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tv   Good Day 8am  FOX  March 14, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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444444444444 it's 8:00 a.m.. >> john: i'm john brown, i'm amy kaufeldt. here's the stories in our 8 o'clock hour. >> we has a wild. had no business taking him from us. >> amy: a family is begging for anyone to come forward after a 15-year-old was shot and killed on the sidewalk. we'll have the latest details as police search for his killer. >> john: you heard of travel warnings because of the zika virus. what about the travel deals? a travel expert will join us and we'll sort out the fact from fiction. and there are great deals out there. like maybe going to the mountains where david martin got back, playing in the snow for week.
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>> no! >> reporter: no, no, great to be back here on "good day orlando." one of my favorite locations in the world! epcot! why are we here? of course, for the 23rd annual international flower and garden festival. what is big about this year? on the 8 o'clock hour of "good day orlando." >> amy: can't wait. just ahead. i heard it might be the food. you know, how they make a big deal out of the international food and wine festival and apparently they'll bring more fun food to the flower and garden festival. >> and we might have to have refreshments on thursday, st. patrick's day. nice quality... >> john: fun. that. >> just you wait, good morning, john and amy, good morning, brooks in for jayme king. there are cloud out there this morning, looking live off towards the north from our suntrust camera. clouds out there. we did have a few showers early -- oops, sorry about that. did have a few showers earlier this morning.
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are predominantly offshore. a couple of sprinkles around the st. john's river and maybe polk county and southern lake county. other than that, it will be a nice day. we'll see clearing skies as we go through mid to late morning hours and then warm up like we have done previously. 70 degrees out the door for the most part. central florida, a little cooler north and west. your accu-weather forecast today. monday, march 14th, pi day, 2016. 85 degrees, the forecast high, sosa winds 10 to 15 miles per hour, this afternoon and gusty. 7 day forecast is coming up. now, here's krysta with traffic. >> kristin: i want to take you out to i-4 eastbound, a crash is causing major slowdowns an pushed over to the shoulder. cars are coming through but we are seeing major delays. i want to take you now back to exit 192, u.s. 192. the delays are still out -- i'll
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at i-4 at u.s. 192. the eastbound lane. the crash is cleared, off to the shoulder and we are seeing major delays on i-4. again, the eastbound lane, if you can, try and hop on the 417. take it to the 535 and hop on i-4 to try to avoid the traffic. a look at your drive times, i-4 westbound, from lake mary boulevard to colonial, takes 3u 0 minutes, eastbound i-4 from the attractions to downtown, takes you 17 minutes and, hopping on the 408 this morning, the 417 to downtown, 15 minutes. john and amy, back to you. >> amy: thanks. new this morning, two orange county police units crashed into each other while headed to try a stop a stolen car. >> john: you can see the patrol cars, one ended up on its side, the cars were headed to help officers trying to stop a stolen vehicle. on the way the two cars crashed into each other. one officer has minor injuries and the other is okay. . >> amy: breaking news out of kansas, a cross-country amtrak train derailed, it happened midnight. moments ago, the number of
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29. amtrak officials say none of those injuries are life-threatening. about 140 people were on board at the time and are headed from los angeles to chicago. when the train derailed. . >> john: developing this morning, a family is begging for help in finding the killer of a 15-year-old boy. >> amy: the boy was found shot in the head in ocoee saturday night, laying on the sidewalk. holly bristow is joining us, in front of the orange county sheriffs office with the latest. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning, no arrests yet in the case, the orange county sheriffs office and the family are begging for any help you can give them. in helping find who shot and killed the 15-year-old boy. take a look. a recent picture of antoine davis's family shared with fox 35. it is actually him catching his first fish. just before midnight saturday, a call came into 911, a man down to the north lakewood avenue in ocoee and when emergency crews arrived they found the teen lying on the sidewalk with a
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investigators pro nouned him dead on scene. now, antoine davis's aunt put out a very emotional plea. >> this is nothing but a portion of the family that you took -- you took him from us. he was a child. you had no business taking him from us. if anybody snows anything about what happened, who was involved, who was around, please, come forward. >> now, from what investigators are telling us, antoine davis had some sort of peeve with other young people in the neighborhood now and aren't quite sure if it was a motive or has anything to do with his murder. now they are asking for any help, if the public can provide. if you know anything, call the orange county sheriffs office or if you wish to remain anonymous, call crime line, 1-800-423-tips. now reporting live at the orange county sheriffs office, holly bristow, fox 35 news.
