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tv   Fox 35 News at 11  FOX  March 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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this video taken off the coast in dana point, orange county, california. next at 11, could the latino vote decide who wins the florida primary on tuesday ? details next. >> and massive crowds of protesters and supporters clashing at a donald trump rally in chicago, forcing the gop front runner to cancel that event over safety concerns. >> right now on fox 35 news at 11. >> and good evening, everybody, i'm bob fryer we're going to gin tonight with a look at all of the craziness at that trump rally in chicago tonight. heated exchanges on both sides, inside and outside of that donald trump event in chicago tonight. getting heated the massive rally thousands larged. escalated so quickly it forced donald trump to cancel it event,
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dangerous to continue his plan and encouraged people to leave in peace. the events cancellation only lead to more craziness outside. [ crowds yelling ] >> you ski the protesters scuffling with police officers outside of the venue. it looks like some of the police there in riot gear. trump spoke via phone with on the record and had this to say. >> uh, it was a big rally and a tremendous rally with tremendous people but i just don't want to see people get hurt. any people on either side. you know, we have such a divided country now, it's been so divided under this president and i've been saying it for a long time. >> donald trump is soon going to be en route to ohio where he is set to speak in daytona tomorrow. got some breaking news now coming out of flagler county, a deadly head on crash near flagler beach. wow.
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cars here this as i said this is a deadly accident, it happened on a driftway terrace that's right off the a wub a in flag br beach. again we know this is a double fatal. we'll bring you the very latest once we get more information. this is a head on crash and a double fatal. so unfortunately our prayers and thoughts with those families tonight. mean time an 88 year old woman is also dead. her companion of 25 years is ciewz od killing her accused of killing her. carl lang is now sitting behind bars. tracy jacim has more. >> police cleared the scene here on dora avenue just a couple of hour ago but they arrested 89 year old carl lang this afternoon, but just book him tonight on the second degree murder charge. crime scene tape, investigates, the medical examiner and remnants of what neighbors tell us what was the quit, happy existence of an elderly couple
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what police tell us happened here today ended that existence in an instant. >> it is sad when you get to this point at this age that person felt they had nothing else. >> police tell us they showed up here on dora avenue at about 2:00 p.m. today at the request of a relative. when they got here, they say they found 88 year old roads mary getz dead, shot in the head with a gun. lang told the police the two had made a murder-suicide pact. it's still unclear if police showed up and stopped lang from killing himself, or if lang never planed to do so. according to a police report, they prevented lang's access to a fear arm on a nearby table. >> i was watching nancy reagan's funeral and came out because my dogs were barking at the helicopter when i walked out and saw the helicopters and wondered
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they were a very loving couple. um, his health was failing, you could see that, but he was a very determined guy. he was on a walker. and he would do everything he could. >> police chief tell me that lang corawp ated with investigators from the get go answering all their questions, there's really no other way to describe it, and that's how all the neighbors we spoke to a you heard describe it. tracy jacim, fox 35 news. >> tracy, thank you. new tonight a man is behind bars after allegedly using heroin department. police say they found 35 year old samuel lying unconscious in the bathroom appearing to have just injected himself. they also found measuring spoons, small plastic baggies and a sur itching. after being released from the hospital - - charged with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia. we've got some video that was just released today.
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the stabbing attack that happened at universal orlando on new year's day. >> guests could not believe what they saw. here as par of that attack caught on camera. >> the state attorneys office just released this surveillance video from universal orlando. trrn shows 42 year old glenn ferguson in the blue shirt running from 33 year old frederick torres in the green shirt. it was apparent threa result of a work place dispute. orlando police say on new year's day, torres stabbed ferguson in the neck and in the head with a pair of scissors, causing serious injuries. the attack happened near the two lagoon area at islands of adventure, a park guest took this cell phone video which shows security guards pulling torres off of ferguson. ferguson run away and sits dazed on the ground. guard hold torres until a police officer puts him in cuffs and hauls him away. police say torres attacked the
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being fired from a similar job the day before. both men were contractors working at the park up until when torres was fired. torres is charged with attempted murder and ferguson is still recovering. i spoke on the phone with robert bow rae tell me he visited glenn two week ago and he still has a way to go to recover. >> participating in a dog fighting ring ajudge found mona cumberland and renaldo bell, both guilty of fighting and baiting those animal in apopka home back in maine of 2014. cumberland was lifning at the home, but she told the just judge she was not involved.
