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tv   Good Day 6am  FOX  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. . and welcome to super-tuesday in florida. so glad you're with us. gdo. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> i'm john brown, we begin with news this morning. >> two people have died in a crash this morning and several lanes shut down at sand lake road. we'll take you live to the scene and give you info how to get around it. >> john: also it's finally
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today it could be the biggest day yet in the race for 2016. >> john: okay, we're going to start with breaking news. holly is live with the latest on that crash. good morning, holly. >> reporter: from what highway patrol is telling us, two people are dread because of a wrong way crash. right back here on the westbound lanes of i-4 happened at 3:20 this morning. according to investigators a green honda was traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes and ran head on into a taxi. we're told both of the drivers died out here on scene. as you can see, a very busy scene out here. both cars look to be a total mess.
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had to be cut out of their right now, all of the westbound lanes, up to sand lake road are shut down and to give you some more information how to get around this, i'll pass this over to kristin. kiss tin? >> reporter: right now the traffic is being diverted at kirkman. you can see slowdowns here. this is where troopers are diverting traffic and this is where the shut down begins because of this wrong-way crash ````` here at sand lake road.``` you can see emergency crews are out there working to clear the it will be a big mess. it's already starting to become lanes there. i do have an alternate route, if you want to avoid it all together. take the turnpike to the 528 and you can get around the entire mess all together. of course we'll keep an eye on this throughout the morning.0 sand lake road, we have a new trail.
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of a slowdown there. looking at your drive times. to colonial will take you 13, eastbound from the attractions will take 12 minutes. time to take a check of our weather. how does it look out there? >> good morning, everybody, black s blacks in for jamie king. we have a few low clouds. tight picture. it is going to be a spectacularly sunny day today. enjoy it, folks. if you're in the sun, it will feel like you're in the 90s. official high temperatures will go extreme upper 80s with west winds reinforcing the warm air.
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john and aim may? by the end of the day we'll have like. voters head to the polls in iowa, ohio, missouri and north carolina as well. for the democrats 691 delegates are at stake. marco rubio is holding a campaign event in miami. donald trump in palm beach and hillary clinton will also be in palm beach. let's head out to fox 35 gina benitez, where they are expecting a good turnout. >> good morning. it was expected to be one of the busier polling places. but the good news a lot of people turned out for early voting. the lines are not expected to be too long. 2 million people already voted across the state of florida and $50,000 of those right here in orange county. let's take a look at some of the percentages.
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elections, 41% total voter turnout which about the same as 2008. in seminole county, mike effortle. is the election supervisor predicting 45% for the florida primary. republicans. 25% of them turned out for early voting. they had several campaigns, bill clinton making his pitch last night. saying his wife doesn't consider herself part of the establishment here's what he had to say. >> she said, i think i'm a natural politician. you know, like the president and my husband, they love this stuff. she said, i am, however, pretty good at doing the job.
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can do the job. polled opened an hour. we saw signs up for the candidates. reporting live in winter park, gina benitez. fox 35 news. gina, thanks. it seems to be the front-runners election to lose. ryan is here. >> ryan: if the polls turn out the way they are showing. the numbers show clinton and trump. showing clinton leading bernie sanders 62-48%. the latest poll showing trump leading marco rubio a little closer, 44-27 among likely republican voters. ted cruz sitting in third with 17% of the vote.
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yesterday. both looking to get the final word in before voters make their voice heard today. the rhetoric he uses is irresponsible and over the top. again, do we really want to live in a culture like that? >> you go to the building, raise your hand. right vote, wrong vote. you got to vote. he's never there. is he's never there. i don't know where he is. but he's never there. immigration. he's very strong on amnesty. i don't know how he got elected. of course it's all about the delegates. the winner in florida will take republican side. not the case for the democrats. 214 on the line. clinton and sanders will split of course fox 35 is your election headquarters.
