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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it's 6 a 030 a.m. this is good day orlando. >> the 06 clock hour is here. >> we made it to the end of the week. here's a look at this morning's top stories. deadly crash on i-4 this morning as shut down the east boup lanes near downtown overnight. we'll have details. plus. >> last night you told cnn quote islam hates us. did you meet all 1.6 billion must luchls. >> i mean a lot of them. >> i know a lot of people find appeal in what donald trump says. the problem is presidents can't say what they want. >> marco rubio taking a shot at donald trump last night. we'll hear more on the controversial comments. and more on where they will be
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>> it was kind of tame last night. >> ucf firing its head coach right after they lost their last gham of the year. >> brooks tomlin here to look at the weather. we always get excited for a friday weekend. >> what do you mean short weekend. >> we lose an hour. >> it makes a difference. >> it does. >> we'll lose that sunlight of hour in the morning, but gain it in the evening. so kind of best of both world. >> brooks tomlin in for jail my king. >> temperatures rank from the 70s into the mid to upper 50s. clear clear. >> of course all the eyes for us have been not our fair weather it shall system over the gulf coast looks like it will bring rain chances over the woked. not a wash out but rain chances
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one thing we do have this reported. one mile reported in gainesville. two miles in sanford, right on the lake there. another the st. johnson river. watch out for low visibility. forecast, once again, just like yesterday, very warm day. high temperatures make it into the 80s. 87 degrees the forecast high as we go through the afternoon. seven day forecast is coming up. >> a live look right now from sky fox, you can see this is the crash that shut down eastbound i-4 at fairbanks. but we are told it is row opened. you can see emergency crews are still out there. if you're going through this area we do have one lane that is still closed because of this fatal accident on i-4 eastbound at fairbanks. it is slowing things down. again, sky fox is over the area. we did see significant
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still moving slow. so give yourself extra time if you are taking i-4 eastbound in the winter park area. we have construction that goes on this afternoon from 8:00 in the morning to about 4:00 in the afternoon. eastbound from for most aavenue to daed avenue, we'll have a lane closure there. >> take you 3 minutes. westbound i-4 from the -- if you're using the 408 to downtown it will take you nine minutes. ryan and amy back to you. >> let's get back to the deadly crash on i-4. lanes have row opened but the investigation has continued. >> show has the latest on that. >> reporter: good morning to you. you know, the crash happened just after 1 o'clock this morning right here along i-4.
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you can see the extentst damage caused by two vehicles in this crash. it appears that a black car had rear-ended the jeep. the jeep had minor rear end damage, but the black car was completely mangled. ed we're still working with fhp. this happened between exit mile marker 86 and 87. all the eastbound lanes were closed. of course we'll keep you updated on any new information. fox 35 news. >> jackie, thanks. following a number of breaking stories. >> luanne is back with us now, she has details on overnight fire and pretty nasty motorcycle crash. >> ryan and amy, good morning. the motorcycle crash in zero lush acounty. boulevard. another daytona beach. it looks pretty bad. that motorcycle is stuck underneath the car.
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condition of that bieshg or if anyone else was hurt in this crash. this is actually the second crash on nova road in the last week. it comes as bike week wraps up this weekend wroochlt several people are recoughing from burning this this is happening on boir week in long wood just south of the 434. firefighters say ther going to be okay. in orange county police need 16-year-old. this is armando van dyke. boulevard. authorities say he was on his way to a local fitness center but never arrived. he is 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighs 250 pounds and he was last seen on a red, white and blue motorized scooter and shorts. this is the latest from the breaking news center.
