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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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used their cards could be affected. >> guests started noticing a pattern of unauthorized charges on their cards after staying at the hotel. someone had installed malware on the company's card network. so anytime that people used their cards, it was read from the magnetic strip and people were getting their card holder names. expiration dates and verification numbers stolen. the chain said it is working with the bank to find affected cards. but if you stay at or visited one of these hotels between september 2014 and last month it
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anything suspicious from your bank. >> if you want more on this, go to, find out what to do if you may have been affected and to get in touch with the hotel. for now we're live on eye drive. kate burgess, fox 35 news. >> the part announcing that tilacom's health is deteriorating, more on what park officials are saying about the animal. >> reporter: nobody from seaworld would talk to us on camera today. instead they referred to a link where trainers and doctors talked about his health and unsureness of his future. >> some sad news out of seaworld
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whale's health, is declining. the giant orca has a chronic respiratory infection. >> i wish i could say i was tremendously optimistic about tilikum and his future, but he has a disease which is chronic and progressive and at some point might cause his death. >> tilikum made headlines six years ago when his trainer was killed after the orca pulled him into his tank by her ponytail. this particular type of
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>> we kind of monitor what kind of inflammation is going on. it gis us a nice picture into his health status. >> right now the killer male is on meds. >> we use a variety of oral antibiotics and antifungals that the trainers painstakingly, several times a day, will administer in the fish. >> news of declining health is catching tourists by surprise. they say they would rather see these beautiful mammals in their native habitat at home than in a theme park. >> i don't feel that they are ours to enjoy for like sport. >> peter released a very similar sentiments in a statement released today saying seaworld
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immensely by confining him in a small tank for decades that has now444444444444 resulted in aggression and now a severe illness. >> there's no doubt in my mind that he would have been gone a long time ago. >> seaworld is saying that tilikum gets the best care. if he wants to play, they bring his favorite toys into the pool. if he feels like performing, they let him go out there to splash the crowd. as soon as we learn more, we'll pass that along to you. holly bristow, fox 35 news. >> thanks. you decide 2016 voters in four states head to the polls today with more than 140 republican and 220 democratic delegates up for grabs. >> now here is where we stand right now. donald trump leading the way for
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ted cruz in second with an even 300. marco rubio has got 151. while ohio governor john kasich has earned just 37 so far. hillary clinton has got more than 600 delegate lead over bernie sanders. the winner, of course, will need almost 2400 to clinch the nomination. marco rubio has got his focus set on florida. an impromptu event in kissimmee. gina benitez was there. >> marco rubio making a statement at the bakery in kissimmee this morning. working to drum up support in hopes of swaying undecided voters in his home state.
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the latest poll puts him 8 points behind donald trump. >> these polls have been all over the place. we were 20 points down in virginia. i need everyone to come out and vote. >> reporter: the bakery was packed with people this morning waiting for a picture with the presidential hopeful. >> i think it has been well. you're always going to have a like. that's okay. >> everybody is entitled to their opinion. >> rubio says this isn't the florida. with the florida primary just a week away rubio is optimistic. >> this is just a very different election year. this is going to take a long time. i don't think anyone has a clear belts. >> gina benitez, fox 35 news. >> in the meantime donald trump is asking for support in florida.
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all across the state, including here on fox 35. on "good day orlando" he talked about his expectations for defeating rubio and winning the state of florida. >> i've invested billions of dollars. i think i'll do very well. i've been doing very well in florida. i've got thousands of employees. marco rubio is a guy that doesn't even vote, he doesn't show up to the senate to vote. he's not going to be a senator pore p for long. he has not done well. most people think he's going to drop out of the race, but we'll see what happens of the >> trump has been on top of the gop race for months. his leads have been slipging lately over his republican rivals. >> that's talk with political analyst mark mills. trump is decidedly in the need
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now. right now, you would have to say cruz. he's had good second place finishes. rubio has not had a good couple of elections. he's trending down, cruz is trending up. >> explain that, because a lot of people in the beginning of this political season thought that rubio embodied the perfect candidate, especially here in florida. what has changed in his persona and his approach? >> his message has changed. his campaign or maybe rubio himself decided to adopt the strategy where they were going to outtrump trump with the insults. the little hands, trump wet his pants, that kind of thing. it has made rubio a typical politician.