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we are less than 24 hours, out from super tuesday part 2. >> john: five states getting ready for primaries and tomorrow, florida is one of them again, again, the candidates are in the sunshine state, once again, this week trying to rally supporters and ryan is here with more on that. >> ryan: a couple of crazy schedules today. final push in central florida will include a number of campaign rallies and according to the latest ugov poll, marco rubio dropped to third in his home state, the poll shows donald trump way out front with 44% of the vote among registered voters. followed by ted cruz with 24 and marco rubio with 21% support. marco rubio will be in melbourne trying to raise the money, the little restaurant on wickham road at 2:00 and donald trump starts in north carolina and will go to tampa and then to ohio. that is his schedule. he'll be in tampa, too and yesterday he was in boca raton and continued to deny any responsibility for the violence that broke out in his rally. in chicago on friday. >> every once in a while you get a person that is sort of
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things. so you will be a little tougher and they say, why did you, this morning, why did you treat that person so badly? well, the person was violent. >> now, both democrat and republican rivals blamed him for encouraging violence and he said he cannot control thousands of people who attend his rallies and again, he has three, just today alone. hillary clinton's campaign also preparing a stop in orange county, and, former president bill clinton will be at a rally in rollins college in winter park at 7:45 tonight, if you want tickets, go to hillary clinton's web site for more information. right now, clinton holds the commanding lied, over bernie sanders, by more than 650 delegates and florida's electing could america -- make a difference, 61-34% between bernie sanders and clinton in the race and fox 35s your source for continuing coverage of the race, a lot will happen in the next 48 hours, go on-line, to
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download the news app for immediate information. john and amy? >> john: 8:07. big stories in the day ahead. talking war on heroin in central florida. plus, the police chief now running for sheriff. >> amy: datona beach police chief is expected to reveal that he'll run for the volusia county sheriffs office. chitwood has been the police chief ten years now and the official announcement is set for 10:30 a.m. >> john: thousands of people expected to meet at bethune university tonight, calling on volusia county leaders to sign-off on a proposed 250 bed homeless shelter. at the same time the group, homeless and hungry incorporate will be protesting outside. it says the proposal falls short as there are 5,000 homeless people across the county. >> amy: the orange county heroin task force is meeting to finalize plans on battling the heroin epidemic and comes after federal health officials approved $3 million to expand our state. the funds will help more
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treatment and also, increase prevention programs as well. coming up, we're talking about deep discounts on caribbean vacations. >> john: how the zika virus could save you a lot of money if you want to take a trip. we'll talk about that straight ahead. or you can go down to ep other, where david is -- epcot, where david is today. good morning. >> reporter: i tell you, talking to so many folks who say it is their favorite time of the year at epcot. live in front of the american adventure pavilion. epcot flower and garden international festival. this year, something special. it is the longest festival in the history of epcot. 90 days, they've expanded it 15 days to 90 days! no excuse not to get down here
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this is a letter from someone she has to take a brand name been taking it since the early at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped.