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>> definitely a lot going on this morning. fresh off their performances in last night debate which was civil, they will be in central florida today. >> there are four days left now before that florida prime aeroon tuesday. she is outside the cruz event. high andre, good to so you. >> as they approach soup tuesday for florida. ted cruz will be appearing at an event this morning. faith assembly of god church. he is expected to be joined by carly fiorina who444444444444 threw her support behind him. rubio will appear at the republican lincoln day dinner, former louisiana governor bobby
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rubio and cruz still have ground to make up if they hope to win florida on tuesday. donald trump has a commanding lead with 36% support. rubio in second with 27% followed by ted cruz with is the% and john kasich with 9%. debate. it was more -- they were more focused on the issues than each other but that did not stop marco rubio and ted cruz from attacking the front run err. >> islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims. i mean a lot of them. >> he says what people wish they could say. the problem is presidents can't say anything they want. >> at donald's rallies recently he's taken to asking people in the crowd to raise their hand and millennial their support to him. i've got to say to me that's
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>> happening later today, former president ben carson scheduled to hold an event in west balm beach. he is expected to throw his support behind donald trump. back here the doors will open at 10:00 this morning. event begins at 11. sean hannity will be here, as well as former presidential candidate carly fiorina. >> big names out there. 6:08. orlando police think a man used his phone to film under girls skirts. >> investigators say he was arrested thanks to the help of an alert shopper. this happened in two separate incidents. he placed his cell phone inside a shopping basket and put the basket close enough to videotape under the girls' skirts. police say a shop err saw irwin
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that shop err noticed something wasn't write the first time and when it happened again they got his license plate number. he did confess to the crime. >> update this morning on two brothers hit by a car while riding their bikes. the 15-year-old twins are both in stable conditions at arnold palmer hospital. they were hit yesterday afternoon. they were at a crosswalk when they were hit by a truck turning out of the high school. the driver say he had a green light and never saw the boys. >> i just hope they're okay. i'm praying they're okay. i mean, that's the big thing right now as long as they're okay, everything will be okay. i'm so sorry. so shake ep up. >> there's no word yet if the driver will be charged orpt. florida highway patrol is still investigating that incident. >> five people are dead this
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to slam the gulf coast. >> more devastation could be on the way. >> plus -- >> she was trapped, she was hanging upside down and water was coming into her truck. of course, that would be a frightening situation for anyone. >> it was a state of desperation, a woman crashed her car through the ditch and the water started come in. how deputies were able to get to her. brooks. >> ryan, you were talking about that storm along the gulf coast. here it is, bringing in ap a
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. >> welcome back. there is a move i for everyone at the box office. >> i'm not sure this one is for me. >> sigh fye flick, 10 clover field lane brings a new monster of a movie that will keep audience on the edge of their sheets. >> saush acohen. a faith-based film tells the
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something for young kid dose, u toep yeah. >> central florida first responders putting their live on the line before it is too late. >> deputies rushing to help a woman. she was overturned in the ditch. her truck filling in with water. truck. >> are you able to get out of the vehicle? >> i can't. >> okay, stay on the phone with me, okay? >> i need help. >> you can hear the panic in her voice. >> flagler county up north. woman overturned in the ditch over six feet deep. she was in the car for over 40 minutes before she was able to get to her phone and areef for help. soon after a deputy arrived to break her free >> he said i'm going to use my baton to spash the window. that's what he did. he and another deputy that had arrived pulled her out. >> what a story.
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deputy's name is aaron. he has been on the force a little over a year. he have said making the rescue was -- >> developing at this point former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest today. reagan died on sunday of congestive heart failure. 78-year-old man facing charges after he was caught on video punching someone. john was arrested, you can see right here, the incident here, some of it was on tape. someone said that he punched as he was being escorted out by police. the man stumbled down the stairs and fell on the ground. he is being charged with assault and battery. at least five people have died after storms braupt heavy
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18 inches of rain have fallen in louisiana. forecasters are predicting another one to three inches of rain over the next few days. brooks, that is some serious color going on there. louisiana the cool thing about guardian weather live radar we can zoom in anywhere. you can see a moisture continuing. this is what we call training when the rain continues to dump on the same areas. this system is very strong, not moving much today, so one to three inches more? might be more like five, six, seven more inches in some spots of louisiana. around here, man, the only bad weather with quote unquote we have is low visibility right around the st. johnson liver, lake monroe, nothing too dense, but again,
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folks, it's going to be a warm day again today and going to be warm all the way through the next seven days. we do increase our rain and storm chances saturday, sunday, monday, best chance on sunday, but not a wash-out. i think you'll like the forecast. again, we spring forward sunday morning. outside, enjoy it, the last work and school day, early sunrise for a while because this time monday morning it will still be dark. 63 degrees looking like from our camera. light winds this morning where we do have calm winds. same thing in o cal la. they'll pick up again from the southeast. just like kirs continue said, not as strong as the last few days. look at that, 71 mel burn. titusville, even 57 right now at the swamp.
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though there's this major weather system, no real cold air. 42 could be cold in st. louis but for what they could be seeing this time of year, nothing cold. there's nothing coming down the pike here in florida. looks like the bulk of the moisture will transport north of central florida. today, very warm. southeast winds and dry. tomorrow, 10 or 20% chance of showers. looks like the bulk of the rain stays back to the west. sunday, looks like that's where we'll see our best chances of rains and thunderstorms, but no wash-out at all. pretty nice. by monday, warm up once again and start to dry out. 87 degrees today with, man, sun and clouds and warm breezes. overnight tonight, lows back down into the 60s. here's your accuweather, 7-day forecast. 80s all the way through the next
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best shot of rain on sunday, with about a 60% chance but not a wash out. >> good morning, sky fox is flying over the fatal accident in winter park. it shut down i-4 eastbound. right now the news is that one lane is shut down and three lanes are open. that's good, but still seeing flashing lights, emergency crews out there. this is i-4 at fairbanks, eastbound lane. be careful of these crews that are out there. so this was the fatal accident, it did shut down all lanes for a little bit there this morning. but again, just one lane shut down right now. taking you down to kissimmee, we do have a crash on obt and osceola parkway. not causing any delays. john young parkway to downtown will take you three minutes. westbound i-4 to fairbanks, seven minutes.
