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tv   Good Day 5am  FOX  March 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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why shop anywhere else? fill your basket with walmart's pevery day low prices and get big savings. start shopping with walmart's every day low prices today. and see what you could save. here is a look at this morning's top stories. news-- 4.... shutting down eastbound lanes. we head out to the latest.
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shot at donald trump during last night's debate.... for his controversial ents on muslims. the florida senator trying to sway voters..... with his campaign at stake when they head to the polls on tuesday. plus... adding insult to injury. u-c-f fires its head coach.... right after losing their last game of the year. hear why the school says he had to go. but first, let's get
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t more breaking
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motorcyclist has been rushed to the hospital after a nasty crash. this happened on north nova road.. near international speedway boulevard. here is video from the scene-- where you can see the motorcycle is stuck under the car. there is no word on the condition of the motorcyclist.. or if anyone else was hurt. this is the second crash on nova road in the last week. it comes --as "bike week" wraps up this weekend. in seminole county... several people are recovering from burns.. after a house fire. this is happening on boyer street... in lonwood... just south of the 4-34. firefighters say several people were burned, but they are going to be o-k.
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you decide 2016-- fresh off of last night's debate-- ted cruz and marco rubio will be in central florida today. there are just four days left before the florida primary. later this morning... cruz will speak at a rally at the "faith assembly of god church" on curry ford road. he is expected to be joined by former presidential candidate carly fiornia.... who threw her support behind him earlier this week. meanwhile ... marco rubio will be in kissimmee tonight for one of the biggest g-o-p fundraisers in florida. rubio will appear at "lincoln day dinner". governor.. and presidential candidate bobby jindal will deliver the keynote speech. rubio and cruz still have ground to make up if they hope to win florida on tuesday. a new "suffolk shows donald trump with a commanding percent support. rubio is in second... with 27-percent... followed by ted cruz with 19 percent... and john kasich with 10- percent. last night... the in their final debate primary. it was a lot tamer than the previous
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candidates remaining more focused on the issues than each here's fox's 35's mike
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crime alert-- a man
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phone film under girls' skirts inside an orlando "publix" . this is video of wesley irwin-- after he bonded out of jail police say he was arrested... thanks to the help of an alert shopper. happened during incidents back in officers say irwin placed his phone in a and put the basket videotape the girls. police say a shopper saw irwin on both occasions. that shopper noticed something was not right the and when it happened again.... police say the shopper got his number.... and
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the police. they say irwin confessed to the crime. deputies are releasing a sketch of the man they say tried to grab a 9- year-old boy in volusia county. this is the man the volusia county sheriff's office says they are looking for. deputies say he tried to lure the boy into his car wednesday morning. it happened as the 9-year-old was riding his bike home from "edgewater public elementary". fortunately he managed to get away. in brevard county... we have an update this morning on the two brothers...who were hit by a car while riding their bikes. this morning f-h-p says the 15-year-old twins are both in stable condition at arnold palmer hospital. f-h-p says they were hit yesterday afternoon-- near "merritt island high school." troopers say the boys were in a crosswalk... when they were hit by a truck... turning out of the high school. the driver says she had a green light... and never saw the boys.
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driver will be charged. florida highway patrol is still investigating the accident. the basketball season is over at u- c-f.... and the program took it a step farther announcing that a coaching change was needed. athletic director, danny white, says it is time for a change. donnie jones is out, after six seasons as the knights head coach. he had a record of 100 and 88. this year the team was 12-18 overall and only 6-12 in the conference. u-c-f had to win the conference tournament to make the "big dance." but the knights lost to tulane, at the amway center, even though u-c-f beat the green wave twice in the regular season.... the mens and women's coaches will now have 2 coaches. five people are dead this morning... as storms slam the gulf coast.
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could be on the way. plus.... a state of desperation.... a woman crashes her car in a ditch.... and water comes pouring in. how deputies were before it was too
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. i'm hillary clinton and i
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it's too late. flagler county deputies rushing to help a woman... overturned in a ditch.... her car filling with water. take a listen. it happened yesterday, in the city of "bunnell" in flagler county. deputies say, the woman's truck had overturned into a
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they say-- she was in the car for over 40 minutes before she was able to get to her phone and call for help. soon after-- a deputy arrived to break her free. the sheriff's office says-- that deputy- ...named "aaron beausoleil" ... has only been on the force for a he said-- making the rescue was a "good feeling." story... the miami. the four remaining candidates... are fighting for support ahead of tuesday's primary here in florida. bud hedinger of "good morning joins us live to talk about it. bud... last night's debate was a lot more calm than previous ones.. trump was subdued. rubio did not attack trump.
