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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  March 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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stories. first... while you were sleeping-- a car comes crashes through a home in orlando-- with two people inside. now the search is on for the driver... who left the scene. marco rubio firing up florida voters as he looks to bring home a win in his home state. details on where rubio will be today... in central florida. finally.. a major announcement expected today in orange county. find out which popular event could be making its return to the citrus bowl. but first, let's get over to jayme king.
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developing right now... a car slams
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now... a car slams into a home...and into a family's living room! now.. orlando police are now looking for that driver! fox 35's jackie orozco is live at the scene... on lakeland avenue...
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police say luckily those two people police are now looking for the driver who is responsible! 4co is live at the avenue... jackie good police say luckily inside this home through their investigation officers found out that car that stolen and the driver is on the run. crashed the silver mitsubishi eclipse into the living room and then ran off. againdetectives say there were two people inside the home at the time, but orlando police but they could not find the suspect. code enforcemt arded up the house-- it is still livaet this time. police say they are looking for side the officers don't kn the driver had any e car in orlando jackie ozco fox news. now to a crime alert
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police are searching for a killer. officers say a man was gunned down in a parking lot... between two apartment buildings near terry avenue. police say there may have been a fight before the shots were fired. investigators say the victim was shot multiple times... and later died at the hospital. right now... officers say they are working to identify the suspect and the motive. investigators have identified the man... home in east orange county. deputies say... 44- year-old "daniel dead inside a home on winding trail friday night. ruled his death a homicide. florida senator marco rubio... will be in osceola county today... as he fights to win next tuesday's primary. rubio says.. he must win florida's primary.. in order to stay in the race. rubio is scheduled to be in kissimmee this morning. his campaign says, rubio will visit "melao bakery" on 9 to 10.
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sanford last night... where he stressed this election is a chance to create a new america. rubio also talked about getting rid of obamacare... and the ear deal with iran. he also says he wants to strengthen the military and address student loan debt. his messages appear to resonated with the voters who were in attendance. in a new monmouth poll... donald trump s rubio by 8 points in florida. meanwhile... the candidates will have q*!ance to add more delegates
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mississippii, idaho and hawaii will hold primaries or caucuses today. on the republican hc1\j.ld trump is in the lead... with 384 delegates. ted cruz is in second with 300. marco rubio has 151... and john kasich has 37. on the democratic side.. front-runner hillary clinton has more than double the number of delegates-- as her rival.-- bernie sanders. right now-- she has 1,130. sanders has 499. the two appeared together at a town hall event last night in detroit. sanders immediately shot down questions on whether it is too late to catch clinton in the delegate count. || a lot of that support comes from plans like sanders' tuition-free proposals... which clinton again labeled as irresponsible.
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the day... with 130 delegates up for grabs today. billionaire media mogul and former new york city mayor "michael bloomberg" says he will not make a third-party bid in this presidential race. bloomberg announced yesterday that he fears his candidacy would basically hand donald trump or ted cruz the keys to the white house. sq*u--h|anticipation is building for a major announcement at the citrus bowl this sjeing. governor rick scott... orlando mayor buddy dyer... and orange county mayor teresa jacobs will there! they haven't said what they'll be announcing.. but our news partners at the orlando sentinel are reporting... that orlando has been selected to host wrestlemania 33 next year. the city last hosted wrestlemania in 2008. today's announcement is at 11-am... and fox 35 will be there.
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sports reporter erin andrews' trial... coming up... who has been ordered to pay her.. 55 million dollars.. over a secretly recorded video. --plus-- forget "angels in the outfield! " they were in the stands-- at a local ?? l? pxxpppppp spring training game over the weekend. |xpxxvp^_ng local dad.. who saved his son.. from @x
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444444444444 going viral online. a dad makes a split second decision-- during a spring @ training game-- saving his son from a bat flying through the air. that dad also happens to be a marion county firefighter. the cunninghams were at a game over the weekend _ between the atlanta braves and the pittsburgh pirates. that's when one of the players lost his grip on a bat... sending it flying into the crowd. `0`pppp when shaun cunningham noticed p_pppo?? l? pxxpppppp
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|xpxxvp^_ng didn't hesitate to try and stop it. @x the cunninghams were at the game to p`p celebrate their son landon's 8th birthday. in the 8 o'clock hour `xxx of good day orlando-- the family xxxppppp|||pv{^ndv will join us in tell us 8 more about this wild moment! time to take a look at your names to know.
