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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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distribution] i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! first-- bernie sanders and hillary clinton head to miami-- in the last debate before the primaries. the pair go at it-- over immigration, and other hot- button issues. we have the breakdown of last night debate... coming up. plus-- breaking w]m-- a manhunt is under-way... following a deadly shooting in pennsylvania. we have the latest in the investigation.
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brevard county are on alert-- after a huge brush fire puts dozens of homes in danger. find out how crews are handling it-- this morning. toss to kristin you decide 2016-- right now... final
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where bernie sanders will hold a rally today. thousands of expected to attend "university of presidential candidate will speak to u-f students and residents at 11-am. doors open at 8-am. between 4-thousand and 8-thousand people are expected to attend. later this afternoon-- sanders will travel to kissimmee.. where he will hold another rally. meanwhile--
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also be in the sunshine state today. she will start- out in tampa... before moving to jacksonville. this all comes-- following the eighth democratic debate in miami last night. the two debated everything from immigration policy-- to donald trump's proposed border wall with mexico. sanders is flying high-- after pulling off an upset over clinton in michigan. but clinton is now halfway to having enough delegates to clinch the nomination. fox's steve rappaport has the
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poll shows clinton lead over sanders. right now -- she has 62-percent of the vote. looking at the republican side.... donald trump is still the man to beat here in florida. a fox news poll shows trump receiving 43-percent of likely g-o-p primary votes. marco rubio is the next closest at 20- followed by cruz with rubio trailing on his home turf... there have been dropping out of the but rubio says he's not going anywhere... and has
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right now rubio is in third place in 444444444444rails trump by than 300 delegates. but florida could go a long ways in changing that with 99 delegates at stake. heading into the florida primary-- ted cruz sits in second place. tomorrow morning he will hold a rally at faith assembly of god church on curry ford road in orlando. cruz will also be joined by former presidential candidate carly fiorina who yesterday. breaking right now-- underway following a deadly mass backyard party in pennsylvania. police say the gunmen killed five people and wounded several others. investigators say it happened around 11 o'clock last night in wilkinsburg, pennsylvania. they say the shooters barged and opened fire. killed in the shooting. others were injured-- and are in conditions this
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right now... police believe at least two people were involved. police are still searching for a motive. developing in volusia county-- police are stepping schools in 9-year-old boy was almost abducted! school. it happened yesterday morning-- along turgot avenue. police say the child "edgewater when he was approached by a man. the boy was able to get away. the man is described as a white male--with medium-length black hair.. and a long black goatee. anyone with information-- is asked to call edgewater police. we also have new details on a seperate attempted abduction in polk county. deputies are releasing this sketch of a man... who tried to lure an 11-year-old girl into his car. this happened tuesday afternoon... as she got off the bus along "ronald reagan parkway" in davenport. the girl ran home... and the driver took off. deputies say there
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footage does not show the incident. anyone who recognizes the suspect should call authorities. a news alert now-- detectives in georgia are on their way to central florida. they want to question a mother accused of kidnapping her own kids. investigators say that abduction may be tied to the death of a child hundreds of miles away. investigators say 28-year-old clarion garrison was arrested yesterday evening in ocala. her arrest came hours after an amber alert was issued out of albany, georgia for her three children.... who were all found safe. albany police tell our sister station in atlanta.... the abduction is connected to the death of a 2-year-old girl. an autopsy is being performed to determine how she died. but... the albany herald reports police say at least one person will be charged in the death. in brevard county-- firefighters are back out this morning... monitoring the remaining hot spots of a brush fire that got out of control. crews say at one point.... 100 homes were in danger.
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reported yesterday afternoon..... in the area san filippo drive and cogan drive in palm bay. overall... four homes were damaged by the flames.... before crews got things under control. one of the homes destroyed belonged to terry shaw... who says he didn't know it was gone until a friend told him. firefighters were able to stop the fire at 45 acres. this morning it is 100-percent contained. crews are still on scene... looking for any flare ups. we are learning new information about the suspect-- in a shooting at an orlando nightclub. orlando police say the 26-year-old victim was found in the parking lot of the "back booth night club" on pine street. this morning-- police say he is in stable condition.... and is cooperating with investigators. the suspect is
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man.... about 6-feet tall... in his early 20's. police say he was seen leaving in a dark-colored vehicle. anyone with information-- should call orlando police. local lawmakers are fighting to keep you from paying more at the tolls on the 4-17...even a toll within a toll. there are already plans to add 4 express toll lanes between 4-34 and aloma avenue...which already has a toll. orange county mayor teresa jacobs says they voted to approve the expansion part of 4- 17...but had no idea the tolls were automatically part of the plan. they would be able to get around it...if the counties have control...rather than the state. the plans are still moving forward... but county leaders say they will continue to fight it. coming up--
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of the zika virus in central florida.... but it's not like any case we have had here before. find out what makes this case unique. plus this-- edge-- after a local substitute-teacher drunk on the job. her arrest--coming
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curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. florida now has its first case of the zika transmitted health officials say-- a polk county resident who outside the responsible for disease. governor rick scott has responded to the new outbreak by asking the c-d-c to speak with florida's health- care workers. scott says-- he wants the state to have the most up- to-date information on the disease... its symptoms... and its
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in seminole county-- a substitute teacher-- accused of being drunk on the job-- is out of jail on bond. we were there --when that teacher-- holly joel-- bonded yesterday. drunk while in charge of a classroom full of kids at "bentley sanford. authorities say the principal noticed joel acting strangely during the principal says she was swaying .. closing her eyes.. officers found alcohol in a water bottle-- and prescription pills in her purse. joel is charged with eglect and public intoxication. "seminole county public schools" says she has since been fired happening today-- 10 apopka first responders are going to new york to honor the heroes who died in the 9/11 attacks.
