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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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here's a look at what's coming up this morning. >> amy: while you were sleeping, a car crashed into a home in orlando, and two people inside, and mow the search is on for the driver who fled the scene. >> we are going to leave for forory children, the greatest nation of all time. >> john: marco rubio said he is
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his own advisors are reportedly telling him to quit. where he will be in central florida today. >> amy: find out which popular event could be making its return to the citrus bowl. >> john: what a day it was yesterday. and, wow. here we go again today, jayme king. >> jayme: yes. rinse and repeat. a nice looking one for you. a couple of spots have managed to move into the 40s. outside of that, widespread 50s. a 70 down in melbourne. it's all about the winds. a warm start giving way to a comfortable afternoon because of the ocean breeze. that penetrates west of i-95. very pronounced, prominent in the coastal areas and that boosts temperatures in the mentioned locales. and generally 50s over the east central side interior sunny and warm in the afternoon.
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, winds move into the range of 1020. and yesterday we had the stratus cumulus clouds. and making a move into the area by the afternoon. scattered clouds, breezy, warm, 80ish. by tomorrow into thursday, solid mid-laits return. we hold the general line of mid-it's a mid-80s through the weekend. and slight chances for rain saturday and sunday. >> kristin: south of downtown orlando we have some construction that's wrapping up along michigan street and i-4. the westbound lanes right there along the shoulder. you see some trucks and flashing lights moving. cars going away from are heading east. and the construction is wrapping up at that hour.
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the newest i-4 ultimate work, garland avenue a very popular avenue. it'll be closed from colonial to marks street until next year as crews continue to work there. taking a look at drive times. i-4 eastbound from john young to downtown, 3 minutes. if are you using the 408 this morning, rouse road to downtown will take you 9 minutes. >> john: a car slams into a home and crashed into a family's living room. >> amy: opd is looking for the person responsible. it happened in orlando, lakeland avenue. a few blocks from the citrus bowl. jackie orozco has more. >> reporter: two people were
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police said luckily they were not hurt. it's been board up since then. through the investigation the officers found out that the car that crashed here was stolen and the driver is on the run. driver crashed the silver mitsubishi eclipse into the living room area of the home and ran off. there were two people in the home at the time of the crash but they were not hurt. orlando police searched the area but could not find the suspect. enforcement boarded up the house. police are looking for forensic evidence inside the car to try to track down the driver. because, again, that car is stolen. there's no word if the driver was the only person inside the vehicle. we're staying on taupe of that bringing you the very latest. >> john: a crime alert in orlando. police are searching for a killer.
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gunned down at an near apartment buildings. there may have been a fight before. the victim was shot multiple hospital. they are working to identify the suspect and motive. >> john: a man was found dead inside a home at east orange county. the 44-year-old man was found dead on winding trail. they ruled his death a homicide. >> amy: a surveillance video from a shooting that happened at a restaurant saturday night at a parking lot at mr. gyros. they believe that they were exchanging gunfire with another car. so far no arrests made. >> jayme: senator marco rubio
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win next week's primary. >> john: cnn is reporting that several advisors of rubio are suggesting he drop out before the primaries in florida. they are reportedly telling rubio he has no-no clear path, and that a crushing defeat could look bad on rubio's future. but he denies. a you? poll shows that donald trump leads by only a few points. he stressed this is a chance to create a new america. >> that's why this election is not just a choice between political parties. it's a referendum on our identity as a nation. >> rubio talked about getting rid of obama care and a nuclear deal with iran. he said he wants to strengthen the military and strengthen loan debt.