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the polls close at 7:00. also at 7:00. we have a special elections analysis followed by a special edition of fox 35 news at 10:00 with live reports and political analysis you with ill not see anywhere else. if you watched tv over the last 24 hours, you see the multiple attack ads over the next few days. >> amy: new this morning. the search is on for an man impersonating an officer in lake county. the suspect pulled over a woman just before 11:00 sunday night. employees at beef o'brady's watched the whole thing happen. the man was p wearing a brown uniform carrying a gun. he took off in a black crown victoria with lights and windshield. if you see him you're asked to call police. friends and family will
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and killed. >> john: deputy say antwaan davis was shot and killed near north lakeland avenue. his mother said she found out what happened from an instagram post. antwaan was the oldest of her four kids and said she'll miss his smile. >> outspoken, outgoing, always -- it's horrible. >> john: family members say they are hopeful that someone will tell police who shot him.j tonight's vigil is set for 8:00 in stark lake. in marion county leaders are hoping to present a tragic accident by providing bear-proof trash cans. this is all thanks to a new grant from florida fish and wildlife.
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marion county involved a bear attracted to the area by garbage bar garbage. you can save by calling the county's parks and rec didn't>> amy: would you be willing to delay your tax refund to help irs stop identity theft? lauren simonetti has the44444444444 latest. >> it is going to be a business icy day around here. let's talk about p a good distraction. getting money back. if you're willing to delay the irs if they can tighten things up for you? >> basically, 48 million americans have already received their tax refund. that's the good news if you're expecting that money. it averages about $3,000. there's a new survey out. if the irs could further look into security measures and n
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would you be willing to delay that refund and for how long to help the irs to make sure there is no identity fraud going on? and 22% of people, of american tack payers say they are willing to delay that money if it would help the irs. >> i think it's fascinating. most people, are like yeah, if i can get all my money back, why not? >> right. that would be nice. you have a big problem if someone has your identity. i guess a lot of people are saying, withhold my 3 thousand. so delay that for eight weeks and i'll be better off in the end. >> amy: thanks, lauren, great to see you. we'll talk soon. you can catch lauren each morning on the fox business network. not sure where to go. fox business./channel finder. >> john: a community is planning to spend major money to outfit police with body cameras. >> how much will it cost and where the officers will be
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we'll have all of the details come out. >> plus -- >> who knows. it could be trump out there. who knows. >> a vandal out there with spray point. which political party they're targeting. plus, brooks? >> yesterday we had a lot of showers moving through central florida. this monk, all clear. starting live with the radar, we'll have our forecast coming up. >> amy: we're continuing to stay on top of this major crash on i-4 that shut down all westbound lanes of i-4 at sand lake road. looks like cars are being
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>> amy: welcome back to "good day orlando." looking down on orange avenue this morning. it's really quiet out there. not a person washinging down the street, not a car on the road. it is still early for that down town traffic right now. glad you're with us on super-tuesday. new this morning, no charges will be charged for a man arrested in sanford.
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was justified for opening fire. tony mccan was arrested after he shot and killed a man at the kensington oaks apartment. the man used to date his girlfriend when he broke into the apartment and started to beat the woman. mccan was originally charged with manslaughter.` but those charges have now been dropped. the state said he was justified in his use of force under the stand your ground law. >> amy: charging are being reduced for the motorcycle racing champion accused of punching a police officer in daytona beach. the daytona beach news journal said he had his charges reduced to a misdemeanor after he pled no contest for a crime. he faces 12 months of probation months. >> john: if fort orange the city is expected to pay half a cameras. the money will be approved at
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it will pay for 70 cameras and 70 new tasers. the didn't is seeking a five-year deal for the contract for those devices. >> amy: someone is vandalizing the campaign sane signs. >> john: and they are using a tag line used by one of the candidates. luann has the latest. >> reporter: this is happening on the wickham road corridor. that's where we saw the signs defaced with the same message. the signs read "feel the berne" that's a slogan made popular by bernie sanders. melbourne police say they have not received complaints about the signs but defacing them is considered a misdemeanor. the people we spoke with said the vandals need to be caught. >> i don't think they should destroy the signs and sometimes
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he's entitled to his opinion, too. it is 6:17 tuesday morning. let's check with brooks to see how our tuesday is shaping up. good morning, brooks. >> it's shaping up pretty well. hope you're having a good tuesday morning outside. we look live over the city. it's nice. i love watching airliners on their final into oia. good stuff outside. 6:18. temperatures this morning starting off in the low 70s for the most part. i'm brooks tomlin in for jayme king. it's parm and humid. going to be a pretty toasty day. there's going to be a lot of sunshine. clouds. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. that means temperatures will rise tra bratically. the warmth will linger all of the way through friday.
