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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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is somebody protesting back there? get outta here. out! >> half a dozen interruptions by protesters can't stop donald trump. he brings his message to 10,000 supporters in orlando. >> the person people should be afraid of is marco rubio! >> he claims he's the only one who can top trump. a woman barrels into people at daytona.
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two top g.o.p. candidates stumping for votes in florida, but donald trump stole the show. >> he had to stop talking a half dozen times for protesters. >> reporter: if you wanted high drama, certainly at the donald trump rally in
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is @` >> you better believe it. they're going to pay for the recall. >> reporter: he had to stop to deal with unruly guests. >> get 'em outta here. get 'em out! >> [cheering and applause] >> reporter: mr. trump did show a softer side, stopping the rally when a woman on the floor fainted. he said "i love fainters." >> run up and catch that woman and give those flowers to that woman. i love that. >> reporter: he tore into ted cruz and marco rubio, even joking about his large hand size. he says when he wins florida, it's over. mike synan, fox 35 news. >> get 'em outta here. get 'em out fast. oh, there he is, wise guy.
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look up there, camera! look up there at the protester, camera. go home to mommy. >> and that's just a small sample of the protests that interrupted trump. protesters arrived long before trump got there, but for the most part, things were civil. >> i really disagree with donald trump's views on immigration, his tariff against chinese goods. he barely has any good ideas, and a trupp presidency would be trouble. >> we need somebody new. >> reporter: marco rubio rallied supporters. >> dana jay was there. rubio told supporters he can still win the nomination. >> reporter: this holds
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optimist would say it was about half full. >> the person the democrats should be afraid of is the next president of the united states, marco rubio! >> reporter: he brought new mexico governor susannah martines along for the ride. he is fighting to stop donald trump from becoming the republican nominee for president. >> marco is going all the way. >> reporter: rubio barely referencing the republican frontrunner. when he did, it was to draw a contrast between trump's bluster and his own forward-looking, progressive message. >> people have a right to be concerned, but that has
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our movement. it's that life can be better in this country if we follow the principles that make us great to begin with. >> reporter: he acknowledged his underdog status in his home state, which votes march 15th. but he reminded them that when he ran for senator, he had to come from behind to beat charlie crist. >> i had to argue that he was not a republican, not a conservative. it's funny how history repeats itself. >> [ laughter. >> reporter: from here, he goes to puerto rico. voters there go to the polls tomorrow. reporting in jacksonville, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> the votes are coming in from five different states holding primaries or caucuses today. >> in kansas, ted cruz is
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almost half the votes there. marco is in third. bernie sanders won over hillary clinton. >> in kentucky, no win he -- no winner declared yet, but donald trump is on top, ted cruz trails by about 10 percentage points. >> in louisiana, voters are holding primaries for both parties. donald trump has taken that state with nearly half the votes. hillary clinton has topped bernie sanders with about 9 percent of the vote already in. >> in maine, ted cruz wins according to the main republican party but not the associated press. cruz with almost 46 percent of the vote, donald trump finishing second with a little over 32 percent. >> and in nebraska, bernie the vote. of course today's
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because our primaries are on march 15th. but early voting is already underway, which began last monday. broward county, turnout is apparently good so far. >> we've seen a lot of interest, and i think the interest is generated because of what the candidates bring to the table, what they romise to bring to the table, their other. >> early voting for the presidential primaries runs through march 12th except in orange county where it ends the 13th. we have a list of locations on our website. florida's primaries are march 15th. >> let's talk about what all of this means. political analyst frank torres is here. let's start with ted cruz. he wins kansas and maine, it looks like, still don't know on kentucky. what does that mean for him? i know that at this point the delegate count, he
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about 80 delegates. >> he is slowly chipping away at that delegate lead that donald trump has, although it will be when florida and ohio go to the polls. marco rubio is still looking for a consistent win. >> both trump and cruz are making the case they are alternatives to the g.o.p. establishment, yet the cruz campaign today making a pretty big deal about ted cruz winning a straw poll. what does that mean? >> the conservative pac in washington, d.c. would normally be a big deal. we have donald trump there, a completely unforecasted effect on the he entire
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is a nice chip on ted cruz's belt, it doesn't mean a whole lot with donald trump out there steamrolling over everything that we know. it's a good victory for ted cruz, but it doesn't mean a lot. >> hillary clinton still maintains a huge lead in delegates. she wins louisiana. bernie sanders wins the nebraska caucuses. what does this mean? does this change anything at all? >> not too much. bernie sanders still has a tremendous uphill climb to combat hillary clinton. he needs a victory in a big state, here in florida or ohio to really put into question hillary clinton's frontrunner status. right now he's still the underdog, and hillary clinton's not directly acknowledging him anymore, looking to a november matchup with herself and donald trump or ted cruz.
