >> yeah, i love everything that lives there and especially, love panthers and black bears. >> amy: you are a sweetheart. tell me what you want the people at home to know. because i love the comment you
9:17 am
hot air on facebook and nobody really does anything about it. right? what can people at home do to help you. >> i think we should focus more on conserving more land and, that people who live where bears -- in areas where bears are should, like, be more responsible with their trash and put it in bear proof trash cans. >> amy: commissioners are working on that. do you want to go to tallahassee and talk to the state lawmakers next? >> maybe. but, i'm trying to get to as many counties as possible. >> amy: okay. you are on a mission right now. >> yes. >> amy: is there a place people can go to find you? do you have a facebook page? >> i have a blog called megan for wild >> amy: megan for wild that is your blog. can i give you have a hug? i'm so proud of you. good of you to try to help out the black bears and we appreciate what you are doing and your mom is doing a good
9:18 am
thank you for all the efforts, she is a sweetheart. a bright young lady and we are happy to have you here. thanks for coming and keep us posted and let us know how it goes, 9:17. jayme, i'm going to bring her home with me. you think anyone will notice. >> jayme: probably, that is probably the best part of our entire friday morning show! awesome stuff, thank you. how low do they go? talking about your morning lows, we bottomed out pretty much in the 50s, a couple of spots low end 60s and again from the space coast through the interior, really mixed up pretty good this morning, now everyone aligning with what looks to be a great day. 60s to 70 and the front continues moving down to the south. where it will wind up, over the straits of florida by the day's end. we are looking good. blessed this weekend, high pressure fills from back here and bids down the gut of the state. it will be dynamite. blockbuster this weekend and this guy has been on the beach. john and i watched this
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get out of the way. this dude has been laying out probably an hour and he is enjoying it. >> a little dark but i think you a grade booking beach and let's compare the picture with this picture, live cam out of the nation's capitol. they had snow on and off, 32 there, northeast wind at 11. which one do you like better? don't each say. and you can see now, across the nation, i wouldn't call it an ice box but gee whiz it is certainly chilly over the northern tier now, 43 oklahoma city and 61 on the phoenix desert floor. as we return to sunshine, pretty much in all locations, if you are not seeing it, something is wrong in your area. again the front is sweeping through and providing us with a good looking run of weather today and looking good for saturday, sunday, tonight we're clear and cool, and heading back into the 50s an 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, 59, full sunshine, beach forecast, showed you that shot, looking good.
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about the forecast is the surf zone forecast today. maybe new pulses will arrive by early or mid-week next week and until then, pretty uneventful and quiet out there. rocket launch tonight, 6:35 p.m., the falcon 9 going up, we think! hopefully spacex makes things fly and no rain chance and minuscule cloud cover and pleasant temperatures, so if you are heading out to the cape, local, maybe from the interior, go out and have dinner and watch the rocket go up, hopefully we achieve that tonight. 70s for you overall, the day today from the coast into the interior. close to 80 along the theme parks and tonight, temperatures drop on down to 50, orlando and a little bit colder around the northern tier, talking gainesville and ocala and out west, bushnell and sumpter county, mid and upper 40s, under clear skies and light winds tonight, breezy, local weather at times all next week and, we find, though, our temperatures
9:21 am
degree mark and going 85 as we head toward thursday, and looks like lows by that time around 64. so with no chance of rainfall. all right, that is your forecast and amy, from orange county animal services, how are you? >> how are you? >> jayme: great. our pet of the day. you can't -- there we go! take vr the shot and -- tell me about milli. >> millie is five years old and he came as a spray and she has heart worm but one of our sponsors will pay for her treatment. >> jayme: what is the green? >> the promotion is back and adopters can pick a coin and it will show the new adoption fee, 5, 10, $15 or free. >> jayme: and i like to mention, looking for a family pet go down to the folks at orange county animal services, and get yourself this private room where you can meet the pet and make
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>> and, she's super sweet and loves treats and knows tricks, too. >> jayme: i see john brown over here. >> john: now have her turned towards the camera. look over here! >> amy: little rascals, remember, with the black around her eye! >> jayme: there you go. >> amy: she's pretty. >> john: jayme king is going home with the dog! >> jayme: okay. over to you guys. >> john: still to come emojis are a big part of how we communicate. >> amy: do they need a makeover? why some say they are not fair to women. really? >> john: speaking of pet of the day, look at this. >> amy: can't wait! we have a sloth live in our greenroom this morning, we'll
