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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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p[music] good morning. it is tuesday, march 15th. i'm ryan elijah. i'm luanne sorrell. thanks for waking up with us! we are working on this morning. breaking right now-- i-4 west bound is shut down in fatal crash. where that scene is-- this morning. lanes of a major road in seminole county are closed as well-- after a man crashed into a utility pole last night. find out how that driver is doing. plus this.
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voters in florida go to the polls for the primary. lots of candidates are in florida right now. we will tell you who-- and where.
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we are following breaking news in orange county-- where all lanes of i-4 westbound are shut down... crash in orlando. this is a live look at our traffic camera. this is happening along i-4... at sand lake road. florida highway patrol is confirming someone has died... but we do not know
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other victims. we have a crew heading to the scene. and we will have a live update in the next 30 minutes. the florida primary is finally here. at 7 a.m. -- voters will head to the polls to pick a nominee. analysts are calling it "super tuesday 2- point-0". along with florida... voters will head to the polls in ohio.... illinois... missouri... and north carolina. several candidates will spend this week campaigning in the sunshine state. marco rubio will hold a campaign event in miami. donald trump will be in palm beach... where he will address voters later tonight..... he'll be joined by fellow front- runner hillary clinton-- who will also be in palm beach later today. and hillary clinton will hold an event in palm beach. speaking of hillary clinton.... polls shows her with a commanding lead here in florida. the latest quinnipiac polls shows clinton leading sanders 62- percent to 34- percent heading into today's voting. former president bill clinton rallied for his wife-- at rollins college yesterday. he talked about hillary's progressive policies--saying, she wants to unify america. fox 35's keith landry
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on the republican side-- a new "monmoth
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y @ @ @`yy @ @ @ pp university poll" has trump winning all 99 delegates at stake... in today's race in it has trump leading marco rubio 44- percent to 27- republican voters. ted cruz sits in third-- with just 17- percent of the vote. traded jabs at both men are looking to get the final word-- before voters head to the polls. f course-- it is all
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florida-- will take home 99 delegates on the republican side. on the democratic side-- 214 delegates are on the line. but hillary clinton and bernie sanders will split those proportionally-- based on how well they do. fox 35 is your election headquarters. the polls close at 7 pm tonight. and starting at 7-- we will have primary updates live from our website-- "fox 35 orlando dot com." that is followed by fox 35 news at 10. developing this morning-- the clermont police department is sending out a warning-- about a man who is impersonating a police officer. the man was spotted on sunday night-- near a "beef o' brady's" restaurant along highway 50 in clermont. employees at the restaurant say the suspect pulled-over a woman around 11 o'clock. they say the man was wearing a brown uniform .. and carrying a gun.
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saw the restaurant employees looking at him-- he took off in a "black crown victoria" with lights in the windshield. if you see him-- call clermont police. a fox alert-- crews restored power to dozens of homes in seminole county-- after a car crash damaged a utility pole last night. but a major road is still closed at this time. this all happening along grant street and 434 in longwood. police say the pole that was damaged-- also supported a traffic light there. the road is closed between "wayman avenue" and "county road 427." police are still investigating what caused a man to crash into that pole. driver was air-lifted to the hospital with serious injuries. will gather tonight to remember a boy.... shot and killed in orange county. the boy's mother is demanding justice. a candlelight vigil is scheduled for tonight to honor 15-year-old antwan davis. deputies say he was found shot and killed sunday morning-- near north lakewood avenue and anderson place-- in ocoee. davis' mother-- stacy
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found out about her son's detah in an unacceptable way-- from an instagram post. she also says-- he was the oldest of her four kids-- and she will miss his smile. family members say they are hopeful that someone will call-in information leading to an arrest. tonight's vigil is scheduled for 8 p- m.... at "starke lake" in ocoee. new this morning-- no charges for a central florida man arrested in a sanford shooting. investigators say he was justified in pulling the trigger. 22-year-old "tonney mccants" was arrested back in january-- after police say he shot and killed "marquis grooms" at the "kensington oaks `` apartments." police say grooms-- who used to date mccants' girlfriend-- broke into the apartment and started beating her. that is when they
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grooms more than a dozen times. our news partners at the orlando sentinel report-- the manslaughter charges against mccants... have been dropped. the state says-- mccants was justified in his use of force-- under @ @$ @h@`pp @`` florida's "stand your ground" law. | also new this morning-- `p`ppppxxp$$ the charges are being reduced for the motorcycle- racing champion.... :zpunching a dayt44444444444police officer. the daytona beach news journal reporting "danny eslick" had his charge reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor after pleading "no contest" to the crime. he now faces a year of probation.... with early termination after six months. a fox 35 follow-up now-- . beach police chief-- mike chitwood-- has officially announced--- that he is running for volusia county sheriff. in january-- sheriff ben johnson
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this year-- after 16 years as sheriff. chitwood says-- he was encouraged to run for sheriff... by the community, and even the mayor of daytona beach. a local family's dog is hurt... after shots were fired in their yard. @ coming up-- find out how that dog is doing-- and why he is x
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three chicago police officers are recovering... following a late- night shoot-out. detectives say the officers were investigating drug activity --when a man started shooting at them. the officers returned fire... killing the man... but not before each was shot multiple times. none of their injuries are considered life- threatening. in maryland-- we now know the under-cover officer who was shot to death while a gunman attacked a police station... was killed by "friendly fire". prince george's county police say it's unclear if officer jacai colson was mistaken as the attacker in the chaotic shootout... or whether he was accidentally hit. russian president-- vladimir putin-- is ordering the majority of the russian military to withdraw from c1.surprise announcement came-- as peace- talks aimed at ending the five-year civil war continued yesterday.
