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tv   Good Day 9am  FOX  March 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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across two counties. troopers say they were chasing a car that was stolen. the cavare went into seminole, took off on an exit and hit a tree. all three suspects are underage and have now been arrested. >> breaking news right now. nine firefighters have been hurt knave natural gas explosion there. that explosion was so powerful it leveled several buildings. here's a video right now coming in from the seattle police department. people living blocks away reported feeling that plast. right now, there's no word on what sparked the blast or how i did read recently that most of is a good sign. also breaking news, donald trump is close to securing the republican nomination. >> and bernie sanders yesterday. ryan is here with a look at the wild update in politics. >> donald trump being declared the winner in three of the four contests yesterday and bernie sanders defying the odds and winning in michigan.
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opportunity to thank the people of michigan who kind of repudiated the polls that had us 20, 25 points down a few days ago, repudiated the pundants who said that bernie sanders was not going anywhere >> and i want to thank the many thousands of volunteers that we had in the state of michigan. >> and polls really missed firing on this one, some with hillary clinton up by as many as 25 to 30 points in michigan. hillary clinton did take the deep south state of mississippi with over 83 % of the vote there going her way. in the gop race, donald trump won in mississippi, michigan and hawaii even though he has not even visited hawaii. it now appears trump could be unstoppable. >> i want to thank the public. i want to thank the people of michigan. i want to thank the people of mississippi. and it is such a great honor. >> here is a very reserved tone from donald trump last night. meanwhile, ted cruz also able to
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and second in the other races, at least almost all. but marco rubio, not a great night for him. he did not win a delegate or a race, he was dead last in two of the four states including in michigan where he had single digits. it now appears his final stance for sure will be the florida primary on tuesday. donald trump he hadding with 446, followed by ted cruz at 347. and marco rubio still holding at 151 in third and john kasich in 4th. of course, more than 1200 needed to win the nomination. on the democrat side, hillary clinton has a significant lead over bernie sanders. the winner here needs over 2400 to clench the nomination. clinton and sanders face off tonight in miami and then the republicans take the stage tomorrow night. back to amy. >> all right. thank you, ryan. developing this morning a major data breach at an orlando based hotel and resort chain. officials are trying to figure out how many people are impacted
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are. jacksy is on i drive with what you need to know. >> good morning to you. you know, this mass venn data breach went unnoticed for about a year and a half. it wasn't until guests who used thafr cards right here at the rosen hotels and resorts noticed unauthorized usage of their cards during their stays. according to their orlando based hotel chain, anyone who used their cards here at the rosen center and their other locations since september 14th could be at risk. now, the chain posted a warning to its customers after getting reports of that pattern back in february. a fiber security team found someone installed malware on the company's payment card network, leeching company's names, numbers, expiration dates, and verification codes. the hotel chain says it's working with banks to find effective cards. they've also sent out letters to the guests who have been affected and as of right now, they still do not know how many guests have been affected. for now, jackie, fox 35 news.