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>> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." it is coming up on 8:12 right now. here's a live view looking downtown, as you can see, old glory is in the breeze there. not the prettiest of mornings as we start daylight saving time throughout the country but it is what we have on this monday. >> john: a lot of people cancelling their caribbean vacations because of the zika virus. but your a lot of the cancellations are happening in places that aren't even being
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now, some resorts and those are going out of their way to promote themselves as zika-free destinations. and, that could mean great deals for you. we have a travel agent here to talk about it. >> hi, good morning, how are you. >> john: it started with an e-mail from the dominican republic saying zika-free. and point out, you go to the other countries, there might be concerns and people are cancel but we are fine. what are you seeing in the travel industry. >> some cancellations. we are at about 1500 bookings this year and have only seen two, from pregnant women. or someone looking to conceive. so really the concern is, if you are expecting or wanting to conceive, you probably shouldn't go to these infected areas but there. >> john: i would imagine, you know people will think twice about it and maybe are hesitant and don't book the trip. but if you aren't concerned you can really score this summer, can't you? >> yes. and people think it is all over
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it's not all over the caribbean. you can go to st. lucia, and grenada, and antigua and the bahamas and the beautiful turks and caicos and those are zika-free. sandals is promoting zika-free as well and have 65% off, three nights, free candlelight dinners, catamarans, and really, really great destinations there, in st. lucia, antigua, antigua is one of the top honeymoon -- >> we were there and it was fantastic. talk about these here. you said fairmont, right? what is that like. >> the fairmont is in bermuda, if you ever thought of going to bermuda, they are offering great promotions there as well. free nights, and, discounts as well. so why not visit pink sand beaches, you know? their literally pink sand beaches. >> john: bright pink. >> like a hue of pink. >> john: i have never seen that night is beautiful!
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very quickly. looks fantastic. >> yes. great deals. definitely great deals. and, the thing about it is, most of these resorts, you can travel with the feeling that, let's say you find out your wife was expecting. and you didn't even know it. well, you can cancel and they are giving you a full refund, the cruise lines are letting you reschedule. the resorts are letting you cancel or reschedule your trips or go to a different destination. within their properties. so, it is kind of a risk-free type opportunity. >> in cases that don't do that you still need to buy the trip insurance, is that a good idea? recommend. but, unfortunately, it doesn't cover for zika, like if you find out there is a zika wherever ever you are going. it only covers if you get sick while you are over there. so, the travel insurance, once you get sick, once you are infecteded with zika, they will
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but, it won't cover you for, if that has it. >> john: and a deal for royal caribbean and the cruise ships getting in on that. bottom line, what should they do, book now, book often, book everywhere. >> book now,' deals are always now and don't be afraid, unless you are conceiving or, you know, looking to conceive you are completely safe and there is a lot of destinations, europe, alaska, the u.s., even in the caribbean, where you can get some great deals and create memories with your family. >> john: sounds good. >> don't wait. >> john: what is your web site. >> www.on deck >> john: great to e sue. >> thank you! >> john: 8:16 on good day. brooks, a little golf getaway sound great to me! >> doesn't it? around here this time of year we have gorgeous golf to do, whether -- one of my favorite courses is here in ormond beach. volusia county.
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county, and now the last few sprinkles are headed offshore, and that is good news for us, because it is going to be a spectacular day, weather-wise, most of the rain will be out of here and most of the late showers, out of here the next few minutes and then, we'll see clearing skies once the clouds push off. temperatures starting off near 70, and it is humid, as well. we are going to continue with the warm humid conditions, all the way through the week. as the winds will be out of the southwest, predominantly, next weekend, however looks unsettled with thunderstorms, rain, and believe iter or not, chilly air is not done yet in central florida. more in 60 seconds. here and now, this is the live view from amway camera. 71 degrees outside, gray skies for now, with south-southwest winds. but we'll see clearing skies through the morning hours. outer the door this morning, 70 in osceola county, 68 now in the villages, sumpter county, 70 for our friends, this morning in flagler county and good morning to you.
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southeast, looking even into the ohio valley, 56 lexington and 50 d.c., without the cold air at our doorstep, we can't get cold. so, the warm air will continue, also the dry air, filtering into central florida will be another amazing day, and amazing stretch of days, continues weather-wise. 86 degrees this afternoon, for a high. 20% chance that shower activity is moving offshore. and looks like the r444444444444 should be dry. we stay dry through thursday and friday with a slight risk of a shower, highs on election day, 87. st. paddy's day, 88. next weekend, thunderstorms on saturday, rain on sunday. and, much cooler conditions coming in on monday. let's check the traffic, good morning, kristin. >> all eyes on the crash in osceola county. this is i-4 eastbound, the crash has been pushed off to the side. it is now on the shoulder but things are still moving very slow through the area.
