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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  March 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> announcer: it's 7:00 a.m. from fox 35 "good day orlando." >> john: "good day orlando," i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here's the stories we're working on. a 9-year-old boy said a man tried to grab him while he was going to school. how police are stepping up patrols in that area. plus -- >> we have won nine state primaries and caucuses. i think in the coming weeks and months we'll continue to do extremely well. >> meantime both candidates using the debate -- >> john: bernie sanders and hillary clinton facing off in florida. today sanders heads to our part of the sunshine state. does he have what it takes to beat clinton? >> amy: also, new at 7:00, do
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a new study saying eating too many carbs can actually harm your lungs. pretty interesting stuff. >> john: that's all over the place. i can't wait to hear from the doctors. what is the real story. >> jayme: i need to know more. no more sesame bagels for me? >> amy: it's all of that white flour they're concerned about. >> jayme: let's check the temperatures. let's talk about temps, central florida, we're looking good. nice and mild. 71 around the seashore down to palm bay and down to indian river county. temperatures are up. look here. we have thin wispy clouds on top. this will make up the forecast for today. high pressure sees some cloud cover. not as much as we saw the last couple of days. more sun in place thus warmer temperature, 85 by 2:00. 8344444444444 the 5:00. along the coastal zones as we
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craft advisory. do know that if you do boating. sunday will be the best chance of rain. forget about it. run. overnight balmy and mild in the enjoy. here's kristin. >> amy: good morning. skyfox is flying over this crash north john young parkway. the left lanes are blocked. there's three cars involved this cash and traffic is backed up on john young parkway. again this is kissimmee, john young parkway northbound at u.s. 192. taking a look at your drive times if you're taking i-4 eastbound that will take you three minutes. westbound will take you 9 minutes and if you use the 408. to down town it will take you nine minutes. john and amy back to you.
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police stepping up patrols near edgewater after a 9-year-old said he was almost abducted. >> amy: it happened as that child was riding his bicycle to edgewater public school. jackie orozco has more on that. >> reporter: it was right in this area where the 9-year-old boy was riding his bike to school when he was approached the that man. when that happened, it was around 7:30 yesterday morning. police say the man asked the 9-year-old if he wanted to come to his house. that's when police say the child fled and went back home. this is what one person told us who lives near the school. let's take a listen. >> that's very unusual. this is a pretty safe neighborhood. ymca is down the street and hawk park right across the street. i personally live here myself. i don't think there's anything unsafe about it at all. >> reporter: police say the man
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between 5'2" and 5'8" in height. belong black hair and goatee, police say he's wearing black shirt, tennis shoes and black sunglasses. if you have any information about this case, you're asked to call the edgewater police didn't. >> john: also right now. final prep under way at the university of florida where bernie sanders holds aa rally today. >> amy: the presidential candidate will hold a rally. doors are opening at 8:00 a.m. later this afternoon sanders will come to kissimmee where he holds another rally today. right now sanders has a lot of work ahead of him. the latest quinnipiac poll shows clinton with a lead. right now she's commanding 62% of the potential vote here.
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debate last night in miami. and ryan has more. >> ryan: hillary clinton was asked if she would drop out of the race if she's indicted. >> there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors. >> if you get indicted will you drop out? >> oh, goodness. i'm not even answering that question. >> ryan: that's the answer. the candidates waste no time attacking donald trump. they were asked if he was a racist. responded. >> i think the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims, who insults women, who insults african-americans and let us not forget that several years ago,
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so-called movement trying to delegitimize the president of the united states of america. >> ryan: just a few moments from last night's debate. gainesville. we have a live report coming up in just a bit. for that. >> amy: thanks, ryan. we want to bring in karl jackson to talk about in this morning. how are you, karl? >> i'm great. good to see you. >> amy: we saw bernie sanders, nobody thought he had a chance then boom, bernie wins misch gab r began. can that happen in florida? >> i don't think it will happen. it's been unpredictable because he's exciting. hillary is not that exciting. last night on that debate. that answer to jose ramos about the e-mail scandal is probably the most authentic peer of time i've seen on television with hillary clinton. i think that might help her,
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but can that happen in florida? i think it's a lot less likely to happen in florida. >> amy: it's interesting. a lot of people thought she was off her game. that bernie sanders won that debate. the other thing that came up was her connection with-to-wall street. if you're not in the pocket of wall street. release the transcripts of the speeches you gave. do you think that will happen? >> i don't think that with ill happen. hillary made a big mistake trying to out bernie bernie. you don't try to outsocialist a socialist. the only way you're going to beat a socialist is with the sense of morality. you talk about, hey, listen. i have done well and when i'm the president, i'm going to make things are a lot better for you. i'm going to create an economic environment where you'll do just as well -- probably not as well as her, but you'll do well. so, i think that's her mistake. i watched the debate last night
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i got to tell you, amy, i actually thought she did pretty good. i just don't think she's likeable. that's her issue. >> amy: let's switch to the republican side of things. trump leading marco rubio in the state of florida. last week we interviewed trump earlier this week. rubio was only 8 percentage points away from trump. now the new numbers show a huge spread. then we show this video of marco rubio on a football field, there weren't a lot of people there. what do you think is going on? >> you know, i think, amy, people are looking at marco rubio and realistically he doesn't have a chance to the white house even if he wins florida. the same is true for john kasich. what you're seeing is a slow rise for ted cruz. he's the only one able to win besides donald trump. you see a lot of people waffling. rubio has gone down in the polls.