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another chance to add more delegates to the count. on the republican side donald trump is in the lead. he has 384 delegates. ted cruz has 300. and marco rubio has 1 151. ohio governor john kasich has 37. front runner hillary clinton has more than double the number of delegates as her rival bernie sanders. 1130 for clinton, and brars with 499 -- for bernie sanders. >> reporter: sanders immediately shot down questions on whether it's too late to catch clinton in the delegate count. >> if i mean, it means that young people and working class people are coming out in large numbers. >> reporter: a lot of people come from those that like his proposals of making college
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and clinton labeled that proposal444444444444e. >> when senator sanders says free college with no pressure on universities and colleges to lower their cost, i think that will make it only more expensive. >> reporter: michigan is the greatest prize of the day, 130 delegates up for grabs. billionaire media mogul michael bloomberg said he wasn't make a third party bid. he believes that it would hand donald trump or ted cruz the keys to the white house. set to vote on a roughly $80 billion spending plan. a teacher bonus program would give highly rated teachers extra money if they score well on s. a. t.s. and the agency that helps with
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the state law requires it to be finished 24 hours before the vote which means it'll end on time on friday. >> amy: a jury has awarded erin andrews $55 million after a stalker posted a nude photo of her on the internet. joining us is is lauren simonetti. >> reporter: that's a lot of money. $55 million. she was asking $75 million. $55 million by a nashville jury for the nude video of her shot back in 2008. it was posted online. it was seen about 17 million times. she had emotional problems because of this video. she gave very emotional testimony as well. the $55 million will be paid by the peeping tom and the owner of
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not marriott itself, it was a franchise, and the management company. >> one of the executives was apparently testifying and had gone to the bar with buddies and admitted he was watching part of the video during the trial. >> reporter: yeah, because it was like so cool to see naked videos of erin andrews. they're trying to say that her career onlies advanced after the video was posted online. she got the dancing with the star gigs and others. >> amy: i don't know about that. what about the dunkin doughnuts? >> reporter: mobile ordering. what starbucks does. you order on app and pay for it on the app. you go into the cafe and pick up your items. dunkin doughnuts is doing the same thing. not nationwide, mostly in new englands.
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island can start using the app. it's only for special customer, rewards customers, it's called the dunkin v.i.p. app. eventually, it'll go nationwide. and there's one just a couple of feet from where i am sitting. >> amy: you are making john jealous. >> reporter: i have to go in between live shots. so i would definitely need the app. >> amy: run fast. are you quick on your feet. we'll see you later. you can catch lauren every weekday morning. if you are not sure where to go, go to fox finder. >> john: there are doughnuts in the break room. >> amy: right now? >> john: they have been there for several days. i just saw them. they're a little hard. not the same as lauren's. a baseball peopled turns into -- baseball field turns into a dangerous situation. >> i saw it heading towards them.
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just kind of threw my arm out there. >> amy: yeah. that's the hero dad right there that saved his son from getting that bat to the face. that would have been ugly if that hit him. jayme king? >> jayme: good morning. we have clouds on the sat rad. any rain tied to the cloud coverage is streaming in.
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your full weather >> kristin: this southbound obt closed down due to debris. the southbound ramp at obt which is closed. we're seeing backups on the florida turnpike. and there's debris all over the on ramp and crews are working to get rid of all of that stuff that's there. we'll keep an eye on this all morning long. we see this rooted is closed. florida turnpike, southbound ramp at obt. >> amy: we're hearing from the family behind the dramatic photos that have gone viral
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a dad that made a split second decision to save his son from the bat. >> john: it's interesting. everyone else was ducking, and like a good dad, no ducking here. he also happens to be a firefighter. >> reporter: the image is so powerful. you can keep looking at it. and literally millions and millions of people saw this. it happened at disney as the braves were playing. and look at shawn cunningham noticed it was going straighted to his son. >> i saw it heading towards him. i didn't really have time to think. i just kind of threw my arm out there. >> i definitely think he had the hand of god, guardian angel, whatever you want to call it, absolutely. >> reporter: they were a? there
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never forget. the family will come to the studio. and we got a chance to talk to them. they said he was a big strapping guy, and they are not surprised that he reacted that way. we'll have that coming up. >> john: a great story. >> john: a man is attacked at a florida restaurant only to have complete strangers come to his rescue. about a week ago someone stole meat from the storage room. the suspect tried again on sunday but got caught. the man was armed with a knife. then slashed the owner several times. someone outside heard the cries for help and jumped into action. >> wakszed them with a chair. there was a couple of people back there that helped him out. he saw him going crazy with the knife and trying to stab him. >> john: a 61-year-old man was arrested.