9:23 am
this guy as the company mascot. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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. >> amy: welcome back. >> john: we're back. 9:24, emojis are a funny, creative way to communicate on social media and text messages. >> amy: that's right, but are those emojis reinforcing gender stereotypes. >> fox reports. >> reporter: emojis, really are a second language. >> what is your favorite. >> the one with the monkey with his hands over its eyes. >> the laughing one and the -- crying laughing. >> reporter: as the saying goes, the picture is worth a thousand words but do those words really
9:26 am
in the last several years, the key boar has gone through some facelifts. last year, it was update with new icons to reflect different ethnicities and families and sexual preferences. but what about gender in executives at proctor & gamble's always brand say the keyboard still lags behind when it comes to women. >> funny there is only the woman that is a bride and that's about it. there is no police woman. >> reporter: in a new video as part of the girl campaign, is asking the unicord consortium to add icons that reflect the modern woman and asks girls what they'd like to see by sending a tweet with a like a girl hashtag. >> rock climbing, biking, playing basketball. girls are doing that. >> reporter: with young women sending out more than a billion emongies a day, the psychologist
9:27 am
how small, can snow ball into a bigger problem. >> for that reason i think it is really important to have variation, for both genders and, if there is -- they are limiting -- limb variations for women, and girls it can be frustrating and can even potentially hurt their self-esteem. >> we reform out to the consortium on whether or not they'd be willing to make the changes and did not hear back. >> john: big changes coming to your favorite candy. >> amy: more on the fun flavor coming to m&ms and how you can help choose what is going to hit store shelves. >> john: you have heard of the ice bucket challenge. now, there is a new challenge that involves push-ups and all about helping our veterans. so, somehow they talked me into this. and i'm already tired. we'll put our muscles to the test.
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>> it is 9:30, welcome back to "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you are with us on this friday morning. we do want to get you caught up on the headlines so far. developing right now, a man has been gunned down inside of a gated community in orange county. the shooter is still on the run, investigators say it happened last night at the cypress point apartment off of obt. orlando police say a 22-year-old man was shot and killed. investigators say they are working to get a description of the suspect right now. >> john: also students across the country are going to take the sat. the new sat tomorrow. but there are changes. according to the college board the essay portion of the exam is now optional, and the math is more tightly focused. outdated obscure vocabulary will be gone from the reading questions. 154 compared to 171. if your child wants to see what
9:32 am
practice exams, it is sat >> amy: for the first time in 12 years michael phelps completed in orlando in his return to the city beautiful ended with a big win! he raced to victory in the 100 meter fly, at the 2016 arena pro swim series and won with a time of 52.28 seconds, not far off from the 51.94 second record which is the second best, 100 fly meter of all time. >> always good to win and i don't like to lose. and i think the biggest thing, is, for me more frustrating to not do something i want to do and bothers me a lot. >> amy: now he is focusing on qualifying for his 5th trip to the olympics. he start when he was 15. and he says it will also be his last trip because he's now 30. time now or for your morning business headlines, joining us love from the fox business network studios is this lovely lauren simonetti. happy friday.
9:33 am
>> so excited! we're almost done with the work day, right? how are you? >> amy: i know, a few more hours. how are things looking as far as the markets are concerned? >> right now a small gain, if it holds for the dow we could be higher four days in a row, march has been pretty good. we got a jobs report an hour ago and it was okay. mower jobs were created, 242,000 added last month. better than expected. the jobless rate stayed at 4.9%, historically low. this is the negative. wages went down, 3 cents an hour and the average work week, number of hours people are working, less, went down, too and look at the sectors, manufacturing, energy, mining, they shed jobs last month. so it is maked report and i'm not sure wall street knows how to respond yet. >> amy: wait and see. let's talk m&ms. who doesn't want to celebrate m&ms on a friday. >> my favorite. >> amy: peanut!
