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tv   Good Day 7am  FOX  March 14, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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on how your monday is shaping up. we have showers off the coast. >> brooks: a few showers off the coast. and predominantly, right around volusia county. put radar into motion over the last couple of hours and you can see the rain showers are passing ov]|9 of central florida and exiting off into the atlantic. giving another hour or so and most of the light rain showers will be gone. the big story turns to the warmth. temperatures predominantly in the low 70s. through central florida. we head north and west. another warm day. once the rain exits, plentiful sunshine. mid-to upper 80ss. and the warmth will linger. the full forecast will be coming up. 34-gs i want to take you out of the north of the 408.
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on colonial. it's here at mercy drive. if you want to get around, hop on john young. >> amy: new this morning, two orange county police units have crashed into each other. they were headed to the same scene trying to stop a stolen car. >> john: one of the patrol cars ended up on its side. the officers were headed to help other assists that were attempting to stop a stolen vehicle. on the way though they crashed into each other. one officer has minor injuries and the other was not hurt. >> amy: a cross country amtrak train has derailed in kansas. gina has the details. >> near the town of dodge city. halfway between kansas city and denver, woard. colorado. you can see the police searching the trains.
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the train @&c& it was headed to chicago from la. at least 21 people were injured and taken to the hospital. none of the injuries appear to be life threatening. some of the passengers said that the train began to shake violently right before the crash. early on in the investigation. it's still not clear what caused the train to derail. that's the latest. back to you guys. >> john: a family is begging for help in finding the kirler of a 15-year-old boy. >> amy: the teenager was found shot in the head lying in the street in owe quay. north lakewood avenue and anderson place. fox 35's holly bristow has the latest details. hi, holly. >> reporter: good morning. place don't have anyone in custody.
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ocs or crime stoppers. >> he was a child. lived. >> reporter: hours after 15-year-old antoine davis was found dead, a large group of his family members gathered. >> this is not even a portion of our family. you took him from us. he was a child. hew no business taking him from us. >> reporter: 1145 police got a call of a man down in ocoee. when the first responders got on scene minutes later, they discovered a boy with a gunshot wound. and they said that antoine davis was already dead. >> if anybody knows anything about what happened, who was involved, who was around, please come forward.
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said that antoine davis had a beef with some of the kids in the neighborhood, and they are looking into whether that was. >> i always had a smile on his face, always kept a basketball in his hand. >> reporter: family and investigators are desperate for answers. if you know anything, call crime line or the sheriff's office. >> john: the countdown is on if super tuesday part two. five states, including florida. >> amy: less than 24 hours to go. here today. one candidate is marco rubio. if a new poll is any indication, he needs to make up ground.
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in the home state. the poll shows donald trump out in front. and ted cruz, and then rubio with 21%. rubio will try to pick up votes with a stop until brevard county. ryan has more on his message. >> reporter: the clock is sticking for the candidates despite that we saw he is lagging in the polls, marco rubio is telling us he is very confident that he will win florida tomorrow. he is urging voters to choose him because he said that in donald trump is444444444444hat they will lose the election. le stop at melbourne. road. and that's what it is called. >> if donald trump is our clinton. i am the only one that can stop
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a vote for any other candidate is a vote for donald trump. >> reporter: during marco rubio's own rally he got an 2ru7gs but this was different. >> most elections are a choice between a political party and another political party. >> that's enough. i want to tell everyone that marco rubio tried to steal my girlfriend. she doesn't look at me in the same way anymore. >> we don't beat up our hecklers in our event. >> reporter: that was the most bizarre. he stupid and said, marco rubio stook my girlfriend. who knows if if he was told to say that or not. and we'll see how it plays out tomorrow at 7:00. >> john: he looked so serious
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he really meant it. front runner donald trump focused on florida. he is making a campaign stop in tampa. on the democratic side, former president bill clinton will be at rawlins college tonight with a rally at 6:45. if you want a ticket, you need to go to hillary clinton's website. bringing in rick keller. start with marco rubio. in some polls he is in third place. is he done? he's going in the wrong direction, it seems to me. >> i don't know if he is done. but the biggest day tomorrow. he has to be able to pull this off. one reason he may be in a little bit of trouble.@ i spent all week at bike week. i am a motorcycle guy. hanging out with 500,000 people.