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bud.. donald trump says ben carson will endorse him today-- are you surprised? you can listen to
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orlando" --every morning from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on f-m 102.5. developing at this
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former first lady --nancy reagan -- will be laid to rest today. more than 3 thousand people paid their respects yesterday... y her casket at the ronald reagan presidential library. reagan died sunday of congestive heart failure. she as 94 years old. a 78-year-old man is facing charges after he was caught on video punching someone at a donald trump rally in north carolina. fox news reports--john mcgraw was arrested yesterday...after police say he punched someone being escorted out by police. the man stumbled up the stairs and fell to the ground. mcgraw is charged battery and disorderly conduct. are dead-- after flooding across northern louisiana. 18 inches of rain have fallen in some areas of the bayou state. the storms have also hit tennessee forecasters to three inches of rain in the next few
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sunshine state could take a toll on your wallet -- when it comes to car insurance. a new study ranks florida pretty high on the list compared to other states. ranked florida came in eighth on the list by "insure dot com." floridians are paying an average $1,654 annually for insurance. that's $329 higher than the nationwide average. michigan took the top spot for the third year in a row. montana, new jersey, louisiana and oklahoma rounded out the top five. the justice department says there is "probable cause" --that a locked i-phone used
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contains evidence of the eventual attack. in a new court filing-- the feds say the government and the community -- need access to the phone. they say apple must comply with a court order to make the device available. the justice department will hold a hearing on march 22nd.. to argue their case. ld you pay 50 rs.. to watch new movies at home? napster co-founder sean parker is reportedly backing a startup called "screening room". it aims to let customers rent first-run movies that are still showing in theaters. variety reports... customers would have to purchase a secure anti-piracy box.... for 150 bucks. then.... customers could rent movies for 50 dollars... and would have a 48-hour window to watch it. the search for a suspect that never existed... that's the story in polk county. coming up.... the tall tale one girl told.... that police say
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almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i approve this message we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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i'm luanne sorrell. here are the stories we are working on this morning. delays on your morning commute. a deadly crash shutting down i-4 eastbound. we head to the scene-- for details on what happened-- and we will tellyou how to get around and... we are just days away from the the candidates voters. coming central leaving with support. plus.... a fight breaks out onboard los angeles. find out the role music played-- in passengers coming to blows.
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t 4 days left until the
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are going all out to secure votes. 2 candidates will be here in central florida later today. both ted cruz and marco rubio will have local rallies today. fox 35's andrea jackson is live at the the details. ted cruz will speak at a rally at the "faith assembly of god church" on
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their tour of the sunshine state. sanders... making a
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washington. sanders trails hillary clinton by large margins in the polls here in florida. but reminds voters he was also down big in michigan.... a state he won earlier this week. meanwhile... hillary clinton rallied voters in tampa yesterday. during her speech... she talked about creating equal opportunities for all americans.
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more than double the amount of tt\\\\x\\xxxhh8hhhh@h@ hhxhx delegates. a news alert. authorities are searching for two kids taken from brevard county. 2-year-old paris, and 4-year-old patrick scott, have been missing for days. their mother says they are with their biological father, 28 year old patrick scott junior. he does not have legal custody of them. he lives in texas-- but he was in town this week. the childrens' mom let him visit the kids on wednesday, at a motel" in merritt island. before he left-- he told her-- he was going back to texas with the kids. we spoke with a neighbor --who lives by the kids and the mother. the neighbor went on to say the kids
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and quiet. but now-- the silence around their apartment-- does not feel right. news alert.... an 11-year-old girl is facing possible charges this morning... after lying about an attempted abduction. it was back on tuesday... an 11- year-old girl said she was walking home from school when a man drove up alongside her. the girl claimed he tried to lure her into his car. but it turns out.... the girl made the entire story up. investigators say she did it because she was tired of walking a mile home from the bus stop. officials say the girl faces a misdemeanor charge for filing a false police report. happening now.... the florida budget is sitting in the hands of state lawmakers. legislators are set to approve the more
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during today's sessoin. part of the plan includes 20-million dollars-- to help downtown campus. years.... it appears and republicans will support the spending plan. governor rick "pastor protection bill" into law. it says clergy members are not required to perform any marriages--that are against their religious beliefs. headlines this the magic try to stop a losing streak. their west coast road trip, tonight. the magic have dropped their last three games. the last time out, lakers 107-98. tonight, they play at the kings. the game starts at time. every win they can get. the magic are five and a half games out of the playoffs. the gators in action, at the s-e-c tournament in nashville. they played arkansas thursday. this game was close throughout. but the gators brought the energy. florida wins, 68-61. u-f plays top-seed
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noon, in the quarterfinals. round two of the "valspar championship" starts this morning in the tampa bay area. world number one, jordan spieth, got off to a rough start in the first round, yesterday. he shot a 5-over 76, tied for 118th. there is a three way tie at the top. keegan bradley, ken duke and charles howell "the third," each shot four- under 67. more than 100 soliders are back home-- with their families this morning-- as they return from overseas. hear what they have to say about finally coming home. plus this.... a brawl breaks out in the cabin of a packed plane. find out what lead to flight attendants
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families in central florida this morning. they came back to daytona beach-- after a 9-month deployment to afghanistan. the soldiers belong to the 1st battalion 265th air defense artillery. the group's primary
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provide security. a fight breaks-out plane! it happened after angeles. luanne joins us with the backstory. witnesses say two drunk wome refused to turn down their "tunes." and they were waving the speaker in the air, asking other passengers: "what are you going to do?" things escalated quickly. several women were pulling each other's hair, pushing each other, even throwing punches. the flight attendants were trying to break it up. airport police got on the plane, and arrested all five women.