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and he's a very good candidate and likeable guy. just going after trump and trying to beat trump devastated his campaign. i think it's too late to catch up. he doesn't have momentum. i think people are starting to say, listen. there's one man in this race that can beat trump still legitimately up until next week at least and that's ted cruz. you see his numbers slowly creeping up. i wouldn't be surprise if it would be neck and neck with ted cruz and rubio tuesday. >> amy: it's fascinating for sure. karl how do your viewers find you? >> just go to facebook. you can find me there. >> amy: thank you very much. >> thank you. >> john: and after a mother wanted for amber alert. was found in ocala. marion county deputies arrested her in ocala.
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determined how the 2-year-old tide. the albany harold reports one person will be charged. the three kids she was accused of abducting were not injured. >> john: police have identified the remains found in the forest friday. they found it is thomas lombardo. the cause of death is still unknown. >> amy: investigators say, david and three others went on a violent shooting splee that left two people dead in oceola county. one of the suspects, conrad shafer was 15 years old. damos claimed he was an innocent by stander. prosecute ors said he shot a
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allegedly stabbed him to make sure he was dead. he's due in court at 3:00 this afternoon. in brevard county. firefighters machine toring a brush fire that damaged homes. 100 homes were threatened. four of them were damaged. that fire is now contained. coming up next, a first for florida. zika virus spreading through sexual contact. >> john: we'll tell you about the local case and what the governor wants you to do. it's 7:11 and the sun is up and it's warm out there. >> the sky is up.
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dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. xxxx >> amy: welcome back. 7:14. we have breaking news on the war on terror. german prosecutors say they are in possession of files that contain personal data on members of isis. that contains information on isis. fighters, their real names, telephone numbers and names of those who sponsored them and recruited them. >> john: the white house pushing for more international sanctions
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country fired more missiles. they fired two short-range missiles into the sea early this morning defying a u.n. security council mission. >> amy: in pennsylvania a manhunt is under way following a deadly shooting in a backyard party. police say the gunman killed four women and a men it happened in a sush bush outside of pittsburgh. police believe there were two shooters and they are not in custody. >> john: got a health alert for the first time the zika virus was spread through sexual contact. >> this case involves a polk county resident who traveled outside of the country. the governor is asking the cdc to meet with health care workers to provide information on the disease and symptoms and how it can be streeted. the vaccine is in early stages
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officials are looking for new ways to combat that virus including insecticide sprays. >> it is worth to itten to use this method for the lack of other interventions. what the scientists said there's an urgent need to also put in place studies to evaluate whether it has a benefit or not. >> there's another factor that can make fighting zika harder than previously thought. scientists discover several types of mosquitos can carry that virus but it is unknown at this point whether those species are able to spread it to humans. amy over to you. >> amy: topping some local business headlines, garbage collectors can be fined if they don't make it to your house. orlando sentinel reports. they could be charged with fines of $5 a day for not completing
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and $71 million boxes of oranges were sold last fruit season, 3% more than officials projected. it's still low compared to the previous season when 97 million boxes were sold. florida citrus crops were hit hard by citrus greening which is a disease that kills the trees. and you soon have to fork out a little more green if you want a disney dining plan. regular plan is $63 for adults and 29 for kids. deluxe is 135 for adults. and 35 for kids. the price imchange does not impact those who already paid for their plan. jayme king let's see what is happening. >> jayme: temperaturing very might overall. the 50s are replaced by the 60s. i'm seeing readings from melbourne to palm bay.