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at i-4 eastbound. i want to show you five miles back you are still seeing significant delays, at 192 and the traffic goes past this. so it is backed up for miles. on i-4, eastbound. again, that is in osceola county. taking you up to winter springs, we do have a crash on red bug lake road. the westbound lane there, we have one lane blocked. keep that in mind if you are heading that way. west of the 417. taking a look at your drive times, i-4 westbound, lake mary to colonial, 26 minutes. eastbound from the attractions to downtown, 16 minutes. hopping on the 408, this morning, the 417 to downtown, 11 minutes. time for your fox 35 pump patrol. regular gas costs you $1.72 at the kwik-martin , in orlando. check out gas saving tips on our web site, john and amy, back to you. >> john: thanks.
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flower and garden festival, attracting big crowds this year. >> john: david martin is checking it out. good morning, david. >> look at the flowers, and you build your own gardens and, get tips from the experts, take pictures in front of more than 70 topiaries throughout the park! and, of course, eat your
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if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> welcome back. it is time this wake up and win! fox 35 is giving away a family four pack of tickets to lego land florida. to enter all you have to do is go to our fox 35 facebook page, and then click on the tab that says win lego land tickets. you can enter to win once per day and the contest ends next sunday. >> john: beautiful flowers and great music. at epcot. >> amy: beautiful time of year. all part of the epcot international flower and garden festival and fox 35's david martin is -- really, you go away for a week and come back and go to epcot? really? you have such a tough life. >> reporter: i tell you what, we in florida go to the mountains for vacation and i noticed lats night on the plane --
8:24 am
last night, folks coming from salt lake city and denver, come to disney, and the plane was full. my colleague holly bristow on the flight also had a wonderful ski vacation in colorado. eric runs the horticulture department at epcot. good morning, how are you. >> fine. >> you do the entire disney world or epcot. >> just the flower and garden festival. >> that is enough of a job for you. >> that's plenty. >> so big, so popular you have expanded an extra 15 days this year. >> that's right, we're 90 days this year and we have new topiaries and new food, we have new bands. really, a new festival. >> why is it that it is so popular among guests, folks coming back year after year. >> you have the topiaries and you can see woody here. where else do you get the flowers and, we have little river band perform. something for everyone. >> reporter: and, you can walk in and enjoy the sights and
8:25 am
anything but do people and flower watching. >> our annual pass holders, come again and again, it changes throughout the festival. we'll have new flowers and bands and even new activities in the festival center where they can come and learn more about horticulture and take it to their own house. >> reporter: you recommend people plant flowers at their house, they can eat and that is a theme, edible vegetation an edible foods and flowers. >> that's right. we show more and more edible landscapes and our guests love it. and that is within thing they like and here -- within thing they like and -- one thing they like. we have an herb garden. >> reporter: snap dragon. >> a common flower. >> reporter: what does it taste like. >> like a snap dragon. >> reporter: i'll try it. >> okay. there you go. >> you recommend the guests do it around the park? >> no, we need flowers for other guests. >> reporter: like chicken! good! sweet. and you recommend a salad -- >> yes.
8:26 am
the flowers are in the mixed drink and people float them on top of this drink. >> what is this. >> fennel and marigold and mustard. which can be cooked and eaten like that. >> reporter: fantastic and you can eat this, too? it seems rough. fennel. like kale, a super food. >> it is super good. that is viola and is probably the most common edible flower you see and are great to float on drinks, drop 2 or 3 on your drink and our cider house, outdoor kitchen you get it with the viola floating in there. >> reporter: the 4th year you have added an element of food. it is the flower and garden festival with food. >> it completes the fair value. our guests love seeing edible plants and we've known it for years and now we tell the whole story, they can see them and eat what we are growing. >> reporter: runs through... >> may 30th. >> reporter: a busy season in front of you. appreciate the time this morning, and by the way, stop by
8:27 am
and i'll team you how to do this yourself with soil and seed. you don't need a green thumb. because, amy, we both don't have one. >> amy: we need all the help we can get. still ahead the candidates will try and gain your votes today. last day to do it. >> some of the candidates are holding rallies in central florida today. we'll tell you where you can
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>> announcer: you're watching "good day orlando" on fox 35. >> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando."