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of vision. his story being the american story, and it has completely got him off message and hurting him in the polls. >> we know two of the primaries tonight will involve democratic votes. any change in course for those candidates or trending toward the inevitable conclusion of a clinton nomination. >> i think we're trending toward a clinton nomination. sanders can do well in the northeast, upper midwest and maybe in the northwest, and some states in the middle of america like iowa and kansas that typically vote for liberal democrats. there aren't enough delegates to make a dent. unless she flames out or she's indicted which absolutely might happen. she's headed for the nomination, i think, there's nothing sanders
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>> we look forward to bringing you back throughout the process. >> we have the very latest on fox 35 news, as well as our website >> skyfox over a messy spill on the turnpike. a semi carrying lumber was exiting on to i-4 when the driver somehow lost control. the truck hit a car hauler and the semi overturned. it took a few hours to clean that up, but traffic is back to normal tonight. >> a robbery at a popular i-drive store. two men walked into the sunglass hut hut. they told the clerk they had a gun, so the clerk of course complied and handed over phone and money from his wallet.
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orlando police a call. >> a car deal feels violent. henry baker was arrested after police say he repeatedly shoved the man who sold him a used car. baker told the friend the car overheated. he demanded his money back and shoved the owner. baker is out of jail after posting a $5,000 bond. meantime the florida legislature has published its budget and they will vote on friday. mike sinan live in the satellite center. you had a chance to speak to the governor about the budget. >> reporter: the governor was his usual coy self. >> the big topic these days for governor scott is ucf's downtown campus. >> i've had so many people call in about things that might be in
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>> they got to make their last minute pitches for the 20 million bucks. the key could be another $20 million the school is supposed to raise privately. >> i assume the way the budget will show, the money can't be spent unless they have $20 million. >> that would do a lot to ease your concerns. >> it is important to find out that there's, you know, public support and private investment. >> the budget will be more than $80 billion and the governor plans to review every item in it. i focused on making sure we can get a return for our tax dollars and also i do everything i can to make sure the focus is on how do we get more jobs. one thing the governor is sure to scrutinize is police radios. put $7 million in the budget for radios from the harris corporation. the police radios were not
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>> the governor did not get the $250 million in economic incentive money he wanted. we'll see if he rekt a acts to that loss. >> it was just yesterday we told you a story of a father who saved his boy from a bat that ended up flying toward him in the stands at a baseball game. we're going to tell you about the fan who got his by a broken bat almost ten rows up from the field. >> and the biggest show in sports better entertainment returns to orlando. details on a rematch between wrestlemania and the citrus bowl. our forecast here in central florida, fantastic.
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>> just yesterday, we told you about a man named shawn cunningham. he saved his father from a baseball bat that was accidentally thrown into the stands at a braves spring training camp in orlando. >> tonight we're hearing from another fan who unfortunately was not as lucky as mr. cunningham. patient cringe. a baseball bat flies directly at a little boy at a ball park. snapped away as the child's dad instinctively blocked him with his forearm. >> my dad blocked it like that but then whipped around and hit me right here.