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find out what are today's names you need to know. >> that's right. good morning, lydia. >> good morning, guys. weave good year and hulk hogan, but we begin with george martin who died at the age of 90. he was a legendary music producer who helped make the beetles into the world's biggest band. he died peacefully at his home in london. martin was often referred to as the 5th beathe. paul mccarthy tweeted out this photo with the caption, the world has lost a truly great man. and hulk hogan, testimony continues in st. petersburg today. heggeen took the stand yesterday to testify about a leaked sex tape. the wrestler is sue thing website gawker after they posted that sex tape with hogan and a radio dj's wife. during yesterday's cross-examination the attorneys argued that hogan bragged about his exploits which means the tape is news worthy. but hogan says that was not the
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hogan the entertainer doing damage control.interviewer: that was the coarct. we can talk about the tripall, about what i said, i body slammed elephants. you know, i've surf on tiger sharks. those are all lies but that's a character. >> hogan added that he would never lie under oath. attorneys still trying to figure out who sent that the tape to gawker. and finally, we have good year. the company just unveiled tires for those self driving cars. they're pretty cool. take a look. they're called the eagle 360 and they look like just large balls. the company says they're good for going over pot holes and making tight turns. they would also help with parallel parking because they would allow the car to just go sideways, right into that spot. they would also make axles obsolete, connecting to the cars with mag next levitation. but the company says they still have some technical issues to
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but aren't they kind of neat? >> i think it's cool. >> it is cool. >> wouldn't that be awesome? a little space craft. >> easier for parking, yep. >> still to come, you may want to switch up your morning make-up routine. >> a local doctor explains how your cover up could be affected
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. welcome back. this lovely view, looking out on the city beautiful on this wednesday morning. 66 degrees out there. there are a lot of clouds and our rain chances going up through the weekend. we'll have an update in just a couple minutes. on the health watch now, chemicals found in shampoo and some of the make-up we wear could have serious health impacts, especially on younger women. researchers at uc berkeley had a group of teenagers switch over to natural cosmetics and as little as three days, they found the level of hormone disruptling chemicals in their urine dropped by about 45 %. that's 444444444444 joining us this morning to talk more about it is a pediatrician with arnold palmer. this is a little concerning,
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a teenager watching this. and you know how teens are. they want to try all kinds on different product. and now we know that this could be hazardous to their health. >> right. so i think that what we need to do as a mother of a daughter, as a pediatrician, one great website is safe because the chemicals that they're concerned about are in so many products, they're in our shampoos, our lotions, sun screens, our fragrances. and this website is great because it sorts out all of these different product so you can click on samp a and it will tell yorke okay. avoid samp as with these particular products. so i think this is definitely a conversation to have with our teenagers and our young daughters about what kind of products that they're yawsing every day. >> because these products are laiduin chemicals. and you and i were joking in the commercial products and you're like, some of these names, you can't even sort out. so if you're at the store and trying to read the ingredients, it's like reading hieroglyphics sometimes. >> that's why a website lake
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so what is it that we need to levels? why would having increased hormone levels be a problem in the first place? definitely subject to what they're going through a time of rapid reproductive growth so there are going to be more sensitive to these hormones. we know that these chemicals that disrupt the hormones, we already know these chemicals are linked to health problems, behavioral problems and obesity and even cells that cause cancer. so this is definitely something we have to worry about. >> okay. >> and really it's with anything, isn't it, not just make-up. i know for a while, there was concern about sul fates in your shampoo. but it's interesting because we're starting to see industries reacting to this and coming out with products that are safer. >> and the one thing to keep in mind, this is a great study and we definitely need more research. but i think in the meantime, it's okay for all of us as parents to talk to our pediatricians about go ahead and
