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tv   FOX 35 News at 10PM  FOX  March 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> announcer: now, on fox 35 news... >> you took him from us. he was a child. >> a local teen found shot on a sidewalk. >> a family's emotional plea to find his killer. >> a nasty crash snarling traffic on i-4 in orlando tonight. >> tonight investigators are looking into a body pulled from a lake in orange county. >> and fox 35 goes one-on-one with marco rubio. >> florida is very difficult, so... >> a little more than a day before the florida primary. >> i'm still looking for the hidden camera. >> as donald trump stumps in the sunshine state tonight. >> a little. little. little marco. >> it looks we dry out and really crank up the heat this week.
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coming up. the news starts now. >> announcer: right now on fox 35 news at 10:00... >> a violent weekend in orlando culminating in a heartbreaking death of at 15-year-old boy. thank you for joining us. >> kirstin: kate burgess spoke with the victim's family and joins us live at the orange county sheriff's office with their story. >> reporter: tonight a desperate plea from sheriff jerry demings and this teen's family asking for any information about his murder. >> he was a child. he was 15. lived. they took him from us. >> gathering with orange county sheriff's deputies and community leaders, and 21 davis' family made an emotional plea about information who killed this 15-year-old boy. >> if anybody knows anything about what happened, who was involved, who was around, please come forward. >> deputies found the teen dead
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intersection of north lakewood avenue and and anderson place just after midnight. he had been shot in the head. to help get the word out, the family gave us this picture, him smiling, holding the first fish he'd ever caught while fishing at star lake. his family told deputies antwoine had been fight building other teens in the neighborhood but there are no other leads. davis' aunt is demanding justice. >> this is not even a portion of the family that you took him from. he was a child. you had no business taking him from us. >> kirstin: deputies are asking for any information related to this case from the public. anyone who might have been driving by, may i have seen the teen on the road, names, phone numbers, anything that can give this family some closure. >> the sheriff's office is investigating a murder at an
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star road late last night. a 33-year-old was found dead at the silver hills apartment complex. deputies say he was shot to death. witnesses reported seeing a silver car flee the scene. deputies are still searching for a suspect and are asking anyone with any information to give them a call. >> tom: and take a look at this. a major backup on i-4 tonight. this is a live look. i-4 at colonial drive, web lanes coming at you there. a pickup truck overturned in those westbound lanes, near the colonial exit. brought traffic to a crawl. it was at a standstill earlier around 7:00. orlando police say the driver of the truck is in critical condition at the hospital. investigators say he was swerving through lanes when he hit a construction barrier head-on. developing tonight, orange county investigators trying to figure out how a dead body ended up in the lake insurance winter park between i-4 and orange avenue. emergency crews got the call about 10:00 this morning. a helicopter and a boat also
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cops not saying how the body end up there yet but we will let you know when we hear any more on this one. >> kirstin: we've learned the names of the two people aboard a small plane that crashed in clermont yesterday. the pilot was dean shaeben and the passenger was james kos. it happened yesterday morning. police say both were licensed pilots but dean was flying the plane at the time of the crash. no word on why the plane went down. >> tom: no surprise but donald trump is more than doubling up marco rubio in the latest florida poll. it's a new poll of likely florida g.o.p. voters. it shows trump with 45% of the vote, rubio 22%. ted cruz pulls in 18%. john kasich has 8%. rubio crisscrossed central florida, including a stop in the villages. >> kirstin: but before he recall idea the crowd, he spoke
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david is missed in studio. >> reporter: he looked me in the eye, saying he is very confident he will win florida on tuesday. he's trying to pull support away from trump. >> scott walker in wisconsin. scott in south carolina. the list goes on and on. why are there so many young -- >> he spoke on his usual talking points, working class families, national budgets, and social security. rubio got several standing ovations when he talked about the conservative strong points, although he gave no specifics on how any of the plans he proposes will work, but only did he say he will win florida but i also asked him about the outbreaks of violence that have happened at donald trump's recent rallies. he had pointed words to say about donald trump. >> donald trump, if he's our nominee, we're going to lose to hillary clinton, and i'm the only one running who can stop for donald trump. a vote for any other candidate but meet in florida is basically
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>> then speaking on trump, what are your thoughts on those protests that are happening at his rallies? >> the protests, a lot of them are professional et protesters and people don't have a right to disrupt events but i think he deserves a lot of responsibility for what's happening here. his rhetoric is over the top. today he's saying that he's going to -- wants to pay the legal fees of one of his supporters who sucker punched a protester. he's being reckless and irresponsible and divisive in his language. it looks bat. it looks bad to the world but it's casting a terrible light on the conservative moment. >> during the rally, there was quite an interruption when a man stood up and screamed at rubio and the crowd, take a listen to this. >> most elections are a choice between a political party and another political party. >> that's enough. i have to tell everyone the truth. marco rubio tried to steal my girlfriend. he did.