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wild world of sports forland p's birthday. >> i saw it heading towards him and didn't really have time to think, i kind of threw my arm out there. >> aside from minor bumps and bruises, both are just fine. >> monday, a blue jay fan wasn't as fortunate. a cracked bat hit a woman in the face during the game. >> it went pretty far up. up about six rows and then a walkway and then on the second row from there. >> reporter: the blue jays spring training facility does have safety screening in place. stretching 13 feet above the dugout. >> we're still above the recommendations for major league baseball. >> reporter: the jays say this is something that no one could have prepared for. >> it was clearly 25, 30 feet in
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were here and we've never seen that before. >> reporter: fox 35 news. >> spring training, baseball. bestill my heart. a beautiful day today to take in games and go out and practice, and do whatever you want. the windy weather is with us, but the warm weather is with us today. 75 degrees right now in sanford. 78 in leesburg. temperatures every single day continue to creep up a little bit more. right now we're about 2 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. yesterday we were two to three degrees warmer than the day before that. winds out of the east, southeast. also in kissimmee, look at deland, 18 miles per hour. it has been a windy day today. it looks like it is going to stay quite windy still for two more days. >> 76 degrees right now. the eye drive corridor. traffic actually is moving,
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this is our orlando tower cam on top of the hyatt regency. temperatures starting out at 70 around 8:00 p.m. late tonight, 60 to 61. a breeze about 5 to 8 miles per hour. also with the breeze out of the temperatures go up for the overnight lows. we'll continue to warm into the low to mid 80s. 75 in miami. tampa at 80 degrees. 74 up in jacksonville. where is all of the weather action? it is up here in the central u.s. some tornadoes earlier across texas, just east of dallas, now some severe thunderstorm warnings through louisiana. big slug of heavy rain again moving mainly north, which means it will stay away from us. it is that pressure difference,
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sitting out towards the bahamas. it will stay breezy to windy during the day tomorrow, still a warm. thursday, still persistent on breeze. a look at tonight's forecast low. 64 in melbourne. 56 up towards ocala. not quite as cool. your highs for tomorrow, into the lower to middle 80s. 82 to 84. a little bit cooler back over towards the coast line. new to the air-conditioning cooler effect of the cool waters of the atlantic. 84 for tomorrow afternoon. a southeasterly wind of 15 to 20 miles an hour. we can't through the weekend. there's that chance of rain, especially on saturday. we'll investigate more of that chance of rain coming up. >> the orlando-sanford
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international airport. two new round trips to the area. operating out of wichita, kansas, el paso, kansas and evansville, indiana. by the way, the next time that you fly, would you trust your life to someone who just got out of college. >> it is about to possibly become a reality. details on the plan to put recent college grads into training to be behind the
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>>x >> fox business now, jet blue rr has a new program that will put aspiring pilots through a training program with no other experience required. >> what's the reason behind a program like this? >> it has been very difficult for these airlines to source new pilots. we don't have as many pilots coming out of the air force, and as a result, you don't see a lot of people retiring into these airlines like jet blue, they are doing everything they can to
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it is difficult, because normally they start in the regional airlines, those jobs don't pay much at all. here you see a special program orienting to bring people in who have never thrown at all. this is sort of what we have come to. >> they are doing this, too, because apparently the path to becoming a pilot can be a little expensive. it opens it up to a greater group, too. they are hoping to tap into some natural talent that's already out there. >> right. they are going to do a lot of testing. it is a four-year program. they will test on critical thinking, multi-tasking. it is a long program, it will take a while to get through it and get in the pilot seat and to be flying a jet blue plane. i think we all are concerned who is sitting in that pilot plane.
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one airline to find more people, because clearly there aren't. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> dunkin' doughnuts is making it easier to get your morning caffeine fix. launching an app to allow customers to pay from their smartphone along with getting rewards. starbucks has issued a recall on their pre-packaged sausage, egg and cheese english muffins. they are made by progressive gourmet. possible listeria contamination. the best by date of august 27th.
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discovery in marion county. >> human remains found at two different sites. we'll tell you what investigators are saying about the discoveries. >> a nasty storm leads to a
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details` >> investigators are working to figure out who they are. after getting a tip on thursday. marion county sheriff's office investigators found a man's body buried in a grave here on friday along forest road 50. >> the person would have been brought there deliberately.
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sound he found human remains here in the greenway in ocala. that is a google earth street view of the area. >> it is unusual to find human remains so close together. >> reporter: though very unusual, it doesn't known whether the deaths are suspicious. the biggest question they are waiting to answer, what happened to both people. >> people may jump to conclusions, that there's some type of crime going on that's putting people in danger and that's not the case at this point. >> the medical examiner is working to id both sets of human remains. >> reporting in ocala, david williams, fox 35 news. >> the wwe is bringing wrestle
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orange county mayor teresa jacobs. the 33rd annual event will be held. the stadium's big renovations are already paying off. this is the first time it has been held in the same stadium twice. tickets and info this summer. >> two people behind bars charged with growing and trafficking marijuana. they got a tip that drug activity was happening. when deputies searched it. they found more than 300 plants and 25 pounds of the drug. the street value was around 300 grand. a man accused of killing his wife in their daytona beach home was in court today. >> his lawyers say insanity is going to be their defense. kelly joyce with the story. >> today in court, the lawyer said that he's schizophrenic and that will be their defense in this case. he's mentally ill and spending
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doctors evaluate them. right now they have asked to delay the trial and the pretrail for another couple of months. he's accused of murders his wife in their home april 2015. their two daughters were home at the time. a 12-year-old daughter called 911 and she said she thought her father killed her mother. they found a notebook that read forgive me please, but that's what you get when you play with people's emotions. daytona beach police say they were at the home earlier that night. but they left after the couple said they were just arguing and it was nothing physical. once again, the pretrial and the trial have been delayed. the judge said he doesn't like that a lot of these older cases have been taking so long. right now, we're talking about 60 days before they have another pretrial in this case and then the trial after that.