9:34 am
>> now, which color peanut m and ms? >> amy: i'm not partial. >> don't tell me they all taste the same. >> amy: are you partial to colors? if i had to pick a color i would say red. >> i like the yellow. i swear they taste better but you do a taste test i get it wrong. >> amy: yellow is your favorite. >> yellow peanut m&ms, and they in the deafed the blue ones, a few -- introduced the blue ones, a few years ago, i was so against that. but now i love the blue! and now they are doing something different, shaking it up for the birthday. go to the food store and there will be options for new nut flavors, chili nut, honey nut and coffee nut. a little weird and the blue was weird at first, too. maybe it is really good. and vote and m and ms will add the nut to their m&ms.
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if it ain't broke, don't fix it. you know what i mean. >> a classic is a classic for a reason. however at 75, you know, millenials taste changes, you need to stay relevant and take the artificial stuff out of the product and keep it exciting so you don't become a dinosaur. >> amy: exactly. we all have that goal, don't we? >> killing us is apparently exciting. >> amy: i'll try it. i will try it. love you, have a great weekend. >> thanks. >> amy: fun with the baby into catch you monday i. >> amy: if you cannot see lauren at 5:00 a.m. on fbn-am you are missing out. right there every day. if you aren't sure where to go, go to fox finder. >> jayme: 50s and now 60s, populating the map and make it 70s from tampa to lakeland, toward the four corners, toward kissimmee and st. cloud and melbourne, everybody, during the
9:36 am
everyone, pretty much in the 70s today, overall from coast to the interior. a really nice day, you can see the main batch of clouds, now smushed to the south as our front now, gets down to the florida straits, probably by evening tonight. will leave us again with big robust high pressure. dominating the southeastern united states, obviously we're included in that equation and the weekend weather looks perfect. enjoy. as we return to sunshine, temperatures will continue their warming ways. 76 by 2:00 and 74 in the 5:00 and by 8:00, heading down into the 60s and should bottom out 50ish, at orlando and we'll see rapidly moderating and warm temperature breaking loose thursday, 85. for the high during that time. lows 64. no chance of rainfall. that's your forecast. over to you. >> john: don't go too far. we need you. the ice bucket challenge went viral in 2014 and helped raise a whole lot of money. hundreds of millions of dollars to fight lou gehrig's disease. now there is a challenge aimed
9:37 am
and gaining support, bike week, called 22 kill, we are joined to talk about it. thanks for coming in today. >> good to be here. >> john: thanks for joining me, we'll put you to work. what is 22 kill? >> 22 kill is an organization, nonprofit based in texas, and national grassroots and what they are doing is helping raise awareness to the ep dem of suicide amongst veterans. approximately 22 veterans commit suicide every day. and they are trying to raise awareness and offer resources to lessen the number. >> john: a big deal for you guys, right? i love your shirt. turn around. show the back of the shirt. one of best schmidts i've ever seen, veteran, a person who wrote a blank check payable to the united states of america for an amount up to and including one's life. obviously, these issues are personal for you. >> yeah, absolutely. absolutely. you know, i was in the u.s. air force and never did any war time
9:38 am
first gulf war and, it was a challenging time. but, in today, the way everything work today, with these guys coming back and having -- traumatized the way they've been, what 22 kill is about. we have to raise awareness, they need help and support. and, they are not getting as much from the government as they should be. >> john: why you are doing this, this week. bike week. >> that's right. >> how do you get the word out during bike week. >> 22 kill, we have 22 push-up challenge, and we'll do -- >> every day. >> every day at different times, always going to be 22 after the hour, when we do it. >> john: wow. >> 8:22 p.m. or 5:22 at afternoon. >> john: and, the video -- >> those will count. 22 kill has a goal of doing 22 million push-ups and individuals and groups participating all over the country and we are offering daily push-up
9:39 am
44 and new smyrna beach and we'll do it varies times before a big concert and will be a great deal for them and fund-raising. a giving kiosk there, and people can come up and swipe their card and when they do the challenge, asking them to donate $2.22 to help out. >> they can be air push-ups, doesn't matter. as long as you do push-ups. you guys will not get away with 22 air push-ups. >> 22 after the hour. >> it is 22 to the hour! they said we have to get involved in this. i'll taking off the jacket. any little bit of weight -- all the gear here. you are judging or push-ups. >> we are counting them. >> 22. >> 22. tell us more about the places you will be this weekend. >> at pub 44, 1889 state road, and you can get the push-up challenge schedule at hollow
9:40 am
and we'll have a list of volunteer business owners, and a celebrity from a tv show will lead us out and -- military and veterans and local business owners who will be leading this challenges, the community effort. everybody has gotten involved. and, thank you very much for helping out. >> 22 >> good. >> i'm good. >> we'll up load it and get people started and get money going to the veterans. doing our part to help out. >>. >> thank you so much. thank you. i'll come up with another challenge for you. >> i like the notion of air push-ups! >> i won't let you get away with it. amy, over to you. >> amy: out of breath.