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same way anymore. >> that's all right, hey. we don't beat up the hecklers in our events. >> the man you saw there was peacefully and quickly removed from the event. tomorrow rubio is expected to be in jacksonville, melbourne, and west palm. we're live in studio, david williams, fox 35 news. >> kirstin: today donald trump was in boca raton, drumming up last minute votes for tuesday's primary. he took jabs at both ted cruz and marco rubio. listen to a part of what he had to say. >> and he comes in with a bible, right? and he lifts the bible. and, by the way, i win with the evangelicals by a lot. because they know i'm legit. but ted comes in with the bible and raises the bible, puts the bible down, and then he starts lyin'. so it's lyin' ted.
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marco, what we did, no, no, no, no, he's little. liddle. >> kirstin: trump will be at the tomorrow. you spell little. one of his most vocal supporters was in the sunshine state today. sarah palin stopping by the florida strawberry festival and she says trump is the right man for the job of president. >> he is, in all the good ways, the outsider who hasn't been a part of the problems that we're facing today. >> tom: pal i know endorsed trump in january. trump is scheduled to hold a big rally in tampa tomorrow. >> kirstin: one person is dead after being hit by a car while walking down u.s. 1 in volusia county. florida highway patrol says the woman was hit and killed by the driver of a pontiac. the driver told troopers that she didn't see the victim. fhp is investigating and charges are pending. >> tom: a flagler county inmate is dead after apparently having
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it happened not long after kathleen was arrested. cops took the palm coast woman into custody saturday night in connection with a substance abuse treatment order. just before 1:30 this morning, jail deputies say they heard loud noises in her cell, she flagler. dc area police searching for answers tonight after someone shot and killed a cop outside a police station. the officer would have turned 29th week. the search for the bad guy shut down part of prince george's county for hours. it started when someone shot the officer and another person late this afternoon. the police station is close to the washington redskins fedex field. cops and swat teams warmed the area, eventually arrested two people. no word yet why it happened. fox 35 has confirmed daytona beach police chief chitwood will announce a run for sheriff tomorrow. he's been police chief in
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10 years now. he is well-known for his blunt talk about crime and criminals during his tenure. the official announcement set forth 10:30 tomorrow outside the street. chitwood will run to replace retiring volusia county ben johnson. >> tom: all sorts of activities that bring couples. >> kirstin: what about rescuing a driver from a burning car? i'll hold the door up. we'll pull you out. coming up, here from the rescuers and the man behind the wheel about the harrowing rescue. >> tom: first, shots fired at orlando's greyhound bus station and police did not let anything get in the way of catching the suspect. brooks? >> brooks: the rain across central florida is winding down. wait until you see the heat that turns up this week. your full forecast is coming up. adam? >> adam: coming up at 10:45 on
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racing in the desert and they couldn't possibly have a closer finish in phoenix than they did in daytona right? blake bortles came home this weekend and we caught up with him to talk about his youth football camp, the jags, free agency and more, that's coming