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battery with a deadly weapon and also burglary. it's 6:17. jayme, you just posted the golf cast? >> jayme: yes. you were out jogging yesterday, and you confirmed a nice day. another warm day just like yesterday afternoon. good morning, central florida. 63. temperatures are all over the place. the coastal locales are seeing the benefit of increase in onshore winds blowing from the atlantic on to the shore line. the southern under belly anchored to the east. the high will be with us. this thing is strong, no matter what time of year. especially weird to see one so strong at this time of the year. it's an anonemy. you -- anomaly. you don't see them this strong. and you far remove from the
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dead calm or light and variable. there's an increase in ocean-blown clouds coming in from north grand bahama, and it'll overspread the entire viewing area. mixed skies. a high of 80 degrees by 2:00 p.m. 76 by 5:00 p.m. and into the 60s by 8:00 p.m. a nice day, and tremendous overnight tonight. then our attention turns to the weekend. we know it'll be breezy clouds. and how about rain chances? the modeling shows things going over the gulf south, a heavy system moving through for the ark-la-tex. and we see the energy move up over the ridge or bring it in as sunday?
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we're watching the modeling. we're going to assess saturday and sunday for 20%. not a big deal at this time, but if anything changes i will be the first to tell you about that for sure. maybe late friday night into saturday. it's all up in the air right now. we'll call it slight for 20% at saturday afternoon. 30% for saturday afternoon. >> kristin: we're seeing a big mess on the florida turn i pike, southbound florida turnpike at obt. it appears that a semi lost whatever it was carrying. there's a car involved in that mess there. i don't know what's in the road but there's a lot of debris that is scattered all over. the southbound turnpike right at obt. on and off ramps are closed right now as crews work very fast to get that and clear that
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we are seeing significant delays. i want to show you a map of where this is. it's the florida turnpike southbound, right there at obt. you can see the delays there it's causing along obt. time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. saving you money. regular gas is $1.75 at the sunoco at south orange blossom and west gore street in orlando. check out gas saving tips on our website at >> john: 6:21 here on "good day orlando." we have a lot coming up, including this. we learn about a major event coming to the citrus bowl. >> amy: find out what we expect to hear during an announce later this morning. this is a live view along international drive. 57 degrees. we're one week away today from
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>> kristin: good morning. we're watching a big mess right now on the florida turnpike. this is florida turnpike southbound at obt. involving a semi that lost a huge load there. there's at least one other vehicle involved.
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we have on and off ramps at obt that are closed because of the crash. of course, we'll keep an eye on this and bring you the very latest on air and on line. >> john: nancy reagan, benjamin netanyahu and hulk hogan. he takes the stand against the privacy case by the gawker. he said he that he was completely humiliated of him having sex okay on a videotape. he he said he did not authorize. >> amy: nancy reagan died on sunday. she was 94. tomorrow and thursday her body will lie in repose for the
6:26 am
all flags have been ordered to fly at half staff. >> john: netanyahu made a speech to the u.s. congress criticizing the then44444444444 iran deal. and refused to meet with obama at that time and was widely considered a snub. here's what we know. wwe tweeted that orlando has been selected to host wrestle mania. they last hosted 2008. remember the crowds? >> amy: it was huge. >> john: it was unbelievable. and 11:00 a.m. is the news announcement and fox 35 will be there. a suspect told an suv with a 12-year-old girl inside.
