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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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from fox 35. this is "good day orlando." good day you to. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown. here's your latest stories. >> we'll have details on what police are doing today to make sure your kids safe as they head to school. plus the fight to keep bullets away from bears. why one local county is consider a ban on black bear hunting. >> his children came from honduras where there's probably more violence than any place in this country. i say welcome those children into this country. secretary clinton said, send them back . >> i did say i'm concerned for little children coming to the country on their own. >> and the big question that hillary clinton brushed off last night.
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there. it's going to be, hot today. good morning, florida we're paving the way for wide spread mid to upper 60s. palm coast at 59 looks like 60s. this afternoon. then i say take off the coats and put on a tee and shorts. all of this rain and low pressure south of houston at bay. could ride up and over the ridge. if the ridge crumbles and breaks down by late saturday into sunday, we may deal with a rain chance by sunday.
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probably in the order of 45%. we maintain highs through the 80s with overnights balmy, possibly at times mid 60s. here's kristin with the live drive traffic. >> good morning. cars driving away from you are heading east and toward you are heading west. things are looking good up and down i-4. i do want to rind you of construction going on south of the orange county convention center. right at 528. we have construction from i-4 to the florida turnpike exit. keep that in mind as i head in that direction. taking you to volusia county. we're keeping an eye on this crash right now now causing any delays. john and amy, back to you. >> john: police are stepping up schools as a 9-year-old tried to don't tell.
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was heading to school. fox 35's jackie orozco. good morning. >> reporter: police are stepping up patrols where everything is happening. police say he was riding his bike going to school yesterday morning when that man approached that 9-year-old by. it happened at 7:30 yesterday morning. the police asked the 9-year-old if he wanted to come to his house. that's when the child fled and went back home. here is what one person told us that lives year the school. take a listen. >> that's pretty unusual. this is a pretty safe neighborhood. ymca is right across the street. i personally live here myself, i don't think there's anything unsafe about it at all. >> now, police say the man is a white male, between 5'2" and 5'8" in height, medium length
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and a long black goatee. police say he was wearing black shoes, black shorts, black tennis shoes and black sunglasses. edgewater police say if you have any information about this case. give them a call. they are stepping up patrol in the city as well. right now, final preparations are under way at the university of florida where bernie sanders holds a rally. >> the democratic presidential candidate will speak to students. doors will open at 8:00. between 4,000 and 8,000 people are expected. late this afternoon, sanders will travel to kissimmee where he will hold another rally. sanders have a lot of work ahead of him. hillary clinton continues to dominate. the latest quinnipiac poll shows clinton with a 30% lead over sanders. right now she's commanding over 62% of the potential vote.
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sanders trailing clinton by 20 points. the vermont senator said he did end up beating her. last night the two clashed in miami at a debate. >> reporter: while tonight's debate is the no the rock'em sock'em affair we've seen on the republican side there's a lot to talk about before florida's primary, including hillary clinton being asked by the moderators about whether or not she would be indicted. asked. it was done by my predecessors, it was permitted. >> reporter: if you get indicted, will you -- >> i'm not answering that question. >> reporter: the broadcast was on univision. there was a lot of talk, of course, about donald trump and a lot of jokes about his wall. >> as i understand him, he's talking about a very tall wall. right?
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the most beautiful tall wall, better than the great wall of china. >> this idea of suddenly one day, well, maybe a night, rounding up444444444444 million people and taking them outside of this country is a vulgar, absurd idea. that i hope very few people in america support. >> reporter: while his answers may have played well to a national audience, bernie sanders could have potentially hurt himself very badly in florida. the only time he was booed all night when an old clip was played of him talking about cuba. >> everybody was totally convinced castro was the worst guy in the world. all of the cuban people will rise up against castro. he gave them health care. totally transformed society. and we want to turn to the republican side of things where
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and ryan is here with a look at that. hey, ryan. >> ryan: marco rube cois trailing. this is byron york, a political pundit who worked with foxnews showing an event in hialeah. you can see the stands are completely empty. it might be a small event but why hold it at a football stadium like this. those are images that paint a bad picture. this doesn't paint a bad picture for anybody but donald trump. 43% support marco rubio. ted cruz, 16%. john kasich rounding out fourth with 10%. pressure on rubio for some to drop out of the race but the senator said he is not going anywhere.
