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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  March 9, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories. first.... breaking news-- a man is recovering after shots are fired in downtown orlando. details on what police say... sparked the gunfire. -- plus --
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the race for the white house.. bernie sanders celebrating a big upset... and donald trump appears to be unstoppable. details on their big wins.. and why marco p rubio's campaign.. looks to be crushed. ` mlnn plus -- armed with a dialysis machine and a gun.. a local homeowner stops a suspected burglar in his tracks. coming up.. hear --in his own words-- how he managed to defend his home... from an intruder.. but first, let's get
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pppp```````````p`h breaking news... shots fired in downtown orlando sends a man to the hospital. it happened around 3-30 this morning... in the parking lot of the "back booth night club" on pine street. these are live pictures from the scene-- where police are still investigating. &[-wr-old victim--tells police-- he was confronted by a group of people he did not know. the victim was shot in both of his legs.. and was rushed to the hospital. police have not said if they have anyone in custody. new this morning-- a
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the hospital... after crashing into a volusia county deputy. it happened just after one o'clock this morning on i-4 in deltona. right now, we do not know the extent of the motorcyclist's injures. the sheriff's office has yet to say what caused this crash. in orange county... deputies are also r\ting a crash on i-4. witnesses say a car crashed into a guardrail.. near the o-b-t exit. we're told the driver and a passenger inside baled.. but were quickly caught. no word on why they were running from deputies. three minors are due in court... following a high- speed chase that strecthed across two counties. troopers say they were chasing a car-- that was stolen out of orange county-- down i-4 yesterday. the car then exited i-4 in seminole county... hit a tree. ` all 3 minors were arrested. breaking news -- donald trump is closer to securing the republican nomination... and bernie sanders is celebrating a major upset. trump is declared
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yesterday.. all while sanders defies the michigan. trt: oc: ted cruz went on to win idaho... meanwhile... marco rubio's campaign suffered major losses yesterday.. after the florida senator failed to win any contests. donald trump leads with 446 delegates. he's followed by cruz with 347....
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in 3rd with 151... and kasich with 54. more than 12- hundred are needed to win the nominatoin. for the democrats, hillary clinton has a more-than 600 delegate lead over bernie sanders. the winner will need almost 24-hundred to clinch that nomination. no rest for the democrats.. they will be on stage for a debate tonight in miami. crime alert... a man is due in court this morning... accused of breaking into an orlando home. but the suspect quickly learned he picked the wrong homeowner pulled out a gun... all while hooked up to a dialysis machine. it happened early yesterday morning at the cumberland apartments in orange county. deputies say the suspect... cut open a screen and entered the victim's patio. that's where the 64-year-old homeowner grabbed his dialysis machine... and his gun. he spoke to us about what happened next... but didn't want to go on
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investigators say the suspect... 24- year-old "jonathan herd"... ran after being seen. he was later arrested nearby... and faces burglary charges. new this morning... w1- county sheriff's office is warning parents about a man... who tried to lure a young girl into his car. it happened yesterday in davenport. deputies say the 11- year-old girl got off her bus-- at the corner of thousand oaks boulevard and ronald reagan parkway. that is when they say a white car pulled alongside her. deputies say the driver told the girl "your mom is in the hospital... and she sent us to get you". luckily... deputies say the girl ran away... and the car drove off. deputies describe the suspect as a man in his late 40's to early 50's with short hair... and a salt- and-pepper goatee. his car is described
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tinted windows... black rims... and a black rear bumper. anyone with information on the should cll the polk county sheriff's office. news alert.... governor rick scott is refusing say where he stands on the future of u-c-f's downtown campus. he's expected to receive the state budget on friday.... meaning the projects funding sits in his hands. the florida legislature agreed on a budget late monday.... setting up ``````h``` a friday vote. that budget `@xnnn`qn`nn`n`nnqn@xnnqq includes 20-million- dollars for the construction of the u-c-f downtown campus. the governor says his final decision could come down to the additional 20- million the school is supposed to raise privately. so far... it's only raised around 16- million. in the budget... governor scott did not get the 250- h|million dollars in