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if we can find safer products for our duritis use and what's interesting to see is that there's more research to see if it affects our sons, too. because last time i checked, our sons were also using shampoos, conditioners, soaps. >> smelled good for the girls. >> i can that this is something we're definitely going to need to see more research in. >> great. doctor, one more time, what is the name of the website. >> safe >> okay. great. it's always great to see you from arnold palmer hospital. she's fabulous. thank you. 9:12 right now. let's get back to jayme king. so far, so good. good morning, central florida. we've deposit clouds on top. here's a look at our big tower cam high atop the hyatt rages in orlando and it is looking good down at i drive right now. we can do with clouds or without. however you take it. it's gonna be a warm day and rain free. i can assure you, things are looking pretty good if you're heading out maybe to the theme parks, something like that. all right. we got 60s, 70s, and the
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we are looking good, sitting pretty all day long. scattering of clouds, breezy weather and warm temperatures going into the low and mid-80s on the high for the day today. and you can see the winds out of the east southeast all day long on the underbelly here of high pressure, clock wise flow of air around that and we're funneling the clouds on in. that's a straight shot across our area and into the heart and heart of the southeastern u.s. big batch of clouds and foul weather right now in the texas area. eventually, that will move in and increase our rain chances, i think. just in time for the weekend. probably not what you want to hear, but that's what we'll contend with as we wrap up the next few days. and right now, the gorgeous shores, east side beaches, and brevard county. looking good again. surf's a little choppy, sloppy today. 74, east southeast winds right now, at about 5 to 10. increasing out of melbourne, seven for palm coast and daytona beach. lakeland out to the four corners, south easterly at seven
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at south easterly directional add eight miles per hour. that wind over spreading, giving us the shot of clouds. not a tremendous deal. we'll keep your uv index today at around an eight for the uv forecast. that's in the high range. protect your skin if you're going to be out and about and take out maybe the umbrellas and leave them handy for the weekend as this thing starts moving toward us. this is the energy that moves to the gulf. a little area of low pressure spinding up and that will move toward the area. it look like the low and everything moves to the north. we're on the southern tail end of a fringe of the system. it will bring this medium type rain chance, probably 40 % for us as we get into sunday and monday inpler particular. so our national temperatures now, the northern flank of the system, starting to get a little cooler where the front originates now over the southerly western across texas. going to capture lot of air and drag it across. while we've got a front for the weekend, we don't see a cool down at all. a degree or two. i mean, low 80s versus mid upper
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that's how it's gonna play out. for today, lake mary, 83. 83 oveto. 82 in eastern seminole county at around 46 and orange county looking good today. orlando, winter garden, the shores of lake apop du, city of apopka, 83. and our last stop, coastal brevard looking good at cocoa beach today, 78 down at the pier. 83 at rockledge and at isville. for the rest of you, check her out and read all about it, all about the 80s, all the way down to far south florida today. it is going to be a toasty one, courtesy of the south, south easterly wind flow today. scattered clouds. tonight a few clouds remain. lows through the 60s for you. city of gainesville, at 59. so again, breezy weather, windy weather tomorrow. we twarm things up considerably into the upper 80s and a lot of areas in the interior tomorrow and back down with temperatures for the weekend and up we go
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40 % by sunday afternoon. that's your forecast. there's a new trick to help you with work outs. >> beet juice can really help to improve your strength. australian researchers discovered the nutrients in beet root juice makes people more athletic. there you go, johnny. eat your beets. >> i've been drinking them. >> good for you. they tested kayakers and found that people who had beet root juice road their kayaks faster. that does not look like beet juice. that's green. on top of making you stronger, beet juice have nutrients that help with blood pressure, dementia, and diabetes. >> it's the nitrates that are in there. and it's totally making --. >> i like beets. yeah, if they're cooked properly. >> the one beet juice i tried to drink, i think it defeated the purpose. >> i think this is spinach juice that we're showing. >> that's not beets.