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a year in jail, she asked for some time to settle her affairs and the judge denied her request. >> i this understand this is not something you want. i understand444444444444 difficult situation for all the people involved but the fact of the matter is given the criminal history and the facts i've heard, i'm not inclineed to do that, especially considering you've been on notice. >> cumberland and bell are just two of 26 people arrested in that dog fighting operation. another case of the zika virus that arrives in orange county now. the florida department of health says that brings the total number of cases in our state to 59. and again, all of these are travel related. four of the cases do involve pregnant women. health officials are asking all pregnant women to avoid traveling to infected areas. on the last day of the legislative session, florida lawmakers have signed off on an
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the state of florida. the plan is now on governor rick scott's desk d spite him not getting everything he wanted lawmakers rejected scott's plan to set aside 250 million-dollars for business incentives. the governor was also looking to cut taxes by 1 billion, but lawmakers only approved about 129 mill scwhrun i'm going to look for duplicate services, look for thing we can save money where we can't get a return on investment. >> during the 60 day legislative session, nearly 250 bill were passed including legislation on new water policy, restrictions on abortion clinics, over hauling the death penalty and repealinga ban on unmarried women and men from living together. they can do that legally now. the trial for a florida man is ciewzed in an alleged bomb plot has been put on hold until july. >> a federal judge granted postponement for 24 year old
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his attorneys. he's accused of conspiring to dote nate a bomb at a florida keys beach. the plot, the fbi says, was inspired by the islamic state terror group. suarez charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. rick scott signing a bill to remove the statue of confederate general edmond curby smith in the u.s. capitol. critic say it's an attempt to erase southern history, bought new statue is headed to the hall, each state is allowed two. and a manatee named goose free at least last. released that manatee back in the wild. goose spent three months in orlando after being rescued from a power facility in charleston, south carolina back in december. rescue officials put a satellite transmitter on the manatee to make sure he follows proper migration patterns next winter.
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to insure that he follows that pattern. bob. >> sonni, thank you. now that he is back on earth, astronaut scott kelly says he's going to enjoy it in his retirement. kelly who just got back after spending nearly year aboard the international space station made the announcement today. despite stepping down from his astronaut duties, in fact, kelly says he's going to yiew to assist nasa in a twin study ri he participated in when his brother mark kelly was here on earth. scott kelly holds the record for the most consecutive days of an american, through 40 days. kelly has spent a total of 520 dies during his four career flight. his retirement goes into effect april 1. florida's primary - - we'll have
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>> we are just days away from florida's primary and with every eye on the sun shine state, steve harrigan take taking a look at how the puerto rican vote could decide who gets all 99 of our delegates. >> the numbers could reshape the nation. each week 1,000 puerto ricans
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latin owns from outside america, puerto ricans are u.s. citizens, eligible to vote. in central florida, swing region of the swing state, they are a growing force to be reckoned with. >> we are a big influence in this election year. it just depend on what candidates we choose. that's the one that is going to win. >> florida now has one million puerto ricans, double the number in 2000, almost equal to the number of cubans. a quarter million puerto ricans have moved to the main land since 2008, one-third of them settling in florida. many are professional, suburban home owners who often register as independents. >> so many of the puerto ricans who have moved over here recently, they don't really have strong feelings about political personality. >> which means puerto ricans here are being courted for all size, first-time voter de anna who says she is shopping around for a candidate.
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ricans including myself might be influenced on what that person is offering to us. >> just how high are the stakes? >> the swing vote in florida is the latino vote. so yes, community here is going to decide who the next president is. >> some say it could come down to towns like kissimmee where the fastest growing voter group comes to get fresh-baked kasitos. >> take a look now at some of the stories trending across our country tonight. involved at least 20 peoplal. a mother denying she had anything to do with the incident, police say she faces several charges including resisting arrest and criminal trespassing. over in new mexico, authority say one of two convict who escaped from a transport van has been captured.