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patrol saving you money. regular gas is 1.73 at the 71-11 and remember, you can check out gas saving tips on our website. fox 35 >> 6:19 this morning. you might be able to rent move is at home. that could be an option before they go to theatres. the justice department is pushing apple even harder to unlock a terrorist cell phone. >> in the latest development between the fbi and justice department vers us apple, this is the latest. the justice department says there is probably cause that that cell phone used by the san bernadino terrorist aattack late last year does contain information about that attack.
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another story, this is a fun one to bring you, would you pay 50 bucks to watch a movie at home, brand new movie, the same day it hits the big screen in the theatre. not only would it be $50 to watch it, you'd also have to spend $150 upfront to get a special box to get you that movie. this is a project being called the screening room and backed by shawn parker, you know him from facebook. back to you. >> thanks, lauren. >> would you rent a movie like that? >> why not? >> the pop corp is a lot cheaper at my house. >> not as good -- there's nothing like movie popcorn. >> much more still ahead. we're going to talk about a happy homecoming here in central florida. >> 130 soldiers back home with
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more than a year in afganistan. >> we're glad they came back home safe. >> coming up next we'll have more on the very emotional return. >> 6:21 right now.
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look at that 444444444444 >> 6:24. the basketball season is over at ucf. the team lost a close game and fired their head coach. danny white said it's time for a change. he coached six years for the knights. he was a long time assistant to billy donovan as well. >> they were 6-12 in the conference. they were favored to win but ended up getting beat by a tule lane game. apparently danny white said that's enough. so men's and women's programs will have new coaches at ucf. >> this is a wild story out of california >> it is, cougar breaking into a see and killing a beloved koala la.
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cougar saw her as an easy target and attacked her last week. security cameras have recorded it before. foot walls. >> they are calling for wildlife officials to relocate the cougar to a more rural area. >> 130 soldiers back with their morning. >> they came back to daytona beach after 9 month deployment. 266th avenue defense are tellry. >> excited that he's finally back home. we're glad they came back home safe. >> no injuries, no deaths sustained, not only to our soldiers but also to the civilians as well. the group's primary mission in afganistan was to provide security. >> that is great news. news alert, authorities
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missing from bref ared county. find out where their mother
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they might
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. >> so glad you're with us. we lost our flash i open. what happened to it? who needs the flash hey open. >> aim amy kaufeldt. >> friday morning sunrise, which is better. he glad you're with us. a lot of busy stories. the presidential candidates on the debate stage. they'll be there central florida today trying to win over last minute voters. >> multiple motorcycle crashes overnight. bike week continues this weekend. >> plus a plane lands and fists start flying before it lands. this scene looks like something out of a wrestling movie. all women. we'll tell you what caused that. >> they were more civil during the debate last night than on the plane.
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hey brooks. >> good morning vsh everybody. at least until we hit late this year. it's a pleasant morning outside. look at that, 71 right now in brevard county. most of central florida, starting off very comfortably in the 60s warming up into the 80s. looking back to the west, major storm system, not a lot of severe weather but a lot of rainfall. some folks have seen 15 to 20 i inches of rain since this event began. the good news for us, that system should mostly head north of us. that's good news. seeing improving visibilities this morning, that's good news. won't see much more fog. here's your forecast, a delightful day, if you like the warm conditions, who doesn't. 87 degrees the afternoon high,
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breezes little bit less than recent days. let's check on your morning drive. hey kirstin >> good morning. they're flying over the area where we saw the bad crash this morning. it blocked all eastbound lane right here at fairbanks. they're all open. this is new development, all lanes are back open. we did have all lanes blocked about an hour ago. i do want to take you to earlier video of the crash. we do know that two vehicles were involved. again, it was a fatal crash just after 1:00 this morning and all lanes were blocked on i-4. now everything is back open, so know issues there. i do want to take you to a crash now in kissimmee where we're seeing delays here on obt and osceola parkway. you see indicated by the orange, some slowdowns there. taking a look at your drive times, i-4 eastbound will take
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if you're using the 408 to downtown will take you 9 minutes. ryan and amy back to you. >> thank you. two motorcyclists hurt in two separate crashes. >> this happened miles apart during bike week. the first crash happened on nova road near the speedway. >> jackie joins us live. >> good morning, guys. it was pretty nasty because according to officials the biker went underneath the car. >> let's take a look at video so you can see how bad the crash is. as of right now we do not know the condition of the motorcyclist or the other driver. the motorcyclist stuck underneath the car.