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we're checking out some of the best products for men. >> one of them could end up saving your relationship. steve has that and three other problem-solving products for guys. >> so often on morning television, we talk about products for women. today, it's all about the guys. and some of these are going to make the girls happy, too. let's face it. guys are lazy, right? and for any guy out there who's ever tried to jam his foot into a shoe that she doesn't like to untie first. the back of it starts to crunch and fall. these are called time slippers and they're actually designed to solve exactly that problem. they each have a v notch in the back of them, so you're supposed to slip your foot in there without untying anything. the laces don't even untie. they're made out of elastic. the inside is made out of wool so they're super comfortable and the end sole is made out of the same material that yoga mats are made out of. so while they have the design and feel of a slipper, they're
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time slippers. high performance, relaxation. all right, guys. we don't like going out and buying belts. we're too lazy to buy a new one and the starts to crack, the little button holes on it or the buckle holes on it start to get stretched out. no more. these are called mission belts. and take a look. much like you would use a zip tie in your back yard, the same kind of premise here. they have little notches on the inside of the belt. there's no more holes on the outside and also the leather is guaranteed not to crack. but the notches on the inside are actually only a quarter inch away from each other. so you to slip it around your waist, in here, and look, every quarter inch you can actually adjust this belt, which is particularly handy, perhaps, maybe after a big holiday meal. she doesn't want to see you open up the belt and go for another hole. instead, just flip the lever and a quarter inch at a time. you can make this just ever so slightly bigger to kind of
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might have. next up, take a look. this is the lock smart mini from dog and bone. for anybody who wants multiple access to a lock, doesn't want to have to worry about handing keys and combination, this sinks up with a variety of cell phones. all you have to do is pop the lock on your phone and it unlocks two via blue tooth. so it's completely keyless. access. you can also share access and track exactly whahas been unlocking your lock. and finally for you, this is the one that just just might save the marriage. look what happens in the middle of the night, wake up in your dreamy stupor and go in to use the restroom, right. and unfortunately, if the seat is up and you have the seat, it doesn't end well. this is called the lab nav. it is a light that you put on the inside of the cover of the toilet seat. now, we're having a little interference with the bright lights in our studio so it's not gonna work for us because it only works in the dark, but when the seat is down, it shines a
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safe to sit. when the seat is up, the light switches to read so you know it's not a good idea to have the seat. the other nice thing about the red light is it illuminates the area around the bowl so you know exactly how to balance your aim, so to speak, in the middle of the night. i placed links on your station website and my facebook fan page me steve. >> how awkward to be standing next to a toilet. >> yeah, and he has to wash his hands. >> still to come, a fun event for the whole family. >> kirsten is checking out the clown convention this morning. >> good morning. here live at international drive with this clown convention. >> check this out.
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there's orlando i off to the right of the screen. 66 degrees out there. it will warm up into the 80s for you today. >> there's another big convention here in town. we hear about these all the time and you're thinking, really, there's a convention for that. >> house wears. >> clowns. >> clowns, really. fox 35's kirsten is joining us. she's getting silly this morning down at the convention center on i drive. i love it. and i love how you went through earlier all the different types of clowns there are. honestly, i had no idea. >> well, i know. me, either. i thought that was so fascinating the fact that there are different clowns. and sparky is gonna be our tour guide. they come and have shows and skits and all sorts of fun. they also have fun that you can come watch them have fun. and also, you can shop. sfwhooefb costuming with all
9:25 am
noses, magic, shoes. >> there's actually a juniors program. here's some junior clowns. now, i have a question for you. you showed me earlier, there was something about an applause. can you show me that trick again? >> did someone say applause? >> there you go. of course, we always love balloons balloons. >> you got this. >> what's your name? >> nana banana. >> you're making a monkey. >> and a banana. look at that. >> monkey. gotta love it.
9:26 am
look at this fun. how could you not want to come here and look at this. we have such balance over here. can you believe it? this balance is amazing. and lastly, we had to check out these tricks. of course, there's so much fun we had here and they're here until friday for you. we can also. >> there's a fire sale from an whoa. hang on a second. have? >> let me rephrase the question. that is now a cane. now, they don't make these any longer. do you know why? >> why? ? they're long enough. >> nobody sleeps around this joint, i'll tell you right now. >> this is what i do for a living, people. can you believe it? now, this is all fun, but seriously, you guys, i heard someone say you're ambassadors of joy. tell us about your work. >> well, we make people laugh and help to relieve them of their stress through humor and we love what we do.
9:27 am
until friday for people to come hang. >> yes, but mainly the free part is the skit competitions this afternoon and tonight. tomorrow morning we have our group. and tomorrow afternoon is our paradability competition so that also would be great to catch. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. bye bye. >>. >> thanks, kirsten. coming up, enjoying spring break without breaking the bank. >> we're checking out free options for you and the kids, straight ahead. plus, taking the break while you're on the operating table.