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marshall service announcing joseph cruz was taken into custody after a short foot chase. cruise has been serving a life sentence. lionel claw remains at large - - . >> we are at a moment in history where technology, globalization, our economy is changing so fast and this gathering south by south west brings together people who are at the cutting edge of those changes. >> the festival has become a show case for high tech and
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last three decade. glenn? >> forecast in central florida looks good, looks like some changes as we go through our upcoming weekend. a shot of rain is on the way. radar is currently rain-free. brewing out to the west, rain - flooding going on across portions of alabama. however, the good news is that this real heavy consistent rain is now moving out of the areas like louisiana and mississippi where they've seen anywhere from 1 to over 2 feet of rain over the last four days. very impressive. 68 right now in orlando, 71 melbourne, 68 in leesberg. our winds have definitely eased up. they're currently running light out of the east and south east, humidity very high, running 90% in sanford, 85% in clairemont, 82% in ocala. there will be some fog round first thing tomorrow morning, it's not going to be real wide spread, but with humidity level that high now, you just know and our computer models indicate this will happen by around 4 to
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to form. 68-degrees right now, south easterly wind currently at 6-miles per hour. today we have a high temperature of 85. normal highs should be 77 so that's way out of whack, 8-degrees warmer than normal. 62-degrees the early morning low also running well above the norm, which should still be in the mid-50s. a cold front's going to move on in, stall out, fall up right over us. we have sunday, rain shower painly again on sunday afternoon, and sunday evening, and then we'll keep thing warm as we get into next week. 72 in tampa, 76 in pensacola, across the u.s. everybody is on the warm side, temperatures mainly again in the 50s and 60s all through the deep south eastern u.s. the computer model real quick, tomorrow partly cloudy sky, fine day. watch as we get into the day on sunday, area of showers dissipate over night, first thing in the morning. then as we go into the morning, latter part of the morning and the afternoon with the heat of the day, showers will begin to build, best chance of rain as
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especially north but u along the east coast, brevard and volusia county. right now look like the best chance of rain between 1 in the afternoon. and 8:00 p.m. on sunday. as we go through the weekend, don't forget to put those clock forward one hour before saturday night. for day light savings time. >> glenn, thank you. orlando city fans coming out in force to support the lions who took on the chicago fire tonight and fox 35's adam shadoff joining us. he's got all the highlights. adam. >> hey, bob, you know on sunday in the season opener orlando city had a draw. it was a 2-2 draw and fans left the sit citrus bowl feeling pretty good about things. tonight it was a chicago fire,, another draw, one to one, maybe a little bit more disappointing. fourth minute kevin molino crosses to kyle - - immediately roofed into the net, what a goal. larin picking up the scoring right where he left off in the first game, 1-nil orlando city.
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>> i don't see any reason why we can't get 20 goals ch. bigger, stronger quicker than this time last year. >> contested first time in the match, fire header punched over the cross bar, that's a nice save. fourteenth minute lions get caught on a massive counter attack. beating seth heinz swats one past, low and away, it's hard to get to so we're tied at one. 32nd minute of play. harrington a nasty tackle on brek shea, harrington gets a straight red card, he's ejected. shea would get up and keep playing. second straight game of the lions opponent has had a red card so we're tied at one at the break. in the second half, lions absolutely dominate. they finish the game with 13 shots compared to 10 for the fire. they had 65% possession on the
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two posts and about a minute of play. first it's pedro, then kevin molino with a pass to larin who just miss and that was that. this game end in a 1-1 draw that feels more like a loss. >> we have a loss, we'll regroup, we have to be better we will be better i can promise you that. >> rater cruel game. last week we come back and it feel like a win, and this one kind of feel like a loss. >> so italian mid-fielder antonio - - makes his first-ever start. he played about 60 minutes for the lions tonight. he did play well. he should start to see a little bit more time as he gets a little bit more acclimated and get more fim fit. orlando city now has a little bit of time as well before they head on the road for their first road trip of the season, friday in new york city. for now from the citrus bowl, adam shadoff, fox 35 sports. >> coming up, actress jessica alba, honest company coming under fire.
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longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. >> fox 35 news is brought to you in part by the nation law firm. >> trending tonight, some of the stories that are hot right now online, the cleveland browns have kept heisman winning
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started just eight games for the browns who supported him through a lengthy stay in rehab last year. actress jessica alba's honest company is pushing back against at wall street journal report calling them reckless. the journal says the company's laundry detergent contains a harsh cleaning agent that can irritate the scene. that ingredient, sodium laurel sulphate. the444444444444 company denies it, and says it's a put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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>> warnl weather continues, 86 for tomorrow, 84 on sunday with a chance for some rain in the afternoon, theb as we get into next week behind this cold front not go to be any cooler. temperatures remain in the low to mid-80s and again day light savings time does start up on sleep. >> sure we do.
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the good day crew on the weeke >> today on "tmz" -- >> isn't this perfect, kim kardashian's daughter is afraid of social media. >> it's got to be a bit of a crisis over the kardashian house. the kid doesn't want to be on social media. that's what the family is all about. >> can you imagine, he's going to have to go to college! >> cesar milan, the dog whisperer, is in trouble for something he did to a pig. >> the training was to be around pigs to try to get the dog to be nice so they use a pig basically as bait. >> delicious bait. [laughter] sorry. >> the browns officially cut


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