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looks like both days will be quite stormy as we have a potent system coming in to play. behind that system, much cooler air comes in early next week. talking about sunday, monday and tuesday. let get to the outside right now. 70 degrees, some traffic in down town orlando. temperatures south and east of i-4. low 70s for the most part. north and west even upper 60s. so it's a very pleasant warm morning. it's warm throughout the entire southeast. look at these temperatures. water temperatures once again. low 70s in brevard county. air temperatures. 60 in jackson mississippi. 47 in d.c. without any real cold air on the horizon, it will be a warm next few days. 89 degrees the official high today. if you're in the sunshine today, it will feel like you're in the mid to upper 90s. tay cool on this election day
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ides of march. rain chances and storm chaps increase but then temperatures cool down. look at sunday and monday. highs in the 70s. monday morning's low temperature, 49 degrees. let's get a check on your morning drive. good morning. >> good morning. we have an update on the crash long. a crash on i-4 at sand lake road that had shut down all westbound lanes starting at kirkman. it appears troopers reopened one lane there, so, traffic is getting by, but still some major``` slowdowns. this is i-4 westbound at sand lake road.@ kirkman road. we have an alternate route for you if you want to avoid the area all together. take the florida turnpike and take that to sand lake road or 528 and hop back on i-4. taking a look now at a new crash here at 5:28 on john young
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taking a look at drive times i-4 eastbound will take you 3 minutes. westbound will take you 7 minutes and if you're using the 408 through down town will take you ten minutes. now to pump patrol. gas $1.72 on the quick mark in orlando. and, remember, you can always check out gas saving tips on our website. john, mamie, back you to. >> john: 6:21 on "good day" a late night shootout and several officers caught in the cross fire. >> we'll have details what let to the shooting and update. plus, russia agreed to withdraw troops out of syria but not everything will be returning home. what they are refusing to remove that could hurt peace talks. it is 6:21 right now. you're watching "good day orlando." here's another live look at the accident scene we've been telling you about. you have tow trucks removing
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>> john: 6:24 here at "good day." developing this hour, three chicago police officers recovering after a late-night
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>> amy: officers were investigating drug activity when the men started to shoot at them. officers returned fire. they killed the man but not before they shot three times. none of the injuries were life threatening. >> john: in maryland, we know an officer that was shot was killed by friendly fire. prince georges county police said it was unclear if he was mistaken for the attacker in that shootout or was accidently hit. 36789 president vladimir putin is ordering the russian military to withdraw from syria. that prize announcement came as peace talks continued yesterday. but the president of russia made it clear that russia will maintain its military bases and keep limited number of troops in that country. >> john: nfl tackling a controversial issue in sports. >> amy: what the league has to say about football and brain injuries.
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on tuesday morning. "good day orlando" i'm john brown. >> amy: i'm amy kaufeldt. here's the stories we're working on. if you're headed out the door you might want to find an alternate route for a little longer. a deadly crash p shut down i-4 this morning. >> john: and it's become a problem at orange county. we're talking police officers staring at a gun pointed right at them. you'll hear from the police chief saying enough is enough. >> amy: and who is admitting the nfl's most popular game is damaging its players game. 6:29. we'll check in with kristin to see how things are happening outside. >> good morning. this is a look at sand lake i-4 west bound. this crash shut down westbound lanes. now one lane is getting by this crash again things moving very ```` slowly here.