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people, and the emcee of the wet t-shirt contest, was a donald trump impersonating was saying he is doing this to make america great, and i just happened to be walking by own that one, but it's shocking to see that brofd scale. >> and i saw the same thing at the daytona 500. a lot of people are passionate. and he is commenting on the fight that broke out. >> every once in a while you have someone that is violent, likes to hit people, and swings at things and you be a little tougher. and then this morning, why did you treat the person so badly, well, the person is violent. >> have you ever seening anything like this? a lot of people are saying he's unhinged and these kinds of thing. look at the people who go pro-and for him.
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>> no. i don't really put it on him. there's excessive rhetoric on both sides. you can't control the volunteers, and the bernie sanders people, and i think he showed class canceling one of the rallies. but i development put it on him -- i don't put it on him. >> and hillary clinton? >> i think she's got it locked down. in ohio and florida. these are the big states. the momentum is her way. and she has the super delegates. i think she has it wrapped up. >> all of the republicans are saying that donald trump wins hillary clinton wins in the end. that's having no impact, does it? >> it doesn't. primary voters tend to vote who they like. you vote for who you want, and you are not looking at the general election.
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in the fall. if we know the answer to the future, we would go for wall street and make millions. >> john: good point. thank you. can you go online at or download the fox 35 news app for more information. >> amy: still ahead, a local police chase looking to step up his role in the community. the new job that the top cop is eyeing. those officers did not shrink. they bravely advanced and engaged the individual whose threatened not the individuals and the facility he was opening fire upon. >> john: we go to dc for an update on the unproevoked attack. >> brooks: rain pushing off shore.
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>> amy: serve waking up a little bleary eyed this morning after the time change. and we're going to be later in the day lighter but darker in the morning until we adjust. ahead. the war on heroin here in orlando. >> amy: daytona police cleef michael chitwood is expected to reveal that he is going to run for sheriff. the official announcement is for 1030 this morning. johnson. >> john: calling on volusia county leaders to battle what they say is a homeless crisis. 32 congregations are proposing a
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time protesters are expected to gather outside of the event. homeless and hungry incorporated said that falls short because there are 5,000 homeless across the county. a spike in historian -- in heroin use. and the funds will increase the number of patients screened and allow for more patients to receive medical treatment for their problem and the meeting is set for 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> a police officer in maryland is dead in what authorities are calling an unprovoked attack. >> this happened in a suburb of dc yesterday. and we are in a maryland neighborhood this morning million good morning, melanie. >> reporter: good morning. it's a difficult morning here in prince george's county.
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few blocks behind the crime tape here. some 15 hours after the shooting. no access to it. and in community as well. people are just numb. the second time in two weeks that a young police officer has been shot and killed in the line of duty. we learned yesterday that the officer was actually able to return fire with the suspect before he died. 28-year-old was a four-year veteran of the police force. undercover narcotics detective. it happened outside of the district three station. it happens to be attached to police headquarters and by all accounts a chaotic scene. >> at about 4:30 this afternoon, an individual launched an un-proo evoked attack on the district 3 police station and brought several of our officers
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the officers did not shrink. bravely engaged the individual, and threatened not just the police officers and the facility but numerous members of the community in the area. during the exchange of gunfire, the suspect was wounded. and jakai was shot. and one of the officers engaged, took and put him in the back of the cruiser and brought him to the facility where he was pronounced dead. >> the wounded suspect and the police officer both ended up in the same hospital. the wounded suspect is expected to survive. there's a second suspect, another man who apparently fled shooting began. police officers were able to arrest him a short way away. he is continuing to be questioned by police at this point. we're hearing it's possible that these two suspects are brothers.