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clear-- that russia will maintain its military bases-- and keep a limited number of troops in the country. a crime alert in brevard county-- where police say-- a famly's dog was shot and wounded. now-- the search is on, for whoever did it. fox 35's tiffany teasley has the story. coming up-- the n-f-l is taking an important step forward.
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p`x|?n@0 @> we will tell you how the new development... e health and safety of players. plus-- causing a ruckus at a w-w-e facility-- was a no-show at his own find out what his attorneys had to say. 35 good day orlando. we'll be right back.
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but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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taking a live look at . it's ??? outside. you can follow us on twitter, or tweet us-- just use #g-d-o the man accused of attacking an orange county deputy outside of the w-w-e training facility-- must undergo a mental health evaluation. that story kicks off
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"armando montalvo" was not in court yesterday-- but his attorney was. montalvo is accused of trying to break into the orlando facility back in august. he is charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer-- but his attorney argues he is not fit to stand trial. montalvo has previously been diagnosed with bi- polar disorder. he is due back in court on may 20th. the "alma mater" of a virginia police officer-- who was fatally shot on her first day-- is holding a memorial service for her. embry-riddle in daytona beach will hold a service for ashley guindon on march 22. she earned a bachelor's degree in aeronautics at the school. she was killed back in february-- while responding to a domestic dispute at a home in woodbridge, virginia. it was her first day on patrol. someone is vandalizing republican campaign signs in melbourne-- ` with a democratic candidate's tag-line. road corridor-- we spotted 5 donald trump and ted cruz
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message. in spray paint-- the signs read "feel the bern"-- a slogan made popular by bernie sanders. melbourne police say no one has made any formal complaints. but-- defacing the signs is considered a misdemeanor. xx x
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orlando police chief --john mina-- is
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problem... that is becoming all too familiar. he says "enough is enough"-- after several incidents-- where officers had guns pointed at them. one of these incidents happened over the weekend. " police say michael louis-jacques is accused of firing shots outside of a greyhound bus station in orlando. when authorities caught-up with him-- they say he pulled out a gun. he later dropped the weapon-- and no one was hurt. but-- chief mina says his officers are being forced into these dangerous situations more and more. last year-- orlando police say they pulled nearly 7- hundred guns off the streets. they also say-- officers were shot at-- or forced to use their weapons-- nearly a dozen times.
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push continues tonight... as the magic prepare to against the denver nuggets. "! in the east. but they're just five llllllllllllhl` games out of a playoff spot... with 17 games to go... and desperate. the nuggets are just six games back l,``_`p``z`{`yx`]z`xx`x dallas to make it ((!(8 into the western conference playoffs. tonight's game is set grt at seven o'clock at amway. `?'@/@/hhxx@hh`qqqqqq````h`xp the orlando pride holds its first sanford. the team's head yesterday was mostly about bringing the players together... so they could begin building chemistry. some of the bigger names like alex morgan couldn't make it... but are scheduled to arrive at camp later this week. the pride play their first-ever scrimmage this saturday. and in another "first"... an n-f-l official has acknowledged a connection between c-t-e... and football. the league's senior v-p for health and @w p{]kpo@x|po@9 safety told congress yesterday the research clearly shows there's a link between the brain disease and retired players.
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f-l's commissioner and other league representatives have always avoided taking a position. luanne? coming up-- "universal orlando" is bringing a new and unusual candy shop to "city walk." details coming up. plus this-- some new details surrounding the tragic death of a florida deputy. why a woman says-- that deputy sacrificed his life-- to save hers. theme parks and
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universal citywalk. the park announced their newest dining experience yesterday. it's called "toothsome chocolate factory." the factory will offer all sorts of desserts.... like milkshakes made with bacon ice cream... red velvet cupcakes...and key lime pie! the chocolate factory is expected to open later this year. time to take a look at the stories making headlines around florida. new details in the wrong- way crash that killed a hillsborough county deputy. now-- it is believed-- he sacrificed himself... to save another driver. sarah geren
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along the "selmon saturday morning-- headlights heading towards her. as she tried to pull over-- she says deputy john kotfila before crashing car. the 30-year-old was taken to the hospital... where he later died. geren and her father -- believe the deputy intentionally blocked that wrong-way driver... saving the lives of her and her boyfriend. the wrong-way driver-- erik mcbeth-- was also killed. the sheriff's office says a toxicology ``````88|e8(,,`
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recently-- she lost control of her back legs. now...the polk x``@p county s-p-c-a is asking for donations... to get a wheelchair fitted for "girly girl." @` they estimate a wheelchair will cost about 350- dollars. coming up on the 5 o'clock hour-- before you head out to vote in the primaries today-- we are going over the latest on each candidate. stay here for the latest numbers-- in polls, and delegates. plus- the new "bear proof" trash cans are coming at a steep discount. find out how you can get in on the new deal-- before
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i'm luanne sorrell. here is a look at this morning's top stories.


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