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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 12:30am-1:30am EST

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honey. p >> there i no problem we can't solve. think no challenge before us we can't overcome. there is no opportunity we cannot fully embrace, but we have to do it now. andrea: that's marco rubio firing up his supporters he at orlando sanford international airport. bob: marco rubio comes to orlando, florida as a new poll
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lead among early voters. mr. rubio is 25 point ahead of donald trump with early voters. john kasich in fourth at 10%. keith? reporter: we talked to firefighter. they took a head count. 900 people turned out to hear senator rubio speak tonight. you can see you behind me they are cleaning up the stage, packing thing up. the backdrop was rolled up. people said they like a lot of what rubio said tonight. many undecided voters said he did seal the deal and get their vote after hearing the speech.
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comfortable, lacing a lot of humor in with the speech. he chose to keep the message positive after the negatives on the campaign trail brought his negatives up. he didn't mention donald trump by name but he said the conservative movement and republicans in general should never focus on anger or fear. rubio told the crowd we have a chance to create a new american right. >> we are going to leave for your children what americans always leave their children, the single greatest nation in the history of all mankind. thank you, and god bless you. reporter: marco rubio didn't name donald trump but he did attack president obama and bernie sanders and hillary
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he said please vote early, get it done. he needs that winner-take-all delegates victory on march 15. very optimistic message. people really liked what he had to say. we'll see what he can get done the next week. he goes to sarasota tomorrow continuing the big push for the florida primary. live in sanford, keith landry. sonni: donald trump was cam name mississippi. >> how can i be leading in mississippi by so much when all i read is negative stuff. it's all put out by the establishment who did such a great job defeating barack
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the republican establishment did a great job in telling us how to become president. sonni: trump is scheduled to be a guest on "good day orlando" tomorrow morning. >> the democrats in detroit for a town hall. hillary clinton was asked about her email controversy. >> i have said it wasn't the best choice to use a personal email. it was a mistake. however, i'm not alone in that. many people in the government past and current have on occasion or as a practice don't same. bob: fox's bret baier asked bernie sanders about his plan to deliver healthcare to all americans. >> i believe healthcare is a right all people. >> where did that right come from in your mind, in your mind.
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bob: we'll take you to detroit for tonight's democratting town hall. sonni: police on the scene of a shooting in paramour police confirmed one person is dead. as the crime alert. detectives searching for a killer after a man's death is declared a homicide. reporter: all was quiet in this mobile home community in east orange county. a far cry from the scene over the weekend. nathan sparks said he was curious after he heard lights and saw sirens going by his house friday night. >> i checked to see where it's going to.
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deputies said a call came in to report an unresponsive male. orange county fire rescue pronounced the man dead on scene. but it wasn't until saturday the medical examiner ruled the death was a homicide. today neighbors like sparks are learning police say their homicide. there are several young families living in this community. >> maybe four or five ... reporter: the on sign remaining of what happened, this candle. cross and a note left for danny's family reading "we'll miss you danny. may you find peace and comfort in your life." bob: the brother after teenager who was hit and killed while riding his bike in orange
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15-year-old was crossing central florida parkway. his brother tells us michael had forgotten some homework in the car when he was hit by a car driven by another teenager. michael says he can't believe his brother is gone. >> i wish i could tell him i miss you. he was a cool kid. he's quiet. he really loved his family and everything. he always tells everybody good morning, good night and mommy, i love you and all this stuff. reporter: police are investigating to see if charges should be filed. a 12-year-old girl is back home safe and sounds after the car she was asleep in this morning was stolen in daytona beach. investigators say the girl's mom
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to get another girl, taking them both to school. when the woman came back out the suv was gone. thankfully the thief abandoned the car a few of blocks away. a lake county school board members are making sure instructors are spending the money they get on their students. 444444444444 some items the detective doesn't consider legitimate expenses are on the list. >> the school board chair is taking a close look. new rules put out by the irs has the lake county school district auditing the receipts of items purchased by teachers. this year the was $260. a district spokesperson said they are 9 other
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their audit and it has a few teachers reimbursing the district for i will legitimate expenses -- more -- for illegitimate expenses. up until this year the burden was on the teachers to report the spending as part of their income to the irs. >> it's shock we are just now holding these funds accountable. >> irs rules require the employees turn in all the receipts or the employer fined. >> there were some missing receipts and receipts that didn't match the expenses and some receipts that covered expenses we didn't think fit the guidelines. reporter: the district spokesperson says candley was one of those illegitimate cases. if the correct receipts were
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reimbursed and had to repay the district. >> they issued the checks september 30. they were to spends the money by january 20. so we are expecting teachers to anticipate what they are going to need and what happens? there has got to be waste. reporter: he will pro poafs to the district that teachers have the option to must the money into an account for later use. he says he will make the proposal next month. we'll let you know howed the board and the district responds. bob: he's known for his challenging bike trip from tallahassee to the florida keys. now the mayor is take on a new
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he wants to build a raft in cuba for a trip back to florida. hulk hogan said he felt completely humiliated. a south florida driver's
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sonni: the mayor no stranger to projects. last year he rode a bicycle from tallahassee to key west. bob: now he's planning a trip from cuba to florida on a raft. reporter: he says he's always been an adventurer. now he's using these materials from a local scrap yard to figure out how to create his next adventure. a trip from cuba to florida.