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the fraternal order of police president seemed a bit shocked and number. as we said, it happens in one community and you think it's so horrible that it can't happen again, but, yes, it has. the investigation is still very active this morning. >> amy: our thoughts and prayers with that officer's family and the whole community there. melanie, thank you. >> brooks: let's get your day started here in central florida. we have showers passing overhead. predominantly pushing off shore. a few in volusia county. a sprinkle or two in lake and that's going to be it. leave the brel at home. more than likely you will not need it through friday. next weekend you will need the umbrella. the weather looks unsettled next
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the chilly air is not done yet acrossed east coast, and that includes us in florida. do you like that camera? >> amy: yeah, that's nice >> brooks: it takes a while to get here, but that's what happens with the day lights savings time. bringing in warm air and the moist air. you know it's humid. temperatures near 70. no cold air in the united states. and area of low pressure through arkansas, and tornadoes last night, and this morning. luckily for us we just have a lot of dry air filtering in. the showers are out of here and then it'll be a fantastic day.
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some spots with southwest winds. overnight, enjoy. mostly clear. quite mild. overnight lows in the 60s. the forecast all the way through friday, maybe just a shower or two on thursday and friday. other than that, 87 for election day, which is also thized ides of march. and next weekend, rain, and thunderstorms. let's get a check on your drive. >> kristin: we have some issues on i-4 this morning. right outside of disney. i-4 eastbound, at the 536. lots of flashing lights. a little blurry in the view.` it's` causing some slow downs on the eastbound lane of i-4. outside of disney. you can see all of this red, the backups on the east bound lanes. this is approaching the 535. a roadblock with the crash. we'll keep an eye on this for
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time now for the fox 35 pump patrol. regular gas is just $1.65 at the sunoco. can you always check out gas saving tips on our website at >> amy: still ahead, don't miss out on free money. did we get your sneangs. >> john: free money? the top tax deductions you may be missing. you can follow us on twitter. win tweet us, it may magically appear, just like amy. amy tweeted us this morning.
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>> john: do you've got a friend in me >> john: 7:24. we want to say good morning to susan haskins, you are our fox 35 friend of the day. there's a new friend of the day each and every day. go to facebook and search for us at fox 35. it's money monday. today we're talking taxes. americans overpay millions of dollars by overlooking simple credits and deductions.
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do that. certified planner joe bert is here with us. >> good to be here. >> john: credits and deductions. you have education credit. >> the education opportunities credit. and lifetime learning credit. up to $2,500 credit if are you paying tuition to someone. subject to income limitations. going back to school as an adult, up to $2,000 a year as credits. a credit is worth a lot more. it's a dollar for dollar reduction of any tax you owe. a reduction reduces the amount of income. >> any credit. >> big time stuff. >> john: talk about some of the deductions. loan deductions. >> typical for the mortgage, but a lot of people don't know if you refinance, and did not get the deduction, they roll it into the loan and amortize.
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you paid for the previous mortgage. and pay the points up front, you can get a deduction but can't roll it into the loan. searching for a job, write off the cost of the job search, up to $0.60 a mile, and if you are also, like i said, looking for the job, you can deduct all those costs that go with that. if you have children in school or daycare, up to $6,000 a credit. >> john: wow. a lot out there. and investment taxes? . >> a lot of people make a mistake. particularly in mutual funds. say you have $10,000 in are a mutual fund, dividends, and capital gains and interest. you pay taxes every year if it's not a retirement account. and today it's worth $15,000, you get to add to what is called a cost basis, interest and
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$10,000. maybe no taxes are due when you sell it because you paid tax it's all along. a lot of people make the mistake. >> john: you need to let the accountant know, if you have one. >> they may not know that you have children in school. a lot of times you just fill in the blanks. joe bert. be careful to use the two words or you get the puerto rican boxer. >> john: over to you, amy. >> amy: now i really have to go look. through florida. we'll take you to tampa where he is making a campaign stop today. breaking news on the roads. i-4 eastbound near disney. at least two lanes are shut down this morning. it's a mess. cars are getting through, but it's slow going.