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ball time: answer these questions, yes or no. donald trump wins the florida primary in 10 days. >> if it were today, i would say yes. marco rubio has to try to make it up. >> hillary clinton will win. >> yes, hillary clinton will win here in florida. >> stay tuned for "countdown to the florida primary. tonight we have live updates on the primaries across the country, some of them still out. this newscast. a woman is in jail accused of driving into a series of people and motor homes in the infield at daytona international speedway. people are there for the supercross motorcycle race tonight. damage. this is just one of six motor homes investigators say abbie kinney hit early saturday morning, and she
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>> i got really lucky. if i had been standing a foot to the right or left, who knows. >> reporter: a.j. says he was right here in the infield of the daytona international speedway just having a good time with friends when a woman barreled down the street, ramming the rvs where they were. >> we tried to scatter, but two of our good friends got hurt. i had to duck under this rv. >> we were sent photos. investigators say four witnesses told them they watched kinney crash her vehicle into four people and six motor homes. >> i'm all right. my back is sore. i got tossed around pretty good. >> reporter: his friend broke his leg when he was hit and is in the hospital recovering from surgery.
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we turned around and then were hit. >> reporter: she admitted to drinking three beers and had a strong alcohol odor. she is facing several charges including dui. still ahead, an abrupt halt for a teenager's flight in a vintage plane. >> that young pilot crash lands on a golf course. what investigators think went wrong. and hulk hogan's beach-side bar evacuated after part of it started to collapse. what may have caused the scary moment, coming up. temperatures are quickly falling into the 50s across florida.
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. a plane crash lands in the middle of a golf course. amazingly, everyone walks away unharmed, at the st. petersburg country club. >> we have details. >> we heard [ makes motor noise ] then the motor stopped, and whoa! >> reporter: he was at home in a nearby apartment complex when he looked up and saw a small, single-engine plane struggling in the sky above. >> it was sputtering, then completely stopped. we saw it come down like that. >> reporter: the 18-year-old pilot and his father were heading from lakeland to manatee county saturday afternoon. near st. pete, the plane suddenly experienced an engine problem. the teen safely landed the plane on the golf course. the wing clipped a tree, but
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be severely damaged. >> golf is a dangerous sport. you can get a ball in your head. but now look at this. >> reporter: pilot and his dad inspected the plane, then took of wings off to get it ready for a tow. carlos says it's amazing the teen pilot was able to avoid harming himself, his dad, or anybody on the ground. >> he did a good job of putting it down. i was like whoa! >> the faa is investigating the cause of that accident. daytona police want you to take a good, long look at this surveillance video. they say this man walked into a wells fargo bank on seabreeze boulevard. he said he had a gun and demanded money.
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bag with money inside. but the man got spooked and left the money behind. if you think you know who he is, call police. this crash killed two people last night at the intersection of avalon and mckinney roads. 45-year-old robert hughes ran a stop sign and hit another car. jose soto also died. he was a passenger in the car hughes hit. other people, including three children, went to the minor injuries. two people are in the indian river county jail after the sheriff's office s.w.a.t. team says they found drugs in the house on 33rd avenue. detectives say it belongs to 38-year-old tony weems and 37-year-old tina jones. agents say they found guns, cash, and cocaine.