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>> outside the orlando greyhound bus station, somebody fired a gun. >> kirstin: police got to the scene in a hurry but it's how they arrested their suspect that is making headlines tonight. >> orlando police say officers plowed through a chainlink fence near this greyhound bus station and pinned 26-year-old pierre michael louis-jacques. >> he began to take flight on foot, and started to jump the fence over here behind me at
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officers were able to give chase, and apprehend him, tackling him over on the fence. >> the take-down hang near the greyhound bus station. opd responded to a call regarding a person who fired a gun outside of the station. police say that he was in an argument with someone there and fired a shot in the air to scare that person. once officers took him down, he grabbed a gun from his waist and through it to the ground. >> these are split second decisions that our officers have to make, and fortunately for this one, the suspect was not engaged in lethal threat because more than likely our officers would have been justified in doing so, shooting this person for pulling a gun out of his waistband. i think it's very fortunate that this gentleman was not hurt or injured and we're thankful that none of our officers were
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>> he is charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and possession of a a firearm by a convicted felon among other charges. >> a deadly terror massacre on the beach in the ivory coast. 14 civilians, two members of military special forces, and six attackers are all dead tonight. people ran for cover after gunmen opened fire at the popular ivory coast beach front tourist destination. no word yet if any americans are among the victims. al-qaeda, a group closely tied to them, claiming responsibility for the attack. >> kirstin: authorities have declared a state of crisis due to torrential rain. cars and buses are stuck in the middle of the street, which is now a murky river. the rain has stopped for now but is expected more later this week. >> big travelers causing major backup at the dallas airport. 17 elephants. they came as part of a rescue
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five went to the dallas zoo. others to wichita and omaha. the four to know444444444444 -- ton elephants arrived safe and sound. >> kirstin: four-ton elephants. people usually say it's raining cats and dogs but -- >> brooks: sometimes i think we do, in the summertime, we do have it raining elephants. we had rain this afternoon but it's winding down. if you're headed out later this evening, i think you'll be a-ok. you might have a sprinkle and that will be it. looking live downtown from our sunday trust camera, looking clear at the low levels. we have clouds up ahead. good evening, everybody. hope you had a good sunday. brooks tomlin was. a -- what a nice weekend across florida. temperatures we're down only into the 70s. normal high temperature this time of year in the mid to upper 70s, here it is 10:17, 79 in melbourne, 76 in orlando.
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in gainesville/ocala. a high earlier today before the clouds and rain came of 86 degrees. again, not all that close to a record high. gotta get into the 90s to get close to the record highs. we could be flirting with some later this week. more on that in just a minute. the warmth lingers all the way through this week, but now next weekend looks unsettled. it looks like we could see some rain and the chilly air is not done yet in central florida. cooldown coming as we go through next weekend as well. nothing cool about this picture. this is the visit orlando tower orlando, 76 degrees. so it's very warm. west winds bringing in the warm moist air. it's humid. you felt the humidity today, seriously. it feels like almost summertime. temperatures for the most part in the 70s at this late hour. and we're going to probably stay warmer than normal for the next five days because look around the southeast. there's no cold air.