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to the new york fire department. his uncle, brian fahey, on the far right, was a new york city firefighter. he died fighting a fire three months before the september eleventh attacks. on 9/11, his entire crew died at the world trade center. lenihan thinks his uncle would have died there, too. lenihan and the other apopka first responders are going to take part in the second annual "firefighters stair climb" sunday, climbing up the 72 floors at "four world trade center." 343 firefighters from around will take part in the climb, each representing one firefighter who died there on 9-11. coming up-- a motorcycle- racing champion is in trouble with the law-- after police say, he hit a woman, and an officer.
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that is not stopping him from racing. and-- the brevard county zoo has an adorable we have the up- close video... you will not want to miss. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his
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with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we'll be right back. welcome back--
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animal family. this baby male giraffe-- already stands about 6-feet-4 inches tall. the zoo says both momma and baby will stay behind the scenes -- for a few weeks-- until they are ready to make their public debut. the "little guy" is the second giraffe born at the zoo... in under four months. a female giraffe was born last november. a motorcycle racing champion is accused of shoving and punching a daytona beach police officer. but he says-- that won't stop him from racing this weekend. this story tops our ).jn rush. daytona beach police responded to a disturbance on ocean avenue and main street late monday night. they claim biker "danny eslick" pushed a woman down to the ground. then they say... he shoved and punched an officer. he was arrested and charged with battery on an officer. "eslick" bonded out of jail. according to a report in "cycle news," he plans to race for his third
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saturday. new details in the case of a child left inside a daycare van-- for almost five hours. it happened last october-- at "winners preschool" workers-- who are facing charges -- appeared in court yesterday. 43-year old-shannon contest." that document she piece of paper saying who was on the bus. d-c-f says... policies were not followed-- and that is why the child was left behind. johnson says she does not work in child care anymore. that daycare was fined 1-thousand dollars-- and was closed after the incident. there is now a new location-- on west colonial drive. emergency crews are getting ready for a disaster drill today, from eight a-m until noon. orlando health, florida hospital, the orange county sheriff's office, orange county public schools and other agencies are taking part. the training exercises will happen at several
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florida. if you see something that looks serious, it could just be a drill. to be can call 911 just in case.
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soccer club player will likely make his debut tomorrow, when the lions host chicago. the lions signed star, antonio there are some good reports from practice. the italian mid- fielder is making friends... and scoring goals.
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he is still out with a leg injury. it is march madness time for u-c-f. because the knights finished the regular season with a losing record, there is only one way they can make the n-c-a-a tournament. u-c-f has to win the american athletic conference tournament this week at the amway center. they must win four games in a row, starting today. the knights play tulane... at six o clock. the p-g-a tour's "florida swing" continues today, in the tampa bay area. the "valspar championship" gets underway at innsbrook resort, in palm harbor. adam scott won the first two tournaments in the florida swing: the honda classic and the wgc-cadillac championship. but he is not in the field this weekend. world number one, jordan spieth, is there. the tour moves to bay hill for the arnold palmer invitational, next week. luanne? coming up-- a jacksonville mother is recovering... after she says her toddler shot her.
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and how that mom is doing. plus-- a group of ponies escapes in south florida. find out where they got to... before they were wrangled up. 444444444444 35 good day orlando. it's
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out of a job. "dos equis" is saying "adios" to their gray-haired spokesman. the company is dumping 77-year-old jonathan goldsmith for a different actor. so far... they have not announced who that actor is. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. first-- a jacksonville county detective is in the hospital after police say-- the person he pulled over-- shot him three times. ."jacksonville sheriff's office" shared this picture... on their facebook page. police say 19-year- old "kevin rojas" -- jumped out of his car... and opened fire... after he was pulled over. the detective was off-duty at the time, with his teenage son in the cruiser. that detective was shot in the head, hand, and upper-
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hurt. you can see the damange to the cruiser. police say they tracked down "rojas"... and shot him... after he did not drop his gun. "rojas" is alive-- and in custody. the detective... is in critical but stable hospital. a jacksonville recovering-- after she says her 4-year- the back! it happened tuesday "jamie gilt" was driving in putnam county, when the boy shot her from the back seat. "gilt" is the legal owner of the gun, and it was in the vehicle legally. but-- authorities say they are going to speak with "gilt," to determine if any charges will be filed. as of right now-- "gilt" is in stable condition at the hospital. in south florida-- a group of ponies are back home safely-- after breaking free and running along the turnpike for nearly an hour. the horses sent authorities on a wild chase-- just north of miami-dade county yesterday.
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escape--the ponies made their way into a residential neighborhood. the ponies went into backyards, and even stopped for a drink at a pond. at 5-- police are on alert-- after they say, a man tried to abduct a 9- year-old boy. jackie orozco is live in edgewater-- with the lastest on the search for the suspect. plus this-- the democrats held no punches... at last night's debate in miami. we are walking you through the biggest
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