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beautiful. a lot of cloud cover out there to start your monday. finally, we're actually seeing a change. we're getting start with the sun up. a little sluggish today. hopefully you have had caffeine, i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown and ryan is over there sound asleep. zero sleep. i went and took a shower. >> amy: i kept waking up and oh! >> john: not feeling quite right. here's brooks, you worked last night, too, right? we're all sleep deprived. >> i'm in the third stage of delirium this morning, good morning, john and amy, good morning, in for jimmy ayme king. we had rain showers earlier and most showers moved on shore and still a few sprinkles southern volusia county, also a few sprinkles coming, polk county, but -- sprinkles, nothing heavy at all. and we do have clearing skies,
8:32 am
so, once again, it will be a fantastic day weather-wise. just a few sprinkles. temperatures, for the most part in the 70s with those clear skies. the 60s in alachua county. here we go today, look for high temperatures, mid to upper 80s, once again, and that is going to go all the way to a1a with the southwest winds, i doubt we'll see the sea breeze and partly cloudy skies and let's get a check on your morning drive. good morning. >> good morning, several issues, morning on i-4, taking you back out to the crashing in osceola county. things are moving slow on the eastbound lane, you can see the crash has been moved over to the side there. but, people are still moving pretty slow. you can see it is this traffic backed up up, five miles, over five miles, at i-4 at u.s. 192. things are moving very slow on i-4 eastbound. heading up a little further east, we do have reports of this accident here in the westbound lane, at exit 78, the conroy road exit, it is causing
8:33 am
oranges there. taking you out to brevard county, and rockledge, we do have a crash at fisk boulevard and i-95, causing slowdowns here in rockledge, i want to take you up towards christmas. we do have a new report of all lanes being closed on colonial drive at st. nicholas avenue. you can see the purple means it's not moving and that is going on right now, on florida 50, on colonial drive, on -- and nicholas, st. nicholas avenue. john and amy, back to you. >> amy: all right, you decide 2016, the polls open in florida now, less than 24 hours. >> john: the candidate are making their final swing through the sunshine state. ryan is here with a look at our political coverage, good morning. >> ryan: good morning, i want to show you a poll, that shows marco rubio has a long way to go in florida, as does just about every candidate. not named donald trump and the quinnipiac poll. look at the numbers and add them up, 46 for trump and the rest of
8:34 am
trump is at 46, senator marco rubio is second and this at 22%, troourz a distant third and john kasich 4th, again, all three candidates combined, only equal donald trump. on the democratic side, hillary clinton beats bernie sanders, 60-34%, not looking close on the democratic side, either. we'll see if it plays out. meanwhile, senator marco rubio, trying to close that gap today, throughout florida. including a rally in melbourne, that will be at 2:00 p.m also, former president bill clinton will stump for his wife in winter park this evening and donald trump will start his day in north carolina and swing through tampa for a rally on the other side of the i-4 corridor at 2:00 in tampa. hillary clinton, and bernie sanders, got their final chance to square off before tomorrow's primary, they took part in the town hall last night, in columbus, ohio, the biggest issue, centered around who can beat trump. >> it is virtually -- virtually
8:35 am
my margin over trump is wider than secretary clinton's. >> i'm the only candidate who has gotten more votes than trump. i have 600,000 more votes than donald trump. >> now, we have heard so much about there a and ohio, but there are five states who will hold their contests including florida and ohio, also, illinois and missouri and north carolina. of course florida and ohio, the big one, winner take all for republicans. john? >> john: of course fox 35 is your source for continues coverage of the presidential race, go on-line to or download the fox 35 news app for more information. also, developing this morning the search is now underway for the person who killed a teenager over the weekend. >> amy: heartbreaking story. the 15-year-old boy was gunned down, right in the streets of investigators say it happened at the intersection of north lakewood avenue and anderson place, just before midnight on saturday. in the town of ocoee. fox 35's holly bristow joins us live, ride outside of the sheriffs office with the on that.