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house, but the child was not hurt. the adults were arrested. hulk hogan was signing autographs when a large number of people were on a second-floor balcony and felt a shift in the building. firefighters evacuated the building and declared it unsafe. the store will be closed until the owner has a structural engineer determine whether it's safe to occupy. prosecutors say three high school football players are now charged with assaulting a freshman on what they apparently were calling "no gay thursday". disturbing story. in pennsylvania, they're accused of holding someone down and attacking him with a broom.
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and clean the locker room. they attacked him when he tried to leave. >> it's reported that the victim was yelling and screaming. but he did not have a friend in that locker room. >> the teens' tradition of "no gay thursday" supposedly stretches back a few years. it allegedly involves performing explicit acts for laughs. the school's coach is now suspended pending the investigation. a parked semi truck shifts into gear, plows through trees and a car. >> but the trucker isn't behind the wheel. we'll tell you about the bad guy on four legs allegedly responsible for this one. and caught in the act. watch a thief snatch a woman's handbag, go on a serious spending spree, but the victim did not even notice. how you can stop yourself
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tomorrow morning, we're talking politics. voters are heading to the polls. and you probably don't look forward to tax season unless you're looking
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new tonight, a labrador retriever in minnesota is smarter than your average mutt, and perhaps more destructive. look at this semi truck. you can see the lab in the driver's seat. the pooch took advantage of his owner's sb absence, pushed the vehicle into gear, damaged a tree and a car. the dog showed no remorse, jumped around afterward like nothing happened. what kind of dog does that? >> you want to laugh, but no one got hurt, it's a sad expense for the owner of the truck, but it's still funny. >> it is funny. he looks like "where are we going now?" >> our weather isn't funny; it's fantastic! >> love it! >> we have nothing to
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how can you possibly find something wrong with this picture? it is so gorgeous out there, and we've got more in store tomorrow. we are expecting almost a week of no rain, dare i say? that's rolling the dice in florida. but the forecast is looking pretty stable. we have clear skies. it's chilly, and it's going to continue to get cooler. lows will bottom out in the low 50s. here's a look at everybody across central florida. 57 for melbourne, 63 in kissimmee, 59 leesburg, 54 in ocala. we should see these temperatures get into the low 50s in the metro areas, 50s up to the north. there is a cold front moving into florida, but it does not change our picture.
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the average high for us is about 77. we'll be a little bit above that as we head into next week, in fact, mid-80s in the second half of the workweek. much of the nation surging well above normal temperatures. in fact, much of the eastern and central u.s., very much on the warm side. that is going to change when another system arrives and changes the overall weather picture. looking good out there. we have plenty of sunshine out there. morning lows, averaging about 53 degrees, but warming after that. recent events around the world have led to what's being called islamophobia. >> but today local muslims wanted to squash those fears. we'll show you how they did that. and a joyride in a stolen fire truck.
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all four theme parks with the florida resident 4-day disney select ticket. x` the islamic society of central florida and islamic organizations from across the state had a peace rally at lake eola today. >> organizers say the goal was to speak up against terrorism and islamophobia, especially given the current climate of the country. >> we all belong to this beautiful city, to this beautiful country, and no one, let no one, tell you you don't belong. >> reporter: american
10:31 pm
that plague their community during a peace rally today. >> because unfortunately some people have stigmatized muslims because of a minority group that claim to be muslim or represent islam somehow, which is completely false. >> reporter: this woman hopes to educate people on the true beliefs of islam, beliefs she believes have been misrepresented. >> some of the candidates, how they talk about our religion, very negative connotation, so i think this event, you know, we're trying to basically bring peace. >> reporter: community leaders say their goal is simple: >> we hope they can see us as fellow americans and go past issues of bias and stereotypes and work together to solve the real problems in our community. >> reporter: they want to
10:32 pm
>> we often are not covered in the media. we are against terrorism. it doesn't matter who is doing it or what reason. we have to love our brother as we love ourselves. >> reporter: for more information, visit the islamic community of central florida's website. >> one chicago woman learning the hard way to always see it. she was out for dinner this week when she found out her wallet had been stolen and thousands of dollars had been charged to her credit card in just a few minutes. two people caught on camera stealing her wallet right out of her purse. you can see one man reach into her bag, while someone got up to try to shield her from other people in the restaurant. the crook acted fast. >> it was about $4,000 within 20 minutes.