6:30 am
the crash again is at i-4 westbound at sand lake road. things moving very slow there. we have an alternate route for you because of back-ups on i-4. you can take the florida turnpike or get off at sand like and hop back on the interstate. new crash outside the airport. 528 westbound at exit 9. trade port drive not causing slowdowns at the moment and heading out to central florida we have a crash at mccullough road. westbound we have a road blocked. something to keep in mind if you're headed to that area. amy, john, back you to. >> good morning, everybody, it's starting off very warm this morning. temperatures right near 70. and it's humid as well. feels a little bit like summer is right around the corner. but wait until you see the seven-day forecast in about ten minutes. ail want to break out the jackets and sweaters once again.
6:31 am
a lot of sunshine with predominantly clear skies. we'll be at 88 degrees at 2:00. topping out 89. it will be a warm evening as well with west winds bringing in warm air. seven-day forecast is coming up. john and amy. >> amy: the count down to the florida primary is about over. about half an hour the voters will head to the polls in five states. >> john: let's head to gina benitez to winter park where they expect a lot of voters today. >> reporter: i'm here at the presbyterian church in winter park that is expected to be one of the busiest days. we had a lot of people out for early voting. across the state we had 2 million people turn out for early voting. 50,000 right here in orange county alone. let's take a look at some other numbers. orange county supervisor of election said 41% total voter
6:32 am
and seminole county the elections supervisor is predicting 45% voter turnout. the big story is republicans 25% turnout for early voting which is drat dra mattic for 2008. i will be out here all morning long. early voting starts in half an hour. it is quiet at the polls but we're expecting a lot of people. we'll update you throughout the morning. reporting in winter park p gina benitez. fox 35 news. >> john: thank, gina. a man accused of attacking a deputy outside of the wwe mental facility must undergo mental evaluation evaluation. >> amy: the man was accused of trying to break into the orlando facility back in august. he's charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. his attorney said he's not fit to stand trial. he's previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. he's accused to be back in court
6:33 am
>> john: the alma mater of a police officer fatally shot on the job is holding a memorial service for her. the officer earned a bachelor's degree. she was killed while responding to a domestic dispute in virginia. it was her very first day on patrol. let's find out what is going on sportwise, i believe. >> orlando magic basketball.ll nl ot very good for the magic to make the playoffs. what they have to do i s basically win out for most of their game. the magic 12 in the east.l, five games out of the playoff (( spots. not that bad. denver is just as desperate.`x nuggets are six games back. 7:00 at the amway center, one game at a time what scott schools will tell you. orlando holding their first
6:34 am
a lost people saying it was about getting the team together. some of the bigger names were not on the field but scheduled to arrive at camp later this week.@w they'll play the first ever scrimmage saturday. and the nfl acknowledge aid connection between cte and football. of course cte is the brain injury. the league's senior vice president for health and held a congressional panel 8s8stt: yesterday.xuxu@' research shows the link to the brain disease and retired football players. now, why this is significant, the nfl commissioner and other representatives, really avoided taking that position, so, kind of the latest before congress. as for the magic, they need to win. it will be great to see them get near the play of jos. >> we'll see. >> john: thanks, ryan. a warning for your wallet. scammer s scammers, what they are doing to
6:35 am
>> amy: and mcdonald's is now open. on i drive. we'll take you to the largest entertainment mickey "d"'s. and it is a pretty nice start to your tuesday, 71 degrees. we'll be right back. if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women.
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i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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>> john: 6:37 on "good day orlando." live look once again at that fatal crash on i-4. we're talking the westbound lane. it has been a mess all morning and we'll head back to holly brace toe. . bristoe. looks like they're moving pretty quickly. holly. >> reporter: you're looking at quickly. the accident was in the westbound lanes which you can see is bumper to bumper. part of the left lane is closed. middle lane is bumper to bumper. the exit ramp seems to be moving along a little bit. this was a deadly crash. caused by a wrong-way driver. joining me is sergeant kim montez. how did this happen? >> we had a van traveling going the wrong way. a taxi cab was traveling the
6:39 am
had nowhere to go and they collided head on. >> was there only one driver in each of the cars. >> each vehicle had a male driver. both of them died on scene. right now we're trying to notify next of kin. we suspect alcohol played a role. >> how so? >> we haw a bot of hennessy and we're waiting for toxicology but that's the cause of wrong-way drives. >> we don't know if he made a u-turn or came on the ramp the wrong way. we're still looking into that. >> reporter: looks like one lane is back open. looks like the exit ramp is back open. any idea when all of the westbound lanes will be hope? >> hopefully by 7:00 we'll have all of the emergency vehicles
6:40 am
>> reporter: we'll be out here all morning and let you know when the lanes do open up again on the westbound portion of i-4. again, a very, very sad morning out here on the interstate. a wrong-way driver went head on into another driver. both that driver and the other are dead. for now reporting live along i-4. holly bristow. >> john: and police chief john mena is addressing a serious problem. >> amy: he said enough is enough after officers had gunned pointed at them. police say mike a man is accused of firing outside of a greyhound bus. when authorities caught him he pulled the gun on him, but he later dropped the weapon.