8:36 am
>> good morning, no arrests in the case and the family is desperate for answers. >> he was a child. he was 15. he didn't even have his life lived. they took him from us. >> reporter: hours after antoine davis was found dead a large group of his family members and friends gathered outside of the orange county sheriffs office. with the sheriff. >> this is nothing but a portion of the family that you took -- you took him from us. he was a child. you had no business taking him from us. >> they got a call 11:45 saturday night, reporting the man down, near the intersection of north lakewood and anderson place, and first responders got on444444444444 and discovered a boy with a gunshot wound to the head, investigators say antoine davis was already dead. his family now begging for help. >> if if anybody knows anything about what happened, who was involved, who was around, please come forward.
8:37 am
antoine davis had a beef with some kids in the neighborhood. detectives are now looking to see if that is what led to the teen's death. 19-year-old antonio harmon is a neighbor and he says antoine was a good kid. >> he always went to school, that's one thing i know for sure. always went to school, he always had a smile on his face, and, his -- always kept a basketball in his hand. >> and again, orange county detectives are asking for anyone who saw anything to please call crime line or dial 911. still ahead, concerns over where exercise guru richard simmons has been hiding out. >> a look at how long he has been missing and why his friend are worried. >> amy: also, this morning on this day in history, march 14, 1981, dolly parton topped the charts with 9 to 5 and, accepted the role on the condition that she would write and sing the movie's theme song. for a time that deal was continuous in all of her starring movie roles with one exception.
8:38 am
was it steel magnolias, rhinestone or street talk?
8:39 am
8:41 am
>> amy: on this day in history, march 14th, 1981, the dolly parton topped the charts with the song 9 to 5. she accepted the role on the condition that she'd get to song. which, it was a classic. good job on that one! and it was continuous in all of her starring movie roles with one exception. what was it. here's your answers, which one did she not get to write: steel magnolias, rhinestone, or straight talk?
8:42 am
send it out to david martin who will join us live. at epcot with the flower and garden festival is going strong. it is beautiful out there. >> it is gorgeous, i wish dolly parton would come and sing at garden rock. a fun concert. my answer is pretty confident with this one, steel magnolias. >> amy: all right, a great movie! >> reporter: yeah, it was. >> amy: and ryan, have you seen any of these flicks. >> i have seen 9 to 5 and i have seen rhinestone,years ago and i think steel magnolias, it is between a and b, he swayed me to a, i'll follow him with steel magnolias, you the weather team. what say you. >> steeling ma noel ing ing magnolia. >> it it was filmed in louisiana, and -- >> amy: look at you. >> he knows a lot of stuff. >> yeah.