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two lanes of i-4 are shut down in the eastbound lanes near disney. >> amy: 24 hours left to go. candidates are still campaigning here in florida. we'll take you to tampa where donald trump is making a stop today. >> john: nasa taking a big step towards sending humans to mars. how a test takes us closer to the red planet. >> amy: is america losing its religion why fewer people are saying they're going to church >> brooks: good morning. celebrating a big day today in the math world. yes, it's pi day. march 14. 3.14, etc., you know the deal.
7:32 am
and it'll be a spectacularly warm day once again. and highs in the 80s. it's warm and humid. and partly cloudy skies, clearing skies. and warm southwest winds coming in, 5 to 15 miles per hour. and keep us on the very toasty side. >> kristin: good morning. a big mess on i-4. i want to take a live look right now. the eastbound lanes near disney. can you see eastbound we have two lanes blocked. it looks like things are not even moving right now. crews are working to clear up the mess at the 536, just before the 536. there's a live view. it appears all lanes are shut down as crews work to clean up this mess. we're going to stay on top of this but this is causing major delays on i-4 eastbound. traffic is backed up for miles. i have an alternate route for you.
7:33 am
and take that to the 535 and take it around the crash which is here at right before the 536, you can try to avoid this mess. >> amy: you decide. the poll also also will be opening. >> john: the candidated making a final swing. senator marco rubio in melbourne. and former president bill bill clinton. and donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump scheduled to speak here in downtown tampa. this is his only stop today in the sunshine state ahead of tuesday's primaries. trump last visited the bay area one month ago where a rally drew more than 10,000 to the dome.
7:34 am
friday night at a rally in chicago forcing trowmp -- event. at all surprised. >> some of the people are professional disruptors. they get hired to be rude and nasty. i am not excusing that. >> reporter: after today's event, donald trump heads to ohio with a scheduled stop in youngstown. that's a new event. a second stop was canceled for florida. is he heading to ohio and many suspect is he focusing on ohio because he has a lead in
7:35 am
>> amy: a town hall meeting last nights for clinton and sanders. the biggest issue was centering around who can beat donald trump. >>-o u ey not all, but virtually all of the poll, my margin over trump is wider than secretary clinton's. >> i am the only candidate with more votes than trump. 600,000 more votes than donald trump. >> the five states include florida, ohio, illinois, missouri. fox 35 is your source for continuing coverage. go for or download the fox 35 news app for more information. >> john: also happening today in orange county. a man accused of firing a gun outside of the greyhound bus station is expected to have a first appearance in court. it's how he was arrested that is
7:36 am
the 26-year-old man fired a shot off to scare someone he was fighting with. when they got closer, he took off on foot. that's when the police said that an officer plowed through a chain link fence and pinned the suspect below. and then the suspect took a gun from his waist and threw it to the ground. >> these are split second decisions that the officers have to make. fortunately, in this one, the suspect was not engaged in lethal threat. because more than likely, our officers would have been justified in doing so, shootingm the person for` pulling a gun outp of his| waistbands. >> the suspect is charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and possession of a firearm by a ict canned foal -- convicted felon.
7:37 am
attacking outside of a wwf center. >> it's hard to forget this video. shot in august by someone recording this guy from inside the center. they said that montalvo was fixated on a female wrestler and was banging on the door. a officer tried to remove hinge, and that forced the deputy to open fire. he is facing assault charges. >> john: searching for a suspect who murdered a man at an apartment complex. >> amy: 33-year-old man was found shot to death in the parking lot of the silver hills apartment complex on saturday. witnesses reported seeing a silver car racing away from the scene. deputies are searching for a suspect. they're asking anyone with information to please give them a call.