6:41 am
officers are facing this more and more often. last year, they pulled nearly 700 guns off the streets. they say officers were shot at or forced to use their own weapons nearly a dozen time. >> john: daytona police chief is officially running for the volusia county sheriff. >> i may be late to the pool flash. people of volusia county think my ideas. my enthusiasm, they want. >> john: he's running because the current sheriff announced he will be retining after 16 years onned job. >> amy: out with the old, in with the new. the mcdonald's is almost ready for business. it's the world largest
6:42 am
it's got an arcade and a create your taste bar. even has a separate kitchen that you can order pizza. they look pretty good. you just have to hold tight. the timing is gait for spring break, actually. >> john: absolutely. we're hours away to a big announcement in central florida. >> amy: and authorities want to charge donald trump following a violent rally. what they have decided coming up on "good day orlando." 6:42. here's another live look. we heard from kim montez this
6:45 am
we know it's lvf >> john: 6:45 in "good day orlando." big changes to legoland. they say this is one of their biggest expansions to date. we'll let you know about the plans as soon as they are released. and consumer alert. when it comes to taxes, thieves posing as irs and trying to steal your refund. >> amy: no one appears to be safe from this.
6:46 am
congressman. it's an issue the florida congressman knows about first hand. he recently receive aid call from a scammer but said he doesn't fall for it. he's talked to people who have lost thousands of dollars to these fake irs calls. we also spoke to another victim. >> i thought if the irs is coming at you they will leave you a voice mail with no other information. >> and you tried to come back what happened? >> i got no answer. when i tried to call back, it sounds like it's disconnected. it was like a beep beep. >> amy: not a good sign. the irs said they will never demand immediate payment over the phone or request personal information over the phone. if you believe you've been targeted you need to report it to the treasury inspector general of tax administration. 6:46 right now. let c444444444444 brooks to see how things are looking outside. it's kind of hot.
6:47 am
it's been that way since sunday when we had warm air coming into play. 70 degrees in orlando. same thing in melbourne and bravard. a little cooler. expect that this time of year. folks, it will be a warm day today. i don't think we'll see a record but could be close in some spots. we won't see a sea breeze today. west winds all day in volusia and brevard. the warmth continues all day through friday with storms. thunderstorms and rain likely friday and all day into saturday. much cooler air comes in early next week. this run of 80s that we've been having will be over for a few days. wait until you see those temperatures. outside right now, we're looking live from the cowher tam atop the hyatt regency orlando. beautiful scene shaping up. southwest winds at 7 miles an hour. everybody right near 70 degrees. add the humidity and it's starting to feel a lot like
6:48 am
70 degrees in orlando? you can find once again, it's like playing where's waldo? where is the cold air? there's none in the mississippi valley, ohio valley. all of the locates anywhere close to us. temperatures are quite warm. so, we're not going to see a cooldown any time soon. what we are going to see today, a lot of sunshine. let get the forecast for you. today, sunny, warm, those southwest winds continue to bring in the warm air. again, i don't think we'll see much of any sea breeze today. then the next couple of days we stay warm. st. patrick's day, maybe a couple showers but that will just add more fuel to the fire and make it feel more like dublin. then next weekend, i'll show you that in a minute. 89 degree outside for official high but temperatures measured in the shade. if you're in the sun it will feel like mid to upper 90s. 65 overnight with patchy dense fog. we stay in the 80s through friday.
