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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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captioned by media access group at wgbh look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> and reaction from both candidates and with the area coming up and a battle at the school board meeting. >> and with the with what shouldn't be about delivering insults and with that american
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>> and four states and the results are already in and with the republican primaries and on the democratic side, hillary clinton as won mississippi. michigan still too close to call. we are waiting for the results from idaho and the republican primary and the republican caucuses in hawaii. and let's check in with tracy. >> we are keeping an eye on feeds from around the country, and most of the candidates speaking within the past hour. so let's take a look at reaction from donald trump and more reaction from him in jupiter. >> there is independence coming over and we will have that to go against hillary and polls are showing that i beat her. >> and the democrats will be in florida tomorrow night far
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clinton is in cleveland to build a future to live up to his or her full potential no matter _ where you come from and what you look like or who you lover and let's stand up and be prepare ed d. so let us be prepared to tell the billionaire class they @ cannot have it all.
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>> the results from i.d. idaho.
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legal settlements to teacher evaluation s evaluations so no one up here is real keen on it. and -- all right, mrs. gordon is keen on it. you can go in a minute. i am on floor. >> don't disrespect me. >> no one is respecting you. i am going to adjourn the meeting if you don't respect the floor. >> i move toed a journ. >> anyway, some of this isn't just about ending this public comment period and the outrage and the disrespect card or the
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in the past is not going to get me to not state my views. teachers and leaders shouldn't have to go before the board and there is a broken process here. i welcome public comment and can sit here longer than any of you because remember, i am not married. after the concerns, they added something in writing for a record. >> the school board is finding it difficult to get accurate information from the administration and they fight
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and two more public comments take place. and we're pretty incredible. and a man hooked up to the dialysis machine on the burglar in the home. >> this 64-year-old man who didn't want to be identified says it was right here on the screened in patio at the cumberland apartment where is he discovered a man lurking early this morning. >> the suspect had cut open the screen patio and was standing with something in his hand according to the report.
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pointed at your chest. and the 24-year-old suspect ran away after seeing the gun and was later arrest ed ed nearby. and that is from what was going on. >> and the 64-year-old victim who is on dialysis says that the confrontation affected his health. to have this kicked up. with seaworld and with a chronic respiratory infection. the giant orca is on medication and the trainers say it might not be enough. >> i wish that i could say i was tremendously optimistic about
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but he has a disease that is chronic. >> this is the whale that drowned the trainer in 2010 and is estimated to be about 34 years old. and sky fox is over an accident on a turnpike with a semi and the semi overturned spilling the lumber everywhere. the wrestling extravaganza comes to the citrus bowl to make the second stop in orlando. john feena is the event you do
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>> and somehow, some way for 31, almost 32 years now and wrestle mania outdoes itself every single year. that will be big arenaed better and will mark the only time that the event has come to the same venue twice. look for ticket information coming up this summer. >> hulk hogan back in court as he battles website gawker. hogan told the jury how he's chained. >> i haven't been able to get back up and see who i was before. >> so your guard has been down since 2007? >> i am not the same person i was before this craziness happened. >> when parents are divorced, @o@o@o how much time shoul d children @o spend with m om versu s dad?o
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that could change the way custody happens as well. and special parking for heros where first responders and vetter rarns are getting special parking spots reserved just for them. >> the eastbound lanes will have two left lanes closed from 10:00 at night to 6:00 in the morning and that will end tomorrow. >> check the keyword iphone or
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>> tru this crazy sex tape being released and i haven't been able to get back up. >> that is hulk hogan testifying at the civil trial. the wrestler is suing after that website posted a sex tape with him and his friend a radio d.j.'s wife. >> and the man who bragged in the media about the sex life is hulk hogan and the entertain err problem and at times one will
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>> and was caught in inconsistent statements and on shows like howard stern and other, he said the opposite. >> so sick to my stomach and chest. he explained any lies and boasting about physical attributes was part of the act. the person is here under oath and i don't lie. and as a character, we can talk about the tripod and what i said about body slam elephants and surfed on tiger sharks. those are all lie. that is hulk's hogan character driven. so that he went on as hulk hogan to attempt damage control. and was the experience on the radio.