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fly to cuba, build a raft out of basic supplies and row back to florida. it could take a few days to a few weeks depending on a lot of circumstances. >> i want to experience what it's like to be on a raft. i want to know what the men and women go through to get here. sonni: he will have a gps type where he is throughout the trip and he can even text. he plans on having a gopro camera and selfie stick to document his journey. >> i'm going out into the ocean overnight in another week after that and then i want to cross lake okeechobee. sonni: he understands some
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need to make this kind of dangerous journey. but he says this type of thinking outside the box is yes was voted into office in the first place. >> if you don't push yourself outside the box what's the point? i did the same thing when i ran for mayor. sonni: two boaters found themselves in a dangerous situation out in the gulf. but they knew of what to do to get a rescue. the boaters were on their commercial fishing boat when it started taking on water. the men got on their marine radio and called for help. they also activated their emergency radio beacon. the two boaters weren't out of danger just yet. >> it's coming down. she is going under now. we have got the life raft down,
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sonni: luckily those two boaters were able to get into their life raft. the lifeguard was able to reach them around 4:30 this morning. neither was injured. bob: erin andrews was awarded $55 million in her lawsuit over a secretly recorded nude video taken by a stalker and posted online. the jury delivering this decision after a day of deliberations. the owners of the marriott say the convicted stalker should be solely to blame for the 2008 video. but andrews says the stalker and the hotel companies from to blame. she says she was publicly shaped and humiliated and suffers from depression after the video was
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>> the jury heard what happened between hulk hogan and the wife of a radio broadcaster. >> i just gave up. i just gave up, gave in and let my guard down and it just happened. >> on the verge of divorce his defenses were weak and he leaned on his former best friend. >> the love was unconditional, right? >> hogan agreed to have sex with bubba's wife at the time. >> it was so surreal. i was there and he was handing me a condom. my gut didn't feel right. you are not selling this is what i actually said. he said bubba reassured hip what happened there would stay there. >> i knew bubba had cameras, but i was never told or never was pointed out that there was a security camera pointing at the bed.
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three or four more times but year later he fond out there was a camera and sex tape. >> when the video was released my whole world changed. i was desperate to know if he did this. >> the reassurance that would turn out to be a lie. reporter: bubba was on the end of the tape saying heather if thee ever need to retire, this i our retirement. reporter: in the end hogan lost more than just his privacy. he was my best friend. no one would do this to another person. glenn: picture perfect weather for the day.
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from being hit by a bat. the dramatic picture that's gone viral. new video from inside that truck. reporter: take you to downtown orlando, we want to tell you about garred the avenue. this work will continue until at least next year. here is one alternate for you. if you are copping from the other direct you can take orange avenue and hop on colonial. you can check out construction updates on your mart phone. we'll see you top morning starting at 4:30. >> reply say a man opened fire on a local restaurant full of people including a rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled
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mmmm, yoplait. you wouldn't waste money buying a snow blower in miami. so why waste your money on overpriced lunches? instead, for just three dollars at subway, you can get one of our best 6-inch subs, every day of the week. it's the three-dollar sub of the day. subway. fresh is what we do. reporter: warp temperatures on the way. live radar is rain-free. expecting to see a lot of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures 61 degree in sanford. 62 up in gainesville. temperatures 7 to 9 degrees
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the warmth continues. winds for the most part out of the southeast. over the next couple days our winds will start to increase and come up out of the due south. that's going to send temperatures well into the 80s. some of the computer models put us up to 80s. we'll continue to warm into the 80s. a few rain showers possible this weekend as our next cold front begins to move down from that front. tonight the humidity is low enough that the temperatures are going to be getting back down into the 40s and 50s across the area. so very comfortable. but then the humidity begins to
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temperatures go up at night. all this energy is moving to the north and east will be will be affecting the great lakes. it will be all rain. even as far north as southern canada, they will be picking up all rain. no snow, so that will send our temperatures up and up. 57 degrees for tonight. 52 in ocala. 40s north of gainesville. here are the highs tomorrow. 76 in volusia. and flirting with 80 degrees. we'll put it in the upper 70s for tomorrow. our breeze tomorrow still mainly out of the east-southeast. then the winds begin to crank up as we get into wednesday, thursday and friday. that will send temperatures into the low to mid 80s. as we get into thursday and
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of rain. reporter: are adhd medications making children weak? the fox medical team will reveal the damaging impact the drugs could have on your kids' bones. it all start here on "good day orlando." bob: the republicans and democrats battling for a new batch of delegates tomorrow. sonni: we'll show you why michigan will be a key state for
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|||@ bob: new tonight at 10:00 over the edge. a garbage truck driver plunged off an overpass to the street below. sonni: the camera was recording as the truck went over the edge. reporter: incredible video released by the florida highway patrol it's president's day. you can see smith driving a city of miami garbage truck.