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in kmplets. marco rubio will make a stop later this morning to rally for support. how the race for first place is tightening. >> amy: here's a live view looking down on i-4 and fairbanks. traffic has definitely started
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>> john: it's 6:30 here on good kay. welcome back. i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. we're so glad you're with us this morning. if you are headed out this morning, you may need to find an alternative route. a big crash has shut things down on the florida turnpike. kristin has the details. looks like a load of lumber. >> we'll get this wrong if we elect bernie sanders or hillary clinton as president. >> and marco rubio focusing on central florida as we hit one week before the winner take all primary. >> john: ` and taking on the nba's best team and it goes to the wire. the highlight of the game that
6:31 am
>> amy: trending this morning, a rock ' n' roll disappointment. find out why acdc had to postpone its only florida concert that was originally scheduled for this friday. >> john: i can't believe they're still touring. ual of these bands like this. >> amy: the rolen stones are still going too. >> john: we're running out of time for some of these bands. i want to see them before they're gone. >> jayme: let's get the show on the road here. and coastal brevard county, and our temperature spread matches up nicely with the winds right now. we have gone calm and skies are partially clear out here. we have 40s peppering in. the breeze is freshened. we warm things it up in melbourne at 70. and ocean-blown cloud cover
6:32 am
riding in on the east, northeast air flow. partly cloudy, mix skies. it was no problem today. solid temps around 80 for the high. mid to upper 70s along the beach front. by tonight scattered clouds, about 6ed 69 or so by 8:00. mid-80s, solid by thursday. and then we have extra clouds and a slight rain chance saturday and sunday. the gulf of mexico energy moving in. not a big deal at this time. i call the chance 30%. and the high saturday and sunday at 82 degrees. the full detailed forecast is straight ahead. >> kristin: sky fox is flying turnpike. i'll let you see it here. it appears that the semi that is carrying lumber, some type of building material is sprawled all over the southbound lane of the florida turnpike at obt.
6:33 am
closed. it's shut down as crews work to clean up the mess. there could be at least three other vehicles involved in addition to the semi. lumber is scattered all over southbound at obt. i want to show you a map so you can see where this is. south florida turnpike right here at obt. you can see significant delays along the turnpike there. that's the southbound lane at the exit ramp is blocked as well and the exit on to the florida 528. >> amy: the countdown is on to the florida primary, a week from today, and marco rubio is trying to make up ground. >> john: florida voters heading to the polls. fox 35's gina benitez is live at a bakery in kissimmee where marco rubio will be later on this morning. it appears that early voters at this point are supporting rubio. >> reporter: yeah.
6:34 am
rubio is definitely in the lead. he is at 48%, which is 25 percentage points ahead of donald trump, according to the monmouth poll. trump still has a lead, and ted cruz, andcationic kasich with 10%. he had a lifting message, saying that this country has a chance for a new america. strengthen the military, and loan debt. rubio never mentioned trump by name. he talked about how the conservative movement should never be about anger and fear. he talked about his plans to unite and grow the party. >> we are going to leave for our
6:35 am
leave for their children, the single greatest nation in the history of all mankind. >> reporter: florida always makes a -- always plays a major role in the election. many believe you can't win without florida. the hispanic population here in central florida is growing. the biggest demographic along the i-4 corridor. we're keeping an eye on this and we'll be here all morning long bringing you the latest. >> amy: of course donald trumpv isv looking to sway voters here in the sunshine state. today is he in paup beach county for a campaign event at trump national golf club. and he is to join us for the top
6:36 am
ahead of wednesday night's debate in south florida. clinton will remain in florida. she has a campaign event in tampa. a big change in the state of florida. governor rick scott signing into the law. >> the supreme court effectively put the sentence on hold. the justices decided that florida's system of giving judges and not juries the power to impose deafght sentences was unconstitutional. at least 10 jurors need to be in favor now. it used to be nine. the@ house insisted they would justice. the magic fly out west to take on the defending nba champion. >> reporter: not only did the imagine magic have to play a
6:37 am
and they had to play without nik vucevic.dt6 the warriors got off to a good` start. the magic played tough. gordon with a huge night.@ 20 points and 16 rebounds. and setting curry had 51 at amway, and he is 41 last night. golden state won it, but a goodw effort by the magic.l@o warriors win their 45th home game, which is a record. peyton manning officially riding off in the sunset. he was emotional from the start when he announced that his nfl career was over. >> other players who were more talented but there was no one who could out-prepare me. because of that it, i have nop regrets. >> reporter: having followed manning for year, it was hard to see this. he went out with class. two super bowl, five mvps.