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should be stretching while if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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. welcome back. >> so glad you're with us this morning. we've got breaking news. a detective has been shot on the west side of jacksonville and
9:31 am
with more on that from the newsroom. >> hey, good morning. let's tell you what we know right now. the detective is in critical condition and in surgery. we can tell you, investigators say a gunman shot at the officers car around 7:00 a.m. rescue crews arriving on the scene to find that detective outside of the vehicle on the pavement. now, he was not on duty. we're told when this happened. the suspect was shot after a chase. we were told he is alive right now. at this point, there's been no name yet released on the suspect or the detective involved. we are told the officer was conscious as he was flown to gainesville, but they've not been able to ask him exactly what happened. they're trying to piece all this together right now. he is in surge as we speak. we'll certainly bring you updates as they come to the newsroom throughout this morning. >> also, developing this morning, rosen hotels and resort says they found malware on their payment quarnetwork. >> the massive data breach went on undetected for almost a year and a half before guests started to notice there was a pattern of unauthorized charges after using
9:32 am
officials say the cards use at rosen between september of 2014 and february of this year may have been impacted. the company says it is still trying to identify which guests have been impacted most. >> eight people now facing charges after a big drug bust in lake county. the dea teamed up for operation crack down. they busted five homes, most of those houses close to either mount dora middle or high school. they say they found marijuana, precipitation drugs and multiple guns, including one that was apparently stolen from orlando. >> new this morning, the florida house is about to make the final vote on a measure that would allow unmarried couples to live together legally. senate bill 498 would eliminate the outdated cohabitation law back in 1800s. under that law, unmarried men and women who lived together
9:33 am
spend up to 60 days in jail. 9:32 right now. time for your morning business headlines and joining us live is the lovely lauren semonetti. hello, good morning. >> hi. good morning. >> so how are things looking marketwise today? >> i forgot to tell you earlier, there's a major birthday on wall street today. the bull market, the up market turns seven. and in the past seven years, the dow is up almost 10,500 points. that's a huge gain in seven years and right now on this anniversary, the dow is up by it looks like 63 points to me. my eyes, 63, yes. i didn't know if the six was a six or an eight, but it's a six. the other markets are up, too. we don't have terrible news out of china. influencing stock markets and oil prices are up. >> that's good to hear. they scampering through this workers. this one, though, this nur virus, kind of sounds like this is out of their control.
9:34 am
they're obviously testing, sanitizing that store as i speak. i consider the health of chipotle a barometer for that is the restaurant across the street, huge restaurant. line used to be out the door. it was unbelievable. took forever to get your lunch. now there's no line and hasn't been for quite sometime. you think chipotle cleaned things up, we started to see some people go back, that small line got a little longer and it's probably going to be short again because another instance of neuro virus at one of their restaurants near boston. what we know now is that four workers called out sick. they're told to call out sick. this is how chipotle will better instances going forward. we don't know what happened to them, but at least one of them tested positive for neuro virus and that restaurant closed as a result. good news, good news, no customers sick. >> right. >> at least not yet. >> right. yeah. it is one of the things where to me it feels like john caught the flu and then i caught it and
9:35 am
because we're all working together. >> i hope that's all there is to it. amazon, launching a beauty show. what's this about? >> it started last night, 9:00 eastern time. every single day for 1 -half hour, you go online and watch style code live. you see what's trendy and how convenient, if you like an outfit, you can buy it. i don't think amazon is a site for fashion. this show is trying to change that. they're also trying to do something else. when you buy make-up, you typically go to the department store or the drugstore. you don't buy it online unless you know a certain color works flow, but you typically go to a physical store. well, if you can buy beauty products on amazon, i would venture to say amazon is trying to kill, decimate, another industry, the beauty industry. i would say so, especially if the prices are good. >> and girl pet peeves, why is it that every product i fall in >> i know. liner.