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orleans, 70. kentucky, 63 degrees right now in lexington. home felt wild cats. good luck in the ncaa. here's the satellite perspective. the clouds, the rain headed out of here. we're going to continue to stay under the high pressure domination. i want to draw your attention to severe weather season starting in the deep south, tornado watches and warnings in portions of oklahoma, arkansas and texas. around here the rain is ending, mild breezes, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. tomorrow, 86 degrees. just be cautious early in the morning, in in with the sunrise later, kids at the bus stop be careful. 88 degrees on st. patrick's day. might need an extra refreshment or two to get you through that day. next weekend, rain and cooler temperatures. >> kirstin: of course, we started this campaign season with almost two dozen major candidates for president. >> tom: the field has been trimmed a bit but do any of the contenders really know what
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coming up, the hefty list of issues that our next president will have to address when he or she takes office in less than a year. >> horrible. a couple of seconds that will last for a long time. >> kirstin: sled dog racers speak about the tragedy as they remember their colleague who was allegedly run over by a man on a (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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(elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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great race and now there is tragedy and outrage at the world famous race. >> kirstin: we told you about the attack on sled dogs and tonight the latest developments. for the men and women competing in this race, losing a dog is like losing a family member so you can imagine just how crushed they are this weekend. it all took place in the early morning hours on saturday, a very remote, isolated part of the state, about a five hour flight from and -- a man who admitted he was blackout drunk on a snowmobile crashed into two different dog teams going about 80 miles per hour the mushers say the man turned around and tried to plow into the team several more times before taking off. a dog was killed, another broke a leg, and a third seriously injured. >> i appreciate the sympathy i
10:24 pm
it was a horrible couple of seconds that will last for a long time. >> amazing, king wasn't hurt. he was competing in the trail sled dog race. it's known as alaska's last great race. friends say it's hard to imagine how somebody could kill one of the dogs competing. >> it's just such a -- he's just such an amazing guy and just so sorry that this had to happen to him. and he's just going to keep on pushing, he said. >> and king is pushing ahead, continuing to compete in the race. as for the driver, he turned himself in and faces several charges, including assault. in los angeles, will -- fox news. >> tom: march madness wrapped up. the american athletic conference crowned a champ at amway center. the huskies knocked off the tigers. the tournament brought in fans from texas to pennsylvania, but
10:25 pm
with a trophy and berth in the tournament. >> it's the greatest sporting event every single year. it's tremendous. >> this was the first year the aac held its men's basketball tournament in orlando. >> still ahead, a couple relaxing at home when they hear a car slam into a pole right outside. >> kirstin: coming up, hear them describe how they jumped into action to save the driver's life. >> tom: new information surrounding the death of a florida deputy. tonight what we've learned about traffic crashes involving law enforcement and the dangers they face on the road. right now, let's save you cash on the pump patrol. regular gas, 1.65 at the sunoco on oak ridge in orlando. in winter springs, you can buy a gallon for 1.76 at the speedway on state road 434 at vista willa drive. >> good sunday evening. here with your i-forecast. i want to take you to winter
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we do have a ramp closure at i-4 eastbound at lee road, starting on the 13th and it will go until five in the morning. i do have some alternate routes for you if you're heading on i-4 headed east. you can hop off at maitland boulevard, take that to forest city road, hop on edgewater and take that to lee road. you can always check out traffic and construction updates on your smartphone. to download the fox 35 weather and traffic app, text the key word iphone or android to 87057. we'll see you tomorrow morning put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> announcer: right now, on fox 35 news at 10:00... >> the hillsborough county sheriff's office is mourning the loss of one of their own, a wrong way driver hit a deputy yesterday. he did not survive. >> tom: traffic crashes involving cops are becoming more
10:30 pm
>> reporter: the flags have been lowered to half staff. roses placed before a statue in the law enforcement memorial at the hillsborough county sheriff's office. 15 plaques commemorate deputies killed in the line of duty. soon, a 16th will be added for deputy john kotfila. he is the sixth hillsborough county sheriff's deputy to die in a traffic-related incident. nationwide he's also the sixth law enforcement officer to die in a crash this year. >> you know, we worry about getting shot and we worry about all these other things that go on in our careers, but here's an example right now that, you know, i think it's the second or third leading cause of death for law enforcement, is these traffic crashes. >> in the last two decades crashes have been the leading cause of death for law enforcement officers across the country. according to the national law enforcement officers memorial fund.