6:38 am
coaches he played for, he told ahead of time. he played for the colts for his career before moving to denver. he talked about the scandal, and. >> john: the mayor of debary getting ready for an interesting trip. >> amy: he wants to go from
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good morning. i want to show you right now sky fox flying over a big mess on the florida turnpike. this is florida turnpike southbound, the on and off ramps to and from obt are shut down. you can see it appears that this involves two large trucks, a semi and another truck carrying lumber. it's all sprawled out over the on and off ramp at obt. it's causing significant delays. emergency crews are out there. our photographer on sky fox tells us that the 528 ramps are not affected. so that's good news. but significant delays on the
6:42 am
we'll stay on toop of this and bring you the latest on air and online. >> john: the mayor of debary getting ready for a risky adventure. >> amy: you plans to row a small raft from cuba to florida. he's no stranger to these kinds of big trips. he rode his bike last year to key west to promote nature. the 90-mile trek could take a few days or weeks. >> i want to experience what it's lightning to come here on a raft. you hear about it all the time. i want to know what the men, women, and children go through to get here. >> he will have two gps devices that will tell authorities where he is at all times. he will text.
6:43 am
pro-camera and document. he plans to practice on lake monroe, the ocean, and lake okeechobee. but if they have to rescue him, who pays for that? >> john: good question. a consumer alert over ching nuggets. we'll -- chicken nuggets. i'm telling you if you make me president you'll have a president that loves all of the american people, even the ones that don't love me back. >> amy: find out what is at stake when voters head to the polls in the handful of states today. i-4 at fairbanks traffic is
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allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . and now introducing rhinocort allergy spray. powerful relief from the makers of zyrtec . >> amy: a consumer alert. per due foods is recalling chicken nuggets made for apple gate farms. the products may have plastic in them. they have 18 nuggets with the best before date. >> john: why each delegate is so critical. >> reporter: last night a confident hillary clinton seemed sure she would win the party's
6:47 am
by the fbi over her use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state. >> it was a mistake. however i am not alone in that. many people in the government past and current have on occasion or as a pla done the same. >> reporter: she's heading in to the primary with a comfortable lead. a 13 point lead over sanders in michigan. the state for the most delegates up for grab today. and donald trump continues to dominate. showing him with 36% of the vote in he michigan. and marco rubio has fallen to fourth place with just 13% of the vote. that's one reason that wreubio's campaign is focused almost spiral on winning his home state of florida.x@ calls from trump to drop out. he is not going.
6:48 am
donald trump is the character and donald trump the person is not the same thing. >> reporter: there's a new ad flooding the airways in florida. a super pac is spending millions trying to use thrump's use of profanity against him. >> you will not get a raise [bleep]. >> reporter: trump seemed more confident than ever last night. >> do you swear you will vote for donald trump tomorrow? raise your hand. i love you. i love you. >> jayme: accuweather forecast update. i want to reiterate, if you follow me on facebook and twitter, we've been talking about the spring ahead movement, march 13 at 2:00 a.m. it's time to set forward the clocks and you want to change the smoke detector alarm batteries. make sure you are safe and on time for your sunday activities as we spring forward. it's that time of year again as the days grow longer.