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out of this race with anyone on earth. we're going to win florida and go on. >> reporter: but he's got to convince voters of that. right now rubio trailing trump by nearly 300. florida could go a long way in changing that if he pulls off the upset win. 99 delegates in the state and winner take all. ted cruz will be in orlando tomorrow. he'll hold a rally at faith assembly of god church. cruz will also be joined by carly fiorina. she came out and endorsed him yesterday. the second candidate to do that. john? >> john: and fox 35 is your source for the race to the white house. making stops over florida the next few days and tune in wednesday night for the results here in florida and of course you get all of your you decide 2016 coverage on our website.
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developing, out of brevard county. firefighters monitoring a brash fire that damaged some homes. the 45-acre brush fire flared up yesterday. 100 homes were threatened by the flames and four of those were damaged. >> eye friend of mine call immediate and asked me if i heard what was going on here and i said no. and she said, well, your house burned down. >> wow. firefighters were able to stop the fire. it is now 100% contained. fire crews will be staying on the scene throughout the morning to watch for those hot spots. a news alert, georgia detectives are on their way to central florida after they say a mother abducted her own kids. >> she took her to a home where another child was found dead. right now. an autopsy is being performed to determine how her 2-year-old girl died. the albany herald reports at least one person will be charged
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the three kids she was accused of abducting were not injured. breaking news, a manhunt from a backyard party that happened in pittsburgh. investigators say it all happened in the town of wilkinsburg wilkinsburg. some of the surviving victims are in critical condition. right now police believe there were two shooters but have no determined a motive. seminole county is consider an ordinance to ban hunting bears in side the county. bear hunts do little to reduce the number of bears that wander into neighborhoods, officials should lock up the trash and bring in pet food bills. 304 bears were killed in last year's hunt but only four killed in seminole county. this morning there's a push in washington to keep airlines from charging you unreasonable
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joining us is the lovely lauren simonetti. how are you? >> oil and jet fuel are low, the airlines are busy and profitable. now the department of justice is saying why are the airlines charging passengers so much money to check their bags or change their itinerary. they are looking into the situation. if they find out it's unreasonable for the flyer to change such a fee. because it's not a disproportionate cost for the airline, they want that changed. this could be good news for flyers as you pay all of that money when you go to the airport to get on the plane. we're talking about the baggage fees, all of the nickel and diming. >> mostly change of eye tinley and checked bags. >> interesting. na will be interesting to watch. you can p catch lauren on the fox business network.
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go to fox finder. >> john: the first confirmed indication of zika is in florida and the mayor set to hit the water today on that homemade raft. what he's hoping to achieve when he sails from cuba to florida.
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>> jayme: looks (vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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``@x `x4xx2,20yp,000pp>> amy: oh, boy, there we go. >> john: the mayor is heading to lake monroe at 9:00 for a trial run. he's planning to visit cuba before attempting to head on a journey as you see right there. he better wants to understand what p refugees go through on the trip from cuba to florida. also, health alert for the first
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through sexual transition. hi, lu. >> reporter: this case involves a person from polk county who recently traveled outside of the country. governor rick scott is meeting with health care workers to give them the most up-to-date information on this disease, its symptoms and how it can be treated. the vaccine is in its early stages. because of that, officials are looking at new ways to combat this virus including insecticide prays. >> it is worth continuing to try to use this method for the lack of other interventions but what the scientists said, there is an urgent need to also put in place studies to evaluate whether it has a benefit or not. >> reporter: and there is actually another factor which could make fighting zika harder than previously thought. scientists found that other
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viruses but it's unknown if those insects are able to spread it to humans. john, amy, back to you. >> john: ocala identified a set of remains found friday. >> amy: they determined it's that of thomas lombardo. officers say he was reported missing back in january. the cause of his death is still not known. >> john: got a weather alert around the state of texas this morning. especially in houston. people are being told to get to higher ground immediately. it will be a while before the area sees any relief. this storm is not expected to let up until later tomorrow. california got feet of rain. other places expecting up to a foot of rain. >> jayme: the problem the system is heading head on to the ridge of high pressure. the southeast flow, warmer temperatures and rain-free conditions we've seen for days on end.