10:31 pm
on u.s. roadways, a 6% increase over 2014. deputy kotfila died early saturday morning after his cruiser was struck head on by a wrong-way driver. investigators believer i can macbeth, the driver of the suv that hit him, likely drove around warning signs and barriers in order to enter the expressway in the wrong direction. >> it's unfortunate that we continue to see these type of crashes throughout our community and they're so easily avoidable. >> a study released last year bit florida department of transportation identified 280 wrong-way crashes between 2009 and 2013. one in five proved fatal. in tampa, fox news. >> kirstin: and we're working to get more information on an accident at an ocala gun range. six people, including four children, were hit by bird shot after it ricocheted off of at concrete slab.
10:32 pm
shooting range in the middle of the ocala national forest. deputies tell us a man was loading an antique shotgun when it went off. children ages eight, 10, 14, and 15 were hurt but not seriously. deputies say they don't expect to file charges. the next occupant of the white house will have his or her work cut out. >> tom: that place back there, the national intelligence council forecasts trouble ahead in an early draft of its global trends report. reporting from washington. >> reporter: a slowing global economy, increasing competition, and even more political volatility. those are the top three global challenges that the next president of the united states will face, according to the national intelligence council. every four years the council puts together a global trends report for the incoming president or the incumbent and this year their forecast for the next president is essentially rough seas ahead. former. ambassador bolton says the
10:33 pm
next president is going to be filled with international crises and challenges. i think chinese actions in east and southeast asia, russian actions across eastern europe, the middle east descending into chaos, are all going to pose substantial problems. >> the national intelligence council predicts that sluggish growth in china will drag down the global economy and predicts that competition among the u.s., china and russia will only intensify and it predicts even more political volatility both from extremists abroad and even voters here at home. the council cites the rise of donald trump and bernie sanders as evidence of an angry electorate frustrated with the status quo. they're channeling something that we're observing in a lot of countries, which is this real dissatisfaction with the social bargains or compacts in society. this report is in draft form. a summary will be released tomorrow. the final report won't come out until sometime after the november election and before the i know august regulation. in washington, kristin fisher, fox news.
10:34 pm
box office. zootopia pulling in about $50 million. i want to see this movie. the r rated marvel action flick dead pool, another one i want to see, stays in third with 11 million bucks. up next, the story that will have people talking tomorrow. >> kirstin: a couple racing to help a man who crashed into a utility pole, setting his car on fire. >> all of a sudden we heard, it was a bang almost like thunder. >> kirstin: coming up, how they pulled him to safety and how the brooks? >> brooks: it was a warm day today and humid as well but the heat really turns on this week with the dry air coming in to
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>> kirstin: two heads are better than one, true for a couple up north who received a man from his burning car. >> we talked with everyone involved fractures the couple to the driver they saved. >> it looked like something out of a movie, basically. just a car sliding by with flames coming out of it. >> and anything but ordinary friday night for julie and jason at their home. >> all of a sudden we heard, it was a bang almost like thunder. >> the couple shared these photos with us.
10:38 pm
into a utility pole and catching fire across from their providence street property. >> it didn't look good. with something on the side on fire, on the driver's side at that, it looked awful. >> jason dialed 9-1-1 and julie and a man who had stopped ran to the driver's aid as smoke filled up the suv. >> the man inside was screaming and flailing around, so we told him to just be calm and i'll hold the door up, push yourself up and we'll pull you out. >> that's just what they did. julie climbed up the truck to help him out the passenger side. and then to his feet on her stone wallace an ambulance arrived. men deny police say the driver had been drunk behind the wheel. >> it happened so fast. >> we tracked him down at his rhode island home and asked him what happened. >> my front end kept pulling to the right, so i pulled back and it pulled back that way, and i hit the pole. >> so you weren't drunk. >> no, no. it was just -- i think it was just -- it was like a mechanical malfunction on the truck.