10:33 pm
their first time doing it, and they were likely to do it again, and they obviously had a smooth operation going. >> chicago police warning people to be very mindful of your personal belongings at all times. a stolen car leaves a trail of destruction, but this isn't any ordinary444444444444sedan. >> it's actually a fire truck. amy spencer shows you what happened. >> reporter: what happened here in the early hours is like something sout of an action film. a fire truck plowed into cars with enough force to flip one, smashing into gardens and then a home. seeing the destruction and thinking there had been an explosion, one neighbor couldn't understand how a fire crew arrived on the
10:34 pm
>> at the various debris, it's funny at that time of the morning, you couldn't actually sort of get your mind to focus on what had actually happened. >> reporter: the drivers ran away, having caused thousands of pounds' worth of damage, but it could have been far worse. >> this could have been a very different situation if this hadn't been at 4:00 in the morning. there could have been absolute carnage. there were very few if any injuries. >> reporter: the fire station has been substantially break-in. a 66-year-old man and another in his late teens have been arrested. before being questioned, one of the men was treated in hospital. it's unclear how or why the fire engine was stolen, but emergency services say this was reckless and stupid. it isn't just a case of cleaning up now but replacing equipment that's used to save lives.
10:35 pm
>> wow! a 12-year-old boy being hailed as a hero for pulling his injured father out of a fire. >> he was screaming like where's ma-ma? he went back in the house to get you! >> the national recognition for the boy who saved his father's life but lost his own. and the author behind a lot of amazing books and several hollywood classics as passed away.
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a 12-year-old pennsylvania boy who died trying to save his father from their burning home will not be forgotten. >> sanford harling had just gone through hip surgery and was stuck on the second floor when a fire broke out down stairs. his son, whose nickname is man-man, ran back into the burning house for his father. >> she asked me, where is man-man?
10:39 pm
>> harling's son is being recognized on the floor of the u.s. house of representatives for his heroic act. the author behind the best selling novels "the prince of tides" and "beach music" has died at the age of 70. >> pat conroy drew upon his abusive childhood in south carolina for most of his material. >> reporter: pat conroy died friday night in south carolina surrounded by friends and family. he announced last month that he was battling pancreatic cancer. he is best known for fiction works like the great santini, the lords of discipline, and others. his books sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. each of his novels were handwritten, influenced by his troubled upbringing in
10:40 pm
of an abusive father, living in a fractured family. conroy once said in an interview with "vanity fair": one of the greatest gifts you can be given as a writer is to be born in an unhappy family. he was the eldest of seven children. he grew up in a military family, attending 11 schools in 12 years. his father donald was an aviator who pat says physically abused his family, forcing pat to attend the citadel. "the great santini" was his father's initial nickname. the name of the book originally enraged the family but in the end brought peace between
10:41 pm
the prince of tides was made into a movie directed by barbra streisand. >> reporter: he leaves behind a wife, four daughters, and seven grandchildren. in new york, brianianess. >> "beach music", one of the most beautiful books i've ever read. he will be dearly missed. golfers are giving back in a big way. >> make sure you're going right down the line. focus. >> pros are helping children forget about their illnesses for a little while. we had some high clouds streaking overhigh today, but still plenty of sunshine
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professional athletes are giving back one putt at a time. >> we'll show you a program
10:45 pm
battling serious illness put their sickness on hold. >> go right down the line. that counts. >> reporter: you don't normally see pga teaching pros giving lessons on a pirate ship, but this is not just any lesson. joey is a pro, scott is a former pro. 8-year-old tabitha is a patient at arnold palmer hospital for children. she has been here for a week trying to figure out what's causing her severe stomach pain. >> it's pretty scary not knowing. >> reporter: but she's soaking up the lesson so she can turn around and try to beat shawn, which, by the way, well, we'll let tabitha tell you. >> he's getting whupped today.