7:38 am
lake hospital. two died in a crash. both were licensed pilots. nta and nsb are investigating. >> amy: a woman was taken in custody. and a few hours later they heard loud noises in the cell and she later died after the seizure. >> john: one step closer to reaching mars. this video is from last thursday when nasa tested their first deep space launch with the rs25 rocket. they said it was a success.
7:39 am
engine that is built to carry people on future missions to mars. it'll take a few more decades until the rocket is ready. but the next time its launched, it'll be carrying people to deep space. >> amy: america losing its religion. >> john: why fewer are turning
7:42 am
welcome back to "good day orlando." not exactly a pretty view this morning. looking down on international drive it's a little hazy. a lot of cloud cover. we had rain yesterday. a little bit of rain this morning. if this is what you are
7:43 am
the door, fear not. brooks says it'll start to improve. >> john: governor rick scott will be talking jobs in orlando today. the governor will be at orion \p orange avenue at 10:30 this morning. the governor said that florida has created 1 million jobs in the past five years and $1 billion in tax cuts in the past two years. millennials are disney dreaming. the top of the list for dream companies for millennials to work for. they were at number of two behind google. conducted the study by the, thenational high school scholars. forbes said that orlando is one of the nation's fastest growing. cape coral in southwest florida was the only other florida city in top ten, and it was at number ten.
7:44 am
after a stolen car crashes into them. >> both officers were part of an undercover operation cracking down on a car theft problem in the area. just after midnight, six children were speeding down central avenue when they crashed the stolen car into the officer's truck. the kids ranged from 15 to 25. and the 25-year-old driver was critically injured and taken to a local hospital. both officers were transported and we're told they're in stable condition. >> amy: is america losing its religion. >> john: in ryan has a new survey. study. researchers found the number of people who believe in god and attend church regularly is on a steady decline. a study by university of london and duke university. it seems to be a generation thing. they found 68% of americans 65 and older have no doubt there's a god. but only 45% of young adults
7:45 am
less than 20% of young adults say they go to church regularly. the gap between the older and younger generation seems big. researchers said that the decline is steady. but you hear that, what is causing it. are parents passing it on. >> amy: i think so many people move towards religion as they get older or it could be a trend too. >> john: one of the other studies too people say they're less religious but more spiritual. i can get in touch with my god, whatever they want to call it, by being in the moment. they don't have to go to church for that. >> and maybe they're just too busy. some people's lives are too busy to have time. >> amy: it doesn't look too pretty out there
7:46 am
better as we go through the day. we had showers through much of central florida. now most of the showers are headed off shore, and that's good news. a few sprinkles in volusia county. give us another hour or so and all of the showers should be gone. that's good news. clearing sky, and pleasant warm conditions once again. 70 degrees out of door. here we are at mid-march. 70 degrees on march 14, pi day. 2016. the warmth lingers through friday, maybe even saturday. you don't need winter clothes just yet. it looks unsettled. the chilly air is not done yet. for the east coast. the southeast, and central florida. and we could see cold air coming in early next week. and looking live from the camera, old glory, some traffic, and a really nice view, even
7:47 am
humid and with the gray sky, it'll be a nice day. starting off near 70. the dew point, measure of moisture in the atmosphere, mid-to-upper 60s. any time the dew points are in the upper 60s, it feels like a humid florida. we'll keep the humidity all week. and storm system in the ohio valley. that blew through arkansas, and louisiana and mississippi. and there were tornado warnings in alabama already this morning. for us, dry air is filtering in. it'll be a spectacular few days. continuing the streak of warm, nice weather. 86 degrees today. clearing skies. overnight tonight, lows into the 60s for overnight lows. the accuweather, seven-day forecast, 86 today. we stay in the mid-to-upper 80s all the way through friday.