9:36 am
and then you're forced to go and find something else you like and you have to do trial and error. and there's nothing worse than spending money on something and not liking it. >> love you, we'll see you later. >> love you, too. >> you can catch lauren each weekday morning on the fox business network at five in the morning. 9:36, jayme king. yes, and looking good, amy. good morning. accuweather forecast update. here's our hour by hour forecast, your times and temperatures. more importantly through the course of the day, by 2:00, 82 degrees and that's an average, right? a lot of you may exceed that. 79 by five. 72 by 8:00. scattered clouds, breezy and warm temperatures. and you can see with the cloud sources, had to be the atlantic spiraling around like a dog chasing a tail. it's that clockwise flow of air around the high that's delivering a shot of marine based cloud cover. that's the case like yesterday. we also find more cloudiness
9:37 am
begin to move our bodily way around the weekend. at that time, chance of rain may begin to rise. specifically, a focus may be late saturday into sunday and monday. i've got your 7 -day coming up here next. i want to give you the latest lay of the land with temperatures as everyone's coming up nicely through the upwards, 60s and low 70s. tomorrow, 86. again, a lot of you may exceed that with the east tomorrow, closer to 90 in some of the hotter spots. we'll see how that pans out. believe it or not, not record territory. 84 friday and by saturday, the rain chance at 30 %, 40, 50 % blend for your sunday, back down to 40 % on monday withmies throughout the entire forecast period through the middle and possibly lower 80s at the end of the line there. that's your forecast. over to you. >> on the health watch today, new research shows the doctors should be taking a break in the operating room. experts say if they do a little stretching, maybe get mental relaxation while you're still on the table, it can go a long way in reducing fatigue and strain. what does that mean for the
9:38 am
can you ask your doctor to take a break? >> always good to be here. >> so explain. you read this story here. taking a break. how is that gonna work? >> well, let me tell you where all this is coming from. first of all, we're gonna have a shortage of surgeons. we're gonna be short in 2020 about 46,000 surgeons. so you say, well, what does that have to do with me? well, let me tell you. if your surgeon is having to retire earlier because they are getting injured and having neck problems and back problems, that's a concerning swags. that's on one level. we have to keep our surgeons going longer and operating at peek capacity. the other one comes into something we've discovered over the last 15 years that we try to help but there are errors in medicine. and 57 % of those errors come
9:39 am
so there's a safety issue. now, most of us came up in the days of the rm surgeon, you know, where even if you wanted to go to the bathroom, you denied yourself that privilege because you would look weak. the longest surgery i've been involved in is nine hours. >> yeah, nine hours. >> he was telling me about and that was solo. you're not able to tap. >> it's myself and another surgeon. no tapping out, no. this isn't like wwf you can tap out and go home. but that's an issue with safety. i mean, pal pilots are forced to be grounded after a certain length of time. i mean, surgeons are human beings, too. so we're paying more attention to that. so it's the safety issue, number one. and then, longevity issue, number two. >> but this snoot a story where it's not so much for the patients. this is for the doctors to say, hey, you guys, we know you're great but you need tatake a
9:40 am
because the patient can say, doc, in the middle of my heart surgery, i want you to chill. >> no, it's not quite like that. it really is something we're always trying to improve our game to get better and be safer and more efficient and have good outcomes. and in the study, one of my buddies, dan jones is the one that commented on the study. he said we've known about these things for a while, but we really haven't known about the exact exercises. and some of the exercises are interesting. it's not like you're going to take a power nap for two minutes or anything hike that. it's neck stretches. it's gluteus maximus squeezes. >> yeah, you're standing. and so these things have been shown to actually help. and the other thing i would say, this is only one thing, part of a bigger package. first of all, we need better instruments. we need new positions that we assume in surgery that are nontraditional but are oaringnomically acceptable.