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`````h``` `@xn nn`qn`nn`n`nnqn@xnnqq react by vetoing some local projects. central florida leaders are preparing to decide the future of the controversial "toll toll road." here's the issue. the state owns the 417 in seminole already has a toll. now it wants to add 4 express toll lanes aloma avenue. but because of heavy opposition... "metroplan" is threatening to end it's holding a morning to possibly make that decision. new this morning... a bill -- to increase pension benefits for families of first responders who are killed in action... could be heading to the governor. today-- the house is expected to vote on the "scott pine law." it would give surviving spouses 100-percent of the first responder's pay... regardless of whether they chose
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the bill was proposed after orange county deputy scott pine was killed two years ago by a suspected car thief. because scott opted to contribute to an investment plan... his family only received the amount one-time death benefit. also happening today. the city of sanford is holding a "free gun safety seminar." officials say the goal is to teach proper handling and storage of guns... when it comes to protecting children. this was arranged after a 6-year-old girl accidentally killed herself with her baby-sitter's gun last week. tonight's course is scheduled from 4 to 9 p.m. at the sanford police department. another scare from north korea. nuclear threats country's leader. teachers and details on what has local teachers so
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they made their voices heard during a school board meeting! trending this
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam
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stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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famous killer whale-- "tilikum"-- is very sick. seaworld says the orca has a lung infection. he is on medication-- but it might not be enough. this is the same killer whale that drowned trainer
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tilikum is estimated to be about 34- years-old. this morning... tensions are running high in orange county.. between school leaders. school board members battling over a new "public comment" program. that bickering started... between school board member "kat gordon," and school-board chariman "bill sublette." gordon is not a fan of a new public- comment program... that gives people 5 minutes to talk to the board-- about whatever they want... even if it's not on the agenda. she thinks it will make board meetings run too late into the night. sublette-- on the other hand-- is all- for the new process. gordon argues-- teachers already
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outside of school board meetings. hour. the world health the sexual transmission of the zika virus is more common than they yesterday, they said into more than a dozen possible cases of zika in been infected through sex. but the most common way to get it is by mosquitoes, in latin american countries. north korea claims it has mini nuclear warheads. kim jong un posting a statement online yesterday, saying his country will set the warheads on north korea conducted it's fourth hydrogen bomb test in january. they claim it was successful. many experts though. shooting of an idaho pastor is in custody... after agents caught him throwing things over the white house fence. investigators believe "kyle odom"
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coeur d'alene , idaho. investigators say odom had no church. shut-out one week after winning his first state on super but bernie sanders stuns the nation... biggest prize of the day. bud hedinger of orlando" on "w-f-l-a" joins us live to talk about it. bud... is rubio finished? how much longer can he go... without winning yesterday? let's move...onto
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|ppx@fw@`@.xh``tppa@ s@? does... he have a real chance? 0p`@`p@`p`8`` t @d you can listen to bud --on his show "good morning
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m.
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regular gas is 1-65 at the sunoco on oak ridge road and winegard road in orlando. you can also check out gas saving tips any time. just go to "fox 35 orlando dot com" and click on traffic. new parking spaces are opening up in central florida.... but they aren't for everybody. still ahead... the unique way one county is honoring veterans and first
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sub-orbital rides" next year. company founder-- jeff bezos-- says they won't be paying customers though... despite receiving interest from thousands of fans.