10:39 pm
summoned to court on charges including oui, with just minor injuries, he says he's more grateful than anything. >> i just want to thank them for my life, to give me a chance to still be here today. >> amazing story there. hate to sound corny transition, but another thing amazing, the weather this morning was outrageously nice. my son's soccer team won their league championship under this weather this morning. >> brooks: and the weather helped. >> it really did help them because the winds were calm, it was warm, it was a perfect day. >> brooks: if you like those warm perfect days, we've got a run of them coming again as we go through this week. outside right now, looking live from our sun trust camera downtown, the rain is ending and that's good news. might still have a sprinkle or two later tonight and early tomorrow morning but that will be it. and it looks like we're probably going to stay dry, predominantly dry until next weekend, so this
10:40 pm
in central florida. 76 degrees at night, the rain winding down, all moving offshore. that's good news. this was just the tail-end of that system that dropped 15 to 20 inches of rain in portions of the gulf coast. today a new system with tornados in arkansas, northern louisiana, and parts of texas and oklahoma. we're blessed in central florida. the warmth lingers through the week. next weekend looks unsettled. rain, and some cooler air coming in to play. the chilly air, not done yet. it wants to maybe have another grasp before we get into spring. 76 degrees, looking live from our amway camera. here are the 10:00 temperatures. 79 in melbourne, 72 in the inland. it's warm, it's humid, and the warmth will linger. take a look around the southeast. there's no cold air to filter in.
10:41 pm
on at any urn it up a notch. 67 degrees overnight tonight. back to work, back to school, 86 degrees the high tomorrow. slight chance of a sprinkle in the morning. otherwise, it looks good. 86 on election day. 88 on st. patrick's day. and the same thing on friday. next weekend, a little rain, and a little cooler. >> kirstin: thanks, brook. sportszone is coming up next. >> adam shadoff here with a preview. >> you are just a few minutes away from the fox 35 sportszone, aren't you lucky? we're just a few hours away from invitational. i caught up with the tournament director for a preview. march madness. uconn rolled at the finals. where the gators and system nos games. blake bortles back home this weekend. hear what he has to say about
10:42 pm
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>> the nascar boys went racing in the desert sunday and there was no way the finish of the race could possibly top what we
10:45 pm
right? the dominance continued sunday. overtime restart. it came down to the finish. bumping and banging carl edwards, edging edwards out by roughly four inches, .01 seconds, same margin as daytona, closest finish ever in phoenix. harvick's 32nd career win. >> that's what nascar racing is all about. you're coming to the flag and he wants to win for his team and i want to win for my team and there's a lot on the line. >> uconn and memphis in the aac championship. the huskies were dialing up long distance, lengthy three after lengthy three in clutch motels. their defense was strong, too. winning easily 72-58. uconn is the ninth seed in the ncaa tournament. huskies play colorado. no. 1 seeds, kansas, unc,
10:46 pm
the blue blood traditional powers in college hoops. the gators will play in the nit tournament. it's a road game but it's not too far away. they head to jacksonville to take on north florida tuesday night at 9:00, and florida state has made the postseason. they'll be a fourth seed in the nit, playing at davidson tuesday night at 7:00. for whatever reason, the magic just cannot win two straight games. especially not on back to backs. another road loss for orlando late saturday night and it wasn't even close. 121-84 at the blazers. orlando hasn't 12 straight games since february 9th. the magic have one of the youngest rosters in the nba so maybe they should have more energy on the back end, or maybe their youth is part of the reason for the inconsistency. there will be no tiger woods but there will be plenty of stars at this week's arnold palmer invitational. 12 of the top 30 in the world rankings will be at bay hill. that includes five of the top
10:47 pm
mcilroy and jason day, adam scott will try to win his third straight start and become the first play ever to win first three legs of the florida swing in the same season. plenty of reason to get out to bay hill. >> we have a great field top to bottom. record i coming back, jason day, so it's going to be a great week with a great field. host. i think, you know, the -- everything he stands for, the integrity and honesty and sportsmanship and those characteristics he's exhibited his whole life. >> the entertainment is fantastic. it doesn't have to be just about liking golf or watching golf. it's a great social event. great weather. walk around a golf course and socialize with your friends and family. and take in a little golf here and there. great food. it's just a great experience. >> final round of the valspar