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will this feature get. if we weaken the high and then bring in the energy out of the gulf coast and move in and increase the rain cans. right now we'll leave the rain chance for sunday at 40% and the rain chance very early 0 monday morning like when you're sleeping monday morning, looking like 20% as the system moves to the east. if we see any rain at all, i advice to keep it here, and monitor the high, incoming system. i can tell you, unavoidable. we have to tell you about it. just in case this is my public service announcement. we spring ahead, changing the clocks an hour forward at 2:00 a.m. so, i do know that. don't want to be late for your sunday vestivities, that's for sure. this morning, comfy morning temps, p.m. sun and warm will be the name of the game. it will be toasty, mid upper 80s for highs. we're already paving a way for a very warm start, 60s. low end 70s across bravard county.
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in spots that weren't warm to kick things off. daytona beach, a ten degree plus on the surging temperatures compared to 24 hours ago at this time. you see a lot of warming out there, a little cooler spot around polk county. winds out of the east-southeast, bringing in mixed skies, breezy, warm weather with 85. the drive home as we head to 5:00 still in the 80s during that time. in the gulf scene today, mixed skies, very, very nice but a toasty 3:00 tee time, 86, quite warm with east-southeast flow 10 to 20. rain chances flat today, flat tomorrow and flat saturday. looks good if you have outdoor plans. the front makesage approach over the weekend. you can see the energy stockpiling over the south. watch the high pressure center, the ramifications it has on the over all path and intensity.
6:21 am
band of shower, nothing severe. possibly. keep in mind we have ample moisture and favorable breeze. you never want to rule out isolated thunder. not cooling at all. behind the system a couple degrees by tuesday, wednesday, solid low 80s. rain chance at its peak come sunday at 40%. that's your forecast. kristen and allen, live drive traffic. >> good morning. a crash on maitlin and obt southbound. taking a look at your drive times, i-4 eastbound. and take a look at pump patrol. regular gas 1.72 at the quick mark in orel.
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gas-saving tips on our website. john, amy, back to you. >> john: local leaders are talking tolls this morning and a lot of drivers are not happy about it. >> amy: find out why adding a
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>> amy: welcome back. you're soon going to have to hand out a little more green if you want a disney dining plan. kids. i don't know if it's a night. it's all day, right? the price changes do not affect people who have already booked their plans. 6:25 right now. local lawmakers are continuing their fight to continue to pay more on the 417. >> this after they are to build a toll within a toll. they expect to have four too
6:26 am
orange county mayor, theresa jacobs discovered tolls were included in the expansion plans they approved for the 417. >> so, local elected officials have final say over what we're doing. that's better for us citizens and leave the turnpike the main line that takes you from city -- from county to county. run by the state. >> john: the state's toll plans are still moving forward as of right now. county leaders say they will continue to push for some sort of alternative. patients, deputies and doctors are busy scenes across central florida today. >> amy: it is just a trillion. we'll tell you what is coming up. plus, help could be coming from
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mcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab your crew today. hurry in and say - lemme get a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ba >> john: 6:30 on your thursday morning. "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: going to be a beautiful sunrise this morning. i'm amy kaufeldt.