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again, clouds moving through. not a big deal. cirrus clouds at this moment. way in. over the weekend will tie a rain chance to it by sunday. not a great deal. we'll break down the details and show you the golf scene. 86 by 3:00. highs will be pretty stinking warm by 2:00 and not hitting highs just yet for the day. looks like 85 during that time. we have the breezes again, a little breezy from time to time. 83 for the drive at 5:00 and only down to 76 tonight. tonight, a few high clouds and temperatures moving to the 60s. as we draw to the weekend, talking saturday, sunday, specifically. this thing gets a little closer but it all depends on how strong this remains and how weak, how weak our high pressure center on the shores of florida comes saturday and into sunday.
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shoot on up to 50% or 60%. right now kristin and i leaving the chance at 30% to 40% to account for this thin ribbon of moisture. starting to go up to the florida big bend. naturally it would move this way, sweeb on through and start to increase the clouds and rising rain chance during that time. here's a live look at what is going on. here's the accuweather visit orlando cam. we are overlooking again, i-4, the drive area and overall, it's been a decent morning and looks like a heck of a day ahead. do you better on the temperatures, if you're looking for warmer air, we've got it. 86, quite breezy and down come the temps and rain chance comes in at 40%. watching it all. stay tuned for updates. that's your forecast with and here's kristin with the live
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>> things are looking good eastbound. we're accident free this hour. taking you44444444444. we still have this crash causing some delays on the northbound lane of john young parkway because of the lanes blocked at 192. that's in kissimmee, northbound john young parkway and taking you over to wind mere, we have a lane blocked at winter garden road and magnolia park court. i want to show you our drive times if you're on i-4 eastbound from lake mary to cone yawl. that will take you 21 minutes. eastbound from the attractions to down town will take 15 minutes and using the 408 from 417 to downtown takes 11 minutes. and regular gas is 1.65 on oakridge road at the sunoco. check out gas saving tips on our website. john and amy, back you to. >> amy: thanks, kristin.
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>> john: coming up why your favorite breakfast food could increase the risk of developing lung cancer. follow us on twitter at fox 35 news. if you want to tweet us, put in
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost
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10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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. >> john: 7:23. got a consumer alert. corona is recalling some beer because the bottles may have glass in them. the company has not received injuries but it recalled select packages of clear 12-ounce bottles. the volunteer recall affects one tenth of one percent of beverages on the shelves. new research links carbs to lung cancer. >> the researcher said eating things like white bread or rice increases your chances by 1%. people who don't smoke may be at
7:25 am
we have foxnews jean /- deena here. >> it's shocking. to hear there could be a connection to lung cancer, really? >> it does sound strange. let me tell you what the science says. it believes high glycemic index. foods that sends your blood sugar up right away. white bread, white rice, pasta triggers your ince len and that increases a hormone. that particular hormone has been previously linked to lung cancer. that's the issue. and in this study. they found it in association. in other words, it wasn't really cause and effect. it's low scientific but found a strong association for people who have the high glycemic index
7:26 am
and you're right, it's even smokers. we know smoking is linked to the majority of lung cancers in our country. lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer, killing 150,000 americans every year. so, it's something serious. and now they are making this dietary link with foods that are high glycemic index. some of our favorite foods, pretzel, popcorn. >> amy: all of the stuff we love. how do you know if you have a high glycemic index. should that be your barometer whether or not we should cut back? we know we should cut back on them. i suppose. >> when you reach out to doctors, do they say you probably shouldn't be eating all of my favorite white foods. the doctor would say yeah. we're finding a tremendous problem with too much sugar. if you do love your bagel, eat
7:27 am
fiber to help slow the digestion pros eggs. that's the key to lowering your glycemic index. there are a ton of ways to figure out what the high gi foods are. but you kind of know foods that have very little fiber, high sugar. so we're talking about sugary drinks, and foods like the bread, the pastas, and some of the sweets that we like so much. so, if you're going to enjoy them. try and enjoy them with fiber so you can slow the body's die jegz digestion process and keep blood sugar at a reasonable level>> amy: good stuff. thanks, always good to talk to you. >> bye, amy. >> john: coming up next a new effort to protect black bears from bullets. >> amy: one local county wants to stop the bear hunts. it's 7:27 and look at this view. just beautiful.