10:48 pm
what a day for lee mccoy, firing a 69 to finish alone in fourth place. he's off to play a college tournament in georgia monday. still to come, our sportszone spotlight, blake bortles back in orlando, talking about his off-season, the jags, free agent moves, and more. >> i spent most of the time in jacksonville, we have a good group of guys that stayed in town so we've been working out together and doing stuff together. >> you're watching the fox 35 sportszone sponsored by heck us
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but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
10:51 pm
>> adam: blake bortles held his
10:52 pm
at zero vida high school. he seemed happy with his new charitable foundation, heading off to california to train with the qb coach. we talked to him about all that and more. >> i think it's pretty cool, just kind of launched the start of the charity and the foundation about two weeks ago and we're doing a golf tournament and a concert and we wanted to do something where i grew up. football camp seemed like the right thing to do. it's cool. it's cool. there wasn't a camp when i was growing up, so i figured give these kids something to do for one day out of the year where they can come and whether it's just exercise and, you know, sweat or if it's actually doing football stuff and take something from it and learn, just happy to be out here and hope everybody has fun. it started with autism, was where it started from because that was my passion and what i wanted to help out, and it grew out to mentally and physically disabled kids, and then first responders. those are the areas of main things we want to help out and make a difference in.
10:53 pm
a couple guys in jacksonville that have one, and i -- i wanted to wait and make sure we did it the right way and had the right people in play and went about it and did everything in the best interest of the areas we want to help and figure that stuff out first. i've been in between jacksonville and california, i'm headed to california this afternoon. i'll go out there and continue to work with those guys. but i spent most of the time in jacksonville, we have a good group of guys that stayed in town so we've been working out together and doing stuff together. i think we've done a good job. they kind of preached44444444444 better and after this year we've got to have concrete evidence in numbers and statistics that we did get better and are headed in the right direction. we have to continue to do that. yeah, doing a really good job of putting the right people in place and figuring it out so i'm excited to see what they do in the draft, but they continue to do a good job and do what's in the best interest of the jaguars. he was a good hire.
10:54 pm
o'leary but i think scott frost is ba good new start and i look forward to watching him and seeing what he can do. >> adam: it's not every day i give the shadoff shout-out to a guy that just got fired but this former ucf basketball coach is special. the explanation and the shout-out coming up. lemme get a mcpick 2 check out the brand new mix on
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
>> adam: ucf basketball only won 12 games this season, and i agree with athletic director white that it was probably time to part ways with donny jones. but he still gets my shadoff shout-out. it was his sixth season, he never made the ncaa tournament, didn't make the postseason after the move to the american conference, but he finished with a 182 record with the knights, more importantly, he was a genuinely nice guy. patient with the media, kind with players, fans, and reporters alike. i never talked to anyone that didn't like donny. he was a national title winner as an assistant at florida, a winning record as a head coach at marshall and at ucf, and who says nice guys can't be winners? best of luck. you get tonight's shadoff shout-out. so about that sophomore slump, sure doesn't feel like it's going to hit kyle anywhere soon. the orlando city star already
10:58 pm
far this season. could have a few more of each. we could very well so 20 goals or more from the canadian this year. >> bigger, stronger quicker than this time last year. i don't go along with all the nonsense about sophomore slump or whatever they call it, but he's going to get better and better, and god willing, he'll get 20 goals. >> orlando pride have their first training session ever tomorrow morning. i will be out there for that. we will have highlights for you tomorrow night at 5:00. meanwhile, thanks for watching the fox 35 sportszone. for more local sports new throughout the week, you can follow me on the twitter@fox 35
11:00 pm
shadoff fox 35. [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on t.m.z. -- >> justin bieber put on a hell of a show in sea. just not at a bar the >> this guy comes up and starts yelling an cussing at the backup dancer. >> backup dancers are tough. >> kim kardashian just joined snapchat. she put little north on, but north is not having it. >> it's going to be a problem in the kardashian household. the kid doesn't want to do social media?


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