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hhxg?@xo`|||p those names are.... nancy reagan.... benjamin netanyahu.... but first we start with erin andrews. a jury awarded the t-v host 55 million dollars in her suit over a secretly recorded nude video yesterday. a convicted stalker took the video from a hotel room next to hers, in nashville, and posted it online. the jury decided that the man, michael david barrett, should pay 28 million dollars -- although it is highly unlikely that he can afford it. the hotel has to pay 27 million. next up is nancy reagan. the former first lady's funeral is set for friday--at the | "ronald reagan presidential library" in california. the white house says first lady michelle obama will be in attendance. reagan died sunday at the age of 94. tomorrow and thursday-- her body will lie in repose for the public to pay their respects. president barack obama has ordered flags flown at
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our final name to know is benjamin netanyahu.... the israeli prime minister has declined an offer to meet president obama at the white house later this month. netanyahu made a speech to the u-s congress last march... criticizing the then-emerging iran nuclear deal... and was denied a meeting with obama during that visit... in what was widely regarded as a diplomatic snub. happening now... ubwmakers are on track to wrap up this legislative session by the end of the week... agreeing to a budget deal late last night. spending plan includes a bonus program that gives highly rated teachers extra money-- if they scored well on their s-a-t's... and it also increases funding for the agency that helps people with disabilities. state law requires the budget to be x8w@6 before a final vote... which will now take bud hedinger of orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it.
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take....on the new budget deal? critics say.. 80 billion dollars doesn't sound too conservative. let's move on to erin w
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the 55 million dollar penalty?
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bud --on his show "good morning orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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p` a disney park making a major menu change. we'll tell you which popular item will no
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that' s me!
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one day you're enjoying rides, events, and up-close animal encounters at seaworld. the next, you're having fun at aquatica. for a limited time, you can buy a seaworld annual pass and get a year of aquatica for free. kick your feet up at aquatica's sandy beaches, and plunge down ihu's breakaway falls. then experience the ultimate thrill with mako, orlando's tallest, longest, fastest coaster, surfacing at seaworld this summer. get an annual pass, and play all year at both parks. two great parks, one great deal. one disney park is making a lot of menu changes lately. and now they are getting rid of another popular snack. according to the orlando sentinel.... disney's animal
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last week. the theme park | revamped a lot of their menu options recently. animal kingdom renovated one of their restaurants... p`o|th||xpp and they're expected to add another pne called "tiffins" later this year. don't worry-- if you are craving a turkey leg though... they are still available at disney's other three parks. e is opening a new pilot training program.... and applicants do not need any previous experience. the company says they have 24 openings available. the school is right here in central florida at the orlando international airport. the program costs about 125 thousand dollars and four years to complete. jetblue expects to start training six applicants by the end of this summer. more changes are coming to another central florida airport.... orlando-sanford international is adding some new destinations to its itinerary! officials are expected to announce the details for 4 non- stop flights later today. the announcement
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for a major expansion. it is scheduled to be completed by 20-20. the long battle-- over the death penalty-- is coming to an end in florida. coming up... a look at the new law some lawmakers say will open the door to
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an elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. first... 444444444444marco rubio looking to attract voters in the sunshine state. find out where you can go to see him -- later this morning. and... a teenager is hit and killed while riding his bike in orange county. this morning... hear what his brother has to say about the deadly accident. plus.... one of the biggest stars in tennis --admits to a failed drug test.
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been taking for years.... is now getting her in trouble. but first, let's get over to jayme king. the countdown is
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p```````````````````````````p0 rubio is looking to make up ground. florida voters head to the polls next week... and rubio is cross central florida to rally for support. fox 35's gina benitez is live at a bakery in kissimmee... where rubio will be later this morning. gina.. it appears early voters.. support rubio... according to the latest monmouth poll.... among florida voters who have already cast their
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percent. that's 25 percentage points ahead of donald trump. but for voters who plan to vote on election day.... trump still has an 8-point lead over rubio. ted cruz is a distant third at 17 percent. and kasich in fourth at 10 percent. of course... donald trump is also looking to sway
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a@aa@av@g@r@ sunshine state. today-- he will be in p@(l palm beach county for a campaign event at "trump national `p|`````pw@ golf club." we are scheduled to ```xxx`zxz speak to trump live on good day orlando zzzxxzxzxxx this morning. he is set to join us -- nn nh at the top of our 8 o'clock hour. @ hillary clinton is also in florida this week. she is in miami today.... ahead of wednesday night's debate in south florida. on thursday-- clinton will remain in florida with a campaign event in tampa. we are hearing from the brother of a teenager-- who was hit and killed-- while riding his bike in orange county. troopers say at about seven o'clock sunday night, 15- year-old michael magloire was on windover way, crossing central florida parkway. his brother --- djego --- tells us michael had forgotten some homework in djego's car when a teenage
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his brother is gone. troopers are still investigating to see if any charges against the driver should be filed. if you have information about the crash, call the f-h-p. l@ a big change in the state of florida. @ governor rick scott signing into law-- new rules for the death penalty. under the new law-- 10 out of 12 jurors must be in favor of the death penalty for it to be put into effect. the house and senate battled for weeks over whether or not death sentences should be unanimous... but the house insisted they would not let one rouge juror hijack justice. fixing the death penalty became a major priority for governor rick scott. the governor @v