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a 9-year-old boy said a man tried to abduct heim. >> john: then a two-time daytona race champion is in trouble. he's accused of punching a daytona beach officer. >> amy: plus march madness starts today. find out what the night has to do to make the big, big dance. and it's nice out there. >> nice morning out there. it's all about the wind direction southeast. bringing everybody up. especially in this area here. it's cooler each and every morning and daytona beach is at 70 degrees. yesterday this time. 58 degrees, there's a big warming and big differential compared to this time yesterday. we maintain low 70ness melbourne melbourne. that's been the case since monday. mixed skies, breezy, warm, a day ahead, featuring mid to upper
6:31 am
there we go. high pressure east of the shores and high for this thing over the weekend. for the most end. showers may craze us. 40% of us might see rain drops, a quick rumble of thunder and flash of lightning. and really warm temperatures going on. 84 monday, 84 tuesday. with bright sunshine. what else do you expect as we see another week in paradise in central florida as far as the long-term forecast is concerned. here's kristin with traffic. >> things are look good up and down i-4 from daytona beach to lakeland, we're not seeing any issues, everything is up to speed. i want to take you to this crash at obt and maitland boulevard. it's just been cleared.
6:32 am
take a look at the drive times, if you're heading west, from the 434 to fair banks that will take you 7 minutes. ewing the 408 that will take you ten minutes. john and amy, back to you. >> john: developing this morning. police are stepping up patrols in edgewater after a 9-year-old boy claims he was almost abducted. >> amy: it hand yesterday when the child was riding his bicycle to school. fox 35 jackie orozco has the details. >> reporter: it was right here where the 9-year-old boy was riding to school when he was approached the a man. it happened around 7:30 yesterday morning. the police say the man asked the 9-year-old if he wanted to come to his house. that's when the boy fled and went back home. here is what one person told us
6:33 am
take a listen. >> that's unusual. this is a pretty safe named much the ymca is down the street. i personally live here myself. i don't think there's anything unsafe about it at all. >> reporter: police say the man is being described as a white male, medium length black hair and long black goatee. police say he was wearing blackt-shirt, black tennis shoes and black sunglasses. if you have any information about this case, you are you're asked to call the police. a motorcycle racing champion is accused of shoving a police officer. >> they claim the biker pushed a woman to the ground and shoved a police officer. authorities arrested him but he's since bonded out of jail.
6:34 am
plans to race for the third straight daytona 200 championship sunday. also new details of a case of a child left inside a dare caravan for five hours. yesterday one of the workers there, one of the three workers facing charges appeared in court. 43-year-old shannon johnson pleaded no contest. >> i was not the driver responsible. . >> reporter: the document was a piece of paper saying who was on the bus. policies were not followed that's why she was left behind. that day care was fined 1 thousand and has since closed later opening a new location on west colonial drive. >> amy: emergency crews are getting ready for a disaster drill. orlando health. florida hospital, orange county sheriff's office and other schools and agencies will take
6:35 am
the training exercise take place in parts of florida. if you see something that is serious, it is likely a drill. to be safe, call 911. i'm sure the dispatchers will be very busy today. >> john: they know it's come. and help may be on the way for first responders killed in the line of duty. >> amy: yesterday, law makers passed that bill. it's called the scott pine law. if the family signs this, first responders killed in the line of duty will get money for life. the bill means that families who lost an officer after 2013 would see those benefits coming to them. (a new orlando soccer store is getting ready to make his debut. ryan has that.
6:36 am
>> ryan: it may be just one word is all it takes. he's a former ac milan star. very big name in soccer. he's going to likely play his first game from orlando city. there's really good practices. kaka will not play, so great to see him out there. kaka still working on that leg injury. imagine madness tonight finishing the regular season, the only way they can make the big dance is win the tournament this week. they go in as the number seven seed. they got to win four in a row starting today. they play the number ten seed, tulane at 6:00. tick hes still available for that. and good golf coming our way. the florida swing continues. making its way to orlando in tampa bay this weekend. value spar championship gets under way in palm harbor. adam scott won the first two legs.