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a lot of people as we >> amy: and welcome back.
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thursday morning. great temperature out there. already 66 i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. here's the top stories. >> amy: first a local mayor preparing to float from cube florida to cuba. plus, why he is taking that risky journey. >> john: plus a mother shot in the back while driving her pickup truck. police say her 4-year-old son did it. >> amy: and why do women make less money than then in our financial expert joins us to explain why your kids could be part of the blame for the gender payback in this country. >> john: jayme king has the weather. >> jayme: your temperatures 85 by 2:00, and tonight only down to the mid to upper 70s. during a bit of transition, everything tied tightly to the ridge of high pressure.
7:32 am
the last four, five days controlling the temps, and winds and skies and keeping rain chances at bay. we have one over texas. pouring over the south. some energy may get in here by sunday. maybe 40%. part of the seven-day. 60s and 71 along melbourne beach in palm bay. southern bravard county a smidge overall earlier today. pretty robust ties. solid 80s will go down a bit. rain chance comes up 40% at best. maybe an isolated thunderstorm popping up by sunday afternoon. otherwise, looking good. party on and get outdoors and take advantage of the weather as of late. nice and warm out there for you. here's kristin with the live drive times. >> good morning. we have a crash west of i-obt causing backups on clone yawl
7:33 am
towards the international airport we have a crash near trade port drive and land street road. that's just near the airport. looking at our drive times, it will take you 23 minutes. eastbound from atracks to down town will take 19 minutes and from 408 to down town will take you 13 minutes. john and amy, back you to. >> amy: bernie sanders is bringing his campaign to central florida today. >> john: thousands of people expected to attend a rally in central florida after a firely debate last night. gary tinny has more on that. >> reporter: bernie sanders came in with a bit more swagger, and it showed, in going after hillary clinton. >> i have -- >> excuse me. >> reporter: squaring off for the eighth time last night. hillary clinton and bernie sanders clashed over the key
7:34 am
weighs heavily on the minds of florida voters. >> and i said, welcome those children into this country. secretary clinton said, send them back. >> he voted in the house with hardline republicans for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: both candidates vowed they will not depart children and illegal immigrants who no do not have criminal records. clinton was also asked about the investigation into her private e-mail server. >> if you get indicted will you drop out? >> it's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> reporter: after a string of tough losses. senator marco rubio said he's not going anywhere and is still in this race for the long haul. >> i will be on that tall let tuesday. takes. we are going to the white house. we are going win this nomination. >> reporter: the polls are not
7:35 am
the latest foxnews polls show donald trump leading by more than 20 points in the sunshine state. >> if i don't beat marco in florida. florida is my place. i love florida. >> reporter: and john kasich is currently beating trump in his home state by five points. the polls not smiling on texas senator ted cruz. he's stuck in third place in ohio and florida. in washington, i'm gary tenny. >> john: and you can tune in for your results and get your you decide coverage on our website >> amy: happening, mayor berry putting his rasking skills to test.
7:36 am
trial run. he plans to visit cuba before he attempts to make the journey in a raft he built himself. he wants to better understand what refugees go through on that contribute from cuba to florida. we'll be live from lake monroe with more on his trip. a substitute teacher accused of being drunk on the job is on bound. >> john: that teacher was bonded out of jail yesterday. police say she was drunk. authorities noticed her closing her eyes and stumbling. they found alcohol in her water her purse. she's charged with public intoxication and child any next. she's since been fired. >> amy: officers day a biker pushed the woman to the ground and shoved and punched an officer late monday night.