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engines --right here on the space coast. there is some new parking spaces popping-up all over p brevard county. but they are not just for anybody. the spaces are reserved for veterans and first responders-- as a way to recognize their heroism. the city of cocoa was first to establish the reserved parking spots. right now, there are three spots outside of city hall. the signs went up a few months ag-- and the city has plans to add two more at a busy municipal lot nearby. the buzz caught the attention of brevard county sheriff wayne ivey. so he decided to recognize heroes too-- with front row parking at each of his precincts. in all, the sheriff is reserving about 15 spots around the county-- but he hopes to establish more in the future. still ahead-- funeral services
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reagan-- but at least one famous face won't be there. coming up... we'll jou why president obama is skipping the ceremony. but before we go to break-- the music industry is mourning the loss of a legend. "sir george martin" has died at the age of 90. he was a legendary music producer who helped make the beatles into the world's biggest band. his manager says he
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here are the stories we are working on this morning. first... a major data breach at an orlando based hotel and resort. uils on how the breach... went on for more than a year.. before customers were warned! plus... ystery in marion county. investigators are
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answers... after human remains are found.. for a second time in a week. but first -- it is official... wrestlemania is coming to central florida. coming up... what one super-star says ... you won't want to miss. but first, let's get
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developing this
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p```````````````` p data breach at an orlando-based hotel 0 and resort chain. orlando-based hotel and resort chain. the credit card information of customers may be in the hands of criminals. fox 35's jackie orozco is live on i- )r]mm :%q! what you need to know. marion county
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0` looking for answers, after finding human remains in two locations, just miles apart. that story tops our morning rush. one scene is in the "ocala national forest." the other is near "hickory track drive" in ocala. the first discovery happened last thursday. deputies got a tip-- and found a body in a grave along "forest road 50" in the ocala national forest. then sunday-- a hunter said he found a skull .. a bone .. and clothing in the "cross florida greenway" in ocala. deputies do not think the two discoveries are related the medical examiner is working to identify the remains. eight people face charges this morning-- after a drug bust in lake county. the d-e-a, teamed up with local deputies and officers for "operation crackdown." they busted five homes. most were close to
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either mount dora middle school or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mount dora high school. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx they say they found marijuana, xxxxxxxxx prescription drugs, and several guns-- including one stolen out of orlando. two men are on the run-- after robbing a sunglass hut in orlando. police released this video--from the store on i-drive. they say-- sunday ____ night-- two men walked in. _ one grabbed glasses off the _____________________________ racks ..and put them in a bag. the other said he had a gun... and demanded money from the register. if you recognize the suspects-- call orlando police. we have news about orlando city star "kaka." and the magic continue their road trip out west. let's start with the magic. after losing to golden state monday night, they went south to l-a to play x>npp|pp||x|@ the lakers. orlando getting off to a good start. building a six point lead at the end of the first quarter, and halftime. p@ but los angeles had a huge third quarter, outscoring
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||gppp the lakers win, 107- 98. that's three losses in a row for the t magic. they play at sacramento friday night. the star of the orlando city soccer club is going to miss his second game of the season. the team says kaka is out of friday's home gainst chicago. kaka missed the opener against real salt lake, sunday. the team captain is dealing with a thigh strain. fallout from a failed test. sponsors are leaving tennis sharapova. "tag heuer" distanced themselves from her, after she doping test at the australian open, "porsche" has postponed all planned activities with sharapova. the drug "meldonium" as prescribed by a doctor.. the drug was not on the banned list until the rules changed on january first. the drug was not on the rules changed on january first.
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wrestlemania is underway in central florida. the show is heading second time.
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step closer to becoming a battle of the titans. voters last night helped donald trump solidify his strangle-hold on the republican race.... while hillary clinton padded her delegate lead... even though bernie sanders managed to chalk up a big win. garrett tenney is live in washington d-c with more on the
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is it time for rubio and kasich to call it quits? can sanders make a
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for them to drop out? the pollsters really got it wrong in michigan. sanders winning big.. but is it too little--too late? the florida primary is on tuesday. what can we expect here? garrett tenney