9:41 am
nap before going into surgery could also go a long way in helping you give the patient a great outcome. >> interesting. yeah, that's good stuff. >> all right, doc. what's a way to reach you?? www.celebration >> you never look at them. i can tell you, my girl looks at them. >> i was watching it. >> yeah, exactly. you're the one that's the slacker. and i'm on friday. >> dr. oz, on friday. >> all right. thank you. god bless. >> all right, amy. over to you. >> i never miss it, especially when dr. roster's on. still to come, hit the theme parks and the road trip and save big time on spring break. we're gonna check out free options for you that will keep you and the kids happy and busy and it won't break the bank. we're taking a look right now, i-4 at obt. traffic is backed up because of the crash. if you have to be in that area,
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traffic situation. that's right. we'll be right back. all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue favorite show in the great outdoors. a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones,
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all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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hhhhhhhhhhhhhh||||||||||||||``````` . the ketose are gonna be out of school, but it doesn't mean you have to spend an arm and a leg for statement. there are a lot of great options around town to keep them distracted and many of them are free and our good friend with the orlando date night guy, joining us with fun. very cost effective options for all of us. and not just great for kids. they're great for date night, too. >> you've got a list here. we're gonna start first with outdoor movies. >> they have them in longwood, maitland, popcorn flicks in the park will be tomorrow night, that's in conjunction. kissimmee does it. there was one last thursday or friday in sanford. they show et.
9:46 am
>> you bring a blanket a couple lawn chairs, snacks. kids love a picnic. >> and if it is date night, minions is really hilarious. you can, you know, channel your inner child and go on date night. >> it was my least favorite of the 44444444444 though. dispickable me was so much better. >> yeah. >> just gotta get that out there. >> there are eight public arts installations around lake eola and a couple side streets downtown and it's basically this wonderful gift to the city of these giant art installations and you can go to see art and download a walking guide. your honor what i'm talking about? >> yeah, it's awesome. but it's kind of like you see these and you want another story behind them. so it's probably taking maybe an hour to walk around and see each one. >> this next one is fun, a cemetery tour. the kids will love that. >> and this calls out.
9:47 am
it out right away. they do it one night each month a 2 -hour tour, goes about four miles of the cemetery. >> i've done this one. it's a blast. >> and you learn the story, who is bumby, harry, these names you see, there were really notable character in our orlando history. you get to learn more about them. you. it's not a haunted tour. it's scary. it's more of a history tour. it's great for kids. they would get a kick out of it. >> and just being out at night, my kids are so thrilled to see out past bedtime. >> this is a good one. maybe more for college kids, not little kids. >> there are more than a dozen breweries now in orlando and many of them offering free breweries. so the orlando brewery, orlando brewing, sorry, they are ongoing, monday to saturday, 6:00. you don't have to register or anything like that.
9:48 am
cypress brewery, 1010 brewery, hour glass brewery, you just need to call ahead and book something. but they're free and they'll tell you all about a craft of brewing and what they're doing and they're really cool businesses to have in orlando. it's a really good behind the scenes. >> and the last i love, luke gardens and david was out there not so long ago. they have all these really cool insects. they're awesome. the kids would love that. >> right. they suspended the mondays. it's still $10 for adults and free for kids and after april, mondays. but it is really cool. they give you a map that would give you in a bug scavenger hunt. >> and three bucks for the kids, that's still really reasonable. so go ahead and take advantage of that. good stuff. where can our viewers find you? >> orlando date night >> always good stuff. >> very well. thank you, good stuff. accuweather forecast update.
9:49 am
again a live look downtown. we continue with atlantic based clouds blowing in off the beach front and heading into an interior neighborhood near you. let's come on back, take a look at the pollen count. it is super durp high. if you've been sneezing and suffering, i feel you. oak and pine right now, solid 9s all the way into the weekend. we need a big surge of rain to clear things out and while we have a rain chance this weekend, i don't think this will be big nov get rid of all the pollen. it is thick. do you have a dark vehicle? i've got a dark vehicle and it is all over my truck. black is not a good color to have this time of year with all that pollen in theaire. 73 titusville, everyone warming up. you can see the 24 hour temperature switch up here has been great. we've seen a lot of warming out there and that is how it's going right now. we're way ahead of the game of yesterday as we see even warmer temperatures phasing in. 2:00, 82. scattered clouds, breezy with warm temperatures.