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east. a tremendous effect with what is occurring with the temperatures. 70 in melbourne. much of northern brevard in the mid-to-upper 60s. farther removed from the onsomehow flow off the atlantic. and -- onshore flow. clouds now moving in north of grand bahama. that's the case today. partly cloudy, mixed sky, blend of sun and clouds. a high near 80 degrees. kick in. of note, will be most formidable along the coastal locations, cocoa beach through coastal flagler. high pressure is large and in charge of the forecast. and scattered clouds and no rain chance as of yet. distance? thanks for asking. and secondly, our modeling shows the next progressive system
6:50 am
and it looks like for the weekend the band of somewhat disorganized shower, maybe isolated storm activity, will get closer and closer to the state. certainly an uptick in the clouds keep highs in the 80s and the rain chance at the 30% for saturday and sunday. and 80s stick around, and high pressure in control, and the forecast is 60s through the overnight, and the only rain chances are loading up for saturday and sunday afternoon. let's head over to kristin for live drive traffic. >> kristin: west of the orlando international airport on the florida turnpike. a big mess we have been following all morning. it appears that two semi-y, one hauling lumber, the other hauling three vehicles. and they had an accident and the lumber is all over the southbound. the on and off ramps at obt are shut down.
6:51 am
affectedded i, i'm told. but on and off ramps to and from obt from the southbound turn are shut down. >> reporter: happy tuesday to everyone at home. the first headline comes from roling stone. it reads acdc reschedule ten shows due to injury. the legendary rock band said they'll postpone 10 shows. the rockers say it's because lead singer brian johnson could lose his hearing if he hits the stage again. the band promises they will perform the shows later in the year, but they probably will have to get a guest vocalist. they were scheduled to perform in florida. but that's one of the ten shows they're postponing and the only show here in the state of
6:52 am
>> and the next headline from fox news. may one daycare for dementia patients. a human-like robot could some day be a personal assistant for elderly patients. she was created by scientists at a university in singapore. and she can express emotion and recall past conversations she's had. scientists hope more robots like nady will be used for companions that's cool. >> amy: a little bit cool and a little bit creepy. that's good if you can't take care of them full-time. to. >> amy: i sometimes think a pet would be just as great. >> reporter: she looks a little too human.
6:53 am
>> amy: what's the robot going to do if they wander off. >> john: maybe they could call someone. amazing video out of south florida this morning. >> amy: a camera recorded a garbage truck that went over a overpass. we have details of how the driver is doing. (m(mususicic p plalayiyingng) ) i i fefeelel p preretttty y (w(wesest t sisidede s stotoryry)) nonot t eveverery y cacakeke c canan b bee hahandndcrcrafafteted d inin s stotorere byby s skikilllleded d dececororatatororss lalayeyerered d wiwithth f frereshsh b bererririeses anand d frfrososteted d toto p pererfefectctioionn lilikeke o ourur p pubublilixx babakekeryry c chahantntilillyly c cakakee itit'l'll l bebe r remememembeberered d foforr
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savor. hillshire farm. because it's
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kits 655. time to look at the headlines. >> a manatee county dog almost put down after biting a child after his owner's vet office, is in trouble again. patty the dog is being accused of biting a another puppy. he was in trouble last year after he bit a child and the owner said he was harassing the dog. and now he bit a puppy on the nodes. the golden retriever was in training but now he may not be able to be used. you are looking at what the
6:57 am
over the overpass. last month troopers said that the driver lost control and hit a guardrail and fell nearly below. the driver was taken to the hospital and since released. the good news is no one else was injured and the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> amy: just the fact that he survived is a miracle. two boaters savessed hem selves. they were on gasparilla island. their fishing boat started to take on water. and they used the radio, called for help, and got on a life raft as the vessel started to go down. with flares and a strobe light, the coast guard was able to reach the men. neither of the boaters were injured. >> amy: coming up on "good day orlando" in our 7:00o clock hour we have breaking news. a big back up on the turnpike.
6:58 am
the road. that will take a while to clean up. we'll have your alternate route. how adhd medications could be impacting the put more fun in your day
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> john: 7:00 on your tuesday morning. "good day orlando." i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. so glad you're with us this morning. first, we're following breaking news. look at this. lumber all over the turnpike. we'll at the you how to get around the big mess. >> reporter: a car crashes inside the orlando home you see behind me, while two people were inside. i'll explain how police are


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