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attacking us and with the employees who revealed their roles. >> and in the context of the story. >> and they talked about code with the giant hard return. with the exec tifr utive editor and since he spoke openly and in great detail, it was a first
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sent that to gawker, that could be picked up tomorrow. and the bill will establish alimony patients with a controversial provision about how much time children spend with the divorce payments based on the number of years of marriage and the couple's gross income. some saying that women would be a greater disadvantage. >> she has not built up retirement or social security. she is expected to start the next chapter of her life under a great disadvantage. and to stay together and believe when that doesn't happen they deserve what this bill gives them. >> the previous alimony reform
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governor stot with the concerns about retroactive to the clinicing to make the choice of state funding or elective abortions. >> if they are providing elective abortions, we are not allowing you to have the state contract. so that will be a business
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they cannot provide the elective abortions. >> a way to recognize vetter rarns and first -- veterans and first responders with specialized parking. >> this city was the first to post preferred parking privileges. >> i think it is awesome that you are acknowledging the vets and active duty and as well as the police and the fire. >> three spots outside of city hall are reserved for superheros, not the type that wear a cape, but a uniform. there are plans to add more and with the buzz immediately.
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veteran with the special parking lot investigators and to recognize them and hopes there will be more. and hopefully with other cities and the governments acos the hh state and is the easy thing to see the importance and significance of it. >> it is a simple gesture. the update on the primary results and we take a look at what this means for florida next week. the wind of change will be coming in. and one of the c put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> glenn richards joins us and the normal high to mid 80s into next week. hope you like it warmer. break out the flip flops right now. the live radar is looking good their. rain free from the sunshine and
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and the humidity levels up a little bit more tonight. with that the temperatures are one to four degrees warm arenaed from the east to southeast and
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the weekend and a few showers and another round of tornados with one earlier today and the storms are firing back up acos louisiana and in with a new wave of severe weather kwoping across -- developing across texas with the risk of tornados here over the next several hours. it is not that main system and
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into and saturday and sunday with the bits and pieces and mainly later in the day and any time on saturday and sunday and the storm kind of comes at us in bits and pieces with the leftover showers. nothing bad, though. 60 degrees for tonight. 84 degrees will be the high temperature for tomorrow. and winds from the southeast and still breezy there at 15 to 20 miles per hour. and my seven-day forecast is a warm one. normal high is 77 but instead we will be at 84 for form. 84 on thursday. low 80s. >> should your doctor take breaks in the surgery room?
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good idea for you recovery. >> we will see you then. >> we are one step closer now to getting the republican leader. and the east street in orlando. and watching fox 35 news at 10:00. like us on facebook.
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love. it's what makes a subaru,
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xxxp >> and donald trump won big in michigan and mississippi. and with two on the democratic side. in mississippi, trump wins with nearly 48% of the vote. and the other two candidates are
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michigan numbers and from 5.1%. and republican donald trump add adding mississippi and michigan to the list of victorys. >> and the democratic side and the biggest prize? michigan with 59 republican delegates at stake there and as well as 130 democratic delegates. trump was favored into all of tuesday's contests with the gap. >> we know a few minutes ago a
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out with a tie to turn this whole thing around.444444444444 there is what it takes next tuesday in the democratic race and hillary clinton is now suggesting that the democratic primary battle should end. >> the sooner can become your nominee, the more i turn our attention to the republicans. >> and police seized weapons with eight people in the slammer. >> five different homes with a
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morning. >> about 100 officers and the d.e.a. and the lake county sheriff's offers that helped execute this. this is what it garnered. this is one of the step s to steps to that is near to the city's high school, something that parents are no doubt not happy to hear. >> tonight eight different criminals behind bars tt lake county jail. operation crackdown has been
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>> when we come back, a major data breach with some of the most well-known hotels and when to day attention to the safety coming up. >> and coming up tonight at 11:00, could ac/dc be done touring forever? what happened to the lead singer that may quit them from performing live. and apple could be making a change to the iphone to keep pace with android. that is coming up in 20 minutes. >> mtv will cold a casting call for real world from the ucf
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>> an murn american student was attacked and hurt over people before he was shot and killed. the violence came as joe biden met and tomorrow the public will get their first chance to say goodbye to nancy reagan who died on sunday at the age of 94. the funeral is on friday and