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>> at least nine people are hurt after a train goes off the tracks in california. this was late last night. the train hit a downed tree and then derailed. one car ended up, as you saw partially underwater. the rest of the 200 passengers on board were loaded on busses and taken away safely. >> the project has led to a lot of big changes for drivers here in central florida. the number of crashes of course on the rise. coming up, despite all of the warnings and reminders, more and more drivers are getting into unfortunately serious wrecks on the interstate. this driver apparently had no idea that she was involved in one. hear what police found in her car coming up. >> the pump
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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>> let anything slow you down. apparently the mantra for this driver in illinois. police say she drove drunk with a 15-foot tall tree in her car. she allegedly hit the tree and didn't notice.
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the driver was arrested for dui. >> keeping the theme kind of going here, i suppose, we have seen a lot more crashes ever since the i-4 ultimate project started. drivers are still getting in accidents, sometimes with tragic results. >> the i-4 ultimate project, we new it would be a bit of a headache, the cones and you had to be aware it was going on. certainly we're all a little alarmed at the number of injuries and crashes and fatalities they have seen in this past year. >> yes. >> as anyone might guess, with the construction, changing of lanes, kind of curveballs that are thrown at motorists, it certainly has been an increase in not just accidents, but incapacitating accidents with serious injuries and also fatalities. >> unfortunately there's no getting used to the fact that there's construction.
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of construction, it moves and morphs into another area, or the highway itself changes a bit of a turn, so you're always going to have to be aware and that's the effort right now to make sure that drivers are aware. >> right. yes yes. you do speak to the points that are brought up by several of the law firms that litigate a lot of these cases. that you've got two things going on here. one is what you're speaking to, you know, all of a sudden, it is the closed exit. the lanes are rerouted. the pavement is different. there's new signage, and as one attorney told me, a lot of us we go to work and we're kind of on auto pilot, we're kind of going the same way every day and then all of a sudden, it is a surprise and you react and not
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so there's those accidents. the other type, there's no emergency lane on i-4. little or none. so what happens with that, that there's a disabled vehicle, just like a pretty bad chain reaction, because there's so -- there's no safety net. >> you got to be aware and be careful. >> mary, always good to talk to you, thank you. >> you, too, bob. >> a piece of legislation to revamp the state's mental health and substance abuse treatment system passed the florida house this week. the bill would create a policy that would allow anyone who needs treatment to get it. >> when we look at what goes on in our court system or our jails, we have a revolving door, whether it is the homeless or our veterans, we need to deal with this problem. >> the bill would also create
5:40 pm
the bill now heads to the florida senate for final approval. >> epipens are a necessity for a lot of people. >> they can be bulky and expensive, too. >> we're going to introduce you to the college kids working on a new version of the epipen. >> the forecast now looking nice. there will be a renewed chance for some rain coming up. >> man's best friend goes a little too far.
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after he some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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>> millions of americans suffer from allergies triggered in extreme cases, requiring epinephrine. >> they have created a compact and affordable alternative to the epipen.
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help say evere sufficienters. >> she's severely allergic to poultry. >> i can never be sure. i have to be really careful with food. i always have the epipen with me when i go out. >> student at the university of minnesota came up with this alternative. 15 million americans suffer from food allergies as many as 90% don't open or carry bulky epipens. their device is smaller. >> the first thing they will do, is take the card outside of its case. this is a protective case. the user will pull off the safety device.
