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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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@0 i-4 ultimate construction will shut down another road. we'll have more on where it's happening this time-plus. if are you talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me. i am talking. >> john: it was getting intense between these two. hillary clinton and bernie sanders argue over who with take@ down wall street and the
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a wild season for orlando city soccer, if the first game is any indication. how the lions roared back after the first game. >> john: i have my purple. >> amy: me too. how about you jayme? >> jayme: shades of purple. i hope you ended. temperatures boosted around coastal brevard. 60s there. 40s and 50s elsewhere. a cool, dry morning. and how high might the temps fly? today, upper 70s over the interior. and mid-70s over the coastal areas. easterly 8. keeping the temperatures boosted this morning there. compliments of big high pressure
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the high will be a dominant force on the weather map. it'll keep the strong system brewing over the rockies over the region. we may see extra cloudspy thursday and friday. and gorgeous skies prevail. pleasant temps. 73 by the big drive home at 5:00 p.m. enjoy. temperatures boosting by-up by mid-week. we'll talk more about that and the rest of the extend forecast coming up. jc kristin: i want to take you right out to i-95. we having is going on in the road. i-95 northbound, palm coast parkway. reports of an obstruction in the road. in downtown orlando, garpland will be closed mark street.
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this will be closed until next year. you could take garland to colonial and then use magnolia avenue. jackie orozco is there live in orlando with more on how the i-4 ultimate project will impact those heading out the die. >> reporter: good morning -- out the door. >> reporter: good morning. 8,000 drivers use garland avenue. more changes from downtown commuters. crews have shut down. >> it's necessary to install drainage, and utility, and basically realign, push it to the east so we have room to widen i-4. >> reporter: this will create
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and this area will have a lot of work going on because the city has a project of their own. you can expect a lot of closed streets and signs and construction work that you need to watch out for. >> there's a lot of work in the downtown area. it's important for folks to take a look at what's planned. >> reporter: there are times when one lane will be open so some traffic can get through, but two projects going on at the same time. the i-4 i-4 ultimate project and the city work in this area. >> john: it's 6:04. in volusia county, a man is dead after being hit by a car in daytona beach. >> amy: investigators are trying to figure out what happened here. it took place about 7:00 p.m. north nova and brentwood. the man was struck by a suv, investigators say.
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released yet. witnesses say they often see people crossing in the area but there's not a crosswalk. the search is on for the person who opened fire on orange county deputies. the mr. gyros. the store manager is shook up. >> we're open late. especially on the weekend. we have a lot of people come from clubs. people getting drink and stuff. so it's not safe. >> a dark suburban pulled out of the parking lot and sped away. it's unclear if the people inside the suv were involved in the shooting.
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texas man who fell off a cruise ship near key largo. the 46-year-old man fell 100 feet. >> the 10th deck of the navigator of the seas, late friday. a helicopter and plane were used in the search for the coast guard. 2500 square nautical miles. the lions are roaring loudly after having one of the most amazing come backs in mls. >> john: they scored two goals. providing a wild start. more than 60,000 fans packed in the stadium. the lyons were behind most of the game and then just 64@ seconds left they record back. the the forward, and the midfielders on the last kick of the game.
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we just want to say thank you for every supporter that came today to see the game. >> crazy emotion. you feel as though you won the game and got something as it has gone 90 minutes. so to come out with a point, we've got to be pleased with that. >> john: absolutely amazing. team captain kaka did not play yesterday after straining his thigh during training. they take on chicago fire on friday. what a game. >> amy: paying tribute to former first lady nancy reagan. >> john: she was 94 and yesterday dies from congestive heart failure. >> reporter: it did not take long for people to pay their respects. i am loving these pictures of the gorgeous first lady. during his time as first lady, they championed the just say no antidrug campaign.
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research and provided better treatment of our veterans. both current and former politicians spoke out about how much she did for the country. >> i know now she would join him in heaven and the love affair between the two of them will start all over again. >> she made sure that the people around him w444444444444itted to what he believed in. she was an incredible lady. she was very strong. and a total class acts. >> reporter: florida governor rick ask the said, quote, throughout her life, nancy's incredible commitment to measure country and ferfamily did not falter. she will continue to inspire us she will be buried right next to
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presidential library in california. >> amy: 6:08. on the business watch. your personal information could be at risk. mac computers now being targeted by malware. joining us now is the lovely lauren simonetti pip did you have a nice weekend? >> reporter: it was nice. >> amy: it was good. but monday comes around quick. >> reporter: it really does. that sunday comes short. and umple i have bad news for apple users, mac users, very rare. ran someware is targeting. a bug gets into the mack and basically freezes everything up. for you to get files again, you have to pay them money, like $400. it happened over the weekend. and apple issued a fix.