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all of a sudden he loses control. the garbage truck falls 100 feet off the side of i-95, lands in a park. you see him hitting the left guardrail twice, then overreacting and going off i-95. this truck could have landed on a bunch of kids on the park it's a park that's half live used, and thank god through this whole entire ordeal no one lost their lives. reporter: smith was hospitalized. when he was in the trauma center we spoke with his family. >> i thought my brother was gone. i thought he's dead. he's dead. i honestly thought he was dead.
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fiance and told me he's still alive. >> the investigation at this time, so much damage caused by this accidents. there is damage to city property. so on the city park there is substantial property damage in this accident. >> he says about a week ago someone stole meat from the storage room. police say the burglary was caught on surveillance. he's bagging it up like a santa claus bag. reporter: the owner filed a police report and replaced the stolen items.
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he's charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. governor rick scott signing into measure to fix florida's death penalty sentencing after a court said our methods were unconstitutional. bob: the new way it will work is juries have to recommend death biat least a 10-2 margin. in the florida house they didn't want a vogue juror to just set -- a rogue juror to just set the process. this doesn't apply to the people already on death row. all of them are likely to go for a hear where they will try to get their sentences reduced to life in prison. sonni: florida lawmakers sends a bill to governor scott that gives more patients access to
1:03 am
the five nurseries growing charlotte's web would be growing this train, too. >> you are mandating five families get wealthy. you are using the power of government to stop everybody else from getting into this cartel. >> it was approved for kids with epilepsy in 2001 bit of the' still unavailable due to challenges from other nurseries. >> credit card use is slipping in january. but keep in mind that's coming after a huge surge during the holiday shopping season. the supreme court taking a big bite out of apple. apple will go ahead and pay a $450 million fine.
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bob: hillary clinton and bernie sanders take their message to the stage. sonni: answering questions during a town hall. reporter: a final push by hillary clinton and bernie
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taking part in a town halle vent. senator sanders questioned whether it's too late to gain momentum. he respongtded to -- he responded to clinton's criticism about the 2008 bailout. >> i voted to support the automobile industry. what i did not vote for was the bailout of wall street. that is essentially what senator clinton was talking about. reporter: when it was clinton's turn on stage she was asked about the private email controversy. >> i said it wasn't the best choice to use a personal email, it was a mistake.
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those buried in tuition loan debt. >> when senator sanders says free college with no pressure on the universities and colleges to lower their costs, i think that expensive. reporter: one thing they did agree on is michigan's governor needs to step down following his handling of the flint water crisis. they are looking forward to tomorrow's michigan primary where 130 delegates are on the line. bob: let's look at the delegate count. donald trump is on top followed by ted cruz and marco rubio is in third with 151. one of the republican candidate needs to reach 1,237 delegates to cure the republican nomination for president. if the latest delegate count for the democrats.
1:09 am
sanders by a 2-1 margin. bernie sanders currently standing at 499. 2,833 delegates are needed to clinch the nomination. a man who was thinking about jump up'ing into this race is backing out. michael bloomberg says he won't make third-party bid. bloomberg made his position website. he says he believes his candidacy would likely lead to the elect of donald trump or ted cruz. sonni: people will get their chance to say their final good-byes to nancy reagan. they will be buried next her husband at the presidential library in california.
1:10 am
rest in a private ceremony. she died of congestive heart failure at the age of 94 in her los angeles home. reporter: a of the managed to block the baseball bat from hitting his son. glenn: the forecast in central nor looking nice. we'll talk about our next chance for rain coming up. sonni: an entire family in haz-mat suits.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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bob: it's the dramatic picture of the day. in a split second a dad saves his son from being injured by a bat that was flying through the air like a bullet.