6:34 am
this is the second crash nova ride. around 5:30 this morning we saw another crash. that video also involved a motorcycle. that happened, again, around 5:30. and again, about four miles away, just right here, happened on international speedway boulevard and at that mocha forms road. one lane is shut down as crews were treating the motorcyclist. we did see that driver, the emergency crews there treating his legs and he was taken on to a stretcher and into an ambulance as well. again, that one lane was shut down. traffic was building up as well. all of this comes just as bike week is wrapping up this weekend. so again, troopers are urging drivers to look out for motorcyclist and drive carefully out there. again, two car crashes all this morning. again, we'll stay on top of this
6:35 am
how everyone is doing. reporting live, jackie, fox 35 news. >> thank you so much, jackie. you decide 2016, fresh off their performances, ted cruz and marco rubio will be here in central florida. >> they get right back at it, four days left before the prime air. ted cruz will be speaking at a rally on faith assembly god church. >> carly fiorina will be thereafter throwing her support behind him earlier this week. sean hannity will be there as well. marco rubio will be in kissimmee. he'll appeal at the republican lincoln day dinner. bobby jindal will deliver the key note speech there. rubio and cruz still have ground to make up if they hope to win florida tuesday. donald trump has a commanding lead but not as big as some
6:36 am
john kasich also in double digits at 10%. >> on the tment side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are both continuing their tour of the sunshine state. >> sanders visiting kissimmee where he talked about making changes in washington, d.c. >> why should we have the worst level, highest level of wealth in income inequality. combrie should we have the -- why should we have the highest rate of child of the poverty the answer is people on top have enormous power, they are very greedy, they want more and more. i intend to try to change that. >> our open dana jay sitting down with sanders yet. clinton trailing -- >> during her speech, she talked about creating equal opportunities for all americans.
6:37 am
president to break down all the barriers that stand in the way of anybody fulfilling his or her potential. you see, i think we realize america's potential and we make it possible for every american to actually acheech his or her -- >> right now clinton leads sanders by more than double digit the amount of dell gates right now. >> news for you this morning. authorities searching for two kids, they were taken from bev ared county. they have been missing for days now. their mother says they are with their biological father, 28 scott injury. he was junior. the children's mother allowed them to visit wednesday in merritt island. before he left he told her that he was going back to texas with the children. we spoke with a neighbor that
6:38 am
>> that seems really sad because she seems like a good mom. >> and now she is worried about getting them back. >> yeah. i hope them come home safe. >> that neighbor went on to say the children are well behaved and quiet. the silence aren't thaer apartment does not feel right. >> the magic trying to stop this nasty nasty losing. >> tonight they play the kings. game starts at 10. orlando needs ever win they can. >> gait tors in action. they played arkansas on thursday. gators bring the energy late, p win 68-61. today at noon they'll at this point things off in the quarter finals. we talked about ucf losing,
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woman who called deputies for help is now in trouble with the law herself. >> she told authorities that an armed strange err was trying to rob her. find out why the investigation her. it is 6:38. you're watching "good day
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>> greated look this morning, 6:42. >> looks like the saraha desert. it really does this morning. >> i love the vantage point. going to be hot. >> july in jewel in town tonight. show starts at 8:00. >> woman who reported fighting off an armed stranger who was trying to rob her is now in trouble with the law it he self. >> chemicals arrested 5 they say the incident was actually part of a drug deal and not a random act of vials. the drama unfolded. two women said that a man got into their suv, pointed a gun at a 2-year-old and tried to rob them. deputies say she was not innocent in this.
6:43 am
charges including child neglect. >> he will not race after all in tomorrow's race. daytona beach police arresting him late monday night. he's accused of punching a police officer. officers say he pushed444444444444 to the ground. he released a statement saying he is deeply remorseful for what happened. it was never his inch fence to hurt anyone. he commented in a magazine that he intended to race. >> this morning orange county police are investigating an electro cushion. they found a man on the ground. he fell 40 photo after he was electrocuted. he was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators have yet to relee his name. >> there is a big recall for frozen pizza, lien cuisine males. >> we'll have the details on that in your consumer alert. a fight on a plane, five women getting into it.