9:41 am
still to come research showing how happiness could be bad for your heart. seems like a strange one, this health risk associated with getting too excited is coming up next. plus the top ten cutting down to the top 8 on "american idol." we'll talk with olivia and gianna about what is next after they were sent home and, we have
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>> john: still winded. on the health watch, having one after work cocktail may be bad for your heart. >> amy: according to a new study out of harvard. according to the findings even after one single alcoholic beverage a person's heart rate and heart rhythm can become irregular. as for heavy drinkers, experts say too much alcohol can lead to a higher risk of heart attack an stroke. researchers say other factors also impact these findings, like your age or your prior history of heart disease. >> they say that you can die of a broken heart and new findings say you can also die of a happy wuvenlt one.
9:45 am
muscles weaken due to extreme stress and doctors say extreme joy, not just sadness has the same effect and many cases researchers say it is brought on by happy life events, like a wedding, a birth or even winning big at the casino. >> amy: being a could say poe potato could make you pack on the pounds, one that probably we are not surprised about. sitting around all day saturday or sunday has a more negative impact than being sedentary during the week. experts believe people tend to eat unhealthy on the weekend, too, not only are you sitting around but also eating a lot of junk and the extrr activity is necessary to equal outer change indict. experts say standing and walking around more a few minutes on the weekend can make a big difference. 9:45. jayme king, all you. >> jayme: yes ma'am, we have really good looking temperatures for you right now. this 60s and reached the magic mark at tampa and lakeland and
9:46 am
overall, it has been an interesting morning. we were tracking a big line of showers, isolated storms early this morning and talked about it yesterday. on the morning show here on gdo and it came racing through, in quick fashion, overall again, it was a pretty interesting morning. right now you see the temperatures on your tv screen looking good and we should probably warm into the mid and upper 70s with ease today. despite a cool front of all things. the sun angle changing high in the sky and other factors keeping temperatures up despite the front. driving through the central florida area at this time. the clouds now pushed down to the south and is about full-blown sunshine all day long and no issues and whatever you have planned, if you are voting, beaching, anything this weekend it will look great, same on the gulf scene, 76 by 3:00, sunny and really nice, and special afternoon for us, north-northeast wind at 10
9:47 am
the spin of winds to the north and east keeping us out of the chilly zone and lows tonight, widespread 20s and 30s toward atlanta and we are blessed, a shift of winds, the pay off when you live on a peninsula, you have the surrounding nature of water in a influence, looking good. the only thing awful about this is the surf. beaten down and until next week, good beach weather, a nice weekend for it and of course all eyes on the cape and hopefully get the falcon night rockets a blast into this heavens. and, the communication satellite up and launch time window opening at 6:30. -- 6:35. 7-day forecast shows 70s and if you like it warm, you might call it hot, thursday's temps 85. breezy to windy at times and lows back to the mid 60s, no chance of rain in our wonderful weather pattern as it continues
9:48 am
a weather baby for you. this is austin, everybody, looking good. two babies, my floor person tells me. gideon. cute! visit our web site for more. it is over to you. >> all right, thanks. the "american idol" top ten now narrowed down to the top 8. la night america said good-bye to olivia and gianna, here's a look back at the last performances. >> trouble yeah, trouble now trouble, now i got trouble... >> some people need a dozen roses that's the only way to prove that you love her... >> amy: this morning olivia and gianna join us live. still out in hollywood where they probably have gotten, what a couple of hours sleep, maybe?