9:50 am
i mentioned weather changes for the weekend. it's all tied to this mass venn storm complex over texas, bringing severe weather and flooding rains. and i think really probably be on the tail end of this thing by saturday and sunday. so while the winds really are not going to be raging this weekend. clouds increase. moisture will increase and eventually the rain chance will rise because of a few different factors. on this wednesday, 4 to 6, small craft advisory flags, southeast winds. 10 to 20 knots over the outer waters. gets pretty rough today. keep that in mind. 141 at canaveral and the darkness of night, another high tide surge, and then brevard, about an hour before that. here's a look at seminole county on the day-to-day, just a quick stop, taking county by county, showing the general gist of the forecast over the interior highs for the low 80s. looks like we ramp it up even more bay tomorrow. mid upper 80s and down we go and up comes the rain chance.
9:51 am
could see the highest chances of about 40 %, at least at this time. we'll keep you posted. all right. weather baby time. mr. mitchell, you are looking good on the crate and very nice in his airflows. and jasmine, steel the show. hello, cute kiddo right here. visit our website for more weather baby photos. hop to it. fox 35 is the place for weather babies. over to you. time to check out what's hot in hollywood. 50 cent expected to appear this afternoon in his bankruptcy case. >> a judge called thyme court to explain several instagram photos, including one of him next to piles and piles of cash. 50 sent filed for bankruptcy last year. he claims it is not real money. he says it is fake money, but the u.s. trust ies officer issing and an examiner to review his assets to figure out if he's actually hiding cash sxhoo if you're going through bankruptcy, don't take pictures next to piles of cash. just saying.
9:52 am
kanye west could be getting into furniture business. kanye was spotted at ikea's headquarters yesterday. he visited several facilities in sweden, including a design division. but an ikea spokes person would not confirm that there is a collaboration happening. >> kelly clarkson's emotional performance on "american idol" last month has landed her on the top of the charts. her song piece by piece, number one on digital songs and top digital charts this week. her number one spot landed the star in the hearsay books, as well. clarkson is the first idol contestants to have 100 number ones on bill board charts. >> everybody was crying. it was beautiful. still to come, not just the kids that have a hard time taking care of their cell phones. >> a lot of kids have trouble with this one, too. after the break, we'll see just how bad moms and dads are when it comes to keeping their phones
9:53 am
embarrassing ways they have destroyed their phones.
9:54 am
around fo i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel.
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blip. 9:55. happy birthday if it is your birthday today. bow-wow is now 29. >> and oscar isaac is 37. >> he's 37, though, whoever he is. sorry, oscar. >> he looks like a star. >> we've all done it. your cell phone slips out of your hand. next thing you know, it's demolished. >> a new study shows how common it is to have those cell phone mishaps and the embarrassing ways people damage their phones. according to a verizon survey, nearly half of cell phone users have broken or lost their phone. that's actually good if you consider that 54 % drop it at least once a week and just under half admit to dropping it into the toilet. >> do you go after it? >> you kind of had have to. according to the survey, your age and whether or not you have kids seems to be the telling factors.
9:57 am
twice as likely to break or lose their phone than people who don't have children. and millennials drop their phones at least four times a week. the most embarrassing way to destroy your phone includes puttling into the washing machine, throwing it, or sitting on your phone. but i gotta say, i had one of these otter boxes on mine. >> that's stout. >> it is. it works great. and because i have kids, i have to have it. >> and somebody just sent me this with the selfie light. that's so funny. >> you can't really see it, but it's cool. >> all right, jayme. quickly. warm tomorrow.
9:58 am
>> that some people don't like to share their wifi, but at bright house networks, we do. login to one of our hotspots and get your code for free wifi at over 50,000 bright house wifi hotspots.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy!


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