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eventually released. no charges were filed. one person got a ticket. no one was seriously hurt.
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trending headlines. the first one comes from the "huffington post". it reads "florida governor rick scott embarrasses himself, and america, on national tv" scott was being interviewed on m-s- nb-c's "morning joe" when he was asked about one of trump's most recent comments. during an interview with c-n-n wednesay..trump said that he "thinks islam hates us."
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asked for scott's opinion he avoided the question. they then asked him two more times -- to no avail-- leaving listeners wondering how scott felt on the matter. your last headline comes from "business insider" it reads "president obama compared isis to heath ledger's joker in 'the dark knight'" president obama was quoted in "the atlantic." he was talking about his foreign policy. but--he compared isis to "the dark knight." the president says the situation is like the scene in the beginning of the movie-- when the gangs are meeting. the thugs have their kind of order and turf..but the joker--who he compared to isis-- comes in and "lights the whole city on fire." in the movie-- the joker is total chaos and unpredictability...wh ich is how many see the threats and techniques of isis.
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and attendant are now facing charges... after leaving a special on a bus. investigators say-- him two different times!
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time to tmaking headlines around florida.
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a bus driver --and a bus attendant-- are busted... accused of leaving a special needs child on a bus by himself. polk county deputies arrested these women: bus driver gale brown. and attendant gwendolyn simmons. they are both charged with child neglect. this video shows t 13-year-old-- trying to get off the bus through an emergency exit in lake wales. and... deputies say he had to walk and hitch-hike to get back to his home in davenport. deputies say brown and simmons left the boy on the bus not once-- but twice in one week. investigators say the pair failed to follow protocol, because they did not check to make sure the bus was empty. the "hulk versus gawker" trial will continue in st. petersburg today. the former wrestler wants 100-million dollars... ...because the website published a sex tape of him, and the ex-wife of his best friend. yesterday... a university of florida journalism professor took the stand on hogan's behalf. he argued the site broke "ethical guidelines." but--gawker's attorneys suggested he was
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modern journalism. in pinellas county-- a family's home gets a military makeover. back in 2013... corporal devin kyle was injured in combat while serving with the marines in afghanistan. the home makeover was all possible thanks to a show on lifetime... which helps military families in need. here is a look at the stories we're working on for you in our next hour of first-- a deadly crash causes a big traffic mess on i-4. troopers shut down all of the eastbound lanes at fairbanks avenue. cars are now getting past the scene. we have an update on this traffic alert. plus: you decide 2016. we are live outside a church in orlando, where senator ted cruz plans to hold a rally later this morning. and we are tracking all of the candidates, ahead of the crucial florida primaries. then all new: a wild cougar attacks a koala at a zoo. find out why zookeepers are not
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see done to the cougar. plus your weather and traffic updates. it is all coming up at
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> it's 6 a 030 a.m. this is good day orlando. >> the 06 clock hour is here. >> we made it to the end of the week. here's a look at this morning's top stories. deadly crash on i-4 this morning as shut down the east boup lanes near downtown overnight. we'll have details. plus. >> last night you told cnn quote islam hates us. did you meet all 1.6 billion must luchls. >> i mean a lot of them. >> i know a lot of people find appeal in what donald trump says. the problem is presidents can't say what they want. >> marco rubio taking a shot at donald trump last night. we'll hear more on the controversial comments. and more on where they will be


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