9:49 am
>> i think i got one! >> amy: how are you even awake in caffeinating yourselves? >> i have tea right here. and i'm like, kind of glazed. >> amy: what is that! looks like a cigar. >> it is bacon, i like my bacon really, really hard. i'm chewing on bacon now. >> amy: it can make anyone feel better. i want to say congratulations. you are both so amazing. you both came so far. you did so well in the competition. i know last night had to be tough for you, so we don't want to talk about negative stuff. let's talk about positive stuff. what is next, on the horizon? >> definitely singing like practicing, obviously. practicing some new instruments, practicing my vocals and trying to make them better than they have been before. because even with the short amount of time i can see how much i progressed and taking
9:50 am
and put that on hold for singing well. and dance lessons, because i am so off beat with rhythm when i try to dance! you probably saw that when i performed with demi lovato and dancing with everyone and my god, what beat was i dancing to, like i was dancing to eye of the tiger! lord! >> amy: olivia? >> absolutely nothing -- just kidding! no. lots of song writing. my number one passion is song writing and performing those songs for people and i really want to write my first album and start getting stuff recorded and get it out to you guys and i'd love to do that. >> amy: okay. where can our viewers find you, facebook, instagram? >> all of the above. >> my twitter is giannaisabella and, the facebook is gianna
9:51 am
>> olivia rox, olivia rox. >> amy: great job, we love you. >> thank you so much! >> amy: bye, you can catch "american idol" -- you, too! next thursday, 8:00 here on fox 35. >> john: still to come, sloths are taking over the box office and our studios. after the break we have a local ceo here explaining why he keeps
9:53 am
9:54 am
oh, my gosh. >> you're all lost? >> aren't you saying because she's a sloth he can't be fast? >> 100 yard dash, nice to see ya. >> nice to... see you... too. >> how are you? >> i am... doing... >> fine? >> well. >> john: love this!
9:55 am
the animated film featuring a sloth made flash, is hitting theatres today! >> john: there is a local company who knows a little bit about raising exotic animal life. neil the ceo of crunchy logistics and, they have a sloth as a pet. >> amazing. >> amy: so cute, her name is not flash. >> it is kalisi. >> amy: how did you come up with the name. >> she got more and more blond and, kalisi from game of thrones is blond and, made sense. >> john: how does it work? where do you adopt a sloth. >> a special importer gets animals an imports them from guyana and there they are like deer. why would you want a sloth? they are everywhere. >> john: put your arms down. >> amy: no, you are my tree, neil!
9:56 am
do you feel like -- like you would with a dog? like you have a bond with her. >> oh, yeah. because honestly, when i first got her, it took three weeks before she was used to humans and i couldn't hold her for three week and after you break down the barrier, you really are in love. you know? >> the clips we have seen, is that real? >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> walk, talk and everything -- not talk. >> she can only concentrate on one thing at a time and is eating -- she's focused. >> amy: how is she helping you at the office? what does it mean to have her at the office and what do the other employees think of her. >> they love her and are willing to help out with her and take care of her if i have to go out of town and feet her and give her love. a lot of our clients love her and bring their kids an check out the sloth.
9:57 am
seen one in person and it is cool. >> john: what i see, after the movie and see you people will want to adopt a sloth. what do people need to know? you need a permit. >> i have a permit and florida is cool about having exotic animals as long as they are not endangered. a big up front cost but it is a -- low maintenance after that. feeding them is very cheap, every year, they item carrots and leaves and it is about $50 a year to feed her. but, you have to have the right setup, a greenhouse to keep the humidity and the temperature, right temperature and when they are sleeping they get the jungle or rain forest feel. >> amy: i love it. check out crunchy, the company and, thank you so much for being
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
to have you here. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, my girlsq are always turned out.


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