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governor's desk. the bill includes a controversial provision about children spending |||| equal time with divorced parents. ||||||s||{||{xx| there would also be changes to the duration of alimony payments. they would now be based on the number of years a marriage lasted... while factoring in the couple's gross income. a bill that would tighten restrictions on abortions is moving in the florida senate. if it passes --- as expected --- it's likely to force at least six of the state's 65 abortion clinics to close. the bill passed the house last week. but because the senate changed some of the language... the bill will need to head back to the house if approved. state lawmakers want to keep your financial information safe when you "fill up." they passed a bill that would make gas stations install security devices on pumps. the devices are meant to keep crooks from installing credit card skimmers. the bill now goes to governor scott's desk. another big event is
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bowl. the venue will host "wrestlemania 33" in april 2017. it is the second time the citrus bowl will host the event, marking the only time wrestlemania has come to the same venue twice. superstars with the w-w-e, like john cena, were in orlando yesterday for the big announcement. he said that the event will be one you won't want to miss. expect wrestlemania to sell out, and bring nearly 100-million x dollars into central florida. look out for ticket information this summer. also: many wrestling sites are reporting the nba
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will get a huge makeover and become a wwe hall of fame. the new restaurant hopes to open in march of 2017, right before
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toss to john at the wall your first headline
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44444444444pppppppppppp`````````````````````````````h@= your first headline comes from "the new york post." ``c`c```c`c```c`c`c` it reads-- " o-j simpson is a little worried about knife found on property." `````````````````````````````` ````````````````````````` `````````````````` oj simpson is currently serving `````````````` time in nevada... after being ``````````` arrested for kidnapping and ``````````````````` robbery back in 2008. o.j. is up for parole `````````````````````````` but he is afraid the ````````````````````````````````````````````````````` parole board's decision. a retired officer recently turned a blade in... saying it was found on oj's years ago. authorities are currently running tests on it... to see if it could be linked to the murders of nicole simpson and ron goldman. your next headline comes from "the new york daily news." it reads--- president obama to skip nancy reagan's funeral, will attend sxsw
5:52 am
the former first lady's funeral will be this friday... but "president obama" already had prior plans. instead of going to "nancy reagan's" funeral... he'll be at the "south by southwest music and arts festival" in texas. obama will be the first president to ever speak at the event. however, "michelle obama" will be attending the funeral.... and she'll meet her husband at the festival later that day. your next headline comes from "aol." it reads-- study finds aging starts before birth." researchers at "the university of cambridge" took pregnant rats and exposed them to similar situations pregnant women face. they altered the rats oxygen levels... x to simulate a a pregnant woman who smokes or lives at a high altitude. after the babies were born--- researchers found a high amount of aging indicators in their genes.... which could lead to early heart disease. just days after a florida boy barely avoided a baseball
5:53 am
woman in pinellas county-- was not so lucky. find out why players are calling this, "a freak incident." plus... hulk hogan takes the stand for a second straight day. we will tell you how "gawker" is defending their decision... to post his sex tape.
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spectacular sight ... a partial solar eclipse. this is time lapse video from singapore ... where people could see the moon covering ninety percent of the sun. the partial eclipse of the sun was visible to millions of people in australia, southeast asia and the pacific. according to nasa ... the world's next total solar eclipse will happen in august 2017 and will be visible in the united states. time to take a look at the stories making headlines
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in saint- petersburg-- hulk hogan takes the stand for a second straight day... to testify about a leaked sex- tape. the wrestler is suing the website "gawker"-- after they posted a sex- tape with hogan and a radio d-j's wife. during yesterday's cross-examination... attorneys for gawker argued-- hogan bragged about his exploits to the media-- which means--the tape is news-worthy. but hogan says-- that was not the "real him" talking... but just "hulk hogan the entertainer." hogan added-- he would never lie under oath. attorneys still have ` to figure out... who sent that tape to gawker. state lawmakers are approving a bill-- offering to re-bury students whose remains were found on the grounds of a former boys school. the measure is supposed to help the
5:57 am
infamous reputation of the "arthur dozier school for boys", in marianna. crews exhumed dozens of bodies-- after former students accused school officials of sexual and physical abuse. the bill would provide up to 75- hundred dollars to re-bury each body. it now heads to governor rick scott. in pinellas county-- a woman was sent to the hospital... after to the face. versus "toronto dunedin on monday. witnesses say, a bat @
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was shot in downtown orlando early this morning. police are telling us what led up to the shooting. plus: the frontrunner keeps the momentum. republican donald trump wins three out of four contests. find out how he is trying to gain broad support. then all new: football on facebook? we have the details 0{`x\|v of a push by the social media @vokn@khhhhi`mppiill@ network to stream the country's most popular sport. plus your weather and traffic updates. it is all coming up at 6 o'clock on good
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>> amy: it's wednesday. we're so glad you're here with us on this wednesday morning. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. here's a look at the top stories. >> amy: a man recovering after shots were fired in downtown orlando. we'll have details on what police say started that gunfire.


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