7:48 am
election day. the ides of march. you might need one or two extra refreshments to keep you cool. next weekend, temperatures cool, and rain temperatures rise. time for snap the sun. this morning, nice picture. john, did you take that snir. >> john: i wish. i am not that good >> brooks: i think we had that on the other morning. we were trying to figure out where that is. so we'll have to do a little bit of research. beautiful picture. and our weather baby. a doctor seuss fan. do you like the tutu, amy? >> amy: adorable. >> brooks: you made our day. if you want your child on weather baby, log on together website and follow the links. >> kristin: we have an update on the big crash causing major slowdowns.
7:49 am
the east eastbound lane. it's moved off to the shoulder. things are picking up but we're seeing significant delays. i-4 at state road are 536. i want to show you what we're talking here. the alternate route we're taking. hop on the 417. take the 535 and use that to get around this mess. you can see all of the red up and down i-4. this is the eastbound lanes. and we're going to colonial drive. we have a partially blocked lane at orange blows blossom trail. it's not causing major delays but something we'll keep an eye on. 30 minutes. and if you are using the 408 this morning, from the 417 to downtown, that will take you 14 minutes. >> amy: coming up next, it's a fight for florida and ohio.
7:50 am
kasich trying to keep their campaigns alive. we're headed to dc with predictions for super tuesday part two. that's coming up here on "good day orlando." 7:49. we're moving the show to the curvy couch, and we're about to have a whole lot of if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women.
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because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> amy: it was cute. a good flick. >> john: i loved sloth. what did the kids thing? >> amy: they loved it. >> john: pulling in $50 million. 10 cloverfield lane second with $25 million.
7:54 am
has fallen. and whiskey, tango foxtrot, $4.6 million. you decide 2016. tomorrow could dramatically changed presidential race. >> amy: all eyes on florida and ohio to see if marco rubio and john kasich have a chance in the race. and we go live to bret baier. good to see you. >> reporter: hi, amy. >> amy: talk about the polls. we're pufting a lot of emphasis here in florida. he was within eight percentage points of donald trump and now it's not even close. >> reporter: i would put the caveat on it that it's one poll. but the average of polls show not great things for marco rubio in florida ahead of tuesday. the other thing to watch, on the election days, the numbers have shifted pretty dramatically.
7:55 am
so you don't know until the day happens. look at what happened in michigan. bernie sanders was down 20 points to hillary clinton the day before heading into michigan and ended up pulling out a victory. that's the only caveat. i say it does not look great for the marco rubio team heading into tomorrow. >> you heard him say a couple of times that he is not going to rerun for the senate seat. if he doesn't end up winning florida, what happens to rubio. what do the pundits say? >> reporter: i don't know. he obviously would be considered for a ticketer or could be considered for some other position. he's obviously shown himself to be a great communicator. and minus one debate in new hampshire he has performed well on the debate stage. i am sure that the future is bright for marco rubio if he
7:56 am
the big question is if governor kasich can win ohio. if he can do that, it's a little tougher for donald trump's path to get to 12. 12. 37, the number needed. >> how is kasich polling? >> about even. maybe up a couple of points on average in polls. and donald trump is there campaigning today. and today john john kasich is in ohio, as he has been in last couple of weeks. paining with mitt -- campaigning with mitt romney, the last republican nominee. i think it comes down to 9 wire. but a sitting governor will help him. >> amy: always a pleasure. we'll talk to you later. all new at 8:00, the zika virus is scaring people into canceling vacations to places where it's not even an issue.
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444444444444 it's 8:00 a.m.. >> john: i'm john brown, i'm amy kaufeldt. here's the stories in our 8 o'clock hour. >> we has a wild. had no business taking him from us. >> amy: a family is begging for anyone to come forward after a 15-year-old was shot and killed on the sidewalk. we'll have the latest details as police search for his killer. >> john: you heard of travel warnings because of the zika virus. what about the travel deals? a travel expert will join us and we'll sort out the fact from fiction. and there are great deals out there. like maybe going to the mountains where david martin got back, playing in the snow for week.


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