10:46 pm
"putting on -- putt-ing on smiles". despite being golf professionals, their records against the kids are terrible. >> i've been doing it 11 years, and i've never won a head-to-head competition. >> that means every single child -- >> congratulations on winning a gold medal! yay! >> it helps us. you get kids out of that room, the medical routine, and really just get to be a kid. >> reporter: and help everybody involved feel better. >> for her to be laughing and playing is wonderful. >> reporter: parents, and children. >> i've learned don't think about what is wrong, just think about the good parts of life. >> there is nothing better than making a child smile. >> what an amazing, amazing program. it was so nice to be able to hang out with them during
10:47 pm
we want -- if you want more information, we have posted the links. it was beautiful weather then, and again today. >> what a great story there, tom! who knew you could write! [ laughs ] let's talk about the forecast. it's so nice. we've been talking about this. i got a nasty, scary look there from tom. breaking news! anyway, we've not had much to talk about, the weather has been so good. our highs today were about where they should be, just a few degrees cooler than normal. mid-70s were the high. we will be warmer tomorrow,
10:48 pm
we don't see that disturbance in the gulf of mexico that brought the clouds. tomorrow will be a little rougher at the beaches. we have a lot of folks in town in volusia county for bike week, and in brevard, people heading to the beaches, and all along central florida, people will be at the beaches tomorrow, but rougher conditions there. just watch out for that. there is a weak cold front that's coming through tomorrow. it will not bring clouds, rain, or cooler weather, either. it's just going to help reinforce those winds as we get into the day. we're 60 degrees right now, expected to get into the lower 50s in the metro areas. folks in the north will be in the 40s. there's that little disturbance that's moving off the carolinas. that's a very weak cold
10:49 pm
know it is out there. know it is out there. temperatures are expected to get into the mid-80s early in the week. some very warm air across the central and southern united states is going to spill over toward us. many folks will be above normal as we head into the second half of the workweek. in the meantime, in the lower 50s on average, then headed back into the mid-70s for tomorrow. the forecast will include 80s as we get into the day, you can see them there, lows in the 60s. they're expecting close to a sellout at the citrus bowl sunday afternoon, and why not? orlando city will open its second season in the mls.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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we are less than 24 hours away from the start of the second ever major league soccer season for orlando city. they're expecting close to a sellout at the citrus bowl sunday afternoon. kickoff is 2:00 against real salt lake. antonio nocerino said kaka helped him settle on coming to orlando city instead of d.c. united, and it's made him easy so far. >> his relationship with kaka was an important factor, and coming to orlando city, he helped the process, and it's an experience he has been wanting to have for a long time. >> everything was new at this time last year, didn't know what to expect, didn't know what opening day was
10:54 pm
occasion was going to be like. hopefully we'll fill the stadium tomorrow. we're looking forward to it. the magic's playoffs hopes are on life support. now a brutal road trip. orlando will go to portland plus a kings squad just a few days out of the playoffs, and orlando is headed west while playing very inconsistent basketball. >> everything on the road is tough, and we're going to have to be at our best to win games. the margin is very slim. we have to make sure the game that happened last
10:55 pm
ncaa, 17.8 assists, the dish to devin, he had 11. dorian smith had 20 points. gators will be the eighth seed in the s.e.c. tournament playing arkansas. there are a ton of reports saying tubby smith will become the new head coach at the university of illinois. saturday the illini said kubit was fired. smith hasn't coached in college for 21 years. let's go racing. nascar's xfinity from las vegas. vegas native kyle busch throwing nonstop 7s at the craps table. he led every single lap of the race except one. 78th win of his career,
10:56 pm
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. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> countdown to the florida primary. the race for the white house sets its sites on the sunshine state. >> it's going to be close, no doubt about it. >> there are clear frontrunners. >> look at this winning a lot, folks. get used to it. >> now this moves forward, the crescent city, the motor city, and beyond. >> the others say they'll fight to the finish. >> don't worry about it. >> gentlemen, we are the


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