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be seen three days later. today some may find they've been victim to the hack. what do you to protect yourself, the software, transmission, upgrade your transmission software if you have it. and head to palo alto neck networks. the check list is very, very, tensive ask you need to check it yourself. >> amy: john ash that? john had that? >> reporter: it was a windows problem, and now it's on the m amp c. >> amy: good to know there's a fix. you can catch lauren on the fox business network at 5:00 a.m. go to fox >> john: nothing creepier than watch someone on the phone with
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and telling you they'll control all of this stuff. >> amy: the debate last night. >> john: one thing they agreed on, which g.o.p. official should lose their job. >> if donald trump wins florida, it'll be hard to stop him. >> marco rubio bringing his campaign to central florida.0) if he doesn't win the nomination, what's next. what he told fox 35, straight ahayed. >> jayme: hope you had a good weekend. the weather is perfect. and the trend does not stop. 50s out the door. maybe a light jacket in store.
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impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> john: if you have good eyesight, look very, very closely in the middle of the shot. a tiny sliver of moon. is that a planet next to it? on the right hand side. very cool view. the sun is getting ready to come up. >> amy: you decide 2016. county today. >> john: he is trying to build
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primary which is next week. the florida senator said he must win the primary in florida in order to have any chance on the nomination. it appears that it could happen. rubio is only 5 percentage points behind donald trump. trump, 35. rubejm ted cruz, 16. and john kasich. fox 35 had a chance to talk too|` ruinio over the -- had a chance to talk to rubio over the weekend. >> and if donald trump wins florida, he'll be unstoppable. in january i'll either be the president of the united states or be a private citizen here in florida.
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the puerto rico. 384 delegates, and 300 for ted cruz, and 31 and. and they need 1237 to secure the nomination. bernie sanders fighting to remain in the race. >> reporter: right now bernie sanders trails in the delegate race. he comes off winning two of three states. michigan, mississippi. and they'll cast their votes tomorrow. they took on each other last night in flint, michigan. they frequently interrupted one another, and accused each other of misrepresenting their record. >> if are you talking about the wall street bailout, some of your friends destroyed this economy. >> you know. >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> if you're going to talk, tell the whole story, senator
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>> let me tell the story. >> reporter: things were fiery. the candidates were able to agree on one thing. the water crisis in flint. and the governor of michigan was under fire. they called for the republican governor to be recalled. >> the governor should resign or be recall involved. >> what is absolutely incredible to me is that water rates have soared in flint. you are paying three times more for poisoned water than i am paying in burlington, vermont, for clean water. >> reporter: michigan governor snyder fired back. i am taking responsibility as our value system said we should. my track record is getting things done, and i want to get things done. that's the governor defending
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jayme king has a look at the all important monday forecast. >> jayme: it's all about clear skies and just really, really gorgeous weather. it's lining up quite nice. if you like the weekend, you'll love the days ahead. i'm talking about all seven of them in the seven-day forecast. the numbers coming up shortly here. mid-60s in melbourne. and an easterly wind off the atlantic. keeping us many degrees warmer thanked deeper interior, certainly far north central florida a chilly 41 degrees. we have 50s and cool, and dry, and a sunny gorgeous afternoon. easterly flow is prevalent in brevard county. and the rest of us are seeing pretty much dead calm air. and 3 miles per hour in gainesville. and the remainder calm or light and variable. and a breezy day when the sun
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atmosphere. this is the main component, keeping us cloud flee at host times. and we feature ample sunshine with gorgeous skies and pleasant temperatures. 73 for the big drive home at 5:00 p.m. if you are lucky enough to be on the golf scene, mid-60s. and we encroach upon 80 degrees with ample sun in place. everything is about high pressure. this is a freak of nature at this time of the year. rep nissent of the subtropical ridge. if flows in and provides warmth and trade flow. and that's the case and it keeps low pressure at bay to the west. eventually, we'll see cloud cover from the developing low over texas.