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similar like a needle. walgreens currently charging nearly $650 without insurance. >> epipens used to be fairly back. but recently the prices have gone up. they are quadruple even in some cases. that makes a daunting challenge for families to get two or three epipens and keep them at home and keep in mind, they expire every year or so. >> this weekend, tyler and chris placed second at a national entrepreneur competition in miami. now adrena card is patent pending and on its way for approval. >> i think it is brilliant. i can't wait. >> neat development there. >> it is. >> spending time out side in
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warm. it is getting much warmer than normal. mid 80s. pretty dry. now. we've had a few light showers around, nothing at all, substantial, we do need some rain to wash this pollen out of the atmosphere. still very high. when it comes to both oak and pine pollen. we need some of that rain to help put everything back down into the ground and get it out of the air. 75 degrees in deland. 73 in melbourne. 79 in ocala. right now, the wind is still the other big weather story today. stiff winds out of the southeast anywhere from 15 to 20. a live picture right now. downtown 76 degrees. the southeasterly wind currently at 16 miles per hour. a very comfortable day.
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we'll take it, because 70s in march, i like that. 73 degrees right now in melbourne. humidity not too bad at 55% and the pressure is a bit high. high pressure south. low pressure north, pressure difference squeezes those iso bars, it shows up as lines on the map. that means strong winds. gusting back up to 25. high temperature up to 83 to 84. look at the warm-up. 56 in new york city. a little bit cooler in cleveland. 69 in chicago. even minneapolis right now at 62 degrees. a lot of the snow that was on the ground beginning to wash away pretty quick. 58 in kansas city. 67 out in dallas. so, again, we got something brewing and that something is our next storm system. watch what happens based on our computer model. we'll be find for tomorrow.
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as we get into thursday and friday in good shape. as we approach the end of the weak. there will be a renewed chance for rain showers. 7:40 in the evening. we look good here. here is the storm that's currently producing severe system out the o of texas, yes, it will have warm air with it. it is also moving very slow. i'm not expecting much in the way of punch with the storm system or with a cold front. we will get a chance for showers through the end of the week. right now, not expecting anything major. 60 degrees expected for tonight. pleasant temperatures. a mixture of sun and clouds. if you're down here for bike week or one of the early birds for spring breakers, water temperatures sitting in the mid to lower 60s right now. 62 to 65 degrees. air temperature at the beach.
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along the coast line should be in the 70s. my 7-day forecast. very mild for tomorrow and thursday, up to 84 degrees. 83 on friday. there's that chance for showers. finally the storm system gets here as we get into saturday with a 40% chance of rain. not a washed out weekend or anything. on sunday a 30% chance of showers. >> still ahead an engaged couple going viral for what they put on their weather registry. >> coming up, how it couple wants to use the happiest day of their lives to help those less fortunate.
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crash a plane full of >> tragedy overted in italy. deliberately tried to crash his plane after his wife said she was leaving him. he intended to take his live along with 200 passengers. she was able to call and they diverted him just minutes before takeoff. >> she broke through the ice and on to her boat.
5:53 pm
competition in australia had contestants shredding the waves with their four legged companion. the dog spectacular competition where surfers can bring their dogs along for the ride. >> they are not really hanging ten at that point, they are kind of hanging 20 or more. >> one couple has asked for something different. >> instead of gifts they have asked their friends and families to donated money to help fight their city's hungry problem. >> we're asking for help to create a new grant. >> set up for the community foundation of mt. it is hoping to raise $10,000 to provide funding to give micro
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>> if you're looking to check out more stories like these check out >> who says there's no such thing as free lunch or dinner. for you. some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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|(8```` >> many wrestling sites are reporting that it get a huge makeover. the new restaurant would open right before wrestlemania 33. >> how about breakfast for dinner tonight? >> you'll be helping kids that
5:57 pm
>> today is the 11th annual national pancake day. >> people received a short free stack of pancakes. now. the money that was donated here at this ihop off of south kirkman road will stay local and benefit the hospital for children at the university of florida in the orlando area. the goal is to raise $3.5 million. the children's miracle network helps family that can't pay for special care at the hospitals. it also helps to pay for life-saving equipment. research and much more. >> purchase equipment and provide programs and services, all to help improve the life of their patients. >> they were born at 26 weeks and spent three months at winnie palmer hospital. now at seven years old, they are doing great thanks to the children's miracle network.
5:58 pm
palmer for over three months. i first learned about it through the central monitoring system. it allows us to have this sense of security and comfort to know that these boys were always being monitored. >> since the national pancake day started in 2006. ihop restaurants have been able to raise more than $20 million to help raise money for charities. >> jackie orozco, fox 35 news. >> a man robbed and abducted a from a central florida bank, we'll tell you what police are saying. >> we're following a massive data breach.
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