6:44 am
were pulling hair, throwing punches. >> can you imagine seeing that.
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the reason they were mind. >> all five women will eventually released. one of them got a ticket, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt here. it was all over a boom box. who still has a boom box? who place it on a plane. >> how long would you let that go on. especially if you have kid. >> what are you going to do, break it up. nonsense? >> if my kids are there, i'm moving on. >> that's a hot mess. they need to put bounceers on planes right now. >> flight tend ants trying to break it up. >> wow. 63 degrees. warm stretch. >> it has. brooks is here to tell us more
6:49 am
that sunrise is beautiful. >> it is beautiful. we're going to be seeing -- this is the last sunrise for standard time on a weak day until we hit november so enjoy it because tomorrow morning, one more day of standard time, by the time we hit sunday, we get one more hour of daylight in the evening, it will be dark still this time of morning. >> good morning everybody, friday morning, march 11. let's get your day started. temperatures in the 60s in the i-4 corridor. little warmer right on a 1 a. >> here are your weather headlines. warmth continues for today. it's going to continue for the next 7 days. high temperatures remain in the 80s. the only fly in the ointment. rain chances saturday, sunday, monday. best possible chances for storms, will be on sunday.
6:50 am
morning. outside, gorgeous conditions, looking life downtown orlando. 71 in mel burn, 67 in titusville, in the 60s, i-4 corridor. cool spot -- >> there's no real cold airener in the united states. even in the upper mid-atlantic it's 61 degrees, one degree warm err than here. temperatures -- >> i want to show you this, this is a water vap por imagery, it shows ut storm system in the gulf, it's trajectory. a lot of times we see storms move east, northeast, that's when we see heavy rain here. the good news this trajectory of the storm is headed to the north so all of the rain should stay far away from central florida until sunday, that's when we have a chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms.
6:51 am
whether 7 day, today, glorious. high of 87 degrees, little cooler right on a 1 a. weekend high, mid-80s. 20% chance of rain on saturday, up to 60 percent an monday, but not a wash out. have the umbrella handy. we start next week with high temperatures remaining in the kristin. >> sky fox flying over i 40 heading west, approaching all the month springs. the big crash that we were telling you on i-4 east on fairbanks has been cleared. all lanes are back open. i do want to take you out to volucia county, seeing slowdowns boulevard. no crash, but this is in the right-hand lane before i 94. springs are moving slower. >> taking a look at your drive times.
6:52 am
fair bakes will take you 7 minutes. westbound -- ryan, back to you. >> kristin, thanks. >> the first one will get you scratching your head. wounded war yer projects topics he cans reportedly firing. >> they have been fired after accusations that they spent money meant for charities on parties, hotels and travel. this came after the charity came under fire after cbs news investigation in january revealed large amounts of spending on investigation, meetings, schedule. how bad was it? according to their tax form spending on conference meetings went from 10 million in 2010, to 26.2 million in 2014. >> usa today, reads the internet
6:53 am
de-obama -- the internet is dubing it true-obama. they've also been seeing cracking jokes and sharing laughs. they have an inside joke about a trump presidency. even their wives are enjoying each other's company. couple on line headlines for you. >> looked like a fancy party. >> a bus driver and bus attendant are accused of leaving a special needs child on the bus not once, but twice. you'll be surprised to learn what this child had to do to get
6:56 am
. >> welcome back, 6:56. >> we'll start, bus driver and attendant accused of leaving a child on the bus. gail brown and attendant gwendolyn simmons are both charged with child neglect. 13-year-old trying to get off the bus through an emergency exit in lake wales. deputies say he had to walk and then hitch hike to get back to his home. they left him on the bus not once, but twice in one week.
6:57 am
protocol because they did not check to make sure the bus was indeed empty. >> the hulk versus gawker trial. the former wrestler wants 1 hundred million dollars because a sex tape was published against him and -- >> he argued the site broke ethical guidelines. but gawker's attorney suggested he was being out of touch with modern journalism. >> in -- check this out. back in 2013 corporal did he have von was injured in combat. the home make over was all possible thanks to a show on lifetime which helps military families in need. >> all new at 7:00. coughing, sneezing, itching eyes. pollen county through the roof right now. al lettering i specialist cleesh
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>> it's 7 a.m. from fox 356789 this is "good day orlando." >> it is the 7:00 houshgs little after a george us sunrise this morning. it is friday morning. >> museum ryan like a. >> glad you're with us on this 7:00 hour. >> want to start with jackie orozco. >> multiple motorcycle and car crashes in zero lush acounty early this morning i'll have the conditions of all those drivers coming up.


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