6:37 am
the tour of course coming to bay hill for the arnold palmer invitational. talking before, still no word from tiger, he's usually a great commitment. they have a great field. if they had him things even better. >> amy: people like to watch him whether he's playing well or not. >> john: the race for the white house getting intense right here in florida. >> amy: candidates trying win over your vote. >> we will beat donald trump going forward. beat donald for the nomination and beat hillary clinton for the general election. >> amy: we have a fresh look at the race as we get closer to the florida primary just a few days
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>> amy: welcome back. 6:39. the presidential battle under way in the sunshine state. republicans getting their turn to sway you tonight. >> john: their debate comes after hillary clinton and bernie sanders went head-to-head in miami. >> reporter: bernie sanders came into last night's debate with a bit more swagger after his huge comeback win in michigan and it showed if he did not hold back in going after hillary clinton. >> i have introduced -- >> excuse me, excuse me. >> reporter: squaring off for the eighth time. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed over the key issue of immigration which weighs heavily on the minds of florida voters. >> i say welcome those children
6:41 am
secretary clinton said, send them back. >> he voted in the house with hardline republicans for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: both candidates vowed they will not depart children and illegal immigrants who do not have criminal worlds. clinton was also asked about the fbi's investigation into her primary private e-mail server. >> if you get indicted will you -- >> that's ridiculous i'm not even answering that question. >> reporter: after a tough loss, senator marco rubio said he's not going anywhere and is still in the race for a long haul. >> i will be on the ballot tuesday. i will campaign as long and hard as it takes. we're going win this nomination. >> reporter: the policy ls are not in marco rubio's favor.
6:42 am
florida, because florida is my place. i love florida. i employee thousands of people in florida. >> reporter: the latest foxnews polls are looking better for john kasich who is beating trump in his home state by five points. the polls not smiling on ted cruz. he's stuck in third place in ohio and florida. in washington, foxnews. and firefighters heading to new york. >> we're here to show our pride in the city and in the united states. >> amy: we'll tell you about the
6:43 am
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>> john: welcome back to good day orel. it's 6:45. another good concert in mardi gras this morning. think of the spring breakers coming down. you have mardi gras going down. it's phenomenal. >> amy: happening today. ten apopka firefighters heading to new york city to hopper
6:46 am
>> john: his uncle was a new york city firefighter. on 9/11 his entire crew died at the world trade center. lenahan thinks his uncle would have died there, too. lenahan and other first responders will take part in the second annual firefighter stair climb sunday. that's where they climb 72 floors at the 4 world trade center. >> the main reason we're going, because we are americans, we'll go and show that we're here, you know. apopka is here, and show our pride in our city, and just the pride in the united states. >> john: 343 firefighters will take part in the climb each representing one firefighter who died on 9/11. 9:46 on "good day." here's jayme king. >> jayme: good to see you. we're off to a very warm start. we started off monday. a little cooler each and every
6:47 am
thursday. we tacked on many degrees of additional warmth. you can see it showing up along the coastal areas as the winds are up out of the east-southeast. that's the wind direction. mixed skies even warmer overall on the day today. looks like mid to upper 80s for the highs. it will be breezy and we'll have moments of high passing clouds. local cloud cover. some cirrus, cumulus clouds. tied to the monstrosity of the weather system plaguing eastern texas with flooding rains. some of that may come our way. the chance of rain, is pretty low, actually in sunday. 30% to 40% at best at this time. no rain today, we know that. scattered clouds in place in the overnight hours. we fall to 64 by 5:00 a.m. on friday. here's the system.
6:48 am
go up to the north and bank around to the north-northeast. it's responding to a tremendous ridge of high pressure over the open atlantic east and southeast of the united states shoreline. if the system gets closer and high breaks down. maybe we go to a more robust rain chance for us sunday. doesn't look likely at this time. we'll get the far southern end of it. get a wiggle waggle and rain chance with the increase in clouds. a marginal chance, again 30% to 40% come thursday afternoon. you can see heavy duty stuff over eastern texas. the gulf south they are going to measure the rain in feet when it's all said and done. very focused, intense area of tropical rainfall. bottom line through tomorrow, friday into saturday, no chance at all. get out and about and enjoy. want you to stay safe and wear good sun blofrpg. the sun angle is starting to change. heating things up. again, be mindful of the
6:49 am
getting back in here. this takes us again into sunday, about 1:00, a rumble of thunder wouldn't shock me with highs sunday. very benign forecast. you see the heaviest focused over the u.s. southeast wind 10 to 15 knots, looks like 80 today. looking good and rising for most of the afternoon. for the next seven days, it's all about the 80s. here's the rain chance, 40%. rain chance there about 20%. high that day around 84. that's your forecast, central, florida. this is snap the sun. this is dan and this shot taken in st. louis, missouri. john, this should certainly raise eyebrows.