7:37 am
he's since bonded out of jail. according toy-to-a report in "cycle news" he plans to race for the third straight daytona 200 championship saturday. >> john: also seminole county fighting to keep bullets away from black bears. county leaders say hunting does little to reduce the number of bears that are wondering neighborhoods. instead officials say home owners should lock up their trash and bring in pet food bowls at night. 300 bears were killed in last year's hunt but only four seminole county. also financial help could be on the way for first responders killed in the line of duty. a bill that changes the state's pension plan son the way to the governor. yesterday lawmakers passed the bill known as scott pine law. if the governor signs it they'll get 100% of that officer's
7:38 am
>> we have a mother and a widow, in an orange county sheriff's didn't, who would not let the memory of a man go without doing something about it. >> if you put on a badge or hop on the back of44444444444 truck, strap on a gun every single day, to keep my family safe, i owe it to you to keep your family safe as well. >> john: that bill is retro active to 2013. that means families who lost an officer after 2013 will see their benefits increased. >> amy: authorities waiting to hear if charges will be filed against a florida mom shot in the back by her son. >> john: the big question, how did the child get his hands on the weapon. ryan hayes more on that. >> ryan: one reason they don't know the answers they haven't been able to talk to the mother. this happened tuesday.
7:39 am
under the back seat. she was driving in putnam county when her son shot her in the back seat. gill is the legal owner of the gun. deputies want to question why this happened and whether the mom could have prevented it or not. >> it is definitely an accidental shooting. there was obviously no criminal intent on the part of the 4-year-old to intentionally shoot his mother. did she take every step necessary to keep the gun out of his hands? that's the part that remains under investigation. >> john: deputy will speak with gil to determine if charges are filed or not. she's not able to speak to investigators, we're waiting to get interesting questions they will not be able to answer. aimpy and john. >> amy: we all heard about the gender pay gab. do women make less money because they are women or because they stay home to be a parent.
7:40 am
we're here to discuss the parent pay gab and inequality in the workplace. happy thursday and we'll be right back. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande
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america runs on dunkin'. >> amy: welcome back. we want to say hello to lori hallowway. you're the fox friend of the day. there's a new friend every day. just go to facebook and search out fox 35. >> john: this morning we're hearing a lot about the gender pay gap.
7:44 am
more pay for things like maternity leave or child care. how much do they lose out on if they choose to stay home. lu has more on that. good morning. >> if a woman stops working to care for a child they can earn $400,000 less than men over their careers and women who typically live longer than men have less to show for it in their retirement. so, what can be dwooe about it? i'm here with certified wealth strategist. >> good to see you. >> so many women deal with this issue. you say, i want to stay home but don't want to loose out on career and money that comes along with that. >> exactly. about? >> women earn 39 cents for every dollar a man makes which is so unfair. what happens, we put less money in retirement. taking time off to have a baby, care for a child.
7:45 am
aging parents. that's not fair. so, when researching, i found if a woman takes one year, delays her -- having a baby by one year, she can add 1% to her overall earnings. >> you're kidding. >> i don't know second year, third year, et cetera. a study said an unmarried woman, unmarried man, no kids make the average of the same amount. more. these the recent study. but moms make less than unmarried women. but dads earn more than unmarried men. >> is that because the mom is staying home and dad is going to work? >> i don't know. bottom line. find a great wife and have a baby you'll be at the top of the pay scale. >> that's interesting. are we talking about a parent gap or parent gap? >> that would be the gap i just mentioned but the parent gap,
7:46 am
from school, and you have to go home, and take -- pick up your him. who does it, you or dad? >> me. >> you do. the woman always does. ha happens, over time you may end up taking more time off. you're going to make less money. you're not as attractive to employers because they know you have young kids at home. >> and the day you take off could turn into a week or two. >> exact limit now, more and more dads are taking time off. what is more interesting, if you have a wife earning a higher wage than a husband, who takes the time off? is there a decision made? so that parent gap is more about who will take care of the kids and how they are going to do it. i found a lot of two working households have nannies. i had a nanny. a lot of my clients have nannies. >> so you can keep earning the same amount of money. >> exactly. your nanny picks up your kids, takes them to school.