6:49 am
the 80s with a 20% chance of shower. this weekend looks unsettled with temperatures in the 70s. rain, storms, and clearing out sunday and monday. low temperature monday morning, 49 degrees. let's check on the morning drive. good morning kristin. >> reporter: good morning. we have an update of the crash that shut down all lanes of i-4 on sand lake road. this appears that sand lake is open and cars getting by the crash but still moving slow. you can see the flashing lights. emergency crews still out there trying to work to clean out this crash. we're told two people were killed in that wrong-way crash. if you want to avoid the area. you can see a lot of red on the map. that shut down started at kirkman. things are moving slow from kirkman to sand lake westbound. if you want to avoid it hop on the turnpike and-to-avoid that mess. we have a crash north of 417 on state road 535. it is a crash with the road
6:50 am
near the epcot area east of i-4 and colonial drive this accident here is slowing things down. colonial drive and good homes road. we have that crash that's causing some delays. taking a look at drive times i-4 to colonial will take you 15 minutes. eastbound to attractions to down town will take 12 minutes. if you're heading on the 408 that will take you ten minutes to down town. john, amy back you to. >> john: time forred trending head lines. >> amy: to luanne sorrel. >> the house approved the resolution yesterday. it declares that isis killing christians and other minorities in the middle east is genocide. it was a unanimous vote. it is very rare for congress to vote on a genocide issue. the resolution puts even more pressure on the obama
6:51 am
speak about the issue later this week. and your next headlines come from the daily beast this reads north carolina sheriff won't charge trump for inciting riot. following a violent fight at one of trump's rallies it was speculated he could be charged for even citing a riot. but the sheriff's office said he could look into this. a protester was sucker punched last week. many accuse trump to encourage fans to rough up protesters but the sheriff announced trump will note being choed in this case. and your headlines come from "the washington post." this says, sony -- michael jackson's stake for $750 million.
6:52 am
sony is shelling $750 million to get that purchase back. it gives sony the rights to new songs including music from the beatles, bob dillon and taylor shift but does not include any of michael jackson's master recordings. can you imagine what those might be worth? they're giving this up but keeping the good stuff. >> that was a smart move on jackson's part. it >> it was. >> $750 million worth of music. >> john: coming up a florida deputy may have sacrificed his own life on a highway. >> and what on officer to d to make sure no one was hit. here's a live look at tow trucks. stan traffic is very slow although troopers are starting to allow cars to get by. the back-ups are severe.
6:53 am
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to the university walk. it will offer desserts like milkshakes made with bacon ice cream. the chocolate factory is expected to open up later this week. >> amy: new details on the wrong-way crash that killed a deputy, now they believe he sacrificed himself to save another driver. sarah said she was driving along the expressway early saturday morning when she saw head lights heading right towards her. as she tried to pull over, she said deputy john cotija went head on into the car. the 30-year-old officer was taken to the opt where he later died.`` >> this man put himself between us an that windshield. >> he did what he did intentionally and he saved my daughter and her boyfriend.
6:57 am
>> amy: the sheriff's office said a toxicology test will be done to see if alcohol or drugs paid a role. the hulk hogan trial starts tuesday. he never now the encounter was recorded. >> amy: and girly girl was hit by a car six years ago. and now has spinal cord issues. recently she lost control of her back legs. now polk county spca is asking for donations to get a wheelchair. they estimate the wheelchair will cost $350. bless her sweetheart. it will be nice to get her a little transportation. >> amy: you decide, in a matter of minutes the polls will open
6:58 am
detective kratic voters will make their choice for president. we're speaking with two political annists. plus, all new at the 7:00 hour, on the health watch. important news for younger football player. find out why it is so important
6:59 am
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>> amy: and welcome to our 7:00 hour of "good day orlando." starting to see a peek of sunshine. glad you're with us. i'm amy kaufeldt. >> john: i'm john brown. we're following deadly


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