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to her husband. it isn't known if the deaths are suspicious. the big question that investigators are working to sans what happened to both peel. the medical system er is
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i.d.'s that and and is mentally ill and spent the last couple of months have drz doctors evaluate them. and is accused of murdering and that is what you get when you play with people's emotions. >> and with the names of the data breach pretty massive with the rosen hotel with a pattern of unauthorized charges from
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there was malware to the information and staying between 2014 and this past february should check the bank statements. >> this is our little waterfall. >> find out where to check out
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> central florida is filled with natural wonneders and oceans, rivers, caves and a couple of prairies are out there. >> you have to look, but they are there. and there are waterfalls hit
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geography. >> just eastover mount dora and @q with the lake county water ` authority that owns the preserve sand gorgeous and quiet.fz@_ >> very peaceful. almost zen quality. >> much of that is created.d by this. a little waterfall no more than four or five feet tall. >> don't expect niagara falls because this is not, but it is our little waterfall. >> here is the thin about this gorgeous little spot in the woods. you may come back in a month or
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waterfall in the pool below.nn >> 1/4 inch every two weeks probably wouldn't do it. you have to get consistent inch type of rainfall event. that is rare. with a very old sink ole.{ >> we think it could be hundredszz{ of years and maybe thousands of years. that et goes into the aquifer. >> the waterfall to creek to sink hole system has been around far long time, but not a lot of
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and when the fall shows up, the water authority tries to open it@ up for the public to come and oversee. >> my goodness, this is my job. this is so wonderful. >> fox 35 news. >> and unfortunately, wolf branch will likely not be open before it runs dry, but when we get more rain, the water authority. >> and rain free from the overnight hours and with 80
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77 melbourne and from gainesville and cooling offer a little bit for tonight and not too much and basically forecasting the lows around that area. and the w the breeze coming off and with the breeze coming up and still very, very comfortable. and with the east wind at 75 miles per hour. and we will warm it up fast by noon. and up to 79 to 80 at 2:00 a.m. and 83 degrees from this afternoon and another windy afternoon and not anticipating anything more than a few clouds. look at the warm-up across the chunk of the u.s. and that is good for that. 63 in chicago.
10:49 pm
louis than we are here. 64 dallas. the temperatures and this is the week chance of showers and maybe tenth to quarter inch of wane in total with sad saturday and sunday's rain. in the summer months we could get 33, 4, 5 inches of rain. and 80 degrees tomorrow along the coastline and the seven-day forecast. 81 on friday. 80 degrees saturday. and also sunday. notice not cooling down much at all behind the cold front itself. it is really going to wash out. and cooler from the gainesville, ocala area. and warm ahead of the system and
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and overnight lows into the 50s and the bet chaerns of showers. for torrent in the metro area, looks good. partly cloudy skies and 60 degrees. we cool it down a few more 444444444444 winds from the southeast from 15 to 20 and occasionally a few clouds and is windy at times and the seven day for the metro area. and that is awesome weather and chance of showers for the weekend. the updated planner and
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>> check this out. reporting the news is a dangerous business at times. this is a reporter in california this morning. >> we're okay. oh my god. and he thanks s s his photographer chip vaughan for yelling get out of the way. >> my heart is racing like crazy. almost dpot hit by a car live on air, but i am okay. thanks, everyone, for your concern. police believe the woman may have hit the gas instead of the brake veering toward the sidewalk. and dash cam video from the roselle police department
10:55 pm
15-foot tree embedded into the grill of her car. when officers stopped her noticing that the air bags were deploy. luckily, she was not hurt. the driver was arrested for d.u.i. two years ago the world watched as mh flight 370 just vanished. the families of the victims still don't have answers.
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ppppppcpppppppp >> all 239 people on board mh 370 died. >> i am imagining that the last moments to think about their families and homes and how much they lovered them. and many of the victims families have file lawsuits and damage
10:59 pm
possible piece of debris have also been found. and which job sector is growing the fastest. >> right now a man hooked up to a die l a sis machine -- dialysis machine turns the tables and a heated debate in the orange county school board. and the pilot program that had two members trading jabs. >> i know politicians better than anybody. they're liars, serious liars. more importantly, they will never get you to the promised land forever. >> running for president shouldn't be about deliver ing ing insults but delivering results to the american people. >> what it all means as the candidates turn their attention
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>> right nonon fox 35 news at 11:00. and the frontrunner is donald trump and hillary clinton with the latest at 11:00 in michigan to win with nearly 37% of the vote. and right now a close race for second. and ted cruz has 24.6. and take a look at the democrats going on in michigan. right now very close race and actually a little too close to call. and right now bernie sanders has 51% of the vote and hillary clinton with 47%. and hillary clinton winning


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