8:43 am
>> john: i'm going to go b, because we know, glenn campbell sang rhinestone cowboy. >> amy: all right. here's your answer: yes, it was steel magnolias. good job! she was like, i'll be in the movie if i can do that and they said, no, not this time, we have something else in mind and they didn't let her do it. one of my favorite movies avenue all time! >> cry like a baby, every time. >> amy: me, too! >> the christmas scene in the movie, happens every year in that town in louisiana. >> amy: you know everything, over there. >> i have family over there. lots of family. >> amy: thanks, david, good job. take it away. >> good morning, everybody, home you are having a good monday morning, the first work and school day morning with the sunrise, a little later and now we have light outside and we
8:44 am
mary and alachua counties, as we go through the morning hours, we'll see more sunshine and especially, this afternoon. it will be toasty. once again across central florida. 8:44, 70 degrees in lake mary, we do have showers that continue to move off of volusia county. a little pocket of light rain. right in northern polk and northern osceola county and extreme southern orange county, around the four corners region. a few sprinkles. that's it. and we'll see clearing skies as we go through the day. it will stay warm and humid, all day today and as a matter of fact, all week. that is what we're looking like. weather headlines and the warmth lingers, no need for any return to spring clothes or winter clothes yet. until next weekend. next week, an interesting we have to fine to an it through the week. looks unsettled with rain, thunderstorms and cooler conditions, coming in sunday and monday. outside, right now, the here and now, live from our amway cameras, 71 degrees, south-southwest winds at 9 miles
8:45 am
seeing a few peeks and pokes of fun and will see more throughout the morning hours, mid to upper 60s, north and west of i-4, i-4 corridor towards brevard county, looks like we're in the low 70s right now. it is warm, it is humid and that way throughout the entire southeast. no cold air on our doorstep, and also, look at the water vapor imagery, just a level of moisture in the mid levels of our atmosphere, the orange, the red, very dry air, also of note, quick, there was a tornado outbreak last night an early this morning, arkansas, texas, louisiana, and portions of mississippi. so, for us, drier air filtering in, here's the forecast, as we go through today, 86 degrees, the forecast high, with clearing and is this afternoon. -- skies this afternoon and most rain showers done for the most part. 87 degrees tomorrow and that is election day and ides of march and plenty of sun thursday and friday. st. patrick's day, high of 88 degrees.
8:46 am
need an extra green refreshment or two on st. patrick's day, next weekend, rain and cooler temperatures. snap the sun time. lydia took the picture, beautiful picture with the sun. sunrise. and the star, the moon -- can't tell, maybe a planet in the top right-hand corner of your screen. probably a planet. weather baby time. rachel is a cutey-pie this morning, like her amy? >> amy: look at those checks! >> one cute girl, rachel, you are one beautiful, beautiful little girl. thanks for joining us this morning, if you want your child on weather baby, log onto our web site, and follow the links. good morning, kristen. >> kristin: good morning, driving through osceola county on i-4, heading east you need to give yourself extra time them. the emergency crews are on the side and everything pushed off to the side. but, traffic is backed up for miles. i want to take you to 192. things are slow-moving through
8:47 am
again, i-4 eastbound in osceola county. i want to take you further east on i-4, we do have another crash at conroy, exit 7d in the westbound lane, the other side, causing some delays there. taking you out to christmas, we do have this colonial drive and st. nicholas avenue, actually just now opened back up, all lanes were closed, now just opening back up and traffic is moving through. taking you -- a look now at your drive times, i-4 westbound, from lake mary boulevard to colonial, will take you 21 minutes and eastbound, i-4 from the attractions downtown, 18 minutes and the 408 from the 417 to downtown, 12 minutes. john and amy, back to you. >> john: time to check out what is hot in hollywood. >> amy: a lot of concern over the whereabouts of richard simmons, jenny castillo from rumba 100.3 joins us with the scoop. how are you? >> good morning.
8:48 am
since he disappeared and basically has been home. according to him, he say, okay, i had a knee replacement and wanted to be home. i was tired of traveling and wanted time for myself and there was a lot of rumors of people, even the weekend saying he had been kidnapped by his housekeeper of 30 years. he's like, what? we're like practically married. you know? she has nothing to do with it. he really wanted to be alone and, other sources are saying he has been battling depression. so, he came out and, it was a phone conversation, and he's like, i'm okay. i'm alive, i wasn't kidnapped, everything is a lie. i just want to be alone. >> amy: i get it. you know, but it is a little reclusive and he has been in the house for two years and has not come out, not like he's going out to have dinner. i get you, you don't want to travel anymore. but don't you want to eat?