6:50 am
>> they have not seen the sun in four months. >> it's been awful that way. their winter has been a bit colder and snowier and wetter than we have. #snapthesun on twitter. we'll feature your photography live on "gdo." here's kristin with the traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we have reports of degree bris on the road, exit 4. keep that in mind, taking a look at your drive times, i-4 eastbound. westbound i-4 from 434 to fair banks will take you 8 minutes and john, amy, back to you. >> john: time to take a look at the trending online headlines. >> amy: lu has the headlines. good morning. lu. >> reporter: this reads, pentagon report justifies
6:51 am
drones over the u.s. now a report from the pentagon shows drains have been employed to spy over the u.s. for non-military missions. they say the flights are lawful, and it happened fewer than 20 times from 2006 to 2015. the pentagon publicly post aid missions. some of the reasons include search and residue, flood and fire. but the report did not include any time that a drone was used to spy on a person here in the u.s. and this is my favorite story of the day. it comes from the daily mail. this reads, bird swims 5,000 miles every year to visit brazilian man who nursed it back to life after he found it covered in oil and dying on a beach. i think they are soulmates. take a look. isn't that adorable? the brazilian man found that tiny penguin starving and covered in oil in 2011.
6:52 am
released it back to the wild never exacting to see it again. but he was shocked when a few months later the penguin returned to the island. now, the bird spends 8 months of the year on the island with its rescuer and the rest of the time, it's breeding off the coast of argentina and chile, you got to get it in. i guess. the bird is said to swim 5,000 miles every time he returns to the island. isn't that heartwarming? >> john: that's going to be a movie. disney movie will jump on that. >> amy: get on that manuscript. i can't believe that. to have that instinct. wow. >> he knows who helped him. >> john: good story. check this out. now we have ponies on the loose. >> amy: it was a wild sight.
6:54 am
6:55 am
along >> john: it's 6:55. time to take a look at headlines across florida>> amy: first an
6:56 am
19-year-old opened fire and jumped out of his car much the detective was offduty at the time and had his teenage son in the car. he was shoot t in the head and upper body. his son was not hurt. the police did track down the man. the detective is in critical but stable condition at the hospital. >> john: a mother from jacksonville is recovering after she said that her 4-year-old son shot her in the back. it happened tuesday afternoon. jamie was driving in putnam county when the boy shot her from the back seat. investigators said she's the legal owner of the gun and it's in the vehicle legally. but authorities will speak with gil to determine if any charges will be filed. right now she's in stable condition in the hospital. >> amy: in south florida a group of ponies are back home after breaking free. look at this. staging a jog down the interstate.
6:57 am
the horses sent authorities on a wild chase north of miami-dade county. during that escape the ponies made their way to a residential neighborhood. residents in the area said they saw them weaving in and out of peep's yards and stopping to catch a drink in a local pond. >> john: coming up at 7:00. are cars a bad thing maybe as bad as cigarettes for your lungs? >> amy: this is a study bringing bread and rice to lung cancer. is this something to worry about? what carbs do to our body that make them so dangerous. plus, women making less money than men. we've known that for a while. do you know how much having a child could hurt your income overyour lifetime? we'll tell you how much money a woman loses when she takes time
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>> announcer: it's 7:00 a.m. from fox 35 "good day orlando." >> john: "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here's the stories we're working on. a 9-year-old boy said a man tried to grab him while he was going to school. how police are stepping up patrols in that area. plus -- >> we have won nine state primaries and caucuses. i think in the coming weeks and months we'll continue to do extremely well. >> meantime both candidates using the debate -- >> john: bernie sanders and hillary clinton facing off in florida. today sanders heads to our part of the sunshine state. does he have what it takes to beat clinton? >> amy: also, new at 7:00, do


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