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got it. the magic flying out west to take on the n-b-a's best team: the defending champion golden state warriors. the warriors - trying to break the n-b-a record for consecutive home wins. the warriors getting off to a hot start, outscoring orlando by 13 points in the first half. hhxzn ____ ________o_@/@?p?@_@_l@xypypypipyxyxyb ` p& 4dt6d #+ dxps`wowg|f`````t| but the magic were hanging in there. they closed the gap in the third, and outscored the warriors in the @p`0t@ 9sv` fourth. but golden state `
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five m-v-p awards. he has fans from tennessee, where he played in college, to indiana where he started his pro career, and in denver, where he led the broncos to a super bowl victory. we are waiting to learn the punishment for tennis superstar, maria sharapova, after she admitted she failed a drug test. the bradenton resident tested positive for meldonium. she has been taking it for 10 years for various health issues. but on january 1st, it became a banned substance, and she was caught using it. next, the international tennis foundation will hold hearings to decide her punishment. the mayor of debary is getting ready for an interesting trip. he is traveling
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cuba... but not by find out-- the plans on making his
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the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. place today. this time-- in four states-- including the day's top prize, michigan. while frontrunners donald trump and hillary clinton are looking strong... they haven't clinched anything - at least not yet. fox's kristin fisher is watching from washington. michigan is the state everyone has their eyes on......... kristen polling shows donald trump and hillary clinton leading... which other states could we see
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the mayor of debary is getting ready for an adventure. he plans to take a small raft from cuba to florida. mayor clint johnson is no stranger to big trips and projects button issues . last year -- he rode from tallahassee to key west to promote nature trails. in about a month-- he plans to fly to cuba--
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then row himself back to florida. the 90 mile trek could take a few days-- or a few weeks-- depending on the conditions. mayor johnson will have two g-p-s devices that will tell authorities where he is. he will even be able to text. he also plans on camera .. and a selfie stick to document his journey. over the next few weeks-- he plans to practice in lake monroe.. the ocean.. and lake okeechobee.
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your first headline new york times." it reads-- "justice department appeals iphone case in brooklyn." controversy continues. this particular case didn't get much recently. the judge recently ruled that "apple" did not have to open a locked phone that was linked to a drug case. the case is now getting a lot of attention... because it is similar to another case that apple is dealing with.... involving the phones that belonged to the san bernardino shooters. your next headline comes from "fox news." it reads--- now you're talking: human-like robot may one day care for dementia patients." meet "nadie"-- she's a human-like robot that could some day help elderly patients.
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singapore. "nadie" can express emotion and can even recall past conversations. more robots like "nadie" will be used as companions for dementia. the project is still in the early development stage and no prototype is available yet. your next headline comes from "u-s-a today." it reads--- "did new license plates get rushmore wrong?" south dakota recently updated the new plate is the one on top! state law requires the memorial to be on plates.... but if you look closely mount ruhsmore looks beige instead of white....and the faces are positioned at a different angle. south dakota are not happy about the change. they say the plates do not represent the real thing... but it also makes it
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coming up-- an all-night rescue... after a fishing boat sinks on the open water. we will tell you how the people on- board managed to stay afloat. plus-- dramatic dash-cam video... as a garbage truck topples over an i-95 overpass. how the driver is doing this morning... next. time to take a look
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right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone
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around florida. first-- a dog --that was almost "put down" --after biting a child-- is in trouble again. "padi" is now being accused of biting a puppy. last year-- he bit a little boy at his owner's vet clinic in manatee county... but the owner said the child was harassing the dog. in this most recent case-- "padi" is accused of biting a 4-month-old puppy on the nose. the little "golden retriever" is in training to be a service dog. the puppy's owner says he could now suffer from "fear issues." the puppy's owner does not want "padi" put down --but says something needs to be done. we are getting a up-close look... of a arabge truck that plunged over an overpass on i-95! florida highway patrol released this yesterday... it was recorded by a camera inside the truck's cabin. last month-- troopers say the driver lost control, hit a guardrail... and then fell nearly 1- hundred feet onto a children's park. the driver was taken to the
5:57 am
since been released. fortunately, no one else was injured. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. two boaters save themselves from their sinking ship-- just in the nick of time. the men were about 50 miles north of "boca grande"-- on gasparilla island sunday night.. when their fishing boat started taking on water. the men used their radio and called for help... and then got on the life raft-- right as the vessel started going down. together-- with flares and a strobe light-- the coast guard found them and rescued them early yesterday morning. neither of the boaters were injured. john and amy are here with a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of good day. developing this morning. our top story at six. a car slams into a home in orlando. and the suspect is on the run. plus: you decide 2016. senator marco rubio is focusing on florida. he is making another
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area today. we are tracking the candidates. then all new at six. :y to get coffee and donuts. find out about "dunkin donuts" new "v-i-p app." plus your weather and traffic updates.
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here's a look at what's coming up this morning. >> amy: while you were sleeping, a car crashed into a home in orlando, and two people inside, and mow the search is on for the driver who fled the scene. >> we are going to leave for forory children, the greatest nation of all time. >> john: marco rubio said he is


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