8:49 am
and like get the newspaper. like -- why? i mean, the cameras are right there. something -- he has missed friends' funerals and important things. and he has not been there and close friends say he was very reliable and it wasn't like him to disappear that way. >> john: there are days i dream of doing this. >> i know! tell me about it! >> i have dreamed about it. >> amy: i could see a few weeks. >> john: next story here... go ahead. one more thing? >> no, no, no. that was perfect. >> john: all right. rm next story here, kylie jenner was in orlando on friday. and, i almost thought about going down there. >> really, john? >> john: just to see what kind of fan i could have. it would be one place where people would not agree with me on some things. >> guys, i'm sorry for the facial expression but this is basically how she looked the
8:50 am
came in for the sugar factory and she was taking selfies and this is it. i'm like, smile. you are beautiful. no matter what. maybe -- i don't know, but she wouldn't change her facing expression and people were yelling and cheering for her and she could not get out of this. whatever perfect face she thought she had, kept it the entire time and spoke to the crowd, i love you guys, thank you for coming, i love guys, thank you for coming and that was it. it was big that she says here and a lot of people came out to support her sugar factory and, it was awesome. i would have liked to see a little more personality out of her. it was so serious and so -- i can't move because i look perfect like this. worried about -- >> and, if you say this one is kylie and this one is kendall. i know there are two and they look alike. >> kylie is the youngest one.
8:51 am
>> john: we're clueless. i'm glad my kids didn't ask to go. >> amy: hair looks pretty! >> john: jenny, have a great money, jenny castillo, rumba 100.3. >> amy: tell ahead, why melon yells have disney on the mind. >> john: and another big question this morning, are we losing our religion? after the break a new study shows more and more americans are choosing to stay home on sunday mornings. because they say church isn't relevant in their lives anymore. first, time for our pet of the day. look at this! we want to say good morning to rudy! rudy! if you want your pet featured as our pet of the day go ahead and post your pet on our facebook make today smile with 6 dunkin' donuts for $4.49, powdered with sugar, layered with frosting, filled with jelly, or topped with sprinkles.
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>> amy: well, it is not exactly the greatest start to your monday. a live view, looking out on the city beautiful. more like the city gray and dreary today. that is okay. brooks says, don't lose hope. he's actually got a really nice forecast for you. if you have plans to go out and drink a little green beer, then you will be happy with it. in our business watch. governor rick scott will be in orlando, talking jobs. >> john: the governor will be at orion technology services on south orange avenue. 10:30 a.m the governor says florida has created more than 1 million jobs across the state in the past five years. and more than $1 billion in tax cuts have been put in place over the last two years, and calls it the million-billion tour. >> amy: millenials are disney dreaming. walt disney company landed near the top of list of dream companies for millenials. and came in at number 2. just behind google. though survey was conducted by
8:56 am
school scholars and questioned 18,000 kids, between 15 and 29 years old. >> john: and there are a lot of new faces in town, forbes says orlando is one of the nation's fastest growing cities once again. list. cape coral, down in southwest florida, was the only other florida city in the top ten and they came in at number ten. we're number 7 again this year. >> amy: impressive. >> john: looks like americans are losing their religion. >> amy: interesting. researchers found the number of people who believe in god and attend church regularly is actually on a steady decline. according to the study done by the university of london and duke university it seems to be a generational thing. 68% of americans who are 65 and older say they have no doubt there is a god, but only 45% of young adults can say the same. plus, less than 20% of young adults say they go to church on a regular basis. >> john: i posted on this and posted my pastor mentor growing up said, if a restaurant is
8:57 am
the people, find out what the restaurant is doing wrong and he said churches are growing, find out what they are doing right and incorporate that. >> amy: a great point. about. >> amy: a lot coming up in our 9 o'clock hour. >> john: why a study says women need more sleep than men! >> amy: yes! >> john: and nobody got any sleep last night. and a couple sharing your technology and passwords with some people, what they think about their partners when they don't share their social media passwords. and, david martin is back into town, went from the snowy epcot! >> reporter: i love it here. a reminder, folks, epcot, 23rd annual flower and garden festival under way through the end of may, 90 days, this festival, and make sure when you get here, grab a passport and out. also, take note, two web sites, for all the details and,
8:58 am
discounts, currently going on, so that you can enjoy the flower and garden festival as well. plenty to talk about including the table. the food, comi (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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