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the way into and past the mid-week peak of wednesday. marion county, solid mid-to-upper 07s. sunshine. no issues. dry as a bone out in marion. and lake county more of the same. umatilla to grownt dora. and getting close to 80ish. and volusia county, the gorgeous beaches of, and the i-4 corridor. a low to mid-70s along the beach front. and i-4 corridor, closer to 80 when it's all said and done. a quick overview. everyone looking good from the theme parks to the beaches. we have a heightened risk of rip currents. i want you to be cognizant. remind yourself of the hidden danger you don't always see.
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mid-week peak. we'll continue to watch and convey the latest to you in the weather center. >> kristin: good morning. sky fox is flying over i-4. sliding through seminole, we're not seeing any accidents as of this hour. we'll, of course, keep an eye on the roads. taking you to brevard county. i-95 northbound, we have an accident on palm bay and i-95 northbound. right now not causing any delays. heading i-4 eastbound from john young parkway to downtown orlando. and time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. regular gas will cost just $1.69 at the citgo in orlando.
6:22 am >> john: more trouble from north korea as the country makes a direct threat to the u.s. >> amy: straight ahead, what they say they are prepared to do. with more bikers rolling into daytona for the bike week, the city is making changes. how officers have been preparing for the big event. happy monday to you. some people don't like to
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welcome back to "good day orlando." it is 6:24 right now. teenagers here in the state of florida have a new way to learn how to adult. this is just created by the florida bar. giving teenagers an overview of the grown up legal information that they need to know. giving tips on employment, contracts, on credit. the daytonas in journal said that the website will large live replace the paper pamphlets that the florida bar used to send to high schoolers. >> they're all on line anyways. thousands of bikers are in town and keeping everyone safe is their top priority.
6:26 am
stepping up patrols for 75th annual bike week. they have made 12 arrests for things like assault and robbery. >> i think that's good. people should be safe. people should be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about other things happening and stuff like that. >> officers say they're especially on the look out for pick pockets, burglars, and people driving under the influence of alcohol. north korea threatening to strike the u.s. with nuclear weapons. >> amy: they started to make the threats444444444444 yesterday evening during our time. and the u.s. military is not taking threats lightly even most experts doubt that they have the weapons to perform a large scale attack. coming up, the ucf campus one step closer to becoming a
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>> john: we have more coming up live. @ it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master
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>> john: w-6 30 here on your monday morning. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. if you plan on traveling i-4 today, we'll tell you which part will be shut down and how to get around it. >> john: ucf one step closer to the downtown campus. just how much the school is getting from the state to make the campus a reality. >> amy: if the first game is any indication, it'll be a wild season for orlando city soccer. the amazing last second couple comeback. i love the coach's comment. it felt like we wwn. tie. >> john: do you know who the big king? >> jayme: who. >> john: the losers like ryan elijah
6:31 am
>> amy: and then they haryld everybody cheering. >> john: are you okay, ryan? >> reporter: yeah, a little bit. >> jayme: it's been an interesting morning. and melbourne 56. you compare that to the rest. that's the wind getting breezy out of the east. eventually, east southeast later today in coastal brevard helping to raise the temperatures. and high pressure is ruling the weather roost. kicking off the eastern shores through the rest of the week and providing a rain chance. it's miniscule. and a system approaches from the west, and until then, gorgeous sighs, and pleasant temps. highs no problem going into the upper 70s. if you like it warm, you might even call it hot.
6:32 am
and we have warming, times it of sun and clouds and a slight chance of rain saturday into sunday. here's kristen with live drive traffic. >> kristin: good morning. i want to take you to i-4 in fairbanks. no issues, east and westbound lanes are up to speed on i-4 right here in fairbanks in winter park.@ taking you@ to brevard county,@ we're seeing slowdowns at i-95. mile marker 215 just passed the state road 50 exit. if we head back to orlando, i want to remind you of major road work going on here at garland from clonal to mark street. both northbound and southbound lanes are closed until next year. hop on colonial and take magnolia to avoid the detour. john, amy, back to you. >> amy: here's a look at the
6:33 am
crews are working on garland between colonial and marx. officials said that the closure is necessary for drainage and bridgework. creating a new eastbound i-4 entrance ramp from colonial. realigning garland to make troop widen the interstate. construction will last a little over a year. alternatives are shown on our website at >> amy: ucf chlors to the goal of having a downtown campus. >> john: the legislate legislature is the latest to sign off. fox 35's gina benitez has more. >> reporter: state lawmakers agreed to set up a $20 million for the construction of the downtown campus. and this is the same amount of money that the school was asking for, and just approved by the board of governors.