7:47 am
home, do dinner, home work, et cetera. that way, both husband and wife can work their full jobs and not have to take the time off and it's a far more -- >> that also costs so much money. raising kids, have a nanny, all of it if you decide to become a parent will cost you in the pocket. >> exactly. how much? at least a quarter of a million, up to age 18, minimum. even more. >> that doesn't include college. right? >> doesn't include college. >> oh, boy. all of the parents i'm sure they have tons of questions. where can they find you? >> our website. >> good to see you. >> a new orlando city soccer club star ready to make a badu. antonio nocerino will likely play his first game. there's good news. the italian midfielder is making friends and scoring a whole lot
7:48 am
kaka will not play. injury. here's jayme with your accuweather forecast. >> jayme: it's all about the need, the need to sneeze. solid 9. feel it amy. you've had very powerful sneezes. she just turned a shade of pink. solid 9 is the way it goes. i would like to purge it all and that would require a tremendous rain chance. there's a chance sunday at 40%. numbers down. if you're feeling awful, miserable, sneezing your head i feel you. i have a little of that myself right now. at least we've got good weather and sunshine. uv index 8 or 9. that goes from high to very high. so, if you happen to be a lucky dog out at the coast. maybe you're doing the golf
7:49 am
greens, wear a lot of sun block and protect your skin. the sun angle is beginning to change some as we get out rapidly into the warm weather season. you know what happens with that. sunburn can be unavoidable at times. do protect your skin. 60s, 70s. clear sky, breezy, warm weather on the way today. some gusts could reach 20, 25. rip current still a big issue at east central florida beaches. be safe out there. big high pressure here, big low pressure. difference between two have vast. the winds will crank up pretty good. if the high breaks down, we allow this system to come in here at full speed and full strength for the weekend. it doesn't look like that will pan out at least at this time as we see the high becomes very, very dominant. as this feature comes out of texas and tries to make an impact on the area, begins to dwindle dwindle. starts to melt away.
7:50 am
you can see no vigorous convection or thunderstorm activity within that. so we'll go with showers at this time and update you as info comes in. we want to do a spot check. good morning ocala. fort mccoy looking good. high passing clouds high today in the mid 80s. that's pretty much set in stone for the bulk of us. gainesville, lake okeechobee. looking good, breezy with the afternoon. all right. this is 7:50 weather. baby. are you kidding me, lucas? boy. i've never seen someone in a necktie look as good as him with cake all over his face. >> amy: the next time it's a no shirt look. >> jayme: we'll show you at the break. lucas lucas, visit our website at here's kristin with our traffic. good morning. >> lucas is definitely my
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he's so cute. taking you to altamont springs, i-4 looking westbound. again, this is at the 436 looking westbound in altamont springs, seeing a lot of congestion there. taking you down to kirkman road. we have this partially blocked lane right there at colonial drive. it is causing some back-ups on kirkland, keep that in mind if you're heading in that direction. take a look at drivetimes, i-4 eastbound from john young parkway to down town. is six minutes. westbound from 434 to fair banks, 14 minutes and using the minutes. john and amy back you to. >> thank you, kristin. coming up heroes honoring he rose today. >> john: how local firefighters are stepping up for a good cause.
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town, the >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando" coming up at 7:55. the brevard zoo has a new addition to the animal family. can this be any cuter. this baby giraffe stands at 6'4". that's tall for a baby giraffe. the zoo said the mom and baby will stay behinds scenes until they are ready to make a debut. it's the second baby giraffe in four months. a female giraffe was born last november. he's a cutie pie. happening today ten apopka first
7:56 am
city to honor the firefighters. >> brian lenihan feels close to the firefighters. le died fighting a fire three months of about before the september 11th attacks. his crew died in the world trade center. he feels his uncle would have died there, too. lenihan and other firefighters will do the firefighter climb444444444444 sunday. >> i think the main reason we're going, because we are americans. we'll go and show that we're here, and apopka is here, and, you know, show our pride in our city and just the pride in the united states. >> john: 343 firefighters from around the world will take part in the climb. each representing one firefighter who died on 9/11. we have two more hours to go
7:57 am
>> amy: all new in our 8:00 hour we'll take you live to lake monroe where a local mayor is getting into a homemade raft. he wants to practice for his trip from cuba to florida. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work
7:58 am
almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
7:59 am
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ththe e weweekeklyly a ad,d, b bogogosos anand d cocoupuponons.s. ththreree e eaeasysy w wayays s toto s savavee atat t thehe s samame e plplacacee yoyou u loloveve t to o shshopop.. pupublblixix. . whwherere e shshopoppipingng isis a a p pleleasasurure.e. . welcome back to good day. it's 8:00. >> here are the stories we're working on for you. gainesville will be feeling the burn this morning. all new, live at university of florida, the democrat is expected to speak to thousands of supporters on campus. >> fwlus, the app that local schools are using to get kids ready for kindergarten. >> and ewe're live on lakeman


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