1:14 am
split second decisions that saves lives. he's a marion county firefighter. we are speaking with the photographer who captured the amazing shot. >> this is the baseball bat that lit me. it went crossing like that. i think when it was doing that my dad blocked it like that but it hit me right here. >> they were at a spring training game the braves versus the pittsburgh pirates. >> i think i would have died or went to the hospital. >> i followed the bat through the air. i was moving the camera through the crowd and kind of gauge where it was going to enter the
1:15 am
i saw the fans start to move and i started to fire knowing that's probably where the bat was going to end up. i fired off the sequence and that's what you see. the more i looked at it on the computer i could see how close the bat was to the boy's face, i definitely knew it was one of a kind. >> i saw it heading toward him and i threw my arm out there. reporter: his mom says the whole thing was a miracle. >> i think he had the hand of god watching over him that day. reporter: the cunningham's were at the field to celebrate
1:16 am
bob: a five-time nfl mvp. after 18 seasons in the national football league, peyton manning is calling it a career. social media lighting up as he bid farewell to his fans after announcing his retirement. >> there is a scripture reading second timothy 4:7. i fought the good fight and i finished the race. i fought the good fight and finished my football race, and after 18 years it's time. bob: there are a lot of choked up fans who have been tweeting their tributes all day. john elway says peyton was everything we thought he was and even more for our team and more. 18 showed me how to be a pro when i came in as a rookie. and cam newton saying he will
1:17 am
the broncos tweeting out, 18. peyton manning ended his press conference with his signature omaha. glenn: it looks like the warm weather will continue to climb. we are currently rain free. temperatures early this afternoon did warm up to 77 in sanford. 79 in metro orlando. the temperature right now 63 in ocala. and a very comfortable night. so the humidity is slowly creeping back up. when we do that, it just makes it a little bit harder to cool things down. the dew point 53 in sanford. 53 in melbourne. sitting at 48 degrees.
1:18 am
actually this is out of the corridor. east wind at 7. this our visit orlando tower cam. 55 right now. winds currently are calm. that will change the next several days as a new storm takes shape up to our north and west. also increase the pressure difference that will turn quite breezy to windy as we get into wednesday, thursday and friday. here is a look at our planner for tomorrow. warming up to 79 to 80. east wind turning southeasterly as 10-15 miles an hour. the warm weather starting to build. 59 in atlanta. 60 in nashville. almost 60 degree right now. current temperature up in minneapolis, minnesota. 67 in st. louis.
1:19 am
building out to the west. orlando 79 for tomorrow. notice warming up into the mid, possibly upper 80s as we get into the end of the week. saturday and sunday just a slight cooldown. it won't be much. that next front that will produce a slight chance of rain, very, very weak. 77 for tomorrow. this is along the coastline. a little bit cooler the next seven days. highs topping out at max, 80-81. the onshore breeze keeps you on the cool side. and farther north, you will be warming you have to 84 to 85 as we get into wednesday and thursday. about a 40% chance for showers as we get into the day saturday. it looks good in the metro area.
1:20 am
5, still in the 50s. plenty of sunshine, a warm day. warmer than normal. normal high temperature should be back mainly into the mid 70s. 75 at the beach. water temperature a bit on the cool side at 62 to 65. also the rip current threat remains on the high side. for the metro area, 79 for tomorrow.
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80s by thursday and friday. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> governor rick scott and the event is expected to draw people from around the world and will have a potentially big economic impact. 20,000 ticket sold for the spring game at the citrus bowl. lockheed martin' missile fire and control facility in orlando landing a big contract. the defense company landed a $116 million contract with the u.s. air force. countdown. sonni: a family of five said
1:24 am
found out they were being poisoned. they had to sit in hyperbaric chambers to recover from the carbon monoxide poisoning. they felt ill, they started to day home. but they didn't know their hope was slowly filling up with poisonous gas. they called a family member who recognized the symptoms. >> i was laying flat on my back and was sweating. >> they said a healthy level of co was 3%. our boy was at 25%. even though the family had carbon monoxide monitors in their hope, they had he
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the disappearance of p[music] p>> dr. charles stanley: and the pwonderful thing about god is, he pdoesn't cause us to measure up pand then choose us. pgod takes our inadequate areas pof life and he uses them to do psomething in our lives that's
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p[music] sonni: one giant leprechaun is down on his luck. the owner just want him back. the leprechaun named lucky is used by a non-profit group that works with disabled people. she is hoping someone will bring lucky back in time to be part of the group's st. patrick's day
1:28 am
>> i'm completely baffled as to why anybody would want to steal that. i'm sure the person who took it didn't realize what it was used for as far as being in the st. patrick's day parade and it actually belonged to an organization. sonni: the city's st. patrick's day parade iss inin 1 193934,4, ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke d dececidideded ththe e woworlrld d dididndn't't n neeeedd ananototheher r hahambmbururgeger.r. itit n neeeedededd a a ststeaeakbkbururgeger.r. soso t thehey y ususeded 10100 0 pepercrcenent t bebeefef.. ququicick k sesearareded t too sesealal i in n ththe e flflavavoror . ..... ..... . yoyou'u'llll o onlnly y gegett frfromom a a s steteakakbuburgrgerer.. ststeaeak k 'n'n s shahakeke,, hohomeme o of f ththe e ororigigininalal
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