6:34 am
it has to go to governor rick scott and he will sign whether to sign off on the deal or not. lawmakers decided to approve $7 million across the state. agreeing to give $43.2 million to ucf. half will be going to fund the downtown campus, west of i-4, and east of parramore boulevard, near the site of the old amway. a chunk of money will come from bondses. in the past governor rick scott has been opposed to borrowing money. and if approved, the downtown campus would open in the fall of 2018. >> amy: a high intensity game. >> john: they came out with a draw, but it felt like a win.
6:35 am
play that everyone was buzzing about. ryan was there for most of the game yesterday. >> reporter: you know what's bad, we left, three minute of stoppage time. i thought we left late because thousands beat me out. we got to the bottom of the stairs and heard an eruption. and 45 seconds later, we made another eruption. it was my fault. the kids didn't want to leave, but i did. >> are they still mad? >> reporter: they wouldn't speak to me. it was a tad smaller than last@ year's crowd, but a huge crowd for the ones who stayed. the lions had a 1 man advantage after the salt lake red card.@ they go up 1-0, and make 2-0, and this is where things got crazy. it was 2-1. a long kick down the field.
6:36 am
and they tied it at 2-all. it felt like a win. unheard of in soccer, to have 2 goals in a minute. if you stayed, and hopefully you did, you saw an unprecedented finish in soccer. golden state warriors got upset by the la lakers, a team that only won 11 games. tonight's game set for 10:30. expect setting curry and the teem have something to prove. super bowl mvp peyton manning said this\1;e is it for him. he is expected to announce his retirement today. the 39-year-old, two-time champ. and they put him in a room with only 100 people. my thought is they want to keep people out, the tmzs in the
6:37 am
other story. we'll see if they can control the message and keep it about football. >> his whole family is expected to be there. >> oh, to be 39 and washed up and the rest of your life and all that money. >> amy: he'll be fine. >> john: former president jimmy carter making an announcement. >> amy: what he had to say about his recovery from cancer. i believe the dereliction of duty was irresponsible. >> the governor should resign or be recalled. [ cheering ] and we should support the efforts of citizens attempting to achieve that. >> amy: democratic candidates hitting on important topics in last night's debate. we'll look at the biggest moments and what is in store for them in the weeks ahead. a beautiful view this morning of the city.
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he. >> amy: you decide 2016. the race for the white house is about to narrow as the candidates start to feel the pressure of the three ms. >> john: the mass, map, and money. we have more from washington. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton squared off in michigan a state that benefited big from the autobail-out. >> he voted against the money
6:41 am
difference. >> well, i -- if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy. >> you know. >> excusep me. i'm talking. >> reporter: clinton took los louisiana and has a commanding league.@ and marco rubio scored his second win in puerto rico. >> an open primary, anyone can vote. i got over 70% of the vote. not because i became less conservative but because i took our conservative principles to people who are living where i grew up. >> reporter: he's still way behind in terms of delegates. trump has 384. cruz took kansas and maine bringing his total to 300.
6:42 am
kasich with 37. and trump and cruz said it's time for a two-man race. >> i would prefer it. way. >> john: that's kristin fisher reporting. you can follow the latest at or by downloading the fox 35 news app. if you buy your kids applesauce, you want to check the cup boards. >> amy: which brand is issuing a recall. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a car to catch on fire. 6:42 right now. another live view this morning looking down on the amway center and downtown traffic is not too bad right now.
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kristin will have
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you may be muddling try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec than claritin . because it starts working faster muddle no more . >> john: 6:45 on good day. a popular kids snack. go go squeeze. pouches with best before dates before december 4, 2015 and march 4, 2017 should be thrown away or returned for refund.
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traverse city, michigan, . were not affected. >> amy: one of the suspects knocked on the door of the a home. the suspect learned a man was not home. a second suspect stands nearby pulled out a gun and fired at the garage. both suspects ran away. thankfully, no one was hurt. a brevard county crash sent a person to the hospital of . 2:15 yesterday morning. the driver hit a pole and a parked car in front of the diner and had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. no one else was hurt. 6:46. a chilly start to your monday. jayme king, what's going on out there?
6:47 am
melbourne, palm bay, and the ocean breeze has taken control and is boosting temperatures nicely to the mid-and upper 0e6s compares to widespread 50s. and it's a different ball game from brooksville, bushnell, the village, ocala, and gainesville. a crescent shape of the low to mid-40s. a negative sign in flont of the degrees here. and that signifies a temperature change in the downtown direction. we accumulated warmth in brncht. a good 12 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. the interior has gone calm to a light nofort northwest wind at 3 miles per hour. did you like the weekend? wasn't it fun out there? a little warmer overall today. keeping the temperatures up and up.
6:48 am
and the uv index is a boomer, very high, at 8. protect your skin if you are out and about. clear and cool. upper 50s. close to 60. 63 by 8:00. and bright florida sunshine. the deal with the forecast all week long, everything is hinge on tremendous high pressure. and we find a low developing over interior texas and that system will eventually populate our skies with extra clouds and bring a slim slight rain chance by next weekend. i'm looking for 20% at this time. if the high remains strong, and certainly a feature that we're not too accustomed to seeing as strong as it is for this time of the year, what's playing out now, we may stay rain free. as the high pulls away, then we have eventually warming. and we're seeing that, in the southerly flow, making it up to
6:49 am
many degrees warmer than we were at this time. mid-80s and winds increasing becoming breezy to locally windy mid-week >> kristin: i want to take you out to sumter county. we have reports of some debris on the florida turnpike. you can see by the reds and oranges it it's slowing things down. the southbound lane. after county road 470 exit. taking to you titusville, heading southbound on i-95, you might see flashing lights. we have an accident at 215. the florida 50 exit, or cheney highway exit. right now it's not causing delays. taking a look at your drive times. if you are using the 408 this morning, from rouse road to downtown, it'll take you 9
6:50 am
>> john: time to look at the trending online headlines. >> amy: for that, let's go to luanne who is at the wall. >> reporter: good morning. the first headline from former president jimmy carter no longer needs cancer treatment. this is great news. he announced this during a sunday school class in georgia. he's been cancer free for two month. he underwent cancer treatment from for melanoma. and he will continue to get scan and mri. the navy is giving another chance to thousands of sailors who otherwise would be kicked out for having too much body fat. the navy said they have been losing too many sailors over the
6:51 am
some have resorted to diet pills or lipo suction. they said they're not lowering standards it, they're adjusting. the reality is that more people are overweight. >> amy: that's a good point. they're seeing that they're losing all of these people. encourage people to be healthier and hopefully they'll get there. >> reporter: one more try. >> john: a nfl player is in trouble after a run-in. >> amy: why officers said they have had to tase him not once but two times. >> amy: finding a man's killer more than a decade later. how they're using video
6:52 am
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>> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." antihero was knocked off by zootopia. the animated film earned almost $74 million. john predicted it would be number one. you did good. >> john: i just guessed. >> amy: that's impressive.
6:55 am
fallen. dead pool. $16.5 million. and there's the rest of the top five for you. >> amy: time to look the the stories making headlines around the state of florida. >> john: hard at work finding a man's killer 11 years after he died. he was killed on his way to a strawberry festival. a bullet came through the driver side door and killed him. and the truck was found later. crimestoppers released a new simulated shooting from 2005. they hope it might jog someone's memory. $3,000 is being offered by crimestoppers in addition. police asked a man to get
6:56 am
they taidz him twice. and he is being charged with marijuana. >> john: hogan said a video was made without his knowledge. gawker claimed it was a legitimate scoop because hogan talked publicly about his relationship with that woman. important advice for people getting a refund. >> amy: a list of things you should not spend the money on. the temperatures are cooling down a little bit. we started at 55 and now down to
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> john: it's monday march 7. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us this morning. we start with jackie orozco in orlando. >> reporter: good morning to you. some major closures here along i-4. i'll let you know where it'll take place and how long it'll be closed, coming up. >> well, if you were talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy. >> you know. >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> if you're going to talk tell the whole.
7:00 am
bernie sanders and hillary clinton fired off in a debate. who they agreed on and who they said ought to be fired. plus this ... i've got the eye of the tiger >> amy: roaring back. the lions put on a show. and the wild finish that a lot of fans missed because they left early to beat the traffic. you heard ryan say earlier, you heard the roar of the crowd when you were walking out. >> john: and another roar of the crowd. >> amy: gosh,ing is must have happened. >> john: i would have left too. i want to beat traffic more than i want to enjoy myself at a game. >> amy: what's wrong with us? we pay good money to get in there. >> john: and all i want to do is beat traffic. >> jayme: i don't blame you, john. preserve the sanity.


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